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nonnie requested: Can you do one where Reader has to choose between Cisco and Winn? Like maybe she’s from Winn’s Earth but Cisco always opens breaches to go see her, and slowly they both fall for her, but she doesn’t wanna choose because she likes them both and doesn’t wanna hurt anyone? She can either end up choosing in the end or not - whichever goes better.

A/N: Ooh very, very interesting concept you have going here nonnie, I like it. This will actually have three parts, this is part one and the two other are where you decide to go stay with Winn or go to Earth-1 with Cisco. Why you ask? Well I couldn’t decide which one reader should go with so I’m going to create two different endings and the fact I love both nerds. And Kara is a goo friend. Warning, it got a little long. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


                » Relationship(s): Winn Schott & Reader (crushing), Cisco Ramon & Reader (crushing), Kara Danvers & Reader (friendship) «

“And there she is, our Supergirl has done it again folks!” You say with a smile as you high fived Winn as Kara gave a small blush and bowed when she landed on her feet. You were one the people on team Supergirl on Earth-38 who helped save the world, well kind of. You were like Dr. Caitlin Snow from Earth-1 which you may have met once or twice from the last time that both Earths were in dangers, just minus the snow powers. You went over to the blonde haired superhero to check for anything that needed to be treated as you started treating a wound. “Thanks again Y/N.”

She commented as Winn tried his hardest to not stare, but there you were doing what you did best. Winn had a crush on you, Dr. Y/N L/N came into the picture which was a couple months ago when you realized how odd he was acting with Kara. Soon knowing her secret identity after seeing her in her get up of her superhero persona. You were smart and had a certain quirk you had about you that he liked, however he wasn’t the only one who had a massive crush on you. Remember talking about Earth-1? Well on Earth-1 there was another person who liked you and that was Vibe, or better known as Cisco Ramon who was one of the brains on Team Flash. He would sometimes open breaches to see you and ask about Supergirl related things and you would ramble about some things that you could say.

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Caroline is the one who delivers Katerina to Klaus. He thinks she should be rewarded. Smut.

25 Days of Klaroline - Day 21: klaroline + late 1400′s era

“Lord Mikaelson” Caroline curtsied when Elijah came into the room.

“Miss Forbes” he greeted with a small smile in his face. “My informant told me that you have the girl my brother wants, is that correct?”

“Yes, my lord.” She confirmed.

Elijah approached her, trying to lock her gaze in his so he could begin the compulsion. “Are you telling the truth?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “I’m on vervain. I took all the precautions I felt like I needed to meet an Original. The girl is with me and I suppose I can bring her to you, but you see… The word out there is that your brother wants her. Now, my lord, I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. I’ll give the girl to him only.”

“Do you not trust me?”

She shrugged. “A girl has got to take care of herself. Do we have a deal?”

Elijah nodded. “Very well, then. I shall ask Niklaus to talk to you, if that’s what you want.”

“I’d like that, yes.”

“But know this, miss Forbes, if you’re lying to me… Neither my brother nor I will be pleased with you. And I’m fairly certain that you’ve heard about the stories of people who’ve crossed my family, haven’t you?”

Caroline nodded, knowing that it’d not be appropriate to say anything. Honestly, she was scared shitless of meeting the Mikaelsons. Their reputation wasn’t exactly friendly and even though this could earn their favour, it could also go utterly wrong was something to happen.

“Threatening the guests, Elijah?” a voice said from the door and she quickly turned to look at who it was.

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A Steroline Shipper’s Reaction to TVD 7x13

”The Huntress back story

Rayna breaking the glass like it’s nothing

Damon walking around shirtless

That Krystal girl walking around as well

Bonnie looking slightly bothered about it

But then saying it was a good thing

Stefan so worried he’s throwing chairs around

Valerie playing her weird “steroline shipper” self

Stefan feeling guilty for having left Caroline

Damon not wanting to shatter his frenemy relationship with BonBon

“Damon! It’s me. I’m your best friend!”

Stefan promising Caroline he won’t let anything happen to her like in 2x02

Nora and Mary Lou being together in the 19th century

Nora, Mary Louise, Valerie and Beau helping out

Bonnie thanking Damon for not hesitating

Bamon staring at each other 

Stefan not wanting to let the heretics stop helping Caroline

Stefan decides to go into Caroline’s mind

Steroline’s date under the stars

“You look like my girlfriend and her three doppelgangers”

Stefan not willing to leave Caroline

“I don’t care what Damon needs!”

Stefan standing in front of the blade to save Damon

Steroline montage as Stefan last memory before he needs to run

Elena is not dead

Caroline looking for Stefan as soon as she wakes up

Stefan being angry at Damon because he can’t be with his girlfriend

“I wish it didn’t always have to be you” 

Steroline exchange I love you’s