i wish photos could speak so i could hear his accent while looking at this

You Know.

Summary: The Phenomenal One is feeling the opposite of that after his defeat at the Royal Rumble. His girlfriend refuses to let the night end with him feeling so down. Featuring some angst, comfort, and hella smmmmut – with usage of daddy kink and brief foreplay/teasing with chocolate covered strawberries

A/N: While I’m not very confident with my smut skills (it’s been awhiiiiiiile and even then used to rp lol) I just wanted to get this out before tonight’s PPV after this poured out of me the last few days thanks to re-watching AJ’s promos and to my cold from hell (and ignoring my others in progress haha) so I hope you all enjoy! 

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Dear Whitney,

happy birthday to you, my darling flower, from Hannah and Mari. This is part two of our collab, percabeth style, written my Hannah. I hope you enjoy it, my love, and that you’re having a wonderful birthday <3

“I’m impressed with the candles by the way,” Annabeth told her boyfriend. “It sets quite the mood.”

On the screen of her laptop, Percy flashed her a toothy smile. “Just keepin’ the romance alive.”

Behind him came a loud snort, reminding Annabeth that they had an audience. “Percy and Annabeth, keeping the romance alive since 2005,” Piper said. Annabeth couldn’t see her face as she walked out of the kitchen towards the couch Percy was sitting on, but she knew Piper was rolling her eyes.

“2009,” she corrected. “We got together when we were sixteen.”

Piper threw herself down on the couch next to Percy, taking a swig of the beer in her hand. “Right. I forget you guys haven’t actually been dating since middle school, as married as you are.”

“We are not married!” Percy protested. Annabeth tried not to feel too offended by his defensive tone.

Piper snorted. “You’re kind of married.”

Percy looked at Annabeth with a vague expression of alarm, as if he might have forgotten them getting married. Annabeth stifled a laugh at his panic-stricken face. “Piper, you’re freaking him out,” she berated.

“Sorry.” She sat up and peered into the camera. “So how is Paris? Are you missing me? Have you replaced me with a cooler, more cultured French best friend?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. She’d been in France for over five months now and Piper still asked her the same thing nearly every time they spoke. “You’re still my one and only, McLean,” she reassured her.

Piper winked at her. “Good to know. Now, the more important question is, have you found a hunky French dude to elope with yet?”

That’s when Percy threw her out of the apartment.

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Prompt: Umm… Hi!!! I have a prompt can you do a Photographer Zayn like he works at kodak or something. :D Then Niall needed a picture for the requirements of the company he’s applying to then Zayn sees him and vise versa then they fall in love at first sight :)

Word Count: 5,766

A/N: it’s not exactly like the prompt, I just changed the reason why Niall needs his photos. Hope that’s okay!

It starts with a rainy day. Not too heavy, not too light, just the gentle patter of water hitting the window. It was quite depressing, actually, but it all seemed to disappear when a certain ball of sunshine skips through the doors.

“Hi,” He smiles with a wave.

Zayn immediately takes notice of his customer and he straightens his back, though he also noticed that this particular customer was a little different to the others. His smile had lit up the room, cheeks a faint blush as well as the tip of his nose, probably pink from the cold. His blond hair was a halo on his head, brown roots protruding the dye causing the two different colours to collide perfectly in a beautiful mocha shade.

Zayn gaped at him. He was gorgeous.

His voice, accented with an Irish brogue, had snapped him from his reverie. “Are you okay, mister?” He quirked a brow at the darker lad, but even he could tell that the answer was a definite no.

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Concert Recap: Metlife 8/5

okay so i’m gonna basically i have a lot to say and i’m gonna do what i can with what i remember because the night was a blur but at the same time i remember every little thing??? it’s weird i don’t understand it and because i just got home and i’m slightly delirious it’s gonna be all out of order whack so i apologize but here i go

  • in case no one was aware, they are very much real and wonderful and pretty much everything you want them to be in person and better. one direction are truly out here for us, they are interactive with the fans and want everyone to have a good time.
  • they could not stop thanking us. every two seconds it was a thank you (or a jersey/new york we love you) and they were so grateful for the crowd and the support. they really do love us. you can see it on their faces and the way the perform and just how much they love what they are doing.
  • liam payne is a vocal gymnast, i’m not even kidding. he does extra runs and riffs, falsettos and harmonies as he pleases and the crowd went crazy and encouraged it so he did it even more, even after the lights went down or the song ended. he’s such a talent and the crowd appreciated it it was wonderful.
  • louis impressed me so much tonight. his vocals were good and his stage presence was better than i’ve seen it in the past. he was more interactive with crowd (mostly facial expressions but still, it’s something) and he really was just digging the show. he did a really nice job tonight, i was pleasantly surprised.
  • niall seemed a little off (which happens with their job, they have off nights so please don’t get too upset about this) it looked like he was drinking tea at one point so it could be a cold or just stress, but he wasn’t very interactive with the crowd (from what i could see) and didn’t talk much but he sounded amazing and it surprises me every day how much niall has grown as a singer, he really shines on this tour.
  • hARRY I SWEAR this kid like i really don’t think he’s real because if you blink he’ll be onto the next person. he literally sits there and makes sure he makes eye contact with every single person looking in his direction (i was in the middle of the freaking floor and our eyes met and he did his little finger wave i dONT KNOW HOW HE FOUND ME BUT HE did) and i applaud him for making each and every individual feel special and loved and just overall great. he’s great working the crowd and making people laugh (he did different new jersey/new york accents and was just downright hilarious with the crowd)
  • niall dedicated don’t forget where you belong to the fans because of their support with drag me down and just how much the fans have helped them get to places like metlife and play shows like that (aka it was exceptionally emotional for niall and i was kinda tearing up tbh) and the sentiment was returned by the crowd holding up signs saying “thank you for staying”
  • THE CROWD GODDDDD THEY LOVED THE CROWD they had us do a screaming competition and their faces were priceless because for one of the rounds i didn’t scream because i wanted to hear how loud it was and i was in complete awe at how phenomenal the crowd was and how genuinely loud they were (liam won’t be kidding when he tweets later probs the crowd was the loudest i’ve heard and i went to taylor at metlife in july and this beat that)
  • LIAM GOD SPEAKING OF BLINKING IF YOU BLINK LIAM IS ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE STAGE THAT BOY MOVES (hence why all my photos of him are so :/ because he wouldn’t stay still) and he’s so soooooo interactive with the crowd i couldn’t stop smiling it was truly amazing watching him move from section to section to give them attention
  • we got the return of fancy feet from liam as well, he was dancing and rolling his hips and moving his feet to EVERYTHING it was a very nice sight to watch the entire show if i’m being honest
  • THEY TALKED SO MUCH AND MADE US DO ACTIVITIES (harry made us scream a bunch of weird things aka his moans and like some other random noises and then he tried to get us to do the stomp/clap for ttd and two dads wouldn’t do it so he called them out on it lol) and it really was just a fun show they made it sooooo much fun
  • they interacted a lot with each other, especially liam with the other boys. there was typical banter (lirry and lilo especially, it was amusing) there were moments during songs where they would just make faces at each other. louis gave liam the finger during little things, liam made a grab at harry’s crotch, louis and niall tackled liam to the ground during harry’s wmyb solo while they were supposed to be doing their little formation, liam put on so many different things from the crowd it was fantastic (including a matching fedora on louis) and they just really made it feel like they’re a unit and that they feed off each other and the crowd for the shows and it just makes the fans go even crazier, it was great to see live.

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Prompt: Oliver and Felicity meet a psych who has some pretty interesting and insightful things to say.

“They’re like The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and hot British actors that have no qualms with dating their fans.”

At Roy’s confused squint, Felicity rolled her eyes.

“Wishful thinking,” she clarified, “as in, they don’t actually exist, and are instead something people want to believe in at one point in their lives…”

“Hot British actors that date their fans are like Santa Claus?” Diggle asked, wiping his brow with the back of his hand as he and Oliver finished their sparing session.

“In the likelihood of actually existing, yeah,” she shrugged, not meeting his gaze.

“Someone sounds bitter,” Roy laughed as Felicity blushed a little.

“Hey, I implore you to find me anyone that hasn’t once fallen for Cumberbatch’s voice, Hiddleston’s smile, or Tennant’s hair,” she pointed an accusatory finger at the younger man as she walked back over to her chair to sit down.

“I don’t know who any of those people are,” Oliver piped up with a puzzled expression, coming to stand beside Diggle.

“It that case, we’re totally adding a ton of British shows to our TV marathons,” Felicity grinned, her hand thrown over her head as she swivelled in her chair, eyes sparkling.

“You walked into that one,” Diggle muttered under his breath with a smirk.

“Hey, it’s a gift, not a punishment…one episode of Sherlock and you’ll be thanking me,” she smirked enigmatically, before a loud ping sounded from one of her computers.

As her eyes scanned the monitors, Oliver stepped closer to her, “so are you actually going to tell us why you have such a harsh opinion of psychics or are we supposed to guess?”

With a sigh, she turned and stared up at him, her jaw clenched.

“They’re charlatans. Con-artists. They take advantage of the emotionally vulnerable, and make up lies to cheat people out of their money…what’s to like?”

Each man’s eyebrows shot up at her response.

“Speaking from experience, blondie?” Roy pondered, arms crossing over his chest.

“No!” she chided, her eyes hardening a little before her shoulders slumped, “yes. Kind of. My mother had weekly visits with one for years after my da—” she broke off, clearing her throat.

“Anyway, the woman was shark. I guarantee this one is too,” she nodded, her tone unwavering as she turned back to her screens.

“We already got her on credit card fraud, shouldn’t be too hard to convince her to turn on Corlino…” she murmured almost to herself.

From her peripheral vision she could see Oliver’s eyes rake over her, his head tilted.

“Looks like Mrs. Harrison has an appointment with The Arrow in her future,” Diggle smirked.

Oliver spun around, his expression pensive.

“I don’t know Digg…it’s been a while since Oliver Queen had his palm read.”

Felicity sat forward in her chair at his words.

“You cannot be serious.”

“There’s no need to tip her off yet. She could easily run to Corlino before we can get to him. This way, we can take a look around without raising suspicion,” he replied, his tone even.

“Troubling use of the word ‘we’ there,” the blonde dead-panned, a surge of dread mounting from the pit of her stomach.

“Well, her ad does say couples welcome…” he trailed off, with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“So bring Laurel,” she shot back, her arms folded tightly across her chest, her eyes burning a hole into his forehead.

“Yeah, ‘cause that won’t be awkward for everyone involved,” Roy muttered, shaking his head.

“Felicity…” Oliver began, his voice soft.

“Save it,” she held up her hand, “I’ll agree under three conditions. One, I don’t have to say anything. Not a word. No point in making the scam easier. Two, I will under no circumstances give that woman my real name. And three, you’re paying.”


“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” Felicity scoffed under her breath, shuffling in her seat as Oliver threw her a glance from his spot beside her.

“I wonder what the cards has in store for Starling City’s newest couple?” the smug voice of Roy Harper trickled into their ears via comm.

“How’s that song go?” Diggle piped up, the smile evident in his tone. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a bab—”

“I can see some very embarrassing high school photos falling into Lyla’s hands in your future if you don’t shut the hell up,” she gritted her teeth warningly, just as the door in front of them opened, revealing a rather demure, middle-aged woman smiling at them.

“Thank you for waiting. Please, come in,” she spoke with a faint accent, motioning into the room behind her, turning her back and walking towards a large, round table.

“Thank you, Mrs. Harrison. I’m Oliver, and this is my girlfriend, Meghan,” Oliver smiled his obligatory charming smile, his hand falling to the small of Felicity’s back as they made their way into the minimalistic, office-like room.

“Gloria, please, none of this Missus business, makes a girl feel old,” she scoffed lightly. “Please, take a seat.”

As they sank into the chairs, Oliver, making a point to gesture around, remarked, “I have to admit, this is not exactly what I expected…”

“Oh, few do…” Gloria waved her hand, taking a seat opposite them, “honestly, it’s my impression that most people think of crystal balls and dream-catchers when they hear the word ‘psychic.’ I however, take a…less-stereotypical approach to my craft.”

A soft snort erupted from Felicity. Oliver shifted, laying a hand on her knee in warning. She stared down at it under the table, where it was resting just below the hem of her dress.

Her throat went dry.

“I don’t need to consult my cards to see you’re sceptical, Meghan,” Mrs Harrison smiled, her eyes drinking in her guests.

Felicity’s eyes snapped up, a little flushed at the inspection, sharing a fleeting glance with Oliver who cleared his throat.

“She’s here more as support…this isn’t really her thing,” he murmured, eyes turning back to meet the older woman’s.

“Well, that’s okay. If you’re not comfortable, you’re free to just observe as I give a reading to Oliver…it could give me a chance to win you over,” she replied, flashing Felicity another smile.

Silently, Felicity nodded before Mrs. Harrison sat forward, addressing Oliver, “your hand, please.”

Leaning over, Oliver placed his other hand in hers, his eyes doing a sweep of the room, looking for anything out of place.

“I won’t mince my words, Mr. Queen. Your past, at least before and a little after your five year absence, has been made quite well known to the public. I won’t waste your time regaling you of things I could have easily determined from publications and idle gossip. Instead, I’d rather look…deeper,” she paused, her dark eyes catching his, before flickering quickly to Felicity, and back again.

“You said on the phone, that you were seeking some guidance…a little insight into your future?” she asked, turning Oliver’s hand in hers.

Felicity sat back a little in her chair, trying to mask her surprise at this information. She knew Oliver had to call to make the appointment, but she had no idea what he had said to get them there.

“Yeah, an insight would be nice,” he responded, feeling Felicity’s gaze on the back of his head.

“Hmm…” Mrs. Harrison hummed, her fingers trailing over his palm, “it’s no secret that you haven’t had much…luck in the love department in the past. But,” she paused, her eyes rising to meet Felicity’s, “I have a feeling that is about to change.”

The blonde’s throat tightened at those words, her heart hammering in her chest as she felt Oliver’s fingers tense a little on her knee.

“You said your relationship…was in its infancy?” the elder woman continued, her eyes slipping closed.

Oliver took that moment to catch Felicity’s eye, silently communicating their next course of action, taking his hand off her knee.

She tried not the miss the warmth.

“We’ve been dating for about two months,” he replied with ease, his mind recalling the agreed back-story they brainstormed the night before.

“Hmm…” Gloria hummed, her brow crinkled, as Felicity bent down slightly to pick up her bag.

“I don’t think so,” she said suddenly, halting Felicity’s movements, her eyes jerking back up to stare at the woman.

“Uh…excuse me?” she couldn’t help but ask, speaking her first words since entering the room.

Gloria’s eyes snapped open then, her fingers paused on Oliver’s hand.

“I said, I don’t think so. What you two have…has been going on a lot longer than two months…”

Felicity’s eyebrows shot up, her jaw clenching angrily, images of ‘Miss Clarice’ her mother’s psychic from when she was a kid, flashing vividly across her mind.

“And what is it we have exactly?” she heard herself ask before her brain could catch up with her.

“Your relationship…it is one based on a remarkable friendship,” Gloria responded without a beat, “the romantic elements however…while there from the start, haven’t fully come to fruition yet.”

Oliver and Felicity stared blankly at her in silence.

With a roll of her eyes, Gloria motioned rapidly between them, exclaiming:

“No sex!”

The tech genius’ mouth dropped open, her startled eyes catching sight of Oliver’s hand twitching in her peripheral vision, her mind reeling, having absolutely no idea what to say to that.

Instead of letting loose the babble that wanted to desperately claw its way out of her throat, she hurriedly thought that this might be the opportune time to make her hasty retreat:

“I’m so sorry, but could I use your restroom?”

Gloria smiled all-too sweetly, “why sure dear, it’s just down the hall and the second door to your left. Would you like for us to wait for you before continuing?”

“N-no, that’s okay. You go ahead,” Felicity stammered as she stood up, her treacherous cheeks burning as the woman’s words echoed in her ears.

Why did she agree to this ridiculous sham again?

Without as much as a backwards glance, she scurried over to the door and stepped out, closing it with a snap behind her and made her way down the corridor, her eyes darting around to find where the woman could possibly keep her personal laptop. She had given the room she just left a good once over and couldn’t see it anywhere, or indeed a place within the room where it could be kept. That left the rest of the house to explore in the time it would take a normal person to visit the bathroom.


“I hope I didn’t make the poor girl uncomfortable,” she heard Gloria’s concerned voice in her ear via Oliver’s comm.

She rolled her eyes as he quickly responded, “oh no, she just had too much coffee and was cursed with a small bladder.”

Back in the room, Gloria chuckled at the charming man in front of her, before leaning forward once more, regarding him with a more sombre stare.

“I can see you’re scared,” she murmured quietly, “and I can understand that, Mr. Queen. You have had your fair share of strife in your short lifetime…anyone could understand your…hesitance…” she trailed off, her eyes searching his for something unknown.

“My…hesitance in what?” he found himself asking, more so to give Felicity time to find something useful, than actual curiosity.

He wasn’t buying what this woman was selling.

“Your hesitance in letting yourself have what you really want,” Gloria continued, squeezing his hand. “I can see it in your eyes, Oliver. The fear you have of letting somebody in…to open up that part of yourself completely to another person. To share your life with someone you truly care about…”

Felicity straightened up suddenly, stopping her search of Mrs. Harrison’s bedroom as those words rang in her ears.

“Perhaps…that’s why you have not taken the next step with Meghan? That same fear…that she means more to you than you’re willing to admit?” Gloria prodded, her eyes flickering to Oliver’s left hand as it jittered, her gaze softening.

“The way you look at her…it’s plain to see, even within a few moments of meeting you both, that if you were to take that step, to admit just how deeply you actually are in lov—”

“Aren’t you meant to shuffle around a deck of cards, or something?” Oliver interjected suddenly, Felicity snapping out of her reverie at his voice, she frantically realizing how much time she wasted on eavesdropping when she was supposed to be searching.

Now was not the time for startling personal reflections…even if the so-called psychic woman was making some very intriguing, if incredibly unthinkable, points…

Gloria’s stared at him for a long moment, drinking in every inch of his face. After what seemed like an eternity, her eyes narrowed, her face hardening somewhat as she heaved a sigh, her shoulders slumping, “I know why you’re really here, Mr. Queen. And what your companion is really doing while pretending to use my facilities…”

Felicity’s hand froze on the laptop that she just uncovered from under the woman’s bed.

“Excuse me?” Oliver asked, his voice giving away nothing.

“Bob Corlino,” Gloria pushed back her chair, standing up, her back rigid, all pretence evaporating from her.

“You made?” Digg’s voice floated into Felicity’s ear as she, with shaking hands, booted up the laptop.

“I—I don’t know,” she stammered, her eyes gluing to screen, “I’m just pulling up info now but it could take awhi—”

“Who’s Bob Corlino?” Oliver cut across them, feigning confusion as Gloria laughed.

“Oh don’t try con a con, Mr. Queen…” she smirked, “I gotta say, when I got a call from the infamous Oliver Queen, this was not what I was expecting…”

“Shouldn’t you have foreseen this? Being psychic and all?” Oliver asked hotly, deciding to roll with the heightened ambiance of the room, and change tact.

“Funny,” she chuckled, “and they say you’re just a pretty face…”

“Who’s they? The spirits?” he shot back with a smirk.

“That’s mediums,” she grinned with a point of her finger, “now that that’s cleared up…let’s get your not-yet-lover back into the room where I can see her.”

Felicity stilled, watching the download bar reach 51% as she copied files from the laptop.

“Oliver, I’m not finished! What do you want me to—”

“Meghan’s not a part of this,” he began, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms, “I came to check out your operation myself. A buddy tipped me off to a possible con-artist in the area, and I wanted to see it for myself before reporting you to the police. But as far as Meghan knows, I’m here to get my palm read, or fortune told, or whatever other scam you’re running.”

Gloria stared down at him, her expression unreadable before she reached into her pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes.

“And here I thought it’d be The Arrow who paid me a visit,” she responded cryptically, placing a cigarette between her teeth and lighting it.

Felicity desperately urged the download bar to move faster as she heard those words. 78%…

“Guess a tall man clad in green leather is too much for an ol’ gal like me to hope for, huh?” Gloria gave another chuckle, inhaling deeply.

“Or is it just too bright outside?” she continued with a wink.

“I don’t know what you’re—”

“Again, Mr. Queen, with the lies,” she held up her hand, “no offense, but you’re incredibly bad at it. Really, I’ve no idea how you’ve gotten away with it as long as you have…” she laughed, before walking over to the desk and snatching up something off the table.

“You want Corlino? Fine. I’ll give you everything you need to take down not just him, but the entire smuggling operation. ‘Meghan,’” she paused, emphasising the name with air-quotes, “won’t get everything from my laptop. So…here,” she finished, holding out a manila folder in front of him.

As Oliver reached out to take it, she snatched it back an inch, her eyes boring into his, “let me make myself clear. Just because I may not be able to prove who I know you really are, that doesn’t mean I won’t kick up hell trying…but if I give you this, and every incarnation of you leaves me the hell alone, in return, I’ll graciously keep any suspicions I have to myself,” she paused, holding out her hand, her eyes glinting, “we got a deal?”

Oliver stood, his eyes on the folder, taking it from her with a sharp pull, quickly leafing through it. After a few moments, he closed it again, with a nod.

“You stop taking money from innocent people and we’ve got a deal, Mrs. Harrison,” he retorted with a hard stare, holding out his hand.

After a moment, she sighed and begrudgingly shook it.

Felicity’s blood was boiling. The nerve of that woman! Finally, the download was complete, and within a split second, she was reefing the USB from it’s port and shoving it into her bag, hissing:

“Are you kidding me, Oliver?! I can get the dirt we need. You don’t have to make a deal with this woman to—”

“Thank you for your time, Gloria. It was very…enlightening,” Oliver cut across Felicity, turning on his heel and making his way towards the door.

"You know, it’s funny,” she called after him, causing him to pause, his hand on the door handle.

“It seems,” Gloria continued, stubbing out her cigarette on the desk, and walking towards him slowly, “when it comes to you and your lady loves, over the years their names go up by one syllable.”

Oliver turned around to face her, tilting his head.

She shrugged, a smirk playing about her lips, “first, there was your elementary school crush, Claire. Second, your intense high-school-sweetheart, Laurel. Then there was the one you like to forget…the one who nearly changed your life in a big way. Sandra. Then, your last fling before the island, the wild and forbidden, Sara. Then…someone else. Her name also began with an S and had two syllables…your time on the island is still quite blocked to me. After the island, you seemed to move onto three syllables, like with the misguided Helena Bertinelli. Only for you to fall back with Officer McKenna Hall…and Laurel…and Sara again…” she trailed off, her dark eyes glistening, “you should always look forward, Mr. Queen, never back.”

Oliver stared down at her, the gears in his mind grinding as she gave another care-free chuckle, “that’s why I was so surprised to learn of your companion’s name,” she stepped even closer to him, their gazes locked, her tone sombre, “I have to say, I was quite expecting the love of your life to have a four syllable name…”

Felicity froze as she went to step back out into the corridor, her heart lurching.

It’s a trick, a scam. Don’t believe the lies. You are not the love of Oliver Queen’s life! she berated herself silently.

“I thought you weren’t psychic?” Oliver fired back, his mouth on autopilot.

“Goodbye Mr. Queen…” she winked, before reaching around him and opening the door.

Shaking his head, Oliver stepped out in the corridor, walking towards the front door, his eyes landing on Felicity who was standing on the threshold, her expression one of a deer caught in headlights as he led her outside.

“It was nice meeting you…Meghan. You are going to have quite a fulfilling future with this one, I can tell. If you ever want your cards read—” Gloria paused at Oliver’s glare, “it’ll be free of charge, of course,” she flashed them an enigmatic grin, before slamming the door in their faces.


“So…is anyone gonna say it, or are we just gonna ignore the giant elephant in the room,” Roy was the first to break the silence that had descended on the team since Oliver and Felicity were left standing on the Harrison’s doorstep.

“We got what we needed, there’s no point dragging up—”

“Dude, she knew you were The Arrow. Knew that you wanted information on Corlino and just happened to have it right there to bargain with. She knew pretty much all the women you’ve dated. Including Shado, when you were on the island. How could she possibly know that? I didn’t know that till recently, and I’ve been running around with you shooting people with arrows! And what about that whole four-syllable-named-woman that’s meant to be the love of your li—”

“Roy!” Oliver snapped, cutting the younger man off mid-rant as he paced back and forth back in their new lair.

Digg for his part, was only nodding, and Felicity…hadn’t spoken a word in the last hour.

With a glance to where she sat, back to them at her computers, Oliver sighed, “she never said Shado’s name, so she doesn’t know anything about the island. As for everything else, she obviously did research on me, hired a P.I. or something. I don’t know. I don’t care, either. She has absolutely no evidence of anything. And it’s not like the SCPD take much stock in what psychics with criminal records say either. This isn’t The Mentalist.”

“Really? That you can reference?” Felicity whirled around in her seat suddenly, sounding scandalized, “I would have totally gone with Psych…”

Oliver merely stared at her as she stood up, slung her bag over her shoulder, flipped her hair out from her coat-collar and walked towards him.

“We’re totally adding Psych to our TV marathons too…after we binge-watch Sherlock,” she informed him softly, not quite meeting his eye, before nodding to Diggle and Roy, “‘night boys…"

The three men watched her go silently. Once she had ascended the stairs and was out of ear-shot, Diggle leaned over to Oliver, a knowing smile on his face, “so, about this woman you’re in love with that has a four syllable name. Can’t be too hard to figure out who she is…there’s not many names out there, right? I mean, off the top of my head, I can only think of a few: Elizabeth, Olivia, Victoria, Felicity…” he trailed off, his smirk widening.

Oliver tensed, glaring at his friend as he laughed, clapping him on the shoulder.

“Yeah man, you didn’t have to go to a psychic to figure that one out. I coulda told you that. And it wouldn’t have cost you fifty bucks either…”

A/N: I love both The Mentalist and Psych btw. But Psych will always be my first love. I miss it so much :( Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to send me a prompt if you like. My askbox is open :)

#1 - Coffee Dates and Hotel Shenanigans - Luke Hemmings One Shot

Summary: You bump into 5sos while on a school trip and they invite you to go to Starbucks with them, in which you find you and Luke get on way more than you could ever have dreamed…

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Requested: Yes, by @mrshemmings26 who I promised I would tag in this once I had done it :) 

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is quite long, but I hope it’s good despite it lol. You can send requests here x


You take your seat next to the window on the bus, as your best friend, Lucy, sits down next to you. 

“I can’t believe we have to go on this stupid trip today” She groans as she fastens her seat belt.

You smile, “You can’t get much worse than an art gallery”

Your whole art class is being taken on a trip to an art gallery for your history work. You’re all confused as to how art comes into history, but your teacher has somewhat explained that you have to find three paintings on the topic you are currently studying - the French Revolution - and then use them to write an in-depth analysis on the views and representations of different historic events during that period in history. You don’t know why they didn’t just give you a number of paintings in class and then let you choose there, but apparently they thought it would be fun to drag you out to an art gallery for the day. Jokes on them.

The bus journey is boring as hell. The city where the art gallery is located is about forty-five minutes away from school, and that doesn’t even include the journey time once you’re actually in the city, not that it should be too long. 

Eventually, the bus parks up and the teachers run through the rules.

“You must stay with your groups at all times, and must not run off anywhere you aren’t supposed to. If, once you are finished collecting the details of the paintings you want to use for your essay, you wish to go and look at the other paintings in the gallery, you may. But you have to get your work done first. If you have any questions, ask the staff. Remember you are representatives of the school so you must remain polite at all times. I don’t want to hear complaints that you have been rude or impolite to staff or other visitors. Please respect everyone and everything in that gallery, okay?”

The entire body of students echo a ‘yes’ back, and we’re finally allowed off of the bus where they do a head count, telling us they’ll be doing another one once we arrive at the gallery in case some of us decide to run off. I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to do that.

You follow the large group of students and the few teachers present through the streets of the city, talking to Lucy the whole way.

You and Lucy are trailing behind at the back of the group, when a guy with an Australian accent speaking to you catches your attention.

“Excuse me?” One of them says to you before you get the chance to look up at them.

“Yeah?” You reply, which is when you look and realise who it is you’re talking to.

“Oh my god” you mumble.

Ashton Irwin, the drummer of your favourite band, stands before you, “We were wondering if you could tell us where the closest coffee shop is?”

“Yeah, erm, there’s a Starbucks about ten minutes away from here. You just go down this street, take a left and then continue, and then take the second right and it’s somewhere down there” You explain, trying to keep your cool over the fact 5 Seconds of Summer is stood right in front of you.

Ashton looks at you, confused and you sigh, “I can take you guys if you want”

“Don’t you have somewhere you need to be?” He asks

You bite your lip, looking to Lucy for guidance. She shakes her head, “No, err, she was just walking me to the art gallery. But I don’t mind if she goes with you guys though.”

“You sure?” Ashton asks, nodding at Lucy.

Lucy smiles, “Couldn’t be more sure”

“Great” He smiles, “Thanks you two”

Lucy says her goodbyes and you’re left alone with all four members of your favourite band. 

“Follow me” You smile as you continue in the opposite direction, them following you closely, “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

“So…err…what are you doing in this dump of a city?” You ask, not wanting the walk there to be awkward.

Michael laughs at the term ‘dump of a city,’ while Luke explains that they’ve had a photoshoot and an interview with a local magazine. 

“You have such a high opinion of your hometown” Michael comments

You shrug, “Suppose everyone thinks their hometown is a little bit of a dump at our age”

Michael nods, “Suppose you’re right. Maybe just a little”

Once you broke the ice, the conversation just seemed to flow. You’re having proper conversations, and you’ve barely spoke about them being famous or in a band. You figure they would appreciate a bit of relief, but you’re still hoping to get some pictures with them if they’re okay with that.

About ten/fifteen minutes later, you arrive at the Starbucks and you’re kinda disappointed that your time with them has ended so soon.

“Here you go” You smile

“Thanks!” Michael smiles back

“Erm…” You begin awkwardly, “I’m sorry if this makes it awkward, but I was just wondering if we could get some photos?”

They laugh, “Yeah of course you can, since you showed us here”

You take a number of selfies with each of them and you thank them, and they thank you bck, and you’re about to leave when Luke stops you.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

You furrow your eyebrows, “I’m leaving you in peace, where do you think I’m going?”

He puts his hands in his pockets and continues, “Well I just thought you might like to grab a coffee with us…you know, as a thank you”

“But…you took photos with me?”

He bites his lip, “But you know…coffee’s coffee, right?”

You giggle, “Suppose it is”

You follow them into the globally known coffee shop and Luke buys you your choice drink, before you take a seat at one of the available tables. You sit next to Michael, Calum sits at the end of the table, Luke sits opposite you, and Ashton sits next to him.

You take off your jacket and hang it round the back of your chair, revealing your halter nect top, which drapes a little bit - meaning you’re showing a little bit of side boob. But not too much.

While the conversation carries on, you can feel Luke’s eyes on you and only you. It’s not unsettling or uncomfortable, but it’s making you feel some kind of way and it’s doing wonders for your confidence. You keep playing with your hair, glancing over to him and smiling, which you would normally do. However, you do attempt one thing you never thought you would in a million years due to lack of confidence.

You stretch your leg out under the table and stroke his leg with it. You watch as he blushes and smiles to himself, but glancing at you at the same time. You don’t keep your leg there long, you take it away pretty quick.

The conversation turned to talking about the most rebellious thing we’ve ever done.

“Well…” you begin, “The most rebellious thing I’ve ever done was come here with you today”

Michael furrows his eyebrows, “And why would that be rebellious?”

You bite your lip, “I’ve got a confession to make…”

“You’re my fool?” Luke winks

You laugh, “No…but, I was actually on a school trip today and I came here instead”

They all look at you in shock, but then burst out laughing.

“We used to do shit like that all the time!” Calum laughs to Michael.

Luke just looks at you and smirks. He’s definitely sending you ‘I kinda like you’ signals, which you didn’t think would be possible.

After an hour of drinking coffee and laughing at each other’s jokes, you and the boys all decide it’s time to go.

You put on your jacket and follow them out, preparing to say your goodbye. You’re going to have to try and catch up with your history class at the gallery. They’re due to leave in about half an hours time.

“I’m gonna have to go and find my class, but thanks for today” You smile to them.

They all look at you, exaggerating a pout, before Luke turns to you and smirks.

“Come back to the hotel with me”

You and the boys all switch to your attention to Luke in shock, but he doesn’t blush like you expected him to do. Instead, he shrugs his shoulders and simply says, “You started the day rebellious, so you might finish the day rebellious”

You giggle, “Well…when you put it like that, I guess it’s hard to resist”

Luke opens his arm out to you and you take it, you and him lead the other boys towards the direction of an oncoming empty taxi. He tells the driver where their hotel is, and you all climb in ready for the journey.

Fifteen minutes later, you arrive at one of the most prestigious hotels in the city and you look at it in awe.

“Haven’t you ever stayed here before?” Luke asks, laughing at your reaction.

“Pfft!” You spit, “I couldn’t afford to stay here for the price of a one night stay for just one night!”

They laugh.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Luke winks, holding his hand out for you to take.

He leads you inside and shows you to his room, allowing you to say goodbye to the other three, before guiding you in to the room and closing the door behind you.

“Do you want to order anything from your room service? They do immense chocolate cakes” He asks, sitting down on the bed.

“Erm…nah you’re alright” You shake your head, sitting down next to him.

He runs his hand down his thighs as if he was nervous, which in turn makes you nervous.

“So what a life you must live, ey?” You sigh, “It must be so…”

“Tiring, exhausting yet incredibly exhilarating” He finishes for you.

You laugh, “Well…I was gonna say incredible, but whatever suits you”

“Yeah, it is incredible. It is tiring though. It’s a good job I get comfy beds to sleep on otherwise I would look like a zombie all day from getting no sleep at night” He jokes, lying down onto his back

“It is…a very comfy bed” Copying him and lying down so you’re looking at the ceiling.

You feel Luke’s stare resting on you, and all of a sudden he sits up slightly so that he’s leaning and hovering over you. 

Within one swift movement, he kisses you softly on the lips. 

It’s short and sweet, but perfect all at the same time. His lips are soft, real soft. And the cold feeling of his lip piercing against your own lips, alongside the feeling of his slightly fuzzy beard against your chin…it was filled with exciting little details you’re certain to remember.

He looks at you for a minute and then sighs, sitting up, “Sorry…I shouldn’t have done that. It was inappropriate. You’re a fan and we only met a couple of hours ago. I’m…really sorry”

You follow his actions and sit up too, “Don’t be sorry. I didn’t object”

“It just seems like I’ve rushed you, or that I’ve pressured you into coming here. I just…we were getting on so well, and we were both flirting…I guess I just ran away with myself”

You shake your head, “Maybes we just…maybes we just ran away with each other”

“Sounds like the lyrics to a sappy love song, don’t you think?” He grins

You laugh, “Maybe…probably”

“I’ll tell you what” He says, suddenly, “How about we swap numbers?”

You blush, nodding your head, “Yeah, okay”

You hand him your phone and he hands you his, allowing you both to put your numbers in.

You stay at the hotel for another hour. He orders a chocolate cake each from room service, and you talk a lot about family and school and other stuff, before you decide it’s time you should be leaving.

“I hope you don’t get into too much trouble for not being at your trip thing” He smiles awkwardly, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“I’ll…probably get into a lot of trouble. But it’s okay, it’s worth it and nothing I can’t deal with” You shrug

“Here” He says, reaching round to the back of his neck and taking off his necklace, which has a key on it, and hands it to you.

“Take this” He continues, “Use it to unlock that rebellious side of yours”

You giggle, “Thanks”

He puts it over your head and takes your hair out from under the chain so that it lies right.

You kiss him on the cheek before you leave his room, just a little bit excited at the prospect of finding what could be the start of a new and exciting friendship.