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“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

Valentine’s Day Sentence Starters

Mixed Starters :: Cute :: Fluffy :: Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong.

  1. “Who needs a date on valentine’s day when I have you?”
  2. “Our waiter is so hot.”
  3. "No, you have fun with your date. Don’t let my being stood up stop you.”
  4. “Oh, my god… the babysitter just cancelled on us! how are we supposed to go on the date now?”
  5. “Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday! I know it’s lame but I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic. there, I said it.”
  6. “We’re going Dutch, right?”
  7. “Tell me that’s not my ex over there.”
  8. “What do you mean you’re at the restaurant across town?”
  9. “You’re literally the worst when it comes to being romantic.”
  10. “Babe, you know I love you, but… last time you cooked me a meal, I ended up in hospital. can’t we just go out for dinner…?”
  11. “Nobody said anything about this being a cover band!”
  12. “Um… yeah, these are really nice and all, but I’m allergic to roses.”
  13. Tthis is the worst valentine’s surprise ever! were you trying to scare me to death?!”
  14. “Oh my– are you proposing?!”
  15. “Do you think my secret admirer might finally reveal themselves today?”
  16. “Valentine’s day is such a scam of a holiday… it’s so stupid! I hate it.”
  17. “We’re eating out at the Golden Arches!”
  18. “We’re going to do anti-valentine’s day this year. we’re going to go out and do all of the least romantic date ideas ever, just to stick it to the man.”
  19. “I can’t believe I’m actually at a wedding on valentine’s day. what a lame cliché.”
  20. “Does this have caramel in it? I’m allergic to caramel!”
  21. “How was I supposed to know there would be a bee in the bouquet?!”
  22. “This is not a proposal!”
  23. “I shaved my legs for this?”
  24. “My boss told me I have to work late.”
  25. “I didn’t realize these tickets were for the nosebleed section.”
  26. “Um, I tried to buy some sexy underwear, but I think they sent me the wrong size…”
  27. “That movie was awful.”
  28. “You can’t seriously be proposing right now? on valentine’s day? couldn’t you have thought of something a little more original than that?”
  29. “Something has been nibbling on these chocolates.”
  30. “Um, I know this is really cliché and all, but it’s valentine’s day and I just wanted to say… I really like you.”
  31. “I’m going to be stuck at work for a little longer… I’m sorry, I know it’s our date tonight…”
  32. “I forgot to make reservations.”
  33. “I am not going to be your fake-date to this party.”
  34. “I wish I could do more for you today but I’m really broke…”
  35. “I love them and all, but their poetry is so bad! they’ve written seven love poems just for today.”
  36. “So… can I assume you don’t have a date tonight either?”
  37. “Olive Garden is not fine dining!”
  38. “I’m really sorry my dog peed on your good shoes.”
  39. “I didn’t forget that it was valentine’s day! I swear! your present is just… it’s somewhere else.”
  40. “What do you mean these diamonds are fake?”
  41. “We’re out of condoms.”

polymathema  asked:

♖: Soulmates can feel each other’s emotions

One night halfway through Sixth at Ilvermorny, Percival wakes up suddenly. Phantom pain prickles down his spine, a terrible hunger echoes through his bones, and an awful dizzy confusion blankets everything. It isn’t before the sun has risen and his room is dusted in gold that it all recedes, and he’s left with a whisper of contentment, a hot curl of happiness in his belly, and exhaustion that blankets him heavily. His soulmate has been born.

The rest of Sixth is hell, because he keeps falling asleep at the most inopportune moments and his mood swings between cranky and exhausted all the time. His dormmates find it hilarious, and someone gifts him a baby bottle and pacifier for Yule.

Still, the knowledge that his soulmate is just a baby lights a fire beneath him. He will look after them, he will take care of them. It drives him, this innocent child who feels soft emotions; he receives echoes of warmth, of quiet simple happiness, of the peaceful calm of an infant’s sleep. He wants to protect and cherish his soulmate’s gentle innocence, and it’s this drive to protect that turns him to Auror training.

The first time he grew angry, truly angry, after that was when he was nineteen and a brand-new Trainee Auror. Junior Auror Frye, to whom he’s assigned, refuses to listen to him when everything inside him is screaming that the warehouse they’re about to raid isn’t as empty as it seems. “What would you know?” Frye says with a sneer. He’s resentful, because Percival showed him up in front of Director Harkaway earlier that week. Despite Percival’s misgivings, they burst into the warehouse anyway. Trainee Auror Hardewicke is killed, and Junior Auror Frye loses his left eye.

Once the overwhelming fury subsides, he presses his hands into his stomach. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispers, as if his soulmate could hear him.

His soulmate’s emotions are indistinct still, childish half-formed things. Percival’s anger and impotent rage has frightened them; he can feel the trembling fear, like a shivering animal trying to hide.

Except this time, unlike the handful of times when his soulmate has felt afraid before, the fear doesn’t reside. It grows stronger. Fear, and confusion, and the very real feeling of loss that builds in his chest until he can’t breathe. He has to take two days leave before he can even get out of bed, and still the awful grief trails him. Something awful has happened to his soulmate, and the impotent rage threatens to consume him again, because he can’t do anything to help the little life he promised to protect.

His soulmate’s childhood passes in this way. The fear slowly gives way to dull acceptance, heavy melancholy, and above all, roiling self-hatred. It grows worse in the evenings, and every Sunday Percival is confined to his bed, hardly daring to breathe in case it nudges the awful knot of pain, terror, and loathing that has settled beneath his breastbone.

It is around this time that his soulmate disappears for hours on end. The first time it happens Percival nearly faints, thinking his soulmate is dead. He is alone in his emotions for the first time in six years. Some hours later, his soulmate returns, exhausted and angry. Percival weeps then, full of fear. Don’t go, don’t go, he tries to beg his soulmate. There is no answer but the habitual sorrow that blankets his soulmate’s every action. The episodes of blankness happen again, and again, and again. He has no idea what they could be.

Percival tries to compensate for his little love’s overwhelming misery. He works himself to the bone, solving case after case, chasing the sensation of righteous justice that flares inside him when the criminals he arrested are declared guilty. He graduates from Auror training with flying colours and fierce pride in his chest.

His soulmate’s tenth birthday arrives and he waits with baited breath for their joy when they receive their Ilvermorny letter. But there is nothing; the usual sadness, shame, and grief echo in the marrow of his bones. For the first time, Percival wonders if he soulmate is a Squib, but resolves that he doesn’t care. He will find his soulmate when they are old enough, and he will give them enough joy to drown out the echoes of this miserable childhood.

He is promoted from Junior Auror to Senior in a handful of years, and savage joy leaps in his chest every time he sits at his own desk to himself in a corner of the bullpen. He hopes his soulmate feels his positive emotions just as keenly as Percival can feel their misery, and so every morning he lingers over the sight of his badge that reads Senior Auror Graves, trying to conjure up the sensation of pride, of joy, of determination.

I am proud of you, he tries to tell his soulmate through his emotions. I will find you. I will make you happy.

The years pass. He doesn’t find his soulmate. The echoed emotions he feels become muted and dull. His soulmate turns seventeen but feels no joy. Percival wishes keenly that he could find them, pepper them with the love they’ve been so starved of their entire life save those blissful early years.

Although his soulmate is now of age, Percival can’t bring himself to partake in the amorous dalliances that are common in unmatched witches and wizards. Even though he no longer has any moral compunctions, he can’t bear to hurt them. He wakes up some nights flushed with a lust that isn’t his own, toes curling and belly clenching for a touch on his cock. The first time he tried to take himself in hand through that dizzying haze, his desire echoing his soulmate’s echoing his, there’s a sudden snap of emotion and clarity before he’s drowning in a sea of horror and disgust, the ever-present shame and loathing growing stronger.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispers, winding his arms around his ribs and thinking of love, of forgiveness, of safety. Slowly, his soulmate’s emotions recede, and they fall back to sleep.

Percival gains a reputation among the rest of the Aurors of being utterly unflappable. The truth is that he doesn’t want to make his poor soulmate feel any worse than they already do every day. His insatiable drive to protect, as well as his reputation of having nerves of steel aids him professionally, and at the age of thirty-four, he’s promoted to Director of Magical Security when Director Harkaway retires. He lingers on the feeling of joy for days. His soulmate’s life is devoid of it, otherwise.

He is beginning to lose hope he will ever find his soulmate. He’s not even sure if they’re in the same time zone as he is. Senior Auror Sunbowe’s soulmate was on the other side of the planet before they found one another, and she’s mentioned how she’d feel tired and ready to sleep halfway through the day, and wake up halfway through the night. Percival’s soulmate is weary at all hours.

The only good thing that comes of his imprisonment under Grindelwald is that there is something in his soulmate’s life causing them to feel hope for the first time since those handful of years when he was a teenager. It flutters weakly at his breast like a wounded bird, and Percival hopes fervently that, wherever they are, his soulmate’s awful life is about to get better.

It’s a stupid hope. Their entire life has been nothing but agony and misery. Why should this be any different?

The periods of blankness become longer and more frequent. One night, he is woken from sleep by all-consuming rage and terror so incandescently bright that he manages to break through the seven layers of wards Grindelwald’s wrapped him in, and apparate straight to the office of Seraphine Picquery, where he blessedly loses consciousness.

He wakes up three days later in hospital, Junior Auror Porpentina Goldstein wringing her hands nervously at the foot of his bed. He listens to her explanation with half an ear.

He is once again alone. There is no familiar echo of emotion in his bones, no whisper of sadness inside his skull. His soulmate doesn’t come back to him. Recovery is made longer by the crushing loneliness that dogs his steps and consumes him when the Healers turn the lights off each evening.

It is months before Percival wakes up in the middle of the night, back at his apartment. A steady thrum of quiet emotion trembles at his fingertips. Hope, uncertainty, weariness. He lurches out of bed and opens his front door.

A boy – young man – stands on his doorstep, thin and in need of a haircut, his face all sharp angles and liquid feline eyes. Hope blooms inside Percival’s chest, answered by a hushed thrill and a tremulous smile on the young man’s face.

“Hello,” the young man says.

“Hello,” Percival replies.

Don’t burn the pictures.
Don’t rip the handwritten love letters up.
Don’t destroy the memories that made you the happiest; because time heals but also brings regret.

Because you can’t go back & you’ll never have another 1st love. Years will pass & you won’t remember the color of his eyes in detail quite like you did. And it’s going to break you down because you’ll find yourself in bed at 2:10 in the morning trying to remember the way his lips curved when he smiled but it’s been too long & all the pictures you have with him are gone.. And you’ll start to think that maybe you shouldn’t have been so fucking impulsive.

Put everything in a box & only open it after you’ve moved on & want to revisit a time that was filled with genuine love & innocence. Because despite what you’ve been told, you can let go without forgetting.

It’s okay to trace the poems he wrote you in cursive with your fingertips, remembering what it was like the first time you laid eyes on him.

It’s okay to smile at the pictures of you two kissing; after all, his lips were the ones to show you how it was done-
it’s okay if your eyes well up because you can still feel him holding your shaking hands. It’s okay if you laugh at the promise of forever that two kids made because even though it was too big of a promise at that age, it was admirable.

It’s okay to close that box & put it back under your bed or in the back of your closet to collect dust for another 6 months while you live & fall in love again & again.

You will always remember him, with or without the pictures but having them makes it alot easier when you’re no longer a kid & you’ve loved a handful of men after him & the color of their eyes are mixing in with his & all you want is to be sure. When all you want is to remember a time where love was him walking you home from school kissing you on the cheek. When love didn’t mean doing drugs or getting undressed.
—  I wish I could remember the exact color of his eyes & what it felt like to be pure again.
Royal Affairs

Noctis sighed, flattening out the lapels of his suit jacket. He turned to you, arms held out at his sides.

“Well?” His voice was anxious, and his eyes confirmed his nervousness. “How do I look?”

You smiled, rising from the edge of his bed to help straighten out his tie. “Handsome as always,” you answered, your hands lingering on his chest a moment longer. “I wish I could go with you to the gala.”

Noctis captured your hands in his, giving them a light squeeze. “I do too,” he replied glumly, his eyes downcast. “But apparently this event is nobility only.”

You’d met Noctis while in school together––you were friends with Prompto, and often went with him to help out with his photography. He introduced you to Noctis one day at the arcade, and you immediately felt drawn to him. 

It wasn’t a secret that the Prince was dating a commoner, but it did make you extremely self conscious at times. As much as Noctis tried to include you, but on occasion, King Regis had to draw a line. Even Prompto was forbidden from attending the gala.

“It’s alright,” you shrugged, trying to sound noncommittal. “Stuffy events like these aren’t really my style anyway. But I will admit,” you gave your boyfriend an appreciative once-over. “You do know how to pull off a suit.”

Noctis couldn’t help but laugh before his face started to slip into a frown.

“Hey,” you placed your hands on his cheeks, making him look at you. “No pouting, okay? I’ll be here when you get back.”

Noctis placed his hands over yours and turned to kiss your fingertips. “I won’t have any fun without you.”

A mischievous glint sparkled in your eye. “We could have our own fun before you have to leave,” you purred, taking a step closer, pressing your body against his.

Noctis glanced at the clock. “I have fifteen minutes.”

You smirked, your fingers already wandering south to undo this belt buckle. “Babe, I only need ten.”

Ignis tapped his foot impatiently on the marble floor. Gladio’s arms were folded over his chest, and he couldn’t help but yawn.

“Where is he?” Ignis huffed, checking the time on his phone again. “He should have arrived by now.”

Gladio shrugged, barely letting out a grunt. Ignis fought hard not to roll his eyes when Noctis stumbled from around the corner, his cheeks tinted red and his suit just slightly unkempt.

“Sorry I’m late,” he apologized hurriedly, trying his best to flatten out his dress shirt by tugging at it from under his vest. “I, uh, got caught up with something.”

“Yeah, sure,” Gladio clucked, an all-knowing smirk spread across his face. “Fix your tie, Romeo. Something left a nice little souvenir right on the side of your neck.”

Noctis went beet-red and started hastily adjusting his collar and tie in a desperate attempt to cover up the hickey that marred his pale skin. Ignis watched the scene unfold, heaving a sigh, his index finger and thumb pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Six. Not again.”

Come to the dark side, or not.

 Anonymous said:

Ok, so I’m at a scene and I have my two main characters in adjoining prison cells. He’s been captured because he turned against the dark force and had been secretly helping the light because he fell for the female lead, and she was fighting for the light all along, but the darker side has been trying to coerce her into joining. Could you do some dialogue where she’s ready to give in and he tries to talk her out of it?

 Anonymous said:
Villain x hero prompts, the hero turns into the dark side to be with her!

Anonymous said:
Aaaaaahhhh! Your Villain x Hero prompts give me life!!!!! Could you possibly do some on the villain trying to get the hero to join them? I’m having a bit of writers block. PS! I love your blog!!!! 😍

 1) “You think surrender will save people?” Maybe, given the situation, he should be gentle but he was simply too furious.  After everything, how could she think for even a second that they were the better option? She’d seen what they’d done to him! “It won’t. Trust me, that’s not how these people work. You surrender and they win. Game over. Maybe your friends will still be alive but it will be in misery, or hey, maybe they’ll just kill everyone anyway because it’s not like you’re going to stop them.”

2) “I love her.”
“Clearly to the point of madness. She’s sweet to you, that’s great, good for you. I’m sure you’ll be very happy making love not war when the rest of us rot. Tell me - tell me just one thing-” their best friend’s voice cracked. “What sacrifices is she making for you? What is she doing to prove her love to you or is it just you that’s making the compromises?”
“She’s not the one currently trying to ruin everything. Yeah, so sorry that I did the selfish thing for once to be happy. I thought maybe I’d done enough for the lot of you.”
“The lot of us? I take it back, you two are perfect for each other.”

3) “They want you to fight for them, but they’re scared of what you can do. Terrified of your power just as they’re frightened of mine. Do you really think,” the villain leaned in close. “That when I’m gone they’re not going to turn on you?”

4) “Sometimes,” her voice drifted through the wall, so empty and lost. “I think I’m not as strong as you think I am.”
He swallowed hard.“Please.” He wished he could reach out to touch, to gather her up close through the cold stone walls and make it better because he knew how hard it was to resist them. The only reason he’d been able to do it was because of her. “You don’t have to fight forever, just a little bit longer, yeah? A few seconds, a few minutes, a day. Break it down. You saved me. Now I’m going to save you and get you out of here, okay?”
He had no idea. Still, he injected some confidence into his voice. “You forget, these are my old stomping grounds. I’ve still got some strings to pull here.” And maybe that string would now end up being a hangman’s noose, but if it saved her…well, if it saved her he’d do anything.

5) “Come, now.” The villain held out her hand. Implacable, expectant, calm in her waiting. “Let me make it all better.”
They crossed over and maybe it wasn’t better but falling was a lot like flying when you squinted right.

6) “I could give you the whole speech,” the villain strolled closer. “Threaten to kill your friends, life of luxury, oh no all your friends are really turned against you…blah blah blah.”
The hero watched them warily. 
“I think you’re too strong for that,” the villain said. “Not easily swayed or broken. It’s one of the things I’ve always admired about you. You’d do anything to save them.” The villain sighed. “So I think I’m just going to do this is instead.”
They zapped the memory-wiper against the hero’s skull, shattering all memory of life before, and promptly switched their face to concerned. “Oh thank god, I finally found you…”


A/N: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s fine! I’m really sorry about my absence but I’m quite busy right now with college and so. I’ll try to write more! Moreover, I just DIED when I saw Seb’s photo so that made me think of a sort of drabble. I hope you all like it. As always, feel free to correct me and feedback would be appreciated!

Warnings: Masturbation, Dirty talk, Bucky’s noises, etc.

Words: 1,537.

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You groaned in pain as the warm water ran down your naked body. Soon the shower was filthy as the dirt you had from the battlefield fell off from your skin along with blood. You had been injured by one of the Hydra agents and Helen Cho had patched you as she could, warning you not to move for a few days. Fury had sent you to the Avengers’ towers as soon as he knew and there you were.

You threw yourself on your mattress, feeling the warmness welcoming you. Your eyes shut as you fell asleep. Unconsciously, you hugged your pillow, noticing Bucky’s aroma on it. You loved it as much as you loved wearing his t-shirts when he was not there. Or when he was. It didn’t really matter.

You had been dating the supersoldier for a year after months of curious behaviour. What started as a friendship became slowly something else. When Bucky came, he was shy and barely spoke to anyone but Steve. You didn’t push him and talked to him about music, books or whatever just to make him laugh. He started to open to you and hang up with you.

Sometimes he would look for you all over the whole tower just to tell you about the last book he had read or what he had found on Wikipedia. You still remembered his face as he talked to you about Star Wars or Back to the Future.

It was during an especially rough mission when he trusted you completely. You had been days monitoring a Hydra base and sending the information to Steve, who was in the tower. Bucky had been sent with you due to his knowledge.

But something went wrong.

Agents prepared to catch you, dead or alive, suddenly surrounded you. You fought until your muscles were sore but a bullet hit you in your arm and you fell on the muddy ground, watching the man approaching you. He raised his gun and you tried to defend yourself, when he hit the ground. Bucky lowered the smoky gun and carried you bridal style to the motorbike you had hidden.

“Let’s go, doll” He had said, driving to the safe house Tony had offered to you two. Bucky healed you as much as he could and talked to you about his first scar.

After that, you became inseparable and closer until one night you two were staring at the star when he kissed you. Your first steps were hesitant but soon you knew you loved him more than you had ever loved someone. And it was mutual. Bucky felt you were what he needed to be himself again.

Your phone started to ring and you groaned under the duvet. Your hand went out the burrito you had become and took it, looking at your messages. Your lips curved into a smile when you saw the name written on the screen.

“Winter Boo Bear”

Good morning, sleeping beauty.

How did you know I was sleeping?

You couldn’t stop the chuckle that escaped your mouth as Bucky sent you an emoji that seemed to say Really?

Okay, maybe I was having a nap. But I was tired.

Was the mission okay?

You touched the bruises and remembered Helen Cho healing you. Your fingers travelled quick down they keyboard, typing.

Nothing to worry about. Just a few bruises. I’m a big girl.

You added the emoji with the tighten muscle as your teeth grabbed your bottom lip, smiling. The phone showed the “Typing…” thing from Bucky.

I know you’re a big girl, doll.

I’m really craving to see you.

Oh, oh.

You felt heat rising to your neck as you blushed, knowing where the conversation was going. He had done this several times before when one or the other or even both were in missions.

Oh yeah? I’m sure you don’t. I mean. You have Steve. I’m sure he will be a beautiful view in the morning.


Doll, you know I love this punk but I’d prefer to wake up with you naked by my side than him. 

Oh, so that’s the only reason why you want to be here, huh?

Oh, honey…there are several reasons.

You sent Bucky the rolling eyes emoji and he typed a laugh. You bit your lip as you stared at the screen. Your lips curved into a smirk as an idea grew up in your mind.

What were you doing?

I was going to have a shower. I’m filthy.

Yeah, you usually are. That’s your natural state.

You couldn’t avoid roaring with laughter as you sent the last message, hoping you could see your boyfriend’s face at that. His state changed to “Typing” again before it stopped. You took advantage of it as your fingers flew over the keyboard.

What are you wearing? Let me see ya, Sarge.


That made you bit your bottom lip. You could almost hear Bucky’s growl in your mind and you decided to make him as horny and frustrated as he sometimes made you when you were having sex. 

Sergeant Barnes, it’s an order.

The phone stayed silent for a few minutes before it buzzed again. You took it and grinned at the answer, knowing it was all yours.

Yes, Ma’am.

You waited patiently as your fingers drew abstract forms on your naked skin. The touch of your fingertips, almost like feathers sent shivers down your spine and you craved for Bucky’s touch. His fingers were calloused and rough from the missions, yet they rubbed your sensitive skin, knowing all your sweet spots. 

You heard the answer getting to your phone and you almost jumped to take it. Your fingers opened the message and you waited until the image was completely charged.

Oh, my.

Your mouth fell open and you felt as if it had dried. You swallowed hard as your eyes examined the photo. Bucky was in the hotel’s bathroom. A expensive one, you thought. Probably Tony had afforded it. He was shirtless and his red briefs appeared above his sweatpants. He was muscled and his left arm shone with the light of the bathroom. 

Like what you see?

Yes. It’s a shame I couldn’t have you here in my bed, right now.

You’re missing my naked body, Sarge.

Your hands started to rub your breast slowly as your eyes stared at the photo. You bit your lip and moaned softly, feeling your fingertips grazing the sensitive bud. The phone buzzed again and you looked at the message.

Fuck doll. Don’t say that. Show me.

You whimpered and hurried to type an answer.

No, Sarge. I’m in charge here. 

Are you touching yourself? Are you all wet?

I am.

With my legs spread, as you like. I’m touching my nipple now. 

A minute after the message was delivered the screen lightened, showing a photo of you and Bucky in Disneyland. You smirked and waited a few minutes. You loved teasing him. Making him to wait before giving what he craved for. 

Obviously, that would cause him to do the same.

“Doll?” He panted as you picked up the phone. You took a deep breath to avoid the moan that wanted to escape your lips as you pinched your nipple. 


“Are you touching yourself? Without me?” Bucky chuckled and you whimpered as your hand travelled down your abdomen towards your legs. The cold air made you shiver and your body jolted as your fingers grazed slightly your core. “Bad girl. You know what will happen when I get home, right?”

You moaned when your fingertips rubbed your clit in circles, slowly at the beginning. Bucky’s gasps were audible through the speaker and you recognised the sound of pants being removed.

“Tell me, doll. C’mon”

“I’m naked. On my bed, hmmm…”You bit your lip as you introduced a finger inside you while touching yourself.

“Fuck. I wish I could see ya.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” You muttered a fainted yes as your fingers continued on your clit, making you to moan. “God, yes. Y/N, more. I want to hear them all”

“Are you touching yourself?”

“Yes, doll. I’m hard right now. I hope it was your hand. I want to be between your legs. My tongue sucking all over. Licking your clit” You moaned higher this time at the image of your boyfriend between your legs. “I’d make you scream my name until you couldn’t take it any longer”

“Fuck, yes. Don’t stop” You rubbed your fingers harder, feeling your whole body burning and shaking. You knew you were close and Bucky knew too. His pants and whimpers were rhythmic with yours and you imagined him naked on the bathroom, his hand moving along his length.

“I’m gonna fuck when I get home, doll. I’m gonna eat you until you are writhing and moaning”

“Fuck…JAMES!” You shouted when your whole body trembled as waves of pleasure went over it. You continued touching yourself as you heard your boyfriend’s pants and  your legs shook. He whimpered your name and you tried to catch your breath, feeling your body relaxing from that.

“I miss you, Bucky”

“Me too. I’ll be as soon as possible”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

Undeniable Heat Chapter 34: The Sun’s Warmth

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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It was the squealing of little children that woke you the next morning. With a groan, you went to move your pillow over your head when your hand came into contact with a warm and naked chest. Lifting your head up, you found that you were using Jensen’s chest as your pillow, your legs tangled with his as his arm wrapped protectively around your waist.

Glancing at the clock, you saw it was past nine in the morning. It didn’t surprise you. Both of you had stayed up late, talking about nothing and everything, enjoying each other’s company, feeling somewhat free of the past. Jensen seemed more light hearted, carefree then he had before, and you were coming to realize how important his talk with Danneel had been.

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this is another apology. i’m sorry about your skin and all of the cuts, i wish that i could kiss them all away. i’m sorry about your voice and how they belong to someone else. i’m sorry about not listening, i’m sorry for always making you apologize for the stupidest things. i’m sorry about your hair and how you always fixed it up, but to me it was just another day. i should’ve told you that you were beautiful. i should’ve told you that you were my one and only. i’m sorry about your smile and how it’s a bit broken, you have all of your teeth, but not all of your happy, baby, please tell me that you’re no longer mad with me. i’m sorry about love and how badly it changed us, if i could go back, i would make every single mistake all over again. i deserve to be here, to learn. you deserve your current happiness. you’re wonderful. i’m sorry that i wasn’t able to make you laugh more often, i guess my broken home leaked into your tears, baby, do you have fears too? are you insecure too? kurt cobain once said that people aren’t true, i’m sorry that we both fucked each other over. some secrets best left to the worst parts of us, i’m sorry about all of the things i never got to tell you, i’m sorry for making you feel like i didn’t love you. i’m sorry about the way you wore that dress and all i wanted was for you to take it off. mama raised me right, but all I ever did was write my truths down wrong, i guess i’m just another sad song that doesn’t like people to sing along. papa wasn’t around is not an excuse, kind hearted feathers grow from my roots, i’m sorry that i was such an asshole to you. i’m sorry for fucking you instead of making love to you. i’m sorry about being high half of the time when i kissed you. i’m sorry about your story and how i was both an amazing part and a tragedy, do you believe in karma? in some ways, i am the skin around your heart. some days, i can’t get you out of my head. it’ll be a few years pretty soon, but i still have your phone number memorized. you may change up your personality and smile differently. work your dream job and have someone new, but when i run into you and we’re just strangers, i think i’ll always be a little sorry even if you forgive me. i’m sorry, i’m sorry– this is my letter of post skies trying to look pretty, this is my apology of a love that tried to feel gorgeous, this is my sincerity because if i forget to look both ways while i cross the street some day and a man is drunk and high while texting his baby mama and he forgot to get his brakes checked last week because he’s always procrastinating like how i was back in high school when all i wanted to do was write you love letters and he never quite got it figured out, so on his way home from work as he took two more tabs to numb the pain and he looks up and it’s just me, baby, it’s just me– maybe karma has a plan for me.

Introducing Yourself to Aphrodite

So you decided it’s time to introduce yourself to the beautiful Aphrodite! Yay! This is cause for celebration, but not for fear. You have no reason to be worried because I promise you that it’s not as scary as it seems. Before we get to the good part I want to make a very important note.

Introducing yourself to Aphrodite does not equal devoting yourself to Aphrodite

What I mean by this is that just because you introduce yourself to Aphrodite doesn’t mean you are automatically devoted to her. This means you don’t have to worry about making a HUGE commitment if you don’t feel like you are ready. By introducing yourself you are simply making Aphrodite aware that you are interested in some sort of relationship. Think of it like any of the relationships in your life whether friendship or romantic. They all started with an introduction which then follows with the getting to know each other period and it’s during that period you figure out what kind of relationship you want with that person if you want one at all. So equate this as simply saying “Hi, my name is______”

Now on to the real reason you’re reading this!

What you will need for the introduction:

  • Representation – This can be anything. And I mean ANYTHING. As long you look at it and think APHRODITE that’s all that matters.  
  • Offering – This doesn’t need to be elaborate. Candle or incense will do just fine

Once you have your representation and offering find a good clean spot to place them and for you to do the introduction. Now you have to decide what you want to say. This is really up to you. You can say as little or as much as you want. Here’s an example of a basic introduction:

Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty, my name is ______ and I give you this offering.

And that’s it! Seriously, that’s all there is to it! You can add more if you would like and talk to her longer. You could tell her more about yourself and feel free to compliment her by saying all the things you like about her (she LOVES that), but it isn’t necessary. Just do whatever feels right for you and you will be fine!

Quick note on epithets. Some other devotees would strongly suggest you use epithets especially for an introduction. Using them makes you sound more formal and respectful so you may wish to add one or two. The only reason I’m not saying its absolutely mandatory is because I didn’t use epithets when I did my introduction, so you can make that decision for yourself.

Now go introduce yourself! <3

A True Fan and Former Classmate

I wander around the musical festival trying to pass the time. I’m here for one person and one person only… Jay Park. Yes, there are over a hundred artists playing today but I only want to see him perform. Plus I don’t know any of the other artists here, so there’s that.

I’ve been a fan of Jay’s since his 2PM days, long before AOMG was a thought. While Jay was my bias then I like the Jay of today a thousand times better. He’s more of an individual, his name is know in both Korea and in the States because he has gotten so successful.

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When We Were Young - Part Three

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1425

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst


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lost without you.

Originally posted by fullfangirling27

“What happened to you never walk alone?”

genre: angst

word count: 1.3k

So much happened before I could process anything. One minuted he was on the phone to me, the next there was a loud crash and the line went silent. “Yoongi! Yoongi! Answer me! Where are you?” After 20 minutes of the unknown, I received a call from an unknown number, “Hello, is this ___?” “Yes, is everything okay? Is Yoongi okay?” “I’m afraid he’s going to need to be operated on and he may be stuck in a coma. We don’t know how long this will last but we’ll make sure he’s okay.” “Can I come see him?” I replied, tears fogging my vision. “You may visit tomorrow, he will be going into surgery soon and I wouldn’t want you to wait hours until he comes out.” “Thank you.”

I couldn’t get a pinch of sleep, I was too worried about the accident. What if he was seriously injured? What if he wouldn’t remember me? What if he died?

Day One.

The next morning, I got myself prepared to go visit Yoongi after his surgery. I knew he wouldn’t be awake but I needed to see him more than anything else. I just needed to know that he was alive, that’s all.

As I entered his room, he had his own as his case was more severe than others, I saw his members gathered around his bed. “___, thank God you’re here.” Seokjin said as walked over to pull me into his embrace. “I’m sorry.” he whispered as he attempted to further comfort me. I didn’t say a word, I simply walked over to Yoongi who had so many things going into his body, he would’ve hated this if he were awake. “Yoongi, I just needed to know that you weren’t dead.” I said, tears subconsciously flowed from my eyes as I grabbed his left hand and held it in my own. The six of them held their heads low and were silent during this moment. “I promise, I’ll visit you everyday. I’ll make sure I do. I love you.” I told him before I planted a kiss on my forehead. “I wish there was some way I could stay longer but I have to go class and I know if he were awake he make me go, you know. For a better future or whatever. But I just want to stay here until he wakes up.” I said as I turned my attention to the six other men. “He would understand, don’t worry. You can always see him later.” Namjoon said, giving me a weak smile.

Day Six.

“It’s Saturday today. I can stay with you for a lot longer than usual as there’s nothing for me to do on Saturday’s. I usually spend them with you anyway.” I told him as I laid my head next to his right arm, I had my hand on his and rubbed his with my thumb. I missed him. If there was anything I could do to stop him and myself from suffering but it wasn’t my in my control.

Day Twenty-Three.

“It’s a week away from being a month since your accident and it doesn’t get any easier for anyone. Your parents are still worrying about you but I told them that you were improving so they could worry about their own health; you always put others before you, even when you need the most loving care.” I sobbed as I told him, not knowing whether or not he could hear me but I told him anyway, for my sake. “What happened to you never walk alone? What happened to being safe? I can’t even be mad at you, I just want you to get better so I can hold you in my arms again.”

Day Fifty-One.

“I’m back, baby. The doctor’s said you’re improving slightly but not much. Everyone misses you but they’re doing well. Your family told me that they are well and that I should take care of you until they can visit you. Holly’s doing quite well, although he’s not quite the same without you. As for you members, they seem to find it hard to carry on with their careers right now; they can’t bring themselves to do it without you so BTS is on halt for now as well. As for me, I’m still not okay, I get by, but I’m struggling.”

Day Seventy-Four.

“We’re well into the third month now. I’m glad that your body keeps fighting for you. Although I wish I could hear a response from you, even a sarcastic remark would make my day. That’s my favourite thing about you; you have this ‘I don’t care’ attitude but you’re the most caring person I know. I wonder what it’s like to have everyone care for you all at once, it must be overwhelming. Anyway, I’ve started to revise, your girlfriend has exams to take and she’ll be graduating soon.” I said as I weakly smiled at the lifeless body in front of me. “I miss you.”

Day Ninety.

“Three months. I don’t know how much longer this is going to last but I’ll hold on no matter what. I saw your family leave as I walked in. Your mother was in tears, I had to hold for a while, reassuring her that you could make it and that you were a fighter. I’ve also graduated uni now; I wish you could’ve been there. You would have been the proudest person there. ARMY have finally found out about the reason behind the BTS hiatus, many are upset and sending love your way. Hopefully this can help your recovery.”

Day One-Hundred-and-Thirty-Three.

“Where is he?” I asked as I left the room that Yoongi was supposed to be in. “Where is my boyfriend?” “He’s been moved to a shared room, his condition seems to have improved immensely over the past week.” “Please show me where he is.” “Mr. Min should be in this room.” I instinctively ran towards his bed and sat down on his right, like usual. I grabbed hold of his hand and rested my head by his side. Suddenly I felt movement. My head shot up and I called for a doctor. I held onto his hand tightly as he woke up from his coma; he was processing where he was and his eyes were adjusting to the light.

“Sir, do you remember your name?” the doctor asked him. “Min Yoongi.” “Date of Birth?” “9 March 1993.” “Do you remember who this lady by your side is?” he asked as he directed Yoongi’s focus over to me. “Of course, this lady here is my girlfriend, who visited me everyday since the accident occurred.” he smiled as he thumb rubbed my hand. “I’ll give the two of you a moment.” “You heard me?” I asked, tears welling up all over again, but this time for a good reason. “Everyday baby, everyday. I heard everything but I couldn’t speak or open my eyes. I was scared that you might have given up eventually but you didn’t. You stayed.” “I would never leave you, not ever ever for all of eternity.” “That’s a big statement.” he chuckled as he caressed my left cheek, wiping away a stray tear.

When he realised he was still in hospital he frowned, “What are all of these things in my arms?” “That kept you alive.” the doctor said as he reapproached us. “There will be many time where you will need to revisit the hospital, just to check up on you but let’s see if you can walk.”

Day Three-Hundred-and-Ten.

Last visit to the hospital. “Thank God this is the last one.” Yoongi laughed as he helped me out of the car. “I know, I’m glad it is. It’s a hassle to get here.” “Yet you did it everyday.” “It was okay since it was for you.”


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Prompt: Aw ok thank you c: Well iam in the hospital again, breast cancer, and I would love some fluffy angsty Negan reacting to it .. it somehow comforts me .. sry if it’s weird. I kinda need this. – Via Anon

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,137
Warnings: Mentions of Breast Cancer, curses
Category: Angst / Fluff


You were stood by the large warehouse windows which let in streams of moonlight. You were anxiously fiddling with your hands, unaware of what you were doing. You could hear the sounds of the dead chained up outside the Sanctuary, moaning and groaning into the night.

You sighed, rubbing the back of your neck as you looked out onto the stars that littered the night sky, many more stars were visible these days due to the lack of light pollution. You supposed some good things came from the Apocalypse.

You heard the door open with a soft click. You snapped your head toward the door where the bright yellow light cut a line into the room. You saw Negan peek into the room tentatively, obviously wary of you being asleep.

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anonymous asked:

Can i ask for some bros helping their s/o out during a panic attack? Class has been stressing me out OTL ALSO i love love love you guys' writings! Thanks for the hard work ❤

My personal apologizes for the stressful classes, anon. I can totally relate to that 😳

With that said, I hope you can find a small means of escape through Leigh and I’s writing!

I’ve found that literature is a good way to step away from it all 💕


Song: “Beach Baby” by Bon Iver


You weren’t exactly sure what it had been to set you over the edge.

Between the extra shifts you had been picking up in between classes, the endless deadlines drawing near, and the stress of maintaning your relationship with the prince, you had been worked to the bone for what felt like an eternity.

Sure, you had been managing, what with can after can of energy drink and minimal eating to stay awake and get everything done.

But you can only manage for so long, and everybody has their tipping point.
A long awaited Friday night date with Noctis just so happened to be that tipping point.

You had been looking forward to it for weeks, your excited red scribbles of pen scrawling out each coming day on the calander, anxiously counting down.

Knowing how hard you’d been pushing yourself, all of the guys had chipped in to make this a special night.

Gladio and Prompto had offered to go on a hunt and score some extra Gil to pay for expensive ingredients, whilst Ignis had taken the role as chef to prepare the meal.

They wanted to make sure you didn’t lift a finger.

You felt like a princess, being taken care of by everybody to have a relaxing night with your boyfriend.

You should’ve been at ease, in the comfort of your and Noctis’ shared apartment, sitting across his smiling face illuminated only by the soft light of flickering tea candles.

But you weren’t.

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Secret Love - BBRae

Here it is, the fanfic I’ve been working on for a while now. I’ll have the second half posted next week. This is just the first chapter, the rest are available on ff.net

“We’re having a moment here, don’t ruin it.” She told him.

He merely giggled in response. The events of the night seemed to be so trivial now. They were both alive and well, having a good talk. It hurt that she was the only one who bothered to come out here to talk to him, but being alone with her like this had a calming effect all of its own. Beast Boy knew that he’d been crushing on Raven for a while now. It was hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but it seemed to only get stronger the more time he spent with her. The recent events with Malchior and Adonis seemed to only amplify his feelings for her.

“What are you smiling at?” She asked him.

Beast Boy was shaken from his idle thoughts.

“Oh, nothing,” He started, “Just thinking about how lucky I am to know you.”

She blushed. “You’re not that lucky.” She simply said.

He disagreed. “No, I think I am.” He rebutted.

She stared at him in response, time seemed to slow down as he waited for her to reply.

“Raven,” he began, “Can you sense what I’m feeling right now?” He asked quietly.

She nodded.


“I.. I think I feel the same way…” She started.


“But I don’t think it would be wise to act on it.”

“Why not?”

“I wish I could tell you.”

He frowned, “Raven, you know that’s never enough for me.”

“I know, it’s one of your best and worst traits.” She sighed. “Please, just for once, let me come out with it when I’m ready.”

He took in a deep breath. “Ok, Raven, I’ll wait.”

She sensed his hurt at the reluctant rejection.

“Beast Boy, I promise you that I feel very strongly for you. However, acting on these emotions will lead to nothing but short term happiness, followed by long term depression. It’s not a good idea to pursue these feelings for me.”

“I can’t just shut them off Raven.” He argued back.

“I know, and I’m not saying that you can’t have feelings for me. Just don’t expect anything to come out of it anytime soon.”

“I’m not going to give up on this so easily.”

She paused, “It’s your call Beast Boy, but, just know that for now, my call is that I’m not ready to for a relationship. I swear it’s because of me and not you, as cliché as that sounds.”

Beast Boy contemplated her answer, “Alright, I won’t expect anything serious for now.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity. Neither of them realized it in the heat of the conversation but they had moved closer and closer to each other as their talk continued on and on.

“What?” He asked, noticing her stare.

She closed the last remaining distance and kissed him.

It was a brief kiss, one he was overjoyed to experience and return as best as he could. They both only wished that it had lasted longer before Raven broke away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“No, it’s fine.” He reassured her.

“Next time if I ever do that, I’ll make sure to ask first.”

“Next time?” Now he was confused, first she was trying to not start anything with him, now she was talking about future smooching opportunities.

“There’s no telling what the future might hold, Beast Boy,” she said, “if we end up in a life threatening situation ever again, I have no idea how my emotions might react.”

“So you’re saying you’ll need to kiss somebody if you think you’re going to die?”

She smirked, “A bit blunt, but yet. Basically. And I want it to be you.”

“I see,” he smiled back at her, “Hey, Raven?”


“Can I at least flirt with you? When it’s just between us, at least?”

She looked him in the eyes.

“Flirting might be fun. Just don’t tell the others.”

ff.net link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12451108/1/Secret-Love


* Hamilsquad x agender!Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous (both)
* Request: Hamilsquad x agender!Reader where Charles Lee or Thomas or both make fun of the reader and they’re very depressed afterwards and the Hamilsquad tries and succeeds at cheering them up (they/them) pronouns.
* Request: The reader feels really bad about themselves and is insecure and the squad helps cheer them up? If you could make it fluffy, that would be awesome. Could you also use they/them pronouns.

    A/N: I’ll tell you, I glared at my computer screen trying to come up with a more original idea and not as degrading intro but I couldn’t. I’m going apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my intro to the story but it’s Thomas and Charles being assholes…and I apologized if I completely fuck this story up. I’m not sure how good I’ll do writing agender reader, so…I hope I did good and I hope you guys enjoy. I also hope you know my inbox is always open if y’all want to talk or you can private message me.

    Word Count: 1,486 (Sorry it’s shorter than usual. I didn’t know what else to add.)


    You sat in the dinning hall wishing one of your friends was with you. Hercules promised to meet up with you but he had a meeting with one of his professors. He swore it wouldn’t take long. Still, you wished he didn’t have it at all. You hated being in the dinning hall alone. It made you feel more singled out than you already were. It didn’t help when you saw two men walk into the building. One in a god-awful magenta shirt, the other with his black hair slicked to one side. You slouched in your chair, practically begging for the ground to just open up beneath your chair right then and there. Anything to keep those two from noticing you.

    However, that kind of divine intervention didn’t happen. Also, it seemed like at least one of those men could always tell when you were with 100 yards of them. You watched as Charles scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he his evil smirk fell into place. This kid had called out a professor once. Alexander and John both threatened his life afterwards, but still, he didn’t care what people thought of him. Charles nudged Thomas and nodded toward you.


    You weren’t doing this today. You scooped up your things and made a be-line to the dish drop off to leave the dinning hall. However, Thomas stepped in front of you. Had you not skidded to a stop when you did, you would’ve ended up wearing what was left of your lunch.

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    PSA about when someone you know decides to cut a parent out of their lives:

    Please please please do not criticize their decision. It was not an easy thing to do, and it has probably been coming to this point for a very long time.

    Do not tell them “things might change! Maybe your _____ will come to their senses!”
    The odds are, if it’s gotten to this point, they have been given many chances through the years and have thrown every single one out the window.

    Do not say “but they are your _____! You only get one!”
    I only have one appendix, but if it’s toxic, I’m going to cut it out to save my life.

    Do not say things like “you’re going to miss them when it’s time for (random event most parents should be part of)”
    Yes, I will be slightly disappointed that my parent was unable to attend this important moment in my life, but the unfortunate truth is that they would have made this day difficult and uncomfortable for me.

    DO NOT SAY “You’re lucky to have a ______ at all. Some people don’t. You’re wasting the chance to have a relationship many people wish they could have, but their _____ is no longer with them.”
    That’s the thing though, that chance was never there. Just because my parent is alive doesn’t mean they are emotionally available, and to tell the truth, that’s almost worse. They are here and they can’t see past their own ignorance to try and have a civilized relationship with me. At least if they had passed away, and I’m not saying that I wish them dead or anything, I would have a valid and acceptable reason to not have them around. Instead I had to make a conscious and painful decision that goes against what most of society believes is right for the sake of my own mental health.

    Please just support your friends in their decision to leave a Toxic person no matter who they may be. This is not easy and they are probably constantly arguing with themselves over whether or not they did the right thing. They need your love and support, not your criticism

    In Remembrance

    Dedicated to @actualasamisato, for the anniversary of the passing of her father.

    She could almost hear it, almost feel the soft breeze sift through her hair. For a moment, it felt real, for a moment, the hardened cement of the rooftop became a sprawling countryside, rife with colorful flowers and lush grass. The distant sea became a towering mountain range, capped in a blanket of white.

    Now she could really feel the air, cool against her skin. She was running, running through the grassy meadow. The long blades of grass crumpled beneath her bare feet, her hair sent in a frenzy in her wake. Her arms were outstretched, hands reaching out the furthest they could go.

    “Mami! Papi! Look at me!” She called out to the man and the woman, sitting side by side on a patterned blanket laid out in the grass. The two smiled and gave her a large wave in return. “Good flying, Schatzli!” The mother called out. She leaned to her left and tilted her arms, making a sharp turn towards the pair. “Coming in for a landing!”

    “All clear, Angela!” her father patted the empty spot beside him.

    She sped towards the picnic area as fast as she could, making fake engine noises to the best of her abilities. But as she nearly plopped herself down on the blanket to land, her father sprang from his seat and picked her up. “Uh oh, there’s a lot of turbulence!” He spun in a circle, going round and round to the sound of mad giggles. “Paaapi! Let me down!” He let out an outrageous laugh, “It’s not me! It’s the storm!”

    “Papi~” she slapped playfully at his forearms. “Down,” she whined.

    “Okay, sweetie.“ He finished with a kiss to the forehead, and set her down beside her mother. Angela leaned over and sprawled over her mother’s lap, gazing up to the heavens above, taking in the deep blue broken up by tufts of white clouds crawling across the expanse. A pale hand came down and brushed her wiley blonde hair, sweeping it back and deftly untangling the knots.

    She felt the rough traces of her father’s hands at her feet, and soon a jolt travelled down her spine, sending her back arching upwards. Angela let out a loud shriek, and began uncontrollably laughing and wriggling as the fingers scratched and tickled the flat of her foot. “Papi no!” she writhed in her mother’s lap, feet helplessly fumbling in her father’s clutches.

    “You’re too easy, Schatzli.” He relented his torture and pressed his lips up to the soft skin. “I’ll miss these little guys,” his tone became more reserved, almost downcast. He tapped the tops of every toe, each bouncing at the contact. “I don’t want you to go,” she said bluntly. Her voice pouting, but with an underlying layer of worry and fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of loss.

    “I know, honey.” her mother interceded, hand resuming its original stroking motion, “but there are people out there in trouble. There are kids like you who’ve lost their mama and papa, and need help. We need to go do what we can.”

    “But,” Angela leaned up and grasped ahold of her mother’s arm, and nuzzled into her buzzom, “What about my mami and papi?”

    Her mother could only sigh in response. “Oh Schatzli…” Months of trying to prepare her for their departure did little, and as the shipment date grew nearer and nearer, Angela grew no closer to its acceptance. “I don’t want you to go,” she murmured, “I don’t want you to go.” Her contact began to feel distant. Like she needed to reach out to touch what was right before her. Tears brimmed in her eyes. The warmth of her parent’s touch waned, the reassuring coos lulled to a silence. The warmth of her mother’s gentle fingers began to feel like the cool breeze incoming from the sea.

    “I didn’t want you to go.” Angela’s legs began to wobble and buckle under the weight of her body, her hands gripped the railing to support herself. Streams of tears began to roll down her cheeks, set free after weeks of morbid anticipation. But this time, she wasn’t alone.

    She felt Fareeha’s arm gently wrap around her, bringing her into an embrace. She instantly leaned in and sought the comfort, her hands searching just for the human contact she needed. She needed to be held, to be protected and loved. “There there, Habibti,” Fareeha breathed.

    Angela hitched her breath, but found solace in the steady beat from Fareeha’s heart. Strong, unwavering. Just like her. After minutes of listening to its calming presence, she found herself able to speak up once more. “I wish you could have met them.”

    Fareeha looked out to the distant shoreline, and saw a couple walking hand in hand behind an explorative young boy. “I wish I could have too, but I have a feeling they would denounce me due to my tendencies for puns.”

    Angela laughed through choked breath, her eyes puffy and her cheeks swollen. “Now that I think of it, why haven’t I disowned you?”

    Fareeha chuckled and kissed the top of Angela’s head. “Because I make such wonderful turkey sandwiches.”

    “Ah yes, that’s right. I guess I’ll keep you around a little bit longer,” the first smile to her face in days appeared on her face.

    “Shall we head inside?” Fareeha said after minutes of holding onto each other, staring out into the horizon. “My mother has tea waiting for us.”

    “That sounds nice, Liebe. I could really use Ana’s company too.”

    “She quite likes spoiling you, I’m pretty sure it’s because she finally has someone who will let her.”

    Angela giggled, “Guilty as charged. Her desserts are delicious.”

    They began to walk towards the canopied doorway that lead back down to the dormitory wing. But before Fareeha reached out to turn the handle, she paused and faced Angela, taking both hands into her own. “I just want you to know,” she started, “that we consider you part of our family, and we want you to feel just as included as any one of us, my mother, my father, or myself.”

    Angela brought one of their joined hands to her eye and swept away a forming droplet, “It means so much to hear you say that Fareeha,” she collapsed back into Fareeha’s arms one more time. “So much.”

    Author’s Note: The semester’s beginning to wind down, so I think I’ll have a bit less time to finish fics that have been WIP (currently 4 at the moment). All are about 60-75% finished, but I just can’t find the time to do so. Thank you to everyone for your patience.