i wish we got more of him


Merlin Rewatch - 5x12 The Diamond of the Day (Part 1)

Merlin and Gwaine’s last goodbye

i̘̳̤̾᷄᷅̑ţ̰̹̘̏͐͑'̫̤͌̀̇̍ͧs̨̖̬̭̍͟͠ ͏̵̡̼͒́̋a̶̵͛̿ͣ͜͠n̩͍᷂̆̀ͩ͜ ̷̢̦̻᷿͛᷉̉͡͝ͅo̢̺̬̳̐͒ͅm͈̜̏ͧ̕͏ͥe̖̟᷅ͦ᷆᷾͠n̼͎̟͖̒᷈̂

one of the things my mind keeps coming back to and wondering about are Haru’s feelings about Rin’s “My Shining”

while Rin can’t help but chuckle and make fun of Haru’s essay, said boy reads out Rin’s essay as if he knows it by heart, never stopping to snort or show any kind of reaction that would embarrass Rin ( well, just reading it was enough for the guy to tackle Haru (for obvious reasons) but–)

the biggest question mark for me is if Haru actually understands what he’s reading there? does he know that Rin’s essay’s about him? that he’s Rin’s shining? I can’t help feeling like if he did know, he wouldn’t be able to read it with such a straight face…?

what if little Haru would read Rin’s essay whenever he was missing him, memorizing it at some point, but without ever realizing the meaning behind it…


Charlie & Monroe | 2.09

Everyone says I love you.

I was in the mood to create a master post... sort of.

So the other day I was listening to the One Direction albums and I realized how many songs related to Larry so I have decided to make a list of them all. 


> One Thing: Have you seen their acoustic cover of this song? Harry and Louis literally can’t keep their eyes off each other not to mention ‘you’ve got that one thing’ because we all know that for each other they have the one thing. (X)

> Gotta be you: Because obviously when Harry sings ‘It’s got to be youuuuuuuuu oo oooo’ he is talking about Louis. 

> More than this: When Harry changes the lyrics to ‘cause I can love you more than Stan’ is a pretty much a give away that Louis and Harry are in love. (X)

> I wish: If you change the word ‘him’ to ‘her’ in the chorus it pretty much screams Larry. 

> I want: Harry’s lyric change is all I have to say. (X)

> Everything about you: Because Louis’ unbelievable hip thrusts and Harry’s obvious pining afterwards. 

> Moments: This doesn’t even need an explanation. 

> Truly, Madly, Deeply: Because Harry is ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply, Foolishly, Completely, Crazy’ in love with Louis and vice versa. 

> Irresistible: This song is so cute just like Larry.


> Kiss You: *Coughs* music video *coughs* ‘let me kiss you’ is all I have to say, the rest you should already know. (X)

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  • Me Two Years Ago:"Why would Mako be a cop instead of Bolin why should Mako be close to Lin why would that happen why would she like him or favor him ugh I hate this."
  • Me Now:"Mako took Lin out to dinner on Avatar Mother's Day and she had absolutely no objections any other individual would have made her feel uncomfortable or upset or insulted but with Mako she actually felt touched and almost cried (but didn't of course because Momboss does not cry but even if she did Detective Son would never tell anyone or would never make it apparent that he'd noticed) and when Lin retires Mako is going to be leading the applause and when she's no longer fit to live on her own Mako is going to be the one taking care of her and when she finally passes away Mako is going to be the one taking charge of every single funeral arrangement and is also going to be the one who takes the loss hardest because it's like losing his mother all over again but he's also always happy because it was like he got to have his mother back."

Charlie, Miles & Monroe (feat. Truman) | 2.12

“This is fresh squeezed Typhus…


maybe its just me but somehow the way they animated that nijiaka scene kind of rubs me the wrong way

i mean in the manga we have akashi being a cute concerned kouhai look at his concerned gaze for nijimura!!!!!!!!

but then in the anime they make this dramatic pause and give him like shadows instead of eyes so that he looks like he’s plotting something??? 

idk i just…. i don’t… like how akashi keeps being portrayed as like being really sinister. you’ve got lots of time for that in the rakuzan arc. for now i wish they would focus on oreshi’s feelings more because oreshi is a precious child

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Did you see Spencer left Panic!? I'm devastated.

I just got on Tumblr and saw your ask, so I hadn’t yet. I just finished reading his goodbye letter, and I’m literally tearing up. I’m really sad he’s going, but he said it’s what’s best for him, so I’m happy for him. I’m really going to miss Spencer, but at least there’ll be no more waiting to see when he’s coming back to Panic!, we’ve got our answer. I wish Spencer all the best <3

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i think Sisko might be ace/aro or both. There's an episode where Lwaxana Troi accidentally projects her affections for odo on the crew members, and everyone except the people she cant read are affected. Except Sisko. Bashir notes that there has to be some latent attraction for the affected to "fall in love", and we see that Sisko is just confused as Dax rubs herself against him and everyone is snogging like the world is ending.

sisko is in a committed platonic partnership with baseball

(though, to respond to this seriously: i was SUPER RELIEVED when no romantic subplot between sisko and dax ever arose. or sisko and kira! THEIR FRIENDSHIPS!!!! ARE SO GOOD!!!)

i’m forever bitter about the war council we never got. clarke/bellamy/raven/wells would have run the fuck outta camp. ( with special special places for monty, jasper and octavia and some others but its 3am stop making me think )


look at my lil old man (he turns 12 soon, i think!). I got kazul when we were both babbus… now we’re both older and he’s just as silly as when i first met him!
he has a flare for the dramatic but he normally is just a silly smiley baby

Okay, I haven’t Been posting anything for a long time now. Well, since it was announced that Zayn left One Direction. Anyways, I’m confused just like lots of other Directioners. Especially now with his single out. I still care for him deeply, and I hope the single with Naughty Boy is just a mistake of some sort. But Louis’ tweets have got me confused too… I wish Zayn the best in the future, and I wish the 4 guys more success. They really work hard, so I’d hate for directioners to lose hope. Though we are the most dedicated fan base, so I know in my heart, that we’ll get through this.


A month ago my 11 year old cat, Boo, was diagnosed with cancer. Yesterday he had to be put down. The first picture is of me on my first day of Secondary School, holding him. My plan was to take another one on my last day, but Boo never got that far. The second picture was taken halfway through Secondary, in year 10. It’s sad to think that he won’t grow up with me any more, and see me into college, but I’m so happy for the time we had.

Never let anyone tell you that a pet’s life shouldn’t mean much to you.

taylorswift it would mean a lot if you saw this, as I know you love cats and I’ve been playing Never Grow Up on repeat since yersterday.