i wish they'd left this in

  • me playing older bioware games: Why do my companions always stay in the same room all the time I wish they'd go visit each other.
  • me playing Andromeda: Where the hell are my companions now why aren’t they where I left them how dare you socialise without me

The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d


       Mama, wenn ich älter werde, such mir k e i n e n Mann

       alles was mich glüklich macht kann ich a l l e i n

Pia Douwes & Maya Hakvoort in the Original Vienna Production of Elisabeth

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My fave quote from the Irish Sun's article about the wedding - Stevie Wonder, Niall Horan and Coldplay singer Chris Martin are staying in the lodge on the castle’s grounds. The trio left at around 4:30 pm and made their way over to the ceremony, which was due to begin at 5 pm. - Picture that trio casually chatting, dressed in their wedding finery! God I wish they'd allowed the guests to snapchat.

STOP?? I’M LAUGHING but i’m also, like, DAMN, what a nice party!! i bet niall’s having the time of his life hanging out with what seems a fairly random amalgamation of celebrities and golfers, talking plenty about two of his favorite things, music and golf..bless his heart (and i bet he looks great too) 

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(Wolverine fic.) "I wish I was attractive like her." "Kara, you are." "No I'm not." "Trust me Kara, you're attractive." "Y/N, you're just saying that to make me feel good." "Kara, the human race has grown more attractive over time. If we lived back in my time, men would be trying to court you left and right." "Court me?" "They'd want to marry you. Why? Because compared to people back then, you're smoking hot." "Thanks." "Why do you think I'm so nervous to talk to people? You're all hot."

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“God, she’s perfect,” Kara sighed at the magazine cover.  You glanced up at her from across the dentist’s waiting room and frowned.  “I wish I was attractive like her.”

“Kara, you are.”

“No, I’m not,” the blonde snorted.  You sat up in your chair and rolled your eyes.

“Trust me, you’re attractive.”

“Y/N, you’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

“Okay listen, the human race has grown more attractive over time.  If we lived back in my time, men would be trying to court you left and right.”

“Court me?” she arched an eyebrow skeptically.

“They’d be begging to marry you because compared to people back then, you’re incredibly attractive.  Your incredibly attractive by today’s standards too, by the way.”

The Kryptonite looked down at her lap and blushed.  A fidgety hand came up to straighten her glasses and tuck golden strands of hair behind her ear.


“Why do you think I’m so nervous to talk to people?  You’re all hot.”

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People ask about your favorite stuff all the time, but what stuff about The Office do you think the creators of the show could have done better? Are there any things you wish they'd handled differently?

Yes, I should make a list lol Andy season 9 is one thing I think the writers messed up big time and also I would’ve loved to see Michael and Holly get married before he actually left the show (we deserved a wedding episode!!!) Also there’s a bunch of characters I think the show could’ve done without like Robert California, Packer, Esther… KATHY!!! Plus a ton of plot holes I’d like them to explain like the Senator’s son just disappearing, the whole paternity testing thing with Dwight & Angela (#1 question I get asked!!!), Andy saying he has a step mom in an earlier season but then his parents are seen still together later on, the debate about who started first at DM out of Jim & Pam??? and finally someone should have been revealed as the REAL Scranton Strangler!! I had expected a big reveal about this in the finale and was sadly disappointed.

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YES! It always bothered me that in Jumin's route, everyone got upset that he didn't send MC home, but when MC says he's still unstable, no one really pays attention. I'm not excusing his behavior here, just wondering why no one realized that maybe helping him would make things better all around? In fairness Jaehee and Yoosung both had compassionate moments. I just wish they'd help him like he helped in Zen's route. And then he ends up in the worst position in the secret endings. He needs hugs.

It’s true. No one seems to care about the fact that Jumin is extremely compromised. He has literally two pillars in his life that kept him steady and normal: his father and Elizabeth. V and Rika helped but then Rika went and died and V got reclusive. During the time where he’s unstable he’s lost his father AND Elizabeth!

The MC is the last thing he has left, and while it’s not really fair to the MC to be someone’s tether to sanity…well…she is. Saying “well of course she won’t leave” doesn’t work when his father turned around and betrayed him more deeply than he ever imagined and Elizabeth ran away. Obviously he never expected such behavior from either of them. It doesn’t make the behavior healthy or right, but it’s understandable.

And all he did was literally keep her living with him for like four days. He even said she could stay on a different floor from him (after that first day or so where he was going to go into a fit if she disappeared playing hide and seek with him) because he was just happy with her being nearby and safe. And depending on the way you behave, the MC willingly stays without complaint.

But yes. It’s kind of frustrating even ignoring the fact that MC is in very very real danger that no one seems to care about Jumin’s feelings! Jaehee sends the MC to him not because she cares about him but because she thinks MC can convince him to come to work. Which, yes there was a bit of a crisis but…people stop coming into work for a few days when their pets die all the time. Which was entirely possible in Elizabeth’s case.

And every time he’d share his emotions and feelings with the chat, the RFA would just mock him. Zen throws a fit each time he shares his confused feelings, and even calls MC once in a laughing fit because how could Jumin have? feelings?? damn it zen don’t be a dick

They are compassionate to him sometimes, yeah. Even Zen tsuns about helping him and looking for Elizabeth. But they do seem to struggle to understand that yes, Jumin actually has feelings and can feel totally and completely lost when he’s betrayed on all sides. Only Yoosung seemed to care that much about Jumin possibly being forced to marry some stranger, and no one ever really made much attempt to reach out to him. So…why they’re surprised when he clings to MC like a rich little cat loving barnacle when she’s literally the only person who actually makes an attempt to connect to him and comfort him when he’s suffering an intense emotional crisis….I don’t know.

Maybe because all of the boys in the RFA are emotionally stunted and Jaehee has a lot of issues with Jumin?

I don’t know all the details about the secret ending, but hearing Jumin’s not in a good position kills me. He deserves all the happiness, okay. Especially if in other routes he’s still stuck with his father dating Glam even if Sarah doesn’t exist in those. Even if he doesn’t have a love interest, the boy needs a friend who isn’t a cat who actually understands him.


✘ Black Sails « Game of Thrones Houses »
                                     Max ✘ House Targaryen

❝ The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki Sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.  ❞

I know that she spent her childhood in exile, impoverished, living on dreams and schemes, running from one city to the next, always fearful, never safe, friendless but for a brother who was by all accounts half-mad…a brother who sold her maidenhood to the Dothraki for the promise of an army. I know that somewhere upon the grass, her dragons hatched, and so did she. I know she is proud. How not? What else was left her but pride? I know she is strong. How not? The Dothraki despise weakness. If she had been weak, she would have perished with him. ❞

❝ [Valar morghulis.] Yes, all men must die. But we are not men. ❞


(From top to bottom, left to right: Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Paul Bettany (J.A.R.V.I.S / Vision), James Spader (Ultron), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), Jimmy Rich (RDJ’s bestie), and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk))

I also saw Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver), but he moved out of frame before I took the picture.

Well, you all finally know how I look now. But look at all the cool people I saw! Please excuse the unflattering angles.

(Avengers: Age of Ultron World Premiere - April 13, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA)

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: everybody critiques Katy Perry on the line "do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again?" and I think that if they dug deeper, they'd find meaning in it. Obviously Katy Perry has never felt like an actual physical plastic bag. But instead, it means that she used to be filled with something good, something people wanted, but then they took it out of her and left her on the street, empty. Now she's just a piece of trash floating in the wind, wanting to be filled with things people want again. It actually makes a lot of sense and I wish people wouldn't shit on her for that lyrics because it's really powerful tbh

bring back summer (a mix for prince hans)

1. hot to the touch, cold on the inside // fall out boy
      ➺ now you're just a problem/for someone else to fix
2. laura palmer // bastille
     ➺ all the people of the town/cast their eyes right to the ground/in matters of the heart
3. gold guns girls // metric
     ➺ i remember when we were gambling to win/everybody else said "better luck next time"
4. viva la vida // coldplay
     ➺ shattered windows and the sound of drums/people couldn't believe what i'd become
5. lord byron // mr. b the gentleman rhymer
     ➺ lord byron doesn't accept requests from fans/i can't believe the ruddy cheek of the man
6. some nights // fun.
     ➺ some nights i wish that my lips could build a castle/sometimes i wish they'd just fall off
7. kiss the ring // my chemical romance
     ➺ move like the wolves/keep the faith/there ain't a dry eye left in the back of the place
8. 99 problems // hugo
     ➺ looking for the prize but i don't want blood/i order one drink then i drink the flood
9. snap out of it // arctic monkeys
     ➺ i wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby/snap out of it/snap out of it
10. thnks fr th mmrs // fall out boy
     ➺ and i want these words to make things right/but it's the wrongs that make the words come to life/"who does he think he is?"
11. polar bear // king charles
     ➺ cold white skin she's as pure as an angel/a vision of a maiden with a touch of the devil
12. you're gonna go far, kid // the offspring
     ➺ with a thousand lies/and a good disguise/hit 'em right between the eyes/hit 'em right between the eyes
13. hurricane // ms mr
     ➺ what's wrong with me/why not understand and see/i never saw/what you saw in me
14. stayin' alive // capital cities
     ➺ music loud and women warm/i've been kicked around since i was born
15. the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco
     ➺ her words were swimming through his ears again/there's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for
16. submarines // the lumineers
     ➺ ran back to the town bar/and i told the people how/i had seen the submarine/and everyone laughed aloud
17. bad ritual // timber timbre
     ➺ there is proof of your love for him/long after it's dead
18. this is how i disappear // my chemical romance
     ➺ there are things that i have done/you never should ever know
19. fences // paramore
     ➺ don't you know by now?/you can't turn back/because this road is all you'll ever have
20. one for the road // arctic monkeys
     ➺ i saw this coming from the start/the shake, rattle and roll


After reading Julie Plec's tweets tonight I realized how extremely happy I am that Ian and Kat are leaving this shit show next season ( even though deep down I wish they'd left sooner). Bamon is the most interesting thing going on this season and even after one of their most amazing performances, Julie Plec shuts down the potential these characters have. Because they still want to have everything revolve around Elena. And I thought Dries was bad, I think Plec might be worse!

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I just wish she'd be a lot more clear with the ending. I don't ship Everlark all that much but I was happy with the ending and I don't think all these arguments about how they were extremely codependent (they were slightly but after what they'd gone through it would be unrealistic not to be) and that Peeta forced her to have kids are in character for Katniss or Peeta but I can see where people get those arguments and it's just left me really confused on how I feel about the ending.

I guess the part where she says “Peeta wanted them so badly” or whatever the exact quote is might confuse people, but you have to look at it between the lines. I think a lot of things SC writes are not seen or misread because they need to be analyzed and looked more deeply into, and that’s why I think THG is so complex. 

Like, she says “Peeta wanted them so badly,” but what I got from that was that yes, Peeta did want children and it’s completely in character for him to want children, but you have to think of his character and understand that he would never force her to have them, it’s not in character for him to force something like that on Katniss ESP when he was abused by his own mother. I’m sure Katniss said no, time and time again, but Peeta knew that having children would change her life and make her happier and more complete. He knew Katniss was a caregiver, she had a motherly nature that he knew she could fulfill if she let go of her fear about the games because the games were no longer existent after all.

And how I see it is that as she got older and farther from her traumatic past, her mind started to change and she became more comfortable with the idea of having children. It’s kind of like how when I was 14, I went into the ocean and got pulled by the current, I had to be rescued and I almost drowned and that made me terrified of the ocean. I still am scared of the ocean, but as time went on and I kept visiting the ocean, I would go into the ocean a little deeper each time until the fear of being swept away was almost gone. I’ll always have that little fear, but it faded and I learned to cope with it and enjoy the ocean. That’s what happened with Katniss. She wasn’t afraid of children. She was afraid of the idea of losing them.

So, in my headcanon, she kept seeing children in town and at the bakery. She saw Peeta interacting with other children and as she grew older, she realized that there was a void inside of her that she wanted to fill, and that void was to create a family with the man she loves. She knew it would be frightening at first, she knew she would have nightmares of losing her children, she knew she would be the most protective mother in district 12, but she wanted to take that leap and she knew Peeta would be there with her to take it. 

50 quick Dance Moms opinions — drop a few responses in my ask to simply say which you agree and disagree with (i.e. "#2 - agree, #6 - disagree")
  • 1. Maddie is the strongest dancer.
  • 2. The contemporary group choreography for Season 4 has been the strongest so far.
  • 3. The dancer I'd most like to work with (as a teacher) is Nia.
  • 4. The dancer I'd least like to work with as a teacher is Mackenzie or possibly Paige.
  • 5. Brooke is a pretty average acrobat — she used to be way better.
  • 6. The rest of Abby's company gets such beautiful costumes!
  • 7. I don't think it's really morally okay to say that any mother on this show is a bad mother, however I do question how much some of them seem to pimp their daughters. I do, however, think they all have good intentions.
  • 8. Christi seems to be making a conscious effort to be less of a butthead this season.
  • 9. Abby was harsh on the girls in Season 1, but never as MEAN as she is now.
  • 10. I truly don't believe Abby is ever actually upset about not getting first considering her company often doesn't sweep categories at their real competitions.
  • 11. Abby needs to stop giving Nia delicate, princess-like contemporary pieces. She's better at more mature, quirky solos like her scat solo.
  • 12. If Paige were more dedicated she could have gone far. She easily had the best body for dance.
  • 13. Chloe's technique isn't actually that great, she just has naturally long, straight legs, beautiful feet, a good centre of gravity and strong turnout. She doesn't work it as much as she can.
  • 14. How miserable girls like Chloe and Kendall are now, three years later, should be a sign to the moms that maybe asking your nine-year-old if they wanted to be on a TV show wasn't a good idea (of COURSE they'll say "yes!")
  • 15. Candy Apples' technique is stronger.
  • 16. Their choreography is also more interesting.
  • 17. However, I immediately distrust Cathy because she was a Romney supporter.
  • 18. I don't think Vivi Anne actually hates dancing. I think she's just painfully shy.
  • 19. The girls' repertoires are all far too narrow. Everyone has their own "specialties," but the fact that each girl has mostly been sticking to the same genre for the past three years shows that they are not really that versatile.
  • 20. Kendall will probably get the most work when she's older because she blends into groups well and generally doesn't have any big major issues.
  • 21. Maddie's expressions are genius.
  • 22. Paige's expressions are great but maybe a bit over-the-top.
  • 23. Brooke really looks like she'd rather be sitting on her front porch watching grass grow than on stage.
  • 24. Brooke does not have a good enough voice to warrant having an album.
  • 25. Neither does Mackenzie.
  • 26. I think Abby favours Maddie and Mackenzie more than she used to entirely because she likes going to extremes for the show to draw in viewers.
  • 27. Stars is exponentially better than the ALDC.
  • 28. In terms of well-roundedness, Sammy Small is probably the best dancer featured on the "Dance Moms" franchise.
  • 29. I've never really enjoyed Maddie/Chloe duets — they're too different of dancers and their physiques are way too different.
  • 30. I think acrobatics are important, but Abby focuses too much on acro to the point where her dancers have bad habits.
  • 31. All of the dancers on DMP besides Chloe have sway backs.
  • 32. I believe Abby almost always has her dancers jump/roll out of turns because she hasn't bothered teaching them how to land them well.
  • 33. I think it is ridiculous to put a 9/10-year-old on pointe.
  • 34. The dancewear these kids get away with wearing is ridiculous.
  • 35. I worry that the girls' friendships are being strained due to being in the public eye.
  • 36. Quite frankly, it's insulting to see Abby call ANY of her numbers "controversial."
  • 37. "Cancer is bad" is not a controversial theme.
  • 38. "Slavery is bad" has not been controversial in a couple centuries.
  • 39. Christi looks like she's gotten a lot of Botox since Season 1.
  • 40. Holly is smokin' hot.
  • 41. I can't blame the dads for not wanting to be featured.
  • 42. There is no way there is not some form of compensation for the dancers' families from Lifetime.
  • 43. The show might not be literally scripted in terms of there being a physical SCRIPT, but it is so completely staged that you cannot call ANY of these situations organic or genuine.
  • 44. I blame "Dance Moms" entirely for popularizing that obnoxious "drop" jump in competitive dance.
  • 45. The royalty-free music is fine, but I wish they'd just find regular, inconspicuous songs instead of trying so hard to find music that resembles pop songs.
  • 46. Abby's "ethnic" and "folkloric" dances are a joke.
  • 47. I support any competition that makes the decision to ban the ALDC.
  • 48. Abby demands more of dancers outside her own studio than dancers from her own studio can give her — for example, she values someone who can work both sides, yet only Kendall and Nia have ever really shown any ability to work on both their left and right.
  • 49. Payton will probably be a very successful performer one day.
  • 50. I feel like the Moms are too beautified by Lifetime now and it's alienating.