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Somebody Waits For You (2/2)

Sorry not to release this earlier today as I intended, but it’s still technically Christmas Day (as promised), and real life has kept me pretty busy today with Christmas presents this morning, preparing a full Christmas dinner this afternoon, and generally spending time with my family. Plus I decided to take a few more passes through this chapter to try to tighten things up a bit. Thanks for your patience! I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season, and I appreciate your kind comments as always! Thanks for reading.

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Summary:  After years trying to make things work with a bad boyfriend/business partner, Emma Swan abandons New York for a fresh start in Boston with her son, looking for a way to live her life and run her coffee shop on her own terms. Enter Killian Jones, the pretty perfect owner of the bookstore next door who’s just the man to help her do it. But even the perfect guy can be haunted by his past, and the events of the Christmas season help reveal that maybe it’s not so much about her needing him as about them needing each other. (Captain Swan/Captain Cobra modern AU, coffee shop AU, bookstore AU, Christmas fic. Angst & Romance/Fluff. Rated G.)

A CS Secret Santa gift for @once-uponacaptain.

Autumn passes in a blur for Emma as The Blonde Roast continues to gain a reputation in the neighborhood as the best place to grab a warm drink and a sweet treat.  She takes on a couple extra employees, trials new suppliers, and continues to fine-tune her menu.  The days go by fast, and her evenings, spent trying to catch up on motherhood while still working on plans for the shop, go by faster.  

Killian remains a reliable presence despite the fact that she continues to ignore his subtle (and not-so-subtle) romantic overtures, blessedly stalwart in his refusal to let her rejection affect their otherwise remarkably natural friendship.  She’d be lying if she didn’t admit that his continued attentions make her feel special and that she’s impressed by his doggedness. She’d also be lying if she didn’t admit that with each passing day, she’s more and more tempted to finally say yes to him, not out of concern that his patience has an expiration date, but out of a growing desire to let him in.  

He establishes himself almost immediately as a bright spot in her world.  No matter how bad the morning, knowing that she can count on seeing him swagger through her door with one of his heart-stopping smiles and a kind word or a witty quip always makes things seem more bearable.  Her daily crises come in all shapes and sizes – Henry’s latest “Oh-by-the-way-Mom-I-need” or an entire batch of cookies blackened by a faulty oven or a particularly bad burn from the milk steamer – but Killian remains the same.  He’s just so… steady.  And that’s both refreshing and intriguing because not much about her life has been steady (except, perhaps, disappointment).

Where Walsh left her feeling fractured, inadequate, and constantly wondering what emotional rollercoaster was in store that day, Killian makes her feel… whole.  Worthy.  He makes her life better.  He makes her better.  And she starts to think, maybe… maybe she could do this.  Maybe they could do this.  Maybe if things got hard, he wouldn’t give up on her.  Maybe she’s capable of having a relationship that doesn’t end in catastrophe. Maybe.  

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if there’s one thing i’ve learned it’s that you’re not meant to make homes out of human beings, so i won’t tell you that your arms wrapped around me while i sleep are the only shelter i need, that laying in your lap while you play video games feels reminiscent of the games i played in my childhood bedroom. i won’t tell you how your heartbeat is like a security system - as long as it’s still going, i know i’ll be safe. the way you hold my hand everywhere we go isn’t quite the same as how i lock my doors at night to prevent intruders, but in the same fashion it keeps away unwanted attention from people i’m afraid might hurt me. i won’t tell you that you are my home, because you’re not. as much as i wish i could crawl inside your ribcage and live there next to your heart, i do not. i haven’t made a home out of you, but being with you feels like the safest home i’ve ever known. anywhere could be home if you’re there with me.
—  i haven’t told you yet, but i love you

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aye!!! could i request a seokmin scenario based off when i grow up?? thank you!! (also belated happy birthday admin angel :))

growing up with Seokmin… would be a blessing 

  • You guys would know each other because you live right next door to each other
  • Seokmin would be the sun that arrived in your boring and gloomy neighborhood one day
  • you’d see the moving truck stop at the house next door to yours
  • and you’d be so excited because you saw a kid your age in the backseat of the Honda trailing behind it
  • you’d watch from your window as the movers took things out of the truck and carried them into the house
  • and from your point of view, the boy seemed reluctant to get out of the car
  • but his mother would open the door and say a couple of words to him and make him get out
  • you’d watch the scene play out before your eyes
  • and when he finally gets out the car
  • he’s holding onto this teddy bear
  • and he’s so small and skinny and frail looking 
  • right then and there you’re like 
  • your first meeting, you would be running down the side walk a couple of days after they’ve moved in
  • and you’d run right into him 
  • he’s so small you didn’t really notice him there, and you’re just really shocked 
  • because you didn’t expect him to be that small but anyway you do what a normal kid would do 
  • you’d give him the purest and brightest smile you could produce and beamed at him 
  • “Hi! I’m (Y/n), and I live next door!” and ofc you wouldn’t want to scare him off so you stop your introduction at that and wait for his reply
  • “Hi, I’m Lee Seokmin, I live here.” He would reply as he points at his house, 
  • “so… Seokmin, do you want to play at the playground down the street?” you would invite him 
  • and that would be the start of a great friendship
  • the years have past and you are both older, still the best of friends and still neighbors 
  • that day years ago when you first met, Seokmin had stayed over for dinner and the day after his parents had came over to thank your parents in person 
  • that day was when Seokmin started going over a lot more
  • his smile began to compete with the sun 
  • and his humor grew to be more like your own
  • you were the best of friends and things seemed to never cool down
  • even in year six when you had been put into different classes
  • it had upset you both, however you still ate lunch with each other, had gym class together, and walked me together
  • the only problem in your great friendship was the occasional dispute you’d have over who’s house you would sleep at 
  • throughout your junior high years there was a slight issue with your relationship 
  • people had began to speculate that you two were dating 
  • and the fact that Seokmin, who had liked a someone at the time refused the rumor rudely upset you 
  • but the issue was quickly discussed when two weeks later you had called him and invited him over to make cookies
  • that night you had talked for hours about what had upset you
  • and Seokmin had talked about how he was stressed and didn’t mean to upset you
  • when it was time for high school 
  • Seokmin had gotten into Pledis
  • and your time together had shortened, however your relationship was still improving and getting better
  • you had visited the building once when he was a trainee to take him out to lunch for passing the monthly evaluations 
  •  that day Seokmin admitted that things were hard, but he wanted to share his smiles and humor with the world 
  • he would rarely go to school due to training 
  • and you would rarely have your weekend stay overs any longer
  • and every time you saw him, he was tired or ill
  • but nevertheless, he would be energetic and happy for you both 
  • occasionally he would meet you outside the school gates and walk home with you instead of taking the car
  • and when he had time off due to holidays he would spend almost every minute with you
  • even while training he’d remember you and it’s what would keep him going
  • he would try his hardest to go and see you at least thrice a month 
  • and after he debuts it just makes things harder so you switch to Skype 
  • at night after a long day of work, Seokmin would call you at the same time at least once a week and chat with you before falling asleep 
  • surprisingly, you both graduated high school at the same time despite him never being there and went your separate ways to college
  • although distanced and busy, he will always find time for his best friend. 

|| Admin Angel


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i wish you would write fic where regina and henry live next door to the alvarez family :D

this would be so good!  regina moves in with her son and bumps into lydia in the hall one day.  henry is around alex’s age so obviously he should come over and meet lydia’s wonderful grandson and when regina and henry come over, the whole family plus schneider is there.  

henry and alex get along great, schneider keeps trying to hit on regina but she’s ignoring him because she’s checking out penelope.  and elena notices THAT.  so maybe she swings by regina’s place one night because she’s never met someone older than her who likes women, too.  and regina is a little thrown but she invites elena in to talk.  and it becomes a thing where elena just drops by a couple nights a week.

meanwhile, penelope and regina bump into each other constantly in the hall as they come in from work and regina and henry come over for dinner at least once a week.  and they get along great and maybe they go out one night and get drinks and get drunk and regina tells her about cora and penelope tells her about afghanistan and something changes.  penelope starts having these…dreams about regina and it’s normal, right, to think about how pretty your friend is and how you like her laugh and her smile and to be a little jealous when someone flirts with her at the bar when she’s out with you?  totally a normal thing.

(regina, on the other hand, is practically dying because she can’t believe that she’s crushing this hard on a straight woman.  it’s just her luck tbh and she loves the alvarez family and she doesn’t want anything to ruin the relationship she and henry have with them)

and then, in a comedy of errors where everyone miscommunicates and schneider thinks he finally got a date with regina, regina and penelope end up on a date together.  and they laugh and agree that it’s no big deal, that they can just have a nice dinner as friends and go home like this never happened.  except that penelope kisses regina outside her door.  

(tbh i also love the idea of jill and penelope realizing that they have feelings for each other and start dating and then regina gets set up with that cute girl marian who moved in two floors down who has the most adorable son who’s in love with regina.)

those70scomics replied to your post: (Not my entry for the game; just discussion.) I…

Oh, no. I didn’t mean it’s food-related because of the cake-slap. But because her name for Hyde is food-related, and the writers were probably thinking his for her would be, too. As it is, I think “Puddin’ Pop” is generic and used just because it’s weird attaching such a name to Hyde. Kelso calls Jackie “Puddin’” in an episode, so I wish Jackie’s pet name for Hyde was something more original.

What do you think would had gone better for you?

The writers often ignored/forgotten a lot of things they did. Like the hamster named ‘snow ball’ and then the dog with the same name (I believe?) or even for how long the characters have known each other and for how long Donna and her family had lived next door to Eric. I don’t think they were thinking about that detail with Kelso.

Like most things they did, they only did it fo the laughs. We are the ones who give it actual meaning and so, lol.

EXO Reaction when you two are neighbours and he’s falling for you

Aww how sweet ><!

I hope yoiu like it and it is close to what you imagined <3

Myun n.n

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *When you two meet at your door* “Hiii I’m Chanyeol, but you can call me Chan, or Chan Chan! You can call me whatever you want! *waving like crazy*

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Chen: “Hi I’m Chen! I made something for you~

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Suho: >my dreams come true< *happy af*

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Tao: *You saw him in the shower, accidentally!!*cough*

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Lay: “He’s in the garden and you’re too, he watches you and waves* “I’m Zhang Yixing!” *acts all cool*

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Luhan: “Lay..she lives next to us now..wish me luck!”

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Sehun: “He helps you as soon as he get the possibility* “Can I carry that? I’m Sehun btw..” *charming smile*

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Baekhyun: *He saw how you changed..* “damn..she’s hot af..”

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Kai: *He’s watching you too* “..I need to talk to her..Maybe she needs my help somewhere..”

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Kyungsoo: *He’s so nervous..he wants to go down and say Hi..but the door wasn’t a big help to make a nice first meeting..*

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Kris: *He shows his talent and flirts around*

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Xiumin: “That could be..interesting..” *pervy thoughts*

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Arashi no Naka no Koi dakara ( 嵐のなかの恋だから lit. Because It's Love Amidst The Storm)
Arashi no Naka no Koi dakara ( 嵐のなかの恋だから lit. Because It's Love Amidst The Storm)
To be shaken by the winds of time is my destiny
But even so, for love; I will fight for love

Just staring at each other (Forget about everything)
Time was what I wanted (Words are unneeded)
Run away? That's not allowed! Each of our wishes remain ungranted

In the next world (I want to meet you again)
After being born again (I want to meet you again)
Let's vow to find bliss this time round (Let's vow)
Come on, through that door (I'm sending you off)
Come on, after you leave (You'll depart)
Don't turn back, alright (Disappear immediately... please!)
We won't meet again

Within dreams, our souls (Inside our dreams) are drawn to one another (For the sake of love)
No matter where our bodies are, you can hear my voice, right?
Within dreams, our souls (Inside our dreams) are drawn to one another, so (For the sake of love)
It's not something sorrowful, right? Because we're always together
Just staring at each other (Forget about everything)
Time was what I wanted (Words are unneeded)
Run away? That's not allowed!
Each of our wishes remain ungranted, no matter how much I pray


saudade- a deep emotional state of profound nostalgic or melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves
 this was a lot longer than expected and made me sad to write, i hope you all enjoy it!!!
  ~admin g

There were days when he crossed your mind, the boy who lived next door. He was anything but “the boy next door” however. You had watched him grow up until you eventually watched him leave. He made your teenage years spectacular. He was everything a person could wish for in a best friend or companion.
   Jeon Jungkook lived right next door to you. He walked you to school and back home, he’d call you out in the middle of the night just to walk and think about things together. Jungkook was an unanswered question, he was a sentence cut too short, he was the feeling of your words getting stuck in your throat when you just couldn’t find the right ones to say. He was a summer night where the moonlight cradled you and hot air filled your lungs. He was a winter morning that not even all of the coats and scarves in the world could protect you from the cold air lashing at your skin.
  On days like this, when the fresh spring air put a bit of pep in your step and the world was bustling with energy, you wondered where Jungkook was. You wondered if he was okay after he disappeared. You liked to believe he went from being the scared kid you always saw to the brave and oh so free man you knew he could become. Something inside of you told you he was doing just fine. But days like this brought back the memories.
  You’d grown up together your whole life but never once spoke until ninth grade. He sat right behind you in your algebra class. Neither of you understood a damn thing but for some reason he always asked for help. The teacher would put notes on the board, give you all a second to copy them and then pass out a worksheet to figure out. Jungkook would always tap your shoulder and quietly ask you for some help. So the two of you would stare at the page and try to figure it out together. Your friendship was formed through frustration and unsolved math problems.
  He started walking you home, the first time it happened you’d thought it was a joke. He was standing outside of the school gates playing with the sleeves of his sweater, picking off loose bits and looking overall rather lost. You’d walked right past him without a second thought until he was shouting at you to slow down, his long legs taking big steps to catch up with you. He had scoffed right in your face, asked why you walked past him and then just laughed it off. The walk home was silent, standing with plenty of space between each other on the crumbling sidewalk, footsteps in sync.
   The next morning he was sitting outside of your home, settled sleepily at the bottom of your driveway, head lolling to the side and you could hardly see him in the dark of five am. You had quietly nudged his back with the tip of your foot and off the two of you went. It was always silent the first month you two walked with each other. The only conversations where in the confines of the algebra room.
  Eventually however he started talking, he’d wait for you outside the gates and then quietly tell you about his day. He was different than you expected, his brash exterior a large contrast to his soft interior. Jungkook struggled in school but he really did try, he tried so hard it was admirable, you could tell in the way he talked about all his classes.
  He always asked you questions, how was your day? Are you doing anything tonight? Have any homework? And so it went like that, simple conversation to pass the time in the short minutes you had together. But eventually as the months turned to years the conversations got deeper. He opened up more, and in turn you did too. You told him secrets you never would have told anyone in your entire life. And you like to believe he never told anyone the secrets he entrusted you with.
  Then after awhile, he started showing up at your house in the middle of the night. You knew the exact reason why, he came every time things got rough at home. The whole neighborhood could hear the screaming match going on between his parents that eventually caused him to slip out into the night and tap at your window. At first you didn’t want to go, you weren’t the type to sneak out like him. But the heartbroken look in his eyes made you kick out the mesh cover and crawl out into the stagnant night air.
   He had walked so close to you that night, his hand brushing yours and shoulder bumping against yours as you walked in time with each other. You had on fluffy pajama pants with childish cartoon bears covering them and a shirt you’d gotten in eighth grade after winning an academics tournament. Jungkook still had his school clothes on, a soft blue cardigan that was comfortable to touch and a white shirt that hung loosely on his frame. His eyes were rimmed in red that night, and his voice shook when he spoke to you.
  He didn’t mention the yelling, he didn’t mention anything related to what made him want to escape. He just talked. About everything and anything and at some points nothing at all. You gave your input every once in awhile, too tired to really talk to him. Somehow though, you felt like your presence was all he needed. At one point the two of you sat own, roadside, sitting on a curb and getting your favorite pajama bottoms dirty. His legs stretched out slightly into the road, hands in his lap and head tilted back. You were busy kicking up loose bits of asphalt with your slippers when you looked at him, the poor boy had been crying. It was the most he’d ever opened up to you at that point.
  Jungkook pretended he wasn’t though, wiping his eyes furiously before tears even made it halfway down his cheeks and steadying his breath. Smiling brightly at you he stood up and dusted off his butt, held out his hands to pull you up and started back home. It was silent on the way back, thoughts racing as you walked quietly. As he stood outside of your window you stared at him. Jeon Jungkook the boy you knew hardly anything about suddenly became the boy who trusted you the most. You’d ran your thumb underneath his eyes wiping away the remaining wetness and patted his cheek before climbing into your room again, collapsing onto your bed and drifting to sleep again.
  After that day there was a slight shift in your relationship. After school he walked you home and you’d invite him in. Your mother welcomed him easily and quickly warmed up to him, always having some sort of snack ready for the both of you and constantly asking him to stay for dinner. You would lounge around in your room working on homework together, sprawled out on the floor and occasionally he would crawl over to your side, textbook in one hand notebook in the other and he’d ask you for help. Most of the time this lead to you sitting criss-cross with your knees touching while you quietly read from the textbook to him while he wrote down his notes. He said everything made more since coming from you.
 The nights you had no work you’d watch the shittiest movies the two of you could find together, you’d put your pajamas on immediately while he set up the dvd player and your mom would bring out snacks and drinks. Your father liked him too, sometimes during the summer the three of you would all go out back and play catch or just sit on the porch swing together while your dad talked to Jungkook about school and life in general.
  It was lovely, Jungkook was the best friend you’d ever had. But things where getting worse for him. The late night fights between his parents eventually started turning on him and he’d show up more and more often looking worse and worse each time. He cried sometimes, and you let him. Silently accepting his pain. He’d hold your hand as you walked, trying to keep himself grounded. You’d wipe his tears away with the tips of yours fingers and sit with him until he was smiling again. However he started going out at night without you.
  He became reckless. Bad decision after bad decision piling up to wear him down and you were scared for him. In the back of your mind you knew you should have tried harder, reached out farther and held him tighter. But he never let you know how badly he was hurting, not really. You saw glimpses of it, when he was breaking down at two am and holding you close in his shaking arms.
  His grades started slipping, and that only made it harder on him. Made his parents harder on him. He came to you for help still, and together you tried really hard to work on it. You wanted nothing more than to see Jungkook smile always. But you were only a person and not medicine and you couldn’t fix whatever inside him was hurting. You couldn’t do that at all, it was something he had to do on his own, and in a way, you think he did.
 The last night you saw him it was during fall, he’d came to see you every night that week, his home that was built on an already cracked foundation beginning to crumble, and along with it, him. It was cool out that night and you remember everything about it. He was wearing your favorite flannel and a tan jacket, his hand held yours tightly while the other was stuffed in his coat pocket. You remember how he didn’t cry that night, he smiled nearly the whole time. The two of you had gone to a park a mile away from the school, laid out beside the playground on your backs, his scent wafting over you. His hair smelled of apples, he smelled like fabric softener and the distinct scent of incense clung to his skin. His hand in yours was smooth and warm.
  He told you all about how he really felt like things would be getting better. He talked about you that night, kept saying you were such a blessing to him. He told you he didn’t know what he would’ve done all these years if you hadn’t been there. He said that somehow you felt more like home to him then where he was living. He said he thought he might even love you. Told you he couldn’t wait for next month when you’d graduate because he was just so proud of you.
  In the moment if somehow felt like a goodbye, his words were so final and the intent behind them felt like he was letting go. You wish you had known, known that the next morning he wouldn’t be sitting at the end of your driveway with a sleepy smile on his face. If you had known you would have held him closer when he hugged you goodbye, would have told him you wanted him to stay. You did however tell him he was more of a blessing to you than he knew, and that you think you may love him too. Neither of you knew what kind of love it was and you still don’t know, but your heart still held a fondness for him you knew would never go away. He held you for much longer than usual that night beside your window.
  His hands had gripped you so hard it hurt, his nose buried deep in your hair, yours pressed against his chest. Your touch had been light, running across his back gently, trying to soothe whatever he was feeling. You’d told him in soft whispers that he’d be okay, that you would always be here for him, your whole life long. And he had pressed a kiss to the top of your forehead and smiled so brightly at you, just looking at it made your cheeks hurt.
  That next morning he didn’t show up. He wasn’t waiting for you like usual, you had stood outside for about ten minutes, staring at his front door waiting for him to come bounding out apologizing for being late. But he didn’t show. You waited all day for him. The empty seat behind you in algebra made your head hurt, and when you stood outside of the gates until everyone else had left you knew something was wrong. When you walked home that day your steps were quicker than ever. You were greeted by the sight of your mother sitting on the front porch with her head in her hands, body shaking softly, a large piece of paper creased from folding dangling from her hand.
  Your heart had quickened it’s pace, eyes widened at the sight. Your father was standing in the doorway, face void of any emotion. His whole body rigid. When your mom saw you she sat up, wiping the tears and snot off her crumpled face. She rushed down to meet you at the driveway, gathering you in her arms and rocking the two of you back and forth.
  “Oh baby, oh sweet baby.” She kept repeating it like a prayer against the top of your head. Your body was shaking, eyes flying over to Jungkook’s house over your moms shoulder. The lights were all off and the blinds were drawn. She stepped back and pressed the paper into your hands. It was a letter addressed to you.
  ‘Y/N, I’m not good with words and I’m worse at goodbyes. I’m sorry I left like this, but it’s for the best. I want you to know that I love you so, so much. You have been more than I could have ever asked for. I will never forget you, and who knows, maybe someday I’ll come back to see you! Remember what I said last night, you’re going to go so far. Honestly I’m not sure what else to write other than thank you, thank you so much for everything you’ve ever done. Tell mom and dad I love them too. I’ll see you again, yeah? j.k’
You had just stood there, paper gripped tightly with both hands and fat tears streaming down your face. It hurt, god it hurt. But something inside you knew this was best for him. The last month of school without him was hell, you felt so alone every day. Not even your parents or other friends could help you.
   And if this was the type of story you read in fairytales you’d be able to say that Jungkook showed up to your graduation, and he came to his senses and stayed by your side. Or maybe you’d even be able to say he came back for you and sworn he’d never up and leave again. But this isn’t a fairytale, and you don’t get what you want so Jungkook was still the unsolved mystery in your life.
  Sometimes you swore you saw him in the faces of strangers on the street, if you saw someone who was his height, or who had hair that swirled the same way you’d stop in your tracks. When you would go to the store you almost always stopped in the hair care aisle and just stared at the bottle of green apple shampoo with your heart in your throat because god where did he go?
  On days like this, when the wind blows just right, and the sun is high in the sky you go home and pull out the little case under your bed. The wooden one with the golden clasps that hold every last bit of Jungkook you had inside of it. Some of his old notebooks his mother had given you, trinkets he bought you during your time together, and the letter folded up neatly. On days like this, you wished you could answer the question that was Jeon Jungkook.


Soon we’ll be skipping across the country playing shows in  living rooms all across the Eastern United States. Will your living room be a stop?

Ho ho ho, merry (soon to be) Christmas. Rusty and I are gearing up for the next season of House Shows. Are you interested in hosting us? Read on…

What does a house show look like?

5:30pm, we’ll arrive to set up. 7pm “doors open”, guests start arriving, mingle, eat food or snacks if you wish to provide them. 7:30pm the show starts. Our show is right around an hour. This tour Rusty and I will both be sining our old music, and be bringing some brand new songs! New Eps???? (You’ll have to wait and see!) After the show everyone hangs out for a bit! It’s all very laid back and comfortable! There’s a lot of hanging out and floor sitting!

Who can come to my show?

That’s up to you! We have two options:

option A: Public show! We promote your show in our tour! We do this by listing the city so people can RSVP where they’d like to come! Once they’ve RSVPed, we email them your address(this way your address is not out there for everyone). Public shows are a great way to meet new people in your community who are interested in some things you are! If you would like to do a public show, you will need a living room big enough for twenty people. Floor seating is okay!

Option B: Private show! if you’d like you can host a private show (we call them secret shows) for you and your family! We don’t promote these shows so if you’re interested in this email me and we can discuss our rate! You’re also welcome to sell tickets to your friends to cover costs, or just invite them for an evening of music on you! Please note if you live in a smaller town we may only be able to come if it’s a private show because of it’s remote location.

What do I need to be considered?

1] If you’re interested in a public show, you’ll need a living area that can seat at least twenty people (it’s okay to seat people on the floor, but your guests will probably appreciate some seating!).

2] You need to live in the eastern half of the United States (check the red circle). 

3] You need to be available for a show between December 1st-13th.

4] You need to be 18, or if you’re parents are interested have them email us!

What about money?

Public shows are $10 at the door. We will split the money 90/10 artist/host to help cover any snacks you may have purchased! If you are wanting to do a private show please email us and we can discuss our rate!

I’m interested! Now what?

With your city, state and private or public show preference in the subject line, send me an email at tessaviolethouseshow (at) gmail.com with:

1] your name

2] your address

3] your living room capacity

4] if you’re interested in a promoted show, or a private show.

5] What days Decmember 1st-13th you’re available. Please give us a couple options! The more you are available, the more likely we will make it to you!

6] optional: photos of the house and any other prevalent information.

I’ll hit you back with a confirmation I’ve seen it and any more questions or information i have. If you’d like to have us email us soon! Last Christmas season our entire routing was determined by the first couple houses who reached out! We’ll get back to everyone we’ll be visiting by November 10th.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


dishes in the sink; you’re still thinking about drowning
i’ve seen the way you watch the girls out the window,
white-teeth smiles, drunk off of the taste of youth;
(rotten peaches and dirty fingers and stolen cigarettes)
some days you forget what it’s like to be afraid,
and i understand
some days are tidal waves and the easiest solution—
the one that keeps your flower-petal cheeks,
pale and lifeless beneath luke warm bath water
—is to drop to your knees and drown, drown, drown
but drowning leads to blue skin and crying mothers,
crumpled love notes in the bottom of your locker,
never to be sent, never to be read, never to be requited
so, you stare at the dirty dishes and the girl next door
and pretend that this—any of this—is considered living
—  seventeen is too young to wish for death (x)

I wish that you lived right next door.
Nights like these, sadness sets in and I just need you. Yet i’m here alone and over thinking because you can’t be here, we can’t just take a walk to clear our minds, we can’t just hold hands and kiss. I can’t even look at you. I can’t even have you when I really need you and it sucks.


It’s time for a first courtesy visit at the neighbour across the street who lives in a big-ass mansion.

It’s not without any ulterior motive. As a Renaissance sim, Benno’s got the wish to skill his programming and he doesn’t own a computer.

It’s quite the surprise when the man of the house opens the front door.

“OMGawd you’re The Fresh Prince! I hope you don’t mind when I’m using your computer for the next few hours?”