i wish we got more of him

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If you could tell Youngjae one thing when you meet him what would you say? I LEGIT THINK ABOUT THIS MORE THAN I SHOULD. I would tell him to keep smiling cuz we luv his sunshine smile and laugh 😂 Also I love your blog :D srry dis is long :-:

*pulls out my journal dedicated to things i wish i could tell Youngjae if i spoke Korean or at least could meet him*

Kidding, i don’t have one (currently), but i would start off:

“You are very handsome”
I mean did you see how happy he got when that one fan told him he was handsome; tell this handsome wonderful cinnamon roll he is beautiful!

“You are my favorite and you make me smile”
I mean he does, and i think he thinks he isn’t the most favorite, so i just want him to know he has so many fans who love him, we’re here Youngjae!

“You are just right, please eat healthy and don’t skip meals”
It hurt my soul when this cute sunshine said he was on a diet and didn’t eat dinner (interview), and also said he was done eating for today because he started his diet again (Got2day). I mean! Ahh! Please! You are so skinny already, and perfect!

I could go on forever, i’ll just stop here haha thank you so much /.\ Your too sweet (⌒▽⌒) Yes, same Diana (?), i think about it way too much as well ^^ i wish i could meet him and talk to him in Korean, he just needs so much love! I want him to feel loved( ´ ▽ ` )

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So have there ever been details about Milluki's assassinations? Like I know he created a bomb that attaches to mosquitoes, but he also hasn't left his home in 10 years, making me wonder about his assassinations and the ppl he's killed upfront. (1/2)

What are your thoughts on Milluki in terms of assassination? I hope we get to see more of his abilities in the future ( if this hiatus ever ends lmao) (2/2)

So far I think the only detail we got about Milluki’s assassinations was that he made a wish to Nanika to kill his target for him one time. He also promised Silva to kill 15 people in exchange for the money to bid on Greed Island, but we don’t know any of the details there.

I would guess that, based on his mosquito bomb, he prefers to target people from a distance (different types of bombs come to mind, maybe also poisons). We also know that he’s incredibly underhanded, based on how he used Nanika to do his dirty work for him once, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s utilized other people to carry out his assassinations in the past, like through bribery, selling information, blackmail, etc. So putting that together, let’s say he makes a bomb –  he’s probably incredible at looking up information about his target, like their whereabouts and itinerary. I wouldn’t be surprised if he requests a butler or someone else to place his bomb for him so he can remotely detonate. Maybe he uses the Zoldyck family hawks and they have a camera on them, or something? I bet he has a super sneaky way of doing things like that.  Anyway, my assumption here is that the Zoldyck family’s only concern is that that assassination is successful, and while each member has their own methods and ethos about it, they ultimately don’t care how other members do their work as long as it gets done.

I’m really curious about Milluki, too! But unfortunately I feel like we won’t be getting too much more of him. His purpose in the narrative so far has primarily been for exposition (discussing Killua’s potential, giving info on Greed Island, explaining Nanika’s powers, saying Killua’s weird for being nice, etc). In other words, he’s mostly a source of information for us as readers, more than a character that actively takes part in the plot. There isn’t much that Milluki actively does in the story, the one thing I can think of is how he attended the auction in York New.

Simple Accidents (Pt 2)

Part 1 here 

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: cussing, brief generic detailing about wounds

Word Count: 1,152

Y/H/C - your hair color

 “Can I help you?” A pretty blonde at the desk asked as soon as Jensen walked up.

 “Uh, yea. I’m looking for a girl. She was brought in a little bit ago. She’s got, uh, long Y/H/C hair, she’s kinda short.” He replied.

 “Okay, do you know her name?”

 “No.” Jensen wished he could be more help, but he didn’t know much about you. The receptionist furrowed her brows, typing away on the computer.

 “Well, we have a Jane Doe here matching your description and timeline.” She told him.

 “Can I see her? Is she okay?”

 “Right now, she’s in immediate surgery. I can’t give you any details regarding it, but if you’d like to wait, I’ll let you know as soon as she’s out. Shouldn’t take too long now.” She pointed to the waiting area. Jensen’s head hung slightly as he leaned against the counter. He licked his lips, rubbed his face, and tapped his fist on the ledge.

 “Thanks,” He turned, walking back to where Jared was sitting. Jared lifted his eye brows questioningly. Somewhere behind Jensen, a phone rang and he shook his head, sitting down in the empty chair.

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I dunno I just went off of this screenshot

I wish Jaune hadn’t butted in when Ruby told Pyrrha it wasn’t her fault, since, y’know, Pyrrha killed Ruby’s best friend and Ruby giving her a pep talk would’ve meant more. At least she got to save Pyrrha from the Nevermore over Jaune. I just want Pyrrha interacting with friends other than him, we’ve had enough.

in the AU where TFTBL’s team had the time and resources they deserved

SO, as we talked about… what WOULD have been a good path for Rhys in Episode 5 if you chose Hyperion and Jack never pulled his idiotic exoskeleton idea?

I think it would have interesting if it permanently separated Rhys from Fiona and Sasha. Like, one of the things I genuinely got excited about in the Ep 5 trailer was the implication that Helios wasn’t going to let Rhys go. That as a point of frisson between Jack and Rhys actually makes more sense than the asinine exoskeleton thing.

Someone recently made a post along the lines of how they wish we got to see Jack be protective of Rhys as he’s been protective about the things he cares about in the past, namely Angel and the Eye of Helios. Things that Jack solidly considers to be under his protection rather than an equal to him, those thing garner a very specific response from him.

So say you Rule Hyperion, and then try to leave, and Jack locks Rhys in his office, all, “Nuh uh hu, cupcake, no. You’re the president of Hyperion now, you want to go back to Pandora? You want to go play footsie on a shuttle to that crapsack planet with some bandits? Sweetheart, they are going to take you hostage the moment you’re out of my sight. I can’t let that happen. You understand, right?”

THAT as a point of contention would have worked so well. Because you can have a Rhys who wants that Vault or who trusts the con sisters pushing back against Jack, and needing a rescue? omg Sasha and Fiona rescuing Rhys would be AMAZING, oh oh and Yvette helping, pointing out the huge irony of how she was supposed to recover Rhys from Pandora and now is fighting to send him back. It’d be GREAT.

Or, another option to play Rhys as not so close to the sisters (especially after they react so badly to his admission of having Jack in his head), who trusts Jack, and letting his ambitious and his isolation steer him deeper into his deal with Jack. The bird in the gilded cage.

Oh, but how does he get to Pandora in such a path? Well, Jack wants that fucking Vault, man. So when it starts to slip from their fingers, when it looks like the sisters alone will get it, Jack reuploads himself or a copy of himself into Rhys and they go together, with Rhys having less control over his body. And his eye shifting to gold under Jack’s influence.

Which would also resolve the Red Herring of Future!Rhys, where all the tics and foreshadowing that Jack was riding shotgun were all false leads. Instead, you have a Reject Hyperion Rhys, who takes the same path we see in Episode 5, or we have a Rule Hyperion Rhys who gets the follow through his plotline deserves.


So as some of you might know, I went to the Buffy FanMeet today, and I had a lot of fun. I got an autograph from all the guests (in order of appearance on the pics) : James Marsters, Kristine Sutherland, Clare Kramer and Nicholas Brendon. And as you can see, I also took a pic with James.

I really want to talk about it because it was my first con ever (sorry for the long-ass post)

First of all, Nicholas is even more funny than Xander in real life. I’m really happy to see him making jokes and enjoying being here, knowing that he’s been fighting depression for a while. He’s awesome and I wish him all the best in life because he deserves it.

Kristine and Clare literally haven’t aged a day and I want to know their secret I mean come on how is that even possible?? They were lovely during the Q&A’s, and I even got a bit emotional when we talked about Joyce’s death in The Body and stuff (I feel kind of bad for making Kristine sign the 5th season but oh well, that episode was amazing and heartbreaking), and talking about Clare’s performance as our beloved Glorificus was really interesting.

As for James.. Well I’ve been a super-fan of Spike since I could understand what people were saying (after all I was 1y-o when Buffy started), and well I also rly love James’ band (if you don’t know it, it’s called Ghost of the Robot and it deserves so much love, these guys make awesome music I swear). Anyway, back to my first crush (I mean come on who wouldn’t fall for William) : he’s such an adorable man! He was so kind to everyone and stuff and awww ♥

When I showed up for my photoshoot, he immediately recognized my Spike outfit and I was welcomed with a “Hey Spike, you look fabulous” followed by a hug! I love hugs and this was an awesome one (even more awesome because they’re not supposed to hug people -James told me that after), so you can imagine my happiness. After the pic, I was chased by the staff but he told me a little “You rock!” before I got out of the room. He’s so nice. When I showed up later for my autograph, he gave me a card to promote his website, he’s got a guitar on the pic and I told him I rly loved his music and you should have seen the smile on his face!! He looked so happy, so I was very happy too and this was a very great and happy day.

Pipita, the forgotten striker.

As much as I love Benzema and I really love and admire him, because he’s a brilliant striker, I still feel that Higuain needs more love on this website. People barely talk about him, which is a shame because he got more attention when he still played for Real. 

And while I understand the club’s choice to keep Benz, due to his brilliant connection with Cristiano, I still find myself missing Gonzalo, wishing that people would acknowledge his talent a little bit more. The man has scored 22 goals in 22 matches! 

He’s by far one of the best strikers out there in Europe these days. Why aren’t we talking about Pipita anymore??? He has everything as a striker, he’s strong, he’s skilled, he moves around his defenders as if they aren’t there, he wins his duels, he is strong in the air…need I go on? If he still played for Real everybody would be just as excited about him like we are about Benz or Cris. But somehow I feel like he get’s forgotten a lot. 

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Heyy :D I just finished rereading Nana and I was curious. So many people hate on Reira but even though I'm aware of her selfishness I can never bring myself to hate her. She already values herself so little! What are your thoughts on her? What do you think about her relationship with Shin? At first, I just wanted them to end up together but now I just don't think it would be a good thing for Shin. Reira needs to grow up way more than him.

Reira is such a sweetheart….I’m definitely a fan. She’s gorgeous, talented, funny, and a very good friend when she needs to be. Yet, like you mentioned, she values herself so little that she believes she is not worth anything if she can’t sing. That’s sad and simply not true.

I’ve always wished that we got to see more Reira in NANA, more specifically, her interaction with other women in the series (other than Mari) . It would be interesting to explore who she is, rather than just Trapnest’s singing-machine… and Takumi’s princess project. I’ll admit she’s been selfish countless times, like when she repeatedly postpones recordings when she’s upset/heartbroken, but we can’t hate on her for feeling the way she feels. It’s kind of similar to how I feel about Sachiko… we can’t just villainize her for having those feelings. However, I don’t like when she makes advances on Takumi when he’s engaged to Hachiko… which is also sort of similar to the Sachiko-DemonLord-fiasco when I think about it. But, yeah, I definitely like Reira.

As for her relationship with Shin… I like them together but I also don’t like them together. I think that they truly have a love for one another but, at the end of the day, the band comes first. It’s just not smart for Reira to be in a relationship with Shin. He’s just too young - he could ruin her career. So I may have to agree with Takumi on that one. I’d love to be like Hachiko and root for their happiness but I agree that they should give it some time apart, like Takumi says, and see if they love each other in a few years. Also, I feel as if the love was disproportionate…especially with Reira’s infatuation with Takumi. I’d actually be surprised if Ai Yazawa makes this particular relationship end-game.

I don’t want to leave this on a negative note, so I just want to say that Reira has a very kind heart despite the selfishness. She’s there for Ren as family during his low moments and she makes an effort to connect to her fans (through music) even when it’s really hard. But, most importantly, she has the best hair out of the whole cast :P

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Oh my goodness, did you guys hear Lay was injured in an accident while shooting his movie?! T^T The healing unicorn will not be attending their concert series because he's going to be recovering! Nooo Lay was already absent these past few months now he's going to be gone even longer! I miss sweet lil Lay so much, I really hope he gets well. First Xiumin got hurt, now Lay! ><

Yes we saw it too and we were sad about it. It seems he is okay but he needs to stay in bed and like you say he will be absent even more time… I really wish this stopped! Lay works so hard for everyone, this unicorn needs a unicorn to heal him. Balie and I were thinking of sending him one XD

Admin A~

What I wish is that we got more exposures to hufflepuffs in the books. Tonks is fantastic; I adore her. She’s brave, funny, and the master of persuasion.  Edward Cullen Cedric is not my favorite character in the books and I really don’t know much about him other than the fact he gave Harry hints during the tournament.  I just want to know more about them not just that the house “takes the rest”. 

However Fantastic Beats should give me a feel for my house considering Newt is from Hufflepuff. :) 



So i got some new drawing materials and I started working on some concept sketches for “twelve strokes to midnight

so yeah. I’m a huge slut for the weird transition between the dark ages and the middle ages guys. I’m also a huge history/fashion history nerd so this is the shit I live for. right now, they’re all in tunics

So on the left we have King Gabriel Agreste. I was trying give him royal colors and that why I wanted the purple. I wish I had done more of a pattern on his cloak and brooch though. I kind of wanted to put him in chain mail and a cyclus tbh. His hair is long because I felt like it would suit for this period so fight me. 

We also have the magical tailor Maria Balboa sister to the knight, Sir Aaron Balboa of their Province of Etoile. I was trying to go for the slightly upper class peasant look and also I’m a slut for braids guys. I love the exaggerated use of braids as seen in multiple cultures and honestly braids are the shit.

but either way :D I am excited. Hopefully I can sketch some peasant marinette and awkward prince Adrien.

I’ll probably do some creepy jester hawkmoth too :D

Tin Foil Hat Post

So in a banter between Cole and Solas there is some interesting theories that could arise regarding Solas’s past. In the banter below you’ll see Solas and Cole discussing a ‘game’ or ‘competition’, this is where I think we get a clue as to Solas/ Fen’Harels past. 

(If you want the summary, it’s at the bottom)

Cole: It was a game, but more than a game. It meant he would get a family.
Solas: Competition brings passion, Cole, and passion lets people attach import to trivial things.
Cole: Why didn’t they help at the end?
Solas: People wish to accomplish the truly great things on their own.
Cole: They didn’t give the boy what he wanted.
Solas: They did. The boy got a family.
Cole: They gave him a new one. He wanted his old one. I would have done it better.
Solas: The wise must sometimes give people what they need, not what they want.

Now we see Cole mentioning that an unnamed ‘he’ would get a family. Now if we take a heavy step in assuming that the boy they are referring to in the banter is Solas, we can try to dissect the actual meaning.

|Cole: It was a game, but more than a game. It meant he would get a family.
Solas: Competition brings passion, Cole, and passion lets people attach import to trivial things.| Now if we look into this section, it seems as though a tourny or game is being referenced. If we follow that though to the next line, the use of the word competition becomes more understandable. Now if the competition brings passion like Solas states, we are left to determine what exactly that was. Could it be power? Family? Love? Glory? Wisdom? But whatever the passion was, Solas thought that it was of great importance

| Cole: Why didn’t they help at the end?
Solas: People wish to accomplish the truly great things on their own.| Maybe Solas’s previous family or friends thought that they would help him reach his goal that he was so passionate about but were turned away because Solas wanted needed to do it by himself.

|Cole: They didn’t give the boy what he wanted.
Solas: They did. The boy got a family.
Cole: They gave him a new one. He wanted his old one. I would have done it better.
Solas: The wise must sometimes give people what they need, not what they want. | So if going with the idea that it was tourny, there must’ve been a prize for the victor. Now in the dialogue above, the mention of family seems to have great importance. If the prize was infact a family, of better yet being raised above what they were to join a highly respected family (pantheon) that would justify why Solas might’ve entered the toury in the first place. If the Prize was for someone who has demonstrated perhaps great magical abilities in battle to be raised to the station of a god, therefore joining the family of Mythal and Elgar’nan. Maybe Solas didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he won, he wanted his old family, friends and life back. But knowing that Mythal of another Creator convinced him that he was meant for this position as a god. 


In short: Solas entered a toury with the prize being that the winner would be raised to godhood. Solas won therefore becoming Fen’Harel and joining the family of the gods. Solas eventually wanted his old family back, but couldn’t attain it because the dye had already been cast.


Well that’s my theory for the day if you can add to it, please do. Have a great day :)

Unpopular opinion: I don’t see a personality from James, really. He’s just kind of…there. I don’t dislike him, I just wish I knew more about him I guess. All we really know is he knows Superman and is a photographer who is dating Lucy Lane. If we got more James I might actually like him instead of not really having an opinion on him.

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psst! have you scene the interview where Steven said Holden didn't shoot Kenzo because it would have been too merciful? *flails*

Noooo! I have it saved to watch this weekend, though. Man, as much as I adore the other Roci crew members, and never regret when they are on screen, I do wish we got to see more Holden. I feel like he’s a little overshadowed by Miller and Naomi and Amos right now. Steven really seems to get him, though!

the aussie came over this afternoon to bring me a birthday present - a record and bottle of wine. we listened to the record, sipped the wine, and I taught him to play cribbage while it rained hard and loud outside. i spent the rest of the day preparing for my job interview tomorrow, from finalizing some answers to practice questions to my draft training program that I’ve had to prepare for the interview. so, wine and cards with a sweet guy was a pretty nice way to break up the afternoon. then I got to have dinner with the lovely larissa, who is such a dear friend to me and I wish I saw more of. I also got a chance to talk through my feelings around my dates the last few days and already feel much better about it. I connected so quickly and strongly with the tall one that already I felt so invested in him, even though I barely know him, even though there are already some red flags that I have to see how they turn out. still, he messaged me tonight to ask me how my birthday dinner was and to wish me well for my interview tomorrow, and we chatted a bit. I’m still leaving the ball in his court to plan our next hangout, cause I’ve initiated the last two… so who knows.

I’m nervous for this job interview tomorrow. but also, the library just posted a job which would be so perfect for me, and I’m definitely applying to that, too. between these two I’m feeling far less hopeless already, far less stuck in my job, and far less stuck in my comfort. maybe 29 is my year. 28 was overall fucking great, but 29 will be better.

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To that 16 year old anon I would like to say I was 18 when I lost my virginity and it was to some dude that wasn't worth my time I didn't so he could like me more but it wasn't good at all he got his needs met but I felt no comfort at all sucks I kind wish I didn't lose it to someone like that he said he cared but he didn't and he would be on/off with me he still cared for his ex and I wanted him to know that I liked him and cared but sex is all we had

That’s horrible :/

I still haven’t fully grasped the fact that my dog is gone and I don’t quite understand how he can be reduced to just a box with his name on it and there’s nothing I want more than for that box to just open and for him to pop out, good as new, as if the car hit the brakes in time. and I can’t stop this feeling of emptiness in myself and in my house, there’s a void that will truly never be filled. we got a new puppy and I absolutely love her, but nothing has and nothing ever will compare and I wish I could move on because he’s just a fucking dog but he was my childhood, my protector, my shoulder to cry on, my everything. what do you do when your everything disappears in a split second? because I’m still more lost than a needle in a stack of hay

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Rapunzel? c: *hug*

Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore. 

1) Beauty and the Beast: I love the opening music and opening scene.  I really like the voice acting and songs.  Plus I think Philippe is positively adorable and I wish we got to see more of him.  Also there are quite a few trails where I live and whenever I come to a fork in the road I always picture that scene with Maurice deciding which way he wants to go.

2) Fantasia:  It’s so beautiful and I love all the sounds and colors and music.  I haven’t seen it in years but it’s still one of my favorites and I’ll find myself humming the music from time to time.

3) Hercules:  I love Pegasus, and I enjoy Greek mythology and learning about history.  Plus I love the voice acting and the songs.  This is another movie where I will hum or sing the songs especially if I’m keeping busy around the house.

Thank you kind nonny this was fun, thank you for the hug and for sending me this ask.  I’m sending you my *big bear hugs* :)