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Please please share your thoughts on Wonder Woman? Thank you! :)


Some thoughts:

  • So we all knew it was going to be emotional to FINALLY have a female superhero movie, but the movie exceeded those expectations. The fight scenes were incredible and so focused on Diana and what she was capable of – the men basically weren’t even there. The fuckin no man’s land scene SAVED MY LIFE. Superhero movies are known for being heavy handed and this one didn’t escape that for sure (the love speech at the end was….a lot), but that scene was so well done…they didn’t have to stoop to some Éowyn knock off line of “I am no man,” we were allowed to just see her do what real women do - step up and do it. Even though that wasn’t the first time we’ve seen her in full Wonder Woman costume on screen, it felt like it was, like it was the first time I’d EVER seen ANY hero before and it took my breath away. By far the best Superhero Reveal Moment I’ve ever seen. My girl taking out bullets right and left, drawing fire from the entire German army!! Fuck me up!!!
  • You can’t talk about this film without talking about gender role reversals. Chris Pine was So Perfect and I think they really couldn’t have pulled the movie off if they’d cast any other white boy in the role. He was funny but genuine, capable but never arrogant, charming but not entitled about it. He learned quickly what Diana was capable of and respected her for it, always moving to the sideline during the fight scenes (the shield moment with the bell tower comes to mind - who needs a sniper when you can fuckin launch a god at the shooter??), knowing that these were her fights and never trying to mansplain her out of them. He wanted to protect her, but didn’t underestimate her - all the things that a typical female romantic interest does in these kind of movies. It was amazingly well balanced, so much so that I didn’t even mind the romantic sub plot. Plus he was almost entirely naked there, way to play to the audience my dudes!!!!
  • The historical context did the movie such a great service. The outward displays of sexism became so ridiculous when faced with Diana, who genuinely had never had to deal with the patriarchy’s bullshit before. It didn’t just make the men in London look pathetic and mean, it cast a large shadow over the way that women are treated today. 
  • The Dark DC Gradient™ on all the shots isn’t my favorite but it did Chris Pine’s fuckin bright blue eyes a huge favor
  • Gal Gadot was so fuckin good??? Not only was she beautiful, like really really distractingly beautiful, like I kept having to force myself to pay attention to the dialogue cause I, like Steve Trevor, could not stop looking at her (and she’s standing next to Genuine Stud Chris Pine and still?? SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL). But she was way more then that, her performance was spot on. Diana was naive, commanding, strong, compassionate - while never being reduced down to just a one note version of these things. She felt so real to me, in a genre that spends very little time on character development. Even in the sappiest parts of the script, she sold it. She absolutely sparkled. 
  • Some of the best dialogue was the back and forth between Diana and Steve when she’s asking questions about mankind/London - it was cute and funny without being too overdone or obvious, which it easily could have been
  • The villains weren’t much to write home about, but they didn’t need to be. The movie was so laser focused on Diana and Steve that they really didn’t matter, you could self insert whatever you wanted to there
  • Themyscira is the ideal for I too want to hang out on the beach and never see a man again
  • Also that lesbian line, and how stupid male reviewers blindly did not understand it!!! Fuckin drag em
  • But also the fight scenes on Themyscira were INCREDIBLE. I wish that first section had been a bit longer just because I was enjoying it so much, but it was so refreshing to see all women on screen - women who fought and loved and supported each other. Incredible. 

I haven’t enjoyed, really enjoyed, to the point of not having to think about the message or the structure or how much fuckin time I’ve wasted listening to some male superhero talk about honor or some equally boring garbage, since The Avengers came out in 2012. Even then, Wonder Woman felt like something else entirely. It leaned on many of the same tropes and sequences, but there was enough reinvention in between (particularly the characters, who I felt were much more fleshed out then any superhero movie I’ve seen before) to make it feel fresh and exciting. This so easily could have been a throw away movie, a chance for movie execs to point and say, hey we tried with women that one time!! But Patty Jenkins, and Gal Gadot, and all the other women who worked on this incredible production, knew what was at stake, and weren’t going to let that happen. Every time I see a little girl dressed up as Diana Prince, on her way to the theater, my heart fills more and more. During the film, I found myself on the verge of tears five or six times - sometimes because it was so beautiful, to see a woman who felt so real being strong and vulnerable and saving the damn world, but other times because the plot itself genuinely moved me. Wonder Woman is revolutionary for the industry, sure, but more importantly, it’s just a damn good movie. 

It’s 2005 and I am 7, and my mom does my hair up in little braids with bright beads and barrettes that match my clothes. My teachers complain that they’re distracting. My mother tries to reason with them that braids are just about the only to manage my hair. They don’t care. The seed is sown.

It’s 2006 and I start getting my hair pressed. My Sundays are spent with aloe vera leaves pressed to the burns on my neck. I start to hate rain and develop a fear of heat tools that lasts to this day.

It’s 2008 and all the girls at school brush each other’s hair. Becky asks if she can brush mine. I want to fit in so I tell her yes. I want to disappear when she runs away yelling to the class that I have grease in my hair.

It’s 2008 when I ask my mom why my hair isn’t like the other girls’. She tells me it’s just how I am, and that my black hair is nothing to be ashamed of. I want to tell her she’s wrong.

It’s 2009 and I sit on the floor in my living room crying as the chemicals burn my scalp but I don’t move until twenty minutes have passed. After its been flat ironed it’s silky and straight - but it’s not straight or silky enough, not white girl straight. I touch the chemical burns on my scalp and wish I had left the perm on longer.

It’s 2010 and I’m three weeks late on my perm. That awful, bushy new growth is starting to grow under my perfect straight hair. I hate it. I think it’s ugly and dirty and I wish it’d just go away. I remind my mom to grab the extra strength relaxer.

It’s 2011 and I’m going through my scene phase. I want nothing more than to tease my hair and put it into backcombed pigtails and clip dream catchers into it. But I can’t. It bushes out at the slightest hint of moisture and tangled in the bat of an eye. I hate my hair in both its natural and treated forms.

It’s 2013 and my hair can’t take anymore. It’s damaged beyond repair and I’m forced to cut all thirteen inches off. I’m left with the natural hair I’ve hated my whole life. I cry for weeks.

It’s 2013 and my first healthy curl has appeared. I think it looks pretty. For Christmas I wish for more.

It’s 2015 and I have a fro as big and round as the sun. My curls frame my face like laurels. I put on my hoop earrings and love how I look.

It’s 2015 and I feel the need to reinvent myself. I cut it all off again, from twelve inches to three. I cry for days.

It’s 2016 and my curls are more defined than ever. My natural hair is my glory. I style them into a flat top or a coiff or whatever I feel like. I consider growing them out again.

Your hair journey will not always be pretty. It will not always be healthy. You will not remember all of it fondly. But no matter how rough or how long, it will always be worth it.


At Salt Lake Comic Con Sebastian Stan said at his panel that this was his favorite scene to film in Captain America and he wishes it could have been longer. Before the panel I was talking with Jenna at her autograph table and Sebastian showed up out of nowhere and told her hello and that it had been forever seen they had seen one another, so he wanted to say hi. After he left, Jenna said to me, “That was my date!” [source]

Rhys, Mor, and the Court of Nightmares

(The first part of this post will discuss Rhys and how he handled this particular situation, while the second part will discuss the way that it was handled by sjm.)

I made a post ages ago in which I questioned the validity of Rhysand’s feminism - the basic premise was that he has a responsibility to care for the people in his Court, and he seems really feminist and concerned with female agency, but there are a lot of examples of him failing to extend this to anyone he is not personally connected to. Which would be nbd, except being High Lord means that he literally has a responsibility to everyone in the Night Court. Anyhoooo… ACOWAR has not helped my impression of this. Or rather, it was quite a mixed bag. A lot of his feminism seems performative, rather than genuine. I’m just going to discuss the Court of Nightmares scenes in ACOMAF and ACOWAR and how Rhys and Mor behave, but other examples of this will be meta’d on eventually.

(Most of this is going under the cut because it got way longer than I anticipated.)

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that fight was so devastating! we never really saw jughead like that, especially when he's with betty,their moments are always quiet,gentle like that last scene. what did you think of it? i need that scene dissected

Oh Nonny, I’m not gonna lie: I LOVED that fight. I was absolutely giddy with glee while it happened. It was raw and angry and it brought so many of Jughead’s insecurities to light because even as he was lashing out, it was more self deprecating than finding any faults with Betty. He kept praising her even as she denied it and found so many faults within himself. It was heartbreaking but I’m so glad for that fight.

Jughead addressed some really important issues. Namely, Betty’s “perfection” and Archie. And while they didn’t re-address Archie in their later scene I don’t even know if they really need to.

Lili and Cole are AMAZING together on screen. Their actions and reactions and the emotions they bring out in each other is electric and captivating.

Betty’s face when Jughead mentioned Archie was devastating and you know that they both realized Jughead went a step too far with that remark. Her choosing to walk away COULD have been perceived as a realization on Betty’s part. It could have been Betty realizing Jughead had a point.

BUT IT WASN’T. Lili played that perfectly in a way where you saw NO REGRETS on Betty’s face about her relationship with Jughead and NO lingering feelings for Archie. She was more insulted and angry that Jughead would accuse her of that.

And look at what it lead to, exactly as you said: another soft, intimate scene with the two of them coming to a deeper understanding of each other as people and as a couple. My only issue is that I wish that diner scene had been longer. I wish we’d seen MORE of them talking about everything in their fight, going over all of their issues. But then a whole episode could have been dedicated to that talk and I still would want more :P.

I know I keep bringing up the “anchor couple” meta I wrote, but the way they’re writing them so far really does show how much of an anchor couple they really are. Contrasted with all of Archie and Veronica’s issues Bughead is a safe haven. They’re not “perfect”. They fight and have issues and THAT’S OK. They come back together stronger and their relationship deepens and becomes more stable as a result.

This got long and rambly and it’s not very organized but I’m going to go into this in so much more detail in my emotional intimacy meta which needs to be revised with this new episode. I may write a separate post on all my feelings about this episode in itself because it was just so good. Also, now I’ve started ANOTHER meta just on Betty’s feelings about the word “perfect” and everyone’s perception of her “perfection” vs her own.

So I hope this is enough for now Nonny. Stay tuned for the upcoming metas :)

Went to the movies and saw Nerve today. I gotta say, it was much better than I was expecting. I’m not one for stories with romance as a factor, but this movie pleasantly surprised me. There was romance, yes, but their is also friendship, actiom, adventure, and some very interesting food for thought (ok, so I’m a geek and like to look at the meaning behind stuff). I thought the progression of Vee was very interesting and, though it was hard to believe that all that happened in one night, her character development was fascinating. Ian’s character was all out awesome and Dave Franco did a phenomnal job (though, being the geek I am, I couldn’t help but think of his character as Jack Wilder in hiding. What can I say? I love Now You See Me). Probably one of the most interesting parts, and the one that makes me think the most, is the use of technology and the attitude of being a bystander and letting bad things happen. The use of anonymity was fascinating, and very very realistic. The ending felt a bit rushed and I wish it had been drawn out just a bit longer, but overall it was a very good movie and one I would highly reccommend. I am still laughing at the scene were Vee and Ian run out of the store in nothing but their undergarments. How I didn’t die in the theater I don’t know. So if you’re looking for a fun little movie, I would recommend Nerve!

At Salt Lake Comic Con Sebastian Stan said at his panel that this was his favorite scene to film in Captain America and he wishes it could have been longer. Before the panel I was talking with Jenna at her autograph table and Sebastian showed up out of nowhere and told her hello and that it had been forever seen they had seen one another, so he wanted to say hi. After he left, Jenna said to me, “That was my date!” Gahhhhhhhhh I’m freaking dead! So the one time these two were together over the weekend and it was right in front of me while I was talking to Jenna!

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I mean it's an impouplar opinion, but if Ford actually is sorry for Stan's memory loss, at least show those escenes, (even if that meant the Weirdmageddon had to have 5 parts). How is that usefull to me that they tell me that? To fell pain and empathy and sad for Ford I had to actually saw him in that state to actually belive he's sorry and actually loves his brother despite the bad things he said to him. I can like Gravity Falls but I still think that scene (TV and Journal 3) was too rushed.

I’m sorry you feel that way. We all wished the show could have been a bit longer in some ways, but I actually think the Journal and the show did a good job of showing Ford’s transformation and how he stepped up to help Stan.

Top 5 References to Emily/Alison

plural noun: references

1. the action of mentioning or alluding to something.
   “these are my Top 5 times PLL characters made reference to the
    Emily/Alison relationship”

synonyms: mention of, allusion to, comment on, remark about

5. The Liars Actually Ask: I really wish this scene had gone on for longer. For the first time since Ali has been back, the girls actually take an interest in how Emily is handling it. Emily’s answer to the above seen question is, “I don’t know,” and the reaction shot from Spencer was so interesting. Like, I wish we had had more scenes of someone asking Emily about it all. Eventually, the scene turns to one of the few times Emily expresses how she has handled the fact that she killed someone. That’s another reason why I wish this scene had gone on for longer, because it would’ve given us a glimpse into Emily’s trauma & actually connected it with Aria’s own Shana trauma. Alas, missed opportunities.

4. CeCe Drake Figures It Out: Look, I fucking love CeCe Drake. Season 3 is probably my favorite and it’s in large part due to her arrival. This scene where she pieces together which Liar Emily is is one of my favorites in the whole series. She was so matter of fact about it all and it was GLORIOUS. Damn, how much I wish that we had had more Emily/CeCe scenes. NGL, I even briefly shipped it because it would have been so deliciously fucked up. I needed more in my life tbh.

Honorable Mention(s): Parents Just DO Understand →  Mrs. Fields Has 20/20 Vision, Mr. DiLaurentis Tries to Get His Future-Daughter-In-Law On His Side & Mrs. DiLaurentis Gives Her Blessing.

3. Spencer Hastings To The Rescue: Oh, Spence. By trying to protect Emily from Paige in a way she was never able to protect her from Alison, Spencer inadvertently hurts Emily’s feelings. The intention was good, but flat execution, Spencer. It hurts and the girls eventually move on from it, but I wish we had had more of Spencer’s POV & thoughts on it all, because it seems like the girls definitely noticed (or at least Spencer did) the intricacies of Emily and Alison’s dynamic.

Honorable Mention: Emily Please Convince Your Girlfriend To Not Fuck Up Before It’s Too Late

2. Spencer Hasting’s Jealousy: Again, Spencer’s POV & thoughts, her insight & opinion, on Emily/Alison is something I definitely wish we had more of. Because, if you remember in S4, she had a bit of a hard time letting Emily take point on bringing Ali back into the fold. When Emily meets with Shana and Shana recounts the events from the barn, Emily doesn’t share the info with Spencer when she asks and you just know it bothered Spencer. And then, when Emily goes on to meet Ali in secret, Spencer spectacularly fucks it up which results in a big fight with Emily. It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s some of the reactions and scenes I wish we had gotten more of. These breadcrumbs ain’t enough for me yo’, I’m greedy AF lolol.

Honorable Mention: Shana AKA Alt!Emily Is Jealous of New52!Emily

1. Royal Rumble: Alien VS. Predator  → LOOK. When this episode first aired, when this magnificent scene graced my screen, I swear to god I blacked out for a hot second. Here we were in S3 finally, in my opinion, getting full confirmation that Alison had feelings for Emily. This was TWO FULL SEASONS before it actually happened on screen with Alison actually confirming it, but it still blew my mind despite some people telling me I was reading the scene wrong. (*whispers* fuck them lmao) Anyway, finding out about Alison’s war with Paige and how it was all about Emily made my life, added hella complex layers to their entire dynamic, and made things much more fucking interesting when Ali first came back in S5 and had to deal with it. Sadly, it eventually went nowhere, but hopefully I HOPE we get something similar-esque now in S7. I mean, I like Paige, but I need this Emison to fucking rise already.

What up? If you made it all the way to the end of this third installment of my Top 5 mini posts series, you’re the real MVP. What a Champ. I think a couple more are on their way, but in the mean time hit me up with your favorite moment when other characters have reacted to Emison. Give me all your feels, you guys <3

Phan: Those Who Trust - Part 39

Wordcount: 3.9k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
A/N: Here’s a new chapter. Two more to go. I hope you enjoy. :) x

|| Masterpost ||

PJ’s and his girlfriend’s flat was Dan’s sanctuary. He hadn’t really wanted to see Phil these past few days. It wasn’t like he was mad at Phil for making him try on a cuff, but that he just couldn’t face him, too embarrassed by what had happened. They’d slept in separate beds and most evenings Dan spent at PJ’s flat. His best friend just quietly accepted him there, although he thought that it would be better if the couple would talk about what had happened. Dan begged to differ. The longer he wouldn’t have to see Phil and could avoid his boyfriend, the better. 

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I wish the Harry Potter films had extended editions like the LOTR movies. I love the films, but I think they would’ve been better with extended editions that didn’t have to worry about movie time constraints, as well as use more scenes from the book that could commit to more character development and more better, less-rushed action scenes (St Mungos, the Gaunts and a longer Battle at the Mysteries come to mind).

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Death Parade!

liked it a lot!

give it a go, could be your thing 

fav characters: ms blue haired cute girl who’s name i forget
least fav characters: creepy flower man
fav relationship: the main two characters also that one ep of the couple that died together or whatever that was it’s been a while man
fav moment: that one ice skating scene
headcanons/theories: i feel like i had some of these at one point but i would need to watch it again to remember 
unpopular opinion: the ending was kinda weird? idk i wish it was more climatic 
how’d you find it: i thought it was a really cool idea, i kinda wish it was longer so the lore of it could have been explored more
random thoughts: see above

So what did I *actually* think of the episode...
  • That was genuinely exactly the sort of dreck I was expecting. I’M NOT EVEN MAD, JUST TIRED
  • I don’t like RTD vs Moffat conspiracy theories, but every episode, I get more and more convinced that Moffat desperately wants to be able to write the sort of stuff RTD does, but doesn’t have a clue how to make people connect to anything
  • Either that or it’s all an elaborate joke on the license fee payer
  • Things I liked: Clara saying ‘his name is the Doctor’ or whatever it was. Ty for reinforcing that although I am still baffled by the purpose of making the name this big important thing only to reinforce that it’s “the Doctor”. I also quite liked Eleven’s last lines, but I felt they were ruined by the context of being in this episode and being said by Eleven
  • now for the things I didn’t like lol:

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Emison kiss

I want to keep reblogging all of the make out. But my head is killing me. Bed time.

Only thing I can say is that Shay Mitchell is not an aggressive kisser by nature. She lets the other half take control. She does it with Lindsay and she does it with Sasha. I think that’s what makes it so damn hot. Cause she just lets them lead the kiss. Like she is feeling so much right there and then that she has no problem letting them do whatever they want to her.

That make out scene was fantastic. I love the fact that they showed Emily going for it and then letting Ali take control. I do wish it had been longer though. :/

The scene showed perfectly how much Emily cherishes Ali. How softly she calls out for her to ask her if she is sleeping. How tenderly she touches her hair and lightly grabs the back of her neck when Ali starts getting on top. But then it also shows how much she desires Ali. She freaking snaps her hand out of the covers so she can touch her. It’s unbridled want. And it’s fantastic.

Sasha was genius in this scene. The face she makes before she turns around to look at Em; She looks up like “Is this really about to happen?” And then she kind of hides a smile and breathes deeply because she has been waiting for it as long as Emily has. Then she waits for Emily in the middle of the bed. Letting her make the first move. Letting her decide that she’s ready. And once it happens she lets Emily kiss her lightly then looks up at her like making sure that Emily is definitely sure. And then she lets go. She kisses her back and starts fighting the covers to touch her and moves closer to her and takes complete control of the kiss.

You can see Emily falling for her all over again in that moment. And Ali is finally ready to catch her.

These two have a long way to go. They need to get to know each other again. And Em needs to trust Ali again. But if they did have sex (which I think they did) I completely understand it and can’t complain about it. Because it’s been YEARS for both of them. Ali always pushed her feelings down and became Emily’s biggest fear and desire. And then Emily thought Ali was dead. Like completely gone. And she never got to love her. Not properly. She never got to truly show her how she felt.

But then this situation happens.

If it was you, wouldn’t you have jumped at the chance also? They’ve been without each other for so long… And they have so much to over come. But they love each other. And in moments like these… That’s all that really matters.

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What do you think about how most of Amy's plot arc in s02 is centered around romantic attraction to men? Personally, I can't like Phillip. The whole brothel speech scene was great, but I still find him really creepy and slightly stalker-ish. He met a woman, slept with her and then was suddenly in love with her? That sounds more like infatuation to me. Plus, it's the whole "dorky guy gets gorgeous girl" trope which really pisses me off and is evidence of the show being written by a man. Thoughts?

Oookay, this might take a while, because you’ve managed to fit a lot into a little space. Let’s just take this a little bit at a time (though I’m gonna go out of order to get everything in order). Let’s start with Philip.

He met a woman, slept with her and then was suddenly in love with her? That sounds more like infatuation to me.

This, in my opinion, is out of order. Even without taking the original script into account, I believe that Philip met a woman (Amy), and was as instantly smitten with her as Simon was with Kieren. Yes, she is beautiful, but during their first encounter she is also bold and different and when he, acting as a member of the parish council (a position he values and sees as Important, much the same as Simon sees his position as Disciple as important and good), pushes her, she makes it very clear that she is not impressed (much the same way as Kieren does when he meets Simon). In fact, in my consideration, the only reason she bends to Philip’s will at all in that moment at the pub is because she doesn’t want to get Kieren kicked out before he can reunite with Rick (which is the whole point of them being there).

Now take into consideration what happens after Kieren and Rick reunite. Amy is stuck there with Kieren, Rick, Gary, and Philip. It’s clear that Philip is on a different page than the rest of them; he sits apart from them, something even Amy is not made to do. When Rick does talk to Philip, it is to remind Philip of a time he was injured participating in their (most likely) stupid shenanigans (most likely trying to fit in/be cool when in reality Rick and co were probably more interested in making fun of him, all things considered). Then… then Dean enters, and Bill, Rick, Gary, Dean, and Kieren are dragged off, leaving Amy and Philip alone together in the pub.

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Person of Interest ‘YHWH’ (S04E22) Analysis and Review

So here it is, after long last.  The season finale.  Was it amazing?  Was it everything we hoped it would be?  Were plenty of loose ends tied up?  Were each of the characters given moments both large and small to remind us why we love them?  Were there quiet moments of great emotional impact as well as big moments of fantastic action?  Who’s left standing after all the dust settles (if indeed it does settle)?  And more importantly, does this episode improve the season overall?  There is so much riding on a season finale.  It’s the means through which a show can not only hook an audience to wait an entire summer for a new episode, but also acts as a capstone for an entire season’s worth of buildup.  A season finale should show you why all your viewing was worth it.  So, does ‘YHWH’ deliver on that?


… Partially.

Come on in to read my take on ‘YHWH’.

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