i wish this video was in hd

sandy sims
Sandy | 18 | UK | Just a TS4 simblr looking for a place to share her TS4 machinima!

You can now follow Sandy on youtube! (If you so wish!) This is where I’ll be sharing my future machinimas as well as my pose-making tutorials and probably some free audios (because I love making them!) I’ve also reuploaded my Finding Marley trailer there! Vimeo butchers the quality of videos aha, you can watch it in 1080p HD (the way I’d intended!

I hope to see a few of you over there! Much love to you all! ❤️ 

anonymous asked:

Hello! How do you get your gifs to be so sharp and clear?? I'm not a big sone but your gifs are amazing and mine are always grainy ㅠㅠㅠ do you have any tips?

oh i don’t do only snsd gifs tho!! anyways thank youuuuuuu, i wish they could be better but i have a lot to learn yet ;; first of all you need to use raw videos, ALWAYS. don’t download your videos from youtube (okay my recent mvs gifs are from youtube but it’s just because i don’t know how to wait for raw videos) but if you download them from bugs, melon, etc they will definetely be better than mine!! for variety shows, music shows and everything else try to download it in .ts or .tp format because it’s raw and it’s hd af. you can find them on http://kpop24hrs.com/ or http://etorrent.co.kr/ (this site has EVERYTHING since music shows to fancams and variety shows and everything) but i don’t know how to download things from etorrent ALTHOUGH there’s a super nice tutorial here idk i’m just dumb af so i still don’t understand how i find something there ANYWAYS…. GOOD LUCK ON THAT WEBSITE… you can search on google too, or even twitter people on twitter are crazy but they’re useful!! soooooooooo for the noisy and grainy thing, try to not use much sharpen, use smart sharpen or some cool sharpen action for gifs, you can find a lot of cool actions here. my gifs aren’t so grainy (i wish they could’ve been much less noisy too but i’m dumb) because i use topaz denoise, OR sometimes i use topaz clean BUT BE CAREFUL FOR THE MERCY OF GOD BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT CARTOONED GIFS ON OUR DASHBOARDS THEY LOOK LIKE… DEMONS… i mean at least i don’t want to because ugh i think it’s ugly so try to use just the essential okay i won’t share my settings because of reasons and because i always change it but it’s not difficult to find your own settings okay don’t be afraid of photoshop he won’t bite you (sometimes he stops and you will lose all your work but it’s okay it’s better than be bitten right…) try not abuse of brightness/contrast or anything that makes your gif TOO BRIGHT because idk it will be grainy and noisy and you will have anons on your inbox saying that you’re whitewashing people on purpose =[ and for the final, you have to save your gif with these settings 

sometimes i change it from selective to adaptive because sometimes the reddish colors look like… idk they look ugly so i change it to adaptive because it looks better…
ehh idk how to end this but good luck at your gifs, i hope you can understand all what i’ve said here. look at this cute smiling dog i hope he inspires you bye


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