i wish to blow up

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what's the elite gc?? are u in it?? I'm so confused

an ironically named gc between me and some friends that. really isn’t a big deal but apparently is to a lot of other people


Two very different kind of evil.


Hot Dog Knights

i could watch this 100+ times and still laugh at it

here’s the gaggle of tiny crowbars i drew for my sidebar back when i had one. feel free to use anywhere on tumblr, credit provided.

yesterday a part of the roof caved in at the restaurant and so we had a water leak for the whole day, and this woman comes up to us and she was like “smells like gas, are you sure its not a gas leak” and we like reassured her that no ma’am the restaurant isnt going to blow up and she walks away and mariah mutters “wish this place would blow up” and i couldnt stop laughing

I am about to explode your notifications

So, I am trash and have been super distracted all day. Meaning that I haven’t gotten to barely any of my match ups!

To compensate and because I want to finish them all while it’s still monday, I will be finishing all 10 match up requests in the next 1 and 17 minutes!

Wish me luck and I’m sorry for blowing up your notifications XP

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(@flower-guro here) jeez it's nice to see someone else who just wants the KS chaos to stop. it's been so tough filtering through all the arguments on my dash T-T

agreed! but also like i wish it would just stop blowing up my dash in general haha 

Unrelated note: I absolutely love your blog! like A++ 10/10 everyone should go check you out! you even have a tags page! your blog is like guro heaven tbhh <3

I wish there were more fics of Maxson surviving the Prywden blowing up and Sole taking pity for him and has him recovering in Sanctuary. 

Like, you have this guy who believes Synths, Ghouls, and Supermutants should be exterminated, and he’s stuck with them. It’s not like he can leave, though. The Brotherhood is gone. 

He’s literally a teenager full of angst and everyone is getting so sick of him, but Sole feels bad for him. Danse, who’s growing to accept his synth identity, kind of allows himself to be Maxson’s punching bag. He knows his former Elder won’t kill him because everyone in Sancturary would wipe him out. 

Then he insults Curie, Shaun, the Vault Tec Rep, or Kent Connolly and Danse just decks him. It’s probably the best thing that ever happens to Maxson because he has an epiphany. You can insult him, his identity, and who he is, but never make fun of those four around Danse. 

“God, I sometimes wish he would just have it out with me...”

“He was trying so hard to be reasonable. It just pushed my buttons all the more. God, I sometimes wish he would just have it out with me… And blow up, tell me I’m being a bitch, if that’s what I’m being. Instead, he’s just so… I’ve been asking myself that a lot [if I still love him], and-and I-I think the answer’s ‘yes.’ It’s just, I’m trying to remember how that works. Maybe the only real problem we have is we got married so young.”

Lori approached her marriage later on with a combative attitude.  It was a level of immaturity.  She mentions that she and Rick got married young, and basically, when they didn’t really know each other.  For Rick, he didn’t fully know himself, as we later see.  He meets Michonne at a point where he has resumed growing, and later comes to the realization of who he is.  During this emotional growth spurt and self-awareness, Michonne does not offer pushback (”No Rick, I don’t have a problem”), nor does she constantly gear up for a fight.  Maturity and acceptance.  Rick sees that, and there is a comfort when you know someone is truly on your side.

I’ve talked about doubt somewhere before, and the same holds true.  When Michonne first comes to within the prison walls, and she sees Rick with Judith, I think it was clear that was his child, and it’s clear that he’s the leader, which would also make it clear that he found this place and made it a safe haven for his family, which speaks to the man that he is.  Michonne saw that.  After they face off a bit, then decide to work together, and after her fight with Philip and essentially facing off against Andrea, she realizes where she needs to be.  She tells Rick he needs her [which is true], but the look on her face–she’s also pleading with him to take her back, because she knew she needed him, too.

That’s the dividing line between Michonne and Lori–certainty over doubt; maturity over immaturity.  Michonne sees Rick.  Even when she didn’t know all of it, she knew the type of man he was.  That’s why she isn’t going anywhere.  And Rick–for the first time, he has a partner who sees him, as well as someone who has his utmost respect; someone he can both trust and listen to.  He’s not going anywhere, either.  It was never a question for them.

Blah blah blah, I should be asleep.