i wish that people would stop hating on her

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song prompt if you're feeling it: Can't Help Falling In Love for Supercorp

thank you so much for the prompt - i love this song! :D

Living with Kara Danvers is hard.

Lena doesn’t know how to deal with this. Last year she had roomed with Jess, and Jess had been a great roommate, orderly and no-nonsense; they had had an unspoken agreement never to be in each other’s way, and that was admirable in itself.

But Kara is everything Jess isn’t: messy, talkative, and so—so—friendly. She doesn’t care that Lena isn’t quite as open with her; as far as Kara is concerned, they’re good friends by now. Lena doesn’t discourage the idea, but she isn’t about to encourage it either.

(Kara doesn’t care about that either, of course.)

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I like how Milk made a #BlackLivesMatter post and some of her fans were like "no all lives matter!" so she made another post calling them out right away, without giving a shit if she would lose fans for it, but Valentina made one little comment months later and still won't stop the continued hate.

I love Milk because she practices what she preaches. She posts about how she believes Black Lives Matter and then she goes out into the world and proves it. Same with things like trans rights and caring for homeless people. You nearly always see her marching, protesting, and volunteering in her free time. I think that’s really fucking admirable and wish there could be more people like her in the community.

Three Empty Words. Part 2. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you guys for all the support for this fic.

Prompt – Peter tries to win (Y/N) back but there are complications along the way.

Warning – Angsty vibes that can cause anger and teenage rebellion.

Words – 1,461. 


Part 1.

Peter’s Point of View.

Regret is common feeling of despair over an event that has occurred in a person’s life and they wish they could take back their actions. Trust me when I say that I am very familiar with the feeling of regret. Everyday I am reminded that I am the reason why my Uncle Ben died. I could have done something to change the outcome, but yet I was a pawn in his death. I try coping with it on a daily basis, but every now and then I get a little emotional thinking about what could have been. 

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Wrestlers Are People Too

Okay, so this is going to be a post of my personal thoughts and opinions on some things I’ve been seeing lately. This is probably going to upset a few people, and if I lose followers over it, so be it. I want to get it all off my chest. I don’t usually get involved in stuff like this. I usually keep my personal opinions to myself, I write fics and reblog photos and gifs and that’s it. I don’t like drama, and I avoid it when I can. But there are a few things that I just can’t bite my tongue about anymore.

Many of you probably saw Chris Brookes’ posts on Twitter today and he has a point. I think a lot of fans forget that wrestlers are actual people. Yes, they are public figures. Yes, they put on shows for fans each and every night. And Yes they are in the public eye. But I think we sometimes forget that there’s an actual human being behind those faces and characters we see in the ring each and every night.

There’s a person behind the face you see on TV or in a ring. A person who has feelings. A person who deserves the right to their privacy just like you or I or anyone else. I think people sometimes think that because they are in the public eye they are fair game. They’re not. If you see something that is private, don’t share it. Don’t spread it. How would you like it if personal things whether it’s pictures, phone numbers, addresses, or whatever it may be, got spread all over the internet for the entire world to see? You probably wouldn’t like it very much. These guys don’t like it either.

These guys (and girls for that matter) sacrifice more than a lot of people even realize. Yes, they are living their dreams. Yes, some of them get paid good money for what they do? But what people don’t see is the other side to it. The days, weeks, months spent away from their families. The mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of these performers who don’t see their son or daughter or brother or sister for weeks and sometimes months. You don’t see the wives who don’t see their husbands for weeks on end because he is on the road putting food on the table. You don’t see the wives left at home to raise the kids while the husband is off wrestling a string of shows. People don’t think about the kids that don’t get to have their dad tuck them in every night because he is thousands of miles away wrestling. You don’t see the birthdays, anniversaries, and other moments these performers miss.

These guys wrestle multiple times a week, putting their body through things a lot of us can’t even imagine. They have money to buy a nice house, but because their schedules are so crazy they are never home, so what’s the point? They’re expected to show up at work if they’re sore or tired or sick. There’s no sick days unless you’re in a hospital bed. Even if they get a day off from in ring action they’re calling into a radio station for an interview or going to some kind of appearance. They eat, work out, drive for hours to the next city, wrestle a match, shower, go to bed, and then wake up and do it all over again the next day.

Not to mention the fact that privacy goes out the window. I personally know people in the wrestling industry. I’ve seen the lack of privacy first hand. They can’t go anywhere without getting stopped at least twice by a fan for a picture or an autograph. They can’t go out to a bar for drinks with their buddies without some stranger coming up and asking for a picture. They can’t go to a restaurant without noticing several cell phones trying to low key take pictures of them only to post them on social media saying they were in the same restaurant as so and so. They can’t have a dinner with their wife and kids because people are constantly interrupting. The thing that upsets me the most is 9/10 people don’t even have the courtesy to ask. They just assume that the wrestler is going to take the picture with them. I get it. I know it’s cool when you see a celebrity or a wrestler out somewhere in public. And it’s okay to ask for a picture. I’m not saying you can’t ask for a picture or an autograph. But try saying “Please.” Remember to say “Thank You.” Manners go a long way with stuff like this.

The other thing I’ve seen a lot of is hate on significant others of wrestlers. Along with wrestlers being people, their wives are too. One person, in particular, I’ve seen getting a lot of hate is Renee Young. If you don’t like Renee because you don’t think she’s a good interviewer or you don’t agree with something she says, that’s one thing. I can respect your opinion. You have the right to disagree or dislike someone. You don’t have the right to send them hateful messages.  If you send hate or create a hate blog about her just because you’re jealous of the fact that she’s married to Dean Ambrose and you aren’t…I can’t respect that. How would you like it if you had people sending you messages saying they wished you were dead? Probably wouldn’t feel good, would it? We need to stop with this sending of hate. It’s NOT okay!! And it’s not just Renee. She is one of many people that this happens to. I’ve seen it happen to Seth Rollins’ girlfriend. I’ve seen it happen to AJ Style’s wife. I’ve seen it happen to Roman Reigns’ wife. Sami Zayn’s wife. Baron Corbin’s wife. Whoever it may be. If you are one of these people sending them hate because you’re jealous of their relationship or their marriage. JUST STOP! Okay?

These men and women that you are sending messages to and talking about on your blogs are human beings. Just like you. Just like me. It’s about time we start treating them like it.

Shit Naruto fandom says Part 1

“SasuSaku is abusive”

Antis: Whoever supports SasuSaku, supports abuse.

Me: Whoever supports Naruto, supports abuse.


Remember this scene? After Gaara crippled Lee, he went to poor defenseless Lee, who was hospitalized and unconscious, to try a kill him…

He admitted it over, over and over again that he was trying to kill him.

He even threatened those who tried to save him… SasuSaku aren’t the only ones abusive. QUICK! Some dedicated a blog called Anti Gaara! This guy is abusive! I mean, he can’t possible redeem himself right? He is on a different level of abuse. He almost succeeded in killing Sakura and tried to kill Naruto. 

So… why isn’t this considered abuse? Why aren’t there 15 million post about how ABUSIVE Gaara is? How could you like a character that have all the qualities you HATE in SasuSaku? Why aren’t you CONDEMNING this abuse you oh-so claim to hate?


The match was over yet Neji was INTENT into KILLING Hinata. It took 4 JOUNINS to stop him or else he would have killed her. We all know Hinata spat out blood and her life was almost in danger because of Neji. Even when the chunnin exam came, she had a hard time to recover from him. He is such a scumbag. Yet I see a lot of people wish someone else died in his steady like? Why? Aren’t you anti-SasuSaku “Anti-abuse”?

“Sakura is abusive! She hits Naruto”

First of all, it’s called poor representation of a character. Studio Pierrot are adding so many filler moments of Sakura hitting Naruto just for the giggles. I heard that it’s less than 5 in the manga and to bring evidence, I’ll go read the manga to bring out each moment so until then, you can take this with a grain of salt.

BUT what’s fact is it’s meant to be “comic relief” considering Naruto doesn’t have any “bruise” 5 seconds later. It’s fine if you don’t like it. Just say so or just admit the fact that Sakura is stronger than Naruto. 

“Naruto wouldn’t hit a woma- ” Kaguya is a woman yet he wrecked her and punched her to another dimension.

Kushina, Temari (filler), Ino, you would find them doing the whole punching person because it’s meant to be funny.

This trope have been around in other animes too.

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Even in shows like Icarly where Sam picks on Freddie

“If the roles were reversed-”

You get Ichigo kicking Rukia 

And Kasamatsu kicking Kise (Kuroko no basket)

If the roles were reverse in Naruto you get freaking Uchiha Itachi. 

He massacred an entire clan (with Obito’s help) from people as young as KIDS to people as OLD as elders and decided to torture his 6 year old brother to boot! Freaking six years old! He wasn’t even an adult, he was a young, ignorant, innocent child and he caught him up in it. Sasuke wasn’t even prepared yet he put images of him killing everyone on loop after loop, after loop at the age of 6. Infested hatred in his heart and choked him…. and Itachi gets what? He gets called a “LEGEND” by the fandom despite the abuse he puts everyone through. For the greater good? This wasn’t meant to be comedy but serious yet he is a legend in people’s eyes while Sakura is abusive (even though it’s intentions were comedy unlike this one?)

This is called sexism and discrimination. 


What we got? “THIS IS FRIENDSHIP!” “I SHIP THEM!” like sweetheart, this ship is no better than the SasuSaku you claim to hate. Heck, it’s actual worse because Sasuke have punched a hole through Naruto chest and actually uttered the words of wanting to kill Naruto many times before. Something he have yet to say to Sakura in specific.

Yet it’s a free pass.

At this point, what do you antis consider ABUSE? It’s only abuse when it’s convenient and not abuse when it’s convenient. In conclusion, you guys are full of shit. Stop painting Sasuke as an abuser when your “legend” made him into THAT and fucked him up mentally.

You guys are willing to justify Gaara, Itachi, Neji, Akatsuki, etc whenever you have the chance but the moment SasuSaku in discussion, you all turn into hypocrites claiming how this ship disgust you. Sasuke is a missing nin, just like your Akatsuki, Sasuke became a bad guy, just like your Akatsuki, Sasuke tried to start his own revolution, just like your Akatsuki….

Do you guys feel “disgusted” by Pein when he killed Konoha shinobi? Destoryed Konoha? When Sasori killed the strongest Kazekage? When Deidara killed Gaara? Or is Sasuke different? HOW DIFFERENT IS HE? 

The Akatsuki were good guys turned bad just like Sasuke. The Akatsuki had horrible childhood just like Sasuke, The Akatsuki tried to destroy Konoha JUST LIKE SASUKE, 

Oh wait! You guys actual realized it’s a fucking FICTION! CONGRATS! Now all you need to do is also realize that SasuSaku is part of the same fiction you love.

Honestly, the Naruto fandom redeem who they want to redeem and slander who they want to slander. You know what? It takes REAL talent to make an Anti-Sasuke make a pro-Sasuke post and a pro-Gaara, Neji, Itachi to make Anti claims against them. That’s how full of bullshit this fandom is. You guys deserve an award for being one the worst fandom. Shit, kids have more brains cells than this fandom. I’m so done with them.

“Stay” - Jace Wayland

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: Some teenage girls are being mean to Jace’s Korean female friend (who has a crush on him) in a racial way, and saying they don’t know how Jace can be with her, and how he would react.

(Y/N) had been transfered to the New York Institute a couple of months ago. With the return of Valentine, the Clave needed all the shadowhunters they could get in the city, and (Y/N) was one of the best.
Her first weeks at the Institute had been successful, (Y/N) got along with her new partners almost immediately. The girls had welcomed her the best way they could and the boys – who weren’t as excited to have a new member on their team, started to be friendly to her once (Y/N) had proven that she could be trusted and had shown them her very good hunting skills during her first mission. Even Alec – who was known for being grumpy to most stangers, was really nice to her. But what (Y/N) couldn’t stop thinking about was when Jace had complimented her on her shadowhunter skills. He had called her clever, brave and strong, and (Y/N) had tried so hard not to blush when she heard these words come out of the blonde’s mouth – even if it was obvious for everyone else that (Y/N) had a crush on Jace.

But these last few days hadn’t been as great as the first ones for the young Korean shadowhunter. A new group of shadowhunter girls had also been transfered to the New York Institute and, although the three girls had arrived only a week ago, (Y/N) could already tell that they were no near as nice as Clary and Isabelle. They were the kind of girls who would look at you the wrong way to make sure you knew they didn’t like you, and who would giggle everytime Jace was walking nearby to get the boy’s attention.
“He is so hot.” (Y/N) had heard then say about Jace a few times. But that’s not was pissed (Y/N) off, not the fact that those three were flirting with the boy she liked before he could have a chance to walk away. But their racist comments about her was the reason why (Y/N) had been feeling so down and angry lately.

One morning, Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Clary were sent on a mission to get informations about Valentine’s latest plan, and (Y/N) had been told to stay behind in the Institute in case a demon attack needed to be taken care of. So, while her friends were out, (Y/N) was keeping herself busy in the armory, sorting out the weapons and making sure they were in perfect conditions.
“Look who is here.” A voice echoed in the room. (Y/n) rolled her eyes and turned around to face the three girls. “Our little Korean friend.”
“Go find some demons to kill, will you?” (Y/N) spat.
She wanted the girls to stay away from her but they didn’t walk away, they just let out a ridiculous giggle.
“Where are your friends? Did they finally realised that you were nothing but a useless bitch?” One of the girls said, smirking.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” (Y/N) clenched her jaw.
“Do what?”
“Call me a bitch in a room full of deadly weapons.” (Y/N) spat as she tried to control herself in vain.
“What are you gonna do? Cut your veins open?” The three girls giggled once more as if they were proud of their response.
(Y/N) wanted to tell the three teenage girls that it was their veins she might cut open, but when she opened her mouth to speak, one of the girls spoke first.
“Maybe you should, actually. That will be a brilliant idea. It’s not like anyone cares about you here, especially not Jace Wayland.” She declared.
(Y/n) gritted her teeth when she heard the girl mentioned Jace. And she didn’t have anything to say to the girls as she suddenly felt very self-conscious about Jace not caring about her.
“What? You really thought you had a chance with him?” The girl laughed. “Come on, he only hangs out with you because he pities you. Everybody knows it.”
“Shut up.” (Y/N) said through gritted teeth.
“No need to be so defensive. I’m just saying, who would want an ugly Korean bitch as a girlfriend? Or even as a friend for that matter.” The other girl stated. “Just go back to your country. We’ll all be so delighted to see you go, Jace included.” The second girl added.
“You’re a shame to the Clave.” The last girl declared.
“Enough!” An angry voice shouted.
The three girls jumped out of surprise and turned around to come face to face with Jace Wayland. (Y/N) didn’t say anything as she watched Jace’s hands turn into fists.
“Hey, Jace! My friends and I are gonna grab some breakfast, wanna come?” One of the girls said, moving closer to Jace to put her hand on his upper arm only for him to jerk her hand away.
“You three disgust me.” The blonde said, his voice filled with anger.
The new girls didn’t say anything after that and Jace led (Y/N) out of the armory and into his bedroom.

“How much of it did you hear?” (Y/N) finally spoke when the two of them were sat on the edge of the bed.
“Enough to want to punch them in the face.” Jace said.
The boy was seeking eye contact with his Korean friend, but she kept avoiding it.
“Hey. You know it’s not true, right? What they said about you, about me.” Jace declared.
“I guess.” (Y/N) mumbled, unsure.
“(Y/N).” Jace started. His voice was clamer now but he sounded deadly serious.
“It’s fine, Jace.” (Y/N) lied. “It’s not the first time people make racist comments towards me. It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not.” Jace paused. “(Y/N). Look at me.” He said as he placed his fingers on (Y/N)’s chin to lift her head up and finally meet her eyes.
“You are beautiful, inside and out. You are brave and caring. You have everything these girls back there wish to have.” The boy declared.
“I just wish people would stop hating on my origins to hurt me, because it works everytime.” (Y/N) confessed.
“They can think whatever they want, it’s their problem. It jujst makes them stupid and ignorant. Where you come from makes you who you are, and you should embrace that because you really are he most amazing girl I have ever met.” They boy declared, still staring into the girl’s eyes.
(Y/N) was really glad to hear Jace say those words, but she couldn’t stop thinking about what the girls had said to her about Jace not caring about (Y/N) and hanging out with her out of pity.
“Maybe I should just go back to my Institute. It looks like there are enough shadowhunters here anyway and I-”
(Y/N) couldn’t finish her sentence when Jace pressed his lips on hers. (Y/N) didn’t see that coming and her eyes widened in shock before her eyelids fell shut and she kissed him back.

Jace was the one to break the kiss and he looked into the depth of (Y/N)’s eyes, his hands still on her cheeks.
“God, I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” Jace murmured.
“You have?” (Y/N) asked, still a bit in shock.
“Yeah. And I should’ve done it a long time ago.”
“So, you do care about me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“I care about you so much it scares me. But I can’t let you go now, so please, stay.” The blonde male confessed.
(Y/N) had butterflies in her stomach by now and she couldn’t possibly use words to describe how she felt. Jace had kissed her and he had proved her that everything she heard from the girls today was no near the truth. Jace cared about her, he liked her for who she was and where she came from.
“(Y/N), stay.” Jace repeated as the young shadowhunter girl was lost in her thoughts.
Instead of speaking, she leaned in and kissed Jace, trying to put all the things she couldn’t say with words into the kiss.

She was going to stay. She was not gonna let a bunch of narrow-minded and mean-spirited people drive her away from her home, because this was her home. Home is not the place you’ve been in the longest, but home is where the people you love are. (Y/N) found friends here, a family even, but she had also found love, and nothing could make her leave that behind.
She chose to stay.

  • yall: we want an lgbtqa woc musician who is mentally ill!!! someone we can relate to!! who isnt offensive or rude!!! who writes and helps produce her own music !!! who we as the younger generation can look up to and admire!!
  • halsey: [is exactly that]
  • yall: ok :-// but she like white and problematic AF tho :-/// she said something fucked up like four years ago :-//// she was in a mental hospital lol how can she be a good celebrity :-//// her music sucks and shes rly ugly and a total slut :-/// all she sings about is sex w guys shes not bisexual she straight :-/////////// shes mainstream so i gotta hate on her
  • halsey: [deactivates her twitter to get away from all the hate she gets]
  • yall: lol triggered!!!! what a weak ass girl lol cant even handle thousands of people every day telling her to kill herself and that she's ugly and talentless lmao
  • halsey: [asks people to please stop sending her hate in the nicest and most civil way possible bc its seriously fucking up her up due to her mental illnesses]
  • yall: i still hate her lol me when i get anon hate who even is she some fuckin white bitch i wish she would kill herself


It’s okay I think to myself, this is fine. Of course he’s not early. He never was promptu before anyway, why would he be today?


Five minutes late means nothing.  I’ll just take a seat maybe. Order a hot chocolate.


Half an hour late isn’t that bad.


Maybe I’ll get a book out so I don’t look like a loser.


He’s still coming. He’s still coming. He’s still coming. I have been here a long time though…The baristas must be watching me. They’re probably laughing at me sitting here all alone.


Shut up no one’s paying attention to you. 


Maybe I’ll get some food so it looks like I’m here for a reason…


 “Hi, yes I would like a blueberry muffin please?” “Yes warmed.” “Okay thank you.”


That was actually quite good 


 “Are you okay?” 

Finally! Oh wait that’s not him. 

“Oh yeah I’m okay.” 

Wow that was quite an eyebrow raise. I wish I could do that. Okay stop looking at her eyebrows, she’s talking again.

“Are you sure? No one cries without a reason.”

Uhhhhh. “I just had… a really good muffin…..and I enjoyed it so much………….that I’m crying. With joy.”

I’m such an idiot. No one’s going to believe that excuse. Maybe she’ll get the picture and leave me alone. Oh. Nevermind. She’s pulling up a chair. Damn it.

I’m fine honestly.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Now what? 

Oh how I hate people. And awkward situations. And people. 

I wonder if it would be exceptionally rude to take my book out again…

“So are you going to tell me or what? You’ve been sitting here all day, I thought you’d be dying to talk to someone.” 

Damn it. So someone had noticed me waiting by myself all day…

“Oh shit. I’m so sorry I did not mean for you to start crying again.”  

“No, no it’s alright it’s not your fault.”

I mean it was actually kind of nice that this complete stranger come to my rescue after noticing I’ve been sitting here like a loser for the past 3 hours. 

Wait a minute…

“Not meaning to be rude or anything..but how long have you been sitting here? If you’ve noticed me here all day then surely you’ve been here all day too.”


Damn it! Now I’ve gone and made her feel awkward too! She’s even blushing! Wait hang on why is she blushing? 

“Haha, well see actually when I walked in I thought you were pretty cute which was awesome and then you got out Goblet of Fire and I thought that was SUPER awesome and I was attempting to psych myself up to talk to you but then realized it looked like you were waiting for someone…and yeah here I am. But you know I’m here to consul you now. Not get your number. So don’t worry about it.”

Huh this is a surprising turn of events. But altogether not a bad one. 

“You can still have my number if you want.” 

“…Are you sure! But what if whatshisface shows?”

“If he was going to come he would have. Besides, he doesn’t like Goblet of Fire.”

Hey no offense (full offense actually) I’d appreciate it if people would stop messaging me just to tell me how awful the sex scenes are and how the scene between Jamie and Geneva was so much hotter. I get it, you hate Cait and you wish Sam wasn’t in love with her and that they didn’t have such incredible chemistry and didn’t have to get naked together for the world to see but maybe stew in your negativity and misery on your own side of the fence. Thanks. 

In Defense of Mikasa Ackerman

Here, I’ll defend the best girl in SNK.

Reasons for being hated:  gets in the way of Ereri, annoying, emotionless, Levi clone, Mary-Sue

Gets in the way of Ereri

What the actual fuck?! You hate her because she gets in the way of some pedo ship that’s got a 0% chance of happening right now? I know it’s not pediophilia anymore since Eren is above the age of 18, but that doesn’t stop me from not shipping it. Anyways, hating ANY character over your stupid ships is dumb as hell and it’s basically hating a developed character for no reason! I’m not against shipping in general, I just hate ship wars.


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^This. I really wish people would stop calling her annoying. It’s fine to hate a character that’s annoying, but I don’t think she’s annoying at all. And if you’re gonna bash her on MY BLOG, or any other characters, then you can gtfo unless you wanna be blocked.


There are other characters that are loved for being emotionless. Why not her? Besides, she knows the world around her is cruel. That’s why she’s emotionless. But she has shown a few emotions at times, especially around Eren.

Levi Clone

I know she and Levi are similar, but unlike Levi, she’s not a clean freak. And Levi, unlike her, isn’t obsessed with Eren almost 24/7. And they weren’t even childhood friends, to begin with. That’s one reason why I don’t ship Ereri and prefer EreMika or Eremin.

Mary Sue

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Seriously? She’s not really a Mary Sue. She used to be a cheery child up until her parents were murdered and she was nearly sold for her exotic beauty. After that, she gained a cynical outlook on life and accepted the world she lives in a cruel. She also tends to be protective towards Eren, a bit TOO protective. Also, she’s very level-headed.

In conclusion, Mikasa isn’t all that bad of a character. There are WAY worse anime females than her.

And here’s another reason why I don’t hate her:

I mean, she’s pretty adorable, right?

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad to see that you're back again! You're one of my favorite Gaara blogs out there and one of the few that keep true to his character in such an amazing way. I was wondering if you were going to post back the previous headcannons you had posted along with the other drabbles? Though it's okay if you wont I was just wondering. Anyway, I hope you are having a great day!

Aw! This just means so much to me, thank you very much, you’re too sweet. 

Unfortunately, when I deleted this blog most of the headcanons and mini drabbles were purged along with it. Really the only thing that I have are most of the fic requests that I’ve done for people. That being said, I do remember a great deal of the head canons that I did have, just not all of them. Here’s a list of some of the ones that I had: 

1) Gaara likes to read - That’s why he speaks more “proper” than other characters, and has a larger vocabulary.

2) After his fight with Naruto, he went into his room and didn’t speak to anyone for weeks.

3) Gaara has terrible penmanship - because he has a lot to think about he doesn’t have time to make sure things are legible. However, if he were to compose a letter he would take his time resulting in a neater handwriting. 

4) Gaara reached out to Temari first, Kankuro second - Both of Gaara’s ties with his siblings were full of hurt, but Kankuro definitely got the brunt of it. Gaara would have extended a hand to Temari first before he was secure enough to apologize to Kankuro.

5) Gaara sometimes wish his hair wasn’t red - He feels that it makes him easier to pick out in a crowd.

6) Karura used to speak to Gaara when he was younger - I believe that Karura’s spirit would console her son, but then that was taken advantage of by Shukaku so it stopped.

7)  Gaara doesn’t hate sweets like most people think - He prefers them in very small quantities, but he doesn’t mind the odd treat. He’s just more of a dark chocolate type of guy rather than milk chocolate. 

8) Gaara disappears sometimes - No one knows where he goes, and no one can find him. This generally results in panic, until he shows up safe and sound a few hours later. 

9) In his youth, Gaara was consistently late - Because he didn’t care about other people, why would he care about their time? This later resolved itself when he got to be more social. 

10) Little bits of sand float in the air around him at all times - He isn’t even doing it, there will always just be sand gravitating around him and there’s nothing that can stop it. 

11) I did have a headcanon that Shukaku was only compatible with people who had the blood type AB, but that was debunked by Shukaku’s second last host.

12) Gaara does have a sense of humor - He doesn’t find jokes very funny, but he will let out small “hmphs” when something that amuses him happens. 

13) Gaara doesn’t like celebrating his birthday - At the very least, he prefers not to receive gifts. The perfect birthday to him would be to have a good old fashioned dinner with his fam. 

14) On the topic of gifts, Gaara is an excellent gift giver - He pays such close attention to everything, and he remembers it all too. If you mentioned to him once that you wanted a specific jacket, you’re likely to get it, even if it’s months until he would give it to you.

15) Gaara is self conscious about his physical appearance - It has nothing to do with body image, he just doesn’t like to show a lot of skin because it makes him feel vulnerable. Seeing someone else naked, or having someone see him naked, is a kind of intimacy that he wouldn’t know how to react to, and he would probably get really awkward and anxious.

I’m sure there were like thousands of more, but those are the ones that I remember for right now, so I’m very sorry. I do have more head canons that weren’t part of the original list, more just things I wrote in response to people that I could probably conjure up if I thought hard about it. Hope this helps.  

Before I go (Bucky x Reader)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7


Summary: After years of fighting with illness, Reader decides to take her life into her own hands.

Warnings: Swearing, talking about death and illness

One second is enough to fell in love, one second is enough to find your match, but it’s also enough to lose your best friend.
She was finally at rest, but it felt like she hasn’t left, not just yet. You could swear that you felt her presence next to you. You would even catch yourself talking to her while you were alone. You were grieving, you were broken. 

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Siberia - Part Six

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Summary: Y/N wakes up in Bucky’s arms and makes an unfortunate decision.

Warnings: swearing

Word count: 1098

Main masterlist / Siberia masterlist

Previous part - Next part

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I woke up to fingers trailing down my arm. Still hazy with sleep, I snuggled deeper into Bucky’s arms, my hand clutching the soft fabric of his shirt. I opened my eyes, my vision blurry. Bucky was staring at me, his face bathed in sunlight, his eyes the clearest blue I had ever seen. It took my breath away.

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goddamn it I just wish people would fucking respect Jenna and stop erasing her completely from Tyler’s life. like Jesus fucking Christ I get why you ship Joshler but fuck would you please stop disrespecting Jenna???? Tyler and Jenna are married and they have been for a while so calm the fuck down and stop disregarding Jenna completely holy shit

onabalconyinsummerair  asked:

omg bless another person who doesn't hate on william, my dash is so full of hate it is so annoying. sigh. a lot of people just hated on william and now they get validation without even analyzing how they would feel or react when it would happen to them. Like, I saw a lot of ppl already giving him shit over not letting Noora explain at first that shit with niko but hello, how would you react if you thought your partner slept with your brother?? i'm so done with all the hate THEY WERE BOTH WRONG

they should’ve communicated then and they should’ve communicated now. like, so many problems in ALL of skam could be avoided if ppl just TALKED about stuff. sigh. i’m so tired. I’m just happy there are some people like you left :)

listen, that thing about him ghosting her in s2 was bad, i agree, but like first of all, you can bet nico did not tell him he had “raped” his girlfriend, he probably told him he seduced her and they slept together, and william is vulnerable to his brother, i mean this is the guy who made him feel like crap for years, who drove a car off a cliff with william and in their sister in it (killing her), william can’t help but feel specially vulnerable to his exploits and nico knew that and he USED it against him. i refuse to hold this against william when he didn’t know noora was blackout drunk when it happened. i mean, do you really expect someone like nico to tell him he’d taken advantage of his drunk girlfriend? yeah, didn’t think so

as for what’s happening right now, FUCKING HELL, how can people be so transparent. like, personally, i would be very hurt if someone i trusted and loved lied to me about the person that had manipulated me for years. i said it in the tags on that other post and i’ll say it again,  i 100% believe that william would’ve supported noora completely on her decision not to testify, but it was the lying about it that hurt him the most. and we know already that he way of dealing with heartbreak and hurt is to distance himself from the person who did it i.e. noora. now, her decision to leave without saying a word, while wrong, might be understandable. and the fact that neither of them have reached out to each other so far puts them BOTH in the wrong. it’s not just one or the other’s fault

anyway, i just wish people would stop putting noora on a pedestal and crucifying william when they both made mistakes and that’s what makes them human and that’s what makes skam so real and relatable. i’m tired of seeing hate for the sake of it. thank you for the message, i will keep defending william to the end bc i think that he shouldn’t be hated and crucified for making mistakes just like everyone else on this show.

Please Don’t Worry Part Three (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N (This is my first fic, so any suggestions are welcome!)

Warnings- Some swearing, self harm, mentions death of a loved one

Words- 1,295

You must have fallen asleep because when you open your eyes, Alex is sitting next to you on the bed, quietly talking to the other three, who are scattered across your room.

“You know, I wish I had hugged her more,” you say, basically whispering. “I’ve always hated hugs but you think I could’ve put that aside for my mom. I miss when I was younger and telling her that I loved her when I left for school in the morning. We always told each other, no matter how frustrated we were with each other. Every single morning. And yeah, I’m glad that it was the last thing I said to her, but if I had just stayed downstairs for two more minutes that night we could have talked about our day and I could have told her that I loved her one more time, and I will never stop hating myself for that.”

You rolled over onto your side, immediately wishing that you hadn’t said anything. You never thought you would share that with anyone, let alone four people at once, no matter how close you are to them. You just don’t talk about your mom with people because it just weirds everyone out and you get pity, and you hate it so much. But now you’re getting it from the people you thought you could escape it from. You ruined the one safe place in your life.

“We just don’t understand why. Why you starve yourself. Why you harm yourself,” John said hesitantly, breaking the silence.

“Why? Because I’m the one still here. I am such an awful person who doesn’t even want to be alive most of the time, but I’m still here. She loved life so much and things were finally going her way and she’s the one who’s gone. I hate it. I hate myself for still being here. I don’t deserve to be here,” you yelled, “Tell me why I’m still here!”

Alexander took you into his arms and rocked you gently, trying to calm you down, but you keep trying to push him away so he slides back to the other side of the bed. You try to calm yourself down but all of this is so overwhelming. You never thought it would be this bad but then it was all at once and you feel so angry. Not at them. At yourself for being so stupid, for letting them find out.

“I don’t remember the last night I haven’t cried,” you laugh bitterly, “Most of the time I barely make it through the day. Before I never cried. But now I cry at everything. Not to mention the anxiety. My hands are constantly shaking and I always feel like I’m going to puke, which is part of why I haven’t been eating. How did you guys want me to tell you that? There isn’t any way that I know of. You shouldn’t have ever found out, but you don’t give me any space. So I missed a few phone calls. I could have been sleeping. But you rushed home. I’m assuming you threw out my blades?”

“Why on earth wouldn’t we?” Hercules asked, returning the hostility that had crept into your voice by the time you finished talking, “So you can hurt yourself more?”

“It’s the only thing that calms me down. It doesn’t even hurt anymore!”

“And that’s supposed to make us feel better? That cutting yourself up, what, feels good to you? That’s better somehow?”

You began sobbing again as he yelled at you. You don’t even know why. This is stuff you had imagined someone doing the entire time you had been doing this to yourself. This was just that broken record repeating one more time.

“I don’t know!” you repeated over and over, rocking back and forth.

“Herc, calm down. You’re freaking her out, man,” John chided as he slid across the room to sit next to you on the bed, forcing you closer to Alexander. This time when Alex put his arm around you, you let him, and you tried to calm yourself down.

“I just feel so empty all the time. When I started, I finally felt something and it didn’t matter that it was pain. Pain is so much better than nothing. And I’m so tired but usually I can’t sleep, and when I do I’m even more tired when I wake up. It doesn’t matter what I do, I always feel the same,” you sighed. “I’m so tired of feeling like this.”

You take a minute to look at each of your friends, trying to figure out what they are thinking about. Worry was the most prominent expression. Herc had calmed down but he still looked kind of pissed. Laf was fiddling with a curl that had slipped out of his ponytail, unable to look at you. John was holding your hand, his brow furrowed in concentration, unusually quiet. And Alexander. You could tell he had something to say that he didn’t want to share with everyone.

“Hey,” you said hoarsely, “Can you guys give Alexander and I a few minutes? Please?”

“Of course,” replied John, squeezing your hand before getting up to leave behind the other two.

When all three of them were out, you shifted so you were facing Alexander and lightly kissed his cheek. He sighed and pulled you back against his chest, kissing the top of your head.

“I want nothing more than to make all of your pain go away. I wish you had told me when it first started so I could have helped before it reached this point. It’s my fault- I should have checked in on you more, I should have seen this coming. Oh god, it’s all my fault,” he gasped. “(Y/N), I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to always be there for you and I’m not. How could I leave you alone? I’m never leaving your si-”

“Hey, you are not putting this on yourself,” you interrupt. “This is my fault and no one else’s, okay? I did this. I’m the one who shut all of you out and I’m the one who starved myself and I’m the one who hurt myself. I would love to be around you more, but not if you are going to be feeling guilty for yourself the whole time. I am so sorry that you had to see this, but it is not your fault, do you hear me?” you asked, tilting his chin up and forcing him to look you in the eyes. Alex scanned your face, searching for a response. It was rare that you were this forceful, and he seemed taken aback.

“I’m sorry. You look so tired. I hear you completely, but before we talk anymore, do you want to try taking a nap? I can take the guys out for a bit if you want.”

“No. Stay here. I don’t want to be alone anymore. They look tired too. Have them come back in and we can all nap together, like little kids. That’s what I want.”

Alex left and came back with the other three, who started grabbing their own chair or piece of floor.

“What do you think you’re doing? I have this huge ass bed and I’m not letting it go unused. Get up here,” you commanded.

After quite a few confused looks, all five of you were laying on your bed. With your head on Alex’s chest, a hand in one of Laf’s, John and Herc somehow sharing the end of your bed, you begin to relax. You still have so much to talk about, but it can wait. For now, you drift off to sleep, the most at peace you have been in months. 

god!!! i don’t want this to be a negative place but i wish fans would stop being entitled and awful for five seconds! also i regularly feel like one of the only people in trc fandom who actually likes trc lmao. like if you hate the series and stief that much move tf on!!!! log off! get into something new! christ. don’t reblog this

See You Again -A Japril OneShot-

Jackson has had a big crush on April for years, but he’s done nothing more than admire her from afar. Until all that changes on a cold fall night after a football game, when he finds her crying in the parking lot. 

The mall isn’t the number one place I’d choose to be on a Saturday afternoon. But my best friend’s girlfriend dragged him here, and I happened to be in the back seat of the car when she did. So, here I am, sitting alone in the food court while Lexie drags Mark to every clothing store known to man.

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Taken Care Of

Request:  Can you do a female reader x Melanie Martinez where (y/n) is getting hate from melanie’s fans. Love your blog and don’t feel pressured to do so.

A/n: I honestly love Melanie, so I couldn’t turn down this request. Anyways, hope you guys like it xx

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secretlvtale  asked:

How would their parents react to their relationship if they were still around?

Oh… dear…

Well, honestly? Not very good. It may be because I am from a country that has made even consensual, adult incest illegal. and that I’ve grownup with a distaste to incest between real human beings, but all I could see is Cuphead and Mugman’s parents reacting very badly to this.

  • As mothers would be, Teacup would try and be understanding as possible– not happy with this found information about her boys, but they’re her babies, and she couldn’t just stop loving them over this… issue. 
  • Tea Kettle Jr. would be boiling upset, sickened at the fact his sons would do this to him.. more specifically, to themselves. He would be more angry at the fact he’s a bit disgusted at his boys, and would hate that because he never imagined he’d ever feel this way towards them– and he despises it.
  • There would be lots of crying– mainly from Mugman and Teacup, while Cuphead and Tea Kettle Jr. would fight a lot, arguing and trying to basically beat each other with malicious, vile, calculated words and insults; and then remorse, regret, Tea Kettle Jr. wanting to reach out to his boys and just try to understand, but his stubbornness prevents that– same for Cuphead, he wishes he could take it all back, but his need to rebel and the fact he can’t change his feelings for his little brother would stand in the way of making a truce.
  • Their mother would still try to keep the peace between the boys, still interacting with them and bringing them food and cups of tea or cocoa after a particular fight with their father– though there were times where she just couldn’t have patience anymore and would snap, pleading to them to just, stop, to just go back to being her little boys again. 

Now, I don’t want people hating Elder Kettle or the cupboys theoretical parents because of the honest and realistic reaction– This would be a common reaction, but either way, all three would love the boys no matter what, and whatever decision they’d make to do about this [or not] is out or merciful love, because they’d all know that the outside world, the world outside of their family won’t be very nice about this relationship between Cuphead and Mugman.

None of my headcanons would include any physical out lash about this, because it’s rather disgusting to me especially if it’s a consensual relationship [and it’s a fictional pairing so my feelings towards incest is vastly different than it is in real life]