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Oh Are request open again!? If they are could I request RFA+V and Unkown on how they would react to MC in a Bikini while they are at the beach. Seriously love your writing!

Aw thank you ^-^. And yes requests are open! I wrote this with the idea in mind that the RFA is having a nice day at the beach. Just as a note, I went about this differently than I usually would. I pretty much wrote it the same except for V and Unknown where they’re not together just have the feels for each other.


  • it was the first time in a while since Yoosung went to the beach!
  • and he was not only glad he could go with the RFA, but you as well
    • he even brought a blanket to lay on with you
    • and lunch for just you two
    • and one for Seven because he asked
  • while you were changing into your bathing suit, Yoosung was with Seven out in the ocean looking for seashells
  • it was a few minutes when you had came out seeing your nugget preoccupied with finding shells on the shore
  • Zen was the first to notice you and your red bikini with white polka dots and frills
    • ☆⌒(≧▽ ° )
  • so you talk to him for a bit
  • then you suddenly feel an arm around your shoulder
  • and Yoosung is just giving Zen this look like hahaha stop looking at her or I’ll pluck out those pretty eyes of yours (⊙ ‿ ⊙)
  • when Zen backs off and leaves you two alone
  • Yoosung is proud of himself for a second but IMMEDIATELY takes his arm off of you 
  • when you look at him all confused his face is red as a tomato
  • “I-I’m sorry MC for touching you! I-I di-didn’t realize it until after he left. You just–”
  • boy is a big bag of sweetness
  • precious bean
  • after managing to calm down a bit he just holds your hand and silently gives you compliments
  • when no one was looking he kisses your shoulder  (°ㅂ°* )


  • this gelato had a lot of work to do before the trip so she planned everything out
  • both of you didn’t have anytime changing before hand so you decided to change at the beach
  • she didn’t get a chance to see the swimsuit you packed
    • even though she wanted to see it ;^;
  • once Jaehee was done changing, she came out of the bathroom in a blue and white long sleeve and blue shorts
    • she preferred more modest swimwear
  • you were having difficulties getting yours on and insisted you would be fine
  • so she waited outside for you because she is sweet and amazing Jaehee
  • to pass the time she was on her phone to answer a few messages from the rest of the RFA
  • “Alright, how do I look?”
  • Jaehee looks away from her phone and sees you in her high-waisted black shorts and red top
  • w(°o°)w
  • it kind of startled her a bit, almost dropped her phone
  • “You look cute.”
  • (ノ*°▽°*) you just got butterflies in your stomach when she said that
  • the rest of the day you can’t stop smiling and she can’t stop smiling when she looks at you


  • when you heard you were going on a beach trip you were all hype
  • the only exception was your swimwear
  • unfortunately, you ruined your favorite bikini bottom with the sunflowers on it after your period came early that month
  • now you were shopping for a new bikini 
    • that marshmallow wanted to help you but you were insistent it would be a surprise ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
  • then came the day of the trip
  • he didn’t get to see it the morning you two left because you slipped on a hoodie and shorts
  • after getting there, setting up your blanket and parasol (because Zen’s precious porcelain skin must be protected at all costs)
  • you finally took off your hoodie and shorts when got too hot
  • and holy shit Zen couldn’t take his eyes off of the orange wrap bikini you wore
  • you kept teasing him the more you caught him staring at you
    • obviously not ashamed to flirt with you in front of the RFA
  • he gets conflicted because he wants everyone to see you and be amazed by your beauty and majesty
    • but at the same time he doesn’t want anyone to look at you because you’re HIS boo
  • gets testy when he sees anyone even GLANCE towards you
    • dogs Jumin no matter what
    • Z: “Stop looking at her you beast!”
    • J: “I’m not even looking at her, I’m reading this book.”
    • “That’s what they ALL SAY!”


  • this donut was looking for swimwear for you the instant an RFA beach trip was planned
  • but you were insistent you had one and it was your favorite
  • “Do I get to see it?”
  • “Of course…later.” 
  • ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) you cheeky thing you
  • unfortunately, when you went to go pull it out you forgot the last time at the beach when the strap broke and your boob almost popped out
  • so you decided to go for your backup swimsuit
    • over it, you wore a zip up jacket with some shorts
  • Jumin has asked about it in the car again
  • and at that point, you were getting a little anxious being in your swimsuit so you just smiled and hoped for the best
  • you stayed in your jacket and shorts for a while, even though it was getting hot
  • you reached your breaking point and when the donut left to go to the bathroom you took off your jacket and shorts and hot damn did that feel better
  • he approached you but froze when he saw you in your black one piece with cat face on it
    • and it was strapless!!! where’s all the support go!?
  • when you see he’s there you just get embarrassed and all red
  • But he just sat next to you with a smile and said “It was worth the wait”
  • (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) oh boy it got hotter in here
  • if anyone even looks your way, he just shoots them this death glare
  • this donut just hangs around you the rest of the day looking at you so adoringly ^^


  • this jellybean knew what you were going to wear because both of you chose matching swimsuits
    • sky blue with pink flamingos on it ^^
    • perfect for the oddballs you two are
  • it was practically all you two talked about on the messenger
  • Saeren had to mute his damn phone
  • when you two got there he was sure floored by how stunning you looked in it
    • wooooooooooo~
  • would put his hand or arm on you any chance he got
    • “Oh no MC you have some sand on your shoulder, let me get that for you”
  • while you were sitting in the sand chatting with Yoosung and Jaehee, he was trying to toss sea shells into your top
    • and after much trial and error, he managed to get one in
    • you were annoyed at first but damn he got it straight in there, you had to give him credit for that
  • he didn’t really care that much when other guys were looking at you
  • because he knew he was your number one everything 
  • but let’s not talk about that
  • let’s talk about how you reacted when you saw Seven because it was the first time you saw him shirtless and YOU were floored with how ripped he was
  • he eats like 20 bags HB chips a day, where does it all go???


  • a great way to spend your day was with the people you care about at a beach
  • besides, SOMEONE had to take the pictures
  • not everyone was there yet ;-;
  • you had informed the chat that you were going to be running a bit late
    • he was just a bit disappointed but he’s a sweetheart and understands that you’re human and has a schedule of your own
  • either way, V was taking pics of the RFA enjoying their time or just stills of the ocean or the sky
  • you finally arrived at the beach
    • finding a guy with ice blue hair was easy to spot
  • but he looked kind of busy taking a picture so you quietly approached and sat down on the blanket next to him
  • after he took a picture he heard you ask what he was taking a picture of
  • he got spook a bit 
  • but when he looked your way he could see through his good eye your high-waisted royal blue bikini with images of white flowers and lace accents
    • (//ω//)
  • this sweetheart tries to play it cool and chat with you
  • but you can see he has a light blush across his cheeks
    • from the heat or the conversation???
  • doesn’t want to be creepy so he makes sure to only take pictures of you if you were with one or more people
  • after hanging out in the ocean, you went back to V’s blanket where you took a nap
  • didn’t realize he had a crush on you until you were laying there beside him ^^


  • doesn’t want to go to the stupid RFA beach thing
    • would rather be at home napping
  • but when he hears you’re going, he SUDDENLY has a change of heart
    • S: “The beach is stupid. Why would I go just to see my skin burn to a crisp?”
    • 7: “There’s going to be ice cream!”
    • “I can have ice cream here.”
    • “MC is going to be there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
    • “…do you have an extra pair of swim trunks…?”
  • ice cream AND you???
  • that sounds like a dream!
  • when the twins show up at the beach, the RFA greets him
  • why do you got to be all cute in your pink floral dress???
    • why are you even wearing a dress to a damn beach???
  • he tries to be normal by hanging in the ocean or looking for seashells with Yoosung and Seven
  • he gets tired and sits down under the umbrella with you
  • eventually you bring him back ice cream
  • while you two were enjoying your treats, he notices some ice cream got on your dress!
  • when he points it out you just kind of shrugged it off 
    • luckily you had your bathing suit underneath
  • you ask him to hold onto your ice cream then you start to take off your dress!!!
    • gumdrop is screaming internally
    • w-what is she doing omg  (* ゚ ii ゚ )
  • doesn’t calm down when now all you’re wearing is your peach bikini top and shorts
  • you take your ice cream back and continue to eat it
  • boy is having an existential crisis holy shit
    • meanwhile you were screaming inside because you never expected to do something so bold
  • you’re killing this gumdrop slowly
  • finally he kind of just mutters, “Y-you look pretty…”
  • no chance you didn’t hear that perfectly so you just say, “Thanks…you look cute today”
  • omg this got out of hand but both of you were just blushing beans the rest of the day
all to myself: vlog 3

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | 3 | on-going

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Hi there!! That shinee reaction was sosososocuteeeee 🙈🙈🙈💞💞 Can i request "shinee getting a crush on you on your first meeting and trying to woo you" pretty please??? I fell in love with your onew~

AAAAAAAaAAaaaaAAAAAHHHHH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT!! And thank you for your request! Still not great at this but I hope this is ok! <3 -admin Mimi

SHINee developing a crush on you when first meeting you trying to woo you


There were only 2 workers on the shop floor, working the evening shift at the supermarket when he came in. Jinki had a face mask on hoping to avoid being recognised; he just wanted to buy some chicken nuggets to put in his freezer back in his apartment. He hadn’t been to this particular market in a while and they’d changed the layout, so he wandered around looking for the signs to point him toward the freezers. You noticed him looking sort of lost, he was the only customer in the shop and you were not on the tills so they approached him.
“Excuse me, sir. Can I help you with anything?” he turned to you, looking slightly startled. You smiled warmly to encourage him to tell you what he was looking for.
“O-oh, uh…” He didn’t quite know what to say. The stunning individual before him snatched any words he might have had to offer as a response.
“Sir?” You asked, tilting your head.
“Ah, sorry, your smile is very disarming.” he said, regaining his composure, pulling down his mask, showing his own charming smile. You giggled,
“And what is it you were looking for, this visit?” you asked again, your smile much more genuine this time.
“Ah, right. Chicken nuggets.”

As you served him at the checkout he shyly avoided eye contact, making you curious.
“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to meet up some time?” He offered, his mask back on his face. You were shocked, but flattered and nodded with a smile. “Maybe meet up for coffee. If someone as lovely as yourself isn’t busy or taken, of course.
“Sure, I’ll write my number down on your receipt.” You chuckled softly, “Flatterer.”

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Jonghyun wanted to unwind and have a cup of coffee at a small cafe that he’d passed a few weeks earlier. It was open late and rarely had many people in it at any time. He walked in and sat himself down at the barstools at the counter. It was a cute layout for a cafe.
“What can I get for you this evening?” You, the barista, asked. Jonghyun looked up and was stunned into momentary silence. The charming barista before him had a sweet smile that had his cheeks heating up.
“Ah-um, a caramel macchiatto please.” he just about managed to stutter out his order, unable to stop staring at the barista’s face.
“Sure thing, are you drinking it here?” You asked before turning to pick up a cup.
“Ah, yes.” You nodded turning to the mugs,
“Large?” you looked back at him and he nodded. He sat attempting to collect his wits, trying to think of an appropriate way to ask this lovely individual on a date. 

When you turned to give him his coffee, he had an adorable frustrated look on his face. you carefully placed the coffee down before him and smiled staring at his beautiful face until he came back to his senses.
“Whoa! Ah!” he jumped and you giggled, moving back.
“You coffee, sir.” he chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck, getting the money from his pocket, 
“Hahaha, thank you, sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it.” you winked turning back to clean up. Jonghyun’s eye flickered up from his coffee to your back as he tried to think of what to say to win you over.
“Would y-”
“How about-” he shut his mouth and motioned for you to continue. “How about a date?” his eyebrows shot up.
“Yes.” he responded instantly.
“Hehe, great!”

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You were about to close up as it was pretty close to closing time at the gallery, you figured no one else was going to show up and you could leave right on time if you cleaned up during the last few minutes of open hours.
“Ah, just in time.” you turned to the sound of a voice just coming into the gallery. “Oh, you weren’t closing up were you?” Kibum asked as you looked startled that someone had entered. You had  such a soft cute face he just had to strike up a conversation.
“Oh, ah no don’t worry about it. But there’s not much time before closing, are you sure you’ll enjoy the gallery with so little time?” You ask, hoping he’s not one of those people who makes a fuss.
“Don’t worry about it, I’m here to buy a piece.” He smiled. You were slightly surprised, but why else would someone come to a gallery so close to closing? “I don’t suppose you’re the curator?” he asked standing closer to you, as if to lead you to the piece he wanted. “This is one of my favourite galleries, the layout is always stunning.” You blushed, what a sweet talker, he must have known you were the curator.
“I am the curator, but I suspect you already knew that.”
“You caught me, I was hoping I could sweet talk you into seeing me outside of your work hours some time.” His face lit up with a cheeky grin.

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You were one of the groundskeepers of a park that plenty of people enjoyed playing football[soccer] and basketball late at night. And as luck would have it you have the evening shift and one of the ground lights needs fixing. Once you get to the field you noticed a tall man beside the light that needed fixing, his back turned to you. You place your tools and the box containing the replacement bulb down and snatch his attention. Minho was startle by the sound and was shocked to see that the groundskeeper who had come to fix the light, that he had accidentally damaged, was so cute.
“Excuse me please, sir. I don’t want you to be a risk if the bulb is broken.” You chirped, he was very handsome and the air was much more refreshing than you had been expecting and it lifted your spirits.
“Ah, uh, I’m sorry i’m the one who broke it. I didn’t mean to of course, but I figured you’d need to know what happened.” you smiled, how cute! What sweet young man.
“Hehehe, no, there’s no need for that. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to help, though! It very refreshing. Usually it’s some brats who don’t even mention that anything need fixing. So thank you very much.” You beamed at him taking the protective panel away from the light fixture. “You can go back to your game if you want to.” You said looking up at him.
“Oh, but what if the ball comes this way and you have your back turned? The light is replaceable but you aren’t.” he gave a dopey smile at his cheesy excuse for sticking around. You laughed heartily.
“Well thank you then.”

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You were working late at the library hanging around the small manga area, people kept leaving it a mess so you decided you’d stick around to deter anyone from doing it again. Taemin had some free time before they all went out to eat so he decided he’d spend some time catching up on some manga and meet the others at their selected restaurant later. When he got to the manga section he was surprised to see someone fixing the order of the books on the shelves. He often found them in a mess, so this was a pleasant change. He noticed you were in the way of the volume he wanted to read and stood behind them awkwardly, unsure of whether he should ask them to move or to just wait. He didn’t reach a decision as you noticed him behind you.
“Oh! Sorry, I’ll get out of your way.” You squeaked stepping out of his way. He stared wide eyed for a moment, his mouth agape. “You wanted something I was in front of, right?”
“Oh! Yes, sorry. Thank you. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be sorting the books.” he replied looking away bashfully. He hadn’t meant to stare but the glowing person before him was a sight to behold. You laughed,
“Yes, I figured I’d try to deter anyone from leaving it in the mess it usually is in by this time.” he smiled back hoping to keep the conversation.
“Ah, I had noticed that too. I guess you work here then?” before you could answer you were called by your boss.
“Oh, I’ve got to go.”
“W-wait, will you come back over here when you have the chance?” He blurted, cheeks flushing as he realised what he’d said. You giggled, nodding as you wandered over to your boss’s desk.

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(Translation) Rouge et Noir 2 - Check in the Dark

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

T/N: Commissioned by kind soul @ryoutako - thanks for the commission! i’d like to issue a public apologize man, i should’ve read your message more thoroughly wow im an idiot sandwich

this dude’s technical terms tho… im sure mc is like ??? dude i only know mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

it’s tough to translate the jargon but it’s somehow endearing to see him talk about science, idk if it’s just the nerd in me, but he’s so elaborate on the terms it’s cute. trust me im a science i lov bio, physics, and especially [looks at smudged handwriting] cemetery

(yo special thanks for dauri, chi, mila, and mimi’s harem of bois for the matrix neck help lmfao, i’m 👌 this close to editing the cover title into rouge et noir: check in the matrix neck)

ok sorry for the sidetrack, without further ado, here goes it! *police sirens and gunshots*

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Real vs. Not Real

A/N - Some language and mentions of torture in here, be aware. Not entirely sure where this came from, but I ran with it when it popped into my head. 

“Better start talking, sweetheart.” The menacing voice brushed your ear.

A shiver of anticipation went up your spine, causing your wrists to chafe uncomfortably against the rough rope that bound them behind your back.

“Fuck off, Winchester.”

The man circled back in front of you, his eyes filling with black at your words. “Want to try that again?” He pressed a knife up to your throat.

“I. Said. Fuck. Off.” You spat each word as if it were poison, the anger running through your veins thick enough to outweigh the fear that logically should have taken over long before.

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Three Things (Hamilton x Reader)

QUICK AND IMPORTANT NOTE: This has a “read more” thingy, but that didn’t work on my last fic for some reason, so PLEASE inform me if it doesn’t work for this one and you aren’t able to read it. Thank you!

The three reasons you fell in love are the three reasons you fell apart. (Modern day AU)

(I whipped this out in a very short time, but thank you all for your positive feedback on my last fic. Sorry this one is sadder.)

Word Count: 820 (hahaha sorry it’s short)

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: Cheating, really sad, probably grammar mistakes whoops

His words were the first thing that made your heart flutter.

He was just another guy at some party. Alexander Hamilton, he had proudly told you. You weren’t really interested in a relationship, but gave him your number simply because of his fierce persistence. After just three messages, you were hooked. Something about the way he used the words drew you in and captivated you. He was able to twist anything anyone said to his advantage, and always left you on edge just enough that you couldn’t possibly forget about the conversation you were having. Inadequacy dominated your feelings when you spoke with him, although he assured you that your wit was sharp enough to survive a date with him.

So one date turned into two, and two into three, until you barely went a day without seeing each other. He was far too flirtatious for his own good, which was the second reason you couldn’t seem to stay away from him. Much of what he said left your face burning or brought a teasing reply to your lips, but you loved every moment and craved more. And you always got more, because he was very careful about making sure he had time for you.

He was burdened by his work, writing constantly, but you didn’t mind; he could flirt at the same time. You actually enjoyed watching him work, and that was the third reason you slipped further in love with him. The way he bit his lip in concentration made you smile to yourself, and reading his completed papers filled you with pride. As you grew more comfortable with him, dates became infrequent, and your nights consisted mostly of watching him work. Your requests to go out were kindly turned down–he had to have this paper done by tomorrow. And that was okay. His work was important, and you still got to spend time with him. You were satisfied just sitting in his company.

But eventually, things began to wilt.

“Alex, please, we haven’t gone out in three weeks, and we’ve been eating the same pizza the last two nights. Just take a break, and let’s go somewhere for once.”

“I can’t, (Y/N), I’m sorry. This is important.”

Of course it was. It always was.

“More important than me?”

In an instant, he was out of his chair and standing next to you, taking your hands in his. “No, no of course not. But if I don’t finish this, I will lose my job. I’m sorry it’s like this. I want to give you everything you deserve. I want to give you the world, and every second of my time for the rest of my life. But this has to be done.”

He really was non-stop, and a part of you knew that you couldn’t live like that forever.

Alexander pulled you into a hug, and you put your head on his shoulder. “I love you,” he mumbled into your hair.

“I love you too.”

So you silenced your doubts and told yourself that love requires sacrifice. You would be okay.

You know you had made the right choice when the next night you received a call from Alexander asking you to go to dinner with him–anywhere you wanted.

The feelings of giddiness returned as you sat down to eat with him, and it was just like the beginning of your relationship again.

But with that came the flirting, only this time, it wasn’t directed at you.

Your waitress that night was absolutely beautiful, and you weren’t blind to the glances and smiles Alexander kept shooting her. Too afraid to ruin your night out, though, you kept your mouth shut. You know he wasn’t trying to hurt you, so you kept your mouth shut when he said something that made you clench your fists under the table, and you kept your mouth shut when he didn’t turn in the direction of his home after dropping you off at yours.

It didn’t mean anything. It’s not like he was going to cheat on you. He loved you.

But his love was withering, and when you found out just how much it had faded, your stomach twisted so fiercely you were almost sick.

Your coat was already halfway on in preparation to leave his house. You couldn’t look at him right now. You couldn’t be in the same room.

“It was just a kiss!”

His words brought a swell of rage into your body, and you turned, staring him straight in the eye. Just a kiss.

“What did you say?” Your voice was steady and ominously calm.

“I was just messing around! I– Look, it was just one kiss, and she didn’t mean anything, and none of it meant anything!”

The rage turned to ice. None of it meant anything.

“I know it didn’t. I see that now. Goodbye, Alexander.”

It was his words that hurt more than anything.

(People told me to stop apologizing for my writing so I’m going to try >_> Hope you enjoyed!)

Subtle Hints

(based off of @ticklishraspberries prompt) (Ticklish!Harry) (Slight-Drarry)


I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly as you envisioned, I got carried away lol.

This is a pre-Hermione-Ron-Relationship fic, for that is why Harry is able to tease them about their feelings. I included the idea of Harry and Draco because honestly, I am a weak little mush for Drarry, and it makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside.

Words: 1,112

Hogwarts is a beautiful place. With it’s narrow corridors, seemingly endless staircases, and magnificent lake across the grounds, it’s the ideal place to just sit and relax on a sunny day like this.

Unless you’re best friends with Harry Potter, that is.

“Harry! I swear on Merlin’s life I will snap your wand if you don’t stop.” Ron shouted at the boy. He was simply just trying to sit underneath the old oak tree with him and Hermione and enjoy the weather, but Harry had other plans. These plans mainly consisted of using magic to pull at his red locks of hair.

“Hate to break it to you Ron, but Merlin’s been dead for quite some time, thus rendering your threat useless.” Hermione stated matter-of-factly. Even though it was a Saturday, she was itching to get indoors and begin her Herbology paper. The only issue is that Ron and Harry insisted that she hangout with them, saying that she works too hard and needs a break from academics.

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Ok so! ahg. I dunno where to start.

Ok can we all just appreciate Paul since the boys came into his life. Like he is being a bloody good genuine person, like I can’t even believe him last tonight. Totally became the hero of the show with the things he said to David.

The writers addressed lots of issues in society in this episode, and handled them all beautifully.

David confessed that his idea of a father was someone stern with high expectations, who wanted their son to tick all the right boxes. House, Job, Kids, WIFE. Paul actually looked heart broken that David spent all his life thinking he had to do those things. Like, no one was even there to tell him that that was the norm, David just thought that was the norm all on his own. Which is almost sadder.

Then after the Good Friday ceremony, Paul, admits that once upon a time he probably would have expected his kids to grow up to be like him, nothing else. And David thinks that’s the norm. So Paul corrects him and says well no it’s foolish. He talks about how wonderful his kids are because they aren’t like him. 

Then, Paul. AGH WHAT A HERO HE IS. He gives David the speech of the year!

“David….dont think you have to tick any boxes for me. Or anyone for that matter. Married, single, kids, no kids, doctor, cleaner, I dont care. As long as you choose the life that makes YOU happy. Do you hear what im saying?

*David nods*

“Good. I so wish I could have told you that all your life”.


David REALLY needed to hear that. To know that how he feels is okay. Especially from the allusive father figure that was always holding him back. Paul you bloody legend. Like, seriously that made me so happy.

Ok but also that last scene with David and Leo. BEAUTIFUL.

I think it’s so important for David to admit that he’s gay. You can think things, you can act upon how you feel, but to verbally acknowledge who you are. It’s committing yourself to your decision, it’s having witnesses to your decision. It’s really really hard to do, especially with tough subjects. So it speaks even more of his growth, that he can do this. Also the fact that he’s telling his brother, the person who he sees as his most important person, and by some degree his only family. That validation is extremely important.

BUT OUR OTHER HERO LEO. WHAT A FANTASTIC BROTHER. He never interrupted David once David said this talk was about him, he let David gather his thoughts and talk at his own pace. He turned himself around to properly face David once David started talking about Leo being the most important, and that he had to hear this first.

BUT THE BEST PART. THE. BEST. PART. Was when David said “I’m Gay”, in that sort of worried, quiet voice, Leo before anything else, told him to say it again. Say it again!. Then you watch David’s face change from hesitance, to relief, to some sort of relief/excitement/confidence. It. Was. Beautiful. Then afterwards Leo says “it’s about time Bro”. Then they adorable bro hug. THE END.

I couldn’t even imagine a better way of Leo handling that situation. I think if he had said said something like “I know”, or even said “About time bro” during that first confession, it could have rattled David back a bit. He let David take full control of this chat, and made sure David confirmed his feelings several times. I think that method was a clever way of showing that Leo was totally okay with it. “It’s fine with me, tell yourself it’s okay, tell yourself again”.

David’s mindset that he has to tick all the boxes seems like it means he thinks he needs everyones approval. But really it’s him needing his own approval. Aside from Hiiobaa-chan not approving, everyone has in some way told him to just be himself. David kept convincing himself that it was not okay. So having Paul tell him, as a father, that he doesn’t have to impress him, and having his beloved brother tell him to confirm to himself again, that he’s gay. Ahhhh. IT’S. BEAUTIFUL.

aSIDE FROM THAT, dAVID AND aARON WERE ALSO VERY CUTE THIS EPISODE. Aaron is kinda being a little more forward in how he speaks to David, it’s cute. David was was being vague about his lunch with Paul and Aaron pointed that out - “Dont go holding out on me here” and David’s all “I’m no-” and Aaron buts in saying “No. You are”. Awww lol and that invisible safezone Aaron made and he shuts the doors and David giggles and starts chirping away about finally having a dad. “Leo’s not here, neither is Amy. It’s just you and I, and Im not gonna judge you. Look *slides invisible doors* schhhhwoop This is our safezone” Agh its so cute.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the next #Daaron interaction will look like. Is David gonna tell Aaron hes gay? Will David try and flirt randomly LOL. Will he be a chuffed giddy adorable young guy and Aaron will keep trying to find out why he’s so happy? Agh. Its too cute to think about.

Ok this got a bit long Im sorry xD I needed to vent out my happiness HAHAHA.


I seriously zero-ed in on the negative, mostly because I get frustrated by how little attention Steve’s issues and flaws get. So that write-up is very one-sided. Steve isn't just his depression, frustration and self-loathing. He’s a lot of things.

Like I shot down a few positive qualities that people tend to give him that I don’t agree with. I don’t think he’s good with people. I think he struggles with people and not in a shy way, but in a ‘I can think of seven million rude-ass things to respond with and only five that are only mildly-rude so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut’ way.

I don’t think he’s so inherently good that he doesn’t struggle doing the right thing or being a nice person. That’s what I meant about him not being a 'good person’, and I really shouldn’t have put it like that because Steve is a good person. He’s a very good person. The thing is he has to try to be good, he puts a lot of effort into being good and he holds himself to very strict, very high standards and I just don’t think he’d do that shit if being good came easy. Steve has too much anger and frustration and depression for it not to be a struggle. It's hard not lashing out when you feel that shit. Its hard to juggle forward momentum with acceptable verbal responses, but Steve does it because in his mind, its what he has to do, otherwise he's wrong, or more wrong than he already is. That struggle is what makes him a good person, because he consistently has to choose and he consistently makes the 'right’ choice. Steve is good, but its not inherent in the way people like to portray it. He isn’t only full of good opinions of people and he does think about what would be the easy way out and what would be the most beneficial for him, fuck everyone else. He just makes the choice to put himself last despite whatever else he thinks. The point being he thinks that shit in the first place.

Steve struggles with people, but that doesn’t mean he’s awful to be around. He does his best to hide all the shit inside him, right? So he tries to be as pleasant as he can. And although he’s not very pleasant, considering pre-serum his default is quiet and sullen looking, he’s smart as a whip and has a sharp sense of humor which can be v. attractive. He may only know how to speak in snark, but people like snark and he’s very good at choosing when and how to express himself. He’s good at choosing the right snarky thing to say at the right time, he just waits for those times. That’s why I roll my eyes when he gives Tony shit for always having an answer because hAHAHA STEVE YOU ARE exactly the fucking same in that regard. You always have an answer when people push at you and its always the best thing you can come up with at the time and you can come up with some doozies. 

And when he’s comfortable, talking comes easier and by the time he’s Cap, he’s used to snarking with people Not Bucky and doing it in a socially acceptable way. He tries to play light. Taken at face value, that’s attractive. 

I don’t think Sam or Bucky pity Steve. They think the shit he holds himself to is pretty unfair and that he should give himself a break, but they also respect how hard he tries and they respect his box because they know he needs it and its just part of who he is. They like him for who he is; imperfect, smart, funny, creative, caring. They like helping him feel at ease with himself, to help him crack open the door to the box, or even just help him feel less constrained by it. 

Sam and Bucky (pre-first avenger) are both better people than Steve is, and I mean inherently. Things come easier for them and they both know that and both respect Steve because they can recognize he’s having to try. I don’t think either of them have a hero complex. Sam helps people for a living–helping people is what he goddamn does and it isn’t for a sense of pride or superiority, its because he’s a fucking angel. People need help and he’s good at giving it and it makes him feel fulfilled. I’m sure he takes pride in his work but it’s a result of his work, not his reason for it. Bucky cares for and puts himself out there for Steve because he thinks Steve deserves that, he thinks Steve is worth that. Its something he can give him and he’s certain Steve should have that kind of loyalty. He’ll champion Steve especially because it seems like no one else will. Bucky knows all the ways Steve goes under appreciated (how hard he tries and how stubborn he is to keep going being chief among them) and it burns him up inside that this kid who has so much inside him is going unnoticed and has been convinced he has to stamp all that fire down to get by. Bucky wants Steve to be happy because not only does he like the snarky little shitlord that he is, but he also sees his potential and wants to help Steve reach it however he can. Usually he’s just making sure the kid stays alive long enough to get there, because that’s the help Steve will accept. 

So like Steve? He’s an unhappy person. But he does his absolute best not to take that out on anyone but himself. He puts the comfort of others before his own and he’s damn good at articulating (if heavily censoring) himself, so he’s not too hard to be around so long as you don’t expect him to be very energetic. He’s not used to having conversations with more than one or two people at once and he’s certainly not used to being the center of those conversations–he would avoid both of those things as politely as goddamn possible. If you can’t handle snark, he’s not gonna talk to you much and what he does say will probably be as polite as he can make it, but if you think snark is charming and can appreciate his wit, you’ll probably have a good conversation and he’ll be far more open to it. Steve’s a good guy, he’s just not very good at making himself happy so he’s honestly kinda shit at making other people happy, too. But he still tries. Steve fucking tries

Pretty Bird Pt. 18 (Yoongi | Angst)

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BTS members: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Words: 6.073

Summary: You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look.

N/A: I am terribly sorry. I’ve been blocked with this chapter for almost two weeks if not more. I feel it sucks more and more each day, like i am going backwards. Thanks you @morninglightdreams for leaving the most lovely comments in her revisions hahaha.

Please come and tell me if you liked it!!

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‘I am in the middle of this as much as she is.’

He walked away, with his head low and unconfident stride, and you observed him worried. Namjoon followed your eyes. He looked contrite at his friend, trying to find the correct words to say.

‘We should give him a couple of minutes. He will come back.’ You focused on him as he cleared his throat and resumed the conversation. ‘Where were we?’

The mood was grim. The members were silent, their gazes diverted from each other’s faces. The staff retired to a different part of the room, as soon as Yoongi abandoned the space. You could hear them whispering softly, your ear only catching fragments of their conversation.

I bet you that everyone on the directive board is already regretting her cast.

They were aware that you were close enough to hear them, and yet they continued.

They should have kicked her out when they had the chance.

And they continued.

She’s not worth the effort.

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Nate and His New Girl - Part 3

Read Part 1 Here | Read Part 2 Here | Part 3

You finally arrive to the driveway of your house, but had no idea what to do at this point. Putting the car on park didn’t even cross your mind. Instead, you placed your hands tightly clenched around the steering wheel with your foot pressed steadily against the brake pedal and stared blankly ahead of you onto the dirty white canvas of your garage. 

You play back the scene that unfolded not too long ago. 

“Explain? Explain?! After all this time, now you want an explanation? And no shit you didn’t know! You wouldn’t know if I really did, or anything else for that matter, because the last time I saw you was two freaking months ago! Two, Nate, two! That’s more than ‘a couple of weeks’ don’t you think?! I mean, did you even notice at all?”

“I… I did notice, (Y/N). How could I not? Maybe you’re right. Let’s forget any of this happened. You won’t get it, too,”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” you scoffed to yourself. “What’s there to even get? He’s the one who dropped your friendship after he found a girl. He’s the one who stopped all efforts into anything. He’s the one who left everything. Him, he’s the one.” You strained your mind, not out of anger anymore, but out of frustration trying to figure out what the hell he could have meant, trying to justify that the fall of the friendship was not your fault. But all the trying, none of it was working. You wished so hard that you and Nate could talk…talk about anything, really. You just wanted to go back to the way things were. You sighed. “But everything’s way past that now,” you softly spoke.

When your hands finally got tired, you let go on the steering wheel and turned off the ignition to your car. You lost track of time, hence, the 20 minute difference from when you first came here. A sigh exited your parted lips. “I guess I should go in,” you tried to convince yourself, only to see that you lost track of time yet again. 30 minutes into the making and you’re still more confused than ever. 

Then your phone rang loudly and broke your occupied state of mind. “Hello?” you asked, too flaccid to look down at the caller ID before you picked up. 

“(Y/N),” the person said. “I’m going to walk up to your car right now, so don’t be startled, okay? It’s just me.”

You turn around and see a dark silhouette approaching the car. “Well, that’s not creepy at all,” you mumbled under your nose, hanging up the phone right after.

The person stands outside your window, knocking persistently, yet gently on it. “You know, you should really turn off the light if you plan to sleep out here tonight.”

You scoffed a smirk at his wit. You went back to staring ahead of you at the garage, but this time to intentionally ignore the person outside your car. 

“(Y/N), come on,” he kept knocking. “Open the door.” 

You shook your head. “I told you goodnight.”

“No,” he stubbornly rejected your dismissal. “I can sit here all night, (Y/N).”

“Samuel!” you firmly shouted. 

He raised his finger and started furiously moving it side to side. “No! You don’t get to ‘Samuel!’ me! Now come out before I pull you out there myself or I’ll wait all night out here until you leave. You gotta pee at some point with all that apple cider you drank.”

You flung your head back and reluctantly rolled down your window. “Why’d you come here, Sam? I was gonna go to sleep.” 

“Oh, really? You call sitting outside in your car for who knows how long ‘going to sleep’? You’ll be a human popsicle by the time you hit the next hour. Are headlights the new night-light?” 

You didn’t even notice the headlights were still on, but it clicked to you as to how Sam knew you were in the car after you shut the engine off. 

Moving on from the thoughts, you unlock the doors and Sam quickly reacted by running to the passenger side. When he got in, you immediately melted into his arms. No words were exchanged. 

“I know, (Y/N), I know,” he cooed, rubbing his arm up and down yours. “Feelings suck…” As he continued to console you, he stopped his movements and whispered, “Oh, shit…” 

You looked up in response to see what had happened. “What is it?” You sniffled then faced towards the direction he was stunned by and it was the door to your house. And there it was, it so happened to have a tall, lean boy standing in front of it, obviously in frantic search for you. 

“Well, damn. Would you look at that,” Sam chuckled in disbelief. “Finally…”

Read Part 1 Here | Read Part 2 Here | Part 3

A/N: Bout time I finished this part, right guys?! Hahaha, it didn’t end out the way I wanted it to since I love doing series in 3′s, but this one will have to be a 4 part story. (: The real scene unfolds there. 😏 I know, I know. Bummer, huh? You might have to wait months again! Noo, I’m just kidding… Hopefully… Anyway, school’s over for me in less than a week and I’ll finally have time to write again, and I seriously cannot wait. So let’s pray I don’t take nearly as long with that one as I did with this one.

Please, hit me in my inbox and tell me how you want this to end! I’d love to know what you guys wanna see. 💕


fanficsnfood  asked:

Aye I'm a delulu shipper too! Anyway if Baekyeol is actually real, how do you think Chanyeol reacted to this whole Baekyeon thing?

Oh God Yes, a delulu one, we’re going to get along super fine~ Okay so on to your question. First of all, I’m going to be discussing what I think about BaekYeon before moving on to answer your question. Reason is, to understand what Chanyeol is going through, we need to know first, what is actually the situation he’s in. You get me? Let’s go then!

WARNING: Extremely delusional. This is gonna be long too. Plus, everything I’m going to write is based off of my opinion. I’m clearly saying that what I’m going to write here is what I think, and I accept the fact that not everyone feels the same way. If you hate delulu shippers then don’t press the keep reading button okay? :)

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anonymous asked:

Kageyama,Noya,Iwaizumi,Bokuto,Kuroo and Kenma helping their crush play volley (but the crush sucks at it)

Hahaha, I think this’ll be fun to write! But I won’t be writing for Bokuto! My apologies!

Kageyama: He’d lose his temper many, many times seeing as his crush was hopeless when it came to his favourite sport; but nonetheless, he would never raise his voice or give up on teaching them until they eventually give up themselves.

Nishinoya: He’d have to prevent himself from laughing too hard while witnessing the terrible and embarrassing attempts at playing volleyball made by his crush. They wouldn’t fail to notice his held-in giggles and probably just stay away from him for a while, due to embarrassment and frustration, until he apologizes.

Iwaizumi: He would be really patient, helping his crush with everything they did wrong; mostly because he could see how hard they were trying but also so that he could spend more time with them.

Kuroo: He would be something like Iwaizumi and Kageyama combined, but more patient like the former rather than the latter. After a while of hopeless teachings, he would just suggest going out for an ice-cream rather than over-exert themselves trying to excel in his favourite sport.

Kenma: He would tell the, politely, that they weren’t really good with volleyball and should try something else. He’d also explain how there were others like them who weren’t good at one thing but excelled at another, and so helping his crush get over being bad at volleyball and determined to find something they were good in. In a nutshell, I can see him being the most rational in this situation out of all the boys listed here. 

anonymous asked:

can i ask for GOM+Kiyoshi+Izuki+Hanamiya with a partner who's usually very kind and sweet, but one day someone makes them mad and although they're still smiling, they can feel and see that killer dark aura forming around them, strong enough to scare even Akashi and Hanamiya?

Akashi Seijurou: You were ignoring Akashi the whole day. Not that you hate him or were you angry, you were just in an unusually bad mood and you didn’t want him to see that. But Akashi didn’t know that. If there was something he hated more than losing was when he doesn’t know something.

He started following you, trying to get some answers from you but that only fueled your annoyance in no one or nothing in particular.

“Hey mr. Absolute, in case you didn’t notice, I’m not really in my best mood so please back the fuck down before I make you” you growled before storming off.

Akashi was totally appalled, and what made it more terrifying was it came from, what he believed, is the sweetest, most innocent person.

Aomine Daiki: Those guys deserved it, but that didn’t stop the chill that went down his spine the moment you twisted a guy’s arm off its socket when he intimately touched your hair.

“You never touch a girl’s hair” you said darkly with a sweet grin on your face, “Touch me again I’ll make sure that you won’t have anything to use to touch”

When you walked away after sending the stranger into a crippled lump on the ground, he followed you with a few steps behind and reminded himself not to anger you.

Hanamiya Makoto: “You seem angry, are you in your period?” Seto asked lazily.

Makoto himself laughed but was stopped abruptly when he heart a loud crash from across the court. He looked up and saw Seto upside down, against the benches.

Seto coughed as the wind was knocked out of him. He tried to get up but was stopped by your foot on his chest.

“Look fuckboy, this is the third day I woke up in the pool of my own blood, do you want me to end your day today in the same way?” you asked darkly.

The whole court was reduced to silence. Makoto himself felt as if the court went ten degrees colder. At that moment, they developed a fear for you. They thought you were innocent, especially with their captain around, and oh how wrong they were.

Izuki Shun: “Hey cuties, hand in the digits and leave these losers” a stranger said, wrapping an arm around you and Riko with his cronies snickering behind him.

The whole team can practically feel the heat radiating from the iron heart, their captain and the pun-master (not). But before they can even take a single step toward you and Riko, the whole world was stopped by a loud cry of pain and the sound of cracking.

They were all stopped. Riko was about to burst into flames to but your cold anger doused it. There you were, clutching the man’s hand, as trying to break his fingers.

You might as well grow black wings, horns and a tail because, no one expected a sweet girl like you to have a dark side, especially when it’s so dark, it would rival satan.

“want some digits, here you go” you said, almost lazily and followed by a loud cracking noise.

You let go of the stranger’s hand and let him cry over his broken fingers.

“Let’s go” you said (read:commanded).

Riko was laughing and you acted as if nothing happened.

“(name)-?” Izuki called, a bit nervous to approach you.

“Don’t worry about that Shun” you said, casually, “your jokes haven’t pissed me off to that point… yet”


Kagami Taiga: Whose idea was it to make their class into a cafe for their culture festival. It was hectic in the kitchen, where Kagami was assigned. He’s periodically come out to check on you, who are serving  the food.

In the middle of making parfaits he heard a yell.

“You call this service?”

Kagami peaked out from the curtains that separated the kitchen to the dining area. One of his shier classmate was being berated by a middle aged man and the iced tea, that seemed to be served by the trembling boy, now covered him.

The rest of the class and other customers watched as the man berate the boy in shock.


A pitcher of water was emptied above the man’s head.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!” the man yelled at you.

Putting down the empty pitcher, you gave him an uninterested look.

“Sir, what we run here isn’t some professional establishment, if you want that, you’re free to leave” you said monotonously, “It’s so pathetic to see a grown man act like an asshole because you weren’t served to your liking”


“This is a school activity sir, and I’m telling you that we didn’t really want to do this either especially when we have to handle people like you”


The whole room seemed to hold their breath until you did something that made the room colder. Kagami was about to step in and give the man a piece of his mind but stopped.

You laughed.

Majority of the people that occupy the room knows you and all of them knows just how sweet and carefree you were. It was the exact opposite of what you are right now.

You laugh is usually light and contagious. But this laugh was filled with sarcasm and malice.

“But sir… how is a dead man going to report me?” you asked smiling darkly, “besides, I think we have enough witnesses here to see just how childish you acted just now”

The man visibly gulped before walking out awkwardly from the room.

“(name)-san somehow reminds me of Akashi-kun” Kuroko said from behind Kagami.

“Kuroko! Since when were you standing there?!”

“I was here the whole time” he replied, “And kagami-kun, I can still see your goosebumps”

Kise Ryouta: Kise knows how vicious his fans are and he did expect them to go after you.

He found you cornered near the shoe lockers. This has got to stop. Can’t they see that he already had you and doing this only lessens their chances with him, not that there was anyway.

He an hear their harsh words and he was afraid it would hurt you. He knew you as someone he needed to protect.


“You know if you want to bitch about not getting Kise, maybe you shouldn’t have treated him like a prize” you deadpanned, effectively scaring the girls and Kise into silence.

After that, you and Kise were never bothered by those girls again. 

Kiyoshi Teppei: After the game against Kirisaki Daichi, you accompanied Kiyoshi to the hospital for a little check-up and maintenance on his leg.

Upon leaving, you and your boyfriend was met by a smug Hanamiya.

“Nice leg Kiyoshi” Hanamiya mocked.

Kiyoshi ignore him but you did not. The next second, Kiyoshi realized that you didn’t follow him. He looked back and saw Hanamiya on the ground and looming over him was you. Your eyes were glazed and a smile that usually graced your features was replaced by a frown.

“Want to shut your ass up or do you want me to shut it for you?” you asked darkly.

Hanamiya replied with just silence and Kiyoshi almost wanted to bow down against the unsettling darkness that flowed from your gaze.

With that, you walked ahead to Kiyoshi and pulled him to start walking.

“H-How dd you do that? Hanamiya was almost twice your height?” he asked curiously and cautiously.

“Akashi Seijurou’s ankle break” you simply said, your smile returning, but that only scared Kiyoshi more.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko just bumped into a stranger that obviously wasn’t looking where they were going and started sneering at Kuroko for it. Kuroko, being the polite boy he is, apologized but apparently it wasn’t enough for the stranger.

Suddenly they stopped. He can feel something cold from behind him. For some reason he can feel goosebumps and sweat cover his back. He didn’t dare look, but unfortunately for his attacker, he saw it.

Kuroko was just lucky that he didn’t see his you, in your small and sweet glory, look like satan, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t feel it.

Midorima Shintarou: “What the hell is that? look at him is that a doll?”

“No kidding, haha, what a loser”

Midorima was used to it. It was today’s lucky item and he borrowed the small dress-up doll from his sister. But that didn’t sit well with you.

You just came back from softball/baseball practice so you have your personal aluminum bat. You swung it over your shoulder that caught Midorima’s and the others’ attention.

“Gee Midorima, my lucky item today is an aluminum bat, maybe I should try my luck and others’ with it” You said darkly, yet casually.

You made your voice loud enough for them to hear, along with the malice laced with it.

Midorima knew it wasn’t directed to him and it was meant to protect him, but it was just too unsettling, especially coming from you.

Murasakibara Atsushi: You didn’t like to be called short and it didn’t help that your boyfriend was a literal tree. And Murasakibara learned it the hard way.

He was going to pick you up from your classroom for lunch when he heard your classmates talk about how short you were.

Murasakibara was about to agree to them when you appeared out of nowhere and pulled one of your chatting classmates by the back of his collar and pulled him down to the floor.

“Who are you calling short?” you asked, looming over them, “As far as I can see, you’re below me right now and I can crush you”

If Murasakibara was scared, it didn’t show. Although he was more on surprised. He heard your classmates mutter nervous apologies before you walked to him.

“Alright Atsushi, let’s go” you asked with your usual bubbly manner.

And that was when he felt something cold run down his spine, because no matter how small, he saw it in your “usual” smile.

“Now you know what I can do if you call me short”

Important Roles

(gif credit to the creators)
Prompt: Imagine the reader meets chuck and he tells her she plays an important role in the Winchesters lives.
Pairing: none
Word Count: 713
Warnings: none
A/N: This is somewhere between a drabble and a one shot I guess lol. I intended it to be a drabble but it kind of got away from me hahaha. Thank you to Andi  (@ellen-reincarnated1967) for the prompt!! Feedback is cool :)

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summary: or, gray makes a decision.

pairings: gruvia n nalu GRAYLU BROTP

sidenote: i stg, was working on a request, then i abandoned it after several fruitless minutes of blank-document staring contests. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE UNDER 1K WORDS BUT ITS LIKE 3K KILL MEEE also fuck editing spacing spelling double checking and literature


He was an idiot.

Gray realized this, seconds after stepping foot onto the blazing hot sand (why’d it always have to be like stepping into a pool of lava? The sand was white for cripes sake) and taking sharp note that he had made a very, very big mistake.

First of all, Natsu was wearing a speedo.

A tight, navy-blue almost black speedo that made him look like a absolute asshat. Who wore shit like that to the beach? A swimming meet – perhaps he could understand, but Natsu hadn’t professionally swam an inch in his entire life, so there was absolutely no excuse for this atrocity to his eyes, which were burning.

Not unlike his feet. He really should’ve brought his sandals from the car.

He looked back woefully at his parked car, at least a block away and a trip across hot, black pavement, which was steaming like Mongolian stir fry.

Gritting his teeth and bearing through the grill-hot sizzling pain in his feet, he trekked to the lazily tossed beach blanket Lucy had thrown messily onto a sand dune. There were several dirty-looking and fishy-smelling shells piled up at the foot of the towel, a tiny, unimpressive collection that could’ve been assembled by any idiot five year old with a curiosity complex.

“Lucy! Look! A conch!”

Lucy, who was crouched onto that same messy towel, knees crushed up to her chest like the shell collection could transmit some vile disease through touch, nodded unconsciously.

“Good job, Natsu.”

Gray briefly considered making a break for it then – Lucy had probably only invited him for sake of conversation, and to be a buffer between Natsu’s idiocy and the ocean.

“Gray! Thank god!” Lucy scrambled off of her towel, making a tiny sandstorm in the process, and tackled Gray before he could think up any escape tactics.

“Lucy.” Gray said simply as her tiny hands suction-cupped his chest rather awkwardly.

“You can’t let him throw me in,” she whimpered, cowering behind him while Natsu threw himself in the water, like he was searching for something.

“Don’t care.” Gray decided to make his political standpoint on Natsu and Lucy’s weekly love-fest, ie. tossing said girl into the ocean playfully, cuddling in class, hugging at every opportunity,

Grayyy,” she whined obnoxiously.

Lucyyyyy,” he mimicked annoyingly.

She made a pouty face and huffed.

“I’m here for the sole reason of tanning.” Gray informed her, spreading out his towel neatly – in comparison to Lucy’s shitstorm of a faded blue towel, scrounged up like a dead body.

“I invited you to keep Natsu busy so I could tan,” she admitted.

“Then invite someone else,” he suggested without really thinking.

“I can’t, no one else can deal with Natsu’s shit like you can!” She pressed, fixing her towel after seeing gray’s little show with his own. “Besides, you’ll have fun, just you boys-“

“Lucy! I think I see that shark!” Natsu pointed in some far off direction.

“That’s great babe!” Lucy shouted back uncomfortably.


“It’s a distraction. I told him I saw a shark and he said he’d fight it for scaring me. He’s…sweet. Of course, but I’m just trying to keep him from throwing me in. Do you have any idea what salt does to my hair? It-“

Gray made an extremely loud and ridiculous moaning noise, signaling Lucy that he didn’t give two solid fucks about her hair.

“What’s with the speedo?”

“I wish I knew.”

“Makes his junk look bigger.”

“…Don’t look at my boyfriend’s junk.”

Gray grinned, showing his teeth and flipping his mirrored sunglasses down.

“You think you’re so cool.” Lucy sneered when his gaze wasn’t upon her. “I’ll show you cool.”

“Whatever Lucy.” Gray breathed out, absorbing the sun with open arms. “Incoming.”

“What?” Lucy asked, but she was too late. Natsu was upon her in a second, and she was scooped up in his arms while he cackled deviously, and subsequently threw her into the ocean, limbs flailing and voicebox screeching.

“HAHAHA, I WIN!” Natsu called from the surf, laughing at his sputtering and cursing girlfriend. Gray found himself laughing along too. They were morons, and he wasn’t, it was quite laughable.

“WHAT’RE YOU LAUGHIN’ AT, GRAY?” Lucy screamed from her spot in the water.

“YOUR DUMB FACE!” Gray called back, basking in the momentary comedy before returning to the important task of tanning. It was early summer, and he needed to get darker so he didn’t look like the inside on an uncooked potato.

Lucy trudged out of the ocean, face disgusted and she even had a tiny bit of brownish seaweed stuck on one of her pigtails.

“Very funny,” she said darkly, wringing the saltwater out of one of her pigtails.

“Wasn’t it?”

“So funny, I forgot to laugh.” She croaked dryly, whipping some water from her fingers at Gray.

“Hey! Knock that shit off, this is a work of art in progress.” Gray gestured to his now-tanning body and Lucy had half a mind to roll her eyes and choke a laugh.

“Pretty abstract, if you ask me.” Natsu put in, arriving at the scene distastefully wet. “Whatsa matter Luce, you look a little…washed up…”

“Fuck you Natsu.”

“Y’know, sometimes they say you gotta stand back to appreciate a work of art,” Natsu drawled, draping an arm around Lucy’s shoulders, ignoring her previous bite. He continued like they were some sort of famous comedy duo, Natsu&Lucy, traveling worldwide to harass Grays of all shapes and sizes, come one, come all! “Apparently for Gray, you have to stand waaaaayyy back.”

“Got that right.” Lucy muttered through gritted teeth. Gray was barely paying attention to them at that point. He had much better things to do.

“Piss-ass. Look at his smug face, we oughta rip it off one of these days.” Natsu whispered softly, like he thought Gray had fallen asleep in the past second and a half.

“I got an idea.” Lucy plotted, and already, Gray felt a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Hit me with your best shot, you two couldn’t come up with a decent revenge plan if it beat you half to death with a golf club.” Gray boasted, liking his odds as Natsu and Lucy put their heads together for a little friendly make-Gray-suffer-and-burn-in-hell competition. No biggie.

“You’ll see, Gray,” Natsu challenged folding his hands together evilly. “We’ll see.”


It took Natsu and Lucy less than twenty minutes to give up on their little scheme. They hit it and quit it so fast he could barely fit a blink in between. They were back in the water soon enough, splashing each other and doing those stupid couple things couples do when they want to show everyone around them that they are in fact superior, and you should kneel before the ultimate love that is theirs.

Gray rolled his eyes from underneath his sunglasses and rolled onto his back, sick of laying stomach-first, only to be instantly horrified at the events that followed.

“Gah!” He cried, a face was hovering inches from his own, like she had been waiting there for him to look up for a prolonged period of time.

“Gray-sama!” She cheered, falling to her knees with a small puff of sand and wrapping her arms around his warm chest. “Juvia missed you!”

Gray wrenched his vision to the water, where Natsu and Lucy were waving seductively.

Alright, so he had underestimated them. But this was just plain playing dirty!

“Aha, Juvia, it’s barely been a week since school ended.”

“Juvia still missed her Gray-sama!”

“Of…course you did.” He huffed, lowering his eyebrows in exasperation as she finished squeezing the life out of his lower ribcage.

Juvia had been his self proclaimed fangirl since…freshmen year? Ish? He had managed to accidentally save her life, pushing her out of the way of a speeding car and thusforth, earning her unconditional love. By accident.

Juvia was a nice girl and all, she was just a  little…much. And Gray didn’t want to date her. Someone like Juvia…well…he ought to be thrilled that a girl as gorgeous and wet-dream worthy would throw herself at him and put him on a pedestal, but a girl like her, he didn’t deserve a girl like her. She deserved a guy who would pull his weight, who would treat her like an empress and wait on her hand and foot. Gray couldn’t offer her that, and he knew it. So he pushed her away.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t really getting the message. And if she was…well then she was damn persistent.

“Gray-sama! Put sunscreen on Juvia’s back!” She asked, although it came out as more of a prayer than anything, like if she had one wish from god, she’d want it to be this, and only this.

“Uhhh…I don’t think-“

Juvia popped off her swimsuit cover up with ease and her purple polka dotted bikini showcased the rest of her body that was normally hidden from his vision.

Of course she was sculpted just like a model, toned, flat stomach, with killer boobs (that probably weighed tons, his back started hurting just thinking about it) and legs longer than the Oregon trail. He’d known Juvia looked great underneath, he simply wished he’d never have to witness it firsthand.

“Juvia bought this swimsuit just for Gray-sama,” she breathed out, her chest heaving. He pinched the bottom of his wrist in punishment for thinking about her like that. Bad Gray! Juvia is not yours!

“That’s nice, why don’t you go put your towel down somewhere.” He grunted, trying to sound disinterested. He could hear Natsu and Lucy laughing at him from the beach. Stupid assfucks.

“Mh! Juvia will, uh…hold this.” Juvia said, handing him a bottle of sunscreen lotion ad laying her towel down disturbingly close to his own. Keep it cool Fullbuster, think unsexy thoughts, Natsu in a speedo…oh look! Natsu in a speedo…

“Now put sunscreen on Juvia, Gray-sama!” She cried out happily, plopping herself in front of him and presenting her glorious back, dotted with a few tiny little freckles. He was tempted to poke them, to trace the like constellations, but he held back in fear of acting creepy.

“Can’t you do it yourself?” He groaned, but he was already squirting it onto his hands, eagerly reaching them out to touch the foreign land of Juvia’s shoulders. Sort of foreign, he’d touched them when he’d saved her those years ago, but it was safe to say that that didn’t count.

“Juvia can’t reach, besides, Juvia will return the favor~”

Gray made a choking sound as his fingers rested on her back.

“U-uh-uh I don’t need sunscreen, I’m tanning.” He stuttered, sliding the sunscreen in awkward patterns across the planes of Juvia’s spine.

“Eh? Gray-sama…you burn before you tan…”

“Huh.” He mumbled unintelligently as a smear of sunscreen got caught in her bikini strap. He wiped it away with the speed of an anxious cheetah and continued.

“Gray-sama has to put on sunscreen, or else his back will look like Erza-san’s hair.” She chided gently.

Huh. He supposed he didn’t want that happening.

“Fine.” He grumbled.


He made his way down Juvia’s back, making sure to relish the feel of how soft it was (because this was definitely going to be the last time he touched her like this) and rubbed it in gently, ignoring the little sounds she made when he pressed to hard or too soft, or just right.

Seriously. Fuck Natsu and Lucy.

“Ok, done.” He spoke, sounding more strangled than he cared to admit before flopping into his stomach, away from Juvia.

“Juvia will put sunscreen on Gray-sama’s back now! Poor Gray-sama…he might be burned already…Juvia will be extra gentle…” she whispered the last part in his ear and he shivered involuntarily. Dammit!

“Just hurry up.” he said coarsely. Better to get this over with as fast as possible, he didn’t nearly have enough willpower to withstand shit like this. Juvia was good at playing dirty, apparently.

Juvia surprised Gray by straddling the base of his back carefully.

“The fuck are you-“

“Shh, Gray-sama. Juvia will put sunscreen on you, Juvia will protect you.” She muttered, determined.

“Just, fucking – whatever, fine. Hurry up.” Gray caved at the last second and closed his eyes.

Natsu in a speedo, Natsu in a speedo, Natsu in aaaaahhhh shit! Cold hands!

“Your hands are cold, Juvia.” He complained. She apologized and began applying smoothly, tracing lines and swirls like she was painting a frickin’ starry night and not just Grays back wit sunscreen.

“What are you doing back there, Picasso? Speed it up.” He said impatiently, he wasn’t going to withstand her sitting on him and rubbing him for much longer without, certain consequences. Accidental beach sex.

“Juvia has to make sure that Gray-sama is fully protected from the sun,” she explained, swirling and extra line towards the small of his back.

“Sure.” He mumbled. She smelt like fresh strawberries.

“All done,” she said, after adding one tiny polka dot to the center of his back.

“Finally.” He gasped, like having Juvia sit on him was like drowning.

“J-Juvia is very sorry! She didn’t mean to crush Gray-sama-“

“It’s not that,” he interjected sharply.

She looked back at him quizzically. “Then…?”

He cursed himself for speaking out of turn. Idiot.

“Uh…it’s…it’s nothing, I gotta go…tan.” He muttered, slamming his face in the sand like an embarrassed ostrich.



“Do you hate Juvia?”


“Gray-sama, can you breathe?”


Juvia lightly grasped the back of Gray’s head and popped him out of the mini sand pit he had been buried in.

“Thanks,” he breathed, grains of sand sticking everywhere.

She made a sad face and he straightened up.

“What was the question again?” he asked.

“Does Gray-sama hate Juvia?”


“You don’t sound very sure.”

“Listen, Juvia, that’s – ugh. It’s complicated, ok?” He half-answered her.

She looked down at the ground. Oh god. Was she gonna cry? Gray couldn’t stand when girls cried.

“Whoa, Juvia – I’m sorry, I-“

“Gray-sama…” Juvia whispered, tilting her head up so that her watery blue eyes shone in the sunlight, reflecting exotic shades of sapphire.

Instantly Gray was hypnotized. Like pretty blue kaleidoscopes the colors danced and at that instant, she had ensnared him. He was trapped, no willpower could save him now, god have mercy on his pathetic, unworthy soul…

“Juvia…” Gray choked back, sitting up unconsciously and looking at her sharply.

His hand reached forward, touching the fabric of her bubbly blue towel and supporting the rest of his body as he pushed forward, invading her personal space (she didn’t seem to mind one bit) and taking his other hand and balancing it on the back of her neck, tilting her head just enough to-

“HEY! STOP GIVIN’ EACH OTHER GOO-GOO EYES!” Natsu shouted from the shoreline.

Juvia pulled back and blushed, absently realizing how close their faces had been.

“Gray-sama, Juvia-“

“S-sorry!” Gray pulled back like he’d been struck by lightning. “That was an accident – I mean, an on-purpose accident – but I wouldn’t have actually, I mean,…god,” he trailed off, forgetting what he was going to say and choking to death on the words in his throat.

Juvia bit her lip, eyes fondly traveling over the ripples of Gray’s skin.

“Gray-sama doesn’t hate Juvia,” she concluded, shyly looking him in the eyes, “Gray-sama loves Juvia-“

“No! You’ve got it wrong! That’s…that’s crazy-“


“That’ll teach ‘im.” Natsu said, high-fiving Lucy without even looking back.

“He turns into such a dork weirdo when he’s around her. It’s hilarious.” Lucy commented, leaning her weight against her boyfriend’s stocky frame, ankle-deep in ocean water and pleasantly smiling at the scene unfolding before them.

“Next time, we should make Juvia wear a dominatrix outfit.”




Lucy laughed out loud, clutching her hand over her mouth too keep from the giggles to erupt like lava.


“N-Natsu…Natsu look,” Lucy grasped Natsu’s shirt tightly, sobbing from laughter and pointing at gray. Soon, Natsu joined her in laughter.

“She is good,” Lucy cackled, admiring Juvia’s handiwork.

“Oh…oh my god.” Gray muttered, lifting his shirt up and standing in front of the mirror, fearing the worst.

Because there, written in Gray’s pale skin as a result of someone’s faulty sunscreen use, was four words written in swirly handwriting.

Property of Juvia Lockser :)


Forsaking the Stars ch. 5

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Alright, computer on, with video chat to Dipper’s contact connecting: Check. Door closed and locked so that no one barged in: Check. Bill safely sitting out of sight with a bowl of popcorn to keep him busy and Mabel focusing on the screen to avoid witnessing his disturbing way of eating: Double check.

“So what did you learn about Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford…?” Mabel mouthed, glancing over to the photograph of them on her desk. It was the last one they’d sent her before they’d vanished, Grunkle Stan had gotten back into shape on their adventures and Grunkle Ford had stitches on the left side of his jaw from what was described on the back of the picture as an innocent bar fight. “Where are you now…?” She asked stroking the picture gently.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! First of all, I'd like to say that I like your blog and I adore your Maria Posada cosplay! :D Umm, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you at all, but I'm going to cosplay as Maria myself, but I need some help. Could you please explain how you made her necklace, and maybe some recommendations on a wig or ponytail extension? Thank you for your time!

thank you so so much! it’s no problem at all, i love helping people with their cosplays so it would be a pleasure (:

Necklace // maria’s circular necklace is made of metal, with a hammered gold finish, and is attached like a pendant onto a simple black satin/rubber cord. since buying a hammered gold necklace is either expensive, hard to find, or you’re just lazy (like me), you can opt for buying a $3 pendant/charm at michael’s with a spanish-style design engraving. since i can’t find it on the michael’s website, here’s a link to the exact same pendant on etsy for 4x the price haha what a joke. i unfortunately didn’t bring my cosplay here to college, so it’s stuck at home where i can’t take a better close up photo for you );

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