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I can’t write sappy lovey things to save my life. I wish I could…

Sounds like Gondor calls for aid!

“So,” Cadance said, breaking protocol a bit as she smiled at the bride and bride with a smile Twilight had often associated with her sister-in-law and her brother. It wasn’t quite barely constrained glee, it was far more warmer and welcoming. Twilight smiled back nervously. “Which of you wants to go first?”

Twilight gulped and glanced at Luna, who seemed to be just as nervous as she was. Their eyes locked for a moment, and the crowds, the world around them melted away.

“I will,” they both said at once.

A peal of laughter rolled over the crowd, bringing a blush to both of their faces.

“Go on, Twilight,” Luna offered with a bow of her head.

“Right,” Twilight half said, half laughed nervously. “Right. Okay. Um.” Twilight could feel the panic rising up inside her. She took a deep breath and remember she was there with Luna, and everything would be fine. “Luna… I can’t say we met on the best terms, really–”

the was a bit of a laugh from the crowd again, and Luna blushed.

“–But, when I first saw you, with your sister, those years ago, I realized that you were someone who needed a friend…. I think it wasn’t until a year later that I got a chance to put those thoughts into action, but I remember how lonely you looked on that bridge that night. And how beautiful. It wasn’t that you were Luna, Princess of the Night, Mistress of the Moon, you were the moon, in all her glory, and it brought back all the times when I was a filly and I’d look up at the moon with my dad and…”

Twilight cut herself off, blushing.

“Sorry, I guess I’m rambling a bit, aren’t I? I don’t know if I fell for you then, Luna, but I know I cherished the friendship we started that night for a very long time, long before I think either of us realized our feelings ran a bit deeper than ‘just friends’. And I still do. I hope the girls can forgive me, but in a lot of ways, you’re my best friend… and I hope you’ll never be lonely on a bridge again.”

Luna took a deep breath, almost as if she was trying to dispel a bit of her nervousness too, but she smiled and Twilight saw nothing else.

“I’m not sure I can top that,” Luna commented, a bit of a playful smile covering around her lips. “But let it never be said that I was one for giving up.” The mare took another, deep breath, then continued: “Twilight Sparkle. I am a very old mare, I have seen nations rise, and I have seen them fall, I’ve know ponies great and small, and I can honestly say that I have rarely met a pony with such a keen mind, such a thirst for knowledge. And such a willingness to put others before herself. I knew from the day we met, all those years past in that castle, that there were few ponies worthy of the title “Princess”, and that I was in the presence of two of them. My sister, and you, my beloved. Certainly not I.“

Luna held up a hoof to forestall Twilight’s protests. "No, Twilight, I merely want you to know my thoughts. The actions of you and your friends may have freed me from my own hate and jealousy, but I feared at the time that I would be forever fallen. I was a mare out of time, and–as I’m sure your fellow Ponyvillians know, I struggled with that. My reintroduction to the world at large could have gone better. Yet, again, you were there. Offering a hoof to help me up, a kind word, a warm smile. Friendship.

“It was something I had long since forgotten, and long since forgotten I had ever had it.” Luna shook her head, then continued:. “You say you don’t know if that was when you fell for me, but there is no question in my heart that that is when I fell for you, Twilight Sparkle. I may have been free of her, but I wasn’t free of my own darkness, my own dark thoughts. But… bit by bit, piece by piece, you were there, and your friendship, your smile, your love–whether you knew it at the time or not, it chipped away at it.”

Luna paused and smiled–Twilight couldn’t help noticing her eyes were shimmering. “'and the stars will come to her aid.‘” Luna quoted, “You saved my, Twilight, not just from the darkness without, but from within. So long as you’re by my side, I can never be lonely again, and if you’ll have an old mare like me, I’d gladly be your Princess. I love you, Twilight.”

“I love you too, Luna,” Twilight whispered.

Holy carp, thank you! This was beautiful! I’m not leaking out of my eyeballs, I swear… 

If anyone else wants to give it a shot, please, go for it! 

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Please talk about girl direction as types of tumblr users? Like what kind of blogs they'd have, how they write in the tags, if they write in the bloody tags, how they respond to asks and friendly anons, how they respond to not so friendly anons etc...x

This has been sitting in my inbox because I didn’t realise you meant girl direction and I was very uninspired, hahah. Imagine my glee when I saw girl direction, suddenly. SOOOO.

Alright, Niall is predominantly a music and food blog. She never posts recipes, just pictures of food that look good to her and she wishes she could eat right in that second. She’s a bit of a music snob and can endlessly talk about how good the Eagles were, or how she wishes The Beatles would bring out another album if all of them were still alive, and she visits a lot of concerts. Niall is the one who has a very elaborate tagging system so she can find back her food and concerts very quickly, and she’s just very easy going - she has a few anons that she just chats with for fun, about nothing, and she never really gets unfriendly anons. When she does get one, on the offchance that it happens,  she laughs and shrugs it off - however, when one of the other girls get an angry anon, she’s always immediately ready to defend all of them. She doesn’t really talk in the tags. 

Harry is that aesthetic blog we all reblog from that she puts a lot of thought into, and then she suddenly reblogs a ton of shit posts and puns in between. She writes long personal things in the tags about what the pictures and posts remind her of, personal anecdotes, sometimes she’ll posts some lyrics she wrote without context. She never posts selfies, only candids someone else took. When she gets an anon that she doesn’t like, she gets very passive aggressive, but mostly just sticks to ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, please go bother someone else, yes?’. She doesn’t show it gets to her, but she’ll throw a hissy fit over it in private. When she gets anons that need help, she’ll be patient and loving and a support to them in the warmest way, and everyone loves her immediately. 

Louis posts anything she wants, tv gifsets, books (or fics) she likes, a lot about the band she is a fan of. It’s just a mess of all her interests. She would just drag her friends for the shit they said in the tags, especially Harry and her puns (’FUCK OFF, HARRY, I HATE THIS’) and she’d have constant commentary in the tags. She reblogs clothes she wants, people she finds hot, but mostly she just reblogs whenever Harry posts some candid someone took of her or when Zayn uploads a selfie, and then just cries about it in the tags (’why would you do this to me? I HATE YOU WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS THIS IS JUST UNFAIR’) and then posts an underwear selfie of her own as payback (which is when Harry dies). She roasts unfriendly anons with all that she has, she doesn’t have the patience to be diplomatic about it. When someone hurts her friends she’ll write long, angry posts about how everyone can fuck the hell off, but she’s unexpectedly kind to people that need the help. (unexpected to people that don’t know her, that is). 

Zayn is that blog that constantly posts her art and gets commissioned and she promises she will get to it soon, but then accidentally draws something else that she wanted to draw more, and then suddenly disappears from her blog for a while, only to come back with a masterpiece seemingly out of nowhere. She talks some bullshit in the tags all the time, and she loves posting mirror shots of her outfit because we all know how much pride Zayn takes in her clothes and aesthetic, so of course her blog will reflect that, and everyone will constantly lose their shit over it because this girl is not only talented but also hot as fuck (though secretly, whenever Zayn posts one, she just hopes Liam sees it). She loves people asking her about her art, and can talk about it for hours, and never responds to the unfriendly anons, but she thinks about it a lot (and then bitches about it to Louis in private, who will then make an angry post about it). 

Liam would be the one who constantly posts work outs she’s trying to complete, she reblogs Zayn’s art a lot, and there’s constant posts about how she just wants to be someone, a lot of personal post as well that are sometimes unfortunately worded, but everyone loves her anyway. When she gets angry anons, she tries to defend herself, but it never comes across right. She posts a lot of progress pictures of how her body is transforming thanks to her time in the gym, and it’s purely progress pictures for her, nothing else, but Zayn and Louis lose their minds over it on a frequent basis because HOLY SHIT, LIAM, HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR BODY? She posts a lot of pictures of her dogs as well and it’s always very clear what tv show she is obsessed with in that moment, because it will frequently pop up on her blog and then never come back again.  Finally, she always, always, always reblogs everything Zayn does when she pops back up online after a long time and she tries to be chill, but everyone sees right through her.

Stand by you (2x08 missing scene)

 This is set between Magnus’ scene with Jace & the party. Magnus deserves to be treated with respect and both he and Alec deserve to have their relationship spoken about with respect by Alec’s family.  Parabatai have it out and Malec are happy. 

Thank you so much to @ladymatt (it was a long edit session but you were an angel as always) and @blj2007 (i really appreciated your comments and support !!)

When Alec walked into the living room he was surprised to see Magnus standing at the drink cart tossing back a glass of whisky. When he’d seen him earlier he’d seemed so happy about how plans were going for Max’s party. But maybe one of the suppliers had been unreasonable, he didn’t really understand half of what went into planning one of these things.

“Well, I delivered the invitation to Mother and they’re coming. So that’s one less thing we need to worry about,” Alec said, coming to stand by Magnus, relieved that at least that meeting was over.

“Well Alec I must say I’m surprised, I felt sure she’d object,” Magnus paused as Alec’s face hardened, “she did object didn’t she, Alexander?”

“And I made it very clear that we care about Max and that whatever function was being held we would be attending together.” Alec paused and then grinned, “so she decided to accept your very generous offer to host it.”

“Why, Alexander, I wish I’d been there to see it!” Magnus said making no attempt to hide his glee at the prospect of Maryse being put in her place.

“It needed to be done.” Alec said simply, although his smile suggested he felt at least slightly triumphant about his success, “So, have you seen Jace? I said I’d tell him whether she was definitely coming. I think he needs a bit of time to prepare given he hasn’t seen her since she practically disowned him after everything happened with Valentine. I assume he’s still here, somewhere?”

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Laucy Thoughts - start to finish

Knowing Lauren and Lucy has dated and now no longer does is like watching a great movie with a sad ending. It’s like being satisfied knowing how great it was, how special it was, even if it didn’t end as much as you hope for - because you know it happens to people. Some couples don’t last, but that doesn’t mean what they have wasn’t real.

It was real, romantic even. But It has ended. It’s tragically beautiful.

(rant - a long ass post)

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Elixir Vitae

AU fanfic set around the time of IWTB.

A/N: Finally…..

Find previous chapters here: Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III / Chapter IV / Chapter V / Chapter VI / Chapter VII / Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Another movie night is in the making.

Two bowls of popcorn - a bigger one buttered and salted, a smaller one plain - sit on the coffee table, a copy of one of the Indiana Jones movies - I can’t remember which one - is popped into the DVD player, the logs are crackling in the fireplace, and I’m sitting on the sofa with a blanket on my lap waiting for Scully to join me.

I hear her hopping down the stairs and she greets me fondling my neck.

Oh yeah, keep doing that, Scully!

“Sorry for letting you wait,” she apologizes and makes herself comfortable on the other side of the sofa. Without asking or hesitating she puts her feet on my lap and I can’t keep myself from rejoicing over the fact that this has become the most natural thing for her. I pull the blanket over her feet and tuck them in.

“Ready to start?” I ask, handing her her bowl of popcorn.

“Sure,” she answers. “I love that movie.”

I’m startled by the remark. How does she know she loves it? Tonight is meant to be a relaxing fun evening for us, no therapy session, so I don’t inquire but grab the remote and start the movie.

It’s the third part, ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’, and she surprises me again when she says even before the opening credits appear on the screen, “you know, I love Sean Connery in this one.”

She remembers Connery in that movie, but not me in her life.

It hurts.

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I see the Flames (Lyria’s death fanfic)

Sorry this took longer than expected! But here is finally my take on Lyria’s death after EoS (obviously EoS spoilers. 

Sorry in advanced, I actually cried while listening to “the stone table” and writing the final moments. I hope you all like it!

Title: I see the Flames
Characters: Lyria, Maeve
Rating: PG13(blood but no smut)
Trigger warning(s): miscarriages, babies, pregnancy, depressing themes
Music to go along with it: Obliviate (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sountrack), The Stone Table (Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack).

                                                   I see the Flames

Golden, blue, and purple danced before her eyes in a weird dream like haze. Lyria had used almost all of her magic trying to fight off the mountain men, she could feel that starched dryness of the supernatural well. Or perhaps it was the fire they had set to Rowan’s and her’s precious cabin. Either way, it no longer mattered, her magic was gone. It was disconcerting, she had never had it drain before. She could no longer as easily feel the forest breathing around her, feel the roots beneath the floor, feel the whispers the flowers carried to her. All she could feel was her aching body, her tears burning her face as they hissed in the hot air.

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A Disturbing Day

I’m almost at a loss for words after the troll action today on IG. Almost but not quite. 😜It’s very disturbing to see these trolls in action. Seeing their accounts get deleted, seeing them create new accounts and escalate their harassment and then see them attacking those who are reporting them. They are harder to eliminate than a nest of snakes.

One of them appeared to create a new account, post 3 hateful comments then deleted her own account. The comments were there but the account was closed. Another posted a death wish this evening. I (and others) reported her and she is gone now.

The data lounge sock puppet reappeared under a new but similar name and spewed the same tired, old lies.

Marina617 went to her Twitter account asking for help reporting the person who has been actively calling her out on IG and was probably instrumental in getting her account closed. I mean if IG agreed her account was bullying how could they call the person who reported her a bully? She’s the lovely person who has had more than one con pic taken with Sam. SMH over that one. I don’t know how someone can be a Sam super fan and ridicule his girlfriend like she does.

Kim denying she is OL2013 takes the cake. Maybe she has her different accounts so compartmentalized in her mind that she forgot. Did she really think her name is Shipper McShipperson at that moment in time? It doesn’t matter because all her various accounts add up to an obsession with Sam and as she says in her bio she’ll ship it no matter what. She doesn’t have to spread the lie that Sam and Cait got married in Dec ‘15 to keep shipping however. That was done to provoke and she typed that comment with glee. What a sicko.

Another lovely account that has since been taken down called MM a whore and said her job for Sam involved performing a sex act on him. Another said neither Sam nor Mac were good enough for Cait 🙄and that Sam was a loser dating a loser! (She spelled it “looser”) It makes me laugh out loud to type that because it’s so childish and ridiculous. Is she proud of being a fan of a loser? I wish I had that pic of Sam at Baftas Scotland in 2015 when he didn’t win and had a photo taken with his hand making an L on his forehead!

Then there are the comments and posts accusing NSTs of being the hateful ones! JHRC is that one rich! Do any NSTs have IG accounts mocking anyone or shippers? Of course not. I blog about the hate accounts because they can’t be allowed to bully Mac with impunity. I call out Tumblr posts that spread misinformation but that is usually when an anon brings it to my attentions. I try to leave them alone.

I report the abusive comments on IG. It’s OK to police my own fandom. I’m not reporting shippers for shipping. I’m reporting and calling out the bullies and the liars. I’m not reporting anyone to MPC unless they make a specific MPC rule violation. So far I haven’t seen any and I hope other people leave MPC alone. The actors’ charities can’t scrutinize each donation, they are just happy to get the money to help children and others with cancer. WCC, WCCUSA, Bloodwise and MPC need to be left alone.

I consider myself a middling Outlander fan. I only have my personal IG and Twitter accounts and they don’t have anything Outlander in their names. I had my Twitter long before Outlander the tv show. I haven’t had my pic taken with Sam at a con and probably never will - that’s just not me. If I saw him on the street I would say hello but probably would not ask for a pic unless it was outside the stage door at a theatre where he was appearing. I’m currently reading a book that is not Outlander (I’ve read all 8 books plus the side books multiple times) and I have no trips to Scotland planned - not even the MPC Gathering even though I am a member. Events like that are just too big and cumbersome for me - too many people.

I say this because I understand many fans have a lot more emotionally invested in Sam and Cait and the show and books than I do and for much longer. Maybe they have too much invested if they can get so upset over Sam dating someone who is not Cait.

If Mac posting a photo that proves she is in SA sets you off so much that you have to rant about it on her account rather than on a closed FB group or Tumblr group then just maybe you are over invested.

If you have sock puppet accounts to enable you to troll you may be over invested.

If you get your jollies manipulating Mac’s IG posts in order to ridicule and bully her maybe you are over invested in Sam, Cait and/or Outlander and it’s time to find some balance in your life.

pervasivescariness  asked:

🌈- A memory about when they first fell in love :V

As the sun beamed down on a cloudless, windless day, Kazunari wiped the sweat from his face as he leaned against his naginata, one end jammed into the ground to give him a makeshift resting spot. The Xaela gazed out over the fields stretching before him, watching the small number of workers wander between the various flooded pens of rice.

Kaz had found his way here a few weeks ago, forging his way across the Ruby sea, away from Doma, trying to find somewhere to settle… at least for a short while. It had been a few years since his village had burned… since his friends had fallen to Garlean swords, since his father had disappeared, and since Kaz had fled with naginata in hand. Exhausted, and penniless, running from imaginary phantoms and voices he couldn’t understand, Kaz had collapsed not far from the house he was now overlooking - and protecting.

“Kazunari-san! How goes your patrol?” Another Au Ra - a pale Raen - waved to Kazunari, a sweet smile upon her lips as she approached. She walked confidently, holding herself with an air of authority as she met Kaz’s eyes. Her skin was pale, even for the light skinned Raen, with dark hair flowing down to her waist. Her face was mostly free of scales, save for a small line across the mid of her nose, and her horns swept backwards and out, towards the rear of her head instead of out past her face.

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10 Cophine Crossovers & Book/Film AUs - Fic Recs

A Matter of Time by @thatscomplex
(Complete) Xena crossover. This is probably the best possible way to solve season 3. The kitsch of Xena’s world brings enough humour and nostalgia to make this Cophine make-up fic the light-hearted but heartstring-pully foray it should be.

America’s New Hope by @probablytatiana
(Ongoing) Captain America crossover. I have little knowledge of Captain America but that’s okay because this fic is told in great detail and the slow building of the Cophine relationship is pulling me in. 

Good Tidings We (Don’t) Bring by bs13
(Ongoing) The Family Man AU. I am in awe of writers who make billion-word chapters. I love opening a fic update and seeing that the scrollbar is tiny. This story, with Delphine waking up in the life that could have been, is wonderfully told and full of domestic fluffs that will kill you.

The Proposal by temporarytravesty
(Ongoing) The Proposal AU. Being the Sandra Bullock fan that I am, this immediately grabbed me. I love the premise of Delphine on the verge of deportation, having to fake-marry Cosima. I have not had my fill of bossbitch Delphine and never will!

9 minutes, 47 seconds by Saffello
(Complete) Anomaly AU. I thought this was the neatest fic. It’s not the typical relationship dynamic you find in Cophine fics and the premise is really cool, unraveling bit by bit. Just read it.

Pheromones by @enferauparadis
(Complete) X-Men AU. Of course this would be Delphine’s mutation. ;) Very cute one-shot for the mutant in you.

By Myth and Modal Melody by @residentgeekscientist
(Complete) Percy Jackson crossover. In which Delphine is a demigod and Cosima is (or isn’t?) Medusa. A fluffish re-do of Cophine’s origins with a little mythology thrown in. Splendid.

Petri Dishes by BitterBlue
(Ongoing?) His Dark Materials AU. I like this universe, even though I am unfamiliar with it. The way all these little Cophine moments that make you swoon pop up in these vignettes is wonderful and intriguing and I wish there was more.

Elevators (for a Brighter Future!) by immunologie
(Ongoing?) Glee crossover. Lt. Cormier. You really don’t need any other reasons to read this, but it’s expertly written and the Cophine is super, so there’s that.

One Day We’ll All Be Ghosts by Sanetwin
(Ongoing?) Les Revenants AU. I fear this fic has been abandoned but what there is of it is so good. Cosima returns not knowing she was dead, setting up for great Cophine angst. Great beginning.

My Review For 13x23

Omg this is the most intense episode ever!!!! I feel like I’m watching a movie!!

Stephanie 😱😱😱I really hope that she and the little girl are ok. She even tried to save the violent patient? If she did succumb to her injuries, she would’ve died a heroine. 👍💪 it’s sad she couldn’t give a signal to Ben informing him that something was wrong when they passed by him. The entire scene between Stephanie and Keith was so intense and so well acted!!! I’ll miss Stephanie and Jerrika 😰

Alex- I don’t get why he had to track Jo’s husband down? Also why the dream sequences? And how did he find it Jo’s real name? Anyways, I’m so glad to see Matthew Morrison- I loved him on Glee :)

Meredith and Riggs- I don’t really care much about them. I just wish Riggs would meet Mer’s children already. Riggs might feel guilty when Megan comes back. Which brings us too…

Owen and Amelia 😍❤️😘😀Finally!!! A lot of Omelia this episode!!! I really love how Amelia stepped in to support Owen throughout this episode. All this while he was always there for her, supporting her, now it’s her time to reciprocate. :) I’m glad that Amelia picked up that something is wrong with Owen- she’s the only one who understands him.
There’s obviously something wrong with him- he pounded the baby way too hard even though he saved her. I learned about techniques to save infants who are choking during CPR lessons and he was way too rough .

As for Megan- TBH I was really hoping that she’s dead, for her own sake. I can’t imagine being a Prisoner of War and being tortured and raped over and over again for 10 years. She would definitely return a damaged person and needs lots and lots of counseling and therapy. She wouldn’t be the same cheerful person we saw in flashbacks in episode 8. Still, I can’t wait to see her.

Next episode looks even more intense- I really can’t wait!!!!!

Guys- do let me know what you think. Reblog or reply to this or message me- I would really love to hear from you all 😘❤️

And I Liked It(Santana Lopez)

Requested by Anon

All my posts

Originally posted by suitelikechocolate

Santana pranced around the glee club room, with all the other girls following suit. They sang the famous Katy Perry jam, and they sang it with pride. What a memorable way to come out. Shocking everyone in the club, Santana pulled you in for a kiss as soon as the song came to an end.

The cheers grew louder as you wrapped your arms around the girl, happy to have won her over. That was the start to such a beautiful relationship that everyone envied.

* * *

Things were great between you and Santana. There were weekly movie nights on Friday, kissing between classes, and cute presents at random. No one had seen Santana so happy. The glee club members were happy for you, all but one.

Sam Evans.

Sam recently returned to McKinley, and everyone welcomed him back with open arms. But your ex was not happy that you had moved on. Sam was hoping that he’d return to you, waiting with open arms.

Sam being Sam, was happy that you were happy, but he only wished you were happy with him. He missed seeing you everyday, cuddling on the couch with his younger siblings, and going on dates to Breadstix.

But he was happy that Santana made you happy, nonetheless. It still hurt, watching you hold her hand during glee. Singing songs to the other. Mumbling ‘I love you’s’ when you kiss her cheek or when she kisses yours.

“I’m really happy for you, Y/N,” Sam told you as you walked down the halls.

“Thanks, Sam, you really mean a lot to me, and I’m happy that you’re okay.” You grin up at him, “I’ve got to go, Santana’s waiting for me at my car, see you in glee!” You wave, rushing out the door. Sam watches, a sad smile on his face, as you leap into Santana’s arms. He turns away just as you give her a soft kiss.

Title: Metallic { Epilogue }

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n❗️ have fun reading, everyone!! this is Metallic’s Epilogue ~

Word Count: 3, 702.

Disclaimer❗️ this is told on Jumin’s Point of View.
Flashbacks are mentioned.

update mentions❗️
@the-sloth-woman ;; @yuri-luciel ;; @ell3nj0y ;; @yoruwasu ;; @jetblckcrow ;; @thewibblywobblyfamilybusiness ;; @brightandkawaii​ ;; @directorjumin​ ;; @ihavenotfallenyet​ ;; @a-rattling-skeleton​ ;;

❝Forgive me now cause I
Have been unfaithful
Don't ask me why cause I don't know

So many times I've tried
But was unable
But this heart belongs to you alone

Now I'm in our secret place
Alone in your embrace
Where all my wrongs have been erased
You have forgiven
All the promises and lies
All the times I compromise
All the times you were denied
You have forgiven❞

“Jumin. This is Sarah Choi.”
I heard my father say as a purplish red haired woman appeared right before me, eyes shining a gleam of nothing but trouble. Her lips quirked into an unimaginable smirk as she slowly unfolded her arms and slowly raised her hand to my level.

Has she no manners?
Couldn’t she see I was about to bite my food?

I am a perfectly mannered person. But I do assess who deserves my respect and those who do not. Clearly, this woman was not taught that it’s rude to interrupt someone who’s about to chew his meal. She does not deserve even my slightest gaze.

I continued on despite my father’s burning glare. I do see he does not approve my reaction. Is this Sarah Choi his new girlfriend again? Wasn’t he with someone called Choi as well? Does he fancy women who have that surname?

I heard him clear his throat as the woman’s hand dropped to her side. She didn’t seem pleased with what I did. I honestly don’t care. I continued to slice the steak in front of me and I noticed some red parts to which blood was still evident. I am apparently eating a medium rare cooked steak.
I told them that I do not like my food half done. I asked the waiter specifically to cook the meat in medium well. I should go talk to their chef about this failure.

“Don’t worry about it, Chairman Han. I’m sure Jumin’s only a tough nut to crack.” She giggled shamelessly as my father laughed at her own petty little comparison.
So, apparently, I am being compared to a nut.
Is she nuts?

I didn’t waste any effort to look at her as they both sat down to this four seater arranged dining table inside this 5 star restaurant my father and I loved which seemed to be made exclusive for the night. He called me earlier, wanting me to clear my evening schedule to have dinner with him. I had no qualms since I’m used to doing it with him on any given dates but it seems that we do not have the same idea of the events for the night.

First, this unknown woman.
Second, someone whom I deemed familiar arrived at the scene.
Isn’t she my father’s girlfriend last week?

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Post-It Notes, ch8

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8

To make up for that long ass wait leading up to chapter 7, here’s an update less than a week after the last one! This is a much happier chapter than the last one, but there’s a part at the beginning that references ch7′s happenings, so I’d suggest rereading it if you need a refresher. 

Anway, enjoy this chapter! I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun reading it, too. 

Adrien heals. His bruises fade, he covers his scars. The wounds nobody can see still hurt, but they’ve lessened to a dull ache. Ladybug sewed those up with stitches that not even his father could remove. He could tug at them, try to rip them out, draw blood and tears and screams, but the stitches would never be fully taken out until Adrien was ready. Ladybug had made sure of that.

Adrien is a living ghost, but his form solidifies until his father cannot walk through him anymore.

It’s okay. I’m here, Ladybug had said. Thanks to her, Adrien’s here, too.

He leaves a post-it note on her locker. Sorry.

He gets one back. It’s in his physics notebook. For what?  

For worrying you.  

He doesn’t hear back from her that day. He wonders if he’s said something wrong.

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Summary: Bored of London and in need of new clothes for a movie premiere, Dan and Phil head to Manchester for an impromptu shopping trip, resulting in more than they bargained for… 

Genre: Fluff/Getting Together/ Friends to Lovers

Word Count: 3.3k

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Fenton Family Christmas

Christmas Truce present for esoulix, who asked for Team Phantom in a college-age Christmas setting. Sorry if it’s a bit late!

“'Twas the Morning of Christmas- though it still felt like night. Probably something to do with the festive ghostly light. He floated through the ghost-zone, listening to carols of spectral moaning, while the weight on his back-”

“Oh my God are you rhyming?” Danielle started groaning.

“Trust me, it’s Christmas Tradition,” Danny told her, glancing back over his shoulder.

“Well stop it,” she mumbled. “Iz…iz…stupid.”

The handsome narrator paused in the middle of typing, less than pleased with this ghost-girl’s Grinchy griping.

“Dude, I said knock it off.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Danny raised a brow.

“No, it’s someone else; aren’t you hearing it now?”

“Oh great this guy again,” Danny glanced around all in vain. “Just ignore him Elle, he’ll probably go away.”


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