i wish this was my dog

i want to sweeten myself. there’s not enough here to want. 

when i tasted my blood for the first time, i cried. i thought other girls must taste like jolly ranchers and jam. i was six. i tasted like pennies and playground swings. 

i am not allowed good if i am not good enough to get it. i learned this from picture books and stories about princesses and poor girls.

good is the girl who laughs at bad jokes. good is a quiet dog with a cautious tail. good is anyone who sees good in me when i can’t see it in myself. good gets what good deserves. angels in heaven. words like “miracle” and “perfect”

i wish i could be good. this makes me selfish. if i were good, i would not wish to be good. if i were sweet, i would know i was good. i would feed hummingbirds from my wrists.

there is not enough here to want. i’ve found no flowers, no honeycomb. my insides are a bundle of missing buttons and broken crayons. 

the sky of my life is humid, overcast. it does not rain. there is sun behind the shadows. i haven’t seen her yet.

i think you must be an obstinate child crawling through broken glass just to see what’s in my abandoned house. there’s not much. mostly wishing. mostly quiet hunger. a little good, but not enough to keep you warm. a little bad, but not enough to keep you wondering. 

i am not sweet like strawberry jam. i do not burn or benefit. i am a bitter pill. but i get you high. 

Do people not understand that if you book a morning walk for your dog the night beforehand, late enough that I’m probably going to be asleep, that doesn’t count as sufficient notice? If I don’t know before I go to bed that you need your dog walked in the morning, how am I going to get up early enough to come walk your dog? Do you really not know before 11 at night that you’re going to need your dog walked the next morning? And an early walk on a Sunday? Come on. I really wish my booking app had a feature that allowed me to require a certain amount of notice. This is getting annoying. This one client in particular has given me as little as 30 minutes notice on one occasion. Well thanks to this lady I’m going to have to massively restrict my morning booking hours, I’m tired of hearing my phone chime in the middle of the night because she decided she needs her dog walked in six hours. Like…you can literally book as far in advance as you want, I’d way rather someone block out a time slot a week in advance and then have to cancel. Ugh. Like I feel like I shouldn’t be complaining about my clients but this lady is just being rude, I’m not your personal on-call dog walker. This has been an ongoing issue with her despite my several attempts to encourage her to book far in advance. Like at least 12 hours notice for god’s sake. Is that really not doable???

I wish I could draw this into a comic but I can’t so here are words use your imagination

Me to my dog: Yes I love you. No, you can’t have the coffee.

Me to my dog: Sometimes the peanut butter is for me.

Me to my dog: Sometimes the apple sauce is for me

Me to my dog: It’s fine. I don’t require a fully functioning diaphragm to stay alive, make yourself comfortable.

Me to my dog: It’s probably fine. But let’s not investigate just in case.

Me to my dog: I’m not dead. I’m meditating, stop saving me with your precious love… it tickles.

Me to my dog: You’re damn right it’s Kady-Mochi Netflix Binge time. Scoot over!


“Death is endlessly consumed by man in cities and in literature. It is a singular event in one’s life that none may reverse. That is what I desire

Happy birthday Areen! [ @dazaiosamu-s


so i heard about team voltron’s favorite animals

rock dog is a cute movie and it is superior to Sing or most illumination flicks and we laughed more than we did at Sing. it doesn’t have terrible designs, good quips, visual gags, some nice colour keys, and is over all a very passable movie you watch or put on for your kids without insulting their intelligence. my only criticism is the villains motives weren’t thought out very well and i wish there was more than one female character shown in the entire movie, but at least there wasn’t a forced romance with her.

Seventeen as Things I’ve Heard the Kids I Babysit Say

PREFACE: I babysit for a set of twin boys that are six years old. They don’t know English that well so some of these are translated roughly. They have the most nihilistic sense of humor and it’s great and terrifying at the same time.

S.Coups: “I’m gonna name my first kid wardrobe! Then he’ll sound like a transformer!”

Jeonghan: “Kill me so I can be reborn into a into a caterpillar and sleep for a year.”

Joshua: “God loved me so much he had to make a photocopy.”

Jun: *Sprays brother with hose* “I hope that watermelon seed you ate starts growing and I get to have a tree brother.”

Hoshi: *Drops his popsicle and I offered to grab a new one* “Don’t ever get me a new one. Nothing in the world can make me happy.”

Wonwoo: “Someone called me emo today, I don’t know what that means, but I told them that calling someone names doesn’t get them any closer to their parents love.”

Woozi: “He can learn as much Japanese as he wants. Mom will still love me more.”

DK: *I made him put on pants* “I wish I was a girl so I didn’t have to wear these leg prisons!”

The8: *To the other brother* “I wish I absorbed you when we were in mom.” (This is what made me make this post)

Mingyu: “What does ‘abstinence’ mean?”

Seungkwan: “I think I’m the smartest in my class, these bitches think Santa is real.” *We had to have a talk*

Vernon: “I wanted my English name to be ‘dog,’ but my dad said no.”

Dino: *I asked one boy to stop eating the other’s food* “No, I’m going to grow stronger and defeat him.”


Ever Since
Author: letsjustsee
Word Count: 10.5k
Louis once again went to leave, but before he could reach the door he heard Barkley jumping off the bed behind him. The giant dog accosted Louis before he could get through, nudging Louis’ legs with all his weight and making him stumble, and Louis had to grab the doorframe to steady himself.
“What the heck, Barkley?” Louis was mostly talking to himself, aware that Barkley couldn’t actually understand him, but he had never witnessed the dog acting so oddly.
He turned around when he heard a quiet murmur coming from the bed.
“What?” He hadn’t been able to make out what Harry said, but at Louis’ question he sat up in bed, hair already wild from the pillow, eyes heavy, and Louis’ stomach gave a little flip.
“He wants you to stay.”

Or, a very fluffy AU where Louis finds a lost dog that he wishes he could keep - until he meets his owner, who he wishes he could keep more

Bungou Stray Dogs Real Life Locations


(Welcome to The City Where the Wind Blows, Yokohama.)

So I was finally able to go around Yokohama! I’ve been in Tokyo for a year and a half but was only able to do this now (why self why). It’s not my first time in the city though, because of the BSD event last February, but this time I got to literally walk around the city which made me fall in love with it instantly!

I did my research but due to limited time, I only got to drop by a few BSD spots. I’ll definitely come back and walk more next time!

(Sorry for the low quality photos but I’d just love to share them still ❤)

Motomachi Road - Episode 2

Chinatown - Episode 9

Red Brick Warehouse - Episode 9

Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (The Jack) - Episode 9

Yokohama Customs Building (The Queen) - Episode 9

Yokohama Stadium - Episode 9

Yamashita Park - Episode 17

And ofc ofc in front of this blessed statue (still in Yamashita Park)

Featuring embarrassed Soukoku fangirl me lol sorry

(Side story: I was with a friend who isn’t an anime fan but happens to be familiar with this statue as she has seen it on TV dramas a few times. When I showed her the Soukoku art, she said, “Why did they meet here? It’s a dating spot!” And I was like, “Uhm, yeah, that’s exactly why” \(*^▽^*)/)

Anyway I think I know now why Chuuya loves Yokohama

Yay. I wish I could live here. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this scenery everyday. More like, I would love to!



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