i wish there was an hd video tho :s

Okay, so I know it’s kind of late for this kind of thing lmao but here’s some pointers for the stream:

  • Wear headphones.
  • If certain people get to loud you can mute them! This will only mute them for yourself, but everyone else can still hear them if they wish!
  • Turn your quality on the stream settings from LD to HD for improved quality.
  • Please do not click the screen or the icon of the “remote”. This just causes interference in the video. (i dont really know why its there i’ll be honest)
  • You might be asked when trying to enter to “get permission from streamer” because the room is locked for an invite. (I’m not sure why the room is locked for some people, because I set it to unlocked, but whatever.) Just click for an invite and I’ll let you in immediately. :3

hope any of you guys can make it! <3