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Boy what a great promo pic for the voice! Love it. I'm I the only one who wish Blake and Gwen could have taken a complete photo shoot alone together with their matching blake and white outfits and then share some of it with us? Is it to much to ask for? They were all ready there. All they needed was to send the other 2 home and carry on with the shoot 😀

I am sure there are more photos coming! 

I personally wouldn’t be surprised if some photos of just them were taken(not for us but for them personally).

They are coordinated so well!. His black and white pocket square! I just can’t!

I wonder if these were shot the week of the 9th. She had long hair at the grocery store on the 13th. And the ends were curly.

Of course she had long hair this weekend too but straight.

It would seem he was filming with Luke Sunday until who knows when.


the mianite crew / tiem reester

“so basically, tom wanted to be able to get the day back to the beginning, and so he put in - he was trying to type in skype chat ‘time reset’ - instead, he wrote ‘tiem reester.’”


On Friday I took nenkyuu for the last three hours of work to head into Tokyo for the Women’s March. I wish I had taken more photos, but I forgot to before we started marching, and it was difficult to take them once we were.

I’m proud to have been there, and happy to see such a good turn out. People had come from prefectures all over Japan to attend the walk. The event was well organized and peaceful, people on the side of the road were thanking us for marching, and people driving by in their cars were waving and giving us thumbs up. The Tokyo police were really kind, patient, friendly, and good to us for the entire march. I was also thankful to the Japanese people who attended or joined in as we walked, marching in solidarity with us. It was an overall really powerful event, and I’m glad I got to march while here in Japan.

The perils of being a female, Asian fact-checker in a tense election
Readers may often dispute our fact checks. But at times, the attacks became vicious and personal.
By https://www.facebook.com/myhlee

The messages that landed in my inbox, Twitter mentions and even my newsroom mailbox became more vitriolic as November approached. Increasingly, it wasn’t what I wrote that angered these readers; it was that I wrote it while being me. It felt like they read my byline, saw my photo, barely skimmed what I wrote, and decided I was incompetent because I’m a 28-year-old Asian woman.

An email calling me the c-word was the first thing I read when I woke up one morning. One night after dinner, my phone buzzed with a Twitter mention from someone wishing I were sent to an internment camp (I’m not Japanese). Many emails began with, “Ni hao” (I’m not Chinese). I even learned a new slur word that I had to look up in the Urban Dictionary — but will refrain from sharing here.

“Who knew that ‘happy endings’ at the local DC Chinese owned massage parlor could earn you a press pass and journalistic credential? … Perhaps you are better suited for rolling egg rolls and making wonton soup. Get off your knees and go back to the kitchen.”

At first, I didn’t respond to any of them. But when I started getting so many so often, I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So I started asking questions.

Read more here: A powerful essay from @myhlee​. 


November Air

I was back for the first time in Dahilayan since December last year. I saw your face in my mind when I stood in my hotel room balcony. The air was cold and the Pine trees were beautiful, but it killed me to see you nowhere near.

Music started playing in my mind like in an ending of a fast, sad movie. It’s a quarter after midnight in my room, and I wish it was still brunch when there’s still more time to say sorry. More time to think about what you really want to say. To think about what you want to do.

But, of course, you do what you want, simply because I am not what you wanted. And, of course, you went away with a great, little story about how a ‘mess’ of a dreamer you are. Of course, people adored you in like a day. But days passed, and it felt like I didn’t care anymore.

It’s sad not to hear you call me up at 2 am with your silly remarks on why I should stop drinking coffee. And it’s sad to think that no one’s ever going to sing to me Daniel Powter songs out of key again. But even though you will stop singing those songs, I will still play air guitar for you when you want me to.  

But it’s not December yet. I’m still breathing November air in my hotel room balcony. It doesn’t hurt so much. I just wanted to write this, because I needed to feel something. And it took me a trip back to Dahilayan to realize that it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. 2 am thoughts do not hurt so much anymore. You know what hurts? The precious seconds in the morning when you have just woken up. For a moment, you forget all your concerns, heartaches, and all that shit. But then it hits you once again. You lay in bed, and you remember all the reasons why you never wanted to wake up. 

And so I took a walk in the forest, and I found a spot where there’s a good sight of the magnanimous Pine trees standing tall and firm. The air was cold, and the Pine trees were beautiful just like in the balcony. Now that I was sitting there, I came into a realization that I will never be, in any way, cold as November air.

Hello to the Bison Herd. Prairie State Park, Missouri, USA. November 2016.

After months of visiting Prairie State Park and searching for the bison herd, I found them. How I wish I had a better lens! I’ll post more photos, but all will be seriously edited as I simply stood quietly at a distance to admire and shoot them.

This prairie is my ancestral homeland. My father’s people were born here, farmed here, and many are buried down the road, where I’ll join them someday. Until yesterday, I felt that this was my prairie, visiting for solace and reflection. Observing these magnificent bison on their homeland, just as they would have been years before me and my ancestors, changed that. It was never my prairie. I’m glad they share it with me and I thanked them and the Great Spirit.


I went outside and nearly got knocked off the sidewalk by the 30 mph winds that have been thrashing through the trees and howling around the corners of my building and making my windows whistle and heave all day long, and the clouds are flying past overhead and it’s 50º and I wish it were possible for shitty iphone photos to be more immersive so I could share this adequately with all of you, because I think we’ve all felt really weird and out of it and antsy today and what I’m trying to say with this apoplectic spasm of a run-on sentence is that if ever there were a perfect evening to kill Pissy Donnie with our collective dark witchcraft, it’s now

we’re two days out from a full moon and we only have one week left until the final seal is broken and the end times begin


Oh yeah, I almost forgot!
Today we were visiting Yai’s house, and saved them from a snake.

Or maybe I saved this snake from the house… it’s all about perspective, I guess.

We took him to an unpopulated forested area and released him. Understandably, he was pretty eager to leave. I couldn’t even get a proper photo.
I love these flying ropes, they’re such gorgeous animals… I see them a lot around these parts. 
Golden flying snake ( Chrysopelea ornata). Rear-fanged venomous, but not at all dangerous. I’ve never had these guys so much as posture at me, even when I motion to grab them. They only ever wish to flee. If they were more suited to life in captivity, it’d be a dream to raise one. But these guys stress easily and are specially designed for the great, spacious, dense foliage canopies of the rain forest. As far as I know, there is no captive substitution for that kind of environment. 
I’m just happy for the chance to observe them in the wild–or, in this case–remove them as unwelcome house guests and reacquaint them to their jungle habitat.


FanExpo 2016: Day 1

(I do not know any of these cosplayers’ names, so if you are them or you know them, send me an ask or message so I can add credit)

Some Overwatches! This 76 had a really good costume, I kind of wish I’d taken pictures of him from more than just the one angle. There were also a couple of D.Vas around but I didn’t manage to get photos of them.

Wolverine and Kim Possible were there too! And Ms. Frizzle! And the Baudelaires!

idk why i took a picture of a random aisle in the exhibitors’ hall but whatev

Kissimmee, you were awesome! This signing was so special because I finally met so many of you I’ve been chatting with for years! 🌴☀️🍊Thanks for having me, @booksamillion! Also the theme of this tour’s pictures is The Back Of People’s Heads, apparently… I wish I could have fit more of them into this one! 😂 By the way, do you guys have any nervous habits? As you can see in this photo, I sometimes briefly close my eyes to collect my thoughts while speaking, like I can capture them and keep them from escaping. 🙈#readwayfarer #alexandrabracken (at Books a Million)

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Hi. I want to apologize for not being totally here. I’m still here, watching the messages and some comments. But I’m not longer participate directly as I did before. For a while I could not make gifs, and when that was solved I wanted to return. But I felt that it no longer made sense for me. For a long time I was very active in the fandom, and many of you were great to me. It’s not because the series is over. Maybe it was a cycle that ended. But I’m always reading reviews that say the fandom it’s death. And that it’s very sad. I have an image of Finn and Rae on the motorcycle on my computer. I’ve looked that photo for over a year every day. They smile, and to me they are the perfect representation of happiness, and the place in which dreams reside. Wish impossible things, says the song. A fandom does not die because no more gifs are made, or fanfics are written as before. A fandom does not die when a series ends. It does, when that thing we love fades and no longer unites us. I made gifs to exhaustion because it was a way to keep that love alive. Now, I do not need to do them because that love is inside of me. Finn and Rae, and The Gang, will always be in my heart. They are always going to be part of me, like all those EMUS that gave me their support. This series changed the way I looked at myself, and left an indelible mark. Here I am, although it seems not, invisible, and I will continue. Maybe it’s time to make a sexy party.


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fashion and the trans aesthetic
by harinef | part v: model archive

connie fleming
thierry mugler spring 1992

as far as i’m concerned, connie fleming is a supermodel.

she was walking mugler and shooting with meisel nearly two decades before lea t and (eventually) andreja pejic set the pace for a new generation of trans models. she was the one: yet there is so little information about her on the internet. i’m not so sure i would even know she was transgender if it hadn’t been for her candy cover a few years ago.

i get sad when i look at photos of connie because, like i said, i see a supermodel. where are her runway appearances? where are her coffee table books? where are her campaigns? or–more importantly–where the hell were they? i don’t mean to detract from what she did book–i just wish there were more of it, and that it was better documented. analysis gives way to sympathy and sheer awe. look at this photo of connie. look at her face, her proportions, her attitude. do you see it too? i see an icon. i hate that word, but i see one.

as a trans-friendly fashion moment slouches toward bethlehem to be born, remember connie! pay connie her dues!

I kind of wish posts about the women’s march didn’t act like it was only white women out there. Here in Tucson at least, 90% of the speakers at the post-march rally were women of color, and you can see all of the photos going around of WOC marching all over the world. While I 100% agree with the sentiment of those posts, they seem to be willfully ignoring the WOC who attended the march, which plays into this much larger trend on tumblr of ignoring the existence of people of color who participate in more mainstream activism and in circles to the center of BLM and other leftist organizations. And while those circles do have huge problems with white feminism and racism in general, pretending like more centrist WOC don’t exist for the sake of making a point is counterproductive at best and actively douchey at worst.

Love me like you did (Part 1) // Calum Hood Imagine AU

-Calum’s P.O.V.-

Me and (YN) knew it wouldn’t work out. We had a long distance relationship and in the end, we broke up. I’ve been a wreck without her. I don’t feel complete without her anymore. Half of me isn’t there. I know it’s been nearly 8 months, but I just want her back. Go back to how things were. I just wish I tried more harder. I know (YN) did but I couldn’t. Maybe it was the fact that me and the guys were touring and recording songs for the album, it out a strain on the relationship.

I just want to love her like I did before. Before me and her broke up. Before everything went down and we had to break up. I let out a sigh, looking back at the photos of me and (YN). I loved everything about her, especially her eyes. I could stare at them all day if I wanted too.

“How you feeling?” I looked up and saw Michael, who sat down next to me.

“Still feel like crap. I wanted to make it work with her, I really did. We done it when we done ROWYSO tour so why not this tour?” I asked Michael. When we done our official tour for ROWYSO tour, me and (YN) were together, but when we done our new tour, SLFL, we broke up. Maybe she couldn’t cope with the pressure but I’m not sure.

“She spent more time with us, but when the tour finished we started to record the album, she seemed to be distant”

“I know! I noticed that too but I never thought nothing about it”

“We were busy with the album. You and (YN) didn’t really have time to be a couple. Even me, Luke and Ash knew that”

“Do you think there is that chance where me and her will get back together?” I had to ask Michael to see what he said about it. I want her to be mine again and for us to be how we used to be.

“I think there is. Why don’t you ask Luke and Ash?”

“Ask Luke and Ash what?” Me and Michael turned our heads to see Luke and Ashton walk into the living room.

“About Calum and (YN). Do you think they’ll get back together?” I looked down, not wanting to know their answer.

“There’s a chance that you and her might. I’m not saying that you guys won’t”

“Yeah, I agree with Ashton on this. I bet you and her will, just got to give her time”

“I’ve given her enough time. It’s been 8 months now”

“Heartbreak takes time to heal, Cal” Ashton told me. I let out a sigh and nodded my head. In my heart, I know that I will get back together with her. Only time will tell.

-Your P.O.V.-

“C'mon, (YN). Let’s go and see them!” I heard my friend tell me, making me shake my head.

“I don’t want to go and see them, (YFN). Its been 8 months since I last saw him”

“You and him need to talk and work things out. I don’t want you to say here any longer. I know you tweet how much you miss him. Even the fans miss you and him being together. Just kiss and make up” she told me, making me roll my eyes. It’s not going to be that simple.

“It isn’t that simple”

“If course it is. Walk up to Calum, tell him how much you miss him. Then, kiss him and then you both go back to the hotel where he makes love to you” (YFN) said like it was as simple as that. Yep, not going to happen.

“That won’t happen”

“It will. Now, come on and get dressed. We’re gonna go and see them” she told me, before throwing a pair of skinny jeans and a 5SOS T-shirt to me.

“Now, get dressed. We’ve got 15 minutes until we leave” (YFN) told me before leaving my bedroom for me to get dressed. This is going to be something good to tell my children in the future, me and your dad broke up, due to his tour. My friend forced me to go and see them. Then, me and your dad fell back in love again…wow, I really do miss Calum. I let out a sigh before getting dressed. I put my converse shoes on before walking out my bedroom.

“Ready to go?”

“Not really no” I mumbled as she raised an eyebrow at me.

“Oh c'mon, (YN) it’ll be alright” we both walked out before getting into her car.

“Oh and one more thing…you might hate me for this”

“What’s that?”

“I got a backstage pass to see them…sorry”

“What? I don’t want to see him yet”

“Tough luck, (YN), your gonna see him” with that, we drove off to the venue to where they were playing.