i wished i played a brass instrument

Richie Tozier dating a school band member would include...

Note: I was originally going to write an actual imagine for this, but thought a hc would go better! It’s my first one that’s actually being posted, and if you want more, my ask box is open and you can give me a follow too if you want :) Enjoy! (also it’s unedited don’t @ me)

  •  so Richie would honestly to me think that it’s probably the coolest thing ever like?? His s/o can play an instrument, like really well?? N i c e
  • and of course they play a brass instrument, Richie’s favorite because that just means he can play it whenever
  • he wouldn’t even ask if he can play it tbh, he’d probably just wait for them to be gone and then just take it out of it’s case and blow away
  • “wait did you even ask me if you could play it”
  • “no but i thought since you love me so much you would say yes”
  • *facepalm*
  • or like before a concert when he’s wishing them luck he’d take the instrument and say something like “lemme warm it up for ya” and then spit out nonsense and weird, out of tune notes
  • his s/o would think it’s fucking adorable though 
  • like when he was playing that euphonium, but more cuter and probably worse
  • one day his s/o would actually try and teach him how to play it
  • but honestly richie’s just like?? Um I can play it?? Watch me
  • and then once again it’s just loud honking and notes that are painful to the ear and incorrect embouchure and stuff
  • his s/o would be like no lemme help if we’re gonna be dating you need to at least learn how to hold it right and hold a note
  • it takes a while, but when Richie is able to play one long note without cracking, he get’s beyond excited even though the note is either really flat or really sharp
  • “fuck that was easy i think i might join band with you babe”
  • “oh uh…that’s not a good idea…”
  •  because tbh he probably is always in the bandroom waiting for his s/o and in the meantime he’s tryn to steal others instruments to play em
  • so basically the whole band all prob don’t like him for that (in my own experience, i hated when people tried to play mine lmao)
  • richie just decides that playing his s/o’s instrument whenever they let him is enough, and just encourages them to play other instruments he wants to try out
  • which is probably every brass instrument ever made
  • and the s/o tries other instruments because why the hell not