i wish this was better than it was

I didn’t notice this until recently. I can just see how this all went down with Sam adding that “useful Italian phrase” and Nate writing the last phrase after rolling his eyes at him.

Plus: Sam’s handwriting is A1. I like it.

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I wish the studyblr community would address depression.

Yes, me too. I have strong feelings about the studyblr community and how it isn’t very good at talking about mental health. I, personally, don’t struggle much with my MH but that doesn’t mean I want to ignore it and I hope I do an okay job of not creating unrealistic ideals. If anyone has any suggestions for how I could do better please let me know. It might be hard for people to understand but there might be more to addressing depression than creating a list of fifty ways to pep yourself up with chamomile tea and candles. 

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My mom hated overweight people and my sister is born a bit overweight and she isnt even in middle school and my mom shames her for being fat so I stood up to my mom where it turned to a full on fight since I'm taller than her and took self defense lessons I could hold her off and I kinda feel bad for doing that to my own mom but I also dont because she shamed my younger sister for being fat.... Is ehat I did wrong?

Violence is always something we wish to avoid but shaming a child for their weight is very destructive it can lead to eating disorders and other mental health problems and I applaud you for putting your foot down because a parent body shaming a child is very much emotional abuse and that child deserves better than that xx

People say that? Well, that bothers me too then since they pretty much always work as a 3 person unit. Armin maybe socializes a little more than Mikasa and Eren do because he’s better at it than they are (mostly in the anime universe), but those two are Armin’s home. Especially Eren, who feels mutually as close to Armin. Literally to the point that Armin is Eren’s designated future. 

I know shippers will take this as a criticism towards them when it isn’t, so I’ll just apologize right now and say you can totally ship ere////mika if you wish because that’s cool if it makes you happy~ 

but here’s the thing… (ship criticism included under the cut for honest discourse, apologies again) 

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I wish I wasn’t so prone to reacting emotionally and I wish my internalized misogyny would let me feel my emotions unapologetically.

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NAC: yea the owner is an ass, they're like never neutral or kind, smh my head

Ugh I know. They’re always thinking they’re better than everyone and can’t let people have their own opinions. I wish them and their blog would go away.

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I really wish that certain people on the far-left would come to understand that not every single person calling for peace is automatically Neville Chamberlain. Yes, there are tons of bigots out there that just want to dismiss oppressed groups for being too angry or too violent (while simultaneously never questioning things like the Military Industrial Complex), but what about being progressive? What about having hope that things can be better than the current shit show? (1/4)

These kinds of people don’t like it when people on the right try to use the supposed ‘inherent cruelty of the world’ to justify their cruel actions, so why is it okay for them? Why is it okay for the far-left to be all like, ‘Well, nice guys finish last. You have to be an asshole if you want to get ahead in the world,’? That kind of mentality pisses me off a lot more than some goon sucker-punching Dick Spencer. (2/4)

And on top of it all, these people have the audacity to claim that anybody who is remotely squeamish around violence are automatically in cahoots with the KKK, and that such people can’t POSSIBLY be on the neo-nazi hit list. As somebody who couldn’t go a week without getting into a fight with every prick who called me a slur, listening to people who themselves have never been in a serious fight calling others ‘weak’ for preferring non-violent strategies REALLY aggravates me. (¾)

If far-leftist groups want to be violent, that’s on them, but it’s really ignorant and short-sighted for them to tell others that they’re incapable of achieving anything just because they’re apparently ‘too nice’. Don’t tell people what they’re capable of. Nobody has any idea what one person can be capable of. Who are these far-leftists to say what is impossible? (4/4)



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I'm so sorry, I feel guilty for what happened. I've known Dudul much muuuch longer than EW and lately I told him that after searching his name on google there are more pictures of ew!Patryk than his own. I was worried about his appearance on the internet because he's been such an amazing animator for years, but oh god everybody are now so mad at each other. We can't undo what is done, and I'm happy he said what he thinks about it, but plz everybody need to chill, like are you really surprised?

Don’t feel guilty about it, I’m sure it’s not your fault. I’m sorry that all of a sudden he’s been recognized more for a ship than his creative work. Honestly, I’m not surprised at all that this happened, I just wish that it hadn’t. You’re right, we can’t change the past, but hopefully we can change the future for the better.

Long time no see!
Yes, I’ve decided after a long period to come back, even if just for a bit.
My life got really busy and stressful and I just didn’t have time for Tumblr. I was working (and still am) 2 jobs, 7 days a week.
I am a part of a 9-girl Love Live cover dance group. I will make another post about separately, as it’s done a lot for me mentally, physically, and emotionally.
I still am a dog groomer and am in the fast food business.
I’m not sure if anyone worried about my sudden disappearance, I thank you, and I apologize. I am doing well though and better than I was in 2016. I just needed some time to work on understanding myself a little more.
Please feel free to drop into my ask box if you so wish to~

Stolen glances, fleeting moments
Private daydreams float between us
The reasons keeping us apart
Fan the flames of forbidden desire
Flint on rock the instant we’re alone together
One moment stretches into
One thousand thoughts
As you remind me how it feels
To have passion for somebody

Nuestra amor prohibido
Keeps me thinking of you
Pequeños momentos íntimos
Keeps me wishing for you
Tu novia hermosa
Keeps me realistic about you

Repeat to myself like a mantra
Friendship is more valuable
Than a bitter soured love
Your support and motivation
Drives me to be better every day
And if I have that even without
Your arms around me
Then maybe it’s all okay

Nuestra amor prohibido
Keeps me thinking of you
Pequeños momentos íntimos
Keeps me wishing for you
Tu novia hermosa
Keeps me realistic about you

These thoughts are cyclical
But the fact remains
Close friendship to someone
You’re attracted to is
A challenging thing
But no matter what the future holds
The moment we shared
Will always be our treasured memory

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Do you think shadowhunters is gonna get a season 3? I wish it would but ugly ppl are saying it's not and it worries me

I do think so. Don’t listen to these people saying the show won’t get a third season. They’re probably just book stans that can’t accept the show is not following the books and are bitter about it. 

We’re doing great, the show is one of the biggest on Freeform right now, it was one of the most talked about on social media in general, the ratings are better than last season and we also have Netflix, so many people watch there (including me). 

So honestly, yes. I do think we’ll get a third season. And if you see people saying any shit like that just ignore. Or better, block them. No one needs negativity of any kind, so you might as well just get rid of it. :)

Look, I know very little about Supernatural so correct me if I got something wrong. Our situation is especially horrible. At least in Supernatural, the actors acknowledge the gay subtext and say they’re open to playing Castiel and Dean as a gay couple if the directors wanted to. Over here anyone who doesn’t ship Johnlock doesn’t see the subtext and the writers and others think we’re delusional straight teenage girls who want to see two men have sex. They insult our intelligence and get mad whenever they’re criticised. I wish I liked Supernatural, it sounds like a much better situation than this deep hole we’re in.

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Lance dropped to his knees the second the training simulation finally ended, chest heaving and sweat covering every inch of him. Bruises and cuts marred tanned skin, but brunet couldn’t seem to care when it still wasn’t enough, would never be enough to make up for his weakness in battle. Shiro was gone—he was /gone/ and Lance was supposed to /protect him god D A M N I T/. Leaning back, tears sprung free and Lance finally let out the scream threatening to overtake him, not noticing Keith.

Things hadn’t been easy on anyone since Shiro disappeared, that much was just a known fact around the castle. Another fact was that some dealt with it better than others, either throwing themselves into research or work or trying their hardest to carry on as normal.

Keith wished it could be even a fraction that easy for him, BUT THAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE.

With Shiro gone, so was someone he’d cared about so much for so long and though he’d felt the exact same pain before it didn’t make it any easier to shoulder. Part of him felt he might be the most miserable thing on this ship, filled to the brim with RAGE AND DESPAIR that threatened to boil over at any moment, but then when he’d come to punch out his frustrations he found Lance.

Lance who was screaming and crying the way Keith would deny he’d done himself just moments after he’d BOLTED from the harrowing scene.

There was a long pause where Keith just stood in the doorway, leaden feet glued where they were in quick contemplation. This was a private moment, HE WASN’T MEANT TO SEE IT, but if there were any omnipotent being out in the Universe it’d know that as much as it gripped Keith’s heart with burning claws of guilt and sadness a part of him at least felt at ease knowing his own emotions weren’t the only ones that were reduced to a dangerous storm just below the surface- ONLY BARELY CONTAINED.

Steps were quiet as Keith finally willed himself to approach, that innate need to do or say something to keep that look off of Lance’s face too great. He did feel comfort knowing he wasn’t the only one, but it’s not like he’d just stand there and let Lance be miserable when it was all his fault this happened.


Lance… ❞ He started quietly, voice raspy and tired, hoping to grab his attention before he’d settled down next to the blue paladin. There was no movement just yet, hesitation still apparent as he just sat quietly near Lance, eyes trained on the floor, brows knit, and teeth worrying at his lip.

He was no good at this. Why did Shiro want to train him to be a leader if he could barely talk to his teammates? Even a teammate he was already so intrinsically bound to who’ve seen each other at bad points before… but then MAYBE THIS HAD ALL JUST HIT A LITTLE TOO CLOSE TO HOME because it was Shiro and if he couldn’t even attempt to quell the entropy in his own mind and body that was all chaotic thoughts and tense, strained muscle, what was he meant to say to anyone… EVEN LANCE?

Words didn’t seem like the right way to go, at least not yet. His throat burned with the effort to choke back anything that threatening to escape. He didn’t want to cry again, that’d never been him, but every breath was shaky and tense and he didn’t even know how much time had passed since he’d sat down anymore.


Who even knew, the only thing that did register is that Keith couldn’t just sit silently forever. He needed to do something, hands already beginning to restlessly squeeze at his knees until his fingers were sore with the effort and he was sure knuckles were white under his gloves. He had to move or fight or run, anything.

In this seemingly timeless state, some amount passed before indigo hues finally rose, chancing a look over the blue paladin in his fragile state. Broken, sad, furious, everything he felt written on his face and in his body language, but what did Keith do with that? How did he stop feeling so USELESS and start being less of a pitiful excuse for a leader’s replacement?

Maybe there was nothing he could do, nothing he could even attempt to measure up to, and they both just needed something to anchor them until maybe- just maybe- they both feel less like complete shit.

So, with shaking hands and still unsteady breath, Keith finally shifted and wound his arms around Lance, hugging him tightly and just trying to make any of this even a fraction better despite the entire universe feeling off kilter.

A one out of a trillion chance that it helps is still something.


save him

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I’m aliiiive!!! Sorry this took awhile guys, things have been getting really busy for me IRL, hopefully it won’t take me too long to post the next pages. 

Anyway here’s Page 1 & 2 of Chapter 3 of Growing Up.

Growing Up Chapter 1
Growing Up Chapter 2

Anyway I’m gonna sleep now.