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29.5.2017. // 10:00am

PSA, sort of.

I’m not doing well, more like okay-ish. Sounds worse that it is, really. Since April a lot of things (mental and physical) wen’t donwhill. I keep waking up not knowing who or where I am - it only lasts a few seconds but it happened more often than I’d like. Usually, when that passes and I get to work, I start feeling a dull pain above my eye socket, which I assume is caused by my sinuses, and I have a hard time keeping that eye open. Not to mention I don’t feel present at any time of the day, looks like I’m on auto-pilot and barely conscious. Idk. I’ll be visiting the doctor this Wednesday, maybe address the mental part as well. (No, I’ll probably chicken out lol)

I won’t be doing weekly progress updates anymore because of the reasons stated above. At least until I get better. Personal updates might be put on hold, too, for the same reason. Or not, not sure yet because it really depends on the day. But I lurk anyway so messages will always be answered, with a slight delay tho.


you think people can’t tell

more watery aesthetics I guess

its tea

second ones transparent


but what if one day


It is pretty easy for a friend to become a lover. One of the two has to take a step closer to the other…like this. This one step makes the relationship between the two change.


Louis in Barcelona, July 8 2014.


I really love how Winry has a picture of Ed and Al with Nina


Thor: Ragnarok [Fix-it Canon AU] - Jane Foster is worthy

While on Earth, Thor is attacked. His hammer is destroyed and he’s taken prisoner. But Mjolnir is no ordinary hammer. It’s capable of reassembling itself. But now, without Thor to wield it or Odin to command it, Mjolnir is free to choose its own Thor. And after years of spending time with mortals, there is one in particular it knows to be worthy. Mjolnir chooses none other than Jane Foster as the new Thor, Goddess of Thunder.

Jane is then transported to the gladiator’s arena where she finds Thor - who is now going by the name ‘Odinson’. When he sees her, he realizes his vision hadn’t been about Loki, as he suspected, but about Jane. Together, they escape back to Asgard where Jane has to fight for the right to keep Mjolnir. Odinson, disheartened by the loss of his hammer, decides to leave Asgard and travel the Nine Realms in search of redemption.

While on Asgard, Jane finds an unlikely ally in Loki. He seems bound and determined to ensure that she’s allowed to keep the hammer. Jane suspects he has some ulterior motives, but it’s still nice to have someone on her side. So she and Loki come to an uneasy truce, much like they did when he helped save her from the Aether.

But their alliance is put to the test when Hela invades Asgard. She is hellbent on revenge and will stop at nothing to punish Odin. Even if that means completely destroying Asgard. Jane and Loki barely make it out alive. After the loss of his home, Loki becomes depressed but Jane knows if they’re going to stand any chance of victory, she’s going to need his help.

Finally persuaded by Jane, Loki takes up arms against Hela and her forces. They are later joined by Odinson and those who escaped Asgard in time. Together, they manage to defeat Hela on another world. And somewhere along the way, between bickering and battling, Jane and Loki find that they have more to offer each other than just an alliance.