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Today, is the day that our Handsome, Donation Angel, Gummy Bear Leader Bang Yongguk🌠 is turning 28. Lets make #BBANGDAY trend world wide the whole day. He is an amazing rolemodel for the younger fans and he is an amazing leader, friend and brother.💚

He has come a long way from the days as Jepp Blackman to being one of the Idol Producer with most copyrighted song. I mean I don’t know if I prefer the Red head killer❤️ or the mysterious curly boy from Wake me up🖤

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m listening to his voice or a whale… No I’m kidding😂 but seriously his voice is HEAVEN! And that’s what makes him stand out among rappers, because his voice is so unique and his lyrics have such a deeper meaning than what we think.🎶

I think all BABYz can agree that it was hard for the other members to promote Skydive without their leader, and in my eyes they look so much happier now because Yongguk is back.🌙

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I am so happy to see Yongguk smiling and healthy again.⭐️ 

“Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.”🎹🖤 These words are ones to live by

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So lets make #BBANGDAY trend everywhere, FaceBook Twitter Tumblr anywhere! Lets make this memorable birthday for our leader💚

So Angel Leader Tigger Shishimato Ramen-loving Bang Yongguk Happy birthday, and lets wish for another 1004 years more.

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Simple Truth Spell

Just as the title suggests, this is a very simple spell to garner truth from the one who conceals it. This is very straightforward and requires few ingredients, though if you wish to delve deeper and put forth a bit more work, I recommend appealing to Rahab, who can find truth in any matter or a Pomba Gira Cigana.


  • Salt
  • White Fabric
  • An envelope (or bottle)
  • Solomon Seal Root
  • Violet Stems


Take your white fabric and cut it into a shape vaguely resembling a tongue and mark thereon the above symbol. While performing the following, proceed chanting the following incantation:

Through the mirror I see –
Through the cloud I see –
Through the mask I see –
Speak it.

Place half of the violet stems horizontally upon the symbol side of the tongue and the root atop the stems, then roll the tongue into a “scroll.” Tie it up and place it into a small envelope that has been primed with powdered Solomon Seal and violet stems as well as enough salt to cover the scroll once within. Allow this to “marinate” for 3 days, as which time retrieve the “scroll” and wear it about the neck as a visible charm. Use the remaining powder to dust the tracks of he/she you wish to be honest with you. 

The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.2

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Part T W O 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 2.5k+

AN: yay, next part! im hoping to make this series as intriguing as possible, so please do bear with me! i know it’s starting pretty slow, but i wanna develop this story well enough for your lovely minds! please do get it at 100 notes please, as it delays the quickness of releasing parts xx please enjoy this one ! 

Parts: one, twothree, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

I M A G I N E 


“Y/N!” You felt defeated, listening as Savannah exclaimed words to you at the lick of 8 A.M. The two of you resided in the library, as first period was typically a literacy hour for seniors. The library was like Belle’s fairy tale, the entirety of it coming straight out of Beast’s castle. The entire library was circular, with 2 floors worth of dark oak shelves of books. In the center of it all, first floor, resided the desk where the librarians sat with boredom. There were students already ornate inside, keeping quite with several works of literature sprawled along the rectangular desks provided. 

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◦ pairing: reader x jungkook

◦ rating: pg

◦ word count: <1k

◦ request: could you do a fluffy jungkook scenario where the reader and him both secretly like each other, and one night they have to share a bed due to the lack of space? no smut please just fluff ^_^

◦ a/n: I have too many requests to make everything a full length fic and I need to get better at drabbles so here is a subpar attempt at it (even though it turned into not a drabble? xD)

m a s t e r l i s t

“I’ll sleep on the floor,” he offered, scratching the back of his head with discomfort. You were his guest, and there was no way he could let you drive in this snowstorm. There was already at least a foot piled up outside, blanketing the entire town in a heavy white softness. It was a quiet world outside, subdued by the overwhelming amount of snowflakes pouring from the sky. Your car was positively stuck in the driveway and there wasn’t a chance in hell that anyone would be out to shovel anything any time soon.

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Mystery Valentine

based on this post

Marinette was completely expecting to spend Valentine’s Day alone, but things change when a secret admirer with a love of puns leaves her a mysterious box. [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four]

[Read on Ao3]

Chapter One

The door to the bakery seemed heavier than usual as Marinette grimly headed out for school on a particularly cold morning. Marinette glanced briefly at the paper hearts decorating the bakery windows. She had cut each valentine by hand, alternating between dreaming about Adrien, and cursing this lovey dovey season with each cut of the scissors. She didn’t always hate Valentine’s Day, she didn’t particularly hate it now, but the season of love could be quite discouraging when you were hopelessly crushing on your unobtainable classmate.

               Marinette was so consumed by her nonexistent love life that she didn’t notice the box sitting just outside the bakery door. Which was rather unfortunate because Marinette probably would have tripped over it even if she had seen it. And trip she did. She fell with a huff on the cold sidewalk, cursing whatever had caused her spill and gently checking that the sleeping kwami in her purse was okay. Marinette turned as she picked herself up and let out a squeak of surprise. The culprit of her fall was a large, once beautifully wrapped box. Thanks to her clumsiness the gold bow was now a sad pile of ribbon and the pink polka-dot wrapping paper was completely torn on one side.

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Perfect (Jimin x reader)

Genre : smut, body worship, slight dom/sub
Plot : When you tried to get intimate, he panicked and flew away. This time you want to know the truth.

Reader POV

Me and Jimin have been dating for four months now, everything was perfect except one thing… everytime i tried to get more intimate with him, he ran away, like literally. Is it me ? It can’t be, he tells me all the time how gorgeous I am and how my body looks so perfect. I know he’s attracted to me, I could feel it multiple times against my leg, or when I brushed it with my hand. I tried everything, waiting for him in sexy lingerie, going out of the shower with only a towel on, leaving the door open when I change, bending down as far as I could to pick up an object, even dancing sexily in the living room. But nothing, he always watched me for a minute and then go with a small smile. What if he’s asexual ? No he would have told me.
I’m getting tired of it, tonight I won’t give him the choice. I texted him saying I really wanted to see him quickly because I had a surprise for him. I knew he can’t resist me when i send a cute selfie so he said yes. I wore a long black silk bathrobe with a black lacy bra and matching thong underneath. I knew it was his favorite.
I finally heard the door unlocking.
- Hey baby, he said with a smile.
- I missed you so much… I whispered, biting my lip.
- So where is my surprise ?
He was so innocent it was actually cute.
- Just follow me.
I lead him to the bedroom while swaying my hips seductively.
- Sit on the bed baby. I said with a confidence I didn’t know I had.
He sat obediently, still looking at me with wide doe eyes. I straddled and began kissing him softly, he seemed surprised at first but responded to my kiss nonetheless. I started licking on his bottom lip demanding entry, he opened his mouth so our tongues could dance together. The kiss got heated, I reached out to take off his sweater but he stopped me.
- Jimin what’s the problem ? Do you not desire me ?
- Y/N it has nothing to do with you I swear…
- Then what is it ? I have the right to know.
He started fidgeting, clearly uncomfortable. I sat next to him and waited for his answer.
- It’s complicated….
- Go ahead Jimin.
He looked at me, his eyes were wet and his lips quivered.
- If’s just… you’re perfect and I’m just me. I don’t have abs anymore, my thighs aren’t as muscular as they used to be and I lost some arms too. Also I’m not that well endowed down there… everytime i look at you I feel like I don’t deserve to touch you. I knew you would be disappointed.
I was speechless, I never imagined he had such thoughts… my Jimin was still so insecure, it made my heart ached. I sat down next to him and took his hands in mine.
- Listen to me Park Jimin. You are beautiful, everything about you is perfect. I don’t care if you don’t have abs, or thighs or whatever. I’m not going to love you less. And i love because of who you are inside. I love how you’re so caring and compassionate, how you always put yourself second. I love how dedicated to your career you are, how much effort you put into everything you start . I love how you always ask how I feel, how you’re always there for me. There’s so much things I love about you, I could write a book.
He was blushing furiously now, trying to hide it with his sweater paws.
- Don’t hide yourself love… let me take care of you okay ?
He slightly nodded his head. I slowly pushed him backwards so that he could lay on the bed.
- See those lips ? They’re gorgeous, so kissable …
I said before biting his lower lip. He moaned softly. I continue licking his lips and sucking on them while sneaking my hand underneath his shirt. His skin was so soft, I could feel him tremble under my touch. I began pinching his nipple, he closed his eyes arching his back. So sensitive.
- The sweater needs to go, I want to see all of you.
- I’m not sure…
- Jimin, trust me okay.
I kissed his jaw, his neck while taking off his sweater. I took the time to look at him.
- You’re so beautiful Jiminie, your skin is so soft and pure. You have no idea how hot you are.
He blushed at my comment, trying to cover his body. I pushed his arms away and continue sucking on his neck leaving purple marks.
- Now everyone will know you’re mine.
I went down to his chest and started sucking on his nipples, making him moan loudly. I continued playing with them, loving how they hardened against my tongue. Now they were all erect and red from my ministrations. I loved how Jimin looked right now, his eyes closed and mouth slightly open, looking so inviting.
I licked his torso and cute tummy, altering between kisses and love bites. All mine.
When I arrived at his waistband I looked at him asking for permission. His eyes but dark filled with lust.
- Yes Y/N do whatever you want, I’m yours. He said breathing heavily.
I took off jeans, leaving him in his white underwear, he looked so innocent like this.
I could see a patch of pre cum on his boxer, I gave it a lick palming it through the thin layer of cotton. He shuddered.
- More please give me more. He asked in a whine.
- As you wish my baby.
I sled his boxer down his legs and let his member sprang free.
- See, all of you is gorgeous, I love your little cock, so hard for me.
I took it my hand, feeling how hot he was. I passed my thumb on the tip spreading the pre cum around it. He threw his head back, biting his lips.
- Don’t restrain yourself, I want to hear you.
I continued stoking him while kissing his inner thigh.
- Please I want your mouth. He begged.
- What do you mean honey, be precise.
- Put me in your mouth please.
I slowly licked the tip, his breathing started to quicken. I took the head in my mouth, savoring the taste of pre cum. I traced the big vein of his shaft with my tongue, loving the high pitch sounds I get from Jimin. I took him all in my mouth, beginning slow movements bobbing my head up and down. He groaned and whined thrusting his hips forward. I accelerated my pace, while gently grabbing his balls. I could feel his member throb against my tongue, he was going to cum soon. I stopped and stood up, opening my silk bathrobe to reveal the black lacy lingerie. He looked at me his eyes wide open.
- I can’t wait to have you inside me…
I took off my thong and positioned myself on top of him, his member at my entrance. I could feel my pussy adjust to his size slowly taking him whole.
- How do you feel baby ? Do you like the feeling of my walls squeezing your dick ?
- Yes yes I love it Y/N, move please !
I began bouncing up and down on his cock, loving his grunts and moans. I decided to change the position and went on all four, giving him a sexy off the shoulder look.
- Come fuck me Jiminie. I said while biting my lips.
He hesitated a bit before placing himself behind me. I could feel the tip brushed my pussy lips, I was so wet. Finally he entered me. His movements were slow like he was afraid he would break me.
- Come on Jimin, be rough let go I won’t break.
He started fucking me at an erratic pace. I let out a loud moan when he hit my g spot right on.
- You fuck me so good baby, harder please !
- I love you Y/N so much. He said between moans.
I went on my back and opened my legs for him, inviting him to come between them.
In one thrust he was inside, not even waiting for me to adjust anymore. We were both moaning and panting chasing our orgasms.
I could feel his member twitching inside of me, he was close.
- Baby don’t cum until I say you can okay ?
- Yes. I’ll try.
He kept hitting my sweet spot, I could feel my pussy tighten around him, a few more thrusts and I came with a loud moan.
He kept fucking though making me tremble from overstimulation. I knew he was containing himself for me so I went on my knees and took him inside my mouth, I sucked and licked, he looked so fucked out it was beautiful. A few more flicks of my tongue and he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his cum before giving him a sweet kiss.
- See baby, you’re perfect. No need to be shy anymore okay ?
- Okay Y/N thank you. He said with a smile.
We stayed in bed cuddling with each other and fell asleep, his arms around my waist and his head in the crook of my neck.

Aries —
you remind me so much of my mother. it’s too late for me to free her, but not too late to free you. I’ll take good care of you; keep the flames your spirit is made of alive, fan them high, high, higher. you’re worth so much more than other people measure, worth so much more than you’re willing to sell yourself for. I’ll show you your colors seen through my eyes, if you’ll let me.

Taurus —
you’re going to break my heart, and I’m going to let you. I wish I could find it in me to regret it, to stop it all before it happens, but by god, I cannot. you’re so far from perfect it’s ridiculous, and somehow all these flaws make you all the more radiant; you burn bright, white-hot and kind like springtime sun, and I’ll sing hallelujah when you’ll char me down to dust and ashes.

Gemini —
I wish you’d spend less time turning yourself into what the world wants to see. you aren’t a canvas for others to draw stickmen onto; you’re so much more, deep down where you haven’t let anyone mar you. I guess I just wonder what made you hate yourself so much you forgot you’ve got the hanging gardens swinging from your lungs with every breath you take.

Cancer —
i’m sorry I can’t keep the promise I made you. we won’t get to grow old together, won’t get to raise our children across the hall from eachother, won’t get to hold hands all the way into our old age. I’ll come have coffee on your balcony, though, if you’ll have me; and I hope that all the wrinkles on your face will be from laughing. I hope life will be as kind to you as you were to me.

Leo —
I wish your mother had taught you how to love. maybe then neither of us would have such shaky, clumsy hands; maybe you’d be able to read my eyes, the vivid space between my words. a world thrives there, a kingdom of ash and ruin and so much life, a kingdom built on my heart. I wish so badly you’d see it; but you’re blind to all of it, so blind, and it’s killing me inside.

Virgo —
maybe it’s unfair of me to say this, but you were the only good thing in my life; still are. you were so beautiful, so kind. the whole of Eden was lodged between your lungs, and I had found my solace, there, in the soil underneath your ribs. you never kissed me like the world was ending; you always kissed me like we were deathless, infinite, and that was your only lie. you became the earth’s bride, and it hurt so much, so much, to be the one who lead you to the altar. I miss you.

Libra —
surprisingly, I don’t hate you. maybe I would’ve, if we were both entirely different people; you fucked up my entire life, but I don’t hate you, no. you just disgust me, so much my whole body shakes with it and I want to vomit my heart and brains out. and yet, I find myself pitying you – you’re nothing but a small man who didn’t know what to do with his mouth and hands, who barely had enough room for himself inside his heart. don’t ever say my name again, and maybe I’ll forgive you, if only just a little, for what you’ve done to me.

Scorpio —
you and I are so alike, it’s frightening. please be at ease, if you were ever concerned; I will not repeat your mistakes. I will not let myself be walked all over, and I will put myself first. you drowned out the world and sunk yourself in the process, found salvation at the bottom of the bottle. I will save myself by shattering the glass, not choking on it.

Sagittarius —
I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you wanted me to. I’m sorry I will never be able to. I’m sorry you have to take what you can, all because that’s the best I’m able to offer. I’m sorry I’m your whole world, because I’m dead on my feet and all I carry around are hopes like stars in the sky and milennia’s worth of hurt – both distant, both bad for your heart. I’m sorry, so sorry, for having made a graveyard out of you when I have no desire to bury myself in it.

Capricorn —
they’ve lied to you. it doesn’t get better, no matter how much you want it to or try to make it so. you are a battlefield, always will be, and as time goes on, the only thing that will change is the amount of blood on your hands and wounds carving you hollow, piece by piece, until you’ll barely be able to tell who’s looking back at you from behind the cracks in the mirror. hope is your only salvation, but we both know what hope is: placebo for the dying.

Aquarius —
you already have a vague idea of just how much you mean to me; you’ll never know the full extent of it, though, because not even I can quite tell the depths of the feeling. it’s alright; that’s not what we’re talking about today. today we’re talking about the life coiling in your belly, climbing up your esophagus, wrapping itself around your lungs. today we’re talking about what you are: a birther, a caregiver, a healer. please always remembers what your hands and mouth are meant for, as clumsy as they may often prove to be.

Pisces —
congratulations, idiot. you’re the living proof that even I can be wrong sometimes, and god, just how horribly wrong. you were such a good, kind boy when we first met – when the hell did you turn into this? I wasn’t even gone, and yet you still managed to turn yourself into almost everything I stand against before I’d even blinked. if there’s even one piece of who you used to be left roaming inside, if you care about me even just a little, then you’ll snap out of it, because I cannot bear watching you become a monster. this isn’t who you are. you are a free spirit, a kind spirit; a considerate person, a caring person, a bleeding heart. please, please snap out of it.

—  anecdotes for the signs, L. Schreiber
Crush - Chapter 2. Florist.

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: Thank you for support on the last chapter. Updates will be pretty quick as most of it is just editing on my behalf and finding the time to post it.

Tags: @iammarylastar @badassbaker @pathybo @mimigemrose @frecklefaceb @beltz2016 @ariwolff14

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AN: Hi! My contribution to May’s @meflashfanwork :)

Prompt: What Could Have Been

Pairing: Reyder, with a ton o’ angst and spoilers


He slammed her back against the wall, pushing their lips together again, roughly. Her fingers snaked through his hair as she opened her mouth, allowing him to explore, and pulling him impossibly closer all the while. Gods, this woman…

She broke the kiss, panting. “Reyes, wait,” she gasped, leaning her forehead against his and closing her eyes. “Promise me something.”

“For you? Anything.” He lifted her face so her blue eyes had to lock with his and pressed in another kiss, slow and tender. She leaned into him, to his every touch, for a moment before pushing back against his chest.

“No, stop that.” Her voice was breathless. She shoved a chunk of her silver hair out of her eyes to better glare at him.

“Stop what?” he asked, his chuckle snaking its way into his voice. He bent to kiss her neck, but she stopped him. Again.

“I’m being serious.” She placed both hands on either shoulder, holding him firmly farther back then he’d prefer.      

“Alright.” He nodded once, stepped closer despite her hands. “Name it. It’s yours.”

“Honesty.” He watched her swallow. “That’s all. Just…honesty.” Her eyes looked far away for a moment before returning back to him. “I’ve had enough people lying to me, including you, and I won’t do it anymore. Not in this galaxy.”

Guilt twisted in his stomach, hard and heavy, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. He licked his lips and pulled her close, bringing their foreheads together again. “I’ve only ever wanted to be honest with you. It’s just…complicated, love.”

“I get that.” She pressed a delicate kiss to his lips, shooting warmth through every fiber of his being. “Just, from here on out, please? That’s all I ask.”

He nodded. “Honesty. I can do that.”

Her answering grin was one of light, blinding and beautiful all at once. She kissed him fiercely, touching and tasting and pulling him flush against her every inch. Her hands moved over him, groping and shoving and lifting until he stood shirtless.

She would forgive him. She had to.

He closed the door to his bedroom behind them.

“What’s got you down, Vidal?” Umi’s voice was bland as she poured him another drink.

Dozens of glasses littered his space of the bar, where he now leaned heavily. He glanced up at her, eyes drooping. “Nothing of much consequence.” He threw the drink back and closed his eyes as warmth raced through him. He looked up at her with half-lidded eyes and held the glass out. Another, another, another.

“Sure it’s not.” She poured him the drink. It was late, by Kadara standards. At 5:45 in the morning, no one else loitered in Kralla’s song. Umi seemed to be taking advantage of the loneliness via conversation. “Is it the Pathfinder?”

He straightened and frowned at her, then swayed slightly with the effort. He’d been there for so long. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her brow perked up. “Do I have stupid written on my forehead?”


“So. Pathfinder it is then.”

He sighed and threw the drink back. “Yeah.”

Enabler that she was, she poured him another, this time leaning on the bar when she finished. “Did you fuck it up?”

His eyes stung, whether from the alcohol or the question, he couldn’t say. He swallowed the drink, still not enough, not yet, and pinched his eyes shut.

“Go on ahead,” she called out to her companions.

They silently acquiesced, vanishing into the light of the cave’s opening. Trix turned around, so surrounded by light he couldn’t make out her face; only the tense set of her body. She marched toward him, leaving the blinding white, and he wished he couldn’t see her now. She was trembling, lips fixed into a hard line. Ripples of energy pulsed over her skin making her appear almost like a mirage.

He’d never known such bright eyes could burn him so effortlessly.

“How could you?” she spat out.


“No!” Her shout echoed through the cave, causing his men to turn their way for a moment. “Don’t. Just…” She let out one mirthless chuckle and looked up at him, more helpless than he’d ever seen. “I asked you for one thing, Reyes. One. Thing.”

“I didn’t lie to you.”

She laughed again; full, throaty, and so different from anything he’d ever known from her. “A lie of omission is still a lie. And you knew – you knew – and you still didn’t tell me.” She shook her head, ran her fingers through her hair.

“I couldn’t know where you stood,” he bit out, “how you even felt about the Collective. I couldn’t take that risk. I have people to take care of.”

She scoffed, though it came out almost a sob. She stuck her tongue into her lower lip and looked up at him, limbs finally relaxed. Only when she took the last few steps forward, closing the gap between them, did he notice the dull shine of tears in her eyes.

“Fuck you.”

She turned from him without a second glance.

She wouldn’t forgive him. She couldn’t.

“Yeah.” He swallowed the lump in his throat and rubbed at the stinging in his eyes with his fist. “Yeah, I fucked it up.”


Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairing: Jensen x Singer!Reader

Words: 1.3k +

Warnings: RPF. Implied smut & just pure fluff, y’all. 

Disclaimer: No h8 towards Danneel. 

A/N: The idea of writing this came up to me when I went to pick up my mother at the airport. I saw this very sweet couple reuniting after what it seemed a long time. It was such a cute and adorable scene. This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad challenge. Hope y’all like. Please don’t forget to leave feedback? Love y’all. This is not beta’d so sorry if it has some typo’s.

Prompt Song: All I Want for Christmas

Summary: You’ve been dating Jensen for two years. After wrapping off Supernatural for the year, Jensen flies to LA to spend Christmas with you.  


Today wasn’t going to be boring or lonely. You were going to see him after weeks of really wanting and waiting to do so. He’s an actor and you’re a singer, he lives in Vancouver while you reside in Los Angeles. Having a long-distance relationship with Jensen Ackles wasn’t easy but damn was it worth it. Your friend Geneveive and her boyfriend Jared set up a blind date for you and Jensen. At first you were a bit skeptical about the situation, blind dates weren’t usually your thing and it turned out wasn’t Jensen’s either.

Both of you had a blast that night and decided to go out for a second one. Aside from his good looks, what drew you in were his charm and how humble he is for a well-known actor. Shortly after the second date, you and Jensen would see each other every time he had a break from filming and it stayed that way.

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anonymous asked:

Yeah like I've been indifferent just cause I didn't love the song and I've been too wrapped up in Harry but first solo performances are tough and Liam's been out the game for close to two years at this point. I think his look and vibe has made him a bit of a joke which really blows. I see a lot of digs at his changing accent and his wannabe urban thing but I think he's just going through a weird phase and is a bit lost and I wish people would cut him some more slack. It's a tough time.

I would be happy to see Liam drop a lot of the extra stuff and just be the Liam we knew him as before. Like maybe that wasn’t ever really him, but to me it seemed a bit more genuine? Like was silly and rambly sometimes and not super great at dancing but liked to have a good time, Super dorky and white brit boy, and always smiling. He was dressing like this two years ago??

like the whole “payne chain”, timbs-wearing, Kanye get-up just seems a bit much? (yes - I get the irony here since I stan The Most Extra lmao) But yeah idk I miss 1D Liam, but ultimately I hope he just does whatever makes him happy and whatever makes him feel like himself. If that’s the payne chain look then so be it, but I think maybe it’s gonna take him a little while to figure it out. 

Golden Hair // Kylo x Reader AU

Summary: The girl with golden hair, captured at birth from her parents, the king and queen’s lives remains missing. Raised by Mother Gothel, an old hag, uses the golden tresses that contain a certain magic to keep her ageless. The girl remains unware of the situation, in her eyes, her mother being the one care in the world. She has been shielded from the outside world for eighteen years precisely. However, her world gets flipped upside down on her eighteenth birthday when a stranger enters her hideaway…

As the title suggests, this is a Rapunzel AU with Kylo as Eugene/Flynn Rider and the reader as Rapunzel. This will be a multiple part imagine, so please bear with me. I’m sorry I haven’t been active recently, school and work has gotten the best of me lol. But, I’ll be on here on and off throughout the days, so trying to catch me will be hard hehe. Anyway, about the imagine I had to elimate some parts of the actual story because this imagine would get too long and tedious to read. I plan on making this imagine about two to three parts long, so uploads will be quite requested I presume haha.  Enjoy the imagine!

The two brawny men towered over the more petite, yet muscular dark haired thief. As they crept through the inner streets of the kingdom, they ducked at the sight of every guard. Wanted posters of the three men’s faces were nailed to every tree nearby as the raven locked man rolled his eyes. Ripping a poster off a tree, he points to the distinct facial feature that basically protrudes off the paper. “Five years of theft and they still can’t get my nose right!” he scoffs as he wrinkles the paper up in his calloused hands, shoving it in his depleted leather satchel.

Grabbing him by the shirt collar, one of the ginger haired men spits, “Who cares about the damn nose. Keep yourself focused on what we came here for. The lost princess’ crown!” As he lets his collar go, he slaps the back of his head, the raven locked man wincing.

As the two gingers walk away, Kylo whispers profanities under his breath about how stupid the two were. The Hux twins hired Kylo because they both knew he was the best as his job. The poor boy had a complicated past, affecting him in the present day that inspired him to take up a lifestyle of thievery. His life consisted of running away from the castle guards and constantly moving living spaces. Kylo believed that being a thief would bring a sense of excitement to his life, but it only brought regret and longing for a new beginning.

Climbing onto the kingdom’s rooves, the view is unlike anything Kylo has seen before. The ocean was a shimmering sapphire as the sun’s golden rays beamed down, causing the waves to seem as if they were on fire. The lush green grass waved as the summer breeze flew through his hair. “Wow, I could get used to a view like this,” he breathes out, folding his arms.

“Nice try, buddy. Let’s go,” Armitage grabs his collar, dragging him away once more.

Running around the confined area, you scurry to clean up the last remanence of your daily routine of painting, flowing gold hair trailing behind you. You covered up your mural of the dream you’ve had since a child. The floating lights. What you would do to see those floating lights. And that was your mother’s greatest fear.

A little back story on the golden girl. Your birth. The kingdom rejoiced when you were born, you being the daughter, the first born child, of the king and queen. Now, your birth was a risky thing, it had the potential to kill the queen due to her falling very ill before your birth. But, there was legend of a magic flower birthed from the sun that had the power to cure the sick and heal the wounded. The kingdom was torn apart until this magic flower was found. Once it was, it was taken immediately to the queen to be ingested to heal not only her, but you, the child. When you were born, you were a beautiful baby girl, with gorgeous golden hair that harvested the power of the flower. Many were unaware of that notion, except Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knew the magic of the flower and used its power to make her look youthful again. When the flower was taken from her grasp, she knew she had to get it back if she wanted to remain youthful. A few nights after you were born, she snuck into the castle and attempted to snip your golden locks to gain back the power. Instead, the golden tousles turned a deep brown, its magic gone. The only way to repossess the magic was to kidnap the child. And so she did.

The kingdom went on a mad search for you, tearing down the entire land to find the princess. But there was no luck. Years went by and with every birthday, they sent floating lanterns up into the sky in hopes that one day their princess would return.

You were unaware of the entirety of the situation, believing that this was your life since birth.

“(Y/N)!” you heard her melodic voice call. “Let down your hair!”

Looking at your shoulder, your pet chameleon tenses and changes colors to match your lavender dress. You giggle, glancing out the window to see your mother draped in her black velvet cloak, the August sun beaming down on her ringlets. “Coming, Mother!” you call down before throwing your tresses down as she grips onto them, you mustering up all your strength to pull her up safely into the tower.

As she climbs in, you mentally prepare your speech to her in your head about why she should let you see the floating lights. “How are you, my flower? Were you alright while I was gone? Anyone come to bother you?” she interrogates you as you shake your head no. “Good. Glad to hear it.”

Breathing out, you speak, “Mother, did you forget?” She turns around and furrows her eyebrows. “Today is my birthday.”

Processing what you spoke, she bursts out laughing. “Oh darling, I distinctly remember your birthday was last year!”

“That’s the funny thing about birthdays,” you bite your lip. “They’re kind of an annual thing…” you trail off as she brushes her hair in the mirror. “Anyway, for my birthday this year, I was wondering…”

“Darling, I can’t do anything anymore. Your mummy is feeling a little worn out,” she speaks over you as your subconscious tells you to just say it.

Sighing, you blurt, “I want to see the floating lights!” You immediately notice your mother’s figure tense as you regret saying that.

As she turns to face you, she chuckles. “The what?”

You walk towards the mural you completed just minutes before. Tearing down the curtain, you reveal your masterpiece that is decorated with a navy blue sky and speckled with golden circles of light. “For years, I’ve been tracking down the floating lights. Every year on my birthday they appear and only on my birthday,” you explain as she watches with a slightly concerned face. “I can only feel as if they are made for me.”

The two of you stare at each other before she says, “No. I won’t have it.”

You feared she would say this. “Mother, I’m eighteen now. I can handle the outside world,” you plead.

“The outside is dangerous and will exploit your powers beyond your imagination. That is final and the absolute end of this conversation,” your mother says as you groan.

Hoping down from the platform, you follow her across the room. “Please, just for me. Just for today!” you plead for her as she rejects all of them. “Why won’t you just trust me that I can handle myself?!”

“(Y/N), you are never leaving this tower! Ever!” your mother screams at you as you were taken aback. You gulp and slowly retract your failing hands behind your back, biting your lip timidly now. This is not the reaction wanted from your mother on your birthday- the most anticipated day of the year for you. “Great, now I’m the bad guy,” she rubs her temples, flopping into an armchair.

The two of you sit in silence for a little while longer; you could cut the tension with a knife. You play with the little lavender lace on the corset of your dress, fingering the fabric to seem as meek as possible. Looking up shyly to meet your mother’s gaze, you timidly speak, “Mother? You know what I really want for my birthday?” She looks up, still looking annoyed. “That white paint you made from the shells from the beach?”

Sighing, she speaks, “That was a four day trip, two there and two back.”

“I know, but it’s something I really want,” you bite your lip as she sighs, giving in to your pleads.

For the next few minutes, you help her pack a bag for her journey as well as some fresh clothes. Sending her down from the tower, you wish her luck on the journey. “Be safe, Mom!” you call.

She smiles from below. “I love you, my flower!”

“I love you more,” you smile.

“I love you most,” she teases as you giggle. “I’ll be back in four days time.”

Sitting alone with Pascal, you become completely bored, pacing around your room performing mindless task. If only there was something, someone, you could talk to.

Running through the brush with Dumb #1 and Dumb #2, Kylo’s breath is uneven. “The palace guards are on our tail,” Kylo looks back to see a whole squad of red suits on dashing white steads. “If we don’t pick up speed, they’re sure to gain on us even more so.”

The two burly guys look around until there is a huge stonewall blocking the further pathway. “Alright King Kong, lift me up and I’ll pull you guys up after,” Kylo says as the two gingers look at each other.

“What about the crown?” Armitage acknowledges the satchel that Kylo carries with a prized possession.

“I’ll take it. Once I get up there, I’ll get it to you guys,” Kylo explains as he hears the neighs of horses not too far behind. “Come on, let’s go!”

Pulling up his more athletic figure, Kylo is pushed above the stone wall by Armitage and Mitaka. Once he gets to the top, Kylo brushes himself off as he straightens himself. “Now, let us up!” one of them calls.

“Sorry, boys,” he waves the crown in his hand. “I have some cash to redeem.“

Running off, he hears the boys screaming after him and the clattering hooves on the grass floor of the forest. The screams of the palace guards echo off of the trees as the thief slyly makes his way around every obstacle thrown at him. As they get closer and closer to him, Kylo is pressed for time. However, from the corner of his eye he sees a moss covered clearing that we conceal him from the guards. Quickly, he dashes in there as the guards run past him.

He exhales a sigh of relief. Turning around, a huge stone tower about fifty feet tall towers behind him. Lush green grass surrounded the area with a clear pond off center. He knew he had to act fast or his life would be in danger.

What could possibly go wrong?

Received my commission by @tomowowowo and @boomchickfanfiction today and I couldn’t be happier. or sadder. or any more overcome with stupid misplaced paternal feelings and the desire to curl up in a corner somewhere and rock myself back and forth silently wishing things had turned out differently

Give the pieces some love!

Thanks girls for your hard work! I love the pic and fic both so much; you’ve made an old man very happy indeed. :)

Sephiroth was unmoving. He sat in the simple white bed, shirtless but not chilled, and did nothing. The clock above the door marked the passage of time. He tried to breathe at the right pace to match his heartbeat to its ticking. There was no reason not to. He had nothing else to do.

He couldn’t match his heart or the clock to the IV drip hooked up to his left arm. He’d tried to explain to the medical staff that it was unnecessary. Even if his body was still recalibrating after the burns it had taken, it was more than capable of fixing itself without external input. He had been summarily ignored, and had given up on reasoning with the stony­faced staff. They were under orders, it seemed. And once the Shinra machine was in motion, it was rarely stopped by reason.

So now he sat frozen by ‘bedrest’ orders in the mind­numbing dullness of the medical wing. He could hear the soft, meaningless music playing down the hall, piped through speakers in an effort to make the wing ‘comfortable’ to visitors. Somewhere nearby, someone had turned on their room’s television, letting Shinra propaganda spew into the air. To Sephiroth, it was a distant hum of meaningless noise.

Sephiroth listened to the clock instead, and focused on timing his heartbeat. His burned thigh was healing with what felt with small pops, as if his body was slowly boiling itself back into place. The pain had been engaging enough for a while, but he was bored of it now.

He would not be receiving visitors. Angeal and Genesis were long gone. They would never again bother him with their concerns for his health. Zack would have come if he had known, but Sephiroth did not care to enlighten him. He was content alone. He had to be.

And then the rhythm or his clock and his heartbeat and his loneliness was broken as the door opened and someone scoffed.

“Well,” Hojo said in lieu of greeting. “You’ve made a fine mess of yourself.”

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a long walk to a dark house - part fourteen

title: a long walk to a dark house

author: @freakintveit

beta: @acciomoondew

artist: @thisisanotherhunter

overall word count: 45k

rating: pg-13

warnings: self harm, abusive relationship, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, itp (disease), depression, iron deficiency anemia (disease)

summary: dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. he has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. but when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. love.

author’s notes: I’ve been working on this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally done, I’d like to thank my lovely beta, Lisa, and my amazing artist, Dani. Dani’s art can be found here. I’m eternally grateful for both of their hard work on this, and without them, I wouldn’t be posting this today. Enjoy!

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being a korean-american trans guy

..is hard. i don’t know anyone else like me, closest being schuyler bailar. and then that’s it.
when i scroll through the “trans” or “transgender” or “ftm” tags, all i see are…well passing white guys. which is ok, i’m happy for all of you, but i guess i just wish there were more people who, ya know, look like me.

i’m pre-everything and i’ve been researching how much i’ll change on t, but since most people talking about it are white people with long faces who are an ok height and already have a pretty androgynous or masculine face, i’m worried even if i take t i won’t pass due to my small, round korean face.

i don’t even see many asian trans people at all-and the ones i do find are usually mtf. again, so happy for you, i just feel so lonely.

i don’t know anyone who really understands my struggle with parents who come from a conservative country, raised in a society with very strict gender roles and ideologies. that’s kinda changing with kpop i think, thank goodness, but still, that’s only really affecting the current generation. my parents still have the very conservative views. and as a korean-american, family is so so so important-i’m scared that if i come out, i’ll lose my family.

anyways. that’s my struggle. no matter how masculine my clothes or how small my asian boobs are, i still am a 5 foot feminine looking korean. i can’t really relate to the white trans people i see everywhere. even when there are those posts that say “support trans poc!!” i still feel alone in this fight. and people will never believe i’m a guy.

writer mikleo/motivational sorey au

IT’S FINALLY DONE! well no that’s a lie cause this is just part 1 and i’d love to write many more parts but at least I FINISHED PART 1! This is a fic based on @shamingcows and @minoath au that they talked about on twitter and i just fell in love with it. I changed some tiny things but I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! <3

It was through a raging fit that Mikleo met the one who would become the most important person in his life.

There was a sickness that affected the most creative minds. Someone could catch it at any point of the day, but it was more common at late hours into the night, when mental defenses were lowered and the person would be tired from the day’s events. The symptoms would show themselves slowly; a mild headache; tense shoulders and neck muscles; hands that refused to work, no matter how anxious the mind would get —and it would get incredibly anxious. This sickness fed on creativity and will to live, and could transform the toughest of humans into a mere pile of crying meat on the floor.

The sickness’ name was ‘writer’s block’.

Mikleo had suffered from writer’s block many times in his life. It used to be more frequent when he was an amateur writer — he used to stay up until sunrise writing pages and pages just to end up deleting them all when his insecurities showed their ugly heads—, but that didn’t mean he didn’t suffer from it now. In fact, even if writer’s block struck him less often now, it usually hit him with an intensity that left him unable to function for weeks, making him sit at his desk and stare at the blinking cursor with the same fright someone would regard a massive spider.

He was trying to fight his way through one of the worst writer’s blocks to date when it happened. Mikleo felt his chest constrict as he reread everything he had been working on for the last three days and found nothing he liked. The words didn’t match up to the idea he had in his head; the ideas weren’t as clear, the imaginary was all wrong. His text was a jumble of dates, and names and places and Mikleo hated it, hated it, hated it—

In a fit, he smashed his closed fists on the keyboard of his laptop, making thousands of letters appear on his document. It felt really good so he did it again and again, smashing the keys with enough force to hurt the sides of his fists, watching as gibberish wrote itself on his word document.

But it wasn’t until he stopped punching his poor, abused laptop that he realized he had changed the radio station he had been listening to without meaning.

The classical music that had accompanied him throughout the night had been suddenly replaced by a warm, deep voice coming from his speakers. He heard nothing except its cadence at first; just the sound of it made Mikleo’s fists unclench, the half moons his nails had left in his palms clear on his pale skin. But then he heard the actual words, pure and sweet like a friend’s encouragement, and Mikleo stopped breathing for a second as he listened.

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“How shall I sum up my life? I think I have been particularly lucky… does that have something to do with faith also? I know my mother always used to say, ‘Good things aren’t supposed to just fall in your lap. God is very generous, but He expects you to do your part first.’ so you have to make that effort. But at the end of a bad time or a huge effort, I’ve always had - how shall I say it? - the prize at the end. My whole life shows that.”

“The greatest victory has been to be able to live with myself, to accept my shortcomings… I’m a long way from the human being I’d like to be. But I’ve decided I’m not so bad after all.”

“We all want to be loved, don’t we? Everyone looks for a way of finding love. It’s a constant search for affection in every walk of life.”

“If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had. Not the sadness, not my miscarriages or my father leaving home, but the joy of everything else. It will have been enough.”

“Love does not terrify me, but the going away of it does. I have been made terribly aware of how everything can be wrenched away from you and your life torn apart. If I had known very secure nights all my life, if I had never seen or felt the fear of being tortured or deported or blown up into a million pieces, then I would not fear it.”

“I know I have more sex appeal on the tip of my nose than many women in their entire bodies. It doesn’t stand out a mile, but it’s there.”

“Not to live for the day, that would be materialistic - but to treasure the day. I realize that most of us live on the skin, on the surface, without appreciating just how wonderful it is simply to be alive at all.”

“Pick the day. Enjoy it to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come… the past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present and I don’t want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”

”Love is action, it isn’t just talk, and it never was. We are born with the ability to love, yet we have to develop it like you would any other muscle.“

"‎I hope we will learn to love not only the faces that we see and know but also the ones we will never see or know.”

“Giving is living. If you ever stop wanting to give, there’s nothing more to live for.”

“The years go on, you see changes in yourself, but you’ve got to face that - everyone goes through it… either you have to face up to it and tell yourself you’re not going to be eighteen all your life, or be prepared for a terrible shock when you see the wrinkles and white hair. Getting older doesn’t frighten me, but I wish I didn’t have to because I like life a lot.”

Rest in Peace, AUDREY KATHLEEN RUSTON (May 4th, 1929 - January 20th, 1993 FOREVER)

“As the years go on, you see changes in yourself, but you’ve got to face that—everyone goes through it… Either you have to face up to it and tell yourself you’re not going to be eighteen all your life, or be prepared for a terrible shock when you see the wrinkles and white hair.

“[Getting old] doesn’t frighten me, but I wish I didn’t have to, because I like life a lot… You know, one would love to be younger, to have more time. Yet, there’s a big advantage to being older… It’s an excuse in a way to get rid of a lot of the tension you have when you are young… if I were twenty years old, I doubt I’d be able to say that so serenely since I’d have to get out and prove things to myself, make a living and still see the world.”

— Audrey Hepburn