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Do you do platonic hcs? If so can you do Sidon with an equally positive friend? :D

My asexual heart blesses you

Positive besties- Sidon

- Did you mean; his twin

- They spread positivity all across the expanse of Hyrule, and are two balls of sunshine that everyone loves

- They sometimes collaborate when they praise/compliment/encourage someone Mostly Link

- They tend to do it to each other too- Sidon has more than once seen his friend giving him two thumbs up or holding up a fun little sign with an “I believe in you!!” on it while doing princely duties

- They in return have Sidon being their cheerleader whenever he can relax, and they hear him from atop shouting encouragement at them

- The Domain has started tallying up how many times they hear praise being shouted back and forth and it’s some Zora’s favorite things to document in the day

- The soldiers also have high morale because of those two, and children are left happy and bright for the rest of the week should they play with them

- They’re there for each other during their lows, when Sidon deals with his sister’s passing, and his friend’s losses, they’re there for each other

- Should they ever fight they have the cheesiest reunion, like that weird scene in Soul Eater where Soul and Blackstar try to fight Death the Kid and end up failing look it up it’s so fucking hilarious

- Listen Muzu they’re never not gonna be friends


;__; oh!!! ANON!!!! i meant to reply to this right away but i kept it in my box for a bit bc it made me cry from the immense surge of happy it gave me ;__; i don’t even know how to put everything i’m feeling into words, and a simple thank you doesn’t remotely express it, but THANK YOU!!! SO SO MUCH!!! i can’t wrap my head around how all the silly things i draw have had such an impact but it means the world to me—you mean the world to me!!! thank you for all your support and love, it helps me push through and keep going through life, you have no idea how much!! i’m not a very strong person at all, but youre helping me become one T__T i wish you (and everybody, too!!) sunshine and laughter and love and all the best things T_T!!!

Bts as things me,my friends,and teachers say

Rap monster:You see us people are like broken pencils,always replaced when we can’t fix them…

Other friend: can you just sharpen the damn pencil?!

Jin: why can’t we all just be a normal class for once?! Look at him flipping the trifold like its WWE and that girl looking like a flying squirrel in a blender!Then we have you always on that damn phone and her being her weird self!I don’t even know what he’s doing!

Jimin:You see that! That’s me 100% look at these calfs!Not to much but thick enough damn I’m hot!

J-hope: Why do you all swear so much! Can’t we just speak without having holy water thrusted into our mouths!Rainbows and sunshine,Rainbows and sunshine

Taehyung:So…um *points to PowerPoint* “How to be police”

Jungkook:I really am great at everything. The best in drums,basketball,track and cross country. What can you say I’m the best you wish you were me *walks into wall*

Suga: Yo, I don’t care.Fuck math!*falls asleep,passes all exams with ease*


Hello everybody!! :D How are you all? ^^ Hope you are doing well hehe! :) *hugs tight in you all* ♥ So, as my blog is still quite new, so I was not sure if I would do it or not, anyway i’m honored to present you my first follow forever, and motivation to make a this is i reached a new follower goal this week and i want to celebrate with every single one of my followers and mutuals. ♥ Life has been difficult for me cause of university but yeah… its going quite well :D I want to thank ALL OF YOU for staying with me still and for being part of my life ;U; Whithout you I couldn’t get so far in many many things! Not only here but in my life, you always help me to carry on, to stay strong and have loads of fun in the end of a tiring day ;U; Every single you mean a lot to me ok? Even if I dont talk much to some of you, you all are very precious to me and I’m glad we are here and know each other, sharing our stuff and putting a little smile on everyones face :D PLS NEVER CHANGE GUYS!! <33 hehe I wish you all BEST LUCK for everything and may all your days be filled with happiness and love :D You deserve anything good! ♥ sorry for the simple edit lol

Bold: precious friends & mutuals (even if we don’t talk much, you’re my precious sunshine!)

Italics: lovely blogs who fill my dash with lovely posts, people who I look up to


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don’t wanna let you go

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,240
prompt: “day two: hand-holding - we know these kiddos are always holding hands, time to write about it even more” 
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: riley matthews loves holding lucas friar’s hand and she fears the day when she might have to let them go. [part of the band au
notes: hello friends!!!! here’s day two of rucas fic week. i was inspired to revisit the girl meets world/band au with this one, so that’s the world that this fic takes place in. i hope you enjoy this little feelings trip, early knowledge of this world isn’t necessarily needed, but please feel free to check out the tag for more info! enjoy! 


Riley’s mouth dropped slightly as she stared at the headline that was repeated over and over again as she scrolled down her timeline. She had only been awake for about fifteen minutes, but she had snapped to pretty quickly once she saw the headlines that were circling around the web this morning. Not to mention that her notifications were blowing up.

Apparently it was far from unnoticeable that she was the girl holding Lucas Friar’s hand.

She was scared to look at what people were saying, people hadn’t exactly been nice to her when they found out her and the band were still friends following her breakup with Charlie. So, she figured that news that she was dating another member of Mad Dogs was certainly not going to go over well with their fans.

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Lucy dies and Nali happily. Ever after!! Though I feel sorry for Lucy for having sadistic fans like you who wish bad things for her. The NaLu fandom is going down the drain fast. Thank​ god the fans of other ships are sane

; ; Usually hateful asks like these don’t hurt my feelings. 

I guess I’m not clear enough????

I love Lucy Heartfilia and I wish nothing but the best for her. I want her to be happy! She’s actual sunshine!!!

Whenever I make angsty headcanons, I don’t actually wish that upon her, I’m just trying to be FUCKING SPOOKY. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, DUDE.

Each and every single ship have kind and lovely shippers, and they also have hateful shippers. Nalu is no different. But to classify all of us as insane is extremely rude. As a matter of fact, you only make yourself look bad when you send hateful things like this.

Unlike you, I would never, ever, even if my life depended on it, send someone who ships something different from me, hate. Because I’m a nice person, and I know several other nalu shippers who are even nicer than me.

So stop spreading this hate. I think it’s great that you ship Nali, and I would have been fine if you literally sent the first sentence only. Because that’s not hateful, that’s your headcanon. But the rest is rude and mean. So…yeet.

Have a good day, bro

Happy Valentine’s day  💫🌟💖

(me? one day late? ,,never) but ehh i wanted to spread some love for this worldwide celebration of love, so here is finally my first ff ever!!! im so grateful for all of u, you’re the best mutuals in the whole world and universe (not even being extra) i hope you know u can always hmu even if we’ve never talked, and i hope this year of 2017 is kind and fulfilling for all you<3

(this is going to be so long sorry,,)

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Hello, everyone! So its been a little over a month of me creating this blog and starting to share my writing. I am so honestly thankful for the support I’ve been given by so many lovely people I’ve talked with since signing up. But to make this short and not too sappy ~ thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, those that’ve shared my works, and others who have shared their creations and inspired me immensely <3. As a little celebration I would like to give back to everyone with the four options below and a shout out to blogs I love and people I think are genuinely talented, kind people I hope the best for. 

- Celebration: Gifts to you -
☽ Rules: mbf me please <3 + reblog this post
☽ Check out my writing, maybe? I appreciate any tips/advice/comments
☽ Gift Options (depending on how many I get please know it may take time <3)
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    ☆ Moodboard 

☼ Send me a season, emotion, theme, color, character/figure, OC, anything 
     you might like + I will try my best to center the writing/edit about it.

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Bigbang bishhh💕💕💕

  • Who’s my bias - BIIIIISH PLEASE. I hope you all know it’s this beautiful princess. 

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  • Whose voice I like the most  - My OG sunshine, Daesung

Originally posted by lavender-kills

  • Who’s my bias wrecker- Daesung tho…

Originally posted by daengerous-af

  • What’s my favorite moment (I’ll try to post a link) - I’m sensing a theme…

Originally posted by eirianerisdar-old-archive

  • What’s my otp - GTOP

Originally posted by baekhyuneesbutt

  • The last song I heard by them - If You, because I like pain.
  • Who I think dances the best - TOP obvs…..lololol no. Taeyang.

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  • Who’s I think is the funniest - Bingu

Originally posted by soo-hyuks

  • Who I wish I could grow up with - Seungri, I would be a much cooler person if I had someone like him in my life to teach me how to enjoy life. 

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My southern bell, I love your hospitality
Your smile, your laugh, and all our commonalities,

You, my southern queen, with your sunshine eyes, we are forthcoming like the rose pedals and gifts I’ll send on the anniversary of our first kiss,

I can’t wait for our first place and our first pet, to watch you walk in heels, for that first date,

I can’t wait to walk you to your door after having a night out, meeting the parents, and playing with your nieces

I love you to pieces, in all aspects of you, I wonder the possibilities of tomorrow, and all the days that follow,

I just can’t wait, my queen and my sunshine, you’re such a southern bell, I can’t wait for tomorrow and all the stories I’d tell,

About us to our friends, about us and our kids, to the daughter you wish for, I wish for us a spectacular futurity, I wish us the best babe, I love you.


Monsta X Reaction to you having a big family

Woww it must be crazy to have such a big family ! Hope you like it sweetie ~Enjoy

Shownu - He would keep his posture and pretend that the fact that you had so many siblings didn’t scare him. It was too many people, and he was affraid they wouldn’t like him. Shownu would bow and be super polite with everyone, even more with your parents and older siblings. He wouldn’t tell you about it, but you would understand he was uncomfortable. He would just want to fit in and make your family proud of you for choosing the right boyfriend. So with that many people to please, it would be harder. Give him some weeks and the boy would be already joking around with them and hanging around with your siblings. The shyness and wish to be liked by everyone would disappear and your boyfriend would be happy to hang out with your family and spend quality time with you and them.

“Good evening, I am Y/N’s boyfriend, nice to meet you.” *internally screaming*

Originally posted by heonykih

Wonho - He would be just really surprised and laugh when he saw how numerous your family is. Hoseok wouldn’t be as nervous as Shownu, he’d be just caught off guard. I feel like he’d be totally fine if you told him, but since you didn’t, he would just be a little shocked when meeting them. Wonho would love it though, I totally see him getting along with your family pretty easily and quickly. When he finally found himself alone with you, he’d joke about it and say that you should have warned him about your big family, yet, he’d just be joking… it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, just the initial shock.

“I wasn’t ready! You should have told me they were this many!”

(he know’s it, jooheonie~)

Originally posted by wonhobe

Minhyuk - He would find it cute and absolutely love your numerous family. Minhyuk would be a little intimidated at first, but would get along with them pretty well and quickly. He wouldn’t find the whole situation of meeting your family that stressing (he would find it important but not as much as the others in my prespective) but as soon he saw how many siblings you have and how many eyes were looking at him, he’d get a little scared, but just in the very beggining because you would be there to save the day if the topic ended or if the situation was turning akward. He’d get home like a little kid after going to a birthday party, super happy and always telling you how much he enjoyed meeting them all. He would love to play with your younger siblings and they would love oppa Minhyuk.

“Annyeong ~ Y/N didn’t told me she had so many sisters and brothers!”

Originally posted by wonhobe

Kihyun - His pupils would grow big as soon as your siblings started to enter the room one by one, Kihyun would just be really confused. Were they all your siblings? Or some cousins as well? Why didn’t you told him they were so many?! He wouldn’t mention it while they were there, and even though he wasn’t that nervous, he’d be really susprised. So after they left, the first thing he’d do would be asking you why you didn’t told him about your big family. Kihyun would be amazing at getting along with them, but he’d be terrible at hiding how surprised he was at your numerous family.

*telling you his experience* “I got so scared when I saw them coming and they were so many!”

Originally posted by kseoulsunshine

Hyungwon - He’d be totally fine with it. Of course Hyungwon would be a little surprised seeing how many siblings you have, but it wouldn’t be that much of a deal to him. Hyungwon would just love to be meeting your family and like Minhyuk, the boy would love to play with the little ones and talk with the older ones. Just be looking forward to build a good friendship with them. Hyungwon would love to ask your siblings about your darkest secrets and darkest past so he could tease you with it and then pinch your nose and kiss your cheeks when you got all flustered.

“Your family is so big, Y/N!”

Originally posted by ch-hyngwn

Jooheon - Jooheon would look at you surprised when you told him how many siblings you have. He’d be really surprised since he only knew you had some and never imagined you to have such a big family, but he’d get used to that right after meeting them all. He’d be a little nervous but you wouldn’t be able to tell it since he would get along pretty well with them all. He would have the little ones entertained and I am (what i am man) sure Jooheon, after meeting them, would start seeing your family as his too. If they were important to you, they were important to him as well.

One of your siblings- “Are you and Y/N going to have a baby so I can play with him?” *hits Jooheon with puppy eyes*

“Do you see us as a friend making machine?” 

Originally posted by heonykih

I.M - Poor guy…he’d be so nervous to meet your family!! Way more than Shownu! And knowing you had so many siblings would just make it even worse. He’d want to look good in front of your family, people who loved you just like he does, so it would be a big deal for him. Changkyun would feel a little intimidated by how many they were, and try to play it off and seem like he was fine, but he would be holding your hand tightly the entire time and just let it go to greet them, then hold it again. He would always have this thing where he’d want to make your family to like him, so he would just relax when he got comfortable enough to be himself around your siblings. Then he would get used to your big family, it would just take some time.

 “Omo! They are how many?!”

*they finally arrive* “Thank you for coming.” *keeping his posture but sweats like crazy*

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I just wanted to wish a late happy birthday to my two angels, my two sunshines that I completely forgot to mention in my blog: Jimin and Junhong s2 wish you all the best in the world!

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.



even though i’m on semi-hiatus…

if you ever need someone to talk to please don’t hesitate to message me! i will try my best to reply and give you that moral support ok? i’m always here cheering all you sunshines on so if you need someone to listen or talk to i’m here 

Shukashuu’s thoughts on next month’s 1st LIVE from the March 2017 edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine!

All our best wishes for 1st LIVE, we’ll be cheering for you!ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! | August 13th, 1982 ♡


HAPPY SUHO DAY (22.05.1991)

Happy birthday to Kim Junmyeon, our leader! - Congrats to the biggest mochi ball I’ve had the pleasure to love - fluffy, chubby, soft, sweet, funny, polite and kind, with the chubbiest and most glowy cheeks that are full of love. I hope you smile every day and I wish you all the happiness in the world, and a lot of kisses! Don’t forget your cake, and yes! it’s for you!

you built me palaces out of paragraphs, you built cathedrals

Being a Series of Letters Exchanged between Newton Scamander, Magizoologist and Porpentina Goldstein, MACUSA Auror from 1926 to 1945 [as noted by historians]

London, England

December 30, 1926

Dear Auror Goldstein,

Thank you for your letter and your inquires as to my safe return to England. Please reassure your sister Queenie of my (and my creatures) safe return (as well as entirely uneventful, though there was a minor incident with a sea serpent on the trip back–nothing to worry about, I assure you).

On that note, even though it might not please you, I am very happy to hear that our friend Jacob still retains some of his memories of our adventures together–and he has his bakery. I can think of no one worthier of a little good luck–the possible exception being yourself and your sister, of course.


Newt Scamander

New York City, America

January 15, 1927

Dear Mr. Scamander,

My sister and I were very glad to hear of your safe return and look forward to the publishing of your book (Queenie says she has lots of ideas for a title, if you care to hear them, she’ll send you a whole letter’s worth of them). I cannot say I am entirely unworried about what you call “a minor incident” with a sea serpent–but since there hasn’t been any news of any shipwrecks or sudden disappearances on the Atlantic, I can take you at your word. Please do try to be careful, though.

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