i wish she had more screen time

  • Dad: The Hamilton documentary made me fall in love with that girl named Jasmine.
  • Me: YES. She's so amazing.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Wait. She was literally in the documentary for only like 2 minutes.
  • Dad: And that was all it took.

konekat  asked:

Who are your top five favorite characters? :D Like, literally from anything.

- Tsukiyomi Ikuto! From Shugo Chara, because I love my first cat son and his angsty past, and I just love stupid boys with dumb cat tendencies tbh

- Runo Misaki, from Bakugan. I just - love her so much?? And honestly she deserved better; all of the girls deserved better and more screen time

- Luna Lovegood, from Harry Potter; she’s so whimsical and kind, but she’s so strong and smart, and I wish we had seen more of her!

- I’m lumping them together because you can’t just /separate/ them - Bridgette & Felix! I really, really love their concept idea and even though most of the fandom and T.A. himself seem to dislike them - or rather, Felix - I love them and it’s a pity we didn’t get to see what would have happened with them.

- Cleo from the Falling Kingdoms series! A beautiful princess who loses everything but grows strong mentally and physically and learns to fight and do what is right to reclaim her crown and her kingdom (okay, all the characters in this series are super complex and wonderful, and I highly recommend people read this series)

Thank you for the ask!

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Since you've been bombarded with shipper questions ill give you something different 😊 If you had the choice who would you bring back, Sophia, Shane or Andrea? And why?

Ugh, that’s a tough choice Anon, but thanks for the question.  Let’s see, my heart says Sophia, but her death fuels Carol’s changes and growth which might not have happened had she survived.  

Shane could not come back because he had spiraled into madness and was determined to kill Rick in order to have Lori and Carl for himself. Shane, like Lizzie, was simply too dangerous to have around people IMO, but I loved what Jon Bernthal brought to the role and his wonderful performances.

Had Andrea lived, things might have been different at the prison, but she would still have remained well-intentioned in her choices but not always with well thought out decisions or poor results.  I do wish Andrea and Michonne had had more time together and their relationship been seen more on screen before Woodbury. So my answer is Andrea, and everyone who knows me well is howling at this response. :)

Happy New Year, Nonny!


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cuddle sketch request for loco-lobo :3 tho I had to doodle some more, after I saw the 3rd trailer. I really love the character designs and art direction for this series, probably the most out of any Dreamworks animated film. The concept art for these characters are just so delightful, I really want the artbooks. 

Also saw deerstroyer’s human Po and I loved him so much and wanted to see more of him I doodled him too 

Also viper is my favorite. My one complaint is that I wish she had more screen time because it’s so much fun to see an adorable noodle do kung fu.

31 Days of Resident Evil
Day 10: Favorite Female Villain
Alexia Ashford

Alexia Ashford is so badass. I’m never able to get over how she created like 2 viruses all on her own and that William was super jealous of her (bested by a 12 year old).
I wish she had been able to kick Wesker’s ass.
I also wish Capcom would do more with her and their other supporting characters that got 5 minutes of screen time.

Watching the Blood Gulch Chronicles the first time: Haha, this is great. I wish Tex had more one-liners, though. I feel like she’s quiet a lot when she could be shutting Church up.

Watching BGC again after finishing the whole series: Every time Tex is silent in response to something Church says, I want to set myself on fire.

Just got back from Pitch Perfect 2!

I AM DROWNING IN BECHLOE FEELS!  Beca and Chloe were so married in this one.

I do wish it had a more defined plot line instead of all over the place, but I really didn’t care that much because it was more focused on the Bellas and not the Trebles and Jesse.

The scene with Beca and Chloe in the tent! Their faces were so close, I was waiting for the spider-man kiss.

My bby Chloe turned me into goo every time she was on screen. And after actually seeing the movie Brittany Snow does have more solos than I thought. She’s the one who came in on the riff-off with “Never Getting Back Together”.

Hailee Steinfeld was wonderful and so freakin’ adorable and she has an amazing voice. I’m very upset that her version of “Flashlight” isn’t on the soundtrack. 

Warning, this post is not spoiler free for the game Until Dawn!

I watched Tetra Ninja’s LP of Until Dawn! I recommend you watch his playthrough, since he gets the best ending on his first play. But it’ll make other LPs look so terrible by comparison, so be warned…

I really wished these two (especially Matt my too-nice bae) had more screen-time. It feels like, especially in regards to Matt, the writers were counting on these two to die. I mean, once they survive their first potential death (and Matt by being killed by deer wtf, epic fail death much?) Matt and Jess pretty much disappear for the rest of the game.

I kind of ended up shipping Matt/Jess based on that one scene in Chapter 10 alone, haha. Poor Jess, she’s so broken by the end of the game. And the worst is these two pretty much have no idea what in the world happened!


Wolf’s Rain 10-Day Challenge - Day 9: Character who deserved more screen-time - Blue

Spoilers, I guess? And I know, Blue does become somewhat of a prominent character, and she gets plenty of screen-time…but for me, it’s still not enough! I love Blue, I absolutely love her (she reminds me of Esmeralda from Disney’s Hunchback, for some reason), but I just wish there was more of her, so we could see more of her character, and her interactions with other characters. Also, more Blue and Cher please, I know they had like three episodes together, but I wanted mooooooooore, the women are so great in this show :’(