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Hey there, could you do Sterek + 'After all this time, you gotta know that these threats don't work on me anymore. They barely worked on me in the first place. That was like fear and something else...' TYVM 😉

This is my freaking jam, hope you like it! (also on ao3!)

To say Derek was upset would be an understatement. Hell, to say Derek was anything would be an understatement.

Words alone would never be able to fully explain just how raging, red-hot, scream at the moon pissed off he was as he followed after Stiles into the loft, the teen just as infuriatingly nonchalant as always as he strode inside, setting his car keys down on the coffee table. Meanwhile, Derek was seconds away from literally ripping out fistfuls of his own hair, feeling his eyes flare up in frustration and blaze a steady, angry red, his fingertips itching with the urge to let his claws out.

The full moon hanging in the gloomy sky outside, visible through the wall of windows, sparked a burst of adrenaline and fresh anger to course through his veins, the mere sight reminding him of the reason why he was so viciously upset. Reminded him of what he almost lost barely an hour ago, reminded him of the scene that had unfolded in the preserve a couple miles away, reminded him of everything.

A week or so ago, Peter had graced the pack with his presence at a pack meeting, arriving half an hour late, to point out that he had caught the scent of a rugaru in the preserve while visiting the old Hale House. They were all immediately concerned, especially due to the large influx of tourists pouring into town now that spring had finally come, all of them worried about the very real possibility that hikers or campers might be targeted by the bloodthirsty creature.

Derek had decided to set up a trap for the rugaru using a dead pig he had gotten from a local butcher, generously dousing the dead swine in a shower of cow’s blood that Peter had somehow procured, hoping that the scent of blood and flesh would draw in the carnivorous monster. Everything had been in place, all the betas safely hidden away in the branches of surrounding trees to stay on lookout for the rugaru, ready to give the signal that it was moving closer to the target area where Derek would toss some gasoline onto the creature and light a match to send the creature up in flames.

Everything had been perfect. So, of course, Stiles had to go and ruin it.

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Merry Christmas, @blizgori!

Title: Home for Christmas

Rating: T

Tags: Stilinski family feels, hurt!Sheriff, emotional hurt/comfort, fluff and angst, Christmas, pining


“Stiles, will you please go home and get some sleep?” his dad asked.

Stiles crossed his arms and parked his ass in the plastic chair. Well, he was already sitting, so it was more like he just wiggled his butt a little more. “No. I’m not leaving this hospital until you do.”

His dad wiped a hand over his face and sighed heavily. “Stiles. Please. You heard the doctors. It’s going to be at least a week before I’m out of here.”

Stiles popped his knuckles and stared out the window. It might be a week before the doctors would let his dad out of the hospital, but the idea of leaving him here alone, when he’d been so close to losing him…

Yeah. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Stiles grabbed his backpack and dragged it over. “I’m totally fine. One hundred percent. I’ll just sit here in this supremely comfortable chair and get some reading done, I’ll bring you loads of healthy food, and—”

His dad leveled a flat look in his direction. “No. You’re going to go home, sleep in an actual bed, get a shower, and be somewhere that you aren’t going to drive me crazy with that tapping.”

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Teenage Dream Chapter 2

Lauren parked her black Mazda 3 hatchback in the garage, grabbing her bag from the backseat as she stepped out of the car. Since she excelled in school and her family being rather wealthy, with both her parents being doctors, they offered to buy the girl any car she wanted when she got her license as a reward. Originally she had her eyes set on a cute black BMW 120i but she figured it’d draw too much attention, after all they were in a small town in Miami, not many people owned a BMW or any of the luxury car brands. Instead she settled for a more average type car, a black Mazda 3.

No one really ever took notice of her car; they were all too busy fawning over Siope’s Chevy Camaro that he received for his 16th birthday. Unlike the girl he wasn’t afraid to show off his wealth to which also boosted his popularity.

She walked into the kitchen greeting her mother with a kiss.

“Hi, mom” she greeted as she opened the fridge taking out a can of soda.

“Hey, Lo. How was school?” asked her mother as she was cutting vegetables.

“Good, I got 100% on my maths test.”

“Ah, that’s amazing. I’m proud of you. I always knew you got your brains from me” praised her mother.

“Yes, mom.” The Girl said rolling her eyes, “Oh, before I forget a girl from school’s coming over tomorrow at around 6” she added.

Mrs. Jauregui had stopped cutting the vegetables and looked up at her daughter with one eyebrow raised.

“A girl hey?” she asked winking.

“It’s not like that mom” the Girl said rolling her eyes, “I have to tutor her. She’s pretty behind so my teacher asked me to help her. That’s all”

“Ok, whatever you say Lo. Just so you know, open door policy”

“Mom, stop. I told you it’s not like that”

“Ok, ok” laughed her mother, resuming her cutting.

“I’m going over to Siope’s after dinner” added the Girl, grabbing a cookie out of the jar.

“Ah, Lo I wish you’d make some new friends. I love Siope like a son, but I think you should spend time with other people besides Siope” Mrs. Jauregui sighed.

“I know. I just don’t get along with anyone else. Anyway only 2 more years and I won’t be here anymore. I plan to go to New York or something. Why would I bother making friends with people I won’t see after graduation anyway?” answered the girl.

“Ok,” sighed her mother, “Dinner will be ready in an hour” she added.

“Alright, I’ll be upstairs doing my homework”


After dinner Lauren had was in her lounge room sitting on her couch as she played on her Play Station 3. She was currently playing Fallout: New Vegas when she heard Siope’s car’s ridiculously loud engine through the air. Looking out her window she saw her childhood friend step out of his car with a smug grin on his face. Yep, he just got laid. She thought.

Quickly saving her game before turning off the console and screen she ran out the door yelling a quick farewell to her parents. Since Siope was the only person she ever spent time with she never really had to tell her parents where she was going.

She jumped the fence before letting herself in the front door of the Folau residence. They had been neighbors and family friends ever since the teens were 5, so naturally they didn’t bother with knocking on the door anymore.

“Hey, Mrs. Folau” greeted the brunette hugging the woman.

“Hey Lauren. How are your parents?” asked the older woman making small talk.

“Ah, they’re good” replied Lauren.

“Jauregui. PS3, lounge room. Let’s go” called Siope as he descended the stairs.

“Siope, your father’s working late tonight. I’m going to head over to Lauren’s house since you two are always so loud when you play your video games in the lounge room. Food’s in the kitchen if you want some” informed Mrs. Folau as she made her way towards the door.

“Call of Duty?” asked Lauren.

“You know it” replied Siope setting up the equipment.

They had each settled down on separate beanbags each with their eye staring intently at the large TV screen, letting the sound system deafen them.

“So, I’m guessing you got into some girls pants. FAR OUT SIOPE, WATCH OUT. I know what that smug smile means” she practically had to yell over the sound that was originating from the game.

“Yeah, you know it Jauregui. She was so – JAUREGUI! SNIPER! - hot. Practically begged me to let her ride the Folau-man.” The boy said with pride.

“Trust. Can I ask you something?” she asked still practically yelling.

“You already did. What is it? Wait, I’ll lower the volume” he said lowering the volume on the sound system.

“What do you know about Camila Cabello?”

“Hm…SHIT SHIT HELP ME OUT…well she’s really hot” Lauren just rolled her eyes.

“Anything else?”

“Well, she’s 2nd in command to Dinah Hansen on the Cheerios. Girl can dance and I mean dance. Not the smartest girl there is but she’s hot, not as hot as Dinah though. Those are the two girls I practically haven’t slept with” he stated, his eyes still fixated on the screen.

“Really? Interesting” hummed the green eyed girl as she continued to play.

“Why do you ask? I’m going to the other side, maybe we can flank the bastard”

“Yeah, wait…OH, HEAD SHOT!” yelled the girl fist pumping the air, “Oh, I was just wondering. I’ve got to tutor Camila until her grades go up or something like that. Seeing her after school everyday, I think.” she added.

“WHOA SHIT! You’re so freakin’ lucky. Spending time with that fine ass right there.” congratulated Siope, patting Lauren on the back.

“I’m tutoring her, that’s all. Don’t take it the wrong way.”

“Hey, since she’s pretty tight with Dinah you reckon you could put in a good word for me? You know, so she can pass it onto Dinah?” he asked waggling his eyebrows.

“I’m just her tutor, that’s all. I will not help you get laid.” huffed the girl.

“What? Come on? I’m your best lesbro” he begged.

“You’re my only lesbro. Ugh, maybe” she said, placing her controller on the table, “I better head back home, I want to study a bit more.” she added.

“Seriously Jauregui? You’re one mega nerd.” teased the boy.

“If I were you I’d be nice. Remember who has the power to make or break your chances with Dinah.” reminded the Girl as she walked out the door.


The next day in school Lauren noticed that Camila had been in more classes than she thought. How did she not realize the Brunette was in her, History, English, Math and Spanish class, oh right, she was always too busy doing her work to ever notice.

As she sat in the library furiously scribbling equations into her book she overheard a conversation in the cubicle opposite. It sounded like Camila and another girl she assumed to be Dinah Hansen, the girl Siope was fawning over.

“Sorry, I can’t hang out after practice for a while. I’m getting tutoring.” She heard the brunette say.

“Oh, it’s ok. How long do you have to get the tutoring for?” asked the other girl.

“Until my grades are above a pass. I’ve done pretty bad.”

“Who’s tutoring you?”

“Um, I think her name’s Lauren Jauregui.” The way Camila said her name made it sound more exotic, she now decided that hearing the brunette say her name had to be one of the most angelic things she’s ever heard.

“Lauren Jauregui, Lauren Jauregui…hm I don’t know who that is.” Pondered Dinah, trying to figure out if she’s ever met the girl.

Before she could continue eavesdropping someone had tapped the girl on the shoulder causing her to abruptly stand to attention and squeal. Everyone in the library turned their heads to the Girl who was now standing, her eyes darting everywhere eventually landing on Camila.

The brunette cheerleader gave her a sweet smile before getting up to leave with the head cheerleader.

Clearing her throat the girl turned towards the person who had frightened her.

“Ally?” she asked, adjusting her glasses.

“Hey, Ally. As you know I’m the co-captain of the Glee Club and –” before the diva could finish her sentence, Lauren was already packing up her equipment before turning to leave.

“I told you before, I don’t want to join Glee Club.” She answered before hurrying out the door.

This hadn’t been the first time Ally had tried to recruit the Girl. It first happened when Lauren stayed after school after picking up some extra credit homework. She was at her locker singing to herself when the diva heard her and from that day on she had been ruthlessly trying to recruit the girl. Ally claimed that Lauren had a unique voice, although not as skilled as her own it was unique none the less.

This hadn’t convinced the Girl to join, truth is she wanted to join, she loved to sing and play her guitar but she didn’t want to have the attention that came with being a Gleek. Sure, no one knew her name or called her a loser or nerd from time to time but this was better compared to what the Gleeks received.

Slushies were thrown on them on a daily basis and they often performed at school assemblies, she didn’t want to deal with all the attention. Instead she chose to refuse, however this never deterred the diva from trying to recruit the Girl.

It always ended the same, the diva would ask and the Girl would decline before running away.

Lauren ran into the girls bathroom trying to avoid the small diva who decided to chase after her. She ran into the room so fast she didn’t realize there was another girl standing in front of the mirror applying lip gloss. In her rush she had crashed into the girl, dropping her textbooks and stationary.

She opened her eyes, everything looked blurry. She realized she was on the ground and her glasses had fallen off. Great. She though as she lay there.

“Hey are you ok?” a sweet voice asked her, offering a hand.

“Uhh, yeah.” Groaned the Girl, taking the hand as she lifted herself up.

Since she still didn’t have her glasses on everything was a massive blur, all she could see was a tall girl who seemed to be wearing red and white and what seemed to be brunette hair.

Her vision was finally clear when the figure placed her glasses over her eyes for her. There she saw her, the girl crashed into, it was Camila.

“Oh, shoot. I’m so sorry Camila.” She apologized, trying to pick up all her stationary.

“Oh, it’s ok.” Chuckled the cheerleader, crouching down to the ground to help the Girl collect her fallen possessions.

“It’s ok. Y-you don’t have to.” She stuttered to the Brunette.

“I want to.” Chuckled Camila, handing the taller girl the last item from the floor.

“Um…thanks.” The brunette said awkwardly.

“No problem. I guess I’ll be seeing you today at your house.” Smiled the cheerleader.

“Y-yeah!” Lauren coughed trying to hide her enthusiasm, “Um. Yeah, sure. See you then.” She said trying to act calm and collected.

“You’re funny.” Giggled Camila as she headed out the door, “Bye.” she said sweetly.

“Bye.” Squeaked the Girl, watching the door close.


“Hey Mom.” Greeted Lauren, kissing her mom on the cheek.

“Hi, Lo. How was school?” she asked as she filled out paper works.

“It was good. I managed to finish all my homework at school. Now all I have to do is study for upcoming tests.”

“That’s good. Since your dad ended up taking the night shift do you want to order in?” her mother asked whilst shuffling around some papers.

“Sure, want anything?” asked the Girl as she flicked through the various fast food pamphlets.

“No, it’s ok. Just order for yourself.”

“Alright, I’ll order later after I’ve studied.” Said the Girl as she trudged up her stairs towards her room.

2 hours later the door bell rang, Mrs. Jauregui called for her daughter to answer the door. Receiving no answer she got up from her desk and made her way towards the main foyer before opening the door.

Mrs. Jauregui saw a brunette girl who was donning, what seemed to be her daughters high school’s cheerleading uniform. Taking in the girl’s facial features she had a childlike innocence radiating from her presence. What she noticed was the Brunette girl’s eyes, they were a unique shade of brown and looked like they were filled with love and she had a feeling that this girl would drastically change her daughter’s life.

“Hello.” Mrs. Jauregui greeted politely, smiling at the girl.

“Hi, I’m Camila Cabello. Um I’m here to get tutoring from Lauren?”

Imagine #93 Stiles and Damon (TVD) [Requested]

The humid night air felt voltaic; the atmosphere smelling of sulfur as a soothing rumble of thunder reverberating throughout the greyed clouds. The weather mirrored the storm of emotion haunting the memories you’d cherished for a portion of your lifetime. The warmth that would cradle your heart at the recollection of time now replaced with a searing pain and unfathomable loss. Life had the tendency to be cruel; ripping happiness away when it seemed cloud nine had lingered for too long. A boisterous crack of thunder distracted you from reverie, the darkened clouds flashing as lightening tore through the sky and rain began to pour down upon the earth. This was the luck that’d been bestowed upon you today; being forced to walk home in the rain due to the routine of depending on your boyfriend, Stiles, to chauffer you around Beacon Hills. Just the mere thought of his name made the ache in your chest strengthen to a suffocating squeeze. He cheated on you. He was Malia’s now.

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Last one! Thank you to everyone who participated in my Pay it Forward project!! Sorry for the late responses on some of these, but I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season!


“I haven’t seen snow since I was eleven,” Stiles said, nose practically pressed to the huge window in Derek’s loft. Far below, the snow was actually starting to accumulate into a thin layer, with more puffy, white crystals drifting down every moment. Even through the window Stiles knew it was quieter than usual, the roads clear of all but the necessary traffic until the storm passed.

“Used to snow in New York,” Derek said from the couch, not looking up from his book.

Stiles glanced over his shoulder, then back outside. “Guess you’re used to it then.”

“It gets less exciting when you have to drive in it,” Derek told him with a little huff of amusement. “Though I’m sure your Jeep will be better than my Camaro was.”

“Did you spin donuts in it?” Stiles asked. “I bet you did.”

“My sister would have had my ass if I did,” Derek said, finally looking over.

Stiles smiled. “You did.”

Rolling his eyes, Derek smiled as well. “Yeah.”

“I remember the last time it snowed like this,” Stiles said quietly, eyes following various flakes on their way to the ground. “When it was over, the ground was just blanketed in white, and the sun was out, and everything sparkled like a bunch of stars had piled up.”

“Hm,” Derek said thoughtfully, closing his book and laying it on the cabinet beside the couch. “Does that make it all falling stars while it’s snowing?”

“That’d be a lot of wishes,” Stiles said, smirking.

“They’re only little wishes,” Derek said. “Snowflake sized wishes.”

“Like what?” Stiles asked, turning around completely to face him.

“Like… I could wish you’d get rid of that awful blue and orange shirt,” Derek said.

Stiles gave a snort of laughter, because that was never going to happen. He loved that shirt. He loved that shirt more after seeing it on Derek, who was never going to live that down. Ever. “I could wish that you’d get curtains, like a real boy.”

Derek’s nose scrunched. Curtains. Sounded like work. “I could wish I had enough covers you couldn’t possibly steal them all in one night,” he said, managing to keep a straight face.

That amount of covers did not exist, and they both knew it. “I could wish you had more pillows, so I could stop having to bring my own if I stay over.”

“I wish you’d stop just staying over,” Derek said quietly.

That gave Stiles pause, his heartbeat stuttering at the implication. He swallowed, throat clicking in the stillness. “That’s not a snowflake sized wish,” he mumbled, meeting Derek’s eyes.

“There’s a lot of snowflakes out there,” Derek replied. “Maybe if I wish on all of them at once…”

“Do you?” Stiles asked as he stepped over to the couch. “Do you wish that?”

“Yeah,” Derek said, looking up to keep eye contact. “I do.”

“Okay,” Stiles replied. “I’m not- I’m not a shooting star, or even a falling snowflake, but I think… I think I can grant that wish.”