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❝  coward ! don’t EVER show your face here again !
❝  tell me … do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls ?
❝  not just for me , but for all of our people … lend me your power .
❝  please … please tell me …
❝  i believe i understand now just who and what you are . 
❝  i … see you later ..
❝  your heart and mine were / are as one . 
❝  do you now understand what i am ?
❝  it is time for you to choose : surrender or die .
❝  light and shadow are two sides of the same coin . one can’t exist without the other . 
❝  now , don’t resent me for all i’ve put you through .
❝  a carefree youth , a life of luxury . how does that teach duty ?
❝  honey , that is what i call RUDE !
❝  if there is anything you desire , then i shall desire it , too .
❝  why do you defy your king ? 
❝  there’s nothing that looks good on me in this town ..
❝  no wonder some call you “hero” .
❝  i thought i could use you , ___ . 
❝  you still live … how astonishing .
❝  hurry up and return to your true self . 
❝  whenever i thought i couldn’t go on , i would think of you and hold on . 
❝  and what happened ? she was already gone , and there were TWO monsters waiting ! …you connecting the dots ? that means that if we get attacked by them , then we’ll be …
❝  you poor thing … 
❝  when we were young , you and i … you were always there … you were always beside me . 
❝  light and shadow can’t mix , as we all know .
❝  this is truly a bittersweet reunion … truly ! for i fear this is the last time i will see you alive ! 
❝  um … you’re not gonna mention this to anyone , are you ?
❝  yo ! don’t waste food ! 
❝  you can look at stuff , but don’t you DARE just take things .
❝  you’ll have to be my servant … and like a servant , you’ll have to do exactly as i say !
❝  get off your high horse . 
❝  if you wanna get past here , you’d better start talking , fast .
❝  i understand what ____ meant when he told me i needed to be stronger , like you , ____ … he wasn’t talking about strength , like lifting stuff . he was talking about being brave . 
❝  i’’m sorry , but would you leave me be ? 
❝  you’ve gotta teach me how to use a sword , too !
❝  WHOA ! it … it’s a MONSTER ! EVERYBODY RUN !!!
❝  shadow has been moved by light , it seems . 
❝  do not think this ends here … 
❝  a sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage .
❝  i don’t think i could be more miserable .
❝  but … are you really sure you should be going back ?
❝  an impressive-looking blade … but nothing more .

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Hey everyone- Vix here! Thanks to all who came to the Owari no Seraph Meetup at Anime Midwest 2016! It was a little bit of a hassle for me to get the word out because of Midwest’s inability to establish locations for meetups until the last possible second, but we had a lovely turn-out of characters.

I may post the pictures here later, but for now, have some selfies and shenanigans and some group shots.

I was Guren on Friday and Mika on Saturday. :) 

300 followers~!! Thank you so much for supporting us!

Shout out to all the peeps(sorry if I miss one Xc):





























I had a great time hanging around with all of you! If it weren't for all of you, who know what will happen?

I really enjoy drawing my boys! it’s too bad that I get too busy with things in life(such as school or having to share a computer with a sibling), but I will try my best to stay as active as possible!

Again, thank you!! <3

- Broly Mod

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So I've been thinking (Hardcore Lucaya shipper) they said that the endgame pairing is unexpected. So cross out R//cas b/c it seems expected. I mean yeah Lucaya is unexpected on some levels but the most unexpected ships I'm thinking of are Josh/Maya and Riley/Zay or even Maya/Farkle. Because all are unexpected and they want it to go for 7 seasons or more. Although I'm hoping for Lucaya endgame I feel like they're gonna pull a 'How I met your mother' on us.

I definitely agree about Rucas. I think they’ll develop their friendship, but romantically, they’re not endgame.

I’ve been thinking about the whole concept of the endgame being ‘unexpected’ and I think that what’s considered “unexpected” depends on the type of viewer a person is. GMW gets somewhere between 2-3 million viewers per week (plus add in people who join the show later, etc). And while over here in the land of Tumblr, Lucaya seems so obvious, I don’t think that’s the case with the casual viewer. And I think a majority of viewers are casual viewers (as is the case with most TV shows). I watched GM Texas with my mom (who casually tunes in) and she finished Texas Part 3 with the impression of ‘The Lucaya date was awkward, they won’t work out dating, Lucas still likes Riley and they will get back together at some point etc’. So while Lucaya is growing (and therefore seems less unexpected), they’re still not the obvious pair for the general audience I think (and Riarkle is probably way off most of the general viewing audience’s radar–my mom’s reaction to the Riarkle scene was ‘he’s such a supportive friend’, but she didn’t really see potential for anything else).

Maya/Farkle would be one of the most unexpected, but I can’t see them doing it though. Sure the endgame can be surprising, but somewhere in the story there has to be justification for it. Between the high five moment and the fact the Farkle is starting to care more for Riley (or at least differently), I think the writers have shut down the Markle avenue (unless they changes paths in the storyline again, but idk they seem to have something long term planned out already).

While I think Lucaya is definitely going to happen (there’s definitely plenty of evidence for it), I’m not totally sure they’re endgame either (though I’m hoping). The only endgame I have a gut feeling about is Riarkle. It’s just such a nice slowwwwwww build. They’re really setting it up nicely. There’s enough there so that when it happens it won’t be like “wait what that makes no sense” but it’s also subtle enough that when it happens it will be like “oh omg this makes sense, I should have seen this coming” [for the non Tumblr viewers].

Riley/Zay–they have definitely left things in the story line in case they want to go there (i.e. his first scene in Secret of Life) but who knows if they actually wlll. Josh/Maya, I don’t know. I can’t see it happening. They definitely wouldn’t do it until the age issue is settled (so, way down the line). (Also if Maya ever married Josh, she’d be Cory and Eric’s sister in law and that is just too weird for me to think about lol).

Basically, while I think they are going to go down the unexpected route, they’re not going to sacrifice the story line and do it totally out of left field (i.e. maya/farkle, maya/zay, etc). I think endgame might be more unexpected for the casual viewers than the Tumblr fans. :)

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*sees you reblog something that says: " I WLLL COME INTO YOUR HOUSE AND FUCKING nap with you"* Well, okay then. Can you tell me when so I can get some snacks ready?