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And, by implicitly equating Eliza’s acts of narration with his own, he’s acknowledging the women who built the country alongside the men. You’re left wondering whether the “Hamilton” of the title isn’t just Alexander, but Eliza, too.


Bellarke AU: Clarke is kidnapped and held hostage by one of Americas most wanted

After head mobster leader Rick Jones escapes from prison, he targets the man who put him behind bars in the first place, Special Agent Bellamy Blake. By targeting Bellamy, he targeted the one thing he held dear - Clarke, his wife. While at HQ, (after following up a lead on Rick, that goes cold) they get video feed of Clarke at gun point. Bellamy hears her voice immediately, uttering his name, before he even turned around, and terror strikes him when he realizes his wife is in the hands of a serial killer who will stop at nothing until Bellamys life is in shambles.


oMG oMg omG???? (ಥ益ಥ)

Iwaizumi & Oikawa Introduction Video


Oikawa’s Introduction Video: Iwa-chan’s height
Protagonist: Oikawa-san, do you wish to be taller?
Oikawa: I have no complaints now. I’m still taller than Iwa-chan, after all. Iwa-chan thinks he can still grow, but we shouldn’t have any expectation for growth in our 3rd year of high school and above.
Protagonist: But we don’t know about that! What would you do if Iwaizumi-san’s height surpass yours?
Oikawa: Eeeh? ……I haven’t thought about that at all.
Oikawa: Ok, now every time I meet Iwa-chan, I will press at his pressure point so his height will shrink. Yeah, let’s do that.

Iwaizumi’s Introduction Video: A must hear episode during childhood
Iwaizumi-san, what do you remember about summer break?
Iwaizumi: Ooh, when I was a brat I often went to the mountain to catch bugs.
Protagonist: Did you, perhaps, do that together with Oikawa-san? You two are childhood friends, isn’t it?
Iwaizumi: Yeah, but Oikawa’s engrossed with volleyball at that time.
Protagonist: Eh, since that early?
Iwaizumi: He’s taken a liking on the jump serves he saw on TV. He said he wanted to do that himself and had been practicing ever since. Well, at the beginning he couldn’t even hit the ball though, and the ball hit his head……


5SOS talk about the meaning behind Sounds Good Feels Good songs