i wish this selca was real


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kyaaaaahh!!! >O< can’t help but notice this similarity.. 

Do they looked perfect with each other??.. :D 

Both even have the same expressions for each selca >.< \m/

~TalNyang really rocks!!! <///3  i really wish for real!!!

 Yi Han <3 Ji won !!!

NOTE:feel free to share this pic but please give credit to empresskifandomfeels.tumblr.com ty :)

~shammy c(>////<)9

Is the rumor about EXO Showtime ending on Ep 10, true? I wish, no. We’re not yet seeing:

-Their room
-Their closet
-Them showering together
-Them cross dressing
-Jongin and Sehun half naked
-Kyungsoo sleeping without pants
-HunHan’s “closure date”
-KaiSoo revealing the real score between them
-Luhan finally sticking to one member, being manly that he is lol
-Baek’s eyeliner tutorial
-Yeol’s photobombing tutorial
-Steps on how to brush teeth and clean gums correctly by Wufan
-Zitao’s portion, “Selca time”
-Yixing horseback riding (a unicorn riding a horse lol)
-Minseok’s barista time
-Jongdae’s “How to be a troll” tutorial
-$uho finally buying MBC so EXOST will be forever lol

-Our fandom name, juseyo. Told us it’ll be revealed on the first episode of EXOST. It’s already on the 10th episode, yet we don’t know our fandom name lol