i wish there would be another season but not too sure

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yeah that person was definitely an anti. some people in this fandom have such a weird idea of love. like, they've shown time and time again that bellarke trusts each other more than anyone, how intuitive they are with each other, the extent they will go to protect one another. but that still isn't love? they're the strongest relationship on the show. and watch, when bellarke 'happens' they'll say it was fanservice bc they couldn't see/didn't want to see the signs there the whole time.


Bellarke has been building since season 1.

Whether the writers will actually choose to go there, so to speak, will never be a for sure thing in my mind (I’m a little too cynical to be 100% positive that Bellarke will happen) but they’ve sure as hell laid the groundwork for that eventuality if they so wish it. 

Unlike Bellamy and Clarke’s other romances on the show, Bellarke would have an incredible amount of positive backstory to it before the romance kicked into high gear.