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Tough Girl (Secrets)

Summary: After leaving your assassin life behind, you seek a new life to forget your past. Nick Fury brings you into the life of the Avengers, posing as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But, what happens when your secret’s revealed?

A/N: I’m in a rush, but I wanted to get this out (so I’m sorry for typos. I’ll definitely reread this later) because people have been requesting for the next part! Also sorry, this is low-key a filler but the reader’s relationship with Peter as a “mentor” or sorts will probably sort itself out in later chapters. Also, school started today and I’m bummed. 

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, (Eventual) Steve x Reader.

‘Secrets Masterlist’

Tony had asked you to fetch Peter from school and then head to his apartment for a little while. You looked at Tony with questioning eyes and raised your eyebrow.

“Isn’t that Happy’s job?” you asked. “I’m not a chauffeur nor am I a babysitter.” 

“Well, you are today,” he said. “Happy’s helping me oversee a large shipment I’m waiting for and I need his help. That leaves you, Y/N.” You huffed, but didn’t argue. 

“Fine. Where are Happy’s keys?” you asked, assuming he left his car for you to drive. 

“Just use one of mine,” Tony said, not looking up from his phone. 

“You trust me with one of your cars?” 

“You handle my money. Plus, if you wreck my car, I can just buy a new one.” Tony tossed you a pair of keys and your shrugged, heading down to the garage. You didn’t know which car the key belonged to. Pressing the unblock button, you instantly saw the car it had knocked - a red Ferrari. You smiled. 

“Classic,” you said to yourself.

You hopped into the driver’s seat and raced out of the garage. It had been a long while since you drove something so expensive. It reminded you of the last high speed chase you had. You had stolen seventy million dollars worth of money in jewelry and some mobster members were tailing you. Mobsters were at the bottom of the food chain when it came to crime. You were confident you could escape them, and you did. 

However, today, you drove the speed limit. You had been to Midtown High a few times to cheer Peter on with his Decathlons. You called Peter via the car’s bluetooth as you approached the entrance.

“Hey, Peter,” you said. “Happy’s off the clock helping Tony, so I’ll be picking you up today.”

“Sweet,” he replied. “Are you picking me up in Happy’s car?” 

“Not exactly.” You saw Peter and drove to where he was standing. He stood with two other boys who looked his age. 

“Y/N?” he asked in disbelief. Peter knew Tony had cars, but there was no way he’d let Peter drive in one. 

“In the flesh. Hop in, we gotta go.” 

“Hot damn,” his friend, who you knew as Ned, said. “This is yours?” 

“Technically it’s Tony Stark’s, but I’m allowed to play with his toys every once in a while,” you said. 

“What are you doing with Peter anyway?” the other kid asked. 

“That’s Flash,” Peter whispered. Your mouth grew bitter. This kid, as Peter told you, was Midtown’s biggest tormenter. 

“Peter’s a good kid,” you defended. “Hey, Ned, do you need a ride?” He looked at you and pointed to himself. “Yes, you. I’ll drive you home, if you want.” Ned didn’t object and hopped into the backseat. 

“Can I get a ride too?” Flash asked, overly excited and confident you’d say yes. 

“I don’t have enough room, sorry,” you said unapologetically before driving away. 

“But there’s plenty of - oh, I get it,” Ned said. You snickered. “How do you know my name?” 

“Peter talks about you a lot. Says you’re his best friend.” Ned looked at Peter and smiled. 

“I’m guessing she knows you’re, you know who?” 

“Yes, I know he’s Spider-Man.” 

“Do I need to tell you where my home address is, or do you already know?” You looked at Ned from the rearview mirror and winked. 

“FRIDAY, give me directions to Ned Leeds’s home address in Queens,” you instructed. 

“Giving you the home address of Ned Leeds in Queens,” FRIDAY replied. 

“This is so fucking cool,” Ned said. 

You dropped Ned off and drove to Peter’s apartment. May was at work and you accompanied him inside. 

“Don’t get me wrong, Y/N. I like being around you and all, but why are you babysitting me?” you shrugged. 

“Beats me. I think Tony feels bad that I don’t have anything to do for him. I’ve always been so busy and now that I don’t have anything to do, I think he wants to give me something to keep myself busy.” Peter shrugged and took out his homework. 

You stayed in the apartment, bored out of your mind. An hour had passed and May was in the living room. You told Peter to keep working on his homework and greeted May downstairs, who smiled at you. You liked May. She wasn’t wrapped up in the while Avengers business and she seemed to be the only outsider who wanted to be your friend. Of course, you were always so busy. Any time you were over, you made up the excuse that it was because of the Stark internship. May learned not to question it.

You went back to Peter’s room and he was frustrated. 

“I don’t understand math sometimes,” he said, huffing and crossing his arms. “Math is useless. I’m useless.” 

“Hey, don’t say that,” you said, peering over Peter’s shoulders. “What are you working on?”

“To be truthful, I don’t even know. I don’t get this.” You looked at his homework and analyzed the problem, finding his error. 

“You carried the ‘x’ and then squared it too quickly. You were supposed to divide the entire fraction before you square it.” You grabbed the paper and pencil from him, erased his work, and redid it. After a while of deriving the equation, you gave the paper back to him. 

“Oh, wow. You’re really smart,” he said. You laughed. “Why are you a personal assistant? This is some hard AP Calculus shit.” 

“Haven’t found the right job yet,” you replied. “I like working with computers.” 

“I’m guessing you’re not talking about responding to emails.” You shook your head. 

“More like coding.”

“Teach me one day.” 

“I wlll, but only if you promise to finish your homework.” Peter groaned and you laughed, ruffling his hair. 

You checked your phone and got no word back from Tony about if you were allowed to leave Peter alone. When Peter did finish his homework, he turned to face you. 

“Hey, Y/N? Can I asked you a question?” 

“Shoot,” you said, turning your body to face Peter. 

“How do you deal with people who seem to not want you there? Remember that party I went to? At Liz’s house? People called me ‘Penis Parker’ right to my face. It hurt, but at the time, I had Spider-Man stuff to worry about.” You pursed your lips, knowing exactly what Peter was talking about. 

“I’m still trying to figure that out myself,” you said with a dry laugh. “I suppose you remember that you’re worth something and hold onto it. You can do so much good whether other people know it or not, but it doesn’t matter. You are your own person and they shouldn’t be able to tell you who you are and who you aren’t.” 

“Huh, that’s pretty good advice,” Peter said. You laughed and playful punched him on the arm. 

Just then, you received a text from Tony, which told you to meet him at the restaurant you both went to frequently.

“Gotta go, kid. Promise me that you’ll be safe while you scope the streets,” you said, pointing at him. He saluted. 

“Yes ma’am,” he joked. “Be safe.”

You drove the Ferrari to the location he texted you. The place wasn’t very fancy. You knew that when Tony wanted to have impromptu dinners, he chose a low-key restaurant. You got out of your car and locked it before heading to the entrance. There were a fair amount of people walking around, but a man grabbed you by the elbow. 

“You’re a pretty lady, aren’t you?” he asked. 

“Let go of me,” you demanded. 

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t ya?” he asked. You tried to wiggle from his grip, but he held on even tighter. “Such a pretty girl all alone?” You glared at him, unaware that Tony was calling out the man who held you. 

“Don’t provoke me,” you warned. 

“Yeah?” the man asked, smirking. “Or what?” You maneuvered yourself so that you were out of his grip and held his fingers so tight in your grasp that you were sure you broke some bones. He yelled and ran away, clutching big hand. 

“Serves him right,” you muttered, fixing your hair. 

“Y/N!” Tony yelled. You looked up to see him running frantically at you, catching his breath once he reached you. “Holy shit, are you okay?” You smiled. 

“I’m fine, Tony. Nothing to worry about.” 

“That man tried to make advantage of you,” he said. Tony looked over your body. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” He spun you around and you laughed. When you faced him again, you put your hands over his shoulders. 

“Tony, I’m okay. He’s gone and I’m hungry.” Tony sighed of relief and entered the restaurant. 

When you were both seated, Tony was baffled at how a small, quiet, and shy girl like you could take down someone who seemed twice your size. 

“Look, I know our dinner dates are usually about me ranting about the company, being Iron Man, or other Avengers, but I want to know how you took down someone way bigger than you,” he said. 

“A little self defense, I guess? I don’t know, I was always taught that men shouldn’t take advantage of women and I get angry when people try stuff,” you replied. 

“Makes sense,” he said, wearily. “You’re sure you’re okay?” 

“I’m sure. I just want to eat something before I die of hunger, though.” Tony laughed and flagged down a waiter.

“Holy shit, guys, you should’ve seen Y/N. She made this six-feet-something guy whimper like he was a child,” Tony beamed. You didn’t like much attention and tried to hide behind Tony, but he stepped out of the way. 

“What?” Steve and Sam asked, making their way over to you. You were grateful that it was just the two of them and everyone else had gone to bed. 

“Yeah, she made this gigantic guy look so small. I’m pretty sure she broke some of his fingers, or something,” Tony rambled. 

“What happened?” Sam asked .

“Some guy had this grip on her and it looked like he was about to -”

“Wait, some guy took advantage of you?” Steve asked angrily. He was about to yell at Tony for not doing anything, but you spoke up. 

“He almost did. I got away, though.” Steve smiled and sighed of relief. 

“Thank goodness you’re okay,” he said. Sam raised his eyebrow at him, but looked at you. 

“Well, I’m glad you’re okay,” Sam said awkwardly before heading to his room. 

“What a night,” Tony said. “I’m gonna get some beauty rest. Gotta wake up early for China,” he mused before waving goodbye. You and Steve were standing by the elevator. 

“Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” he asked, scanning your body. “I know it’s later, but I can call Dr. Cho and -” 

“Steve, I’m okay, I promise. I took care of that guy.” 

“I can’t believe Tony didn’t interfere.” 

“He was about to, but the man ran when I took care of him.” Steve smiled down at you. 

“I’m glad you’re fine and not hurt. You must be tired.” 

“Just a little.” 

“I bet you’ve had enough action for one day,” Steve teased. You grinned and yawned, making your way to the bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow. 

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anon asked: “Hey, hey: Imagining Low Chaos Corvo in a High Emily world.”

I assume you meant “imagining Low Chaos Corvo in a High Chaos Emily world”.

Because Low Chaos Corvo in a High Emily world would be like:

Emily: Heyyyyy dad can I get some brined hagfish and serkonan flatbread.

Corvo: Of course Emily. Should I ask someone to bring it up or do you want me to fetch it myself?

Emily: Yeah like can I get about fifty tins of fish. 

Wyman:  And like lots of flatbread.

Emily: Like, lots and lots of flatbread. 

Wyman: Like ALL of the flatbread in the palace.

Corvo: Of course Emily, but I wlll bring you just a small amount first and then you can see if you’re still hungry afterwards, okay?

Corvo, internally: I can’t believe that my little girl is finally growing up. All those strong Serkonan genes, she’s finally able to eat a whole roomful of food in a few seconds, I’m so proud of her

Corvo: Wait, what is that I smell? Emily, are you using that hookah again?

Emily: What? Noooooooo my dude. My dad. No don’t be silly.

Wyman: Don’t be a silly Lord Protector.

Emily: I’m not doing drugs, I’m smoking Wyman.

Wyman: And I’m smoking hot.

twilight princess || starters

more under read more .
feel most free to change pronouns , etc .

❝  coward ! don’t EVER show your face here again !
❝  tell me … do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls ?
❝  not just for me , but for all of our people … lend me your power .
❝  please … please tell me …
❝  i believe i understand now just who and what you are . 
❝  i … see you later ..
❝  your heart and mine were / are as one . 
❝  do you now understand what i am ?
❝  it is time for you to choose : surrender or die .
❝  light and shadow are two sides of the same coin . one can’t exist without the other . 
❝  now , don’t resent me for all i’ve put you through .
❝  a carefree youth , a life of luxury . how does that teach duty ?
❝  honey , that is what i call RUDE !
❝  if there is anything you desire , then i shall desire it , too .
❝  why do you defy your king ? 
❝  there’s nothing that looks good on me in this town ..
❝  no wonder some call you “hero” .
❝  i thought i could use you , ___ . 
❝  you still live … how astonishing .
❝  hurry up and return to your true self . 
❝  whenever i thought i couldn’t go on , i would think of you and hold on . 
❝  and what happened ? she was already gone , and there were TWO monsters waiting ! …you connecting the dots ? that means that if we get attacked by them , then we’ll be …
❝  you poor thing … 
❝  when we were young , you and i … you were always there … you were always beside me . 
❝  light and shadow can’t mix , as we all know .
❝  this is truly a bittersweet reunion … truly ! for i fear this is the last time i will see you alive ! 
❝  um … you’re not gonna mention this to anyone , are you ?
❝  yo ! don’t waste food ! 
❝  you can look at stuff , but don’t you DARE just take things .
❝  you’ll have to be my servant … and like a servant , you’ll have to do exactly as i say !
❝  get off your high horse . 
❝  if you wanna get past here , you’d better start talking , fast .
❝  i understand what ____ meant when he told me i needed to be stronger , like you , ____ … he wasn’t talking about strength , like lifting stuff . he was talking about being brave . 
❝  i’’m sorry , but would you leave me be ? 
❝  you’ve gotta teach me how to use a sword , too !
❝  WHOA ! it … it’s a MONSTER ! EVERYBODY RUN !!!
❝  shadow has been moved by light , it seems . 
❝  do not think this ends here … 
❝  a sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage .
❝  i don’t think i could be more miserable .
❝  but … are you really sure you should be going back ?
❝  an impressive-looking blade … but nothing more .

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Hey everyone- Vix here! Thanks to all who came to the Owari no Seraph Meetup at Anime Midwest 2016! It was a little bit of a hassle for me to get the word out because of Midwest’s inability to establish locations for meetups until the last possible second, but we had a lovely turn-out of characters.

I may post the pictures here later, but for now, have some selfies and shenanigans and some group shots.

I was Guren on Friday and Mika on Saturday. :) 

Never been caught

~Michael Clifford smut~

A/N: i haven’t written smut for ages. I’m so sorry. cheesily inspired by good girls are bad girls and i apologise for the beginning. it sucks

Prompt: Michael is the schools bad boy and is convinced you’re the good girl, however when he finds out you’re not as innocent as you make yourself out to be, he wants what everyone else seems to secretly want; you.

You were late, as usual, you caught a glimpse of yourself in the doors reflection before stumbling into the library almost half an hour late. “Y/N!” you heard a voice yell. It was Logan. You walked faster over to where he was seated, in the back of the library. You sat down next to him and shot him an annoyed glare. “Oh don’t you give me that look, i’m the one thats pissed, you were supposed to be here half an hour ago” he said gruffly. “Yeah well if you don’t keep your fucking voice down, i won’t show up at all next time. got it?” you whispered sternly. His jaw tightened like bolts, barely nodding in response. 

For 2 months you had been having sex with this guy. Every week, you both met after school and fucked in the back of the library; no feelings attached, solely a favour to one another.

The library was empty and it didn’t take him long for his hands to find their way to your breasts, massaging roughly to his own desire. He leaned in and attached his lips to yours, leaving a trail of sloppy open mouthed kisses down your neck as you tangled your hands softly in his messy hazel hair. His hands travelled down your torso and then to his jeans. “Get on your knees” he said harshly in a low tone, trying his luck at being the dominant one. “Don’t tell me what to do” you  hissed back. He sat back red faced and left you to your own devices as you tugged down his jeans and boxers, revealing his hard length. You pressed your lips to his tip as he sucked in a sharp breath, taking his whole length in your mouth you rested your hands on his thighs and hollowed your cheeks and his hips thrusted forward as tiny moans escaped from his lips. “f-feels so goo-” he groaned throatily, as another voice cut him off, “I didn’t expect to see the two of you here”. As Logan stumbled and pulled up his pants, you peered up wondering as to who had seen. "What are you doing here Michael? Do you even know how to read" you snapped quietly, adjusting your blouse and standing up, more annoyed than embarrassed. 

“More importantly why are you, miss goodie-too-shoes, fucking some kid at the back of the library?” he asked, his tone condescending, his expression amused and his frame pressed up against the wall. “I-i-i better g-go” Logan muttered as he left through back door. “I’d better go too” you said annoyed trying to push past him. He ran his hand through his hair, blocking the way. His eyes gleamed.

“Look, what do you want?” you spoke, breaking the silence. He cleared his throat and smiled wryly. “I don’t think it’s going to be so good for your reputation when this gets out” he whispered dryly, "I could ruin you Y/N" he said with a wry expression, his head jerked upwards as he bit his lip, “But you won’t” you said in a confident, hushed tone raising your eyebrow, “What makes you so sure?” he whispered leaning closer to you. You tilted your head to the side, taking in his features. “The way your teeth are digging into your lip to stop yourself from kissing me” you started, “Along with the bulge in your pants”. The corner of his mouth tugged upward slowly and his hungry eyes scanned you. His lips looking plump and soft, his tall frame towering over you.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours feverishly, wasting no time at getting his long fingers tangled in your hair. He bit your lip and you let out a soft moan granting his tongue access. His warm tongue massaged yours and you moaned softly. “Michael?” you said breathily,“yeah?” he replied softly continuing his actions, “If you ever so much as threaten to tarnish my reputation again, i’ll tie you down and use you for whatever i like. got it?” you stated breathily. You heard him gulp slightly. There was a pause before he spoke “Thats so fucking hot”

There was another pause as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear. He leant in closer, inches away from your lips, running his finger over your bottom lip, “..So soft,” he began, his thumb tracing over the outline of your jaw, he leant his head in closer and pressed his lips to yours, more forceful this time. You followed his movements as your noses pressed against each other. “.. I wonder what else they can do” he implied pulling away from your lips and working quickly to tug his jeans off. 

You were speechless, you had never seen someone as big as Michael before, he saw you staring and you swore you saw him blush. “w-what?” he asked, worriedly, “It’s just that.. y-your so-your dick is massive” you blurted out, gobsmacked. A sly grin was plastered on Michaels face, “It was all you babe” he whispered in a raspy tone, sending shivers down your arms. You got on your knees and took him into your hand, not bothering to tease him, the urge too overpowering to test. Small moans escaped his lips as you pumped him slowly, encouraging you to continue your actions. “It’s your fucking body, you have no fucking idea what you do to me” he breathed in between pleasurable groans, “The way your skirt  shows off your perfect ass, and the way that fucking tight shirt makes your boobs stick out, fuck you’re so hot” he half whispered and half moaned, reaching for your hair, stabilising himself as you bobbed your head up and down taking him into your mouth. You swirled your tongue around his length and you saw his eyes roll back, “Fuck just like that Y/N” he grunted, trying his best to keep quiet as he slowly bucked his hips back and forth.

You hollowed your cheeks as you felt him twitch inside your mouth, squirming under the slightest of your touch, you used your hand to pump what you couldn’t fit in your mouth as his moans grew louder. You looked up to see his face scrunched up in pleasure as he released into you. You pulled away and stood up. “Fuck, that’s one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had” he breathed in awe. There was another moment of silence before he ripped your shirt open, and with your help, threw your bra to the floor. “It’s only fair i return the favour” he grinned pulling up your skirt. You felt yourself grow wet as his lips found their way to your nipples, nipping slightly keeping you on the edge. Giving each one equal attention his lips found their way back to yours as he sloppily kissed you. 

You felt his hands travel down your body, leaving no skin untouched, his hot breath still on your lips. “You’re so wet baby” he teased touching you ever so softly through your panties, a loud moan escaped your lips, which was cut off by his lips on yours. “Don’t tease” you managed to say on his lips. “Whatever you say” he replied lowly as he shifted your panties to one side, his long fingers making contact with your clit. You sucked in a sharp breath as he began rubbing his finger in a figure eight. You whimpered at the lack of contact slightly bucking your hips in the hope of fuller contact. “What do you want baby? Tell me what you want and i’ll give it to you” he whispered on your lips, “i want you,” you breathed, “To fuck me against the wall” you said lazily putting your arms around his neck as he walked you backward until you bumped into the wall.

“You’re such a bad girl” he whispered with an excited grin. “Jump babe” he spoke sternly, but softly into your ear, and you did as you were told, his strong arms keeping you well off the ground. He positioned himself as he leant you against the wall, he thrusted into you, giving you no time to adjust. “fuck” he groaned, “you’re so tight babe”. With each thrust he pressed against your gspot making your legs quiver, smiling to himself. Your head fell back as you felt your release approaching. “Look at me babe” he breathed in between moans, you watched as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. You opened your eyes and bit your lip as you met his eyes, which had been so focused on your body. You hugged your arms tightly around his neck as you pressed your forehead to his. 

“Keep looking at me ok” he said, his thrusts growing sloppy, you nodded as you whimpered, “I want to watch you orgasm” he breathed trying to keep his steady pace. Your face scrunched up in pleasure as you felt yourself moments away from your release. “So beautiful” he groaned as you both rode out your highs, profanities exchanged in whispers. 

Still panting, he pulled out and placed you down,trying to steady his breathing. He hurried to find his clothes after remembering his location. “I guess i can check this off the list” he said cockily, “What list?” you asked with a small grin, unsure, re-buttoning your shirt. “Of places i’ve had sex” he chuckled to himself, “I’ve never had sex in a library before” he restated smiling. “I have” you laughed softly, “more than once actually”. You cut him off as you watched his mouth open “Maybe we can do this again sometime?” you asked cheekily, eyeing his lips. “Maybe” he copied handing you something. “Call me sometime and we’ll arrange something” he winked. Maybe i wlll

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I had a great time hanging around with all of you! If it weren't for all of you, who know what will happen?

I really enjoy drawing my boys! it’s too bad that I get too busy with things in life(such as school or having to share a computer with a sibling), but I will try my best to stay as active as possible!

Again, thank you!! <3

- Broly Mod

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anonymous asked:

So I've been thinking (Hardcore Lucaya shipper) they said that the endgame pairing is unexpected. So cross out R//cas b/c it seems expected. I mean yeah Lucaya is unexpected on some levels but the most unexpected ships I'm thinking of are Josh/Maya and Riley/Zay or even Maya/Farkle. Because all are unexpected and they want it to go for 7 seasons or more. Although I'm hoping for Lucaya endgame I feel like they're gonna pull a 'How I met your mother' on us.

I definitely agree about Rucas. I think they’ll develop their friendship, but romantically, they’re not endgame.

I’ve been thinking about the whole concept of the endgame being ‘unexpected’ and I think that what’s considered “unexpected” depends on the type of viewer a person is. GMW gets somewhere between 2-3 million viewers per week (plus add in people who join the show later, etc). And while over here in the land of Tumblr, Lucaya seems so obvious, I don’t think that’s the case with the casual viewer. And I think a majority of viewers are casual viewers (as is the case with most TV shows). I watched GM Texas with my mom (who casually tunes in) and she finished Texas Part 3 with the impression of ‘The Lucaya date was awkward, they won’t work out dating, Lucas still likes Riley and they will get back together at some point etc’. So while Lucaya is growing (and therefore seems less unexpected), they’re still not the obvious pair for the general audience I think (and Riarkle is probably way off most of the general viewing audience’s radar–my mom’s reaction to the Riarkle scene was ‘he’s such a supportive friend’, but she didn’t really see potential for anything else).

Maya/Farkle would be one of the most unexpected, but I can’t see them doing it though. Sure the endgame can be surprising, but somewhere in the story there has to be justification for it. Between the high five moment and the fact the Farkle is starting to care more for Riley (or at least differently), I think the writers have shut down the Markle avenue (unless they changes paths in the storyline again, but idk they seem to have something long term planned out already).

While I think Lucaya is definitely going to happen (there’s definitely plenty of evidence for it), I’m not totally sure they’re endgame either (though I’m hoping). The only endgame I have a gut feeling about is Riarkle. It’s just such a nice slowwwwwww build. They’re really setting it up nicely. There’s enough there so that when it happens it won’t be like “wait what that makes no sense” but it’s also subtle enough that when it happens it will be like “oh omg this makes sense, I should have seen this coming” [for the non Tumblr viewers].

Riley/Zay–they have definitely left things in the story line in case they want to go there (i.e. his first scene in Secret of Life) but who knows if they actually wlll. Josh/Maya, I don’t know. I can’t see it happening. They definitely wouldn’t do it until the age issue is settled (so, way down the line). (Also if Maya ever married Josh, she’d be Cory and Eric’s sister in law and that is just too weird for me to think about lol).

Basically, while I think they are going to go down the unexpected route, they’re not going to sacrifice the story line and do it totally out of left field (i.e. maya/farkle, maya/zay, etc). I think endgame might be more unexpected for the casual viewers than the Tumblr fans. :)

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*sees you reblog something that says: " I WLLL COME INTO YOUR HOUSE AND FUCKING nap with you"* Well, okay then. Can you tell me when so I can get some snacks ready?