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Demon!Jason Todd X Angel!Reader- Fallen (Part 3)

Yaayyyy I posted another chapter!! You would not believe the writer’s block I have right now.  Hopefully this chapter has done this series some justice.

Part 1, Part 2

Warning: None that I can think of????

Following the demon with the red helmet, your eyes scanned over every piece of artwork that adorned the walls.  It seemed that your brother fancied collecting pieces from famous artists, and you could clearly tell that he had commissioned every single one from the source.  The demon leading you didn’t seem to enjoy the art like you were, but he had probably seen them many times.  If he was your brother’s second in command, then he must have served him for a long time.  Now that you think about it, the stench of Hellfire no longer smelt like it did on your way here.  The horrendous smell was replaced by a sweet scent, something similar to the smell you experience when roasting a marshmallow.

Immediately stopping when you saw the demon halt his steps, you watched as he placed his hand on a door, the same Hellfire spreading all over the door.  He stepped away as soon as the door opened, allowing you to cautiously enter the room.  Your eyes widened as soon as you saw the Heaven of an elderly woman you had visited many times.  The sunset behind the weeping willow was spot on, casting a beautiful orange light on the hills.  The woman and her husband were not there, laying on a blanket and watching the sunset, but you knew that they were still in Heaven.  Stepping further into the room, you knelt down and felt the grass.  The small, green blades of glass felt smooth against your skin, the dew dampening your hand.  You could even smell the field of flowers on the other side of the hill.

“What kind of room is this?” you asked, turning to face the demon.

He looked around, “It is… enchanted, if you prefer the term.  It provides you with the environment that will provide you with whatever you need.”

“Thank you,” you said, looking around.  “I didn’t think I would ever see this again.”

His head tilted slightly to the side, silently asking you to explain.

“This is a Heaven I frequently visited,” you explained, a small smile crawling onto your face.  “Sometimes it was the only thing that provided me a safe haven from my father and siblings, especially when they were overwhelming.”

“You are the complete opposite of every Angel that I have ever met,” he stated, walking further into the room.

“What do you mean by that?” you asked, following him.

“Angels, well, normal Angels are emotionless warriors and guardians who had protected Earth, smiting any demon in sight.  Only one Angel has been in a room like this, and the battlefield was the environment he needed,” he answered, dragging his hands on the trees as he passed them.  “You, on the other hand have this setting, which is odd, especially with this serene scenery.”

“I can see why you find it odd,” you said, the orange glow slowly fading from view.  “I am a Fallen now, banished from Heaven, and yet I do not search for any revenge or have any anger.  All I have is pain and betrayal.”

“The pain will fade,” he stated, “but it will take time.”

“I wonder how long that will last,” you said, looking down at your bare feet.  “I do not know if I will be hunted and smited with the wrath of Heaven.  Fallen are not meant to survive, suffering is the only thing that is left for them.”

“And yet you can still find peace,” he said, picking up a rolled piece of dark grey clothing from the ground.  “This is yours, I’m guessing that you do not want to walk around in those torn clothes.”

“Thank you,” you thanked him, taking the clothing from his armored hands.  “If I may ask, what shall I call you?  I think it would be rude of me not to ask.”

“I go by many names, but you can call me by my first that was given to me,” he answered.  “Jason.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Jason,” you smiled, holding out your hand.  “My name is (Y/N).”

Jason gently took your hand in his, shaking it, “Even your name does not match the names of the other Angels.”

“I have never heard of a demon with a name like Jason,” you said, tilting your head to the side.  “I guess this is a first for the both of us.”

He released your hand and rested his near his side, “Touché.”

“I am curious, do you always wear your armor?” you asked, scanning over his helmet.

“I do not, but I prefer to wear it when I am on duty,” Jason responded.  “Do you wish for me to remove it?”

“Only the helmet,” you replied, “but if you are not willing to, I understand.”

He paused for a moment, debating whether or not to remove his helmet.  Nodding, he swiped his hand in front of his face, making his helmet fade away, the ash blowing away.  His eyes were the first things you saw, completely enamored by the beautiful combination of red, yellow, orange and even a bit of purple hues.

“Your eyes look like the very sunset that is here,” you smiled, tilting your head.  “I never expected eyes to be so beautiful.”

“You’re very honest, aren’t you?” he asked, looking in the direction of the sunset.  “Do my eyes really look like that?”

“They do,” you nodded, scanning the rest of his features.

While he was observing the sunset, you had a chance to soak in every detail of him.  His skin was not like your brother’s.  It was more tan than Lucifer’s light pigmentation, and it was perfect in your eyes.  His ears were similar to yours, but they were more extended and angular than your own.  When he turned back to face you, you did not cease your actions.

“You are fascinating,” you stated truthfully.  “Do you consider yourself an average demon?”

“I am far from average, (Y/N).”

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small memory – jeongguk

Originally posted by marshminllow

genre: angst, fluff. 
word count: 3.7k

who would have known a simple conversation about who will be taking the window seat would lead to such a heartbreaking turn?

first week of school. he was timid, especially when you sat next to him at the school bus. he was so awkward, it made you feel awkward too. you spent mondays to fridays sitting next to him, and it was awfully quiet.

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Until Tomorrow

For @athiefandhisqueen who requested a little Dimples Queen in which Roland calls Regina his mom.

Before they left for the Underworld, Regina had given him an enchanted mirror–a way to keep in touch, she’d told him. And on the day, he’d packed up all this things–the day he’d plucked a feather off one of his father’s arrows to give to her–he made sure the mirror was tucked safely in his knapsack. That day, he hadn’t been able to say goodbye–but that was okay, he reminded himself, he had the mirror and he’d see her again.

For those first few days after he’d returned to the Enchanted Forest with the Merry Men, he’d checked the mirror constantly–but she was never there. The glass was on her dressing table, looking up at the ceiling; and it was all but forgotten. And then, one day, he’d heard her voice–it was quiet and faint, and she sounded sad, but he found himself running toward his tent–toward the mirror–and calling out her name. He said it again and again, louder and louder as he tapped on the glass–and then, he heard her whisper his name.

Anticipation bubbled up in his chest and his eyes grew teary, and when she picked up the mirror, he offered her an eager smile. He told her he missed her and he told her about how he spent his days; he asked about Henry and the little sister he’d nicknamed Peanut, and confessed he missed his room at her house. By the time he ran out of things to tell her, it was dark and his eyelids were growing heavy–and she sighed a little, and told him it was time for bed.

He’d tried to protest–just as he always had–but she shook her head, and told him he needed to get some sleep. Her smile brightened then, and she told him they’d do this again–and this time, they wouldn’t wait so long.


“Tomorrow,” she’d agreed, and he’d giggled a little as kissed two of her fingers and then pressed them to the mirror, wishing him sweet dreams and reminding him that she loved him.

He’d returned the sentiment as she struggled against a yawn, and reluctantly, he’d tucked the mirror back into this knapsack for safe keeping. And then, when the next day came, just as she’d promised, she was there. Day after day after day, she was there.

“I lost a tooth,” he told her, pointing to the empty space behind his bottom lip. “It didn’t even hurt.”

A soft grin tugs on to her lips. “Did you save it?” Roland nods, and she laughs as his tongue pokes through the space where his tooth had been just hours before. “Because you know, if you save it and you put it under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy will come while you’re sleeping and replace it with coins… and probably a lot of glitter that you’ll never get off of your pillow”

“Mooooom,” Roland says as a laugh erupts from him. “That’s not true.” Her face changes then–her eyes widening and her smile fading–and suddenly his laugh halts as he realizes what he’s said. “Oh,” he murmurs as his cheeks flush. “I… didn’t mean to… um…”

“It’s okay,” she cuts in as she bats her a finger over her eye, wiping away a tear before it can fall. “You can call me that… if you want to.” He smiles sheepishly and nods. “Because, I’d like it if you did.”

“I… I wish you could visit,” he murmurs.

“I do, too, sweetheart,” she tells him as her smile returns. “And who knows, maybe one day soon, we’ll figure out a way for that to happen.”

“I don’t know…”

“Hey,” she cuts in, her voice firm as she looks him directly in the eye. “Stranger things have happened.”

“That’s true,” he says as a smile tugs up at the corner of his mouth–a smile that grows in confidence as it spreads–because if there’s one thing he knows for certain, it’s that Regina–his mom–doesn’t give up on the people she loves. His smile brightens and he nods because even though he can’t fathom a way that he might ever see her again–truly see her in person–he knows that she loves him an awful lot, and that love is the most powerful magic of all.

It is nothing



Prompt: the reader is pregnant with Spencer’s child but there is some problem during a case.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18

A/N: my heart cried with this request.


You were under the bedsheets on your hotel room in Nashville. It was a cold night and you were glad your boyfriend Spencer was there with you to keep you warm. His arms were around you and your legs were crossed and lost in each other’s ones.
One of his hand was placed on the top of your belly. It was a gesture he did without a meaning because he had not still known that in the spot his hand was, there was a little Reid growing. It was not planned but it was the most beautiful thing that happened to you.
You just found out two days before and you were about to tell him it but then a case came out of nowhere and you decided to tell him once you were home, calmly.
But then again, it was a gesture that made you smile because even if he did not know, he was feeling his child and you knew how happy he’d be once you’d told him it.
Your eyes were closed because you wanted to go back to sleep but you heard Spencer’s phone buzzing.
It was Hotch who asked for you two to head the place where the UnSub was supposed to be. During the hours you had a new clue but he decided to call you all just when he was pretty sure about it so everyone had to be ready at whatever would have happened.
With your eyes still full of tiredness, you wore your bulletproof vest and you and Spencer got in the car, driving to the address your chief sent you.
But the things didn’t go as you wanted them to do.
You had not planned that the UnSub could have pointed his gun to Spencer’s stomach and press the trigger. You could press the trigger toward that bastard too but by now the trouble was done. For a second you watched the amount of Spencer’s blood: you knew how much blood a body had inside but watching in the reality gave you goosebumps.
You called the ambulance and screamed that you needed help immediately.
You hands were pressing where his blood was coming out and you could see that the amount of the pressure hurt him.

“I know it hurts love but you’ll make it. I know you are strong.” you said and some tears fell over his face making it wet.

“You know I love you, right? I have always had, don’t forget about it.”

“I won’t forget because the doctors will save you and you will be here to tell me it every single day. You can’t leave us.”

With ‘us’ you meant you and your baby but since the moment he didn’t know he understood you and your team, telling you that he loved you all.
Minutes later help arrived and you rushed over the hospital. One of the paramedic noticed that you were not good to but you refused to be checked in. You wanted them all to take care of Spencer because he was the real one who needed help.

You had waited for almost two hours in the waiting room with every member of the team as worried as you. You blamed yourself because you had to be more focused and look after him in a better way. You did so you wouldn’t be here.
But then everything went worse when on of the surgeon arrived in the waiting room telling you all that your boyfriend risked to not make it off the table. He lost a lot of blood and the bullet was in a dangerous place in his body and the surgeons never did a most difficult surgery.

“Oh Jesus please help us…” you whispered looking at the ceiling.

You were not the one who talked with God or whoever it was, but now you needed his help and in a sort of way God sent you a sign but it was not the one you wanted.
You felt an hard pain in your belly, so hard that for a moment you would have fallen to the ground if you didn’t have wall next to you where you could place your back.
Everyone asked you what was wrong with you and the first one who noticed it was Jennifer.

“(Y/n) you’re bleeding, you have blood running down your legs! Are you hurt?”

You looked down too and then you realized. You didn’t even have the strength to cry or do anything else, you just closed your eyes and sigh.

“It is… it is nothing. I am having a…” you tried to say that word and you were able to, a tone of disgusting and pain came out of your mouth “I am having a miscarriage. Can you please call a doctor for me?”

“(Y/n), I…” Aaron tried to talk to you but then you screamed it this time, to call a damn doctor.

When one of the free doctor arrived with a wheelchair for you, you ordered, not even asked, ordered them to not tell Spencer about it. He didn’t know and you were the one
who had to tell him this horrible thing.

An hour later you came back to the waiting room and you could see everyone with relaxed faces. Spencer made off the table but when they saw you, their faces changed again. They didn’t say anything but you could see grief in their faces, but you were so angry that you didn’t care about their feelings, you wanted to make it clear.

“You have no right to be in pain, you… I lost this baby and it took us a lot for it. Us, not you. I just… I…” you couldn’t go on with your speech, you were sorry to treat them like that and they understood you. They didn’t care about your words.

When you all got his room, he was surprisingly awake and you were the first who hugged him. The team was waiting out of the door and some of them was watching the two of you exchaging some delicate kisses from the opened door.

“You scared me Spencer, don’t do it again.” you said cupping his pale skin.

“I won’t, I promise.”

You two smiled at each other for another minute. You were together again and it made you so happy, but this feeling faded away soon.

“When we were at home you were about to tell me something. What was it?”

It was your occasion to tell him the truth but something blocked you from doing it. You never did it before, but for the fist time in your relationship, you lied to your boyfriend.

“It was nothing Spencer. I wanted to tell you… you always told me that you one of your biggest wish was becoming a dad and I am ready. I want to have a little Reid who runs in the house and I want to be the mother of your child. That’s what I was about to say.”

It wad not a lie after all, but you didn’t have the heart to break his own one.

I’ll Never Leave You

Requested by anon: oneshot where you walk in on your boyfriend cheating on you and you go to Buckys for comfort and you both cuddle for the rest of the night<3 please and thank you!!!  

 Pairing: Bucky (The Winter Soldier) Barnes X Reader

 Word count: 866

 You had nothing to do, so you decided to convince your boyfriend to do something. Anything. Searching in your bag for his apartments keys, you hear it. A woman’s name and soft moans. With anger and curiosity building up in your stomach, you quickly unlock the door. Your heart stops when you open the door to see a half-naked woman laying above your half-naked boyfriend. You shut the door with all your strength, finally making them stop and rush to finds their clothes.

 “(Y/N), I can explain…” Michael tries to hide the girl behind his back, awkwardly putting his pants on.

 “Don’t even try.” Your voice is furious, like fire burning your throat. “I don’t know why I’ve been trying to love you! You don’t deserve it.” He was acting weird, distant, but you thought that maybe he needed some space. But this? This is unacceptable.

 “(Y/N), don’t say these things. You’re breaking my heart.” He helps the girl to get dressed.

 You can’t believe it. The only reason you’re dating Michael is because you’ve been friends for years. And because the man you love doesn’t think he deserves to be loved. Now, that’s what you get. Michael always uses to say he loves you more than his own life, just like he was begging you to never leave his side. Lies.

 “You know what, Michael? Why don’t you finish what you’ve started with this girl? I never loved you anyway, and it feels good to finally tell you that. I just thought we could get along since we were friends. But no.” Smiling, you open the door again, holding back your tears. “I don’t want to see you again. Never.”

 Before he can answer, you close the door and run to the elevator and then to your car. With tears in your eyes, you drive too fast, not giving a shit about the signs.

 When you stop the car you take your cell phone. Maybe he isn’t here. Maybe his too far to help you.

 “(Y/N), how are you?” Bucky’s voice is familiar, kind, it takes your breath away.

 “Bucky… are you in your apartment?”

 “What happened?” He’s suddenly worried, the weight on his voice hurting you.

 “Nothing. Just…”

 After a few moments of silence, you see him opening the building’s front door. You take your bag and get out the car, running to his arms.

 Bucky’s arms are always warm, the best place on earth. He doesn’t say anything, his hand caressing your hair. A loud thunder makes you jump, looking at the dark sky.

 Without a word, he guides you through the stairs until his small cold apartment. You throw your bag on the couch, heading to his bedroom.

 “I’ll get some sleep.” It’s all you manage to say, your voice still fainting. You don’t want him to know how miserable you feel.

 “No, (Y/N). Tell me what happened.” Bucky sits by your side, holding both your hands in his. “You’ve been here for me. Now I want to be able to help you.”

 “Michael, he… God, I don’t even love him!” It comes out abruptly, your tears coming back. “I’m an idiot! He was with that whore! I don’t care, but he was with me. It’s humiliating. I know I’m not hot or tall or whatever the hell he wants but at least I deserve some respect.”

 Breathing heavily, you look at your own hands. Bucky’s fingers are caressing yours, and only God knows how much you want him to know how you feel.

 “You’re beautiful, (Y/N). You need to know that…”

 “Don’t do this, Bucky, please. The last thing I want is you to say things just to make me feel better.”

 “Would you stop and listen?” He moves closer, forcing you to look into his eyes. “I never lie to you. You are a beautiful girl and any man would be lucky to have you by his side. I wish I could…” His voice fades, and without thinking too much, you crush your lips on his.

 The feelings take the best of you when you feel his hand moving to cup your cheek. Bucky’s lips are soft, warm, inviting you in. But your phone starts ringing and you pull away abruptly. You pick it from your pocket and throw it at the wall, making the stupid music stops suddenly. Bucky smiles at you, pointing at the bed.

 “You can stay for the night. I’ll take the couch.”

 “No. I mean… Can you please stay with me?” You move, giving him space to lay beside you. And that’s what he does.

 “Come here.” He whispers, so you lay down, your head on his chest.

 “Promise me you’ll never…”

 “I’ll never leave you. I’ll never cheat on you.” That makes you raise your head to look into his eyes.

 “How do you know…?”

 “We have been in love with each other for too long. It’s time to stop torturing myself.”

 Tears roll down your cheeks again, but they are tears of joy. You don’t say anything, you just stay there, enjoying how good it feels to have him so close. Slowly, you drift off to sleep, hearing his heartbeat singing to you.

Thank you Ethan and Grayson for making me genuinely happy. Even with all the issues I’ve got going on in my life, you never fail to make me smile, to make me laugh. All my problems fade away when you’re around. I miss you guys dearly and I hope this break you’re taking clears your mind and makes you feel free and at peace. You deserve the world and nothing short of it. I pray for you guys and your family and whatever you guys are going through just know you aren’t going through it alone. You have us. I wish I was more than a fan. Being a friend for you guys would be a dream. But until then, if that day ever comes, I’ll be here waiting for you. I never want to leave you guys and stop loving you. I don’t think I ever could. I love you Grayson Bailey and Ethan Grant Dolan. You are my world. I love and miss you. And thanks for everything.

Love, Morgan ❤️

I believe in you. -Tom Holland

A/N: THIS IS FOR THE MOTHERFLUFFIN QUEEN @hufflepuffholland because I love you and you deserve everything good in this world. I hope you like this. (I wrote this on my phone and did not proofread because it’s 1am and I suck)

You were around 6 years old when you first met him. You were playing outside with only some chalk and your imagination which did not stop you to have the best time of your life. Since your family was new in the neighborhood you did not have any friends to play with, so you occupied yourself.
He on the otherside was around 7 and was watching you from his kitchen window. He had never seen this girl before and the way she jumped around and laughed, made him feel some type of way in his chest. He furrowed his brows at his own feelings and then it happened. You were jumping on one leg when something cought your foot and you fell knees first to the ground. You immediatly started to cry because your knees and palms were burning and you could feel warm blood drip out of the wounds.

As soon as he saw you fall he junped from his chair and ran outside, ignoring his mom who was asking where he was going. He rushed over to you and when he saw the pain in your face the feeling in his chest changed into a lump in his throat.
“Are you okay?” he found himself asking and her head shot up.
“No. It hurts!” you sobbed and he didn’t know what to do.
“My Mom has a really good salve for wounds like that. It helps me…” he thought outloud and rushed back to his home without another word.

You didn’t care who the boy with the brown locks and chocolaty brown eyes was. You only cared about the fact that he wanted to help you.
“We should sit down on the bench. That’s how my mom does it.” he suggested and reached out his hand for you to grab it.
“I can’t. I can’t stand up, it hurts.” you said and another sob escaped your throat.
“I’ll help you. Take my hand.” he said and you looked up into his brown eyes.
“I believe in you.” he added and a little smile appeared on his lips.


You were around 12 when you sat alone in the class and stared at the board. You should be going to your football game, but girls in your class had talked you down and now you were feeling insecure. A girl shouldn’t play football. It’d make her thighs thick. She’d loose her femininity and no boy would even look at her. She’d loose all her girlfriends.
A single tear escaped the corner of your eye and you brushed it away immediatly, getting more angry at yourself.

He rushed into your classroom in that moment and froze when he saw you sit all by yourself.
“Hey champ. What are you doing here? The game starts in 10 minutes.” he said while walking in and you looked up to see, the now older Tom, walk in. His curls were falling into his face and his clothes were not really fitting him because he was growing so fast.

“I’m not playing.” was the only thing that you said and looked away.
“Uh-…why?”,he asked as if you had said the most unbelievable thing in the world.
“Because I don’t want to, that’s why.” you snarled at him and he raised a judging brow.
“What happened?”


“What happened?” he asked again and ignored your answer.

“I shouldn’t be playing. I’m a girl. I should be cheerleading or something.” you said and even the thought of that made you sound disgusted.
“Wow. Who said that?” he said and had a amused grin on his lips.

“I didn’t.” he said and took your hand into his.
“I think that you are the most talented football player I have ever seen. You’d beat everyones ass and your team is nothing without you! They need their captain.” he emphasized his words by thightening his grip around your hand and gave you his 1000 watt smile.

“Do your really believe that?” you asked still anxious and fiddled with his fingers.

“Yes. I believe in you.”


You were around 17 when you had your heart broken for the first time. You did not leave your house, not even your room where you were sitring on your bed, your back leaned against the wall. Tissues were spred all over the bed and your body was still shaking with silent sobbs when suddenly someone knocked on the door.
“Can I come in?”
He peeked his head in and his eyes widened as he saw you have a break down on your bed.
“Shit. What happened?” he said and rushed over to you and pulled you into a tight hug which made you cry even more. You held on to his shirt and burried your face into his, now very muscular, chest while he rested his hand calmingly on your back.
“Jesus. I thought you were just exhausted from work. If I had known…what happened?” he asked finally and you pulled away from his hug and reached back to grab a new tissue off your nightstand. You cleaned your nose and brushed over your face quickly to wipe away the tears.

“He…br-broke up wi-with me.” you stuttered in between hiccups and your eyes started watering again.
“What?” His mouth was ajar and he seemed like he was not able to understand the information you had given him. When the hiccups turned into sobbs again he pulled you into another tight hug so that you were able to actually hear his heartbeat.
“I’m so sorry.” he said into your hair and gave you a kiss on your temple to calm you down.
“And I can’t even be angry with him!” You exclaimed pulling back again and threw your hands into the air, getting angry with yourself.
“It’s not like he cheated on me or anything where I could blame him for something and be angry. But I can’t! It makes me so mad. I’m just left with nothing. After two years.” you cried and got silent suddenly. You looked into Toms eyes which were looking pittyfull and cracked a bitter smile.

“You know why he broke up with me Tom?” you said but it was a rethorical qustion. You held your breath to surpress your sobs and pressed your lips into a thin line before finally inhaling again.
“He doesn’t love me anymore Tom. After two years, he just said…but what can I do about it? I can’t make him love me. That’s not how it works.” you sobbed, now without tears and cleaned your nose once again. In that moment he wished that you knew how much he loved you. How much, he did since the beginning of highschool, maybe even before that. He would never stop loving you.

“You don’t need him in your life to be happy.” he said and he was dead serious now.

“I feel like I can’t breath.”

“You will overcome this. Pain demands to be felt, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fade away.” he said while he cupped your face with his hand and smiled at you.

“I guess I have to try.” you said and leaned your forehead against his.

“You’ll manage. I believe in you.”


You were around 23 when you both were the only ones left at a pool party. Both of you slightly drunk but sober enough to feel the tension growing betweed you two.
“I can’t!”

“Yes you can!”

“It’s too high!”


“Tom I’m scared!” you squealed and squinted your eyes. Tom was in the pool waiting with his arms open for you to jump.

“Come on. I believe in you!” he yelled and you rolled your eyes.

“Damn it. Now I have to.” you hissed under your breath and jumped while screaming your lungs out. When you came back out of the water, his arms were wrapped around you. Your faces so close that you could feel his hot breath on your cold and wet lips. Suddenly you both went in for the kiss and bumped your heads which lead to a lot of laughter but also to a relationship you wouldn’t have dreamed of.


You were around 27 when you were planning your wedding. Tom was the idiot you decided to marry after he asked you, very unromantically but very intimately, to marry him. But now you were going nuts because there was no way that you could arrange everything in time. You leaned back in your chair and covered your face with your hands and groaned desperatly when Tom walked in.
“How is it going, love?” he asked and gave you a kiss on your cheek before sitting down next to you.

“This won’t work out!” you groaned and pointed at the table infront of you which was loaded with cards and names and drawn tables.
“Oh come on! I believe in you.” he said and wrapped his arm around you and gave you another kiss.
“I know you do. But if you could actually help me, it would be a lot more helpfull.” you said with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Alright. Let’s do this.” he said and leaned forward to grab some cards.

“Tell me the names and I’ll write them down.”


Even though your relationship had its ups and downs, when you looked back at it after nearly 30 years of being married, you could only smile. You were sitting infront of the fireplace and were watching the flames dance with each other when you heared him come in.
“Love?” he called for you and you raised your hand to show him that you were sitting in the chair.

“I have something fo you.” he said after sitting down next to you and you could see a box in his hands.
“What is it?” you said excitedly and looked up into his eyes. He handed you the box without words but a big smile on his lips.
“Open it.”
You did as you were told and when you gasped as soon as you saw what was in there. Every flower he had ever given to you was dried and put into this box.
“Oh lord. Did you really..?”

“Yes. I wanted to give you these so when you forget sometimes…you’ll always have these as memories.”, he explained and you took his hand, a tear rolling down your cheek.
“I’ll never forget you.” you said and he leaned in to give you a peck on your lips.
“Because I believe in us.”

Normal - Jackson (Day 66/100)

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Prompt: Normal
Member: Jackson x Reader
AU: Gang!AU

Word Count: 985


“Why can’t we just go on a normal date like a normal couple?” you sighed, flopping down on the tattered couch in the hideout, watching as Jackson checked his guns. Your boyfriend looked up at you with a small, sheepish smile.

“Sorry babe, Jaebum asked me to do this out of nowhere. I had planned so much for today!” he pouted, inspecting the gun in his hands closely while huffing. You sat up and hummed.

“Really? Like what?” you asked, genuinely curious as to what you boyfriend had planned for your 2 year anniversary. Jackson walked over and sat down next to you, throwing his arm around your shoulder and sighing heavily.

“Okay, so first we were going to get lunch at that cute little French café downtown,” Jackson began, but you cut him off with an excited squeal.

“Oh my god! I love that place!” you cried, happily. Jackson shot you a smile and nodded.

“Yea, I know, that’s why I got us reservations, silly,” he said, taking one of your hands in his own. “Then we were going to walk through the park and along the boardwalk, checking out the shops. There’s that snow cone place I know you like so I was going to take you there. Then I was just going to take you to dinner at that new Italian restaurant on 45th street,” Jackson finished, sighing grumpily.

You supposed you should have been angry that it was the gang’s fault your plans were foiled, but you couldn’t bring yourself to be upset with Jackson. Mostly because you could hear the sadness in his voice that he didn’t get to take you out today either. Instead, you leaned into his shoulder and breathed deeply, his musky smell relaxing you farther into the couch.

“You really put a lot of effort into planning that all out, didn’t you,” you said, softly, tracing one of the many tattoos Jackson had on his arm. He just hummed in agreement and you two sat in comfortable silence for a moment before you spoke once more.

“Well, I know it won’t be the same, but we can do all those things later. I’m happy just to be with you. Even if it requires tailing a rival gang and doing surveillance for the whole night,” you added, giggling lightly. Jackson groaned and pulled his arm away, his warmth immediately fleeing with him as he stood up and reached out a hand for you. You chuckled and took his hand in your own, standing up and following him out of the hideout.

“Let’s take the car, it’s less conspicuous than the truck,” you noted, to which Jackson nodded and grabbed the keys from the rack, hopping into the driver’s seat of the expensive car.

“Maybe we can do all that stuff next weekend,” you said, pulling a gun out of the glove compartment and checking how many bullets it had in it. You made sure to come with plenty of your own guns, but it was always better to be safe than sorry.

“I don’t know, love. Remember? We’re going undercover at that dinner party over in Northbrook?” Jackson reminded you as he drove casually through the city. You recalled the previous day when Jinyoung had asked you and Jackson to get into contact with some of the wealthy ‘clients’ on the north side.

“Oh yea, that’ll definitely take all weekend to sort out,” you said, pouting. “Rich people and their money…” you added, tutting your tongue as Jackson laughed and ruffled your hair. Once again, silence filled the air, but this time there seemed to be some sort of anticipation.

“What’s on your mind?” you asked, looking over at your boyfriend with a small smile. He was frowning and had one hand on the wheel, the other on the shift.

“Do you…resent me…at all?” Jackson asked, his eyes staying on the road as your smile faded away.

“What are you talking about? Why would I resent you? I love you,” you said, quickly, not sure what he was referring to. Jackson kept his eyes on the road and you tilted your head curiously.

“What you said earlier…,” Jackson began, turning his head to you and looking you in the eyes. His eyes were dark and you could sense the seriousness in them.

“We’re never going to be a normal couple, Y/N. I wish we could be, but I don’t think we ever will. I pulled you into all of this and I feel horrible that I’ll never be able to give you a normal relationship,” Jackson explained, shaking his head. You could tell that he was beating himself up over it and you felt guilty for bringing it up in the first place. You placed your hand over Jackson’s and gave him a reassuring smile.

“Jackson, I don’t care about any of that. I made my decision when I decided to date you. I knew you were in a gang and I knew what that would mean. But I went with you anyways because I love you,” you said, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

“I love you too,” Jackson said, softly, making your heart melt. You watched as his cheeks became dusted pink and you giggled happily as you leaned back into your chair.

“And besides,” you added. “Normal is boring. I like our crazy adventures where we go to other gangs hideouts and show them whose boss!” you exclaimed, grinning at Jackson who looked over at you and shot you a smile as well.

Once you were at the coordinates Jaebum had sent you, Jackson parked the car in a dark area and sighed, looking over at you with a smile.

“Are you ready for a hot, sexy night of surveillance?” Jackson asked, playfully. You grabbed the binoculars from the back seat and nodded, smirking at your boyfriend.

“Oh yea, for sure. Let’s do this.”

I still remember how we’ve met and it feels like it was just yesterday. I remember how you taught me a lot of things like i shouldn’t think of yesterday yet, what matter is today and make the best out of it and so much more. I learned a lot from you, a lot. You were my star and i would like to think that you are still the brightest star in my life. You light up my world when you came. Thank you for coming into my life when i thought it’s already late. But then again you came, my life has just begun when you came into my life. You made me realize that there’s still light in the middle of darkness. You are the best person in my life, my home, my star and my blessing.

I remember how it hurt letting you go. How much it hurt that i had no choice but to let you go. You told me many times that you will try to come back but then on the last time, you didn’t. You told me you will come back but you didn’t. I remember how i tried to tell myself that i should stay strong. Knowing that you’re no longer there hurts the most, it was devastating, it was painful in any way. I didn’t notice that you were gone because i waited for you to come back. I had that hope that you will make it. I don’t want to tell you good bye. I don’t want to think that you died. I would like to think that you’re just somewhere, far from me. I still remember your last words for me.
At that time i need to be okay, i need to be strong. The man who made my heart beats fast and made me feel that i am alive is now breathing freely, without any pain and worries. I know that you are in a better place now but i can’t still accept that you’re gone. That i will no longer see your smile that never failed to captured my heart, hear your voice that always makes my heart smile, hear you say sweet words that can make me smile, i can no longer be with you and that hurts. It hurts not to have you around.

I remember it was our first anniversary and i waited for you to come back but i ended celebrating it on my own wishing you were there beside me. That was the most painful feeling i’ve ever felt, to lose the person i love so much. All our future plans suddenly fade away with you. I thought we will grow old together. I thought that i will spend my life time with you. Too bad, you won’t be able to see me wearing a white dress and you won’t be there waiting for me in front. I still tell strangers about you, about the man i loved and still loving you and how i am still in love with you. I can’t help but to smile every time i tell about our story, about how we started, about how you told me how beautiful i am during our first encounter. I remember how it all started here, how it grew, how we survived, how it became our witness to our love story. It hurts to stumble to our old conversations, to look at your picture full of life and joy but now you are just a distant memory. A memory that i will treasure for the rest of my life.

I promise that you will always have a soft spot in my heart. Wherever i will go, i will keep your love with me. I know that you are happy wherever you are now. It’s been a year my angel and i am keeping you alive in my heart. I have to move on with my life and accept the fact that you’re no longer there. I will try to be happy and i will try not to think of you often so that it won’t make me sad. I know that you don’t want to see me like this. I’m sorry that sometimes i feel sad whenever i think of you, it’s just i can’t help it. Because i miss you so much, i really miss you. And if i will be given a chance to love again, i want it to be you. I will always choose you. I’ll see you in another life time.

—  A letter to the man who left me on our first anniversary
the signs as blink 182 lyrics/song

aries: no one should take themselves so seriously// what’s my age again

taurus: say it ain’t so, i will not go. turn the lights off, carry me home. // all the small things

gemini: everybody’s gone and i’ve been up here waiting for too long to face this on my own. well i guess this is growing up. // dammit

cancer: tomorrow holds such better days // adam’s song

leo: when you smile, i melt inside. i’m not worthy for a minute of your time. // first date

virgo: my head’s made up of memories, most of them useless delusions. // asthenia

libra: i would wish upon a star. but that star, it doesn’t shine. // story of a lonely guy

scorpio: i talk to you every now and then. i’ve never felt so alone. // carousel 

sagittarius: we’ll have the time of our lives although we’re dying inside// natives

capricorn: this worlds an ugly place but you’re beautiful to me // going away to college

aquarius: i’m so lost… i’m barely here. i wish i could explain but words escape me // stockholm syndrome

pisces: fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer. place your hand in mine, i’ll leave when i wanna. //  feeling this

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Summary: Holiday decorating with Tony gets a little side-tracked.

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: None

A/N: I think the real Christmas miracle here is that I actually managed to finish this by Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! 

Originally posted by littlechristmasblog

“Tony, are you kidding me?” You reached out and plucked an ornament from the tree, holding it out exasperatedly at Tony.

“What?” Tony asked, wide-eyed and innocent. “Don’t you like it?”

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Caring Jongdae (Chen Scenario)

Idol: Chen (from Exo)

Type: Fluff

Word count: 1221

A/N: OMG YES!!! Here it is!!! I enjoyed writing this so much because Chen is my bias and this is the first scenario I write about him. I really hope you like it!!! And thank you so much for those sweet words, I’m so glad you like this blog, but I’m pretty sure you are way more amazing that I am ;) xoxo

Originally posted by sebyunie

The sound coming out the window was driving you crazy. As if your awful headache was not enough something (or someone) was knocking at your window nonstop, there was no way you could’ve known what it was though, the blackout didn’t allow you to see anything at the other side or even inside your room.

You took your phone to watch the hour and light up the place a little bit. It was 1:00am. Now you were scared, sick and scared. What a great combination! You dragged your feet to the window still wrapped up in your blankets and scrolled the blackout aside. Your heart jumped when you saw Chen waving at you through the glass on the other side.

“Jongdae, for God’s sake, what the hell are you doing here?” You said weakly, sneezing your nose out.

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Miyano Mamoru

Tempest - English & Romaji lyrics

(Feel free to let me know if you see any errors ^^)


Sing to the distant skies, and send this miracle into the winds
Engrave it into this moment forever

“Will our bond one day disappear from our clutches before we know it?”
“Will these feelings someday grow dull and suddenly fade away?”

You who asks this hides your pain
And the violent winds summon a tempest
Causing a commotion (sent to test you) and unsettling your heart

Come and fly up, now… Our united melodies that are resonating
Even when we’re soaked with tears, we’ll believe in our music
I can become strong to protect those smiles
(Never) let go (of this hand) forever and always
Forever (with me) together (with you) we’ll sing (until we shine brightly)

What can I do for those eyes that are closed so tightly?
Your smile and your pain are both so precious…

My true wish as I ask this
Is to share even our doubts
Our hearts (as if they’re overlapping) are becoming one

It won’t end here…
Oh, sky… Paint us a rainbow

Because this moment that engraves these feelings will keep us tied together
I want to continue to sing while being true to myself without hesitation
That’s the purpose (and my reason to smile) that you’ve given me

Come and fly up, now… Our united melodies that are resonating
Even when we’re soaked with tears, the sky will still clear
This song of our oath that surpasses time
That (that) will surely (surely) never fade away

Forever (with me) together (with you)
We’ll sing (until we shine brightly)


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Angel - Ten (part 2)

(Idea from Neoz drama Click Your Heart)

Part 1 Link

The dismissal bell rings and you race out of the classroom, trying to get to Ten as fast as you can. You stop in front of the club room, and take a deep breath.  Ten is real.  I’ve touched his hand, I’ve heard him talk.  He’s not just in my imagination.  He’s real.  He has to be.

You throw open the club room door and gasp.  The chalkboards have been erased. You walk into the room, looking around at the unfamiliar place.  The lights aren’t on, the only light comes from the open windows.  You walk to the far wall and turn to the alcove behind the stairs.  Ten is standing there, an eraser in his hands.

He turns around and smiles at you, his normal beautiful smile, but something is off.  Tears well up in your eyes once you realize it.  His porcelain skin is see-through, transparent in the sun’s light.  He seems to glow and shimmer right before your eyes.

“Ten…” A tear drips down your cheek and he reaches out, touching your face, gently, wiping it away.

“We had a lot of fun, didn’t we?.” Ten walks past you, looking at the other chalkboard, now empty.  “It was hard for me to erase them all, but I had to.”

“Ten, stop.” Ten turns to look at you.  You grab his arm, pulling him close to you, hugging him tightly. “Stay.  You’re real, so stay,  You have to, please…” Your voice breaks and you sob.  

Ten hugs you back, and smiles, a sad smile that melts your heart. “I’m going to go.  I have to go.  But, know that I love you, [y/n].  I’m never going to erase this memory.

Ten leans back and smiles at you one more time, brushing the hair back from your face.  You sniffle and wipe your eyes, and he leans in, brushing a soft kiss against your forehead.  He pulls back and smiles at you.

“My second wish came true just now.” Another tear slips down your cheek as Ten backs away from you. He looks back at you, and holds up his hand in a little wave.  

Then he’s gone.  It’s like he slowly faded away, drifting out of your vision in a beautiful glimmer of light.  You turn away from the spot where Ten once stood, but something catches your eye.  You freeze, and turn back.  In the spot where Ten used to stand is a new chalk drawing, a huge pair of wings. Angel wings.

“My guardian angel,” you say with a sad smile.  

– One week later–

You walk into the club room, prepared to eat alone just like you have every day since Ten left.  But, something is different this time.  The lights are still off, and sunlight floods the room just like it was when Ten left.  

The only difference is the person standing with his back turned to you, staring at the wings drawn on the chalkboard.  Instantly, you recognize him. He turns around, whole and solid and alive.  Ten smiles at you, and you gasp.  His shoulders match up perfectly with the wings behind him.

“Hi, [y/n].”

You drop your lunch tray on the table beside you and run to him, flinging yourself into Ten’s arms.  He swings you around, holding you tightly.

“Ten, do you remember? This isn’t a dream, is it?”

Ten pulls away, looking at your face.  He smiles.  

“Of course I remember.  I’m your guardian angel after all.”


That’s it! thanks for reading Angel ~ xoxo


“There’s a perfect world, shining in your eyes…”

I based this drawing on the look Simba and Nala give each other at the end of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, but in the case of Kovu and Kiara I chose the starry night scenario from their own love song, “Love Will Find a Way”.

This mutual stare must be one of my favourite parts of any relationship. There are so many unique ways to tell someone you love them, but this moment really stands out for its serene nature. That wordless moment where you simply look into the eyes of that person you love, and smile. It never matters how long it lasts, and it can be brought in any occasion. That moment when all your worries fade away, when you’re in peace with the world, making you feel safe and unbreakable. You don’t need words to remind your partner this way that your love for them is real. That is the look for sincere and genuine love.

For the couples out there, I dedicate this drawing to you. I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day :)

Best Laid Plans

Summary: History professor Dean Winchester had his life all planned out – until a brilliant, beautiful doctor walked into his office.

Part Four: Doesn’t Make Sense
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2045.
Warnings: Couple of curse words.


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anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario where Kyoya beat his really smart s/o in a test and the s/o was really pouty about it (but never really mad or upset)?

Hehehe, this ask is very cute. I like it huehueuhe.

“________, 96 marks,” your teacher announced to the class. You stood up from your seat, smiling like an idiot. You heard gasps and muttering from the classes and you received your paper.

“Keep up the good work,” your teacher smiled as he continued giving out the tests paper. You glanced at Kyoya,  you walked back. He gave you a smirk and right after that, the teacher called out to him.

“Ootori, 100 marks,” the teacher simply said. “As usual,” he added. The smirk on the Kyoya’s face never fade. More whisperings and gasp. ‘How I wish I can have boyfriend like him! Smart and charming!’ you heard. You pouted and looked away as he took his seat back.

“Well, what happened to the ____ who claimed he/she is going beat me in the upcoming tests?” he teased. You ignored him and continue flipping your test paper to search for your mistakes. He sighed, knowing that you probably wouldn’t talk to him until school ends.

After the bell rang, students exited the class one by one. “Are you really that upset that I got higher than you?” he asked, standing next to you. You looked up and he saw your pouting lips and furrowed eyebrows. “I’m not upset, or mad.” you muttered. “I just can’t understand why is there someone so perfect like you? So smart and charming,” you explained, stilling pouting. He took the seat in front of you and smiled.

“96 is not that bad. I can give you tuition if you want,” he pushed up his glasses.

“Pfft, tuition just for that 4 marks. Nu-uh. Thanks for the offer,” you said glumly as you laid your head on the table. “You’re so perfect…” he heard you muttering. He patted your head and stood up, grabbing his schoolbag.

“I’m only perfect because I also have a really cute loving partner,” he pinched your cheeks hard to the point you were groaning in pain and rubbing your cheeks.

“I’ll see you later. Maybe I can teach you how to get that 4 marks next time,” he smirked, pecking your forehead before heading to the host club.

Beacon of hope - George Weasley imagine

request:  Hey! I absolutly adore your blog❤️ i was wondering if you could write a George x reader where after the war they have a newborn baby and they move in to a cute little house near the shop and the first night the reader wakes up and can’t find george by her side and she finds him talking about fred to the baby?🙊 thank you!! I hope you will become a famous blog because you totally deserve it😘

A/N: This is so cute and also so heartbreaking gOd dAMnIT


Two months. Two months has passed since the battle of hogwarts. Two months has passed since Nigel Wolpert. Since Colin Creevey. Since Lavender Brown. Since Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.

Two months has passed, since Fred Weasley..

Not a single day had gone without Y/N thinking about the passing of Fred, and worrying for her husband and his family. But she tried to be strong, strong for George. She couldn’t even being to imagine the pain he was feeling from the loss of his brother.

Atlest it was a good thing that the couple had been pretty busy since the battle, it had given them some time to think about something else. Something to distract the thoughts.

Just right before the battle, a few weeks or so, Y/N had given birth to a little baby boy. George had decided to name their baby Fred. Molly liked to call her grandchild a beacon of hope, as it had given the Weasley family some happines, and a light in these dark times.

Y/N and George had also spent the last few weeks moving, to their own house. It was located not far from the shop. The house wasn’t big and it wasn’t fancy, but it was big enough to build a family in, and they absolutely adored it right from the start.

Since this night was the first night they spent in their new house, and since Y/N wasn’t a heavy sleeper, it wasn’t that big of a suprise when she woke up in the middle of the night. She turned to her other side, hoping she could cuddle up to George. But to her disappointment, and suprise, the other half of the bed was empty.

“George?” She sat up in the bed, looking around the room, but he wasn’t there.

Immediately worried, she pulled the covers off of her as she started to get up. Lazily she pulled on the first thing she could find, which was one of George’s button up shirts.

She moved through the darkness of the room, heading for the hallway. What could he be doing up at this hour? Although she didn’t really have to wonder for that long as she saw a light coming from the baby’s room once she was in the hallway.

“George?” She spoke carefully as she peered into the room, not wanting to wake the baby. And there he was, sitting in the armchair with their baby in his arms. He didn’t hear Y/N though, as he had his back against the door and it seemed like he was speaking himself.

“Do you know who you’re named after Freddie?” He softly spoke, looking down at the infant in his arms. “You’re named after my best friend in the whole wide world.” Just then, Y/N could feel her heart shatter in a million pieces. She couldn’t help but to shed a tear as she was stood there in the doorframe, listening to her husband. God knows how long he’d been there, talking about his brother.

“It’s a shame, that you’ll never be able to meet him. I know you would’ve loved him. I know for a fact that he’d love you.” He continued, a small smile growing on his face. “We could’ve gone on so many adventures.” The baby shuffled a little in his sleep. “Oh don’t worry little one. We’ll still go on adventures. Only it’ll be with your mother instead. I know, I know.. it wont be as much fun, but it’ll have to do right?” George’s smile faded a little bit. “I just,..” He whiped away a tear from his cheek. “I just wish he was still here, that’s all.”

Y/N whiped away the tears that had escaped her eyes and then carefully walked over to the armchair. She placed a hand on his shoulder to let him know that she was there, before she kneeled beside them. Her family. George looked at her, Y/N could see the pain in his eyes. But there was also something else, something new. She could see happiness, happiness over their little boy, and happiness knowing that Fred was in a better place. It gave her some hope.

Y/N leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, she didn’t have to say anything to let him know how much she loved him. She knew, and he knew. After a weak smile both of them turned their attention to the child. The start of something new. Their own little beacon of hope.