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Eiffel Tower - George Weasley (Requested prompt)

Request: 21 & 23 in the prompt list for George Weasley?

21 & 23 involved:
‘I’m going to marry you someday’  and

‘I want kids someday’

I switched up the wording a bit but they still involve the same things!(:

“Okay love, so should we start with the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, or maybe we should go old school classic and head straight to the Eiffel Tower?” George fumbled over his French causing you to giggle loudly. You had planted yourself on the luxurious plush bed the moment you wandered into the elegant room and had been drinking in the mouthwatering view ever since. There was a perfect direction sighting of the Eiffel Tower from where you sat and you could see millions of tiny little shops and bakeries down below.   

The trip itself was unplanned. George and yourself had decided randomly out of the blue to pack your bags, leave a subtle note to Fred, and catch the first flight out to Paris, just for the hell of it.

Ever since you were a little girl, it had been your dream to visit Paris and soak in all the sights. George being the hopeless romantic he is, took you up on your childhood dream and talked you into leaving the shop to Fred and having a week to yourself. The only condition you set for George was no magic. You were in Paris, there was enough magic on one street-way to satisfy you for the rest of your life.

“Hm, well if you came over here and joined me we could check the last one off your list, handsome.” The world melted off your lips like hot butter. George chuckled and set his luggage down on the ground and untied his shoes soon joining you on the captivating mattress.

“Wow…” He gaped suddenly understanding what had you so entranced. “It’s beautiful.”
Nodding you shifted your body so you could rest your head comfortable on George’s chest. The sound of his steady heartbeat filled your ears and you knew if you laid there too long it would lull you to sleep.
“I know. I wish we could stay here forever.” George hummed in agreement lost for words. His long arm wound it’s way around your frame and pulled you snug against George’s side. Without warning his hands snaked to your cheek and drew his lips towards yours. He kissed you sweetly, like it was your first time. The sweet familiar taste of chocolate and strawberries touched your mouth. George smiled against your lips and pulled away pressing one last chaste kiss to your forehead.

“I mean we could. Move out of old London maybe build a shop over here, take some French lessons, start a family-”
“Woah there, Georgie. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. We’ve only been out of school for three years and the wedding is still half a year away. We don’t need to rush anything, babe.” You expressed.

It was true though. George had proposed to you four months ago and the wedding date was set for roughly a year out. It took him long enough. You two date almost all through your Hogwarts years and you were beginning to think after nine years of dating that was all George Weasley wanted, was to date. Then he caught you by surprise in the middle of a busy day at the shop and proposed to you in front of the whole lot of the Weasley family and all the customers. You did want kids of course but you also didn’t mind waiting another year or so until everything settled down.

“Darling, it’s not like we’re new to each other. I’ve spent nine long exhausting years of my life with you,” Sitting up straight you snatched a pillow from the bed top and whacked your finances side trying to suppress a giggle. “I’m joking, love.” Covering his face George laughed loudly. You set the pillow down on the side and eagerly waited for him to continue. George gave you a quick glance then went on.
“All I’m saying is from the moment I met you I knew you were the one. I’ve wanted a family with you since our first date at The Three Broomsticks when you split your butterbeer all over yourself. After that date I knew I was going to marry you. I definitely want kids someday with you. Now I’ll wait. I’ve waited for nine years, a few more won’t do me any harm, but I just wanted you to know in case you were wondering where I stood.” The room was chilly and almost comforting. The breeze blowing in from the open balcony door pushed back the silky drapes to a romantic rhyme.

Big brown eyes bored into your e/c ones as George searched your face for an answer. You shrugged nonchalantly and smiled.

“You’re too sweet, George. It’s not that I don’t want kids, because I do, I really do I just want to give them the best life possible and maybe wait until everything in our lives settle down a bit. Anyways, I suppose not all kids are little monsters.” You teased. George shook his head grinning like a fool.

“Oh sweetheart, our kids are gonna be trouble. I guess I’ll be getting my payback for all those years of pranking mum and dad.” George sighed covering his face with his hands.

“Yeah but you deserve it. Now enough talking about the future, we need to live in the now. I mean we’re in Paris!” You commented prying yourself from the bedtop and grabbing your yellow jacket from the dresser. George sat up in surprise and watched you idly glid around the room. You worked your arms into the coat and zipped it up fully.

“Darling, where are you off to?” George questioned in amusement. He watched you fondly as you threw your clothes around in set out to find your black lens sunglasses and jean shorts. Turning around, you wiggled into your shorts and tied your hair into a high ponytail, then reached out grabbing George’s hand and using all your strength to pull him off the bed.
“I’m going to go explore, love. Care to join me? I remember passing by a cute little cafe on the corner and I’m sort of hungry. Thought it might be a nice pit stop before we go rummage around the city, hm?” You expressed energetically. George finally gave in and stood by your side throwing his arm around your shoulder.

“So all of my ideas are shot down then?” Chatter could be heard from outside your hotel room. The city was full and alive, all you wanted was to join in on the action and get a taste of adventure. Soon the two of you would be back to the magic that was Diagon Alley and you wanted to get the full experience and act like a normal Muggle tourist.  
“Not all of them. We can go explore every site after we eat, I promise.” George scoffed jokingly and rolled his eyes.

“Okay, love. Whatever you say. But I swear to Merlin if I don’t get to see the Arc de Triomphe I’m blaming you! That’s on my bucket list and I’ve been dying to see that.” He complained. Laughing once more you stopped dead in your tracks causing George to bump into your back side. “Darling, what’s wrong? Do you-”
You cut him off quickly with a passionate kiss. His lips felt smooth and plump against you own and your hands found their way to his red locks tugging lightly. Caught off guard, George took a second to register the embrace before kissing you back and resting his hand on your waist to sturdey the two of you. You lips felt like puzzle pieces molding as one to come together. Everything felt right.

Pulling back you smirk looking at George,

“Now we need to kiss under the Eiffel Tower and then my bucket list will be complete.”

-Daizy xx

No Brand? No Problem

I’ve been asked both on and off this blog the same questions over and over again:

  1. How do I dress visual kei without access (financial or otherwise) to brand clothing?
  2. How do I dress visual kei with my body type? (Which in my case, is being a curvy/busty US size 12-14)

I put off making this post for a long time since I knew doing what I was planning on would take all day of me changing clothes, which it did. I put together 9 outfits so that I could show what kind of items I buy, where I buy them from, and how I coordinate them. I only wore clothes I purchased locally and that weren’t “splurge” items. 

My pictures aren’t very clear due to my camera being not awesome. I apologize in advanced. I hope you can still tell what I have going on. 

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Title: Five times Kageyama tries to confess and the one time that Hinata finally gets it 
Author: iwillstillopenthewindow
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio / Hinata Shouyou
Summary: And when he finally does, he doesn’t even have to say “I love you”.

If you are on mobile, please read here: [Archive of our Own]

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10399) Is it normal to be depressed when you see an outfit you can never wear?

I get excited for just a moment. In my head I think that is a really cute and amazing and something I really wanna make or buy but the excitement dose not last long when I realize that my body either does not fit or I would ruin the outfit. It is always a cute dress, a swimsuit and sometimes shoes. Even casual clothes. Which makes me feel even worse because a part of me really wished I could do it right for just a moment.

Little rant

If you get to see your boyfriend or girlfriend every day or even live in the same state as them but complain about being apart for a day or a week just stop. You have no hard it is to be apart from the one you love most in this world. You have no idea how blessed you are to be able to even see them as often as you do and to be able to hold them and kiss them whenever you want. You have no idea what it feels falling asleep every night cuddling a pillow or teddy bear wishing it was them. You have no idea what it’s like to not be able to be there on the worst days or to take them on dates or take their pain away. I would do anything to be able to see my girl every day or once every week or live an hour away. I would sell all my stuff to even be in the same state as her. If we had to switch place for one day you wouldn’t last a second in my shoes. And before you say “well you choose long distance, you choose to love someone far away when you could be with someone who loves closer” first off you can’t choose who you love. Second I would much rather love someone who lives farther away and actually be happy and in love and smile all the time rather than be with someone I see everyday who doesn’t get me and I have to force a smile around and act like everything is okay. I’d rather take the late night Skype calls and lonely nights wishing she was here and the moments I spend wishing she was by my side experiencing them with me rather than being with someone who lives close and holding their hand and still feeling empty inside or kissing them and not feeling a spark. I’m not saying your relationship isn’t hard because I don’t know your story but don’t come to me trying to make it seem your boyfriend or girlfriend being gone for a day it worse than me not being able to see mine.