i wish we still wrote letters


I am reduced to a thing that wants Virginia. I composed a beautiful letter to you in the sleepless nightmare hours of the night, and it has all gone: I just miss you, in a quite simple desperate human way. You, with all your un-dumb letters, would never write so elementary a phrase as that; perhaps you wouldn’t even feel it. And yet I believe you’ll be sensible of a little gap. But you’d clothe it in so exquisite a phrase that it would lose a little of its reality. Whereas with me it is quite stark: I miss you even more than I could have believed; and I was prepared to miss you a good deal. So this letter is just really a squeal of pain. It is incredible how essential to me you have become. I suppose you are accustomed to people saying these things. Damn you, spoilt creature; I shan’t make you love me any the more by giving myself away like this –But oh my dear, I can’t be clever and stand-offish with you: I love you too much for that. Too truly. You have no idea how stand-offish I can be with people I don’t love. I have brought it to a fine art. But you have broken down my defences. And I don’t really resent it. - Vita Sackville West to Virginia Woolf

Look here Vita — throw over your man, and we’ll go to Hampton Court and dine on the river together and walk in the garden in the moonlight and come home late and have a bottle of wine and get tipsy, and I’ll tell you all the things I have in my head, millions, myriads — They won’t stir by day, only by dark on the river. Think of that. Throw over your man, I say, and come.--Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville West

I don’t post a lot on social media these days and I rarely if ever post anything personal. But I have two personal stories that I’ve never really told publicly that I feel I need to tell today.

About seven years ago there was a letter in my mailbox from the White House. To be clear, not just the White House, but from the newly elected President Of The United States. Wow, maybe this had something to do with his appearance in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but oddly enough it was addressed to my then 8 year old daughter. It seems that unbeknownst to her parents, my little girl mailed a letter to President Obama wishing him well and offering him advice as only an 8 year old could.

And he wrote back.

In the letter he thanked and commending her for passing along her thoughts and engaging in this wonderful thing we call Democracy. To this day I still tear up remembering the look on her face as she read that letter realizing that not only did the President Of The United States write back, but that she lived in a country in which this was possible.

Two years later I was sitting in my office at Marvel when my phone rings and a gentlemen claiming to be an assistant to the President Of The United States tells me that the POTUS would like to commission me to do a piece of art for him. Thinking it was a prank I told him I’d love to discuss it further but I was rushing off to a meeting and would gladly call him back. I took down his info, did a quick Google search and confirmed that the number on my caller I.D. was indeed coming from an office in the White House. Wait, what?!?

As it turned out a close friend of the President, Patrick Gaspard, who was the Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs, was leaving to take on his new role as the Director of the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Gaspard happened to be a HUGE Marvel Comics fan. We’re talking a full on True Believer since childhood, and President Obama thought that a perfect parting gift for his service to the administration would be a custom piece of art featuring Mr. Gaspard, himself and several Marvel heroes standing in front of the White House and for some godforsaken reason he was asking me to draw it. I of course had to get approval from the highest levels of Marvel where it was met with nothing but enthusiasm and a big thumbs up.

Now as unlikely as all of this sounds, nothing was more surreal than when I was sending off rough sketches to White House for the President’s approval and getting back notes. I’d never been more thrilled to get art revisions in my life! Once the piece was finished inked and colored by Danny Miki and Richard Isanove respectfully, I received word that the President was thrilled with the results and Mr. Gaspard was over the moon with the final framed surprise gift.

Admittedly, for those close to me that knew about the assignment, I’d make it a point to boast as often as I could that I was now officially the very first United States Sequential Artist Laureate. Quite frankly, I don’t see why that shouldn’t be a thing.

A short time later I was at San Diego Comicon signing books at the Marvel booth when someone extended a hand for me to shake. I looked up and the gentlemen said, “Do you recognize me?” How could I not, I had spent a week drawing him. It was of course Mr. Gaspard and he wanted to thank me personally for the art and to express how much Marvel had meant to him growing up and still means to him today. Patrick and I have kept in touch ever since and while his current tenure as Ambassador to South Africa is coming to an end, I’m looking forward to catching up with him when he’s back in the States and making good on my promise to bring him on to the set of Defenders or taking him to a Mets game.

And yes, I was lucky enough to meet President Obama. like I said, I don’t usually like to post things of a personal nature, but today I feel compelled to simply convey my own humble experience of having the great honor of meeting the most powerful man on the planet when he was in office. A man who was nothing but kind, appreciative and generous to me, who demonstrating a genuine love for the medium of comics and took more time than he ever needed to to express his appreciation for the work I created and the medium of comics itself. The same man who also took time to write a simple yet eloquent response in 2009 to a little girl who express love and hope, not for herself, but for her President and his future.

Godspeed President Obama, thank you for your service. I have no doubt and look forward to how you will continue to serve and change our world for the better.

Joe Quesada

The Klebolds' letters to the victims' families

The letters that Sue and Tom Klebold wrote to the families of those who had been murdered have been mentioned and quoted in several sources.

The letter to the Bernalls (from Misty Bernall’s book She Said Yes, p. 148-149, and repeated in Dave Cullen’s Columbine, p. 254-255):

Dear Bernall family,

It is with great difficulty and humility that we write to express our profound sorrow over the loss of your beautiful daughter, Cassie. She brought joy and love to the world,and she was taken in a moment of madness. We wish we had had the opportunity to know her and be uplifted by her loving spirit.

We will never understand why this tragedy happened, or what we might have done to prevent it. We apologize for the role our son had in your Cassie’s death. We never saw anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moments of his life when we watched in helpless horror with the rest of the world. The reality that our son shared in the responsibility for this tragedy is still incredibly difficult for us to comprehend.

May God comfort you and your loved ones. May He bring peace and understanding to all of our wounded hearts.

Sue and Tom Klebold

From the letter to Brian Rohrbough (from Jeff Kass’s Columbine, p. 225):

“Our hearts are breaking for you over the loss you’ve experienced,” the Klebolds wrote to Brian Rohrbough, whose son Dan was killed. “Dan was so young, yet so full of selfless courage. He’ll never have the chance to do any of the things he wanted to do because he was taken from you in a moment of madness. We’ll never understand why this tragedy happened, or what we might have done to prevent it. We apologize for the role our son had in your son’s death. We did not see anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moments of his life when we watched in helpless horror with the rest of the world.”

From the letter to the Shoels family (also from Jeff Kass’s Columbine, p. 278):

But now all the Shoels had to depend on were small accounts, like the slightly personalized victim letter they received from the Klebolds. “We read that Isaiah brought so much joy to those who knew him,” according to the three paragraphs that appear handwritten by a female and signed by Tom and Sue. “He was a young man with self-respect, courage and love who was taken from you in a moment of madness.” But they said they still didn’t know why their son killed Isaiah.

The letter sent to the Mauser family (from Tom Mauser’s book, Walking in Daniel’s Shoes p. 305-306):

Within a few weeks of the massacre Linda and I, and apparently all the other Columbine parents, received a sympathy card from the parents of Dylan Klebold, who wrote, “It is with indescribable sorrow and humility that we write to wish you comfort.” The handwritten card asked that God comfort us and our loved ones. They were comforting words, yet we weren’t quite sure how to react to them. It was so soon after the massacre, too early for us to react rationally.

At the time the card seemed to offer little acceptance of responsibility for what had happened, saying Daniel was taken “in a moment of madness” and that they would “never understand why this tragedy happened, or what we might have done to prevent it.” We felt as if the words didn’t come from the heart, but rather were suggested by an attorney. We were dissatisfied with what we received and chose not to respond to it. The card was tossed onto a pile of Columbine-related papers and forgotten.

While uncovering some Columbine papers recently I discovered that card from the Klebolds. I hadn’t seen it for years. I must admit that now, after I’ve read it again, I’m not quite as cynical about it as I was in 1999. Back then I cringed at the statement, “we never saw anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moments of his life,” because I felt the Klebolds were in denial and refused to accept responsibility. But in reading it again, I realized they weren’t quite as unresponsive as I had originally thought. “We apologize for the role our son played in your son’s death.” Their words didn’t seem as hurtful, or contrived or unrepentant as they did in 1999.

In the documentary 13 Families, Lauren Townsend’s stepfather, Bruce Beck, says much the same thing about his opinion of the Klebolds’ letter (from 1:13:00 - 1:13:45).

You know, Klebold’s parents sent us a card that basically had been written by their lawyer–you know, no compassion in it–basically, you know, saying they’re quote-unquote “sorry,” but “sorry” really didn’t come through in the words.  The Harrises–we sat across the table from them, and not once did they say “We’re sorry that you lost your daughter,” you know.  They didn’t say it because they know they own some responsibility in this.  They know they own some responsibility in it, and it’s one of those things that, you know, will drive me crazy for the rest of my life.

The letter to the Curnows (from the “Afterword” to the paperback edition of Dave Cullen’s Columbine, p. 365which is not in the e-book, by the way):

Sue Klebold wrote letters to the Thirteen the first spring, but Bob did not receive his.  It went to his ex-wife.  He heard about the letter and asked for a copy.  She provided one.  Then he asked for the envelope.  He received a copy of the backside.  At first it ticked him off, but then he noticed something.  Sue had written her home address on the flap.  He smiled.  He sent a letter back.  He sent another through the Harris attorney.  For years, he got no response.  That wasn’t so important.  He knew he had been heard.  Meetings came, in time…[he meets with both families and keeps in touch with the Klebolds].

The Harris family also sent letters to families of the victims, but they (foolishly, as it turned out) trusted them to the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office where they basically sat on them instead of delivering them to their intended recipients!

One letter, to injured victim Mark Taylor, read, “Please accept our heartfelt wishes for a full and speedy recovery from your injuries. There are no words to express the tragic events of that day. We would have given our lives to prevent them.

“May you have the strength and the support to continue your healing process.”

It was signed, “Sincerely, Wayne, Kathy and Kevin Harris.”

Jeff Kass, Columbine, p. 244.

F O L L O W  F O R E V E R 

Okay I know people normally do these when they hit a mile stone, but my most recent milestone was 35 people ago, and I just feel like loving on people who are the bomb, so thats what Imma do. Is this old school of me? Oh well.

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@doryrpt ;; we’ve known eachother for what? 5 years now? thats nuts! you’re amazing, and you always back me up, and I always know I can talk to you about just about anything, and thats amazing in someone–especially someone you met online. I’m so happy youre going to be in my wedding, and I love that you enjoy ragging on Danny as much as I do

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@dreambcy ;; we’ve had our ups and downs, but you always come in clutch. We’ve been through so much, between 5 hour long phone calls and resisting the urge to slap a hoe, to having some of the most amazing plots ever, and still to this day one of my all type most iconic ships.

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@khevinday ;; can I just point out that you literally live 3 minutes away from me, and we’ve never met in person?????? that deserves a post all in itself. You are iconic, and talented, and I really wish we were closer, but I feel honored to even consider you a friend!

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@anwcrhadid ;; Dear Slim, I wrote but you still ain’t callin, I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom, I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got ‘em. Okay but seriously the shit you release is iconic and I love your content and I love how much better you make me feel about myself when I release content.


ya’ll are the magic that makes my dash a little more beautiful, but i bolded some people that although i did put a specific section, have a huge place in my heart due to their amazing friendship and inspiration. 

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Alzheimers pretty much crippled Glenn Campbell in every way imaginable, the documentary I’ll Be Me follows him on his journey discovering the disease and coping with life after.

the last song he ever made I’m Not Gonna Miss You is the sound of a human grasping with their mortality. every memory, every lyric, every ounce of love he’s ever felt in his heart, gone. and he knows that. and he wrote this song as a love letter to his wife and family, a farewell to a life lived to the fullest. he’s so frail but still somehow produces one of the most beautiful voices a human being ever has.

i can go on some spiel about how there are memories we wish we could forget. but those memories are our humanity, they keep our feet on the ground, running to or from something unknown. losing everything you are is hell. hell on earth


| Request: “Hey, could you do a one shot danXreader inspired on the song amnesia by 5sos, please? :)” |

| Warnings: Angst |


I sat in the car, I borrowed it from one of my friends, I just felt like driving around, a sightseeing of sorts.

I drove around the town we used to live in, driving past the old barn where we’d share the alcohol we stole, past the hill where I told her I loved her, past the school where we kissed at prom.

Memories flooding back when I saw them. The blush upon her cheeks in each memory, how giggly she got when she was drunk, the taste of her lips when we kissed.

And, I still talk to her old friends, who somehow become mine as well. And I ask how she’s doing, and they reply with “Fine.” But I still wonder, if she’s ever lonely, or if she even misses me. If she reads the letters I wrote her, maybe when her boyfriend hurts her, does she want it all back?

I remember the day she told me she was leaving, that she was leaving me, because of some dickhead she met.

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things.

Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to her, and the memories I never can escape.

I parked in some random parking lot, tears rolling down my cheeks, I pulled out my phone, looking at the photos she would send me, of us, of her, even of her dog, I never deleted them, I couldn’t bring myself to. I love to look at them, to relish in the memories, but they make me feel alone.

It’s like we never happened, was it just a lie?

If what we had was real, how could she be fine?

If today I woke up with her right beside me, like all of this was just some twisted dream.

I’d hold her closer than I ever did before, and she’d never slip away.

And I hope she’s happy, and I hope she’s well, but I know her boyfriend is a jerk, and I know he doesn’t love her like he should, like she deserves.

If I got the chance to tell her, I’d tell her right away, that I love her, and that I hope she really is “fine” like her friends tell me.

‘Cause I’m not fine at all.
No, I’m really not fine at all.
Tell me this is just a dream.
'Cause I’m really not fine at all.

I just wish that I would wake up with amnesia.


I would never be tired;
Of how many times should I remind
How we fell in love at seventeen;
How we kissed until it was a sin
The orange sky;
And the silhouette of wings that fly
I’d love to see you paint them;
With your brush strokes so gem
I like seeing you in your red cardigan;
I like hearing those naked words said and done
Three-hundred and sixty five letters;
I’d write them every day until my pen shatters;
And in those pages;
I wrote the sincerest
But you didn’t read those;
And we began to lose;
We thought we’d just fight;
And make up through the night
But here we are;
Trapped in our own bizarre
I still wrote to you every single day;
Before I knew it was time to go away
In two different paths;
Still, we search for our ‘what ifs’
Still, we play with the past;
And wish we never left
Seven years, I still crave;
Your existence is my pave
In a home where I promised you;
Where the sky meets the lake so blue
I’ll never get tired;
To remind you how lovely
Even if memories never tried;
Our story is written lovingly

Aku’s Bloodmoon

It was the day, and with Aku’s regeneration complete it was time to work on destroying the samurai as he had previously warned.  Aku appeared in what was left of Jack’s home, the overgrown meadow nothing more than a stage for a battle now.   Aku looked it over with a scrutinous eye, which began to glow.  His illusions brought this now dead area back to how it had been before he himself attacked. Pristine, full of life and people.  Aku smiled to himself, Jack wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, that was for sure.

Aku laughed to himself before he began to shutter and shake, taking the form of a human, as he once had in the past.  Green skin, red lips, black hair.  However he snapped, a set of samurai armor appearing on him.  The very same armor that Jack’s father had used to defeat him when He first appeared. Aku looked himself over, a hiss of disdain for the armor clear in his mind.  How he hated it. It reminded him of how weak he had once been.  The sun still high in the sky causing the armor to glisten just a bit.  He’d raise his hand, shooting a spell into the air, that would take the shape of Jack’s family crest, and would hover above the illusory city. 

Everything was going well.  Now he just had to set his trap.  He himself would move up to Jack’s family palace, and wait just outside the door. Surely jack would show.  Still he’d have to make sure Jack would appear.  As such he caught a Pigeon and swiftly wrote a convincing letter before sending it off to find jack.

The Letter read as such:


It is I, your father.  After many years languishing in the past and doing constant battle with aku we found a way to aid you.  Our city has been transported through time to now.  My Army now stands at the ready, awaiting orders to march, but I wish you to lead them.  You are our hope Jack.  Please return to the palace as soon as you can.

The Emperor

The pigeon would fly off, now searching for jack, while Aku Cackles away. 

Dear the first boy I kissed,

This is a follow on from a letter I wrote last month. A lot has changed since then. I wish I found you earlier at that party. So we could talk. So I could stop you from deciding it was best to drink your problems away to the point where you could hardly walk without stumbling after. So we wouldn’t have this weird barrier between us hidden behind a “we’re still friends, right? :)” and “you should probably stop liking me though because it won’t be reciprocated”. You asked me what you did that night, since apparently you have no memory of it. (Yet were somehow able to carry me across the pier without dropping me) 

You held me so close and I was both extremely aware and completely uncaring about the bright flashes of light and tipsy cheering from around us. I could only feel you. I felt so wanted in that moment even though I know I shouldn’t have. And then I helped you home while you leaned on me, talking about your ex. I know we aren’t a thing but it hurt a little. My friends had been telling me to get over you. That I didn’t deserve the anxiety that not being around you had spiked so intensely. I thought I did something wrong. I still feel like I did something wrong. 

As soon as you realised that you had made out with me, in front of so many people, completely off your face drunk, you regretted it. I mean, I can’t say why because I never got any real answers in the month that you ignored me since we last kissed. And I want those answers so badly. Why do you think we wouldn’t work?

I should’ve avoided you that night. I should’ve let you go off with your friends, not withheld you from them out of pure selfish want to be with you if only for a short while. I should’ve stopped you from getting so close to me and doing something stupid. I should not have reciprocated or enjoyed it. And yet…

- Your Imagination Figment

(Dear readers of this, please help me. We’re friends but I don’t know how to feel or what I should do and I’ve just been a mess)


A love letter highlighting the heartfelt passion between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is to go on display for the first time.

In the document, written shortly before their marriage, the prince describes how the 20-year-old queen had stirred passions which burned so brightly they filled his “whole soul”.

The letter, which will be seen at an exhibition in Windsor Castle in the new year, is one of a series of love letters Albert wrote during their engagement, which are filled with poetic expressions of desire for his “deeply loved” fiancée.

Dated Nov 15, 1839, and written in his native German, the letter was sent from Calais as the prince returned from Coburg in Germany, where he had been settling his affairs in preparation for marriage in 1840.

Beginning “Theuerste innigst geliebte Victoria”, or “Dearest deeply loved Victoria”, he wrote: “I need not tell you that since we left, all my thoughts have been with you at Windsor, and that your image fills my whole soul.

“Even in my dreams I never imagined that I should find so much love on earth.

“How that moment shines for me still when I was close to you, with your hand in mine. Those days flew by so quickly, but our separation will fly equally so.”

He tells her that his brother Ernest “wishes me to say a thousand nice things to you”.

The letter, in which he also tells Victoria that he had been “fearfully ill” because of rough seas on the way to Calais, is signed: “With promises of unchanging love and devotion, Your ever true Albert.”

Source/Read More

Say No To This- Laurens Edition

So, maybe I wrote a version of Say No To This from Lauren’s perspective

There’s nothing like summer in the city
Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty
There’s trouble in the air,
You can smell it
And Laurens is by himself
I’ll let him tell it

I haven’t slept in a week
I was weak. I was awake
If you’d seen me, you would have known
I was in need of a break
Wishing for a war,
Ignoring my wife
That’s when Alexander Hamilton walked into my life
He said:

I know you are a man of honour
So sorry to interrupt you like this
But I heard your conversation
About being a free nation

King George’s been doing us wrong
Beating us, cheating us, mistreating us
It’s about time we were up and gone
You know, we have the means to go one

He wanted to talk alone,
He walked me to his home
He said:

This one’s mine, Sir

We went over plans together,
I told him he was clever
He said:

You’re too kind Sir

At war, he invited me into his tent
Didn’t know what it meant
‘Till he went red, let his legs spread and said:


Laurens + Hamilton

That’s when I began to pray,
Lord show me how to say no to this
I don’t know how to say know to this
But, God, I feel so helpless
And my body’s saying 'hell yes’
Oh, show me how to say no to this
I don’t know how to say no to this
In my mind I’m trying to go
(Go! Go! Go!)
But then his mouth is on mine and I can’t say no!

Say no to this
Say no to this
Say no to this
Say no to this

I wish I could say that was the last time
I said that last time it became a last time
Even after our endeavours
I still received letters from a Mr A. Ham
Even better, it said:

I wish, my dear Laurens, as you know that it’s true
I could show you by action how much I love you
And I know that you realise that to you I’d never lie
Also remember that I-


Well, in spite of Schyler’s black eyes,
I still long for you in the bed where we lie
What a strange cure, you didn’t think, I’m sure
That she would make me less devoted to you

I hid the letter and I wrote a note
Tried to keep his legacy afloat
He replied:

My Dear

He got married to his wife
I often envied his perfect life
He wrote:

Yrs. Forever

I missed him everyday

I received both your letters

And he was so far away

I hope you get better

I wanted to see him

Do you feel helpless?

I am helpless
How can I do this?

I wish you wouldn’t try to help me

I’ll do whatever he wants

You do whatever you want
But stay safe, for me

I don’t want to
I don’t want to

Remember when I told you to stay?

Lord, show me how to say no to this
I don’t know how to say no to this
But the situations helpless
And in his letters he’s saying 'Hell Yes"
Oh, show me how to say no to this
How can I say no to this?
There is nowhere I can go
(Go! Go! Go!)
I just wait for his letters and I can’t say




Say no to this
I don’t say no to this
There is nowhere I can go…
Nobody needs to know

“When clone and I approached Jensen for our op, he greeted us with a "Hey girlfrans!” That of course immediately delighted us. We, ever the creative people that we are, went with a simple hug. After our op, Jensen reached his hands out to stop us from walking away and placed it on our shoulders. He playfully stated he was sad that we could no longer be his favorite twins (referring to his of course) clone and I made silly sad puppy faces in return. He then added “No, no. They’ll be my favorite twins but you’ll be my favorite twindians.” *insert ugly crying gif* Later on at autographs, we were among the last group of people. He smiled as he saw our op and said “Hey girls” and clone greeted him with “Hey gawjus” We chatted very briefly about Chicago and coffee. My sister handed him gummies a small gift, and a letter and explained it was a difficult topic (with a happy ending) and he reached out and touched her hand and stated softly “I’m going to read this tonight” He grabbed a marker and wrote “TWINS” on the ziplock bag containing said letter,  gummies and gift. We wished him a safe flight and he stated “Thank you girls” before winking at us and blowing us a kiss.“  - Chicago Con 2016 [x]

Okay, well I never uploaded this before so I decided I will now. 

This is the first time of my boyfriend and I meeting. We’ve known each other for six years. Originally, we met on an anime chat site when we were 12, and were total dweebs, writing mythological stories and just nerding out together all the time.

Then we met again later on that chatsite again when I was 14, and he was 15. I had already had a boyfriend before, and we would make jokes about how stupid we were when we were kids and how we were “married.” Around that time I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was having a really rough time at home, and I was about to get sent away. We decided to date, and the entire time I was in treatment he wrote me letters. This was for 8 months. No contact except letters and he stayed with me for 8 months. One of the last letters he sent me before I was released had two bracelets in it (I still wear them to this day.) After I was released, things kind of fell apart. We weren’t sure if we could continue a ldr until we were adults, so we broke up.

After a year of not talking to each other, he popped back up in my life. He wished me a happy birthday and apologized for everything that ended our relationship. I accepted his apology and we got to talking again, this time just as friends. I still loved him, I always did. He was my first true love and that had never changed. No other boy would ever make me feel the same as he did. In the end, I knew no one would ever compare to Jordyn. He was the one I always thought of before I fell asleep as night, he was the one I knew I would have a future with. I was just too scared that he didn’t want me back.

This went on for about a year and a half.

And then last summer, we decided to get back together. He told me he still loved me and that no one could ever replace me. That he didn’t care about the distance anymore, and that he knew we were both mature enough to handle it. It’s strange how love can bring you back together, and have you drifting in the same orbit, no matter how far away you might feel. After a month of being back together, he flew down to see me.

This is the video of me finally meeting my true love after knowing each other for 6 years, through thick and thin. Throughout everything. And to this day we are still together, and I have flown out to see him in Canada. Distance doesn’t have to be hard if you don’t let it be. Love wins out in the end.

I wish this light skin vs dark skin war in the black community would end. I am sick of the pointless debates, and I am sick of Hollywood’s stereotypical portrayal of light skin and dark skin blacks in television/movies/music. Not every light skin girl/woman is “pretty” and not every dark skin girl/woman is ugly. We are still playing right into the hands of the slave master with that kind of mentality

In 1712, William Lynch wrote a letter to slave owners saying “divide the blacks by skin tone and you’ll control them for 300+ years”

302 years years later, look where we are now…….

When I came out

Every day across the world, people are coming out — to themselves, to friends, to family, to strangers, as gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning. And every story is unique. Some are funny. Some are disappointing. Some are inspiring. Some are heartbreaking.

When I came out I was in 8th grade and I had told most of my friends and they all took it very well. I was happy that none of them were homophobic. So I decided it was time to tell my mom. So after school on a Monday I got in her car as she picked me up. I said, “Mom, I am gay.” She said, “I know. I have known since you were 2 and I love you.” I almost cried

When I came out as transgender to my mom (I was identified as a boy at birth but I identify as a girl) she just gave me a big hug and we cried. She said she’d help me transition and started using female pronouns and calling me by my preferred name.

When I came out to my mom and her boyfriend I was around 14. My mom stood up from where she was sitting, walked over to me, then did one of those embarrassing “mom dances”. She shouted, “WOOHOO NOW I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TEENAGE PREGNANCY!”

When I came out to my brother, he celebrated: We could now discuss topics including “hot girls.”

When I came out to my mother, she told me she wished I wasn’t, because she wanted me to live a happy life. I am happy, mom. I would never want to live a lie.

When I came out to my parents I wrote them a three-page letter explaining my hidden “gay” life to them. My dad still won’t talk to me like he did before I sent the letter. It breaks my heart because I love him so much, but I love my girlfriend just as much if not more.

When I came out to my mom she asked me if I was really gay, or if it was the spirit of a gay man who had “invaded” my body (?). Then she read a bunch of books on gay kids and parenting and it was awesome.

When I came out to my godmother/aunt she said, “God doesn’t approve but I still love you.” I understand that she’s trying to cope with it, being from a different culture. On Thanksgiving she said she was proud of who I am

When I came out to my mom, I told her I had fallen in love at camp. I told her it was a boy and that I was gay. Her response: “I’m not stupid!”

When I came out to my brother, his reply was “I’m a lesbian too”! I love him!!

Jaejoong leaves a heartfelt handwritten msg of gratitude to the filming crew of SPY ❤

(*Apparently, JJ wrote letter in secret n it was found accidentally.)❤

“Hello, this is Jaejoong. You must be tired filming. Wish u mind your health more. Don’t get sick. Have a lot to learn from u. I’m always grateful. We still have long way to go. Let’s do our best till end! I’ll do my best. Filming crew are trying their best to create perfect shots despite hectic schedule & extremely cold weather. I learn a lot from them. I’ll continue to do my best to provide the best SPY to viewers.”

(by crystalmoon64)


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6) jackjackjohnson: About a year and a half ago almost. We were asked what we were hoping to be doing a year later. This shit is just crazy to read, cause I remember writing this all in Mrs. Schau’s class expecting this whole vine thing to not last too long. Looking back on this letter I wish I would’ve wrote more about you guys and not money. I’ve realized you guys mean so much more to me than any dollar value I could ever obtain. That is all secondary to me at this point. The fact that we are still here today going stronger than ever with millions of supporters around the world is honestly the most amazing thing ever. And I only have you guys to thank. So thank you guys and everyone else who helped get us to this point for making all of our dreams come true and sticking by our side through thick and thin. Here’s to the next year and a half and beyond with the best supporters anyone could ask for.
Much Love
-2015 Jack J (Excuse my handwriting. I was always sloppy.)
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