i wish this video was in hd


This account is claiming to be “anon L”. The person who apparently holds the HD video of what really went down in Wellington last 2012. Possibly one of the biggest proof of Larry Stylinson found today. If this account is telling the truth, then management must be doing everything to shut the account down. But if it’s fake, there is no HD Wellington video and we have been fooled by an attention seeker. I wish for the former but by the looks of it, it’s the latter.


luisszefka: #thelastshadowpuppets #opener2016


Suzie-guru commented that Butterfly Bog would pair well with Galavant’s “Love is Strange,” so I got the go ahead and pieced together this video for her.  I wish I had more HD footage, but I made do with what was available.

Purely fan made.

Documentary : Life Cycle of A Betta Fish HD

This video is a documentary of an average betta fish from a little fry to an adult which is sold in your pet stores in betta fish farm. Please like, comment,…

Hnng, all of these baby bettas, though! I wish they had at least put the age for each clip, but still. One day, I’d love to try my hand at breeding, but I’m a long way away yet!


i wish, you like that c:

pease, watch in HD for electroinc hugs :з

a requests for all u artists out there..

can someone draw a picture of me in my ~anime~ form coming out of an outhouse like shrek in this screenshot from the 2001 dreamworks film “shrek” 

alternatively draw me next to shrek, doing a cool jojo pose or something
I need it for the video for my Smash Mouth cover, I’d do it myself but my heart is heavy and i feel like crying and jumping into a dumpster and just staying there and any drawing I make will not be funny enough, so im entrusting it to u.
you can also draw the smash mouth guy if you wish, the possibilities are endless, just go wild with it, just make sure it’s not NSFW or mean!
please make sure the dimensions are big enough for an HD youtube video…if multiple people draw it I’ll include all of the pictures in like a slideshow type thing..your art will be featured in a video that probably over 100,000 people will see!!!! thank you for the consideration