i wish this show still played on tv

i wish we could get at least a 6 second video to see what michael’s up to… to see him in his man cave..if he’s playing on his new laptop…to see if calum’s eating those spaghetti he wanted, or if he’s having fun with luke in that place they’re in.. to see if luke’s not sick anymore.. to see if he’s still watching tv shows and drinking corona beer… to see if ashton’s hanging out with his siblings.. or if he’s maybe enjoying the nature somewhere… juST LET ME IN 5SOS PLS

I don’t understand why people are Klamille and/or Steroline shippers OR Klaroline shippers.
I mean, why can’t you be both of them?! I am. I just love the idea that both Klaus and Caroline are happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s with someone else. Why can’t you be just happy for them?!
There are people who HATE Camille, and for what?! Only because Klaus is attracted to her. Sometimes people can be unstable: they spread so much hate to Leah Pipes. They wished her to have cancer, they wished her to DIE. Are you insane?!? This is a TV show, and you are blaming a girl who just PLAYS A ROLE!
I was a Klaroline shipper, and I still am a Klaroline shipper, but I also like these couples!
Klaus and Camille’s relationship was builded from season one of The Originals, Klaus learnt how to be good ‘cause Cami always saw the good in him. (And of course, so did Caroline, but for now I’m just talking about Klamille.)
Camille also is a girl with secrets but I think that what her and Klaus have is something created by trust, caring, friendship and THEN love. And this is important, ‘cause Cami is a strong woman who always said she hated Klaus’ attitude but she also always believed that there was something good in him.
And in the last episode, when Klaus saved her from Aurora, there was that sweet hug between them, and it is exactly what makes you think that their relationship it’s not just some random kiss, but, again, it’s loyalty, trust, mind connection.
And now just talk about Steroline. These two know each other since six, seven years. He was in love with an another girl, and she fell in love with a lot of guys.
They always were side by side. They became friends, and then best friends. They grew together, and after all their delusions with someonelse, they learnt how to heal and how to smile again.
Caroline fell in love with Stefan like immediately. I mean, I still remember what she said in the pilot: “Stefan and I will marry in June.” And at that time that was funny, because Stefan was so in love with Elena. But although she weren’t talking about her feelings anymore, maybe internally she always loved him. And then when Delena happened, Stefan had to learn how to love someone else again, and Steroline just occurred.
Steroline are cute, and now, if we don’t talk about all the pregnancy thing, they were wonderful friends before and then a wonderful couple after.
SO, now there is the main question: Klaroline.
I always loved Klaroline and I will always love Klaroline. But guys, can we just be serious for one time?!? Klaroline is over, or at least for now.
When Klaus appeared in The Vampire Diaries, he was this thousand-year old vampire who was uncapable to love. While Caroline was a fragile human girl who when became a vampire, also became fearless, brave and “full of light”.
She was a strong girl with a lot of family problems, and she wasn’t afraid to be honest with Klaus, in fact she wasn’t afraid OF Klaus himself.
She brought light in his life, she taught him to love, she taught him to be happy. And Klaus changed and became a better man. So yes, sometimes it seems like Cami is Caroline imitation but it’s not.
Care was this pretty blonde spoil girl, who always had what she wanted. Then she changed, of course, but she is confident and she never was afraid to say what she tought.
While Camille it’s a grown up woman, who grew by herself without any family. She is not frivolous (I’m not saying that Caroline is ditz, but she is more casual than Cami) and her relationship with Klaus is completely different. Although the both of them changed him, they did it in very differents way. Caroline was the first to not be submitted by Klaus, instead Cami was the first to try to understand him.
Furthermore, we all remember Klaroline sex in season 5, right? And now just think about Klaus and Camille in the last episode. How the kissed each other, how they touched each other. They were not just giving up to the passion, they were loving each other. And the fact he stopped himself just to look at her it’s beautiful.
In The Vampire Diaries Caroline just wanted to do it. Klaus was really in love with Care, and of course she liked him, but in that time she was still in love with Tayler.
I want to say this: when Klaus left Caroline he said to her “He was your first love, I intend to be your last”. And this is the quote that all the Klaroline shippers know.
I believe in it. I do believe in it.
Caroline is happy with Stefan, right now. Klaus is happy with Camille, right now.
But listen to me: if Cami will remain a human, she is gonna die. This is sad, I know, but it’s the truth, while Klaus can’t die, so he will live forever.
Stefan is a vampire, but in 300 years he fell in love with Valerie, Katherine, Rebekah, Elena, Caroline, and a lot of other women we don’t know. Maybe Caroline is the right one, maybe not, we can’t know. But if not, I think that one day, maybe after five years, maybe after centuries, maybe after millenniums, but one day, I know this, Klaus and Caroline will meet each other.
I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say, because my English is awful 'cause I’m italian, but I want to say this: he promised her those words, and Klaus always keeps his promises. They will re-encountered and they will fall in love with each other again. And of course they will miss all their lost loves, but again they will heal, like they always do.
I have faith in this, because I still believe in Klaroline, but the most important, I know that for now they have to live their own lifes with someonelse. And if you also love these carachter like I do, you will be happy for them no matter all the ships thing.

So happy to finally have both my babies with me ❤️ I still need to read the last three books in the series, but I’m stalling. I want to take my time with them because who knows when book #9 will come out? 😳

As for the TV show, I wish they would just announce already when season two will start and who’ll be playing Bree and Roger *