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Know anybody that'd write a RB Fanfic were Gail attempts to plan to sweetly propose to Holly but fails and ends up doing it in the middle of the precient? Just a thought >. > Ace blog by the way <3


In retrospect, Gail recognized her error. While she herself wasn’t usually one to care that it was her birthday, Holly loved birthdays. They reminded her of a saccharine sweet childhood full of celebratory gatherings and thoughtful gifts. Gail hadn’t had the same experience growing up.

So Gail had miscalculated just how pissed Holly would be when Gail ‘forgot’ it was her birthday.

But she hadn’t really forgotten. Please. Gail Peck was a great girlfriend that remembered important dates. Of course she knew it was Holly’s birthday. She had this entire thing planned. She was going to let Holly go the entire day thinking she’d forgotten, then surprise her later with a gathering at The Penny.

Everyone was in on it. They were to remember it was Holly’s birthday, wish her happy birthday and all that junk, but not tell her about the coming surprise. Gail was going to pick Holly up at the morgue, as usual, and take her to The Penny with a rushed apology for forgetting her birthday, blaming it on the stress of her current workload (which, in all fairness, had been ridiculous lately) and promises to make it up to her over the weekend.

Then they’d go into the bar and everyone would do their dumb ‘surprise!’ because that’s the kind of thing Holly loved. They’d eat some cake and drink some champagne (the same kind they’d drank at Frank and Noelle’s wedding) and dance a bit. Holly would smile and laugh, asking how she could ever think Gail had forgotten her birthday as they kissed a bit.

Then Gail would pull out all the stops to make it the most memorable birthday night Holly had ever experienced.

She was going to propose.

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