i wish you all the best and that all your wishes come true~

Tonight I woke up and I saw a shooting star! I thought about my family, my friends and about Johnny and I wished them all the best.
This year was a terrible year for me, for a good friend of mine and for Johnny and us deppheads. But life goes on and we did it, we overcame the darkness and bright days are coming. And 2017 is coming.
I wish you all only the best and may all your wishes for 2017 came true. And may Johnny have a great great time filled with happiness. ♡


✧ God of Calamity  | YATO | Happy Birthday to my fab Yumii~ (๑♡3♡๑)ノ♪


★ oH Oh oH! ★ | Happy Birthday to my fantastic Julia ✧*.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.*✧  


“For letting you and I
walk this earth at the same time.” - (Insp.)

 Happy Birthday, Sweetheart @plus-one-forever

So today is your birthday. And I wish you the best. I grew up watching all your movies. You made me feel things: happy, sad, mad, in love. Now you’re 40 and I’m 16 and you put this crazy desire in me to be an actress. I’m so very thankful for that. You have this magical thing about you where you can make any role come true. I find that amazing. Once again I wanna wish you happy birthday and I wish you all the great success you ever wanted to achieve. I’m so grateful to have you in this world ♥


Tsukishima Kei | Middle Blocker | Happy Birthday to my ♥ sweet Sarah!! ♥  σ(≧ε≦o)


Uweekly magazine with SJ:

Uweekly: if you are able to make any of the wish comes true,what will it be?

 Ryeowook: when SJ gets old,we will still be able to sing and dance sorry sorry.  

Leeteuk: i wish i am able to know all the languages in this world. 

Heechul: to be young forever!

Uweekly: what’s a mandatory concert song? 

SJ: Sorry Sorry! 

Uweekly : have you ever gotten sick and thought of not performing it?

 SJ: No!

➮ Uweekly : You’re always so energetic on stage. Other than the fans, what gives you energy? 

Donghae: Fan’s love!!

Uweekly : after so many concerts are you still nervous? if yes,how do you lessen them? 

Donghae: my heart will beat faster ,not because of nervousness but because when i see fans i get excited and really pumped  

 Heechul: I don’t feel nervous at all  

 ➮ Uweekly :Why do you think is the reason for your longevity? 

Kangin: SJ is joyous

Donghae: We show our all on stage!

Heechul: because we have SM Ent! 

 ➮ Uweekly :What is the one thing to change about SJ? 

Siwon: to be funnier! 

KanginI: Age! 

Heechul: My hairstyle!

➮ Uweekly : Many of the members have pets at home. Which pet do you think is the most fortunate? 

Siwon: That’s definitely our Bugsy  

Kangin: Chunhyang, she’s the prettiest 

Heechul: looks like Kangin’s chunhyang & youngjun are more popular 

Uweekly: What do you want to achieve but not yet? 

Ryeowook/Leeteuk: Concert in space!! 

Siwon: Asia’s representative 

Donghae: expand our influence 

Uweekly: Which member do you wish to be?

Ryeowook: Siwon! I want to know how it feels to be tall and to be loved and admired. 

Heechul: i want to be zhoumi, i really wish to speak Chinese fluently.   

Uweekly : please complete the sentence. “SJ is…" 

Heechul/Teuk: SJ is ELF.

Uweekly : what is a question that you don’t want to be asked? 

Siwon: i dont want to be asked about my look anymore. thankful for everyone’s compliments but i was really asked too often about look..

Kangin:i dont have one..

Heechul: Oh!I don’t want to be asked "if SJ members were girls, who will you date?”  (c)(c)(c)


Merry Christmas everyone! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Here I am yet another year wishing you the best of the best, may all your wishes come true and please have a great day with your family and your loved ones! thank you for sticking with me the whole time, all my dokis are because of you and hope we can celebrate next christmas together too, happy holidays! ♥ xo Maye~

Squirrel attack

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to htttp://www.kanzzzaki.tumblr.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I and Nii, we wish you all the best for your birthday! This artwork is just for you! I had this a long time in my mind. We wish you joy, happiness, love, and may all your important wishes come true. You become a very close friend to us and it is an enrichment and inspiration to know you! We hug you many times with this!
I guess, you already know, who these three squirrels are ….;-).

© Original character Hatake Kakashi by Masashi Kishimoto
© Artistic depiction by Keja Blank


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Time sure flies! I still remember seeing a cut from the Warrior MV at the end of a show and thinking for myself that you all being blond sure was a great concept. Watching the MV I had to pause as soon as I heard Yongguks voice and since then you six wonderful beings have become the light that never fails to brighten my days.

You’re my motivation when I’m down, my happiness when I’m sad, my strength when I’m weak.

It pains my heart to know what you had to go through, but I’m so proud that you managed to push through it and are now standing up for yourselves. I wish you all the happiness in the world and wish you the best luck for whatever you’ll tackle next. May all your dreams come true and your smiles never loose their brightness!

Babyz will stand beside you and support you no matter what, dont you forget that. I love you guys so much and hope you’ll be able to do what you love most again real soon!

#3YearsWithBAP // #ForeverWithBAP


Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
↳ ☆ Happy Birthday to my fabulous Julia!! @tovsei 

Lonlyxing`s first follow forever

Hi, guys :) guess who`s joining the ff wave lol First of all, 2014 has just arrived and I sincerly wish you nothing but the very best for this year. I hope all your wishes come true. Secondly, it`s been almost one year since I created this blog and I take the chance to thank you all (people I follow and followers) for putting up with me and my not-interesting blog. My tumblr journey has been awesome so far. I never imagined I could have so much fun running this blog and I just wish nothing will change in the future.

  • To my followers - I can`t figure out what made you hit that magical button, considering the fact that I don`t do anything special but reblog 12 idiots (and sometimes post ugly edits/gifs). But let me tell you that I love every single one of you forever and ever.
  • To the ones I follow - you make tumblr a wonderful place to hang around. Your presence on my dash make my days brighter and happier, so thank you A LOT.
  •  Stay awesome (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Today is THE DAY.
My dearest Benedict! Many happy returns! May your big day be as special, sweet and lovely as you are. May your every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happines of smile and the feeling of love.
You make me smile and laugh… (sometimes you make me cry)… thank you. Enjoy your special day - you deserve it. May all your dreams and wishes come true! I love you and i wish you ALL THE BEST from the bottom of my heart, my love!

“A wish for lots of birthday fun.
To last until the day is done.
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!”

I was wondering whether to post it beforehand or not but I decided it’s YOUR BIRTHDAY <3 so I want you to see it today :) This is a gift for Luleiya <3 I really wish you all the best and so that all your dreams would come true. I can’t imagine dA without your beautiful works and I am so happy I came across them all those years ago :) Thank you for everything and have the best time ever <3

Other than that, the original it’s on its way to you ; o ; Happy birthday one more time, sweetie <3


It’s so hard to believe how quickly time flys by. In making this little gift for her I got to go back two years worth of Anna and Joffees Instagram photos and wow that was a ride. She’s grown SO SOOOO MUCH! It just feels like yesterday I was watching her birth video. Now she’s this beautiful little girl walking and talking and all. Just amazing. 

Emilia I wish you all the best in the world. May all your little dreams and wishes come true and may God bless you every single day with health and joy. Happy Birthday Emilia!