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i’m plain. i don’t astound. i hold to the ground as the ground keeps shifting, keeping my balance square.

So me and a friend were talking about Headcanons about Anti’s eyes and I wanted to find the wink gif. And I caught a brief flash. And then… I decided to go comb through the video again.

I noticed something about Dapper. Specifically here:

Don’t see it yet?

is that a reflection???


Super zoom for you uvu:

Actually Jack said in the unboxing video he wished he could do the whole ‘colored iris’ thing olor Anti with—then he does it.

With it being so far away it’s low quality but high enough you can very clearly see those IRISES

I BEEN DOING ANTI’S EYES RIGHT. ;w; No clue if anyone caught this yet buuuuuut I DID.


last time i was at the flea market, there was a booth selling tons of merch for movies/anime/games – i can’t be 100% sure about everything there but all the pokemon plushies they had were definitely bootlegs. among them were a slightly sad-looking sableye (i actually have the official plushie that this one is based on) and an 18-inch mimikyu plushie that i ended up buying since it was pretty damn high quality.

i do wish i had taken more pictures now…i don’t know if the guy at the booth knew that he was selling counterfeit merch, but unlike a lot of the other sellers there, he jacked up the prices like he thought they were official.

Harry Potter stationery?

I’ve had an idea for a while now… 
to make Harry Potter inspired and other high-quality stationery. 

Stuff I wish existed AND were at a decent price point. I know some exist, but I really don’t like the quality/specs of those products. Like paper quality and functionality actually means something to me. I’ve started making my own notebooks last year and those who’ve used it love it. Anyways… 

Would anyone be interested in actually purchasing my planners, printables, notebooks?

today I realized how high my standards became for love and I started thinking about characteristics and preferences that I liked but after a while I noticed that you were the only person that fit every quality
—  I just wish you knew you were that special to me.
I am sure it will come as no surprise to anyone in this room that I am hugely passionate about the Invictus Games.

I am passionate about the role which sport can play in the recovery of body and mind.

I am passionate about the men and women of our Armed Forces who have served their countries.

And, I am passionate in my support and admiration for the families of those men and women, because they too have served.

In 2013, I visited the Warrior Games in Colorado. It was there that I first saw the impact which sport can play in the recovery of these men and women. I was amazed seeing the fiercest competition turn to respect, understanding and friendship the moment the finish line was crossed. I saw people giving it their all out on the court or in the pool, but then hugging their opponents as brothers in arms.

Seeing this for myself convinced me that we had to enable more injured and ill service men and women to benefit from the power of competition. And we had to find a way to stage the competition that could attract the attention of the world and inspire millions. The idea for the Invictus Games was born.

The journey to the first games was by no means easy: I gave my team 9 months to deliver a concept which few people had heard of and even fewer had seen with their own eyes. But as you know, we succeeded and here we are at the third Invictus Games.

In that first year, what we had hoped but that none of us could have predicted was the way in which the public embraced the competitors and the spirit of the Games. The support was unbelievable and the guys and girls responded by putting on a sporting spectacle unlike anything seen before.

For the competitors, we know that the journey to the Invictus Games is often not an easy one. We are dangling a carrot of sporting glory to help reignite qualities which have been worn down by months and often years of fighting - fighting to find purpose, fighting to reconnect with family, fighting to get fit again, fighting to leave the house and in some cases fighting to stay alive.
Sport of course is not the only answer, but it is a hugely powerful tool. People find motivation and purpose in many different things. But in my mind, there is no denying the impact that teamwork, competition and fun has on someone’s well-being and outlook. The wife of a US competitor wrote to me saying…

“I’d like to say thank you (as the tears roll down my eyes). My husband is on the USA team and when he’s competing I see him smile. A genuine smile. I cry because that’s the one thing I can’t do as his wife. It hurts me but at the same time I try to understand that it’s not me. Our three children we call little warriors because they too have to adapt and overcome. The father, friend they once knew isn’t the same. I wish I would’ve been able to bring them because they could’ve shared in his happiness. Thank you for these games! They truly were a blessing because his smile is something we’ve missed!”

I am delighted that Celina’s research validates such comments. We believed the Games would make a real difference. Competitors, friends and their families told us that the Games were not only changing lives, but saving lives. And now what we believed to be true has been backed up by this high-quality academic research.

Now I have long believed that individuals who wear the uniform are role models for society. Their families understand the true meaning of teamwork, respect, discipline and leadership. And in a world where this is often lacking, I bet the values by which service families live their lives and the example they set for others through these Games, is having a profound effect on their communities and far beyond. Wouldn’t it be great if we could prove that too!
—  Prince Harry speech at the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Mental Health Research conference | September 25, 2017


Under cut there are 441 gifs of the oh so beautiful, Jenna Dewan Tatum. All gifs were made by me, and they are all high quality, medium sized gifs! (Majority are around 245 in width). As of now, the gifs are of her as Freya Beauchamp from Witches of East End, & a few of her as Lucy Lane from Supergirl (also like 13 from Playboy Club). In time I will be adding more from her other projects too! I’ll also continue to add more gifs each day, as I go through the episodes and movies. Please like or reblog if using, and if you wish to use them in crackships, that’s fine, just message me first! 


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summary: theories on yesterday’s liveshow silliness / thank you for the encouragement vivi, mia + ev!
words: 1538
genre: fluff
contains: food, language, very mild suggestiveness



“Rom-com? Phil. No.”

“I want something funny.”

“We could just do a comedy. I don’t want emotions on the side.”

“God forbid.”

“Rock paper scissors?”

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Prompt: “ Is there any way you could write a small fic for all the people who are panicked in light of recent news?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,347

Author’s Note: Remember that this isn’t the end. It’s going to be hard. There’s going to be some really terrible times to come, but on the other end in 4 years, America will rise up on the other side of this and become a stronger, more accepting nation. Stay strong, be careful, and fight for what is right. Fight for what is right for everyone.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 17,823/50,000

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the signs as annoying people on College Confidential

Aries: dad who starts a thread called ‘affirmative action kept my white son out of Yale’
Taurus: “at this point i don’t even know if I can go to my local community college!!”
Gemini: scored a 2500 on the SAT
Cancer: mom who creates a thread called ‘how to get D to study instead of being on her phone all the time?!?’
Leo: dad who starts a thread called ‘PC culture on college campuses’
Virgo: asks easily googled questions
Libra: founder of 6 different clubs, won national award for their discovery of a new subatomic particle, interned at the White House, volunteered 5,000 hours nursing baby dolphins with colds back to health
Scorpio: tells libra that their EC’s are ‘weak’
Sagittarius: “Honestly don’t understand why I was rejected?? There are people with way worse stats than me who were accepted??”
Capricorn: “Help! My SAT is a 2370. 800 M, 800 CR, 770 W. Should I retake to improve the W section?”
Aquarius: “I wish I was poor, my family is too rich to get any fin aid”
Pisces: “I knew I was a shoe in for Stanford this whole time”

Under the cut you will find 81 gifs of Nick Bateman, a Canadian model and actor, best known for his presence on Instagram, being a 4 time World Title holder in Martial Arts, and for starring in several films including the upcoming adaption of Ugly Love. Bateman is Welsh, Irish, French and German [source @ 4:20], was born November 18, 1986 and could play a character between the ages of 25-35.

These gifs are low to high quality, small to medium and textless. None of these gifs were made be me, although some were edited in order to make them better suited for roleplaying. All credit goes to their original creators and links to the posts these gifs were saved from can be found on my credits page. If I included your gifs in this hunt and you wish to have them removed, please send me a message and include the link to the photoset and I will be more than happy to remove them.

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bananagator replied to your photoset “bought a pink wig to see what i’d look like with pink hair~”

i literally just thought you got a hair makeover. i’ve known u were an actual magical girl angel for years. is there no hairstyle u can’t pull off lmao. ‘cosplayers hate her!!’ (also where did you even get such a nice wig omg

DAMN I WISH LMAO and hksl;aghakl;hag

i got it for 10 bucks on ebay lmao