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@metalosse asked for my Top 5 SoMa moments in the SE manga and i went a little too extra… ((thank you for asking me friend <3 i missed you!!))

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bonus for the Top 5 favorite Pokemon is in the keep reading below! (sorry i had to make this a separate post from your ask since there are a lot of pictures hehe)

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Heroes 30 Day Challenge (Day 30)

A Plot Point You Would Have Focused on More - Peter and Sylar’s forgiveness in “The Wall”

Now I love this episode - so much - and there’s nothing I think was done wrong here. I just wish we could have seen so much more of it X) I wish Peter and Sylar’s evolving relationship had spanned over at least a few episodes rather than just a few scenes, however they did remarkably well with the story in the little amount of screentime they had to tell it ^.^ 

But it would have been such an interesting, emotional and intense way to round up the season. More interesting than Hiro losing his mind (again) and running around a market wielding a giant meat knife…! Or maybe I just think this because I’m a huge Peter and Sylar fan hehe X)