i wish people would use this design more

I think you get a lot more freedom to do as you wish with things, you know. There were always so many different heads to please in One Direction; between us as a band, the management, the label. Not to mention all the fans that we wanted to please as well. You know, it wouldn’t have always been within your taste or your design, it would have been through a design of many. So, you know, having your own chance to make it all yourself and choose as you wanna do and collaborate with the different people you wouldn’t have gotten to. It’s just.. And that’s why I said the whole “1d/free” line which everyone kind of got a bit nervous about - which is, whatever, it was.. so fun - ehm, that’s what I meant. It was just a case of the fact that, you know, like the same way that Harry’s getting to wear bell-bottom trousers now, he didn’t do that in One Direction because there wasn’t a sense of freedom to do so. So, that’s what I meant. Now I’m gonna go out and wear bell-buttom trousers. […] You get to put more of you on things, which is nice. I think it’s beautiful for everyone to see each person’s person coming out if that makes any sense […]

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Eh, I wish artists would stop using vitiligo to make a POC character look more exotic. Vitiligo isn't a fun condition to have, I don't like having to use makeup to look normal, I was terrified I'd get skin cancer from lack of melanin when I was first diagnosed. I was bullied at school due to it. It's a real condition that effects not people not something cute to use in art.

you’re right

when I did human!allur design many months ago, it clicked and the reasons where not for ‘cute’. It was first time I’ve ever actually applied it in anything i’ve done. The only times i’ve seen vitiligo represented in media (tv/movies) is when it effects the hair and not on the skin. But it does effect a portion of the population. I’ve seen it and a mate of mine has it. The effects of the condition won’t be ignored.

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can i have the honor of finishing your pulling a tooth out comic? i want to carry on your legacy oh i might show it once i'm done not too sure oh also WHAT ARE THOSE BEAUTIFUL ART SKILLS OF YOURS!? TEACH ME THY WAY IF THEE AGREE??

I appreciate your passion for it! But I would really prefer if nobody tried to finish that comic for me.
I think it would be fine to make another interpretation instead? And using the design is fine! Just not finishing the comic for me. I like where it is. If I wish to finish it I will. ^^

Art skill comes with practice and patience but also self discipline. It can be hard to teach people who think there are secrets more than that. That and because everyone learns differently. But I make a lot of posts trying to be helpful.

Sometimes i wish ppl would appreciate art more. I feel like its one of those things people are like “wow cool!” and then forget about. People take it for granted. Art is literally everywhere and all around us yet people kind of brush it off. Its not really supported in schools and wages are low for people who do art/design related jobs. 

Not only that, people think art is easy. Yeah you dont need to be academically strong to get into a good art college, but all of that stress is shifted onto creativity, talent, skill, originality, style and more. It takes years to develop skill and creativity and it takes hours, weeks, months to create major works. One time some boy told me “I could win 500$ too in that design competition if I paid someone to do the work lol” Ill never forget how disrespected i felt, it was literally a slap in the face to all the time, effort, skill, and creative process i put into my work. Not only that, hes literally suggesting stealing and taking credit for someone’s work is rewarding lmao

People think artists live a life of passion, enjoying their jobs, stress free when in actuality its probably just as stressful if not more than jobs in science, math, law, etc. you have to constantly be creating new stuff, and its not always things you love. you have to cater to people too if ur going to be a successful designer. 

I’ll always have an appreciation for people who put art out there, and im glad i can be in a community here where art is embraced. Ill always appreciate artists of any kind, in any field, whether its abstract, graphic, illustrative, design, sculpture, photography, etc. even creative writing, drama, and poetry is art. Artists’ brains are all built differently, we see things others don’t and it can be either a terrifying or a beautiful world. Ill always appreciate artists who pour out their feelings and messages in their works because its great to have an outlet when you don’t want to state things directly or its impossible to. Whether your art is visually pleasing, hyperrealistic, a mess of colors, strange, twisted, its all beautiful. It’s a beautiful personalization. it all has a message and a significance, because there is a reason why you made the piece and spent time creating it. 

I feel like in this world we are all just losing passion and appreciation for these things. People don’t want to fund art schools or build programs for artists. You tell people youre an artist or you want to go to art school and they look at you as if youre less intelligent than them. but you’re not, you’ll always have something they don’t. You’ll always have a skill and a mind that those people who have shamed you or judged you for wish they had. Dont let them just brush you off. 

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Would you ever sell the mika charms, or the design to make the charms with for personal use ourselves? It's a really beautiful charm and I'm just wondering if there's a reason you're not selling them.

the main reason i’m not selling it is because i’m unfamiliar with how the whole process works (setting up a shop on something like, say, tictail) plus i don’t really think i could find 50 people who would actually buy it, since that is the next smallest order limit.

and as far as selling the design for personal use..that is where it gets even more complicated. given how the submission process works, i’m not sure how the printing company would feel about it. on top of that you’d be essentially paying $18+ to get like, 2-4 copies or so.

i’m sorry guys, i wish i had another extra to give away ><;

Let’s start today by looking at the Sky Arena.

The entrance itself is quite interesting. It shares the abundant triangle design Homeworld is known for, so its safe to say it was built by them, and not the Crystal Gem rebels. But the thing I really want to focus on is the diamond symbols. 

As it is a Homeworld structure is has a symbol on it. But not the one we’ve been seeing lately.

This symbol changed (sometime after the war for Earth ended it seems), and when it did something important happened, as it wasn’t just a slight adjustment in design. While it kept the same pattern of using tiny colored versions of the shape inside itself, it’s missing the bottom pink. 

For now I have two thoughts of what they might represent. 

They might represent key planets under the power of Homeworld. And Earth was promising enough to gain a spot on their symbol. This theory doesn’t really stick well with me due to there being more evidence for the second one.

The second theory is that the symbol represents the people in power. Aka the Diamonds, whom have only been mentioned twice so far. Where I believe this theory holds ground is in the clothing design I obsessed over in season 1.

All of the currently known Homeworld Gems have a diamond on their “uniform”. I use the term uniform lightly because Lapis seems to be breaking the dress code a bit. And currently the most used diamond symbol would the yellow one. Possibly for the Yellow Diamond Jasper wished to report back to. Making it likely the color they wear represents which diamond they are under the power of.

I would have ended the post here if it weren’t for me having the luck to multitask while writing this. I was looking through key Pearl episodes to write a long post about her, and I came across this.

This means we have three instances of diamond symbols on clothing. And an example of the now gone pink symbol being used outside of architectural design. This one could lend more credibility to pink being a symbol for Earth instead of the symbol for a person. As Pearl is more loyal to the Earth and Rose’s ideas than Homeworld.

Developer Retrospective: The God of Crawling Eyes

It’s been a while since I did the last one of these, and Jimmy’s progress is a bit slow right now because I’ve been grading lots of essays, so why not talk about another one of my oldies?

What is The God of Crawling Eyes?

When I first found out about rpgmaker.net, it happened to be around October and rpgmaker.net had a little Halloween horror game contest that was about to start up, so I figured entering it would be a good way for me to make myself known to the community and maybe stir up some interest in A Very Long Rope.  I had about a month to crank out a game, and I ended up producing The God of Crawling Eyes in about three weeks because of work.  I had no clue that horror games had a thriving community, so the game that I spent the least amount of time on ended up being my most played.  Here’s some stuff I learned from the experience:

Nobody on the Internet cares about your development time.  Nobody cares about your limitations or if this was your first game.  If your game somehow manages to break outside of your bubble of friends and fellow devs, everyone is going to judge it based on its own merits and weigh it against every other game that exists.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make games to learn and grow, but if you put something in a public forum, people might just end up playing it, and you’re going to need to develop some thick skin; luckily, I’d put my work on the line a bunch in creative writing workshops, so I was used to being under the magnifying glass, but I could see how a younger dev might not be emotionally prepared to have their work dissected by strangers.  One of the most shocking things for me when putting The God of Crawling Eyes was that, within a week or so, I saw someone on Youtube playing it and translating it to German.  It’s easy to forget that The Internet gives you a potentially global reach.

Work within your own limitations.  Experimenting is great, and I think that you should stick your fingers in every part of making a game, but when you’re making something that’s expressly for other people or you’re working against a hard deadline, it’s time to use your past experience to make the best game you can.  One of the smartest decisions I made with The God of Crawling Eyes was keeping everything in black and white.  I built the game around a character who was color blind, so there was a clear story reason for it, and it allowed me to get around my weakest area of game dev (art).  Tiles were pretty simple, and character sprites and face sets were simply generated sprites that got thrown into MS Paint and saved as monochrome.  It ended up looking pretty decent other than a few things here and there (I would have cleaned up the giant monster dog sprite, for instance), and it let me focus more on showcasing my strengths.

Never underestimate knowledge.  Like, seriously: if you’re younger, just learn things.  Hell, if you’re older, you shouldn’t neglect learning new things, either.  And, I don’t just mean learn about game dev; you’ll be surprised how often you can reach back into your knowledge base and pull out bits and pieces and synthesize them into something interesting.  You find ways to use what you know–it’s just how your brain works.  A lot of people scoff at math, for example, but using math and, more importantly, the logical way of problem solving that math teaches, will help you do some really interesting stuff in game dev.  For The God of Crawling Eyes’s soundtrack, I was able to think back to what I learned in a 20th century composition course I took in college and pull from texture/density and 12-tone music.  Those aren’t forms of music I would have been exposed to in a normal setting, and the soundtrack kind of makes the game.  Now that I’m working on Jimmy, I’ve been influenced by way more.  It took me a while to get the track I’m working on now heading in the right direction, but what started making it click was thinking about having essentially two different songs playing simultaneously, which is something Charles Ives was doing forever ago and something I didn’t think I would ever use, but here I am.

Spend a long time in the planning process.  I was on a deadline, so I planned out The God of Crawling Eyes in about five/six hours.  Since I didn’t think about the amount of people who would actually play the damn thing, I wish I would have taken another full day to hammer out some stuff.  I would have designed the early game to have more gameplay to better teach the players how the game operates, for instance.  Or, I would have made the lengthy dialogue-heavy scenes skippable and added more to the game in terms of the effect of your choices so as to further underscore the theme and give players more to chew on for multiple play throughs.

Telegraph the properties of interactable objects to your players.  For the most part, I think that the gameplay side of The God of Crawling Eyes is a little rough around the edges but gets the job done, but there are some things where people got stuck that I wish I would have handled differently.  The big one is that, at one point, you have to push a file cabinet in front of a door.  I made the player have to push an object earlier in the game, but I should have made them push a cabinet for some reason.  If a character was looking for a key or something, and I made a shining spot that you could see peeking out from under a file cabinet, players would naturally push the cabinet and “cabinets can be pushed” would be filed into the backs of their brains.  I guess that probably a better way of putting this is “keep player psychology in mind.”

I think that’s about it for this one!  The God of Crawling Eyes was a pretty short game that was mostly in my safe zone, so it didn’t have as much impact on me as A Very Long Rope, but it was still an interesting experience that opened me up to the horror side of the RPG Maker community, which is something that’s coloring my work on Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass in a more nuanced, interesting way.  I’m super grateful that the community picked up The God of Crawling Eyes and gave it a play!

How James Patterson could have improved The Whole Flock in Maximum Ride:


She started out alright, though her whole “girls rule boys drool” attitude was a bit grating (it was painfully obvious Patterson was trying to play her off as some kind of feminist icon). I mean, she’s fourteen, she’s allowed to be immature sometimes, but for God’s sakes maybe develop her out of that! This is a girl who grew up around some pretty cool male figures (Jeb, Iggy, Gazzy, and Fang), I find it hard to believe she’d belittle and put down men as much as she does.

And let’s talk about consistency. Is she a brunette or a blonde? How is it that hard to keep track of the main character’s hair color? On a bigger note of consistency, Max is slow to forgive and never forgets…unless it’s Fang or Angel. Seriously, tell Emo Hawk if he leaves the Flock one more time he’s not allowed back, and I don’t know, maybe discipline the little kid for once? She has a power complex and has used mind control to get what she wants, please Max, you are the closest thing this girl has to a mom, it is your job to tell her those things are wrong!


STOP LEAVING THE FUCKING FLOCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT! Also make him something besides the painfully stereotypical “brooding bad boy” character. Make him less of a jerk, as well. Like any quick fix to the very painful cliche Fang was, he’d have done well to exhibit a broader range of emotions. I mean, he’s also a teenager with angst who happens to have bird wings to add more angst, right?


Well, for starters, Patterson could have actually cared about this poor child a little bit more instead of horribly derailing him. When we’re first introduced to him, he’s the one cooking breakfast for the Flock, and when Max tells him not to go on the mission against the Erasers because he’s blind, he takes matters into his own hands and (with some help from Gazzy) stages a counterattack that takes several of them out. He’s a self-taught cook and bomb expert (and based on the fact that he spent a lot of his life in a lab, he learned those skills after losing his eyesight!). What I’m trying to say is, this guy is awesome. He’s also a sarcastic little shit. Which is also very awesome.

It would have been great if J-Patts had been consistent about remembering Iggy cannot see and is blind (then again, he can’t even get Max’s hair straight)! Despite the fact that we the audience get regularly reminded of this ourselves (maybe it was him trying to remind himself in the early drafts and it never got edited out?), Iggy kind of forgets he’s blind a few times per book. And then there’s the cool power upgrades that would have been the only good thing about The Final Warning…did he get cool Daredevil-esque super senses? Hell no! He got “can see but only when he’s damn near snow blind”. That’s actually kind of cruel to do to him, really.


Where to start with her? I hate to be blunt about this, but it’s terribly obvious she was kind of thrown in the story to add a check off the diversity list. And while I didn’t have much of an issue with her OEL manga design, a few other people did (in Nara Lee’s defense though, Nudge in the manga looks like she was designed by someone who’s not used to drawing black characters who had to draw a black character). For God’s sakes, she could have been much more than just the fashion-obsessed air-headed chatterbox she morphed into later in the series, especially since her power set includes magnetism and sensing whatever people have touched! Geez! Who am I kidding, you could have taken Nudge’s character in a million different directions, and they would have all been better than what Patterson did to her!


For starters, I wish there was more to him than being a comic relief character who’s signature attack was farting. Then again, he was named by Max, so…yeah. Anyway, I’d have liked to see more of a brotherly between him and Iggy (they’re obviously pretty close) - it would’ve been nice to see their personalities play off each other a little more, kind of a contrast maybe? Plus, he’s Angel’s sister - I’d have liked to see more of his perspective regarding his little sister showing clear signs of being a budding sociopath. I can’t think of much else to add here.


HAVE THE LITTLE SHIT FACE SOME CONSEQUENCES! Really, she literally mind-controls people and flat-out admits it to Max, but we get nothing on say, if she knew what she was doing was wrong, if she even cared about whether it was wrong or not, the older kids like Max talking to her about the moral implications of mind control, etc. Like seriously, is Angel a sociopath or an innocent five-year-old? Why does this girl not get any karma for abusing her powers?

I’d have preferred to see the darker implications of outright knowing she was Max’s favorite. She can read minds, she’s very well aware Max likes her best, and personally, I think she takes full advantage of the fact - but it’s never really touched upon. Again, I know she’s only five, but she does a lot of morally questionable things to the point of being downright creepy, but apparently J-Patts really liked her so much he thought she was above being reprimanded in-story for any of it.


He should never have existed. Simple as that. He added nothing to the group save comic relief (sarcasm out of the three oldest bird kids and Gazzy’s antics weren’t funny enough? We needed a talking dog?)

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Is there a potion on how to be attractive?

Attractive in what way? If you mean physically, well, that’s all in eye of the beholder and everyone is beautiful in their own way - its just a matter of certain people preferring different things. Some people find blonde hair beautiful above all others, other people have a stronger reaction to dark hair, etc. It’s all, like I said, in the eye of the beholder. 

If you’re looking for a sort of perfume or scent-based magickal formula designed to be attractive in the literal sense (i.e. drawing people towards you) there’s a lot to choose from. Obviously, Venusian herbs are associated with good feelings in general and would probably have a drawing effect, particularly when it comes to enchanting a potential love interest. 

Rose is likely to be the most powerful of these scents, given its long-standing and powerful associations with love. As I tend to do, I would take a multifaceted approach to the issue. Include an element associated with Venus such as rose (to inspire romantic/happy feelings), but also something associated with Jupiter such as magnolia (to increase those feelings and create a strong bond). 

Depending on just what kind of relationship you wish to cultivate, oils and/or herbs associated with other forces may be employed. For example, to create a “meeting of the minds” sort of situation where someone is drawn to your intellect, include something Mercurial, like lavender.

Since this is something designed to attract people, it’s kind of crucial that it smell at least passable and ideally quite nice. I mean, I personally would make something designed to be worn as a perfume or a cologne. Thus, whatever herbs you choose, mix them in different amounts until you find someone that smells wonderful. Little tip: if you’re interested in a more masculine scent, try using cedarwood (a Jovian substance), as it has a strong masculine odor.

I wish I could provide an exact formula, but since I’ve started doing these, I’m finding its difficult to give a specific recipe, given that I lack full awareness of the situation or the ingredients at hand. Nevertheless, I hope this, as well as future responses I’ll make, will be helpful!

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Hi my names Ben I was wondering if you could oat a photo of the Norse symbol/s for courage in battle I'm a US marine and I wanted to get it tattooed on my chest I just needed some clarification because I have seen a few variants thank you!

Okay here we go. 

First off I’m going to start with Icelandic Galdrastafir or magic staves (witchcraft/spells) used by the people of Iceland from around 1400-1800, so these are NOT real Viking symbols as the viking age ended in 1066. However they borrow heavily from the Viking’s beliefs and they are a big part of Asatru or the modern norse pagan movement. 

For these I thought it would be easier to post one compilation picture rather than a bunch of single images. The ones I think you would be most interested in are the Gunfaxi, Aegishjalmur, Gapaldur, and Ottastafur. The staves are favorites for tattooing among those who follow the Old Gods as they are specifically meant to be blessings or marks of protection for the people who have them.

Next I’m going to list the relevant norse runes these were actually used during the viking age, but are simpler in design and not quite as articulate as the staves listed above, this is because they are more like letters used in an alphabet. Though, each one does poses several meanings in and of itself. Also, I don’t know how good of a tattoo these would make on their own, but you may wish to incorporate them into a larger design. 

1. Uruz: A wild ox, physical strength, speed, potential 

2. Tiwaz: The god Tyr, honor, justice, leadership, authority

3. Algiz: The elk, protection, shield, ward off evil

4. Nauthiz: Need, self-reliance, endurance, survival

There are many other norse runes, but these are the ones I think would be most relevant to a future Marine. It’s important to understand that none of these symbols had just one meaning and there are various interpretations for everything, so it’s likely that you’ll see people attributing slightly different meanings to different symbols and there’s really nothing wrong with that. Besides, runes are more focused on what they mean to you as the bearer so if you find it motivating or encouraging, then it’s doing its job. 

Some further reading: Galdrastafir: Icelandic Magical Staves, The Evolution of Viking Runes , The Meanings of Viking Runes 

If the Gotei-13 were a company...

As requested by shiromirch56. :)

Today we’re going to pretend that the Gotei-13 is not a military organization. It is a company. And each of the squads is a department. So which company department would each Squad be?

1. Squad 1: Upper Management

Yamamoto is the CEO of the company, and Sasakibe is his personal assistant. Most people only see CEO Yamamoto when he comes for a meeting, and he tries not to get his hands dirty very often. 

Yamamoto: I have to be above it all, so that I can make the tough decisions.

Yamamoto: Like not letting Unohana go on any sales calls anymore.

Yamamoto: Man, is she ever vicious!

 2. Squad 8: Onsite Management

Squad 8 is responsible for the day to day managing of the company. Rumor has it that Kyoraku is being groomed to take over once Yamamoto dies retires, even though Nanao does most of the actual work.

Nanao: So, uh, no offense, but why you?

Kyoraku: I think he really likes my coat.

3. Squad 2: Credit Department

The credit department is responsible for collecting the money that people owe the company. And if someone doesn’t want to pay, they send out the ninjas. I assume. I’ve never actually worked in a company.

Soi Fon: Even if you hide from me for 100 years, I will find you. And I will make you pay.

4. Squad 3: Marketing

Squad 3 is responsible for figuring out how to market the products. Back when Gin was the head of marketing, he mostly liked to market via fear (”If you don’t buy our product, you will probably die. Ask us why!”). Rose, the new head of marketing, takes a more creative approach, and prefers to use music and art to sell the products. He likes to test his products on Kira, since if he can get Kira interested, he figures he can get anyone interested. 

Rose: I think our new commercial should feature a talking guitar.

Kira: You always say that.

Rose: It’s always a good idea!

5. Squad 5: Sales

It is the duty of Squad 5 to actually go out and convince people to buy the product. When Aizen was head of sales, he was great at making people think that the product was exactly what they’d always been looking for. He got a lot of fan mail. Which is weird for a sales guy. But anyway. Shinji has a slightly different approach.

Shinji: Still no, huh?

Shinji: I’ll come by tomorrow and ask you again.


6. Squad 6: Quality Control

It is the responsibility of Squad 6 to make sure that the products meet all of their specifications. Byakuya is really good at it. No specification is too small for him - he will pursue any and all infractions to the bitter end. Renji is mainly there because if the product is breakable in any way, he will find a way to break it.

Byakuya: Renji, how is the test product.

Renji: Still not broken, and I’ve been using it all day!

Byakuya: That is a very good sign.

7. Squad 7: Shipping Department 

Squad 7 is responsible for making sure the products actually reach their destinations. It’s not the most glamorous position, but Komamura and Iba are both thorough people. Komamura always makes sure the materials get to where they need to be.

Iba: And this will round out my resume so that I can become CEO one day!

Komamura: Way to be positive, Iba!

8. Squad 9: Legal

Tosen was head of the legal department for many years, but eventually became disillusioned by the total lack of justice in corporate legal matters, so he quit. Kensei then took over. His method is mostly to be loud and threatening. 

Mashiro: And I look to confuse the defendant!

Hisagi: So that’s on purpose??

9. Squad 10: Accounting & Purchasing

Squad 10 manages two departments, because Hitsugaya is an overachiever. He runs accounting, because he likes having a lot of nitpicky paperwork to do. Matsumoto likes purchasing - it’s like shopping, only way more boring.

Hitsugaya: No, I don’t think I can convince the board to start selling designer clothes, sorry.

Matsumoto: Oh, come on! You write really good memos!

Hitsugaya: B-buttering me up is not going to work!

10. Squad 11: Security 

I guess that’s not technically a department, but I just feel like Squad 11 would handle security.

Kenpachi: Man, I wish somebody would rob us.

Yachiru: If only!

11. Squad 12: Product design / research & IT

Kurotsuchi and Nemu handle the new product and design and research more or less single-handedly. The rest of the squad takes care of IT - Akon is the go-to guy, much to his frustration.

Akon: People who don’t need how to use email don’t deserve my help.

Akon: And yet they won’t stop calling.

12. Squad 13: Human Resources

Which is problematic, given that Ukitake takes forever to hire anyone.

Rukia: Ukitake, please….it’s been years.

Ukitake: Hiring is a process!

13. Squad 4: Customer Service.

Since if anyone can deal with angry and rude people, it’s Squad 4.

Customer: This is outrageous! I demand to talk to your supervisor!

Hanataro: O-okay! Hang on!

Unohana: Yes, this is the supervisor.


Customer: I have no complaints. 

Customer: I love your product.

Customer: I’m sorry.

Unohana: Okay.

Unohana: Been a lot of those calls lately.


Let me start by saying I don’t like that all the LIs in DA2 are bi because I
feels like it was done for convenience rather than character design.
That said, I HATE seeing people saying that the LIs don’t “seem” bisexual.
What does that even mean??
IRL I’m a girly-girl who loves pretty dresses and makeup. My best friend is
much more tomboyish, always wearing jeans and oversized t-shirts.
Both of us are bisexual and people struggle to grasp this because of how
we appear. I just wish people would stop trying to cram us into boxes to fit
their own perceptions. Me, my friend and the LIs all included.

thaxted replied to your post “heisenberg2020 replied to your post “There is a Transgender woman…”

The BC Liberals co-optation of the word “liberal” is so irritating and confusing and I’m sure that’s by design.

Well once upon a time the BC Liberals acted like Liberals, but they got flooded with Social Credit supporters and activists after that party died, entrenching it on the right side of the spectrum.

Them continuing to use the Liberal brand is pretty misleading. I wish they would change their name to something more fitting for a centre-right party. Most people don’t think of Liberal when they think of that political party and its actions.