i wish they had better quality videos ;a;


GUYS. I MADE THIS THING. ((also yes sorry for bad video quality. I honestly wish I could make it better but I made do with what I had i.e. a camera phone and a sister and some walls to prop things up on huhu)) BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Okay @ladylike-foxes and @shift-shaping this was a hard moment to extract into gif form!! Sorry for the fairly low quality - it’s a super quick moment and hard to get without Lavellan in the shot, so I had to crop it and slow it down which means adding frames and blah blah blah. Anyway here is Solas bobbing his head after being Fade-smooched as per your request ^_^

Christmas Luminous.

I wasn’t going to draw a pic or write anything for Christmas though I had a rough idea (as I’ve missed it) but I listened to ニブンノイチ and 「THE LAST ONE」 and felt things working out.

I wish I could draw the picture better, but I’m really rusty, so I apologize for that. I hope that despite the poor quality, it is enjoyable. Thank you.

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Anonymous asked: did you record the video of elizabeth talking about the fitzsimmons kiss? if so can you post it please?

Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennet - Wizard World Cleveland 2016

I apologize for the horrible video and audio quality (the sound was not that great to begin with), but take from it what you will! It’s only a couple minutes and there’s bonus commentary from Chloe about the rules for kissing on television. :)