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53 MSR!

53) Things you said in the dark

Thanks to the anon that sent me this prompt, because I actually had something that fit perfectly that I started months ago, so this gave me the encouragement to finish it!

Post “Paper Hearts”

Just when she thinks she may finally be able to fall asleep, there’s a knock on her door. It’s just before midnight, which means it can only be one person. She inhales, closes her eyes, and counts to five, releasing a deep breath before tossing back the sheets. She throws on her robe, quickly making her way to the door as she hears another soft rasp against the wood. She doesn’t bother to look through the peephole or turn on the light; she opens the door casually, like she expected him to come. His head is bent, tucked into his chest, and a wave of concern washes over her.

“When I left you a few hours ago, I told you to go home and get some sleep.” She tries to keep her tone warm and comforting, almost playful, in an attempt to mask her apprehension.

“Didn’t even try. I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No, I couldn’t sleep either.” Their eyes meet, and she sees a flicker of fear in his gaze, most likely reflecting the distress she’s covering up. But he’s always been able to see right through her. Even in spite of the dark. “I’m worried about you.”

“Why?” He moves past her and plops himself onto her couch. He leans his head as far back as it can go, resting his feet on her coffee table.

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Katie’s One Year Celebration

August 9 marks one year since I posted my first imagine. Time has flown by & I figured, why not do a celebration/challenge? So what are the rules for this celebration? See below to find out the details!

Originally posted by nothingidputbeforeyou

1) Due date is August 8. I’ll be posting the masterlist for the celebration on August 9. If you need to send it in late just send me a message letting me know & I’ll add it to the masterlist when I get it.

2) I will ‘like’ it when I read it. If I don’t like it within 24 hours send me a message letting me know! Sometimes tumblr likes to eat my notifications.

3) The pairings for the fics are familial. So Winchester!Siblings, Winchester!Child, Winchester!BFF. I’m also cool with real person fanfics as long as you keep it familial.

4) No limit on words but please use the keep reading feature & please don’t have it be part of a series. It can kick one off but I wanna be able to read it without having to binge a series beforehand.

5) Send me the number of the prompt you’d like & maybe a backup just in case someone else snags it before you. Also tell me the pairing you intend on doing…. ex: Dean x Sister!Reader Jared x Daughter!Reader

6) Have fun with it!

7) I’ll add more prompts if I need to but I feel like 20 is a good number to start off with.

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His mother fucking aunt got married his mother's sister and you all are acting like it's some kind of Ploy for him not to be around his son what kind of sick fucks are you Freddie isn't going anywhere Freddie exists forever it's you fucking jackasses I wish would just goddamn disappear go spend time with your own father instead of fucking around on here who gives a shit I really wish Sarah that you would completely fucking disappear off the planet

Hey I just read this to my dad, who I have spent every Father’s Day of my life with because well that’s what you do when you love your family, he said you are a special sort of cretin whose father clearly failed to teach the basics of human decency.

And no one is saying Louis going to the wedding is a ploy you idiot. For example, I pointed out that he very easily could have brought his child to a family event especially since Briana isn’t even with him this weekend and I’m sure his family would love to spend some time with him and yet he didn’t do that.

So I guess you should go ask your father to teach you reading comprehension as well as human decency seeing as how he has clearly failed on both fronts.

I just wish that God or my parents or Sam or my sister or someone would just tell me what’s wrong with me. Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense. To make this all go away. And disappear. I know that’s wrong because it’s my responsibility, and I know that things get worse before they get better because that’s what my psychiatrist says, but this is a worse that feels too big.
—  Perks of Being a Wallflower
I just can't feel sorry for Frank
  • I know, his life sucks, and we're supposed to think he's a decent guy... but... he's a 20th century man, yet he's so selfish and sexist. Yeah, I know he's doing something few men would do, but I'm not sure he's doing it for Claire's sake. I wish Claire had a mother or a sister to come back to.
  • We can't have children: Must be my wife's fault.
  • My wife disappears: my worst fear is she left me for another man (I mean, she could have been killed, but that's not important).
  • My wife comes back: This is MY chance to get MY wife back, and to take a job that was offered to ME, in another country. Cause she made ME happy in the past, and I hope I can make her happy in the future. (It's not like I have to ask HER what SHE wants to do. I married her like that, anyway)
  • My wife tells me she's pregnant with another man's child: First, I almost hit her, but I stopped, cause hey, I'm a decent guy, and I'm the victim here. Then I say that child is MINE and he/she will never know anything about his real dad.
  • I put conditions to my generous offer: My wife has to forget entirely about this other man she says she love. I control what she can and what she can't do, so I forbid her to search for him, or (OMG) try to come back to him. (I'm doing it for her own sake, you know? it's not like this other man loved her enough to accept and understand her feelings for me, and even tried to send her back to me, if that make HER happy)
  • So, is Frank not as decent as we're supposed to think, or it's just that comparing him to Jamie is unfair?
OQ Fic Recs [1/?]

Fester by Whas'up (68k++)

“Regina lets the wounds on her arm fester. She leaves them be, night after night, staring at them, dark eyes empty, breath easy, and she could be sleeping, if she weren’t in so much pain. But henry is gone, her baby, and the pain will never go away. Infection is no laughing matter, and when Roland witnesses her fall to her fever, it’s his father he runs too.”

Multi-chap, WIP, updated frequently - extremely well-written and deals with OQ falling in love in the Enchanted Forest during the missing year and their struggles with Regina’s internal turmoil and trauma. Lots of Roland/Regina, too. And suicidal Regina. Really great read, and it’s from the POVs of both Robin and Regina too, so that’s a nice touch. [FF.net]

Not Quite Whole by miladiarchers (11k++)

“Robin should have a decision to make, but his heart already knows.” Post 3x22.

Three-shot, I think. Still in progress but updated frequently too. Deals with Robin and his confliction. Told from Robin’s POV. Wonderful characterization and depth. The pain and anguish and longing really reflect in the writer’s choice of words. There’s also Roland/Regina which is always a nice touch. Extremely well-written. [FF.net]

Support Pillar by The Darkness Factor (3k)

“Emma won’t like it, but right now he’s the only one his mom’s got.” Post 3x22.

One-shot. Mostly Henry/Regina in the aftermath of the finale. Henry’s finally there for his mom. [FF.net] [AO3]

and so you, bread and light and shadow, are by biggrstaffbunch (4k)

“Her mother always told her that love is weakness. 

Regina knows that is a falsehood; love is strength unrivaled. Love is lasting. It is unforgettable. It might fade, but it never disappears, however much a person might wish it would go.

Love outlasts ambition and power. Love is what is left when everything else turns to dust.

There was a moment when that thought might have been a comfort.

These days, it feels like a warning. 

Regina, after Robin and Marian." Post 3x22.

Again, extremely well-written take on Regina dealing with the aftermath of Marian’s return. And Robin makes a choice. [AO3]

I Make My Own by Luthor (5k)

”Zelena is put on house arrest at the mayoral manor.“

Mostly Regina and Zelena becoming sisters. One of my absolute favorite fics. They just grow into this complicated familial relationship and it’s wonderful to read. There’s also OQ, with Robin and Roland making their way into Regina’s life and Robin having to deal with the fact that Zelena will be in his too.

everything by sgtmac7

And no, "everything” isn’t the title of the fic. Read everything, as in all of her fics. Her characterization of Regina is just so spot-on and brilliant. Lots of post-episode prompts and “missing scenes”. Love everything she writes, although this is my personal favorite. [Tumblr]

Accidental Listener by miladiarchers (3k)

“Robin has a bit of trouble adjusting to his new phone, and Regina hears more than she probably should when he accidentally fails to end their call.”

Rated M, but also really adorable. Just really cute. And I’m really looking forward to more fics by miladiarchers because she’s a really good writer too. [FF.net]

So, that’s all for now. I’m still filtering my way through FF.net. God, it used to be so much simpler and user-friendly and now it’s a mess. I especially hate that there could be more than one pairing in the filter now so there are some other ships clogging up the Robin/Regina filter, ugh. Which also makes me love AO3 so much more. I am also about to venture my way into finding an LJ community, so expect more fic recs during the summer!