i wish the hobbit was here already

10 Qs & As

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● Birthday: Dec. 2nd

● Gender: Cis-F

● Relationship status: Married to @john-cousland

● Favourite color: Brown

● Pets: A cat and a dog

● Wake up time: Always earlier than I wish

● Love or lust?: As a demi, always love!

● Favourite food: I’m randon, so it varies. Chesse, olive oil, tomatoes, basil, cress and mustard grains are sort of constant ingredients, though.

● Met a celebrity? No

● Last song listened to: Glosoli – Sigur Rös

● Tall or short: Hobbit (5’5”)

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Words: 3,222
Pairing: Thorin/Female!Reader
Based on these two imagines from imaginexhobbit 

You stared at the hobbit door, unsure of whether you were meant to be here or not. You had just been given the direction by the wizard, told the rough surroundings you were meant to follow, and then had relied on the locals to direct you once you reached the Shire. Bag’s End.. The Hobbit Hole.

You took another deep breath before lightly knocking.

“I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE DWARVES!” a voice shouted from the other side, but the door jerked open and you blinked in surprise. The man was a hobbit, and he seemed to be exasperated. “The party has been canceled. I don’t know what Gandalf told you-“ He paused, staring at you. “You are not a dwarf.”

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