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Greatest/sweetest ranking of BL movies/series that you don't wanna miss!!

UPDATED: As of April 4, 2017 !!!!!
Hi guys!!! been addicted by Bl movies/series/webisodes/ and even short movies and these are my rankings of it from best to worst xD

  1.  Takumi-kun series movies - especially series 2,3 and 5. A big DaiMao fan here xD
  2.  Love Sick Series 1&2 - PerWin, PhunNoh, and OmMick are my ships
  3. ***HIStory webseries: Obsessed - the title says it all! if you loved Gloomy Salad Days and loves a whole lot of kiss scenes then you will definitely love this! very nice chemistry next to my beloved DaiMao <3
  4. ***SKAM - oh shocks whoever told me to watch this is an angel! love love love love it to the max! who knew norwegian Bl can be this good?
  5.  Make it Right the Series - Very Funny and Sweet!! Kyaa! TeeFuse and BookFrame are my OTPs very much like Lovesick!
  6. ***Uncontrolled Love 2 - the directors are very mean. i really thought this was a sad ending…but it was not! love the possessiveness the kiss and the after credits <3
  7.  Love love you (Love’s Coming 2) - haven’t watched this yet, but the trailers are just, ooommph! If ever you have a copy PM me XD
  8.  Like love Series 1-2 -I love the uncut scenes the most. And the story gets better xD
  9.  Junjou Pure Heart - sweeeeteeest ever!  really, those awwww moments xD
  10. ***Fanatic Love - Game themed BL coming through! I loved the side characters especially the sister <3 Must watch!
  11.  Waterboyy the movie - a must watch especially to those fans who have been missing love sick series xD Ngern-oppa is sooo hot here.
  12. Uncontrolled Love- Finally, Master x Servant BL!!! the uke is soo cute and seme is sooo possessive can’t wait for the second part!
  13. ***My bromance:the reunion - this is the series remake of the movie my bromance. and thank goodness that in the first season nobody dies! a different conflict altogether but still the same plot.
  14.  Counter Attack Web series - QingYu for the win xDD. they are sooooo married. I also recommend their photoshoot sessions, more kissing scenes than the series xD loving the doctor’s cow licked hair, kawaiiii xD
  15.  Addicted/Heroin Web Series - Sweetest punk I ever watched really. I wish for uncut scenes! and I demand a continuation!
  16. ***Ame to kisu - Love this movie! it made me read the manga and you will love how cute the uke is and how the story was very well portrayed in the movie
  17. *** The right man - there are only a few BL movies/series who would portray the love of a parent and their worries. i loved this film because other than the love story unfolding, the relationship between the mother and the son progresses too <3
  18. Yandaixie No.10- honestly, the story has a lot of promise! it was very good but I didn’t like how the first season ended being them still in bad terms…then hearing that there won’t be a second season!!!! or so i heard.
  19. ***SOTUS - hazers! hihihi. if you’re ooking for a cute-tsundere uke then this is what you’re looking for! it has the all goody kissing scenes and a very good college plot. very recommended
  20.  Love’s Coming - Nai x Gump xDDD
  21. Love Place 2(Shiawase no Katachi)- A continuation of Love Place 1. Finally an English sub that I’ve been waiting! Typical BL story, most of the time you can read in a manga but you can feel the characters feeling very deeply!
  22.  Grey Rainbow - Has every thing I want in a BL,marriage, sweet moments and even a kid! and it also has something I didn’t like…death! why!?!
  23.  Doushitemo Furetakunai - the story is great and is really based on the manga. Loved the characters. this is my first BL ever just forgot to post teehee :P !!!
  24. ***HIStory webseries: My Hero - so this is one of the ghost themed BL. Comedic. but I do not like that the ghost girl experienced all the sweet moments using the boy’s body. oops spoiler. BTW the seme is sooo hot *wink*
  25.  To you for me–chocolates - I laughed at this BL so much. It really portrayed the case of miracles to two people that should be in love. wonder when it will end?
  26.  Paternity Leave - you’ll love it, Mpreg xDD
  27.   eCupid - movie about the greatest app for semes who take advantage of their uke’s love xD
  28.  Just Friends? - hottest and sweetest forbidden love I have ever watched!! sadly it was tooooo short for a very good plot movie xD
  29.  Udagawachou de mattete yo - sooo cute! as in supeer!!! one of the best live action next to Doushitemo Furetakunai <3 <3
  30. ***HIStory Webseries: Stay away from me - brother’s theme! yehey! though I wished for more sweetness. the eyes of the uke seem to catch my attention a lot in a not so okay way. but I STILL LOVED IT.
  31.   Two Weddings and a funeral - I loved the comedy aspect of it. It mainly focused on the life of gays and how the ‘two weddings” conquered it with love. but why Tina !?!?! why ?!?!?!
  32.   My Bromance - I love the on-relationship scenes but I just hope the ending was not when one dies. I bawled for this one,it’s like rising you up,then pulling you dooown,why!?!?!?waaah! But the story was really good!
  33.  Happy together - loved the couple sooo much! being 6 years together, those fights and make-ups seems like a typical married life 
  34. Oppressive Love - half-horror and half BL and they actually became a couple! to bad the older brother had to possess him…ooops spoiler ;-P
  35.  Ai no kotodama 2
  36. ***Bad romance the series - another side story BL but because they started the series already together and the ending was so sweet so it is okay.
  37. ***I’m here our twelve years is a reincarnation legend - short shounen ai chinese BL. if you’re on to watching just the sweet, innocent stuff, then this is good for you :)
  38.  Takuya and Joon jae “the lover” - you may be a bit disappointed because it is missing some smexy moments like kissing and “you-know” but the story is great with lots of laughs and sweetness. hoping for season 2 
  39. ***Love Complex - this is a thai series but the BL part is a side story and doesn’t develop much though it is still on the first two episodes. some of you may not like it because it is on a side story but promise, the main story is very funny.
  40.  Docchi mo Docchi - may be low budget, but that romcom theme was perfectly executed xD sooo funny xD
  41.  Itsuka no kimi e - loved the story so much. It was like reading Junjou Pure Heart again xD soooo cute! Wishing for more kiss scenes though. 
  42.  Ai no kotodama 1
  43.  Seven Days Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday - perfectly executed as of those of the manga
  44. Hollyoaks (Ste and Harry) - lots of problems; closet gay, HIV, parents are against, even teachers then there are also cocaine involvement. wut?! haha but the story and how they still get back together is what makes it great. 
  45.  Diary of Tootsies - Very very funny!! as in very funny! but they left Gus and Top’s story hanging, which is what I’ve been waiting…sigh
  46.  Fujimi orchestra live action - it’s like the BL version of Nodame Cantabile. the movie needs a sequel. it’s not that they did not end up together but the movie ended with the seme still pursuing the uke xD 
  47.  Go go go G boys - very funny, packed with hot bishies. Last part after credits is a must seen
  48. Farewell my ghost boyfriend - short movie. I’m not on vote on the new ship. i still wish there was some kind of miracle for the ghost. huhu 
  49.  Love Place - I preferred the part two (2) than the first one, more Bl action, though it is still not translated
  50.  Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu - was hoping for more kiss scenes xD
  51.  Gloomy Salad days - ep13-14 only. Hidoku Shinaide story, bully and the bullied. You’ll be hoping for more.
  52.  Love of Siam - honestly, a good plot, really. It just needs some tweaks on that bad ending,urgh. Hoping for season 2 to change it.
  53. I’m yours - a one-sided love of a robot to a human and he’s quest to help the guy to achieve love. it was badly cut, I don’t know. it was missing some parts when I watched it so I am still heavily confused.
  54.  Love next door 2 - Watched XD but still looking for subs. but very promising especially in terms of comedy and hotness.
  55.  Mr x and I - First Season: First and Second story only, the other two has horrible ending, I advise this to those who do not wish to see a sad ending. Second Season: Loved the ending, hated the hetero guy, urggghh
  56.   Princess Princess D - actually, this is a live action adapted from a shoujo manga. full of fanservice and crossdressers and will leave you laughing at the clichès and corniness. 
  57.  Love next door - the story escalated quickly and the ‘love’ (sweetness) I was searching for was too short in the plot.
  58.  A Pair of Love - so-so xD
  59.  Time line - Watch the first couple only, and/or the last one. never ever the second one, it still gives me goose bumps till now
  60. Me my familiar people - uhhh…actually I didnt quite get the story. it was soo confusing. its like he has s*x to another then I don’t know maybe his bestfriend too?
  61.  Teacher and student - because I was expecting that light, romantic theme I was deeply disappointed by that twist as it turns out to be too psychological. One of my least favorites next to Kindan no Koi. 
  62.  Kindan no koi - simple……i hated it. the plot twist at the end was just tooo much, really, too much. Still a good movie though, but definitely my least favorite.

This is an edited list XD those with *** are newly posted as of April 4. Will update for more lateerrr! Ask me for links if ever you are interested xDDD hehehe

the houses

 (a rather abstract description of the houses, what they could look like and things they contain)

first house: You open a giant, dark wooden door. The knob is hot as you touch it but you don’t flinch and enter a even hotter room, you immediately start sweating. The air is burning and the windows are wide open. Bright light is shining trough some kind of living room, full of possessions of the creature living there. You look around and already know who must be the owner. Still,you ask who lives there and the strong Aries enters the room, his aura is radiant, vibrant, lively, present. “I am life”, he speaks clearly. “I am energy, physical appearance,the self, the will and the doing. I show you how you approach the world and open yourself to it.” 

second house: This door is made out of silver, with blue ornaments. It looks beautiful and must be of high value. With a ‘click’ the door opens, but it really is heavy, so you got to put more effort into the act of opening it. The room is rather minimalist, but some of the furniture and paintings must be old and very expensive. The Taurus stands in front of the high windows and looks out of it, the eyes tired, even a bit melancholic. “Is there something I can do for you?”, the Taurus asked, the voice deep and kind of magnetic. “I want to know who you are”, you ask slowly. The Taurus blinks slowly and answers: “I am development, self worth and win and loss, materialistic and emotional safety, setting limits and fighting for protection.” 

third house: As you come closer to the third door you can hear people speaking. Or at least someone who is discussing something with someone. Voices come and voices go, you are wondering how many people might be in there? The door looks asymmetrical and as you enter the room you are not sure if it’s an office or plainly a full room. As you look around you see that there are radios everywhere, from old to new and each of them is turned on. So that must be the voices. Notes over notes are gathered on the floor and walls, between them some  pictures pinned to the wall of different people. Right in the middle is the Gemini, both of them talking in a heat with a coffee in the right and a pencil in the left hand, constantly taking notes. “So, you must be..?”
“The Gemini!”, one answers excited. The other one continues, more thoughtful: “We are communication, the image, the way of thinking, and -”
“..the ability to adjust, the close environment, small adventures, our neighbors as well as-” 
“Siblings!”, the other one finishes the sentence and both of them laugh, clear as a bell.

fourth house: You hold on before opening this door. It’s made out of colored, dark blue wood, the knob is glowing and the night sky is painted on the dark background. As you open the door everything seems quiet, but you hear someone humming a lullaby, quietly. The cancer sits in the middle of the darkened room, old photo albums, books and letters are gathered around her and she looks like she would fall asleep in any second. You see that this is a bedroom, filled with belongings of her and you hear the sound of the waves outside somewhere from the opened window. As you sit quietly next to her and watch her looking through the photos, she smiles softly before answering your unspoken question: “You know what I am? I am emotions and the feeling of true belonging. I am the roots of your inner being, family and home, your psychological identification, the connection of the environment and private life. I am the intimacy, age and the unconsciousness.”

fifth house: This door is not wooden. It is made out of the finest marble you could find here on earth. The knob is long and golden, a Latin phrase is written on the shimmering marble, it says ‘Ab imo pectore‘, from the bottom of my heart. You can hear music playing loudly and with an easy sweep you open the giant. You enter an atelier, the light is glowing golden and the Leo dances in the middle of it. Everything look rather antique, but with such grace and vividness, you cannot stop yourself from smiling. The sudden laugh of the Leo sounds like an imitating roar and he tip toes to his lover on the giant bed next to the window. “You are even more beautiful than my paintings, I could never capture your beauty.” As his lover smiles and takes his hands, they suddenly point in your direction and the Leo turns around, his thick hair shining in the light. “What do you want, stranger?” You answer honestly and the Leo laughs again as you want to know who he is. “I am art, your passions, creativity and individuality. The will for live, joy, children, the partner, sexuality, the wish for admiration and appreciation. “

sixth house: This door seems rather modest, but pretty as well. It seems to be quiet smaller than the rest of the doors you have seen so far. It has small little patterns carved in it. You see a note in the middle of it, it’s telling you to knock before opening and so you do as it told you. “Yes, you may come in.” You enter a cold, neatly tidied up working room, the lights are dimmed but the creature - the Virgo - in front of you is uptight, being busy doing some work - whatever it might be - but still keep a gentle smile on the lips. “Sorry, I’m in a hurry, please don’t mind the mess.” Mess she says, but you cannot even see a bit of dust on the book shelf. “Please, sit down, do you want something to drink? I cannot let you stay for a long time, but I already know what you might want to know, if you don’t mind answering you question.” Surprised you nod. “I a, work and service, as you can see. I am duty, social integration, physic healthiness, one ones limits and the limit of the others. the balance between my own needs and the ones of the environment.”

seventh house: This door is already open. You are surprised and carefully look into the room. There is a comfortable looking bedroom, its furniture is held in warm colors, there is much light shining inside since the windows are very high and there are no curtains. The Libra is walking directly towards you, a soft smile on the lips and a glass of water in the other hand. “Hey, how are you? Just passing by?” You nod and ask if you are allowed to sit down on the sofa, Libra nods and sits down with you. “Sorry, I am just, ahm-” He pauses as he notes down something in a giant book with a dark, cracked leather binding.” You blink  a few times before asking what kind of book Libra is carrying with him. “Oh this? Sometimes I need to note everything down, every person that touched me, I’ve met, you know. You learn so much by being in touch with others.” You nod, it seems right what he says. “You know, I am the development of ones own identity by meeting others. Relationships to others, the You, mental interest, contacts and meetings, harmony, joy and beauty. The partner, the person opposite as my projection surface, cooperation, socialization, coming together and working together.”

eight house: This door seems made out of stone. You are struggling to open it. Are you allowed to open it? The atmosphere is tense and you hear a vibrant sound somewhere. Next to you  in the hallway is a small window, which you look out of. There is the deep, blackness of the night sky, golden stars are adorning it, among them the white, glowing, milky moon, who whispers sweet promises and goodbyes to you. Suddenly the stone door is opening, you jump in shook and your heartbeat raises as you see red glowing eyes watching you from the dark behind it. “Hello. What do you want”, a deep, echoing voice asks you. Your hands are shaking, you are frightened and at the same time deeply hypnotized. “You are Scorpio, right?” The eyes keep on starring. “I am.” You swallow and ask if you may enter. “I am the darkness that you desire, the occult, the interest, I am passion, desire, transformation, the taboo, the darker side and death. Are you sure you want to come in?” You do not hesitate, but nod instantly. “Hmpf.” A pale hand grabs yours, the skin tone seems too pale for something living, but indeed the hand is warm and you feel oddly safe. 

ninth house: You had to climb a long spiral staircase in order to get to this room. Exhausted you breath desperately for air before realizing that you are in a giant tower. This door is slightly opened and you hear music faintly whispering in your ear. “Sorry?”, you ask as you see the Sagittarius twirling around in the room, a couple of maps in the hand. The room is full of possessions, pictures, books, paintings and different furniture from all over the world. Suddenly the Sagittarius stops, his brown eyes vividly laying on you. “Oh hi, didn’t see you there”, he says as he lays down the old maps. You remark the exciting and interesting looking room, it smells like jasmine in here. “You are the urge for more and exploration?”, you ask and the Sagittarius smiles. “I am not only that. I am your conscious mind, always growing, always developing, asking for the meaning of life. I am wanting to expand one’ philosophy, higher norms and values, abstract way of thinking, education and different cultures, explorations and the way of understanding. I am your ideal, your religious and spiritual life.”

tenth house: You knocked almost three times but no one seems to open this door. You are wondering what might happened to the person inside it. You try pushing it as you hear a stricter, cold voice: “Try ringing the bell instead.” It came out of the intercom. “Sorry, I-” 
“It’s alright, I don’t mind. Come in.” The door opens from its own and you are intimidated by the big entry. A woman with a suitcase and silky trouser suit walks towards you, the sound of her shoes echoing from the walls. “Hi, I am Capricorn, Excuse me, but I do not like this knocking, there is a bell for a reason.” You look into her grey eyes and even though her facial expressions seems hard you know she is gentle. You apologize but she laughs it off. “I have a meeting at six, and I know what you want - Virgo already called me -, so I am explaining everything now - oh, here take a seat, coffee and biscuits are here on the table.” You do as she said but are somehow a  bit too nervous to eat. “I am the development and realization of ones goals in life or even destiny. I am the public, ones image, law, order and authority. Honor, responsibility, appeal and the position you take in society.”

eleventh house: “Hi, here do I live”, the shield hanging on the door says. Sadly it does not say who “I” is. You ring the door bell and the bell ringing sounds differently than usual. It is longer and you have never heard this kind of melody as a door bell before. “Come in”, someone says quietly. The light is dimmed, and you see Aquarius in front of his Laptop on his bed. “Sorry, had no time tying up, I am trying to connect to this live broadcast of the speech from this dude here, he’s responsible for this rather extreme party and - ah, it’s not working, damn it.” He closes the Laptop and offers you a seat on his bed. “Nice to meet you, want some coffee?” He offers you a cup but takes it back immediately. “Sorry, paint water in there, not coffee, ha. Nice jacket, you come here often?” You shake your head and smile. He is funny and unusual, you like it. “Actually, I wanted to know who..” 
“I am? Well, I am the development of your goals regarding society. The zeitgeist, friends, communities, reforms, ambitions and change. Emancipation, patronage, rebellion, humanitarian and social ideals, also hopes and desires. 

twelfth house: The last door. Your journey was long but everything has an end and you know that the person behind this door knows this feeling too well - that the circle is closing, ending and repeats itself afterwards. You open the door, knowing you do not have to knock. You step into radiant, glowing, crystal blue water. The water is flowing in circles and Pisces is standing there, the softest smile on the lips, eyes so warm and understanding, the head lightly tilted. You are enchanted by the tingling sensation of the water and as you grab Pisces hands, they are warm and soft. “Do not be afraid. I am endless devotion. Endless devotion without losing ground underneath you feet. I am the other meta-level. Delusional, transparent, drawn to fleeing from fears, but always love deep inside. Come, you can visit the other realm with me now.”

I’m smoking by the thought of you at 3 am in the kitchen chair again, wondering if I’ll ever stop missing you.
If I’ll ever stop looking next to me in class and get sad when I realize you don’t sit there anymore.
Or to come home, look at the stairs that remind me of the days when you took me home and how we sat there to talk about things no one knows.
I could waste a wish on having wings to be able to make the distance dissappear, but darling, you live next-door.
I know it hurts when you’re close to someone but they live miles away from you. But isn’t it worse to have had been the closest to them and still seeing them, but being so far away from them yet, that it doesn’t even matter where they live?
To remember how you made them smile so often a day and now to see that they don’t even spend a look on you? To watch others make them smile?
I look for you everywhere I go. In every corner and every edge. In every person I know, and in everyone I don’t. In places I’ve been to, and in one’s I’ll never be in. In the things, that exist, and in the ones, that don’t.
Where did you go to, when you’re right next to my door?
How did you escape, when I can still feel our past on repeat?
Why are we strangers, when we have had been each other’s heart and mind?
—  goldencancerbag 
Jughead x Reader | Texts

Originally posted by evenstoast

This has been requested by this lovely anon: 

I absolutely adore this imagine!


Plot: You and Jughead are texting, they live next to each other but can LITERALLY just go to the others house, but it’s late at night and the two of you are bored. Just a short lil fluff I guess

based on show

Warnings: None

“Ugh I can’t believe it finishes like that!” You shouted to yourself. You just finished an amazing movie which had the worst ending in the entire world of movies. You grabbed your remote and switched the TV off. You sighed and scrolled around on Netflix looking for something better to watch. You put on an old episode of your favourite show and sat chilling for a while. Just eating Cheez-Its and trying to stay awake. You were determined to have a good Thursday night.

You got up from your bed to grab your laptop from your desk which faced your window. You looked outside and up at the moon. A full moon, it spooked you out a little as you thought about Jason Blossom death and how his killer is still out there. You shivered and looked up at your neighbour’s window Jughead Jones, the ‘boy next door’. Well… More like ‘the weird spooky boy next door’. You’d known him since grade school and have been friends with him ever since you defended him against a bully.

What you didn’t ever mention is that you liked him a whole lot. He was always there after a breakup, you confide every emotion in him and basically share everything. A lot of your stuff is at his and a lot of his is at yours.

Oh god you’re wearing one of his shirts right now…

Your parents would constantly ask ‘when are you two settling down?’ or ‘shall I send out a Save The Date?’ obviously they were mostly jokes but sometimes you found yourself imagining living with Jughead and waking up next to him in the morning and-

But they were silly daydreams, you knew he had an interest in someone else. Betty Cooper, the actual ‘girl next door’ she was so lovely to everyone and especially you, you were close. Her and Jughead worked on The Blue and Gold. You could sense there was something going on in his head. But you wished it was you. You grabbed your phone from your bed and sent a text to Jughead.

You: You up?

The ‘seen’ message came up almost instantly, he was probably bored too.

Jughead: Yup… Stuck on homework… You?

You smiled and typed away.

You: Bad movie… Hey I can see you!

You walked up to your window and saw Jughead walking round his room looking down at his phone. He looked up, pissed off

Jughead: Creep

You: Pervert

You laughed and kept your eyes on him and saw him texting.

Jughead: I’m a pervert? Wouldn’t a pervert rather see someone undressed?

You smirked and noticed Jughead looking up at you. You mimicked taking your shirt off but stopped before Jughead shielded his eyes.

Jughead: That came out wrong, and you’re immature

You: You’re annoying

Jughead: Why don’t you just come over instead of awkwardly standing in front of your window?

You: Cause it’s almost midnight, I have a curfew. Plus I need my beauty sleep for the Pep rally tomorrow

You almost forgot you made it on the cheer squad. You tried out with Betty and Veronica, the three of you got in. You looked over at your very cute uniform and smiled.

Jughead: Oh yeah… I didn’t think cheerleading was your thing

You: It became my thing once I found out I looked so good in uniform!!

You noticed Jughead smiling and you put your hand up before ducking away from the window. You quickly changed into your cheerleading uniform and walked back up to the window. Jughead chuckled and looked down.

Jughead: Give us a twirl Y/N

As he said, you did a little spin and a few poses. He watched you, a little mesmerised and smiled a whole lot more. He leaned on the window frame.

You: Like what you see Juggy? ;)

You smirked at the text and put your hand on your hips.

Jughead: You’re so annoying.

Jughead: Yeah you look okay

Jughead: I guess

You blushed, he rubbed the back of his neck. You couldn’t see but he was blushing too.

You: You look good too

Jughead: I said okay…

You: Yeah but I knew you meant The Most Amazing Person On This Planet.

You saw Jughead chuckle.

You: I’ll be mad if that’s not my new contact name.

Jughead: Go to sleep!

You: Make me ;)

Jughead sighed and you shut your curtains to change into your pyjamas.

Jughead: Where did you go?

You: I’m changing, wanna see?

Jughead: Not this again…

You opened your curtains, to reveal you just in your pyjamas. And Jughead shook his head smiling. You also opened your window. Jughead did the same.

Goodnight Jughead.” You said

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said. You closed your window and walked over to your bed. You got under your duvet and shut your eyes. Until you heard another phone notification. You picked up your phone and read the text.

Jughead: You’re really pretty

Jughead: I’m sorry for that

Jughead: Do you wanna get a burger and milkshake tomorrow?

You blushed furiously and smiled.

You: I would love to Jug <3

You smiled to yourself adding a cute heart emoji at the end. You put your phone away and went to bed.

Jughead was in his room smiling down at his phone. Blushing furiously.

(Hope you liked it!!)

Did someone say modern step sibling au lmao
I mentioned writing this before, I was gonna make it one long fic but i decided to break it up into a few shorter ones? It wont be that long tho I just don’t want it all to be in one thing.
ANYWAY, this is a modern au featuring JD and Heather Chandler as step siblings who are desperate for Veronica, a Known Bisexual. It’s honestly equal parts jdonica and chansaw so hopefully you’re into that lol. Here’s part one!

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anonymous asked:

RFA finding out MC was raped? sorry if it's too much for you..

It is not, my angsty friend. It is not.

Alright, buckle up my guy this is going to be a long one.

~~Sensitive material pls don’t read if this will trigger you!~~


  • Feels legitimately sick
  • Starts crying and holds you close
  • “How can this world…be so cruel?”
  • You’ve never seen him get this angry before, but he throws his gaming mouse and it smashes to pieces against the wall.
  • Throws his hoodie on and heads out the door. He realizes he’s frightened you and he needs to take a walk to calm down.
  • He feels like punching every man he see’s into a pulp. Any one of them could be…
  • Throws up in the nearest trash can at the thought
  • Right now he hates the world
  • He knows it happened before you met, but he hates himself for not being there to protect you.
  • Finds himself sitting alone at the park, crying.
  • He’s glad you’re not there to see him like this
  • Oh, right…
  • “I’m being kind of a selfish douche right now, aren’t I?”
  • He realizes, admitting it out loud to himself
  • You have to be feeling 100 times worse than him, and he left because he couldn’t control his emotions…
  • Show back up at apartment, a giant bouquet of roses in hand
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. There’s…no excuse for my actions! I’m here for you now. And I’ll protect you from now on. For the rest of our lives. No one will ever touch you again. I swear it.”


  • Jumin Han.
  • Is.
  • Pissed.
  • If you had x-ray vision you would literally see his blood boiling
  • But this guy has subtlety down to a fucking science
  • He seems so calm and collected and listens to you tell him everything that happened with a straight face
  • His hands are gently placed on your own and his eyes don’t stray from your gaze
  • The next few days he is extra caring, extra gentle, extra kind.
  • You feel so relieved to have told him
  • And his warmth, his soft response towards you after learning the truth was all you needed
  • But Jumin Han does not forget.
  • Jumin Han does not forgive.
  • Not what this prick has done to you.
  • Behind your back, he reaches out to someone.
    • “Saeyoung, I need your help.”
    • “Oookay?…With what? It’s got to be interesting if someone with your resources is coming to me.”
    • “I need you to be 707 again. Just for one more job. And I need it to be strictly between us. You’ll understand after I explain everything.”
  • With his money and Saeyoungs help it didn’t take long to locate them and put the plan in place
  • ‘707′ located a small, uninhabited and remote island far at sea
  • All Jumin needed to do was give the men his order
  • Less than a week went by before his phone buzzed in his hand
  • “Hm?”
  • An unknown contact
  • A photo of a man; battered and bruised, lying on the shore with sand in his wounds. The hands that had touched you had been burned.
  • Jumin smiled
    • “What is it, Jumin? A cat photo?! Let me see!”
    • “No, MC. Just something for work,” he glanced up from his screen. “Oh no no…this won’t do. Those heels are all wrong for that dress. They aren’t elegant enough for your legs. Let’s go buy you some new ones that are more fitting.”
  • He glanced at the phone once more
  • [DELETE]

◉ Zen

  • He wanted to drink and smoke until he was numb
  • He wanted to throw you on his bike behind him and ride away to somewhere remote and safe
  • He wished he could travel in time. Lock you in some distant tower like the princess you were, and protect you with his life
  • But life was not like a fairy tale and reality never hit him so hard
  • He felt your smooth touch on the back on his hand and looking down, realized his knuckles were white from the clenching of his fists.
  • He wanted so badly to kick the shit out of that asshole…whoever they were.
  • But that might mean the end of his career, maybe even jail time? And how would he protect you then?
  • His head was swimming with thoughts
  • That whole night, and for the next few days he was stuck to you like glue.
  • He looked like hell
  • He couldn’t sleep
  • He lay awake clutching at your frame and listening to your breathing
  • He told his agent he was sick in order to get some time off to watch over you
  • He never felt so small and helpless before
  • Looking over his piles of fan letters, he tried to regain some sense of self when he realized
  • He wasn’t powerless
  • All of these people looked up to him
  • They watched what he did, bought what he advertised.
  • If he couldn’t turn back time and keep this from happening to you…well maybe he could use his fame to keep this from happening to other people
  • He dialed his agent at once to put a plan in place
  • Hyun Ryu would be the face and spokesperson for a new campaign against sexual assault.

◉ Jaehee

  • She tried to control herself but you could see the coffee cup in her hand shaking
  • She had a lump in her throat
  • “Thank you for telling me, MC. I…I don’t know what to say.”
  • It was hard for her to organize her thoughts. How could anyone have hurt this person. The person she loved so much, who brought so much light and peace to her life.
  • As much as she tried to suppress it, she felt the tears welling in her eyes and quickly wiped them away
  • She didn’t want to be a mess in front of you
  •  Jaehee cleared her throat, placed her coffee cup on the table, and grabbed your hands into hers.
  • “Can we take this to court? Can we take some legal action against this person? I don’t care what it takes, but they won’t get away with this damn it.”


  • He thought his stomach would drop through the floor
  • He felt like every nerve ending had been set on fire
  • You were laying on his chest on the bed that night, fast asleep.
  • Saeyoung ran his long fingers through your fragrant hair until the dawn poured through the window. His sleeve was soaked with the tears he quietly shed in the night as he looked at your peaceful sleeping face
  • Days went by
  • And an anger that began as a small match in his heart now felt like a raging fire which consumed him
  • Every chance he got, he was researching and researching
  • Why hadn’t you just told him who did this to you?
  • Well, he knew why
  • But why…
  • Maybe it was for the best
  • He had his own way of finding out
  • It took longer than he’d like to admit
  • He was rusty as hell
  • He searched police reports and newspapers, searched social media profiles
  • Finally he found them
  • “MC, I’ll be leaving in 2 days…another toy convention for the shop. I wish I didn’t have to leave you.”
  • He kissed your forehead
  • He used his special agent skills to locate the targets house and figure out when they would be alone
  • When they answered the door they were greeted by a powerful fist colliding with their nose full force
  • “That’s for MC, you fucking son of a bitch”
  • He grabbed them by their collar and lifted them up off the ground, raising his fist once more 
  • “And these next ones are for every year, every second she’s had to live with the thought of your disgusting hands on her. You’re lucky I don’t break every one of your fingers.”
  • He made a point to spit on the limp body before walking away, his phone buzzing in his pocket
  • “MC…”
  • He needed to come up with an excuse for his bruised knuckles before coming home…

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you perhaps write something about Aaron getting his phone back after prison and finding a message (or messages) from Robert, maybe not really meant for him but that Robert needed to talk to someone and didn't think to delete? (I know you wrote a drabble of Robert leaving a message, this could follow that or not, as you choose) I've been reading through your stories, and they're wonderful! I love some of the domestic moments (Paddy pushing Aaron in the muddy river is a favorite!)

thank you lovely, thats so kind! and aaahh i love this idea, i hope you enjoy.

a sequel to this drabble.

It had been a long day, and Aaron was exhausted. He’d managed a quick, five minute shower, wanting to wash the last of prison from his skin before he went to bed, so his hair was damp against his forehead as he sat down on the edge of the bed, his heart racing as his felt the familiar softness of their mattress underneath his hands.

Six weeks. It had been six weeks since he’d been at home, since he’d slept in his own bed, since he’d had a good nights sleep. Aaron couldn’t wait to close his eyes, and just sleep - but he wanted to wait for Robert, to say goodnight to his husband properly.

He could hear Robert in the bathroom, their bedroom door cracked slightly open, the sound of the water running filling the upstairs hallway. Aaron turned his focus to his bedside locker, too tired to think too much about Robert, and the shower, and how gloriously naked his husband was right that minute.

Noticing his phone, Aaron realised he hadn’t so much as turned it on all day, having completely forgotten about it. He’d gotten used to not having it, he supposed.

Turning it on, Aaron couldn’t help but smile as he noticed Robert had charged it for him, the little battery sign in the corner flashing green. It took a few seconds for notifications to flood through, Facebook notifications and football scores, and a whole rake of phonecalls - from Robert?

Aaron raised an eyebrow, wondering why his husband had been calling his mobile while Aaron had been inside, knowing there was no way he’d hear the messages. He dialled the number for his voicemail, waiting patiently for the 47 unread messages he had to play.

“I miss you, Aaron. You’ve only been gone three days, and I miss you so much it hurts to think about it. I’ve spent nearly every day of this past year with you, and even when you were in France, I got to call you, see your face every single day. Not being near you, not being able to kiss you goodnight - it’s awful. I miss you, and I can’t wait for you to come home.”

Robert sounded absolutely devastated on the phone, an edge to his voice that Aaron recognised as the older man trying to hold back tears. 

“You’re going to think it was stupid, me ringing your voicemail just to feel like I have someone to talk to, but the truth is, without you around, I’m lonely. I don’t have any friends, besides you,” Robert said in his next message. “I’m sitting on the couch, watching Top Gear, and all I want, in this whole entire world, is for you to be here next to me, telling me to shut up so you can focus on the cars. I’ve recorded all the new episodes, by the way, so you can watch them when you’re out. I miss talking to you about stuff like this, whats on telly, how your day went. My days are getting pretty boring, without you.”

Aaron’s heart twisted at Robert’s words, his loneliness obvious now. Aaron didn’t often think about Robert having mates, but his message made Aaron realise just how few and far between those friends were. 

“I was in Tesco, and I saw your favourite chocolate was on offer, and I was halfway home before I realised you couldn’t eat it because you’re not here, you’re in prison. I’m pulled in at the side of the road between Hotten and home, and I feel like such an idiot for crying over something so small when you’re going through hell inside.”

“Aaron, I’m scared. I’m scared something is going to happen to you inside, and there’s nothing I’ll be able to do to help. I can fix a lot of things, you know? I can sort out a lot, but I just have to sit and wait for the solicitor to sort your appeal, and I hate it. I hate feeling helpless.”

Helpless. That was not a word he’d use to describe Robert Sugden.

“I miss you. Please come home to me soon, Aaron.”

Aaron wished he could have been home sooner.

“I haven’t slept in our bed since you went inside.” Robert admitted tearfully in his next message. “It’s too big, without you in it. I’ve been sleeping on the couch for weeks, but you come home tomorrow, and our lives can start again. God, Aaron, I love you, and I’ve missed you so much. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

“You alright?”

Aaron looked up to see Robert walking into their bedroom, towel drying his hair as he kicked the door shut, blocking out the rest of the world. He was speechless, his phone still pressed to his ear. 

“Aaron, you okay?” Robert repeated, concerned now. His pyjama bottoms were slung low on his hips, drops of water running down his neck, and any other time, Aaron would probably have just jumped him there and then, but he noticed instead - noticed the dark circles under Robert’s eyes, the slump to his shoulders and the even more pale than usual complexion of his skin.

“I listened to your messages.” Aaron said, setting his phone down and standing up, unsure of what to say.

Robert flushed, clearly embarrassed. “Sorry, it was a weird thing to do. I just needed someone to talk to while you were inside, I guess.”

“Robert, I’m so sorry.”

“What have you got to be sorry for, you daft idiot? You did nothing! You were going through hell inside, don’t worry about me.”

“I do though, worry about ya.” Aaron wrapped his arms around Robert’s middle, hugging him tightly. “I’m sorry you didn’t have anyone to talk to.”

Robert held him close, pressing his lips to the side of Aaron’s head in a soft kiss. “Your voicemail did an okay job.”

“Well, I’m here now,” Aaron reassured, blinking back tears he hadn’t realised were welling in his eyes. “And I’m never leaving ya again.”

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Secrets And Lies - Nine

Reid x reader

This is the final chapter :)


For someone who had committed such a sin yet again, Y/N slept surprisingly well. She woke up at 8am to her phone singing, the soft weight of her daughter curled up against her. She grabbed her phone, answering it to silence it, realising too late that it was Georgia calling her.

“Hello… ” she croaked out, her voice heavy with sleep.

“Just so you know, I’m not mad. And as weird as it will be, I enjoy our friendship and would prefer it if we could remain friends. I’m taking Ellie to see my mom this morning whilst he packs some things up, and then she has a birthday party this afternoon. It’s at one of those fun factory places, perhaps all three of us could meet there to discuss how this is going to work, 3pm say?”

So he’d actually done it?

Spencer had actually done it.

Fucking hell.

She was awake now and rolled away from Ella, sitting upright.

“Y/N… Are you there still? I mean it, I’m not mad… ”

She realised that she hadn’t spoken and coughed quickly, “I’m here. Gee…. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. He was meant to be with you, I’ve known that for years. Ellie and I will be fine. We’re going to be one of those weird families, where the ex wife and the new wife are still good friends and they all go on holiday with each other, I’ve decided. No arguing.”

Y/N laughed nervously, still unsure at how to process everything.

“So, 3pm? Yes?”

“Yes, okay. I’ll see if JJ will watch Ella for me.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer doesn’t turn up at your door soon.”

She disconnected the call leaving Y/N feeling dumbstruck. It was then she noticed that she had text messages from Spencer, sent hours ago, asking her to call him when she woke up. She called him, him picking up after only two rings.

“I did it,” were the first words he said to her.

“I know. Georgia called me.”

“She did? Was she… Oh shit Y/N, I’m sorry. Was she horrid to you? She seemed okay when she left.”

“She was strangely calm and fine. Says that she knows we were meant to be together, and she didn’t sound like she was lying. She wants to meet later though. To discuss arrangements.”

Y/N felt Ella stirring beside her and she smiled at her daughters sleepy face.

“Yeah she mentioned that. I think… I think she’s being genuine. Listen, erm…. Obviously Georgia and Ellie are staying in the house and I’m not. I know you didn’t say much last night so I don’t know how you feel about any of this, not really. But I need to find somewhere to stay, either a hotel for a while until I can get a rental or maybe Derek has some… ”

“Spencer, just come here. I couldn’t say it last night and I’m not going to say it over the phone, but all those feelings I had all those years ago are still there. They haven’t gone away. So when you’re ready, come here.”

“I’m pretty much packed, at least what I can right now anyway. So I’ll see you in forty?”

“We’ll be up, I’ll make breakfast for us all.”

When Spencer turned up forty five minutes later and started unloading suitcases from the car, Ella looked extremely confused but happy.

“Does daddy live with us now?” she asked, looking up at both adults.

“Yes, daddy lives with us now. Is that okay?” Y/N told her, instructing Reid to put his stuff in the small box room until she had time to make room in her closets.

“What about Ellie and Georgia?”

“They’re staying in their own home. But you’ll still see them, all the time. I promise.”

Y/N sincerely hope that was going to be the case, it would break both girls hearts to suddenly be ripped away from each other.

“So are you and daddy getting married now? Like daddy and Georgia were?”

“Ella… So many questions, baby. It’s complicated. But what matters is that daddy and I love each other and that we both love you. Daddy still love Ellie and he still loves Georgia, but not in the way he did. And Georgia still loves us all. Okay?”

“Okay. Can we have pancakes now?”

“Yes. Go and get the mix out of the cupboards ready for me and I’ll be through in a minute.”

Y/N had seen Spencer stop at the top of the stairs when Ella had started asking questions, obviously wanting to see how she answered them first. He walked down to join her at the bottom and she smiled at him, feeling butterflies in her tummy.

“It’s a lot for her take in. One minute you and Georgia are a thing and the next, you’re here,” she commented.

“It is, but like you said, what matters is that we both love each other. I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get here, to finally be with you.”

“Things happen for a reason, at least that’s what they say. And you’re here now. I love you Spencer.”

“I love you too. So much.”

They hugged, embracing each other tightly until a loud clatter sounded from the kitchen and they rushed in to help Ella before she made a mess of the entire kitchen.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent together, giving Y/N a taste of what life was hopefully going to be like from now on. And she loved it.

After breakfast Ella had wanted to watch cartoons for a while, Y/N normally allowed her to watch them on a Saturday morning so the two adults followed her into the living room, sitting somewhat awkwardly together on the couch whilst Ella lay out on the floor.

Ten minutes or so passed by and Y/N could feel a pair of eyes on her so she glanced over at Spencer at the other end of the couch. He held out his arm and cocked his head. Y/N inched closer on the couch and curled up next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. Suddenly a huge weight felt like it had been lifted off her shoulders. This was right, this was okay. This was how it should be, how it should have been. She gave a contended sigh as Reid kissed the top of her head. Ella looked up moments later, a huge grin on her face at her mother and father snuggling together. Seeing them together made her happy.

When it came time to meet with Georgia, Y/N and Spencer dropped Ella off with JJ, who seemed surprised to see them both together. She raised an eyebrow at Y/N who smiled at her old friend.

“It’s a long story, that’s actually not that long really. But… Spencer will be living with me now. And Gee and I are still friends, that’s where we’re going to now, to work out details.”

“When did this happen, why don’t I know?”

“Last night and early this morning. Bottle of wine Friday night? Seeing as I now have a built in babysitter?” She grinned at Spencer who just rolled his eyes at the two women.

“Definitely bottle of wine. Or two. Me and you are long overdue a good gossip. Text me when you’re on your way back okay. It’s nice out so we’ll probably take the kids to the park.”

Goodbyes were exchanged and then they made their way to The Fun Factory where Ellie’s friends party was taking place, finding Georgia waiting at a table far away from the play area.

“Never quite thought I’d feel happy seeing my husband and my friend hand in hand with each other, but strangely I do. I must be screwed in the head.”

Spencer and Y/N sat down opposite her and the next hour or so was spent hashing out details. In the end it was decided that for now, Ellie would spend every other weekend at Y/N’s house so she could see her father. If he was away on a case then Ellie would decide herself whether she still wanted to go, so that she could see her sister. The last weekend of every month Ella would go to Georgia’s home to stay there. Both women had become attached to the others daughter and they all agreed that they wanted the girls to spend as much time as possible with each other. It would be also mean the Y/N would have some much needed free time once a month, hopefully to have some actual dates with her new partner. It was all very amicable and Y/N couldn’t quite believe how easy this was turning out to be. If only it had been like this in the beginning.

“I have an appointment next Friday with a divorce lawyer. Hopefully we can get that sorted as quickly as we can so that you pair are free to do what you wish, just make sure I’m invited to the wedding yeah?” Georgia joked and Y/N felt herself blushing.

When it was time to leave, the adults plus Ellie and a large balloon that she’d accumulated from the party, left via the front door rather than directly into the parking lot. Ellie and Georgia had walked here, not living far, so they all walked out together meaning that Spencer could wave goodbye to his daughter.

The three adults were chatting together and making arrangements for Spencer to collect some more of his belongings when Y/N saw Ellie let go off her balloon and immediately chase after it, stepping out onto the main road that ran in front of the restaurant.

“Ellie…. ” Y/N called after her, seeing a car speeding along the road. The girl hadn’t heard her and was still chasing the balloon walking directly into the path of the oncoming car.

Without a thought for herself, Y/N dashed after her quickly shoving Ellie forward and out of the way. She saw the girl skid across the tarmac, skinning her knees just as the car slammed into Y/N’s torso, lifting her off the ground and sending her up and over the hood the car.

It’s true what they say, your life really does flash before your eyes. Every memory of Spencer, every memory of Ella seemed to flood Y/N’s brain as she heard a screeching and felt the weightlessness as she flew threw the air, followed by a loud crunching sound as she hit the ground.

Then… Pain. In her head, her neck and chest, a wetness under her hair. Strangely, she couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. She could see her legs bent awkwardly at an angle not normal at all, but she couldn’t feel them.

And then there was the screaming, the crying. Spencer’s face suddenly coming into view, a look of horror upon it.

“Oh my god… Oh my god… Shit.. Fuck… Georgia, the ambulance? We need it now…. Oh my god… Y/N…. Y/N can you hear me?”

She could hear him and tried to choke out a yes. But it was so hard to talk. Her chest felt tight and full of water, like she was drowning somehow.

“Spen….. Spencer… ” her voice felt far away, like the words weren’t coming from her anymore. Spencer knelt down beside her and grasped her hand gently. She squeezed it as hard as she could.

Georgia suddenly came into view. “Spencer the ambulance is on its way. Timmy’s mom has Ellie, she’s taken her inside… Fuck, Spence..There’s so much blood… ”

That was what the wet feeling underneath her head was. Blood. Y/N was glad she couldn’t see it herself, for someone who used to work for the FBI she was surprisingly squeamish.

“Hold on Y/N. I need you to hold on,” Spencer urged her and she tried to smile at him. She felt so tired suddenly, like she just wanted to close her eyes to nap. He looked so concerned, his beautiful face clouded with worry for her.

She knew why, she could feel what was happening.

And she wasn’t scared. She was sad, that this new life she had planned for her, Ella and Spencer wasn’t going to come to anything. She was sad that she wasn’t going to get to see her daughter grow up, or see Spencer walking both of his little girls down the aisles at their weddings. She was sad she wasn’t going to get to walk down an aisle herself. And she was devastated that Spencer was going to have to break this news to her family, to Ella and Ellie.

But she wasn’t scared. She knew that much.

She summoned every last ounce of energy she had and spoke.

“I need you to… Your phone, the recording app. Turn it on… ”

Oh god how just those few words burned. Reid looked at her gone out, starting to shake his head before Georgia quickly placed her phone in front of Y/N’s lips, the app switched on.

“Ella, baby, Mommy loves you very much. I always, always will. And I’m so sorry sweetie, I really am. I need you to look after your daddy, and your nanna for me. They’re going to need you so much. I love you, and I’ll always be with you…. ”

“Y/N…. No!” Spencer begged, tears dripping down his cheeks.

“I love you Spencer… Please take care of her, bring the girls up together. You mean everything to me. I love you so much.”

“The ambulance is on its way, it’ll be here any second. Please just hold on,” he was frantic and Y/N hated seeing him like this, she wished she could hold on, but she couldn’t. It was too late.

The cell disappeared from in front of her and she cast her eyes to Georgia who was also crying , the words “I’m so sorry” being repeated over and over.

Y/N knew what she was sorry for, all the wasted time caused by the web of lies that was spun years before.

“Gee, it’s okay. Take… take care of them all. Please.”

The woman nodded and Y/N looked back to Spencer who was now weeping. “I love you so much Y/N,” his words cracked and broken. “You can’t leave me, you can’t leave us.”

“I’ll always… I’ll always be here… I…. I love… you.”

Y/N’s eyes started to blur but she caught sight of a familiar figure standing over Spencer’s shoulder, his hand outstretched and a sad smile on his face.

Her father.

Everything was always okay when she was with her father, so everything would be okay now right?

She allowed her eyes to close and her hand to reach out to meet his.

“Daddy? Do I have to?”

The man nodded sadly at her and she accepted her fate.

Her daughter had her father now, and Y/N was back with hers.

It would all be okay, she told herself as she walked hand in hand with her dad.

“Don’t look back baby, not yet. You can look in on them in a while. Okay?”



genre: fluff

summary: hyunggu is your new neighbor

a/n: for my girl @pentagon-fics | I actually read through this before posting so there shouldn’t be like spelling or grammar issues, but if so, I suck sorry

Originally posted by bbykino

“Ugh, finally.”

You groaned as you set down the heavy box that you’d packed to the brim. Why you insisted on having so many shoes you’ll never understand. And why your new apartment’s elevator decided not to work the day you moved in, you’ll also never understand.

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Wish Granted

Shop owner!Cas, Genie!Dean. Enjoy!

“Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?”

Castiel blinks.

He’s very certain that a moment ago, the man wearing a faded Led Zeppelin t-shirt and jeans was not standing in his small antique shop.

As a matter of fact, he was just polishing the small oil lamp an old customer and friend of his father’s left him in his will.

“I am sorry?”

The man rolls his eyes.

“What do you wish for?”

“I – don’t understand.”

He sighs.

“You rubbed the lamp, correct?”

“Yes, but – “

“So I come out, you get your wishes and I return to my lovely home.”

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Neighbours: Part Two - Tommy Shelby

The Phone Call

Part One | Part Two

As suspected my ankle is sprained. Charlie’s nurse has strapped it up with the advice that she’s not really qualified to diagnose or treat anything more complex than coughs and sniffles, and with the assurance that I’ll get it checked out, she lets me get the car back home.

“Everything alright Miss?” Jones asks when he sees me hobbling towards the car, propped up by Tommy.

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asylos  asked:

If you're taking the AU ideas as prompts, 9 :) Enjoy the last of your spring break!

You live in the apartment next to me. We’re not supposed to have pets, but I KNOW you have a cat. I’ll make you a deal, I won’t tell, if you let me pet it.

Sephiroth hated his neighbors mostly on principle. Even if they weren’t terrible neighbors he would find some fault with them and twist it into a reason to hate them and never interact with them. 

The first had been a terrible hag who had an ugly laugh and also smoked, making sure to blow it out in the direction of whatever window he had open while she bitched about everything (including her asshole neighbor who couldn’t see her advances)

Second had been a lovely couple…who had very, very loud sex…at various hours of the day. Most often at 3 A.M. 

Last had been a very hyper college student whom he was positive had stolen from his apartment (though he was unsure how or when). 

His mother told him to stop bitching. 

“You wanted out of the house remember,” she told him, “and it’s funny how all of them end up leaving, but you’re still there.” Sephiroth was quite possessive of his apartment. He had it exactly the way he wanted it to be. 

His bed against the wall, and his writing desk by the window. The kitchen peeked out behind the door, and his bathroom had a large enough supply closet to use as a walk-in closet instead. He actually liked this place and it was well within his price range. 

He just didn’t like the other people around him. 

The newest tenant hadn’t quite been there long enough to become a nuisance, but it was only a matter of time. He seemed disheveled a lot of the time, and extremely tired. But he was quiet when he was home and polite when he left early in the morning for his daily run…or get more of his loud, clanky cereal that he ate quite often. 

The only thing Sephiroth could think to bitch about was that he had a tendency to talk to himself and seemed unaware of how thin the walls were. He kept it to a quiet murmur though, so Sephiroth decided it was a fair enough to not complain about it and appear the asshole of the situation. 

You are an asshole though, Sephiroth’s mother reminded him. She told him that often enough…in her very endearing way. 

Sephiroth jumped a little when he heard a phone ring. He rolled his eyes when he realized it was next door. His neighbor answered quickly and with a lot of fake brightness. 

And then Sephiroth heard the loudest outburst from his neighbor so far. 


Sephiroth stared at the wall for a long while, wondering what was up. Then his phone began to ring. 

His landlord, a usually absentee man who only cared when rent was due was calling. 

“Exterminating termites in one of my other buildings,” was the explanation, “so myself an an inspector will be coming along to make sure your rooms are all up to code.” Sephiroth agreed and stared at the wall a little more. 

Why would the landlord freak out this one so much? 

Sephiroth ran through the list of simple rules in his head. No drugs, pay on time, no pets, no long term guests, no…


Sephiroth sat up and opened his window, peeking out to where said neighbor was frantically picking up his kitchen. His eyes narrowed when he picked up a bag, far too bright and cheery to be cereal. 

He also recognized a common pet food logo. 

It wasn’t loud cereal in a metal bowl…it was pet food. And he wasn’t talking to himself, he was talking to his. 

Sephiroth jerked back inside when said neighbor threw open his window with a litany of curses. But he was certain. His neighbor held a contraband animal in his apartment. 

It would have been reason enough to hate him, to gleefully wish for eviction. Except…

Sephiroth was at his neighbor’s door in an instant. Never, even during his most annoyed states, had he come to this point. 

The frantic looking blonde stared up at him. 

“Um…hi?” he asked, “can I help you?” 

“We haven’t met yet,” Sephiroth said, “but I live next door.”

“Oh…right,” the blonde said, “I’m Cloud…and this is kind of a bad time so-”

“I know you have a cat,” Sephiroth said. Cloud paled. 

“Oh…I’m not sure what you’re talking about so-” 

“These walls are thin,” Sephiroth said, “Extremely so.” Cloud now turned red with embarrassment, but didn’t back down.

“Look, I might be a little weird, but I don’t have a-”

“It’s escaped from your bedroom,” Sephiroth pointed out. 

“Shit!” Cloud cried whipping around. An orange tabby looked at Sephiroth curiously from around the corner. 

“I…I…” Cloud backed towards the cat and scooped it up. It tried to wriggle away from him, much more interested in the stranger. 

“And I know the landlord is coming,” Sephiroth said, “But…I would be willing to help you, given one condition.” 

“Umm…” Cloud looked lost, but finally looked back to Sephiroth, “What condition?” 

“I want to pet him,” Sephiroth said. Cloud blinked. 


“Yes.” Sephiroth stared longingly at the cat, who merped at his owner in pure annoyance. Simply exquisite. 

“I guess it’s okay,” Cloud said, “he likes attention anyway.” 

“May I?” Sephiroth asked. He waited for the nod before reaching forward. He relished the little sound the creature made at his touch and he quickly found a spot that made him purr. 

Satisfied, he pulled away. 

“Thank you,” he said, “now about helping you…”

if there’s one thing i’ve learned it’s that you’re not meant to make homes out of human beings, so i won’t tell you that your arms wrapped around me while i sleep are the only shelter i need, that laying in your lap while you play video games feels reminiscent of the games i played in my childhood bedroom. i won’t tell you how your heartbeat is like a security system - as long as it’s still going, i know i’ll be safe. the way you hold my hand everywhere we go isn’t quite the same as how i lock my doors at night to prevent intruders, but in the same fashion it keeps away unwanted attention from people i’m afraid might hurt me. i won’t tell you that you are my home, because you’re not. as much as i wish i could crawl inside your ribcage and live there next to your heart, i do not. i haven’t made a home out of you, but being with you feels like the safest home i’ve ever known. anywhere could be home if you’re there with me.
—  i haven’t told you yet, but i love you
Oneshot #51 :)

Scorpius sat in his bedroom listing reasons why Albus wouldn’t be interested in him. The top reason was, he isn’t into blonds. The final reason was, he (Scorpius) wasn’t good enough for Albus. He crumbled the piece of paper throwing it across the room.

His father alerted him about heading off to school. “We have to leave soon or you won’t catch the plane on time.” He warned.

“I don’t care if I go back. School is lame anyway.” An upset Scorpius had never used that type of tone with his dad before.

A concerned Draco walked inside his bedroom. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?” He didn’t know where all of this was coming from.

Scorpius shook his head. “No. I am not okay.” He avoided eye contact.

“Why? What happened?” For the first time, something seemed off.

“No one likes me.” He sighed, staring at the blank wall.

Draco rested a hand on his shoulder. No one likes you? You have Albus. He is your best friend. I don’t understand.“

Just the name alone is the reason he is so down. "He doesn’t need me. There are plenty of fish in the sea. He won’t even notice I am gone.” Scorpius said in defense.

“That’s doubtful. Tell me what’s really going on. You know I am here for you. Did you and Albus get in a fight?” As a father of limited experience, he only knew how to help so much.

Scorpius couldn’t bring the words to the forefront. He figured he had no choice. “There was no fight. He is a teenager now and so am I. People change. I have a feeling he wants nothing to do with me.” As much as those words hurt, he had to say them.

“Albus wanting nothing to do with you? Albus Potter? Please tell me you are kidding.”

A shake of the head was the response Scorpius gave his dad. “I mean it. He will replace me and I don’t blame him. I am not good enough for him.”

Draco stopped him right there. “You are 210 percent wrong. You’ve never been more wrong about anything and you were my son for twelve years.” He put his foot down.

Scorpius disagreed, completely. “I am out of his league. When we were kids, I understood why we were close. Now as teenagers, he could care less about me.” He said it with a straight face.

“Your mind is corrupted with false thoughts. You are still going to school. Get ready.” Draco exited the room, hoping he would come down as soon as possible.

Albus was late too. He wondered if Scorpius was on the train. Having extra time, he called the Malfoy residence.

Draco Malfoy answered. “Albus? Why are you calling from home?” Things weren’t adding up.

“I had errands to run. Did Scorpius leave for Hogwarts?” Albus wasn’t sure if he did or didn’t.

“No. He told me he wants to stay home. I told him, he is still going to school anyway.” Draco said very little to protect his son.

On the line, Albus made a puzzled facial expression. “Why?”

“I can’t tell you everything but if you want to stop by which would not be a bad idea, you are welcome to come here. I can take you to school.” Draco suggested without informing Scorpius.

“I’ll be there. I feel like I need to be. I will see you soon Mr. Malfoy.” Albus was in a rush.

They bid their goodbye’s and went off the phone. Draco had different scenarios of how all of this would play out.

Draco ran upstairs knocking on Scorpius’s door. “I know you want to be left alone but I thought you ought to know Albus is coming. You’ll see how much he cares.” With that being said, he left.

Scorpius couldn’t believe his father right now. He got out of the room, walking downstairs to the living room. “You invited Albus over? Great. Just what I needed.” He was slightly annoyed.

“Albus is the only one who can get through to you. I can’t.” Unfortunately, Draco didn’t have that much of an influence.

“I appreciate your help. I just wish you asked me first.” Scorpius took a seat on the largest couch, feeling scared.

An hour later, a knock on the door made Scorpius jump. “I don’t know what to say.” He told his dad.

Draco brought light into the moment. “You can listen and not talk if that’s what you want.” He went to open the door for Albus.

“Welcome Albus. We are in the living room.” Draco led the way anyway

Albus followed behind. He saw Scorpius and smiled. “You changed a lot.” He took a sit next to him.

Scorpius smiled back, somewhat. “I changed? Thank you?” That either meant in a positive or negative way.

“You look different. Your hair got blonder.” Those were one of the changes Albus noticed he inherited.

“Thank You.” Scorpius took his compliments as a way to deflect from his flaws.

Draco smiled, shortly after. “Cheer up Scorpius. Albus is here.”

Albus looked at Scorpius once Draco chose that one word. “What did I miss? Mr. Malfoy, do you know anything?” He faced Draco.

“Scorpius is insecure. He thinks he is losing you. I said he couldn’t be more wrong.” Draco explained.

Startled, Albus became silent for a few seconds. “Losing me? He is stuck with me.” He scratched his head.

Scorpius moved away from Albus creating space between them. “Maybe it’s best if you forget about me. I am just a Malfoy, a total loser with a capital L.” He used his fingers to make the letter.

“Why would I forget about you? You are my best friend, Scorp. If I did anything to make you feel like this, I am sorry.” Albus scooted closer to Scorpius.

“You didn’t do anything. You deserve the best and that’s not me. I don’t want to hold you back from making new friends.” He dead serious looked at Albus in the eyes when he said these words.

Albus needed to say what needed to be said. “You are all I need and you are all I’ll always need. I most certainly don’t want other friends because they aren’t you. Even if I had other friends, I would be thinking of you. I rather have a Scorpius. You are enough for me. You will never be replaced. No one comes close to you.” He said more then he intended.

Scorpius hated the friend word. “You are not my friend. You are my soulmate. I fell for you, hard. I allowed myself to do that and I feel like the feelings are only getting stronger.” He confessed.

“You like me, like me as in you like me like a legit like when you are into someone? I had a feeling you might. I wasn’t sure though.” Albus needed a second confirmation to make sure he heard right.

“I do like you as in I want you to be my boyfriend.” Scorpius never in a million years imagined he would be telling Albus his true feelings.

Albus thought the opposite. “I believed you would strictly like me as a friendly only. I didn’t expect you to be interested.”

“You won my heart. It was a long time coming. I lived in denial until I couldn’t anymore.” Scorpius felt better knowing he didn’t have a secret any longer.

“I like you very much. I planned on asking you to be my boyfriend on the train this year. However, plans didn’t work the way I initially wanted.” Coming here had been much better.

Scorpius got down on one knee like a wedding proposal to ask the most important question any thirteen year old could ask. “Albus Potter, will you be my boyfriend?” He opened his arms.

Albus blushed at his first and only boyfriend. “If you promise to marry me.” He was way over his head.

“A boyfriend and future husband? Yes to both and Albus?” Scorpius smiled, happily. “You can propose.”

“I intend to propose. You just won’t see it coming.” He kissed Scorpius’s cheek.

Scorpius turned red on his cheeks. “I love your kiss.” He touched his cheek where Albus had his lips.

Albus smiled. “Wait, until I kiss you for real.”

Waiting for the real kiss drove Scorpius insane. He didn’t expect it to happen now.

Albus leaned in with a racing heartbeat, grabbed Scorpius by the face and kissed him softly while stroking his cheek. He sat on his lap deepening the kiss. Scorpius wrapped his hands around Albus’s waist. They kissed until they were out of breath, literally.

You’re My Wish

I can’t believe it’s Yugyeom birthday already! Of course I had to write a special birthday smut for him. I hope all of you like it! :D (Especially all of you patient noona fans ;) ;) ;) 

Summary: You and Yugyeom decide to wait until his birthday to take things to the next level, and for his birthday, you plan a special trip to Las Vegas.

Genre: Smut/Romance/Fluff

Length: 2726

Originally posted by busanplayboy

After a long day, you came home and saw your boyfriend’s car parked outside of your house. Yugyeom didn’t live with you, but he had a key to your apartment. You ran to your door, excited to see him. You quickly unlocked the door and looked around for him. When you saw him sitting on the couch, watching TV, you scurried and sat in his lap so you were facing him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he quickly turned off the TV.

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From neighbors to something more (mini drabble)

Olicity // AO3 // 4013 // more fics //

Summary: Felicity moves into a new apartment and doesn’t really have the most natural relationship with her neighbor, the one, and only Oliver Queen.

A.N: I wrote this some time ago and I thought why not post it now and get it off my chest.

It had only been a week since she had moved into her new apartment in the middle od Starling. Most of her moving box’s had already been unpacked but there was still a lot to do around her apartment. Next, to her full-time job in QC’s IT department, she had never had the time to make her last apartment a homey living space. If she wasn’t at work, working extra hours she was either asleep or working from home. This apartment had been a treat to herself for working overtime and she had made a promise to herself to finally die down on the workaholics’ act and start living like any normal adult.

She had only just met the neighbors that lived across the hall from her, a lovely newly married couple with a baby but not yet the who lived in the apartment next to her. Whatever kind of lady’s man or playboy that was living next to her had already managed to get on her nerves after only being neighbors for a week or so.

In the first seven day’s of living in her new apartment, she had heard him having sex at least five time’s, having his friends over for a poker night and a night of watching whatever sport they had been watching that night. There hadn’t been that much noise the first night in her apartment she had found out about the sex thing. His and her bedroom apparently shared a wall. And the wall wasn’t really soundproof.

She hoped that it would die down and not have to be the neighbor that complained about all the time. But it didn’t, so today it was the weekly poker night and it was only eight o'clock and they were already yelling about who had won the first round of the night. Finally, after a month of putting up with the noise and the very active sex live off her unknown neighbor. So tonight was the night she would knock on the door and tell them to keep it down tonight because after the stressful day at work, the only thing that she wanted tonight was a quiet night in, in only her pj’s, binging Netflix and eat the tub of ice cream that was the only thing that she had in her freezer.

“Come on, opened the damn door.” Felicity had said to herself after it took awhile for someone to open the door and she was on the verge of turning back.

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College - Part 2 (C.H.)

A/N: I told you there would be a second part. This is the last part though, unless one of you give me a good prompt or idea to add another. The ending sucks though. Reminder: (####) is a skip in time within the same day & (****) is a skip in time more than a day.

Masterlist || Ask

Part 1


“Hey, mom.” I greeted her as our FaceTime call connected.

“Hi, sweetie. Was the flight okay? Are you settled? Did you eat?” My mom prattled off questions.

“Mom, mom! I thought I was meant to do this college thing on my own?” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“Can’t a mom be concerned about her daughter’s well being?” She asked offended.

I let out a little laugh. “Of course, mom, but to answer your questions, I’m fine, most of my unpacking is done, and I’m eating right now,” I hold up my plate to show her.

She nodded in satisfaction. “Good.” She looked off screen for a second before it looked like a thought occurred to her. “Oh, Calum came by today.”

I choked on the bit of food I had in my mouth and started coughing.

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Darry x Reader

Anonymous asked: 303 for Darry, please and thank you!

#303. “We have to pretend to be married.”


Darry stared at you, eyebrows knitting together.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” he asked, and you shook your head.

“No! No, what I’m saying is that this won’t work unless she believes that we’re truly married, therefore we have to at least pretend to be married.”

The Greaser solely stared, not looking to act on the proposal (I hate myself for using that word but I couldn’t help it omg sorry.)

“You know I’m right,” you said, and Dally ultimately shook his head.

“No, there’s a way around it, trust me.”

You keeled your eyes. “Okay well, while you try and figure that out, I’ll be in the living room.”

Without anticipating his riposte, you walked out, discerning Soda hanging off the edge of the couch, already peering in your direction.

“You and Darry getting married?”

You couldn’t tell if he was being earnest or jesting, as his expression was unreadable.

“No, not exactly. Just gotta make it look like we are.”

Soda lifted an eyebrow. “Why?”

Inactively, you felt red creep up your cheeks in subtle embarrassment. “My sister’s coming into town, and I made the mistake of telling her I’m married.” Soda’s eyes lit up in a humorous gleam, though you spoke before he got the chance. “Not my fault! She was flaunting her own marriage and kids and supposedly feeling sorry for me, what else could I do?”

“I didn’t know you were so prone to lie, Y/N! Especially about something like this,” Sodapop derided, raising an eyebrow. Your jaw clenched for a moment, and the Greaser knew what was coming up next. “You know, I’m just going to to the DX, I’ll let you and Darry figure this one out,” Soda fated, standing up and making his way out the door. “I wish you luck!” he said in a singsong voice, only to obtain a scowl from you. The door slammed shut behind him as you heard Darry walk into the living room.

“Fine, I got a ring, I’ll pretend to be your husband for this,” he said. Your gaze went broad at the first word.

“You got a ring?” you asked, incredulity. Darry looked you in the eyes for a transient moment, then nodded.

“Yeah, it was my mom’s.”

“Oh gosh, you don’t have to do that, Darry. We can go get a fake. You know, I bet Steve or Dally has probably lifted a few rings, if they don’t have one right now, we could surely ask-”

“Y/N,” Darry said, and you almost swore you saw merriment flash in his expression, fleetingly to be superseded by sincerity. “You’re a great person, if we were getting married, I’d want you to have the best ring I could get. Incidentally, this is it,” he stated, looking down at the ring in his hands.

As you looked at Darry, you couldn’t help but glance down at the ring, too. It was a prodigious gleaming stone crowded by vaguely smaller ones atop of a gold band. You had seen it before of course, in pictures of his mom, and you always thought it complimented her divinely. You had never gauged on Darry presenting it to you, as you didn’t even know he still had it.

You two had been going out for almost three years at this point, and you knew you both loved each other, but marriage was such a vast deal. Not to mention expensive. You agreed with the Greaser on not lavishing time on planning to get married, or planning a wedding in that case, right now. It was up in the air of course once Ponyboy graduated and settled into college, as soon sanguinely things would slow down, but it was never finalized by either of you.

“I’ll give it to you,” Darry said, bringing your eyes back up to him. “You can see it, see if you like it, if you want to wear it.” For a few seconds, you didn’t speak, simply stared at his outstretched hand and the ring he was detaining. You pronounced to take it though, as the Greaser opened his mouth to speak. You weren’t going to make him give it to you, to put it on you would be too much to ask.

“Of course I like it, Darry,” you murmured, gingerly holding it. “I just didn’t know you’d trust me this much, or, well, this isn’t a big deal, you know, lying to my sister about being married.” Pale blue eyes rested on yours, and you felt small, stammering over your words. “I can tell her the truth, because this ring, your mom’s ring, is a much bigger deal. I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do. It was stupid of me to lie to her.”

Before you could really tell what was happening, Darry smiled and charily grabbed your hands, making sure you were still okay with holding the ring. He kissed your forehead and then gazed back into your eyes. “I’ve lived with Sodapop and Ponyboy ever since they were born, I know what stupid decisions can cause,” he chuckled softly. “But this, you barely speak to your sister, and I’d be glad to prove her wrong.”

You couldn’t help but break out into a smile, asking him if he was serious.

“Of course I am, I want to do this, especially for you.”

You almost melted in his grasp at that moment, squeezing your one hand with the ring inside it and wrapping your other around Darry.

“Darry, I love you,” you breathed.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he said, and you could hear the simper in his voice. “Now,” he said, pulling away a bit and grinning at you. “Let’s show your sister that you have the best husband in the world.”