i wish you were real so i could give you christmas presents

I Hate Christmas - Sherlock x (y/n)

Word count: 1784

Warnings: none

“Sherlock!” Mrs. Hudson called from downstairs. “It’s (y/n)!”

Sherlock hurried down the stairs as quickly as he could. “Ah, (y/n). Finally. John and Mary are preparing dinner upstairs and I’ll be heading out for a bit.”

“Sherlock!” You said, exasperated. “You promised you’d stay. Even if you had a case. It’s Christmas for Christ’s sake.”

“I hate Christmas.” He said with a sneer. “It brings about carolers and holiday cheer.”

“Oh, Sherlock. Promise me you’ll still come home for dinner and presents.”

“Food is for the weak and I told everyone not to get me anything. I also did not get anything for anyone else…” He said trailing off.


“Fine. I promise I’ll be home for dinner and presents.” He said rolling his eyes. “Even if I don’t eat and I don’t have presents.”

“Good boy.” You said smiling brightly. You bounced into the building away from the cold, chilling air of London. Sherlock moved past you and into the freezing air.

“I’m not a boy (y/n). I’m a man. A very smart one at that.” He said quickly, as if in a rush, which to be honest he probably was. He then briskly walked away. Mrs. Hudson gave you a sad smile.

“Sorry about him dear. That’s Sherlock though. Always dashing about. Anyhow, might you come up for a spot of tea? John and Mary’s food smells so delicious.”

You smiled kindly at her, “Of course, Mrs. Hudson. Thank you.”

Time Skip

“Mrs. Hudson!” Sherlock’s loud voice rang from downstairs. “I’m back for Christmas dinner.” He said in a disgusted tone you could tell he wasn’t really trying to hide. He walked upstairs quickly, taking the steps two at a time. He walked past you hastily, using his coat to conceal something that he was carrying. “Mrs. Hudson, John, (y/n) don’t wait up. I’ll be in my room wrapping things up. I’ll be back in a wink.” He said winking at you. You blushed profusely. Trying to cover it up, you said, “Shall we start eating?”

“Of course.” John said with a happy smile.

“Mary, the pie looks delicious.” You said to her.

“Oh, I didn’t make it. John did. He’s a great baker.” She said bragging slightly about her wonderful husband.

“Well then John, it looks simply divine.” You said excited to dig in to the wonderful looking food.

Time Skip – After Dinner

“Oh, the meal was so scrumptious.” Mrs. Hudson commented, a little bit sleepy from the meal.

“It was.” You said, a bit sleepy yourself. “It was too bad Sherlock didn’t eat anything.” You said clearing the last of the plates from the table. As if on cue Sherlock emerged from his room.

“Time for presents.” He said lazily, as if bored with the whole affair and idea of Christmas. Little did you know, inside he was having a silent panic attack. He secretly slipped something under the tree.

“Ok.” You said giddily, smiling like a child. “I’m excited to see what you got me Mr. Holmes.” You said nudging him in the side.

“Nothing.” He responded. “I told you earlier that I didn’t get anyone anything.”

You looked down, slightly saddened by this sentence. Your Christmas cheer was being ruined by Sherlock.

“You know you don’t have to be such a spoilsport.”

“I actually do.”

“Why, Sherlock?”

“The idea of buying people presents gives some people anxiety. Anxiety about not getting the right thing. In fact, it is scientifically proven that people have more stress around the holidays.” He said with a completely straight face.

“Really Sherlock? You don’t buy people presents because you’re afraid you’ll get the wrong thing?”

“That is what I said, yes.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Sherlock… We’re your friends. We’ll be happy with anything you give us.”

“Really?” He said raising an eyebrow. “Last Christmas John said he loved my gift. He lied. I read his body language. He was not at all pleased with my gift. I was given a mental talent for reading people and it is a blessing and a curse. Let me ask you something, (y/n). Do you sometimes wish I were a normal person? That I’m unable to read people like a book?”

Without missing a heartbeat, you answered his question honestly, “No. You are perfect. If you weren’t the way you were you would never have met me. You never would have been ‘The Great Sherlock Holmes’, and I never would have come to you with my case.”

He clasped his hands together, thinking deeply. “Hmm… You’re right.”

“As I always am.” You said.

“Not always.” He corrected quickly.

You laughed. John and Mary came out of the kitchen. “What’s so funny?” John asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” You said. “Let’s go. I can’t possibly wait any longer. I can feel the presents calling to me.”

“Presents don’t talk.” Sherlock mentioned quietly.

“They do in my mind palace.” You said, teasing him.

He sighed tiredly, “Let’s just get on with the presents.”

John cleared his throat. “Ok then. Let’s see, first present.” He picked up a box with green wrapping. He said out loud, “For Mary and John, from (y/n).” You smiled as they unwrapped it together. They pulled out a small onesie.

“It’s for the baby.” You said smiling brightly. “Do you guys like it?”

Mary turned to you. “Oh, (y/n). We love it!” She came over to hug you.

John said, “Thank you (y/n). It’s a wonderful gift.”

You picked the next box. “For Sherlock, from John and Mary.” You smiled at the couple as you unwrapped the present for Sherlock. You pulled out a hat. You laughed. Sherlock rolled his eyes and looked at the hat in disgust. You smiled at Mary, “Thanks guys.” You looked at John and mouthed, “I’ll make him wear it.” The next present was for Mrs. Hudson, from John and Mary. It was a nice pink shawl. John and Mary had given you a nice coat that matched Sherlock’s. The presents from John and Mary were all wonderful. Next, it was your turn to give everyone presents. You had already given John and Mary their present so you gave Mrs. Hudson hers. Sher pulled out a blouse, a skirt, and a pair of heels all matching the same royal blue color. “Thank you, dear.” She said smiling at you.

“Of course, Mrs. Hudson.” You said, matching her smile. Then you handed Sherlock his present. He opened it and was surprised to see a brand new blue scarf.

“Thank you very much, (y/n).” He said looking over at you.

You smiled at him, “Anything for you, Sherlock.”

Mrs. Hudson seemed to be ready to bounce out of her seat. Sher quickly handed everyone their presents. Your gift was a nice jumper. “Mrs. Hudson, did you knit this all by yourself?” You inquired.

“Yes I did.” She said quite proudly. Sherlock’s was a fancy suit.

“Mrs. Hudson, where did you get this?” He asked.

“Oh, it was from a real fancy shop. I know you have a lot of suits, but this one just seemed to pop to me. It would look perfect on you. I mean you have all black suits; you never wear blue. I thought it would look real nice on you.”

“Thank you. I like it.” He said cautiously, as if his words might offend her. Everyone looked around. There were no more presents to be opened. Everyone looked expectantly at Sherlock. They didn’t seem surprised, however. They soon all packed up and left, save for Mrs. Hudson, who had gone upstairs. You started to clean up the trash on the ground from the presents. Sherlock watched you carefully, studying you. You had finished clearing all of the wrapping paper from around the tree when a little twinkle from under the tree caught your eye. You reached a hand under the tree and felt a box. You pulled it out. It was a small box covered with shiny silver wrapping paper. Carefully you turned it over, ‘To my dear (y/n), from your Sherlock,’ it said in fancy writing on the wrapping paper. You turned to Sherlock and he gave you a smile. “I didn’t want you to open it in front of everyone.” He said smirking at your surprised face.

“Here, I thought you were a pompous jackass who was too good to get anyone anything.” You commented, joking lightly. Sherlock only rolled his eyes.

“Open it.” He said. “Before I change my mind and return it.”

“Now I know what you meant when you said you were in your room, ‘wrapping things up’. You meant it literally, that you actually were ‘wrapping something up’. Gosh, you are clever.”

“I know.” He said, sarcastically. “Now open it.”

You excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper. Inside was a black square velvet box. You gasped in surprise. It was from Tiffany’s. You traced your fingers along the velvet on the outside of the box. “What is it?” You asked Sherlock, looking over at him. He only smiled mysteriously.

“Open it and see.”

You opened the box to see the diamond necklace you had been drooling over for a long time every time you passed the window of Tiffany’s. “Sherlock! You didn’t have to get me this.”

“I actually did. Did you think I wouldn’t notice how every day when we walked past the store you looked longingly and lovingly at this necklace. I read John, I can read you too.”

“Sherlock! This is just too much. I-I” You were at a loss for words. You looked down at the box and noticed there was another, much smaller, box inside. You picked it up. “Sherlock… What’s this?”

He stayed silent. So you took the box carefully in your hands and opened it up. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring. You gasped. “Oh my. Oh my gosh.” You looked up at Sherlock. He smiled mysteriously.

“I see no need to get on one knee and all so I’ll just say it. Will you (y/n) (y/l/n) the most beautiful and clever and kind and funny person I have ever met and also my favorite human being in this entire wretched world, agree to be my wife?”

“Yes, Sherlock. Yes of course I’ll be your wife.” You stood up to hug him and as you hugged you noticed a small green plant hanging on top of Sherlock’s head. You smiled. As you pulled apart from the hug you pecked Sherlock on the lips.

“What was that for?” He questioned.

“Tradition.” You responded with a smirk.

“I hate tradition.”

“Is there anything you don’t hate?”

“I don’t hate you.”

You smiled softly. “Hey, don’t get soft on me now Mr. Holmes.”

“I won’t Mrs. Holmes.”

The End

Bring It Back

A/N: So for some reason I’m super stocked about sharing this. I have an idea for a part two involving some smutty, smutty action, so let me know if you’re down for that. I would love feedback on this one. Also I know the year doesn’t match what happened in reality, but it’s fiction so I can change it. 

Word count: 1,920

March 1 st 2017
Pickering, Canada

From y/n: Your mom said you were back in town? Want to meet up for coffee?

You felt your heart race only half a second after you sent the message. Today was the day. Today was the day to tell Shawn how you really felt about him. He’d been gone for months and you’d spend those months debating whether or not come clean, but this was draining you to keep in and you weren’t sure how much longer you could bare it.

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Now There’s Your Pickup Line

Sterek, 2K, T

AU, First Kiss, New Year’s Eve

Prompted from the screenshot of that cop on Tinder with the bio: “Ever shouted Fuck the Police? Well, here’s your chance.”

Derek shut the door behind him with a sigh and sat down on the floor, stretching his legs out in front of him. He hated parties, and he was pissed that Laura had dragged him to the New Year’s Eve one she was hosting at her apartment. She did a really good guilt trip, though, so Derek was there. And now, he was curious how long it would take her to realize that he was hiding in her closet. He was hoping for at least a 20-minute break away from the endless small talk.

He pulled out his phone and swiped idly through the app screens, hovering his thumb over the little flame icon. Laura had created a Tinder account for him a few weeks ago—very much against his wishes—but he’d only been on it a couple times, and he’d never swiped right for anyone. He’d never really done the online dating thing; it just hadn’t really appealed to him. It seemed to encourage quick decisions based just on someone’s looks, and well…Derek had enough of that already.

He was bored, though, so he opened the app and immediately swiped left, wincing at the cheesy shirtless mirror shot of the first guy that popped up. Derek swiped left again, for a girl whose bio just said NO DRAMA, and then couldn’t hold in the little snort at the bio of the next guy. “Ever shouted Fuck the Police? Well, here’s your chance.

Derek’s gaze drifted up to the photo, and he swallowed hard. This guy, Stiles, what kind of name was that, was seriously attractive. He was really working the cop uniform in the first photo, all broad smile and bright eyes. Probably taken at the pride parade, if the crowd behind him and the rainbow flag were any indication.

Derek swiped through the rest of the pictures—one of him with a dog, one of him shirtless on a beach, one of him playing what looked like a pickup baseball game—and audibly exhaled. He was definitely Derek’s type, tall and lean with broad shoulders. Before he could talk himself out of it, he swiped right. The app notified him of a match, and Derek couldn’t stop the little inward preen at the thought of this guy swiping right on him, too.

He ran with this foreign streak of courage and tapped the message button.

That is the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.

Derek had no idea what the typical messaging etiquette was on Tinder, but Stiles replied just a minute later.

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Meant To Be (part 1)

A/N: Heyy everyone, I was thinking about to write something longer than I did before, so I decided to write my first series (? idk if I could call it this way). I almost gave the “Prankster In My Bed” title but it isn’t so romantic unfortunately haha. Please let me know if you liked it!

Information: In this story, the reader is a muggle-born Gryffindor girl in her 6th year and a real badass secretly. Likes reading, eating (”food is life”) and always loyal to her friends. I kind of like her to be honest. Young! Sirius Black x reader | Marauders era | part 2 |

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Winter break was coming and everyone got excited about go home and spend time with their families, celebrate Christmas and New Year. You were listening to a group of 1st year Gryffindors who were talking about how much they are looking forward to have a little break. You groaned heavily after heard them and tried to not thinking about your own family and how bad you wanted to avoid them.

You lied to your mother in a letter (that you didn’t send too much times because they hated owls) that “the train from that weird school” can’t go back to London and you have to spend the winter break in Hogwarts – unfortunately, of course. They made jokes in the response about the train that couldn’t work the way it should even when it uses magic.

After you’ve got your letter from Hogwarts at your age of eleven, they started to look at you like some freak more than before. You knew that your father’s mother is a witch because she told you in your childhood. She didn’t even try to hide her hope for that you’re a witch too, and this made your parents angrier. You were always wondering about move to your grandparents. Your grandfather was muggle, but he was even amazed by the entire magic world and respected it.

So you stayed in the castle, didn’t take into consideration all of your roommates who asked you go home with them, after you said that you will be at the castle during the break because you don’t want to celebrate and spend time with your parents.

“It’s okay girls, really. I’ve changed my mind. My mum will cook great muggle dinner on Christmas and we will visit my grandparents who are amazing. I will enjoy it.”

You hugged each of them and they left you in your room without know that you lied. Your mother cooked terribly, didn’t matter what was the date, and they refused to visit your grandparents because they used magic at home that your parents couldn’t stand, so you didn’t allow visiting them alone either.

You let a huge delighted sigh, knowing that you will be all alone in the whole castle. You liked to be with your friends but in the other hand, you liked to idea of having some “me-time”. You haven’t got so many real friends even if you talked to and helped everyone in each house, but who really mattered to you were Lily, Marlene, Alice - your roommates - and Remus Lupin. Remus and you were very similar, so you became good friends soon in your first year. Your favorite program was sitting in the library or any peaceful, quiet places and reading a book, or just talk about everyday things. But what was really enjoyable to the two of you to be far away from crowd.

But he couldn’t spend with you as much time as you wished; he had his own group and they called themselves the Marauders. He was around them usually; they made pranks, jinxed and hexed people in the school. Remus didn’t join these rude things of course, he wasn’t that kind of person; but at the same time, he never tried to stop his friends. He told you its reason is that he was grateful for they were always with him whatever happened and he didn’t want to seem like he didn’t appreciate his friend’s loyalty for him.

And you accepted this because you were grateful to the Marauders too for helping and being with Remus. He told you stories about them and described their personalities, so you almost could say you knew the three of them even if you just barely talked.

The first day of the break was quite boring as you had to admit. You thought it will be good to be alone but you were wrong. It was almost scary to be the only one in the Gryffindor’s common room; so don’t need to say that when a black haired guy with an idiotic smile on his face almost jumped on you when set down on the coach, you almost had heart attack.

“Heyy, aren’t you bored, Y/N? Let’s do something funny!”

You furrowed your eyebrows in sudden and slowly turned your head towards him, who was as you realized one of Remus’ friends, Sirius Black. He had bright grey eyes that curiously looked into yours and a very mischievous smile which annoyed you a little. He didn’t even try to hide he was full of himself and he was very proud of he always got into trouble with James Potter and they could go detention together. He dated with so many girls from every house and broke up with them sometimes after a single night – these were the only two things you knew about him. So it was obvious if Sirius Black wanted to do “something funny” with you, it was probably illegal or a shame for you.

“I’m absolutely good, Sirius.” You said, still surprised a bit he knew your name.

“Come on, Y/N, the whole castle is ours! We can explore it, or go to Hogsmeade or-”

“We are not allowed to go to Hogsmeade.” You interrupted him and didn’t give a chance to continue. “Why don’t you do something useful? Studying, maybe.”

“Whoa, slow down. I’m the only one from the two of us who can come up with stupid ideas!” He let a small laugh, his hands up defensively. “But on the other hand… I really could study, maybe with you.” He winked and set closer to you even if it was possible to be more in your private space. You tried to don’t feel totally awkward and let a huge sigh.

“Listen. I know what you are doing now, the tactic that other girls like from you. But whatever magic you use on them, it definitely won’t work on me. So please just act normal instead of playing around and being a complete ass.”

Before Sirius could say anything, you quickly added with a smile: “I don’t mind your company or help you at all, only if you are yourself.”

It was true, you were really glad you wasn’t alone and didn’t have to spend the time by yourself. After that conversation, during the whole winter break you were inseparable and always together all days. He showed you secret places in the castle and you helped him write his essays that he didn’t want first but you managed to win him over. You visited the other’s room and sometimes you just stayed there. You got to know each other, talked and laughed on how horrible your families were. It was good to know you are not the only one who has such bad parents.

Sirius started to find Y/N more and more attractive. The way she laughed on his awful jokes, her beautiful smile amazed him. She had a very good sense of humor, always teased him about every little things when she could. And when Sirius took revenge, she didn’t get angry as every girl whom he tried to be funny; she laughed and said back something sarcastic. His “Christmas present” was a hug and a cheek kiss from her, and even if she apologized for couldn’t make something bigger, Sirius was completely overjoyed. He brought her breakfast on Christmas morning in her bed after he learnt during one of their conversations that Y/N always wanted to try if it was really comfortable to eat in bed. He asked the house elves to bake chocolate muffins for her since it was Y/N favorite dessert, and because of it, Sirius had got two cheek kisses on that day. Y/N’s soft lips made him feel like a virgin little boy who didn’t even get any kiss before and he wanted so much more than just two. Sirius didn’t tell her this of course because she made it clear at the beginning that she doesn’t want anything from him.

But Sirius couldn’t help but started to fall for Y/N, even if he didn’t recognize his feelings for awhile.

Often (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

A/N: young!seb what else do you need? 

Song Inspiration: Often by Abhi Dijon 


Cold hands and beer cans
That’s how we used to chill

“How do you always have the hook-ups when it comes to alcohol, Seb?” Y/N marveled at the cooler filled with beer cans and hard liquor. “Seriously, holy shit. And where do you get the money from?”

“Don’t stress about it.” He gave her a toothy grin. “Let’s just get fucked up tonight, yeah?”

She smirked, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Let’s do it.”

You took the Dodge from your mom
And parked it up the hill

On top of Signal Hill, Y/N and Sebastian would sit on the hood of his father’s car and drink and laugh and eat and stay there for hours. Y/N wasn’t a party girl. She never got drunk with anyone else besides him. She was a good student, always have and always will be. He, on the other hand, is okay. He hangs on his schoolwork with the usual C’s, sometimes B’s when he’s lucky. 

But they were best friends. They were best friends since their high school freshman year. Ever since he bumped into her twenty times a week on the way to his classes. The universe just kept giving them signals that they should be in each other’s lives.

Although Sebastian thought they were being pushed together because it was their destiny, Y/N, at the time, didn’t think so. She was being chased after by a guy, a year older than them both when their friendship first started. The boy was popular already, making the varsity team of all the sports he joined. The typical jock falls for the cute nerd type of love story.

But Sebastian stuck around in hopes that one day, her feelings will reciprocate his. 

You said
“I can’t wait forever”

“I wanna be an actor.” He exclaimed aloud, taking a swig from his Budweiser can. “I wanna be an actor and I wanna be known for what I do. I think that’s why I’m not the best in school. Because its not a way to express yourself creatively, you get me?”

Y/N just laughed, glancing at him. “Dude, you’re just pissed drunk right now. Which you shouldn’t be because you’re driving, loser.”

“Oh, shit.” Sebastian said, his eyes widening in realization. “We can crash here for a few hours right? The seats recline.”

“The things I do for you Stan.”

“Oh yes because reclining a chair and sleeping on it is such hard work compared to me putting my life on the line every time I pick up our drinks from some sketchy guy in an alley. Sure, Y/N.”

“Hey, you said it was no problem!” Y/N argued. “I never asked for you to do that, you did that all on your own.”

“You’re right, sweetheart. Blame me.” He couldn’t help but stare at her face as the words left his lips. “But seriously, I wanna be an actor.”

“But seriously, if that’s really something you wanna pursue, then I’m 110% behind you for that.” 

Verse from a radio
Feet above the wheel

“Ugh, tell me again why we do this every month when we get this sick afterwards?” Y/N groaned, leaning against the car window as she props her feet up the dashboard.

“Oh, suck it up. You’re almost 21, you need to get used to this because once we’re legal, we’re hitting every bar in town.”

“Seb, we have 5 more years until we’re 21, we’re barely 17.” She chuckled. “And you do realize drinks cost money, right? Are you gonna be working?”

“Well duh!” Seb made a face at her. “Actor, remember?”

“Oh yeah, my bad Mr. DiCaprio.”

“Mr. Stan.” He corrected. “Just wait on it, Y/N. People will know my name.”

Y/N smiled. For a second she felt sober. She wanted to remember the look on his face as he talked about his passion. “I have no doubt that that will happen, Seb.”

“Thanks, Y/N.” Seb’s smile became wider as a familiar tune filled their ears. “I love this song.”

She just watched him as he screamed out lyrics to an irrelevant song. Sebastian made up his own drunken dance moves and stumbled over lyrics but he was having the time of his life. Y/N knew that there was no way she would let him walk out of her life. Not soon, not ever. 

Leaning back in the backseat
It’s like the world was still

“I wish I could stay in this moment forever.” 

The sky was dark but the city was lit up. With all the lights from buildings and show lights on the busy Saturday night. It was 11:30 PM and they could hear the faint noises coming from a concert a few miles back. 

Seb looked over at Y/N who was leaned against her palm, tapping her finger along with a random beat in her head. He thought she was beautiful. She was glowing. Always, no matter what she did, no matter the time of day. She was always glowing. The feelings he had for her were insane. It was killing him to keep them hidden. He watched the many, many, guys try to get with her with flowers and cards and chocolates. But she turns them down almost every time. He was relieved every time she does it. It gives Seb more time to make his own move on her.

“Do I have something on my face or something?”

“No, no.” He looked away immediately, looking at his side mirror. “I didn’t realize I was dozing off in your direction.”

“Oh, okay.” 

You said
“I can’t wait forever”

“I like you.” Seb blurted out after fifteen minutes of utter silence between them. It wasn’t awkward, it was rather comfortable. “Scratch that, I’m in love with you.”

“Seb, you’re drunk.”

“Exactly.” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “If I wasn’t drunk, I wouldn’t have had the guts to tell you this. Y/N, I’m in love with you.”

“Seb, we both know you’re just too out of it right now. We’ll talk about this when you’re sober.”

“Y/N.” He whined. “Listen to me. I am sober enough to know that my feelings for you are real. They have been here since you were dating what’s his name? The jock guy?”


“Yeah, him. I have had feelings for you since Matthew was in your life.”

Y/N’s eyes widened, “That was two years ago.”

“I waited two years to tell you how I feel. I couldn’t wait anymore. I can’t wait forever.”

I remember the windows were fogging
And we were nodding off ‘cause we both were drunk

The car windows were foggy the next morning. They rolled all of them all the way up to keep as much coldness out of the car. Y/N got cold easily. 

In the middle of the night, Sebastian woke up and took off his hoodie and draped it over her body. He knew her cardigan wouldn’t be enough. Y/N slept with two blankets during summer nights. 

Sebastian dreamt that he never said anything to her that night and that their friendship was still bulletproof. He was afraid now because when he wakes up again and she remembers it all, what would she say? Does she feel the same way? Does she not?

He barely slept that night. And the car seat being uncomfortable wasn’t the only reason why. 

I had my hands in your pockets
And a cop came and he woke us up softly
I think of that often

Sebastian woke up to a light tapping on the car window. He rubbed his eyes, squinting as the blinding sun pierced through the windshield. He rolled down the window to see a policeman. 

“Son, the park is closed at this hour. I’m gonna have to ask you guys to leave.”

“Yes, of course, officer.” Seb apologized, starting the engine. “I’m sorry.”

As he pulled away from the parking spot, he took a glance at Y/N’s sleeping state. Her hands somehow found their way inside the pockets of his hoodie. It was a sigh he wanted to remember forever. 

It was only 6:27 AM, he didn’t expect her to wake up until at least two hours from now. He reminded himself to drive slowly to not cause her to stir so much. He watched out for little dips in the road and kept the radio turned off for the one hour ride home. 

He didn’t want to wake Y/N up. He was dreading her response.

Do you remember that letter I sent you
That winter when we were seventeen?

“So you’re gonna be gone the whole winter break?”

Y/N nodded, “Yeah seems like it, and a little bit after that.” 

“That sucks.” He frowned. “Who am I supposed to spend Christmas with now?”

“Your family, dummy!” She laughed. “Spend time with them. It’s the holidays.”

“They’re not as fun as you, but okay.” Sebastian wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I guess I’ll just have to mail your present to you.”

“Thanks, Seb.” Y/N’s gaze shifted and she was looking at her feet. “About the other night…”

His heart started beating fast, removing his arm from her body slowly. “What night?”

“The night at Signal Hill.”

“Oh, that night.” He laughed. “I don’t remember anything from that night.”

Y/N’s heart broke. He was just drunk. He didn’t feel the way she did. That was just plain obvious. But of course he felt the same way, he was just too chicken to risk if she feels the same too.

Sayin’ that I wish we’d get married
And we could pack our bags and run away from all our problems
I think of that often

“Dear Y/N,

I told you I would mail your present to you. Did you think I was playing? I don’t play like that.

Well, merry christmas. I have a lot to say to you that I never said before. First off, I’m so glad you’re in my life and that you’ve stuck around for two years dealing with me and my problems. I can’t imagine my life without you now. Second of all, I hate the idea of us moving to New York together. It’s so overpopulated there. It doesn’t seem that great- wait actually, scratch that. As long as I’m with you, I’ll live in an overpopulated, crappy city.

Lastly, Signal Hill. I remember everything from that night. Every detail. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you before. But I am in love with you. I’m so in love with you that it hurts me sometimes. You make me feel things I never thought I could ever feel. You make me feel like how they feel in the rom-com movies you drag me to. Like that. I look at you and I think, ‘wow, i can marry this girl.’ Maybe that’s too straight forward for you but I don’t really care anymore. I’m tired of hiding out.

I love you, Y/N Y/L/N. So so much. Merry Christmas.

- S. STAN. xx”

I’m wishin’ I could find you
I’m wishin’ I could tell you something
I think of you often


He turned around to see a face he hasn’t seen in two months. Y/N. “You’re back! Oh my gosh, you’re back. How was the trip?”

She stayed silent for a while. “I’m in love with you, too.”


My Last Imagine: Kiss Me Slowly (Bucky Barnes Imagine)


Not Just A Sock Fetish

(gif source @felicitys bc apparently source isn’t showing up)


Oliver loves socks.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous. Probably because it is, to most people. But he’s completely serious about it. People can scoff and laugh and joke about it as much as they want, but they’ll never know the real reason why he has such an adoration for socks.

Oliver doesn’t just love socks. He needs them.

Oliver didn’t have socks on Lian Yu. The North China climate was not particularly warm, and so when winter came, with the harsh cold winds, sleet and snow, his feet often froze. He came near to losing his toes several times over, the small digits going painfully numb and blue. He’d burnt them in the flames of small fires multiple times over, desperately hoping to get feeling back into them.

“I need to buy some socks. Everybody has their thing. I need socks. Bad.”

Except socks aren’t just his thing. They’re a security blanket for him. He has PTSD, as a result of the trauma he went through during his five years away. He admits it. And his need for socks is a PTSD tick, personal to him. Socks give Oliver reassurance that his feet aren’t going to get cold and his toes won’t freeze and fall off. So yeah, he loves socks. He’s not scared or bothered to admit it to his team either. Sure, Lance and Thea give him weird looks, Diggle narrowing his eyes and Curtis just aiming a ‘dude you weird’ glance towards him.

But Felicity ducks her head and smiles.

She knows a little bit about his love of socks. During their vacation, Oliver liked to buy socks in every city and country they went to. It was basically his version of collecting snowglobes. But with socks. She humoured him, even helping him choose some special Hawaiian style ones on their Polynesian Island tour, and some fluffy, natural ones made from alpaca wool from their venture into Peru. The fact that Felicity just accepts his love of socks, even grins at him about it, sends thrills through his body. Oliver didn’t think he could love her anymore, but when she bows her head and smiles, his heartbeat quickens and he falls even further into his devotion to her.

When they battle Chase, Evelyn, Black Siren and Talia Al Ghul on Lian Yu, it’s a bloody and exhausting fight, both physically and mentally. The entire team is tired when they finally, finally return to Star City. Lance hugs Oliver and calls him ‘son’ and Thea cries grateful tears into Oliver’s shoulder. Rene, Curtis and Dinah tell him he’s the best leader they could wish for. Diggle embraces him and Felicity… Felicity kisses him. He thinks it might just be the best day of his life, rivalled only by that day when Felicity agreed to marry him at Christmas, over a year and a half ago now.

But when they settle back into their lives in Starling City, the team buys Oliver a boxes and crates’ worth of socks, all in different colours and styles and textures, and Oliver cries. Tears of happiness. Because he now has over fifty pairs of socks, gifted to him out of love. Love and acceptance.

“Your weird sock fetish isn’t going to drive us away, Ollie,” Thea says. “We love you, however strange you can be.”

Oliver is slightly offended, but he’s too flattered and relieved for that offence to really stick too long.

When Oliver and Felicity move back in together, Felicity greets him at the door with a present. The box is carefully wrapped in emerald green tissue paper with a little white bow and Oliver simply vibrates in excitement as they sit down on the couch, thighs and elbows brushing, and she softly tells him to open it.

Oliver opens the present, and as soon as he sees the contents, tears spring to his eyes and he tackles Felicity down to the couch. He slams his lips onto hers passionately, sliding one arm around her waist to pull her flush against him. “I love you,” he whispers.

They head off into the bedroom, their bedroom, leaving the gift lying on the couch.

It’s a pair of green socks with little black arrows on them.

They were folded around Felicity’s engagement ring, with a little note written in red pen saying “It’ll always be yes,” curled inside of it.

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The First Birthday

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Written for @scarygoodfanfics Sam Winchester Birthday Challenge, prompt was “Do you know how much I love you?”

Summary: Finding a bit of time in between the BMOL and things with Cas, Mary and Dean surprise Sam on his birthday. It’s nothing big, but the gesture turns into a conversation none of them wanted to have, let alone on Sam’s birthday.

Characters/Relationships: Sam, Dean, Mary

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: none

A/N: I’M SORRY. There’s a few gut-punching lines in here. It’s angsty. But it ends sort of ok? I CAN’T HELP IT, OK? Also, thank you to @impala-dreamer for being an awesome beta, as always!

It was a nice gesture, really. At least it was meant to be. A birthday cake, a few candles, a small present from Mom and Dean. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. Maybe the idea was flawed all along, the road of planning paved with good intentions. Or maybe it was the cracks in the family relationships that destined the plan to fall apart. Either way, the birthday celebration turned into a painful heart-to-heart that wasn’t planned, nor necessarily desired at that Moment. There was too much going on. There was always too much going on.

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A letter to Terry Pratchett

alright, how to do this. Since i was 12 my favorite author has always been Terry Pratchett. His Tiffany Aching series shaped who i am today, and i hold his writing above all other writing. i always fantasized about meeting him and telling him how much his writing meant to me and how grateful i was. And then he died the day before my 17th birthday. and god, i wept. i completely broke down. it took me a while to recover, and even longer to find the words, but i wrote him this letter, and i thought i’d put it by the terry pratchett memorial next time i came to london (i live in denmark), but by the time i came the memorial had been painted over. and so this letter has been sitting in my documents folder for a long time, and i feel like that iis wrong. i need to put it out there somewhere in the world - even if its just for closure. i watched the BBC documentary ‘back in black’ recently and i got the idea to publish the letter here, so i may live to regret this but here it comes; my badly written, far too long letter to a man who will never read it:

Dear Sir Terry Pratchett,

I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter. As things are, you’ll never read it, and even if you could, I don’t know if I’d dare give it to you. Or if I’d even dare approach you. You see (and you’ll probably disagree/dislike me for this/get miffed about this), you rank frighteningly high on my list of natural forces, my hierarchy of deities. You probably wouldn’t like that, rather a rising ape than a fallen angel, but that is how it is. I believe in a god, but you are closer to him in my accounts than you will ever be to me. Maybe that’s wrong, don’t put your heroes on pedestals and whatnot, but I don’t think I can stop it now. It’s just how it is. So I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter, or if anyone will ever read it, but I think I needed to do it. Get out all the things I will never get a chance to tell you. Very human, isn’t it?

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You Me Her

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Chapter Ten: Winter Formal

Word Count: 6926

↠ ♥ ↞

Riley practically runs home after her encounter with Lucas at the library. Why did Lucas have to say that? She wasn’t imagining things, he was hinting at a romantic mistake. Why now? Why did he have to say that? Riley is thankful that her parents took Auggie to Philadelphia for the weekend, that meant she had the apartment to herself to just implode, because that’s how she felt in the moment.

Riley throws her backpack on the sofa and stomps upstairs. Riley paces around her room, her breathing is shallow. The brunette rips off her coat and throws it to the side. Riley stops dead in her tracks, determined to not let this shake her. She was past this, she was past Lucas. Riley clenches her eyes shut and does her very best to focus on her breathing. She inhales, holds it as long as she could and exhales loudly. Riley repeats this a few times until the sick feeling in her stomach subsides and her breathing regulates. Riley opens her eyes and takes a seat at the end of her bed.

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Angel Wings

(Balthazar x Reader)

christmas special number 4 (wings)


People got surprises on christmas all the time, though nothing could have prepared you for yours. You knew Dean and Sam loved you like their little sister and since your uncle Bobby had died, the only family that you had left, they did everything they could to make you happy. Normally that love ends somewhere and when people say stuff like ‘I’ll get you a star from the night sky if you wish’ that’s meant metaphorically. Had you only known that with these too it wasn’t. They had asked you what you wanted for christmas and since you didn’t want anything you jokingly had wished for an angel.  

Staring in disbelief you traced the outlines of his wings with your eyes, mouth opening in awe as you watched an amused look taking over the mans face.  

“I’m Balthazar, nice to meet you love.”  

“You brought me an angel, a real angel?” You asked confused and look back at Sam and Dean.  

“Yeah…don’t be too impressed, he’s a dick.” Dean states annoyed, giving the angel a warning look, “But you wanted an angel and we couldn’t find a better one at the moment.”  

“That’s very rude since you were the ones asking for a favour, you two brats could be a bit more thankful.” He sighs dramatically and turns back to you, reaching out his hand for you to take it, “You my dear, are extremely beautiful.”  

“Aren’t you a bit too flirty for an angel?” You grin slyly, liking the way he talks, his accent making you want to listen to his voice for hours.  

“We come in all shapes and sizes.” He winks at you at the last part and you can’t help but smirk a little at his cockiness.  

“Seriously, back off of her.” Dean interrupts, always ready to defend you, though this time you really didn’t need it. Balthazar was more than charming and you didn’t mind his flirting at all.  

He takes your hand, pulling you a bit closer to whisper into your ear, “Would you like to get out of here?”  

His hot breath hits your skin, making you shiver slightly. Not the christmas present you had been expecting but there was no reason to complain at all. You nod and in the blink of an eye the surroundings are changing from your room to somewhere else entirely.  

“I have a question.” Balthazar says in a more serious tone this time, the previous flirtatious aura almost gone as he stares you down.  

“Wh-What is it?” All kinds of worries were welling up inside you. What caused the sudden change in atmosphere and why did he look so damn serious?  

“You could see my wings?” It’s asked as a question but it feels more like a statement because you feel like he already knows your answer.  

“Yes…” You breath out quietly, watching his face change yet again, this time to something softer.  

“Very interesting…” A smile spreads across his face as he walks closer, “…that is quite rare. Now…I do feel like we should get to know each other a lot better my dear.”

First Christmas [Younger!Batsis]

A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Since I didn’t open up my requests for Christmas, I did some things to make up for it. I really don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t know how accurate this is. Thank you @icywritesthat for giving me some information to how Christmas is generally celebrated :D

Pairing: None

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1331



You always found the bright, colorful lights and the vivid decorations fascinating. It brought so much color into this city full of gray and so much light into the darkness. It made the city a little more beautiful, not just physically but also spiritually, for even the lowest of the low acknowledged and celebrated Christmas.

As a child, you always looked into the windows of different homes, watching families talk and laugh together, smiling without a care in the world. Many of them wore sweaters that, in your eyes, looked hideous, but it also looked warm. You envied those people in their comfortable homes, surrounded by family and friends with all the food they could wish for. You envied the children that got presents and you envied their obliviousness to struggle. 

You, on the other hand, suffered during Christmas time. It wasn’t just the unbearable cold that easily penetrated the rags you called clothes, it was the crowd and how everything was always sold out. Shopkeepers often gave you cookies and food, but during Christmas time shops were closed or they had nothing left. You couldn’t blame them, it wasn’t their fault. They showed you kindness when they could’ve just ignored you, and they weren’t responsible for you. You were just another homeless child wandering the harsh streets of Gotham City.

Nevertheless, you loved Christmas simply because of the idea of it. You had never experienced a Christmas personally, but watching others, and seeing what it brought out of people, made it your favorite holiday.

It was Jason who found you first. It was a little past New Year when the man stumbled upon your small frame huddled in the corner, a thin blanket wrapped around your bony body. 

He brought you to the manor that night, and when they saw your shivering form and your pale skin, the others instantly took pity on you. They allowed you to stay in the manor and Alfred forbid Bruce to let you go until you were well-fed and healthy.

You didn’t know how you managed to win their hearts. Perhaps it was how you were always so kind and humble despite the conditions you were forced to live in. Perhaps it was how you always helped Alfred with the chores even when you were technically the guest of the house. Perhaps it was how you discovered their secret in merely a week with nothing but your wits and perseverance. Maybe it was your determination to learn skills you had never gotten the chance to learn on the streets even in your weak condition, or how your smile and presence brightened up the manor and their lives. 

It could be how you brought the best out of Jason, or how you made even Damian smile and stop the arguments and fights between him and Tim. Maybe… maybe it was because you united them, as a family. 

In the end, Bruce adopted you as one of his own. You may not be some crime-fighting vigilante, but you were learning, and within a year you were out there tackling crime beside your new family.

Your eyes fluttered open as you heard the ruckus being made outside your bedroom door. Slipping out of your covers, you made your way to the door and opened it, your eyebrows raising immediately as you were greeted with Damian throwing candy canes at an alarming speed at Tim’s face.

“Good morning?” you said cautiously, slightly amused by the situation you had walked into.

“It’s not ‘good morning’!” Dick exclaimed, “it’s ‘Merry Christmas’!”

Your eyes widened at his statement. Christmas had completely slipped from your mind, which was strange since the entire manor was decorated inside out and you just went Christmas shopping a week ago. You were so caught up in training that you didn’t notice it was the 25th.

“So it is.” you smiled, remembering what Christmas was like for you just a year ago. If it wasn’t for Jason, you would no doubt be wandering the streets trying to find food and a warm place to stay for the night. 

“I’m glad you’re finally awake Ms [F/N].” said Alfred, “the others have been quite active all morning.”

“Did I oversleep?” you asked sheepishly.

“Who cares, breakfast is ready!” Tim stated as he dodged another candy cane, making you wonder what Tim had done this time to get Damian so worked up.

You rushed downstairs alongside your older brothers, and when you saw Jason you squealed and practically threw yourself onto him. “Jason!”

Your brother chuckled and he easily lifted your small form up. You had grown a lot since he found you, but to him you were still as light as a feather. Jason didn’t stay in the manor often or visited regularly like Dick, so when he visited you were beyond excited. 

“Someone’s a little excited.” Jason said, ruffling your hair. 

“You haven’t visited in a month, can you blame me?” you said with a huff.

“Mission took longer than I thought, but at least I made it.” said Jason, putting you back down. 

Once everyone was at the table, you asked, “so… what are we doing today?”

“What do you mean?” Dick asked, confused.

“I-I mean…” you trailed off, embarrassed to reveal you hadn’t actually had a proper Christmas before.

“[F/N]? What is it?” asked Bruce.

“What do people actually do on Christmas?” you finally blurted out, hiding your blush.

“[F/N]… don’t tell me you’ve never had a real Christmas before.” Tim said quietly, his voice holding a certain tension in them.

“Well… Christmas for me usually meant trying not to freeze to death, finding food and envying the more fortunate people.” you admitted.

Dick slammed his hands on the table and stood up abruptly. “Then it’s up to us to give you a proper Christmas!”

After breakfast, it was time for presents. Bruce told you the only reason they waited until after breakfast was because the last time, everyone was so distracted by their presents they neglected to eat the food.

Being with the family for only a year, you weren’t too sure of what to get them. However, they absolutely loved your presents. You, on the other hand, got several presents from each person, making you feel bad you only got them one each. However, they all told you it was what you deserved, and since you didn’t have many belongings Christmas was the perfect excuse to spoil you.

Then it was Uno by the fireplace, which resulted in Cass’s victory and Damian’s and Jason’s denial, while Tim just sat there, dazed, as Dick sulked in the corner. You laughed at all their reactions; this family didn’t seem to take defeat so easily.

By the time Alfred finished preparing the meal, you were starving. The meal was absolutely phenomenal, and you expected no less from Alfred. You were shocked by how he could prepare so much in so little time, but then again he had been doing this for a long time.

At the end of the day, you found yourself in the cinema room watching Christmas movies alongside everyone, a blanket snuggled around you and a bowl of popcorn on your lap. Not too far from your reach were cookies and a glass of milk. 

Halfway through, you couldn’t help but glance around you. Here you were, sitting comfortably in a warm home, surrounded by family. Your family. You had imagined a scenario like this in your mind, but never did you think it’d come true.

So much had happened in a year, and you couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve found, or rather, what found you. The little girl living on the streets had come a long way. Now you were a vigilante working alongside Batman, and part of a family, a family you found yourself, a family you knew would never abandon you.

You rested your head on your dad’s shoulder and eventually, fell asleep with a smile on your face.

Title: Made it Through

Warnings: None

Author’s Note:  Last post of my 20 Day Challenge. Thank you to everyone who submitted requests. I really enjoyed this prompt and maybe got a little carried away? If you requested it, let me know if you liked it! (And if you didn’t request it, you can tell me how great or terrible it was. Yolo.) I have been starting on the new requests I have, I’ll be putting out at least one a week. You guys are awesome! :)

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“Swimming!” Christian cried. You sat down on the edge of a lounge chair by the pool; Christian standing between your legs, trying his hardest to wiggle away from you.

“Soon, baby. You need sunscreen first.” you explained, squirting some lotion onto your hands, slathering it over his soft skin. The summer sun shone down around you, the scent of burgers grilling wafted through the backyard, the steady chatter of family and friends surrounded you.

You and Max were at his mother’s house for an end of summer picnic, a tradition she had started right before Max moved to Arizona for his first NHL season. It had started small the first year, just a few close family members and friends. This year, nearly 75 people were crowded in her yard, all there to send Max off for the season. The three of you would be heading back to your home in Arizona tomorrow so Max would be settled in and ready for training camp.

“Dada! Swimming!” Christian yelled as Max came out of the house. Max’s swim trunks hung low on his hips, his muscles even more defined by the tan he had picked up over the summer. His face broke into a smile as he sauntered over, kneeling in front of the two of you.

“Yeah, buddy, you ready to swim?” Max asked.

“Momma, hurry!” Christian said, trying to pull away as you finished rubbing in the last of the lotion.

“Alright, you’re all done.” you said with a laugh.

Max scooped Christian up, pressing a kiss to the top of your head before running over to the pool. Max jumped into the shallow end, your son giggling excitedly as the water splashed up around them.

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BTS Fic Recomendations


Morning Delight: You wanted to do something nice for Jin. By @yoongguksx

When We Were Young: “Kim Seokjin always told himself to live life to the fullest; he always had the mindset that everything happened for a reason and to just let nature run its course, that the universe will figure it all out for him. He believed in fate, he believed that life shouldn’t be thought as regretful, instead you should embrace the bad things that happened in the past and use it to become stronger – but that was before. Before he experienced love for the first time, before he found the one person he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. That was before the one person he lost had been the one person he cared about most; you.” by yoongguksx

Corrupting Oppa: pretty much says everything, by tayegi

Blue Blooded: “ You’ve been happily married to Crown Prince Seokjin for months now. Or so it would appear to the public. What only you and the palace staff know your shameful secret: you never consummated your marriage. ” by @hobibliophile


Sugar? Yes, Please: “Sugar Daddy Yoongi AU. You’re a college student with an aspiration for journalism, but the traumatic experience of being broke and lonely gives you an opportunity to try out something new: become a Sugar Baby.” by @btsfiles

The Equation of Love: “ When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore. ” by @kookingtae

Caller Number 9: “Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely. ” by @your-miss-right (this is probably my favorite Yoongi fic and it deserves so much love)

Lab Partners: “What happens when your dreams get taken over by your newly assigned lab partner Min Yoongi?” First two parts are readerxYoongi, 3rd is linked in multiple members, by @jungblue

Night Class: Vampire Yoongi smut, by @deathbyyoongi


The Purge: “The Purge - one day a year for twelve hours all crime is legal, including murder. Jung Hoseok is a purger, someone who is payed by others to kill for them on the day of total carnage. He’s given a list of twelve names every year, but what happens when your name is on it?” by @jungblue

Underneath Your Clothes: “There has to be something more to his sweet and smiley personality.” by @noonatrash

To Cure Longing: Phone sex, by @baeseoul

Where Is My Mind: Hoseok werewolf smut, by @tayegi


Ships in the Night: “In your relationship somewhere along the line, the two of you started unknowingly passing each other by; something akin to two ships in the night.” by jungblue

English Literature: “smart ass Namjoon college AU + Smut” by tayegi

Dick-stractions: “In which Namjoon breaks the stove and has an… interesting plan to keep you from finding out.” by hobibliophile


Fuckboy Next Door: “Park Jimin was predictable. Cocky, good-looking, a flirt… a common fuckboy. Who just happened to live next to an apartment that you visited every weekend without fail. He was someone you swore to yourself you would never have sex with. But maybe going against your own promise was better than you thought.” by @imaginethesedorks

Time of the Month: (+ the prequel Claimed) BTS werewolf pack. Jimin claims (quite aggressively wink wink) you in front of his other pack members when they notice you are on your period. By @no-more-cream

For A Good Time, Call: The Horndog: Jimin wakes you up in the middle of the night over a guise of needing help. By @taegi

Laundry Mishaps: “You just wanted to do some laundry, but an encounter with the RA leads to a private session in his dorm room.” by hobibliophile

Control: “You may have gotten him blindfolded and tied up, but Jimin’s not going down without a fight.” by jungblue


Laws of Motion and Attraction: “‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ -Newton’s 3rd law of motion” professor!Taetae, by @exoticarmy127

A Friendly Favor: In which your friend, Taehyung, convinces you to sleep with him so he’ll be prepared for his girlfriend. By @baeseoul

Taehyung and no Chill: “Taehyung teasing you under the blankets during a movie night with the boys.” by @chimble

Territory: “Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.” by @imaginethisbts , includes a sequel

Sapphire: V “cheers you on” as you play Pokemon Sapphire, by @writingseoul

Outlines: “Taehyung Skype Sex. That is all.” by @seokline

Under the Cloak: “Gryffindor’s star seeker is in danger of being disqualified from participating in their upcoming match against Slytherin due to his less than stellar grade in potions. You’re forced into tutoring him… however you didn’t know that would entail the two of you being at the library, after hours, underneath an invisibility cloak, where you quickly learn that quidditch isn’t the only thing Kim Taehyung excels in.” by jungblue


Like A Man: Jungkook shows you that he’s not a kid anymore. By yoongguksx

Virginity for Sale: “Tired of being a virgin you had plans with you best friend to have him take it but he has other plans.” by @liesfromalover

Fallout: “The world was devastated, and you just wish you had died with the majority of human kind. You were a lone wolf, wandering without a goal besides surviving, until you were brought to their camp and forced to join them.” by @pantaemonium

Jealousy: “You see your boyfriend flirting with someone else, so you try to show him how it feels… and he doesn’t like it one bit. ” by @kookingtae

Like a Hyacinth: “… tells the story of a love filled with sorrow and consistency” by @hyacinth-ink

The Sun Will Set: “After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.” by @btsugaplums

Lock the Door: “ In hindsight, maybe you weren’t that sorry for not locking the door.” by @monstaccato

In Bloom: Jungkook werewolf smut, by tayegi

Tinder 2.0: “graphic Jungkook smut and a ridiculous fuck or die theme” by tayegi

Out of the Blue: “Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.” by imaginethisbts

Multiple Members:

Hidden Stars:  “It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.” by @jungblue

Lab Partners: “When you and Min Yoongi had first been assigned to be lab partners you thought that your fantasies about him would stay just that, fantasies. But now here the two of you are several months later involved in a full blown friends with benefits relationship. Things are going pretty well, you both get what you want when you need it, but what happens when new transfer student Park Jimin comes into the picture?” by jungblue

Touch Her: JungkookxReaderxJimin, by chimble

Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better): JungkookxReaderxTaehyungxJimin, by @noonatrash

The Switch: “You think you’re getting a normal Christmas present from your boyfriend Hoseok, but what he doesn’t tell you is that your gift includes a special power he and the rest of the boys have, enabling them to switch off between one another… during sex.” By @kookingtae

Shameless: “Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party” by yoongguksx

The 5th Floor: Yoongi/Hoseok triangle with an OC, Yuna. Yuna is put into an all guys floor in a dorm, and quickly makes friends with one half of the floor, while the other seems to only cause her problems. By @ohyasuko

Push You Down: “You have a dream about riding your best friend Jimin’s thigh, and when he finds out it gets a little out of hand. ft. Taehyung being into it as well.” by @jiminniemouse

Sing Sing: “Losing your virginity to two horny boys in your parents’ basement was definitely not what happened in the movies. There were no beds that hugged you, no whispered ‘i love yous’, and certainly no other cliches associated with a girl’s loss of virginity. It was hard floors painfully rubbing against skin and knees digging into old rugs. The experience was anything but comfortable but one you could never regret.” Taekook smut by @minyeezy

Philophobia: “Sex has its consequences, always; whether for better or for worse, sex always has its consequences. and the drunken rendezvous you have with your best friend is not an exception.” JK/OC/JM by @minsvga

Take A Break: “Jimin has noticed his fellow RA and best friend has been a little stressed lately, so he tries enlisting your help to help him take a break. However, are your boyfriend’s intentions truly altruistic or does he have motives of his own?” by hobibliophile

Bangtan Text Writers:

@chxs | @bangtantextboys | @textmebangtan

Writers that put out nothing but perfection:

jungblue | hobibliophile | tayegi

Updated: 3/1/17

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The Story of Us

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Bonus Chapter: The Missing Years

Word Count: 12,594

Note: This chapter picks up right after Riley and Lucas left the inn the night of Jedediah and Rihannon’s wedding. It details key events in the lives of the characters within this universe leading up to the epilogue set ten years in the future. 

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Riley and Lucas strolled back towards town square. The pair both dragged their feet a little in attempt to savour their much needed moment alone. 

Finally, the two teenagers returned to the wedding reception, by now it seemed a few people had left but the celebration was still in full swing. Riley and Lucas had remained blissfully unaware that they were holding hands the whole walk back. This detail was only brought to their attention when Mabel spotted them reentering the park with laced fingers. 

The redhead flicked her gaze between Riley’s sheepish stare and the intertwined hands. Thomas was beside Mabel sporting a similar but more suggestive look pointed at Lucas. Nervously, Riley laughed and pried her hand free giving Lucas an apologetic smile in the process. The Texan curled one corner of his mouth upwards and gave her a small and understanding nod. 

“There you are!” Maya’s voice cut through the awkward tension and suddenly she surfaced from the crowd of wedding guests, Tristan and Eli close behind her.

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Storybrooke Has Fallen (1/?)

Summary:   Based entirely too closely on the movie Olympus Has Fallen.  Secret Service agent Killian Jones has always taken his job seriously - perhaps a little too seriously if his supervisor were to have her say. But when terrorists attack the White House with Emma and her son inside, Jones will stop at nothing to find them and get them to safety.

Rated:  T, for violence, kidnapping, some dark themes

This is for the elusive @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable on the occasion of her birth.  Which occasion, I won’t tell you, but suffice to say, she’s a few days younger than me.  Also, tagging @killian-whump​ because I’ve been taunting her with it forever and it’s RIGHT up her alley. @xhookswenchx​ because I made her read part of it and she pretended to like it :-P, and @cocohook38​ because I know you’re a whump fan.

Word count:  ~ 4,600

From the beginning: AO3 / FFN

The punches continued to rain down as Killian Jones bobbed and weaved around his opponent.  Sweat glistened under the lights and the smell of blood filled his nose from a lucky shot.  He waited patiently for an opening, baiting the combatant into a momentary lapse in judgment that would let him score a few body shots.  Finally, an elbow dropped carelessly away from its guard and Killian pounced.  A flurry of body shots dropped the other hand to protect vulnerable organs and he moved on instinct to jab towards his opponent’s head.

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Batboys With Their s/o On Christmas and Christmas Eve Would Include...


-Christmas Eve
  • So many ugly christmas sweaters
  • He wears a different one each day
  • He has a couple one too, he forces you to wear yours with him
  • He would play Mariah Carrey all the time
  • He would sing as bad as he could to her songs to push your buttons
  • But who can resist him, you soon turn the song into a duet with him and can be found dancing around the kitchen together
  • Dick is one cliche mother fudger
  • Mistletoe is all over your shared apartment
  • You don’t really see the point since Dick already kisses you 24/7
  • He’s all about decorating, even though he sucks at it
  • He likes to spend Christmas eve with just you
  • He showers you with affection during the whole day
  • You guys go outside to make snowmen
  • It’s Gotham there is plenty of snow believe me
  • You guys watch a bunch of Christmas movies and eat Christmas cookies and drink hot cocoa during the marathon
  • Since we all know that Dick is basically a rabbit when it comes to sex, expect him to do some wild things over the holiday
  • “Someone’s on the naughty list…”
  • You guys go to the manor for christmas
  • He forces the whole family to wear ugly christmas sweaters
  • Alfred totally helps him
  • You all decided to make gingerbread houses which is an utter disaster
  • It turns into a competition and it’s fierce
  • Damian made a gingerbread skyscraper
  • Jason made a gingerbread man murder scene
  • Tim’s was made with overwhelmingly good precision
  • Dick’s was sloppy, over topped with candy, and the roof was sliding off but he was proud of it
  • Tim won that one to Damian’s dismay
  • Dick got you a really good present, he put so much thought into it
  • He planned it months beforehand because it had to be perfect
  • Lots of photos
  • The boys are disgusted by all the kisses, like keep your saliva to your selves
  • You can literally give any present to Dick
  • As long as it was given with love
  • It can be socks for all he acres and he would act like it’s the best thing that he has ever gotten
  • But you put a lot of thought in his present
  • He wants to shower you with gifts but you will not let him
  • He wants to spoil you so bad but he respects your wishes
  • During the holiday he makes sure to be at your side at all times
  • You both don’t get much free time together so he makes sure to make the most of it
  • Over all Dick is really happy to spend time with his family and the girl he loves


-Christmas Eve
  • Like Tim is just such a dork and nerd
  • He somehow finds a way to make everything Star Wars themed
  • The cookies
  • The color scheme
  • Clothes
  • There is nothing wrong with this he is so smol and precious
  • It’s honestly cute to see him just go crazy with all this stuff
  • You can just sit on the couch and listen to him ramble
  • You guys would totally go ice skating on Christmas Eve
  • Tim is decent at it
  • You’re are just falling over every single second
  • Tim lets you hold his arm for balance with some teasing
  • “Tim don’t.”
  • “Yes.”
  • No matter how much you said no Tim still lifted you up and he is damn lucky he didn’t drop you because if not you would have whooped his ass
  • Everyone else in the rink is just like so jealous
  • #couplegoals
  • It’s fun, you guys get to play around and talk about anything
  • And also do cute things together cause Tim is low key romantic
  • As you guys exit out the rink Tim faceplants onto the ice
  • You wish you caught that on film
  • It’s karma for him teasing you for all the times you tumbled to the ground
  • You guys spend Christmas at the manor
  • Everything’s normal
  • Besides everyone drinking hot cocoa and Tim being the only one drinking coffee instead
  • Tim ruins the family photos by dabbing or doing the most ridiculous things
  • Tim holds you hand as much as possible
  • He’s just so happy that you seem so enthusiastic about everything
  • The boys tease him for his clingy behavior but you shush them


-Christmas Eve
  • You guys spend the day baking cookies
  • You and Jason are just listening to christmas music on the radio
  • It’s all fairly calm with some flirting here and there
  • Then Jason slaps your ass when you were putting a tray of cookies in the oven
  • Which left a handprint made of flour on your jeans
  • “Sorry babe I can’t keep my hands to myself.” He smirks
  • he gave you that smirk
  • Eggs are thrown everywhere
  • Kitchen utensils are flying all over the place
  • The food battle ends once the oven dings
  • You take a look around, the kitchen is a disaster and egg yolk is running down your hair while Jason is covered head to toe in flour
  • You take the cookies out the oven and force Jason to help you clean up the mess
  • Even if you had to put up with his constant whining and protest
  • “If you clean the kitchen we can take a very long shower together.”
  • You never seen that boy clean so quick before
  • Once the kitchen is clean and the cookies are decorated Jason immediately picks you up
  • “Hey! What are you doing?”
  • “I was promised a shower.”
  • Jason was very reluctant to go to the manor for Christmas
  • “Come on you love those boys.”
  • “I hate them with every fiber in my fucking being.”
  • “Then who are those presents for in the closet?”
  • Jason ends up at the manor for Christmas
  • Everything seems fairly normal
  • Some normal banter between the boys nothing surprising
  • Until…
  • “Santa isn’t real pipsqueak.”
  • “Yes he is!”
  • That’s how Jason ended up getting stabbed in the shoulder by Damian
  • “You son of a bitch!”
  • “Language Jason!”
  • Once the wound is tended to everyone proceeds to act like it never happened
  • Jason is like extra cute and clingy
  • He makes sure to kiss you under every mistletoe in the manor
  • And it’s not just a small peck
  • It’s a full blown on makeout session
  • The boys are in the background gagging
  • Everybody passed each other their gifts in a orderly fashion
  • You notice Jason give Bruce an oddly wrapped gift
  • “Jason.”
  • “What?”
  • “Did you give Bruce a crowbar?”
  • He just winks at you


-Christmas Eve
  • You and Damian would probably spend the day out in the snow
  • Making snowmen, building snow forts, snow angels, etc
  • That is until you throw a snowball at him
  • It wasn’t even meant to be a hard throw
  • But he turned around at the wrong moment and got hit by the snowball right smack in the face
  • Damian is just shocked
  • After a long period of silence he throws a snowball at you
  • He makes sure to now to throw it with too much force
  • You guys ended up having an intense warfare
  • You two can’t stop laughing, not even paying attention to how could you guys are
  • Once inside the manor you both cuddle up near the fireplace with cups of cocoa
  • He cheekily places kisses down your neck
  • During the whole ordeal of him trying to seduce you, you tease him
  • Which ends up with you being thrown onto his bed…
  • Everyone’s just teasing Damian bruh
  • So many embarrassing stories
  • “Hey remember the time you stabbed Jason when he said Santa wasn’t real?”
  • “Wait you stabbed Jason because he said Santa wasn’t real?????”
  • “I was only ten!”
  • You find out a lot of things over dinner
  • A lot
  • Dick is all over you guys
  • He won’t stop taking pictures and cooing at your guys slight PDA
  • He basically shoves you under mistletoes
  • He is your number one shipper and he no shame
  • Damian whisks you away from his family up to his room
  • Where you both watch Christmas movies and hog out on sweets
Christmas Tidings (Loki x reader)

The Avengers didn’t know how, but (Y/N) always gave the best Christmas presents.

The team swore she placed cameras around the tower from the accuracy of her gifts.

Nat got new pointe shoes and the chocolate she adored delivered straight from Germany.

Steve was gifted a brand new record player after his old one was destroyed in a spat between the superhuman tenants.

Bucky received a scrapbook filled with the most random of occurrences over the years, along with very plush socks. He adored both gifts.

Thor opened a delicacy box to reveal homemade fudge, and after having a taste, had the god posed on one knee. To his dismay, (Y/N) refused.

Sam’s gift was two tickets to the museum of flight, and he would most definitely not be bringing Bucky. (He brought Bucky.)

Her father, Tony would find an MP3 player with a playlist of songs she knew helped him sleep and stacks of his favorite chamomile tea bags under the expansive pine, he had insisted they decorate “together as a team!”

Wanda was pleasantly surprised to see the red dress she had been eyeing in the store display window. Complete with matching strappy, black heels.

Pietro laughed as he saw the many pairs of running shoes she had given him. All different brands and styles.

Bruce opened his present with chuckles as he held up the pair of jeans, shirt, and lab coat, all she helped design to be resistant from tearing.

Clint received a gift card that would last him the whole of the new year to his favorite pizza place down the block.

Vision got sweaters, educational books and every other nerdy thing you would expect an android to want.

Loki surveyed everything. The hidden delight on all their faces as they opened their gifts, and the jealousy on his own. He was actually very surprised when she announced his name. (Y/N) aimed one of her award winning smiles and Loki struggled to remain as calm as he had been for the last hour. “Loki! This one’s for you!” She exclaimed as her hands flitted to a medium sized box from the pile of gifts surrounding her.

He pulled the aluminum paper off of the box that was clearly wrapped delicately by hand and let a fond smile drift on to his face as he saw her enthusiasm. The newly opened parcel revealed a jar filled with book suggestions and a framed sketch of the two of them together.

“I remember you saying that you had nothing to read so I wrote out all if my favorite books and stuffed the notes in the jar. So you can randomly pull out a title!” She enthused. The color rising in her cheeks was almost enough to make Loki hyperventilate, not that he would ever let that show. To the others he seemed cool, indifferent even.

Loki gave her a smile; his real one, not the smirks he threw the rest of the team. He murmured his thanks and let his fingers trace the small box inside his jacket pocket. It could wait a few more hours.

The rest of the party consisted of jokes, cake, and the team trying to steal Thor’s fudge, which he defended ‘til the last crumb.

When Loki saw (Y/N) leave for the balcony, he decided this was the best time as any. He still wasn’t allowed to fully leave the tower alone, only being on Midguard so Thor could monitor his behavior, but balconies were fine, or so he thought.

As soon as Loki passed through the doorway, Thor was alerted by Friday and quietly made his way to the balcony.

While Thor was standing behind the wall Loki had caught (Y/N)’s attention.

He hadn’t really thought far ahead enough of how to begin his conversation, and was now just standing in front of her, waiting for words to tumble out of his mouth.

After about 5 seconds, they finally did, and Loki said rather endearingly, “I very much appreciated your gift. It was highly thoughtful of you,” The blush on her cheeks was much darker than before.

“It wasn’t a problem at all. I actually love giving gifts!” She gushed.

Loki smiled before reaching into his jacket and grabbing the small parcel, and murmured, “I hope you don’t mind receiving gifts, also then.”

He handed her the jewelry box, elegantly tied up with satin ribbon, her face lit up in surprise and excitement. When the package was in her hands she carefully untied the ribbon, her frozen fingers stumbling against the knot for a few seconds until the velvet box was revealed for what it was.

She quickly pulled up the lid on the jewelry box and let out a gasp. Lying on the velvet cushion was a gorgeous emerald necklace with a delicate gold chain tying it together. “Loki this is beautiful! But I can’t accept this. It’s far too valuable!”

He was pleased at her reaction and gently shoved the box back into her hands. “I insist, besides your gift to me was the most thoughtful one all night,” his reply still hadn’t fully convinced her, so he lifted the necklace from the box and asked if he could put it on her. After she reluctantly agreed, she wept her hair to the side and turned so he he could clasp the necklace.

His pale hands lingered on her soft skin and she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, causing a shock of pleasure to run through her spine. (Y/N) thought she probably looked like a tomato, she was blushing so bad.

As Loki was about to lean down to kiss her, he saw his brother’s large figure lurking behind the doorway. He quickly pulled away, wishing (Y/N) a hurried “merry Christmas,” and rushed off to find and hopefully kill his brother. What Loki didn’t see was the disappointment on (Y/N)’s face as he left the balcony.

Thor began speaking as soon as (Y/N) was out of earshot, “You gifted her the necklace without telling her of its power,” Thor spoke when they were parted from the rest of the group.

“I did, Brother. Does it bother you?” Loki threw a glance in his brother’s direction.

“You care for her,” it wasn’t said as a question, but as a statement.

“And if I do? What happens then?” Loki was glancing at his hands; his sarcastic mannerisms dropped.

“Nothing. Opposite to your beliefs, you do deserve to be happy, Loki,” Thor placed his large hand on Loki’s shoulder, “And I know that the necklace was from Mother’s designs.”

Loki raised his brow and looked away, “I may have made a stop to her room for her enchantments on our last visit,” Loki looked back at his brother, “But, I only wish for her to be protected.”

Thor sighed, “I know you won’t, but I would rather you tell her than have her be terrified when her enemy is being knocked through the air twenty feet.”

The mischievous grin on Loki’s face only made Thor’s sigh deepen, “While that will be amusing to watch, I just need to know that the scum of this world does not touch her.”

Thor tried not to let his smile show, happy that his brother was not completely gone yet. “Return to her,” he winked, “Besides you looked as if the two of you were in the middle of something!” Loki rolled his eyes as his brother ran off to find Jane.

Loki stood for a moment, before making his way over to where (Y/N) watched the snow blowing by the window, with hot chocolate in her mug. Her face seemed relaxed, and after turning to see who was coming, it lit up in happiness. She set her chocolate down, so not to spill it, and was surprised as he leant down and pressed his lips against hers. She gasped, and was frozen for a moment before wrapping her arms around the back of his neck, sinking deeper into the kiss.

“Hey Reindeer Games, that’s my daughter you’re defiling!” Was soon heard from an angered billionaire.

The pair soon pulled away, but only until they were tucked safely away from prying eyes. This was surely a great way to end the year.

Dream-like Christmas time

Merry Christmas @percy-the-sorcerer ! It’s me! Your secret santa from the @pjosecretsanta2016 I hope you like your present Alex! My best wishes for you this beautiful day! I also totally recomend you to listen to TTS- Dear Santa korean version, the title of the fic is inspired by the song!

Inspired but the prompt: Character A’s little sibling/child wants to meet their favorite celebrity/writer/person for Christmas. Character B is said “Christmas present”. Huge shout out to @quietlykeen @lesbabeths @bananannabeth for helping me with my horrible grammar! They are the real heroes here.

Piper was still reading the letter, which made sense considering the fact that a six year old wrote it and it was hard to understand what it said. But she had been reading it for what it felt like forever to Percy, and he really needed her to talk to him.

“On the bright side, you do know her.” Piper finally said. “Or well, used to.”

Mia, Percy’s little sister, had asked Santa for Annabeth Chase, from the group Stardust, to have tea time with her on Christmas Eve. And it nearly gave Percy a heart attack. Stardust was the most popular girl group in the world, and Annabeth Chase wasn’t only the main vocalist of the group, but she was also his ex-best friend. The same ex-friend he hadn’t seen in almost 6 years, not since she stole his first kiss.

“She probably doesn’t care about me anymore.” Percy said. “And it’s not like I can call her and be like ‘Hey Annabeth! It’s me, Percy! I know we haven’t talked in years but I have a baby sister now and her dream is to met you! I know it’s Christmas Eve but I hope you can swing by. My mom lives in the same apartment, okay bye!’”

Piper shrugged. “You kind of can do that.”

He threw his pillow at her. “I don’t have her number anymore.”

“No, but your mom might have her old address saved in her address book.” Piper patted his shoulder. “You said she used to live in California, right? It would make sense for your mom to have her address, or well I guess by now it’s her dad’s address only, if you guys used to exchange letter.”

“It doesn’t matter, he probably moved out.”

“Or maybe he hasn’t. Perce you have the opportunity to make your sister’s dream come true. And not only that, you have the opportunity to reconnect with someone who means the world to you.”

Percy sighed and sat indian style on his bed.

Piper didn’t know much about his relationship with Annabeth— Percy didn’t want people knowing he used to be best friends with a celebrity —but during college Piper had become his best friend. She had found his pictures with Annabeth, the ones he used to have at his mom’s place, so he told her the basics: they met at a summer camp when they were seven years old, and were best friends by the end of the summer. They only saw each other during the summer but during the rest of the year they wrote letters to each other all the time. When they were ten years old,  her family moved to Boston and sometimes they got to visit each other for the weekend, but the letters didn’t stop until they were fifteen when her family moved to California. At that point, cellphones and emails started to become a thing, they didn’t feel they needed to exchange letters anymore. Annabeth went to camp for one more year before winning the most famous singing competition America had, and then he never saw her again.

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A Terrible Neighbour

HI HI HI I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING GONE FOR SO LONG!!! I know I promised smut but I wanted to get this out first! Merry late Christmas and a Happy New Year @senren, @fairyfairypie, @yolkygoblin, @seitsuya, and @soukoku-writes!!!


Dazai Osamu was the worst neighbour in the world and anyone who said otherwise was blessed to never have met him.

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