i wish you could hear how loudly this bastard is purring

You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me: Part 2

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Solo Triplets x Reader

Words: 1356

Warnings: Sexual implications made by Ben, because, cmon. The guy is a horny lil shit.

A/N Part 2 of the series that was based off of @clarencebells fanart of the Solo Triplets as cats.

Part 1

You were sitting on the floor cross legged surrounded by books, papers, and your three boyfriends whom were still in cat form. It’s been five days since Delsin Carmichael had to be a dick and turn the Solos into cats. 

You had to call in to their work and tell each of their employers that they’ve come down with a really bad illness. So bad that they’ve lost their voice, which is why they couldn’t call themselves. Surprisingly, each employer was very understanding and said that they could have all the time that they need. 

You sighed and ran your hand through your hair. Ben was sleeping on your lap, Kylo was to your left, and Matt to your right, “Delsin just had to be a dick just because I said no to him. What an asswipe.” Kylo meowed as if agreeing. Matt then stood on this hind legs and started pawing at your arm. You looked at him and he had this very innocent look in his eyes. You smiled and began to pet his head, “What’s up, Matty?” You then heard him purring and you couldn’t help but laugh. You shook your head, “Well, you always did like it when I pulled your hair.” You smirked looking down at the cat.

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