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BTS Reactions to their s/o Being in a Girl Group

Request:  Hi! please can you do a (possibly long) bts written reaction to their idol gf being a drummer, dancer and rapper in a girl group! :)

Note: Wow I love this idea :’)) wow I wish I was this talented aha, I hope you like it! Some of these may not be as funny as they are purely fluff, and that’s mostly because I feel that a passion of music is something that I can relate to and can be very romantic about. I let my own feeling of passion take over my writing of this one since I’ve seen the same sort of funny idol reactions a lot and would like to get a bit deep <3 (P.S. you asked for long, and I did my best to provide !!)

Kim Seokjin

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Jin would, in his usual behavior, have a sort of motherly pride while seeing his s/o make all of her dreams come true. He would quickly become her number one supporter, and attend every performance that his schedule would allow. Despite seeing all of these performances, the amazed reactions he would provide never seemed to be short of the happiness he felt when he first saw the stages she performed, always earning the same shy smile in response that he found beautiful. He would love practicing in the same area as her, despite never getting work done because the endless hours of admiring her (cue constant sounds of “wahhhh” and sneaky little winks and/or blown kisses whenever she reacts), plus giving her tips anywhere he felt he was in the place to. The sessions tend to end with him asking her to teach him some of her key dances and working incredibly hard to actually learn them so he could impress her as much as she impressed him every day. I also feel that she would inspire him to strive for more. To fly higher, and get to a place where he feels like he’s meant to stand beside her. A place where he can finally stop admiring and be on equivalent groups (as if he isn’t already nearly perfect psh).

P.S. If she were to ever create solo music, you bet he’s the one adding in any vocals. A few more songs to add to his public playlist :))

“Have I ever told you how truly talented you are?”

“Yes, Seokjin. Around five times in the last thirty seconds.”

“Well, you are truly talented.”

Kim Namjoon

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Imagine that huge bright and true smile of his, yes you know, that one. Now imagine him wearing it for hours on end just because he saw his love performing live. This relationship would make everyone so happy, members and fans alike, just because Namjoon is so bright while being with someone he loves and shares the same passion with. I would expect so many collabs and demos and cute little dance videos (in which he makes an adorable fool of himself but it’s okay because the whole video is filled with his laughter and that brightens up any day). He would try, try so hard at learning the drums, but she would refuse to allow him to even go near her set after the third ripped drum head and fifth broken stick, so he any videos including drums were of him showing off her skills. A lot of his compositions would become love songs, and everyone would know exactly why after seeing his vlives in Mon Studio featuring more appearances of his s/o curled up comfortable in a corner when shes not busy herself. It would be a well known fact that alone, they would often confess all of the poured out feelings they had and use it to their musical advantage. As for the kind of music they’d create together, it would range from intensely lit music that got everyone dancing or, their personal favorite, soft r&b pieces in which they let everything out and/or bring attention to important things.

“I swear if you lay one finger on my drum I will take back my studio key and never allow you back in.”



Min Yoongi

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We can all see it: The Most Savage Rapping Couple of 20XX. Yoongi would easily be able to connect with this type of idol, i.e. someone that enjoys music so much that they worked to become talented in multiple fields. Everybody would see the chemistry from they flow of their conversations, especially when music is the topic. They would have a deep knowledge of how one another felt and it would spark many feelings that would never be deniable. These two would often wander off to a world of their own while in the midst of tons of people, just because their conversations were untouchable by the outside world. Also, despite their endless similarities, their endless differences would inspire one another to reach for so much more. Yoongi’s wish of learning the drums would be fulfilled to full extent (thanks to a few all-nighters just because they couldn’t think of leaving each others’ sides). He may teach his s/o a few of his composing tricks, to which she would be able to contribute to her group’s music and be endlessly thankful to him for. Yoongi’s music would become better and better (somehow) and his s/o would be known more and more for hr endless work ethic. This would be a good thing for their members, too, since one improving member can easily inspire the other members to improve with them. This relationship shows strength.

P.S. nobody understands their sense of cruel humor, and give up trying to after the two dedicate (savage as fuck) diss tracks to one another as a Christmas present.

“I thought you would make up for your height in other ways, but alas, I’ve been disappointed once again.”

“One more word obout my height or dick size and I delete your computer files while you sleep.”

“Sure, Mr. Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong.”

Jeon Hoseok

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Bless this boy, it’s another case of the endless smile :’)) I believe Hoseok would be more of an inspiration to his s/o than the other way around. Her multiple talents may be on showcase for all to marvel at (which Hoseok does openly and happily) but she may see the boy being much more talented than her, since his talents are long lasting and influential worldwide. He’d create endless amounts of happiness, drive people to be so much better than they ever thought they could be, and create a sense of safety with only a few words. She’d love every second he took out of his day to watch her train and practice, for she would be his center of attention and there was no feeling like it. He would inspire her to take her already many talents and make them better. Hoseok, on the other hand, would know about the effects he has on her (they’re pretty obvious) and continue them ‘til the ends of the earth.He would find the girl fascinating and so incredibly lovely. He would only ever want the best for her and would do whatever he could do to help her get to it while keeping it fun and exciting. It would a because she inspired him. After meeting her, his dance became smoother, his raps became easier to write, and his sunshine smile became a bit brighter. He thought of helping her as returning the favor.

P.S. Imagine the mixtapes and choreography they could work on in their spare times…. bangtan bombs just became a little more lit.

“Hoseok come on, let’s run trough it one more time before wrapping up.”

“You know you’re at your limit. Don’t push yourself. Besides, why would I want to continue practicing when the arCADE JUST OPENED DOWN THE STREET LET’S GOOOO.”

“…You better win me a damn stuffed animal.”

Park Jimin

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Jimin’s affection equals hours of silent work by one another and by the end of the day, feeling closer than ever before. He would be impressed by her mounts of talent, but wouldn’t let himself openly fawn over it too much. Not because he didn’t want to seem fanboyish or anything, since she would already be certain that he was her number one fan at all times, but because he knew how much more it would mean to her if said only on occasion. He would treat her rightfully as an equal and she would know it was for the best because it meant not being alone on some sort of pedestal. It wouldn’t be until late nights, when she’s stressed and close to giving up, that he would take her in his arms and reassure her that she is amazing and talented and that if she tries hard enough, there is guaranteed success. Her most trusted source of harsh criticism would become Jimin because of this, since she knows that he never sugarcoats anything, and she would do the same. They would create the prettiest dances together, too; taking a like talent and making something extraordinary from it through humor, comfort, and untouchable connection. Undoubtedly, dorky behavior prevailed from the two, and every fan witnessed it in countless twitter wars of just videos of each other. Jimin making a terrible drum beat, his girlfriend taking a key part of one her dances and messing it up in an incredibly embarrassing way, him dancing the hottest girl group choreography, her rapping straight fire in her best aegyo voice; free time with these two would be an adventure.

“Jimin, if you post one more video of that damn rap, I swear I will pull out the Good Girl, Bad Girl clip.”

Kim Taehyung

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Tae would be the perfect opposite of Jimin. He would know how amazing she was, and tell her about it every chance that he got. All of her group’s songs would be on his playlist and he would blast it throughout the studio or dorm. He would watch her practice and marvel at her in wonder. He would ask her to teach him how to play drums and giggle happily every time he messed up, having to leave it to her to have such a wonderful skill. He would watch her write lyrics and express them in her own way of rap and just smile because he loved to see how happy it made her. Her dance always infatuated him as he watched from beside the mirrors, showing her that he saw the emotions she was portraying and that he understood what they meant. Whenever he got to help writing lyrics for Bangtan, he would go straight to her for help because he looked up to her. He would love everything about her and make it known, only asking for her love in return, which he wouldn’t have to ask for in the slightest—since anybody would be willing to love such a beautiful person. He would be able to keep her stable and excited with his constant humor and playful attitude. It would never bother how much he admired her, because she admired him too in a lot more was than he would think. Whenever he watched practices, every member would love it because his smile had ‘the power to heal exhaustion.’

“Taetae i would love to help you right now but I have a performance tomorrow to prepare for.”

“Oh, well can I watch?”

“You have to go- no don’t you dARE GIVE ME THAT SMILE.”

Jeon Jungkook

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A Golden Maknae and an incredibly talented female idol…. music shows would have fun with that. I feel like Kookie is often singled out for having multiple talents, so he would really enjoy knowing someone with that same kind of recognition. The two could easily learn to fill in one another’s weaknesses and become the duo of the century, making continuous demos and covers in any downtime that they have together. According to Suga’s birthday video, Jungkook has been wishing for a drum teacher rather than being self taught! It would be a great way to learn something new, and his s/o could learn something from him as well. These two would build one another up really high and support each other the whole way, creating an unstoppable pair of growing artists. They would’t just keep to themselves though, I feel that they would, together, motivate both groups to become more ad more. They would pour out ideas to each other late at night, build upon each idea, then return for thoughts of other members. The dependence they could create for one another is amazing and lovely, and the fun they can have while doing so could turn their passions into something they never want to get rid of.

P.S. Jungkook’s snarky remarks probably cause a lot of playful competition between the two.

“Well, this idea seemed really nice, and fits our concept well. What do you think, Kookie?”

“Are you sure that you, of all people can even pull that off?”

“I sure as hell can! Just you watch, smartass.”

“Yes, yes, sure you can, honey. I also think it’ll help if you add…”

rinrinp42  asked:

What advice would you give a first time d&d player? My brother is running a one-shot for me, my friend, our mom, and our cousin and it's my first time ever, though I do listen to Campaign and I've helped him make decisions both as a player and a DM in the past

:) awesome!! I’m glad you’re getting to play! I obviously think the world of these games, and hope you have a wonderful time playing them.

the best pieces of advice I think I can give to players are the ones I wish I’d had myself going in so sorry in advance if they’re sloppy and not useful for you.

1. Put your stuff on the table. I tend to construct rapidly and elaborately in my head. I can be content doing that pretty much entirely. But the point of play is collaborative storytelling. No one will know the cool thing you thought up for your character or for the scene unless you say it. Take the risk. You won’t be thought of as silly. I promise. The GM wants your engagement. It’s, most likely, how they figure out how to mold their game to your/others’ liking. And a large portion of other players’ fun is getting to see you shine. Don’t hold stuff in. Be awesome.

2. It’s ok to focus on the bits that interest you. Does your character’s clothing interest you? Indulge that. The spell list? Spend time there. Whatever’s fun for you should be allowed to be fun. Don’t monopolize things entirely so things aren’t fun for other players, but don’t deny yourself your own fun. Collaboration means you’re all doing something together. Let yourself figure out what your part of that means.

3. You are allowed to call for time outs, out of character clarifications, or set ANY necessary boundaries along the way as you go. You’re also allowed to ask for trigger warnings going into things. That might seem daunting, so here’s an application that doesn’t press on things we traditionally think of as a boundary-breaching. Your character is playing quid-pro-quo with the needle-toothed mage. You’ve been at it for around 10 minutes, and she has been handily sidestepping the information that you want to get from her. You also suspect she is feeding you some misinformation. Nothing is happening outside of the rules. This is frustrating. You’re starting to get frustrated. You call for a time out, and check in with the GM, “Both my character and I are getting frustrated.” The break enables the GM, who had previously been acting as a character meant to frustrate your character to be able to step back enough to see the bleed taking place and alleviate your concerns. “Ah. Your character is DEFINITELY allowed to be frustrated right now. They are being fucked over. But I don’t want you to be. You also have a chance to turn this around through cunning or a good roll. Are we good to continue?” If you are, the scene is reframed as a collaborative effort again where you’re both on the same side, the side of the story. Asking for breaks to sort through stuff that’s more complex than what’s on the table is ALWAYS OK. It helps everyone.

4. Bring a water bottle. Drink water.

5. This isn’t one I ever needed, but it’s one I’ve seen lots of folks be shy about so I guess this is the place for it. Unless you’re playing a game that’s just you and the GM, games are, in my experience, at their best when the party loves each other unrepentantly. Not everyone is good about speaking up for themselves, or finding room to showcase their own special talents, so help them do that. Love each other by helping each other be awesome. “Lidda, you’d be great at that!” Is a * 0 * moment for a shy player. If your game is more rp focused, asking folks questions about themselves is going to get you cool answers, and forge neat bonds for your GM to mess with down the line. Play with each other. It is your GM’s responsibility to introduce villains and other relevant NPCs early enough to make you give a damn about them. They have to earn each important conversation you have with an npc. Not so with the party. You kids have fun and indulge each other. It’s the good stuff.

Errr that’s all for now I think. Have fun! Oh! And you are 1000% allowed to make your first character a self insert. ALL of your characters can be that. Don’t let anyone give you ANY flack for that. And smooch that cute Jaebrin. Honestly.

To all the jikook shippers out there who haven’t read a touch of sin by pettey yet: please do! That thing is the best shit i’ve ever read. I mean, literally the best. Not only in jikook fandom, in generally. And i’m a veteran k-pop fan. And I’m not only talking about k-pop ships or fandoms. I’m telling you this fic is literally like a book. Hell, even those who are not jikook shippers: imagine whoever you want in Jimin and Jungkook’s place if it makes it easier for you. But read it! I’m a SAD SAPPY SUCKER that i’m not from some kind of fucking publishing company. Wish I were. I would contact this person and publish the hell out of this masterpiece. It’s such a waste, i’m fucking sad i can’t hold it in my own hands. It’s 102k words and I read it two times… IN A ROW! ME, who’s not even into long fics, i prefer fics with 10-30k words. All the atmospher of this story, the characters, the character developments, the plot, for fucks sake, the plot is so original and special! This whole story is not some cute romantic story, it’s so much more than that. It’s more about the story, the characters, their lives, their little, hidden secrets eating them alive from the inside. There is so much tension. Sexual too, of course, but not only that. Once you start reading it you just can not stop, it pulls you in and suddenly you are drawning in the feelings. And the historical references…

Okay, i’ll stop babbling now. xD

Here’s a link if anyone is interested. I’M BEGGING YOU TO READ IT, PLEASE!!! Give it a chance at least, just start reading it. Trust me you won’t be able to stop. (Hell, it’s not even a genre i like, i mean the horror stuff, i didn’t even want to open it first, i literally just ACCIDENTALLY opened it, and thought i would just scroll down a bit and that was it. That was the end of me. *.*)

a touch of sin by pettey :

Aaaaannnnd TO those of you who are good in making videos: pretty please, someone do a f*cking video to this fic!!! *____* We have so many things to use. Many scene to use with them around a beach, and even have jail-stuffs now, or Kookie has many scene with lighting, or blowing out flames, which is not actually in the fic but could be useful for the rite scenes. And you know what would be even more amazing? Making a video to this fic with Jeongseon Arirang. Have you ever heard it? Yeah, i know. Arirang, unofficial national anthem and all… But it has it. That atmospher and all, that feeling the fic gives you with shaman Jimin and all, oh my god, the chills. Please, someone do it, i’m begging you!!! *.*

Roasted Marshmallows

pairing: Jimin x reader
word count: 1177
genre: fluff
summary: Jimin would learn to love the smell of marshmallows.
warnings: none
a/n: inspired by this prompt b/c i have terrible writer’s block right now. y’all know any fluff i write is absolute shit that i wish would sink into the very bottom of the deep and dark ocean blue, but here i am. this is dedicated to the cute bun @everyonegetsmeaheartbeatcloser. i really hope this brightens up your day a lil bit. i wasn’t sure who your bias is and i didn’t want to ask since i wanted it to be a surprise so i just wrote for Jimin b/c i don’t think i’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like him?? also, did you know the thingy that connects a plane to the gate of an airport is called a jet bridge?! anyways, enjoy~

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(not my gif)

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thefloatingstone  asked:

I can't get over Papyrus' tiny little soft-boned puppy blasters and their stupid little noises omg X'D It's the best! I love it. Honestly I wish I had Papyrus' attitude to making things. To just be happy with it as it is without being insecure ;w; or knowing you're SUPPOSE to be insecure. Also I super love Sans' poke in the first panel. As usual your hand poses are always so strong. Here's hoping Papyrus doesn't get overconfident and go blasting rocks or something. I bet they pack a punch. <3

*makes a note* “Have… Papyrus… blast some rocks!” Got it! XD

Shoot, I wish I had that same attitude as well! Paps knows how to handle any situation in the brightest way! :D That’s what makes him so great! <3

And thank you n///n I try my best~

Taking a small break

Firstly i’d like to apologize for being so quiet lately. I know I posted that update where I said I would be catching up on everything I missed but some personal stuff happened. Its left me drained so i’ve trying to take it easy. I still don’t feel 100% so i’ll be gone for a week or two until I am. Until then i’ll be unusually quiet and won’t be posting anything.

I don’t have a lot of motivation to draw right now so i’ll prob be playing some video games (for once lol), focus on my chinchillas more, and work on clay roses until then. I won’t stop drawing completely, i’ll still doodle but i won’t be posting anything. It’s best this way so I don’t burn myself out and lose interest completely. Sorry I hope you all understand.

Until then I wish you all the best! :)

Also, unrelated but I love these ;’D

Also Digit and Pixie being cute ;w;

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contemporarygay  asked:

GHOSTTT ok so there's this girl, and i think she's like... the bees knees, right? but we're really different, &we both have different friend groups, and i always thought she'd never wanna hang out with me because i'm super introverted and reclusive and artsy and she's so extroverted and sporty and always speaks her mind. we both gay af tho. i asked her out for coffee bc i was like "IF DANIEL'S AWKWARD ASS CAN TALK TO LOUIS I CAN TALK TO THIS GIRL". AND IT WENT /SO/ GREAT,??????!!?!


dirtyskellylover  asked:

Yo, you listen to what those people are saying about your art being good enough and YOU being good. Because you are. The best. We all believe in you, even though things have been hard for you lately. Everyone wants you to take care of YOU first, because you deserve to not feel bad. [Even though your son is very poorly trained and I hold YOU entirely accountable for that.]

oh yOU’RE ONE TO TALK ABOUT POORLY TRAINED SONS at least mine doesn’t go on trans-dimensional benders kidnapping other Gasters WHICH HE THEN PROMPTLY FORGETS ABOUT

*ahem* but seriously, I wish I were as good at words as you so I could express how much I appreciate your constant encouragement and how much you mean to me. thank you and I love you. <3

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At what level do you think the concept of independent sovereignty should be established? Should Scotland or North Ireland vote to (peacefully) leave should they have the right to? Does the will of the people in regards to self-rule and other issues like that (Brexit as a counterpoint) always trump an elected body of officials or should the officials make laws that best gorvern people despite their wishes? Can cities and counties vote to become independent?

I’m against the break up of current-day nation-states, but I’m also a believer in the rights of the people to decide. I voted remain but accept the Brexit result, and while Scottish independence or Irish unification would horrify me, if it was found to be the democratic will of the majority I would not oppose it. On that note, I believe the level of independent sovereignty should go as low as is practical. I find it both hilarious and annoying that proponents of Scottish independence will do anything to further their case, but then act outraged at the suggestion of Orkney and the Shetlands going independent from Scotland - almost every case for Scottish independence can also be successfully made for the Islands, and if their people decided they wanted out then that’s fine as far as I’m concerned. Likewise with cities and counties. I’ve actually always been rather fond of the idea of the independent city state of London, within the UK.

All that should be hypothetical, however, since my ideal outcome is the current status quo. If it fails though, let’s go back to the 9th century:

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What diet do you think works the best?

Hi baby! Well I’ve been on sooo many that hasn’t worked :/ the one that I am on right know actually works for me :D so it’s ofc the one I’m gonna suggest. So since I’m a binge-eater and eating will make me want to eat more and more. I only eat lunch (since i always have lunch with friends and have to).

Cut out all white-flour and sugar and ONLY eat veggies and fruit :) you can eat how much veggies you want to, if you want it throughout the day or just 1 meal like me, that’s fine UwU

this will not make you gain weight! So I eat some veggies to lunch and that’s it. Keep away from bread, pasta, rice, chocolates and all other junk food. Exercise for about 30 minutes a day and you’re all set for success. Wish you all the best

carmineknight  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love your comic (and read it start to finish in one setting yesterday). I'm queer and my partner is nonbinary and it makes me so happy to see such a great and fun story. It's also motivated me a lot to pull my webcomic out of storyboarding hell to actually start doing the first pages! Wishing you all the best and hope to send some cute fanart your way soon <3

Ohmygosh that’s so good to hear!! I wish you all the best with your own webcomic <3333 

opshipperondeck  asked:

Hey, just wanted to ask two things: First is, why do you personally prefer SaNami over other ships? And the second question is, if that ever would be a topic among the crew, how do you think the other Straw Hats would think about it? Best regards and get well soon.

Hello @opshipperondeck!  Thank you for the ask and the well wishes! ♡  

I think I may have answered an ask similar to this before, but I’m too lazy not feeling well enough to go through my posts to find it. XD  So I will answer this here.  

People have their own reasons for shipping.  For me with SaNa, it’s a combination of things.  But before I get into those…

Disclaimer: I want to give a reminder to everyone that One Piece is a shounen manga and there has been NO canon romance among the Straw Hats to date.  Therefore, it is absolutely ridiculous to attack other fans for what they ship.  Shipping can be fun, but if you wear your shipping goggles too tight, you’ll miss out on so much of what the series is actually about.

Whether a ship is considered right/wrong or crack is a matter of personal opinion.  So, instead of being an asshole to people that don’t agree with you, find more positive, productive things to do for your own ship fandom.  Thank you!   

*ahem*  Okay, on to my answer. ^^ 

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Really you're just the best. You're working hard and you still have time to help out strangers on the internet. You give excellent and well articulated advice and you're such a genuine person! I wish you best; I'll just be over here friend crushing hard ✨✨


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sometimes i deadass wish youd end up with namjoon lmao. at least that way id know both of yall in good hands. namjoon deserve a hardworking and loving wife like you