i wish this was easier to see out of

I ran out of toothpaste today and I know it’s silly but I thought of you because you always reminded me to buy more and you always made things easier.
I’m just trying to take care of myself without you.
I’m just trying to breathe without you.
But it’s gotten harder since I remember the way you said ‘I love you’ and nobody holds me like you did.
And my mom says that if it’s mean to be it will be but you don’t see it the way I do and I wish I never met you so I could forget how you slept next to me so I wouldn’t need a random stranger in your spot.
What I’m trying to say is I ran out of toothpaste and it’s been months since I’ve heard your voice but I can still hear the way you said my name when I think of you.
—  Nobody Could Replace You

She lets me put (soft) things on her as long as I give her head rubs. Yesterday, I took her to the vet and found out that this rescued bird, estimated to be 1-2, has cataracts and is actually much older.

Don’t worry though! They tested her vision and she sees well enough to eat, fly, and do everything a pigeon should do. We love her even more and we’ve set up easier access to food and water so she won’t go hungry. She’s only been with us for 2 months, but it’s almost relieving to think that she’s made it through many years already. I wish I could ask her what she’s seen. She’s still so trusting.

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GRIMTALK is a weekly snapshot of my personal Grimoire as it progresses each week. I started this project to help motivate myself to work on my grimoire but as the weeks progressed it became something more than just photos. 

I really would love to see other witches start their own GRIMTALK and share snippets of their Book of Shadows or Grimoire as they progress each week (or each month if that’s easier).

This week on GRIMTALK is my version of a Witch Bottle. My witch bottle is heavily influenced by both @oldmotherredcap and @maddiviner ‘s versions (They had really good ideas which I incorporated into my new witch bottle).

This week there is also a sigil design which is engraved into the wax on the outer bottle. This sigil (pictured above) states: “I am protected from all those who may wish me harm or misfortune.”

To see any of the previous weekly photos, check out the GRIMTALK page!

I know idols are basically marketed to be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, but I really wish them dating wasn’t such a huge deal. They’re people too, and they have the right to be in relationships with whomever they chose. I get that it can be hard for fans. It’s not like I’ve never gotten carried away with a celebrity crush and been disappointed to find out they were dating. But personally, I think it’s easier to see it coming rather than being blindsided. 

@morbidesque So here’s the paw thing! I hope this makes sense, if not please lemme know. I’m kinda bad at explaining things.

I don’t have any step by steps or anything for the carpals/tarsals but these are the best reference pictures I’ve got. This one is for the front foot, and here’s a back foot.

As far as toes go, I just pair out each toe with one another, so they end up in their little pairs and you only have to arrange one front foot and one back foot. I label the pairs A-Z for ease, or with numbers, whatever works.

You just kind of have to???? feel the toes and see if they fit comfortably. You might make some mistakes, but that’s okay. You’ll know when a toe is where it’s supposed to be, but that might mean you shuffle them around a few times before you do that.

I wish toes were easier, since I would definitely write up a guide, but it’s just kinda all about futzing around with them to see where they fit.

I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions please feel free to pm me! I’ll see if I can help anymore beyond that.


I constantly rub my fingers deep into my eyes wondering what I’m doing and how I’m still alive.
I can only imagine I’m here to make sure the innocent children I’ve created have a reasonable chance to survive.
I wish it was easier to claim I’ve conquered the world, and have seen all there is to see.
Knowing it’s only been a battle inside my mind and heart to find out who I’m supposed to be.
We try to fight failure of as if it never existed, but damn well know all we’ve ever created is trials in our own resistance.
I hope one day we feel the freedom from the grip of this fake society.
These lies derived in time make us blind to what we actually need.

Fyi I just changed my header description from ‘do not repost my art without permission’ to ‘do not repost my art’ to make it easier to deal with any other possible future situation.

Also, in the light of events from earlier, if anyone who uses Instagram more than I do find other accounts reposting artwork, especially if done without credit, please either message the artist if you know who they are or, if you don’t wish to get involved, just send me a message and I’ll try to figure it out. This is an unfortunate trend that people think is ok to engage in just because others do it, and every time I see a new case of artwork misuse I just get more and more sick of it. Art doesn’t appear out of the blue and artists should not be an afterthought when it comes to the love and respect people claim to have for the artwork.

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So I'm a 22 (almost 23) y.o. guy and I'm in a long distance relationship with an 18 (almost 19) y.o. guy. I currently live in CO because my mother shipped me here thinking that I would find a "good girl and settle down" because she wants grandkids. Now my boyfriend and I are moving back to my home and I'm not sure how my family and friends will handle it. They all know I'm bi but I still don't believe that anyone truly understands.

That sounds rough. I think it might make things easier that you’ve laid the groundwork by telling them you’re bi, but it sounds like they don’t understand it, or don’t want to understand it. Hopefully seeing you with your bf will help change things and help them realize how happy you are. I wish you the best and hope things turn out well.

I truly hope that you find your person, and I hope that it feels like coming home when you do. I worry about your heart sometimes because I know that it has become fragile. Your soul has been drenched in rain storms and I can see that you’re so tired of searching for a safe place. I will offer you my friendship and my embrace until the sun comes out from behind the clouds. I love you, my dear. I’m so sorry that your patience is wearing thin, and I’m sorry that the world has been so unkind.

17 February, 2017

There is a certain loneliness of travel.

It comes, first, sitting with my hands around a cup of coffee at the gate. I find that I always look into the eyes and at the mannerisms of those around me, how they’re interacting with their children or parents, whether or not they’re alone. I see myself reflected in them. Are they staring at me as much as I am at them, or is this yet another instance of my overthinking to the precipice of numbness? I mean, I always assumed that others thought just as much about every little occurrence as me, but then I realized that they really, really don’t. I often wish for the same. Wouldn’t it be easier that way? Staring out the airport window and thinking of nothing at all? Speaking, and thinking, and doing, and then just not?

But then it comes, second, when the plane touches down. I always feel a sigh of relief, of course, the simple excitement of being alive. But after a moment it wears off. I remember that I’m in a new place, I remember that I have no idea what I’m doing, and I remember that I did this, at least I think, for myself. So why does it feel so foreign? Why doesn’t this ground feel like home, especially when I thought my own home wasn’t a home? When does a place begin to feel like home, like I’ve lived there my whole life, walking the same corners and loving the same people? And will I ever feel it? Because sometimes…sometimes, I really don’t think I will. Sometimes I think it’s been made up to make me hold on to something bigger than myself.

But outside of living life in transit, despite the airports and train cars and waning battery charges, the loneliest aspect of travel comes on foot. I’m walking down the street, wholeheartedly understanding the objective fact that I should be enjoying myself simply because I am here, and then wondering why I don’t. I try to play music in my headphones, but the bud keeps falling out. I try to take in the sounds around me, to see every inch of this foreign city, but the mutterings of the man behind keep me perpetually distracted. I walk into unique store fronts, only to realize that I have a store, just the same, ten minutes away.

It often devolves into frustration. I want to pinch myself. Look at those mountains, Jaimee. You’ve never seen that before. You may never again. Why aren’t you understanding that?

I truly do believe, in this uncomfortable space between expectation and reality, is where we discover a simplicity that we’re unable to see from our bed, or work, or school. You’re spending every moment waiting to feel “right,” and in that process, you feel inescapably wrong. But then you leave, and you look back, and it’s suddenly so clear…it’s not that you didn’t feel at home. How could you be, when you’ve always been at home? When you’ve always been your rock? When you’ve always had your own back?

I’m so at home, it seems, that I’ve lost the very definition of it. Funny how that works.  

(I wrote this at a coffee shop in Boulder, and I must say, this is the most me I’ve felt in this entire trip to Colorado. I needed to get this out. Thank you for listening to my rambles and feeble attempt at discussing the innate irrationality of my very own brain.)

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At least some people seem to want to listen to the regular edition of the podcast even while premium subbed. So did I for a while, because the ads were funny, but I eventually switched over because certain ads just endlessly bothered me.

OK! I think that’s fine. We do try to make the ads not awful, but we offer the ad-free version of the show for people who just don’t want it at all.

I wish it was easier to serve protected RSS feeds to people who want to subscribe to the premium version of the show, but all those different readers out there handle that situation differently and it’s way more of a hassle than it should be. I definitely see why Earwolf went for a custom app when it came time to launch Howl. Telling people “OK, insert your password or this API key or whatever into this URL and type it all into your phone” is a really weird solution.

New Listings and Prices!

As you may know, I am beginning to redesign my shop for you all so you can find things easier! As excited as I am, I am putting a bunch of time and energy to this, and I would appreciate if you guys also gave me some sort of ideas as to what you wish to see inside my shop. Below are only a handful of the listings that will be going up, but there really is so much more! The crossed out price is how much it will be when listed in my shop. The bolded one is the price for a limited amount of time until these listings are up on the shop. Contact me if interested in any of these! If there is an “*”, this means you will not be required to send me a question and/or intent.

*A Key From the Past (Past Life Reading) ………….$$30.30 $20.00
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Sigils………………………………………………………………….$5.00 $1.00

There is also so much more! For more information, and are interested in receiving a reading from me, please do message me either here at Tumblr, or email me at the.karmic.oracle@gmail.com 

Before purchasing, know that I will need you to send me your email address so that I can send you the reading or sigil as a PDF. You are capable of ordering one thing at once. Know that I will send you an email within 24hours of your payment regarding questions I may have and information I may need such as pronouns, name, and so on. Of course, If uncomfortable, you may choose to nonspecify. Only after your response to that email wil your fourteen day wait start. Know that if you order many things, it may take a tad longer, but it will be done as soon as possible. Know that I do not do third party readings, and I do not answer questons that a professional should be asked. This includes mental help, health, and questions regarding the law or legal matters. You must be at least 16 or older. If under 18, you are required parental consent.

Also know that I hold the right to refuse giving my services. There are no refunds if unhappy, but I will be more than glad to clear up any sort of misscommunication free of charge. 

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Hi, so for a long time i have been dealing with anxiety and it's never been that bad until two years ago. So my my question is how do i go about telling my mom i need therapy for it. She knows i have it but she doesn't know how serious it is, and I wish I could talk to her about it but there are things on my mind that i'm just not comfortable with telling her. And it will just be easier telling a therapist.

My honest advice? Straight up tell her you need to see someone.

You don’t have to tell her what’s on your mind, but she’s also not going to be able to find out how bad it is unless you let her know.

So you need to go to her and just be like: “Mom, I need to see someone about my anxiety.” And then the two of you can move forward from there.

Also, explain to her that you don’t feel comfortable telling her stuff, and if she asks why, you can tell her that it’s harder talking to someone so close to you about certain things.
At least, that’s how it is for me. I find there’s a few things I can’t tell my mom, and I tell her almost everything.

Long story short: Be honest. Be straightforward.

I hope she listens and helps you love ❤️

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Do you have any headcanons for bellamy/the blake siblings on the ark? Maybe things they did in their home but also things bellamy had to do to keep octavia's existence a secret? I love that relationship so much, i wish they would explore some more 1x06-esque flashbacks. Their dynamic is so interesting especially with their being the only siblings on the show. (it's also unconventional at best, but its something so amazing to see play out onscreen)

Yes I do!

In the novel ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue, a woman who gave birth to her baby while imprisoned by her abductor chooses to raise her son believing that their single-room home is the whole world; the things on the TV aren’t real, and he’s not missing out on anything. She does it to make it easier for him to cope basically by attempting to protect him from longing. I always wondered about the decision that was made for Octavia to make her aware of the outside world. I think young Bellamy would have wanted to lie to make O happy. My head canon is that Aurora was the one who chose reality, because a) happiness, her children’s or her own, was not a priority; b) she didn’t want to spend the energy on a lie when it was already so exhausting to live real life. Bellamy might have thought this was cruel, but I think he came to really value what pieces of the world they could give to Octavia. Even the stories he told her were rooted in real history. He decided she deserved every last drop of the world that he could give her. A lot of my head canons kind of tie into that; the tension between being truthful with Octavia about his life/the world and using fantasy/lies to make her happy.

·         Aurora worked late, and before Octavia learned to tell the time, Bellamy would sometimes lie and tell her it was her bedtime a whole hour before it came around so that he could have some time to himself – he just wanted to read a book without doing funny voices for her for once. He could never enjoy it because he felt so guilty (story of his life).

·         For a long time Octavia didn’t understand that she would have to stay under the floor forever. Kids think all bad things end; they just do. One day when Octavia was eight, Aurora made an offhand comment about making the space under the floor bigger for when she was grown up, and O lost it. She cried hysterically, and she was loud; she couldn’t help it. Aurora had to go to work and Bellamy wanted to comfort her but he had to cover up the sound of her crying, so he sang instead, watching helplessly as she used up all her tears and fell silent. Even if he had been able to say something to her, he wouldn’t have known what.

·         That was the first time Octavia wanted to die.

·         Rations for two were never quite enough to go around; Bellamy used to play poker with some neighbour kids for extra food. I know there’s this consensus that Bellamy isolated himself to prevent Octavia being discovered, and I think that’s true to an extent, but he also had to learn to influence a group from somewhere and the kind of insight and bravado it takes to be good at poker transfer well to the type of leader he is.

·         Bellamy can cut girls’ hair; there are virtual manuals on everything on the Ark, and he read about how to do it because Octavia wanted to look nice. He can also do braids; Octavia was never patient enough to let him practice, but she had a doll he honed his skills on.

·         Bellamy’s first girlfriend was a girl from his Earth Skills class, and she broke up with him after two months because she realized he had been stealing from her. She assumed that the reason they never went to his place was so she’d never see the things he’d taken.

·         Octavia’s favourite story was The Twelve Labours of Herakles. She could always relate to the all-consuming passion to fight for freedom (though Herakles was atoning for the sin of murdering his wife and children while all Octavia wanted to do was walk around the Ark like a normal girl).

·         Octavia’s favourite game was ‘If We Were On Earth.’ She and Bellamy used to lie awake at night and talk about who they would be and what they would do if they went to the Ground. Bellamy always chose to be an archaeologist, travelling the world’s most fascinating historical sites. Octavia wanted to be an explorer, trekking through the Amazon jungle to find undiscovered species. They would come home every Christmas to their houses, which were next door to each other with a secret passageway connecting the attics.

·         Bellamy decided when he was young that he would never have kids, because if he did he would want them to be well provided for, and he was going to have a hard enough time doing that for Octavia in secret. When they played ‘If We Were On Earth’, he gave himself four kids.

I would love some more baby Blake flashbacks! Though personally I’d prefer they keep it to ages where they can bring in younger actors instead of trying to make Bob and Marie credible as young teenagers – I adored the 1x06 stuff (and think they both did a great job imbuing their performances with just the right amount of innocence) but I think they were just on the cusp of too-old-to-pass then and they’re well over the line now. I’d love to see a version of Bellamy I could really buy as a twelve year old, for example, where it is clear how completely dwarfed he was by his responsibilities and how wrong it feels to see an actual child forced to be an adult.

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So, I wanted to preface my question with saying I hope Gabe can see so many people care about them, and shouldn't be discouraged by snide remarks. My question is do any of you have any tips for making it easier to pass as male (I.e flattening out the chest, or giving a more masculine facial appearance)? I'm Genderfluid so it would be a big help. Thanks in advance, and warm wishes and love to you all!

First of all !!!! And second of all, wearing baggy clothes, finding a safe way to bind, talking quieter and deeper are all good ways to pass as male, my friendo.

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(Alright, how about that star/sun symbol with the nightmare meme?) (Damn I wish I did have all those symbols, that would make this easier XD)

My muse just dreamt that they got killed by yours. Send me ‘✸’ for my muse to wake up from their nightmare and seeing yours.

Frisk woke up in a panic from the dream she’d had. Still not fully awake she moved away from Ace and fell off the bed letting out a small yelp.

How I Write Spells

This is more of a documentation of my methods (?) rather than a how-to.

My spell creation method has two modes, essentially.

The first mode goes something like this: I’m browsing Tumblr, or reading a book, or walking outside, or just doing whatever, when I’m hit with a “jolt” of inspiration - I suddenly get a great idea for a simple or easy spell. This is the situation in which my [simple wish spell] and [match spell] were born. As you can see, fairly basic and not very hard to do or perform. That’s not to say simple spells are less effective than more “thought out” ones, or deserve any less credit, but I’m also not saying skip the hard stuff if easier methods can get you there. It’s all about personal preference, and what you might think is necessary in a specific situation.

The second mode starts out the same as the first, in the sense that something triggers an idea for a spell in my mind. I’ll write out some preliminary notes of what I want from the spell, or what I’ll need for it, or general ideas of what I want it to look like or be performed. After that, the spell spends about two weeks to a month in draft format. The reason for this is, regardless of how many of you come to me for advice, I am still a new witch. Ultimately my practice started in December 2014 - January 2015. That’s barely 6 months. I am still learning, and quite frankly am still hesitant about what I need in a spell, what works here, what should go there, etc. This is the phase in which I pester many of my friends for advice, or even go to other, more “renowned” witchy blogs for opinions. Once I feel I have been reassured enough (“Dana, it’s good, stop asking!”), I spend about a day or so neatening it up, getting it ready for its final draft, and up it goes to the interwebs. This is the case with my [Paint the Mirrors Black spell]; you can see it’s more detailed and requires more prep and work, but you can’t tell how long it took for me to get the wording right, and I still question it.

Now that I think about it, I have a sort of third method. This is where I see a purpose, I cast a spell for it, and that’s it. Obviously I do some research and see if what I have will work for this purpose. But for the most part I wing it. It is unplanned and just happens. An example of that would be this [happiness and general well-being sachet]; I remembered saying to my friend I would toss a little magic their way, and so at 8 am after a night of no sleep, I threw something together for them. No forethought, not much prep, just grabbed what I needed and went with it. I have yet to hear of how they’re doing though.

I know it is said you should, but some of my spells are untested. Most of what I write, I don’t use, because I don’t need to. I write for other people, or I write a spell for a situation I’m not in, and so I don’t need to perform it, so I don’t. I can’t tell if a spell for “this” will work if I don’t have “this” in the first place. I trust in the knowledge I have of the components of the spell, that they will work for this purpose, and trust in my logic to reason it out. A lot of spell work seems to follow formulas, like this herb for this, that crystal for that, etc., and I feel as long as you use the correct things for a purpose, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. Plus, what might not work for me might work for someone else, and vice versa.

So, that is my spell creation method, and some little other tidbits. Any questions? My ask is always open. :)



Hello lovelies!

I currently am starting a new job, and need to make as much money as possible in order to help with any approaching expenses coming with. Commissioning me would really help me out with it all!

The prices shown above are open to increases depending on the detail of the characters, but otherwise not much will alter in the prices.

What I would need from you if you wish it, is a set of reference photos of your character, or creature, or locale. Contact me at hauntedesign@gmail.com for the pictures, or simply link me via inbox for information if that is easier for you!

Each work aside from sketches comes with your choice in solid color bg or shape placement (see my daily blog for references) but illustrative bg work will add an amt of $15

I’m not particularly picky on what the subject material is, although I am a bit iffy on nsfw material involving graphic sexual or violent content. This doesn’t mean I am against it though, so don’t be afraid to ask.

I usually am down with maybe 2 or 3 rounds of minor revisions as well.

As for the Custom Cryptid option, this is in the situation which you want to see me illustrate a particular situation or occurrence for a cryptid or monster, and this will thus be posted on an appropriate day of my dailycryptodrawings blog.

Payment usually I feel is something I can discuss with you in private if you would like.

Hope to hear from you soon!