i wish that's what i were doing today

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Santi.... You cute patoot how are you today? Did you see anything cool? I hope you're alright and get to have some hella good food! BTW, please tell us all a joke I love u bbkins

“aww shucks, im doing pretty good today. i actually remembered to eat (not a chili burger) and i finally made it out of texas, so thats something. i stopped in new orleans for today so thats cool. i didnt get to check it out much on my way to mexico. lots of cockroaches and mice and cool architecture. did you know you can just drink alcohol out in broad daylight here? i cant partake because my liver hates me, but god i wish that were me. im about to get some hella good beignets. i heard theyre bangin.

what do you get when you cross a t-rex and a chicken?

nothing but death.

(dont ask, fiona told me that one.)


Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Two):
  • "You can only be what you are."
  • "I am not a dumb bunny."
  • "Right. And that's not wet cement."
  • "Oh, for sure, we're a naturalist club!"
  • "These guys? They be naked."
  • "Does this make you uncomfortable? Because if so, there's no shame in calling it quits."
  • "Oh ho, pretty sneaky, slick!"
  • "But I have a friend at City Hall who might!"
  • "Clear my afternoon, I'm going out."
  • "It is possible, so we must be vigilant."
  • "What is being done to protect us?"
  • "That's all the time we have. No more questions."
  • "I'm so proud of you."
  • "You did just a super job."
  • "How did you know where to find us?"
  • "I don't have to be a lonely hunter anymore."
  • "Today I can hunt for tax exemptions."
  • "I'm gonna be an actuary!"
  • "Um... A what?"
  • "Oh, there you went, you little dickens!"
  • "I should get to role call. So, which way do I..."
  • "I was thirty seconds over!"
  • "You're a real hero."
  • "My mommy says she wishes you were dead."
  • "What do you think happened?"
  • "Oh now, wait a minute."
  • "I know whose car this is, we gotta go!"
  • "I was so proud."
  • "Deliver the oath."
  • "What did I do wrong, you guys?"
  • "Right now, they're just really scared. You're a hero to them. They trust you."
  • "I'm not... I'm not a hero. I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it."
  • "Don't give yourself so much credit."
  • "Alright, alright, enough. Shut it!"
  • "Who cares?"
  • "So, are all rabbits bad drivers or is it just you?"

so today in class we were talking about how design has changed over the years, like how a lot of stuff is purely digital now, and my prof was saying how he used to do a project where students had to design CD packaging but that he doesn’t do it anymore because so many people just stream music now and i just AHHHHHHHHHHHH i want to do that project!!!!!!! LET ME DO THE PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!

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i was watching these old interviews and stuff today and i got really sad because i just really miss their friendship and interactions. like, even if they're not really in love or were never together (which tbh i do think they were at some point but that's not the point), i just wish they'd be that close again. at the end of the day it breaks my heart to even think they're not as happy as they used to be and their friendship is what truly matters.