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Fic Rec Day!

I’m pretty sure I’m not late to the party! I wanted to first off say a massive thank you to all the fic writers out there! You give up so much of your time and you deliver the most beautiful pieces of art! I wish I was talented enough to draw or photoshop something for each of the fics on the list, but I am a talentless beast. 

Here come the fic!!! (Bold ones are my absolute faves)

  •  One the Other by @ruby–wednesday - My absolute favorite fic in the fandom. It’s a canon divergence. It’s so dialog and plot driven there’s so much character development. It’s absolutely incredible.
  • The Consummation by @josselinkohl - Exactly what it sounds like, only far far better. Probably my favourite sex scene in the fandom. 
  • Marks of Fate by @fahye - It’s the third and final part of the Lines on Palms series and it’s the best one. An absolute treat. 
  • Love of the Second Star by SteelStingray - Another canon divergence au. It’s a WIP so don’t say I didn’t tell you! I only read the first chapter and it’s amazing but I refuse to continue until it’s done! 
  • Size King by magisterpavus - There’s nothing I love more than people in love having sex. Also I am a firm believer that Laurent is indeed a size queen and that Damen is hung like a fucking wildebeest. This fic explores said beliefs.  
  • You’re Always Waking in the Night by @thankyoumerlin - A five and one time fic about them being in bed. So much better than what I make it sound like. 
  • A firm Hold of My Heart by @jithongchy - They get married. 
  • A Better Side of You to Admire by yekoc - I really like the dynamics here. And Damen bottoms. 
  • Relinquishing Control by @exy-king - Part of the Stages of Control series and it’s just wonderful, beautiful smut. Also it keeps up with my headcanon that Laurent and Damen get off on dirty talk. 
  • Murmur of the Land by @blacktofade - It’s an alternative take on the tent scene. Really well done and very much in character. 

Honourable Mentions: 

Turns out I love A Lot™ of works by the same people, so instead of recing each fic I’ll just urge you to go read anything by @delfeur @josselinkohl @fahye @ruby–wednesday. You honestly do not understand how incredible their fics are. I could go on for days about each and every one of them! 

Happy reading!!!!! 


ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴅᴅᴀᴍɴ ʜᴇʀᴏ

@sims-influence asked how I took this picture above and if it was an ingame manipulation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I wish we could do such camera movements ingame *sigh* So, in my case it’s just a photoshop manipulation. My reply turned out to be a mini-tutorial. I tried to explain everything as much easier as possible for such Photoshop beginners as me :D Mini-tutorial is under the cut:

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okay so i'm sorry for asking what it basically a pretty selfish question but: i am looking into digital art software/hardware, and i was wondering if you ever feel restrained by the capabilities of photoshop, or if you think it is a really good software to use, and if you wish you were using a different tablet/software instead (if so what would that be)? basically, what is your professional opinion?

i LOVE photoshop. i’ve utilized it for multiple purposes, and it’s one of the programs that hasn’t let me down. i went up a ladder before getting to it, using free programs like, uh..i think it was called “Brush” that i found, then GIMP, fire alpaca, paint tool SAI, etc–but so far PS has beaten them all for me.

THAT BEING SAID, i do use windows as my OS, and windows supports a third-party plugin that i heavily use. that’s Lazy Nezumi Pro, and it’s what rendered SAI inferior for me. photoshop all day, every day. i do know a lot of people mix PS with Illustrator though, which i’ve not had the chance to do yet.

in regards to hardware, i really wish i was using a cintiq or some other graphics tablet with a screen display. after doing a lot of traditional recently, i really do like my organic, full-arm brush movements. it’d handle my humongous high res pieces a lot better, too. but it’s definitely not something i would say is necessary for someone starting out.

Anonymous said:

Thanks so much for the advice!! I’m going to try that as soon as I get a chance!!

you are super welcome! i try to help where i can!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:

could we meet up at chicon

only if you wear that gray face and sunglasses i love you in so much  

(i’ll be vending, so i’ll be table-bound all weekend! feel free to stop by and say hey, maybe chat a little!)

I’m finally updating again! Here’s a self portrait I did for my illustration class last semester~ I feel like this is pretty appropriate for mermay

Coscards creation tutorial!

Cosplay business cards or ‘coscards’ are extremely handy for those who hate the awkward hassle of 'take my cellphone and add me on FB’ thing. Also, easier to network and to get your name out there for both cosplayers and photographers! 

These are some suggestions/templates for your coscards.

Just like any other business cards.
- simple, clean
- readable text; basic and simple ones are best like Century Gothic
- state name/alias clearly
- keep your info compact and straight to the point
- use social media icons if you desire
- (Photoshop specific): use stroke for letters
- borders for flat bgs if desired
- pastel/light colors are usually better
- put your info in a corner if overlaying on an image

- clutter; don’t have too many words or pictures
- overly bright colors
- curly/calligraphy text
- overly large text
- cover your image especially faces with text
- put entire URLs/links (username on specified site is sufficient)

For the first example, here’s my sample:

For second example, I personally suggest photographers to use this format instead of the other two.

Here is my sample. I did write in the template above to use flat bg, but if you have one cosplay/photo you want more emphasis on, you can include your info on the side and overlap it slightly. This one is most susceptible to clutter, but also shows a range of your skills better too.

For the last example, here’s my sample.

These were all rendered on photoshop, but you can use online editing images if you wish. I personally prefer picmonkey or pixlr for anything. 

But please understand that these are all at your own expense, and you will be handing these out for free. To get them printed at a company isn’t expensive and isn’t difficult (but Idk many besides visaprint so I can’t help you with that)

Hope that helped and good luck!

Hi guys, This week I wanted to do some Mass Effect andromeda fanart, and what better than to show off my Ryder. When I was making him, the main idea as make the most puck, sassy, bitch I could. I do wish there was a more vibrant pink in the game, like my old hair. I also want to give him a new name. His old one just doesn't fit him. The class I chose was Vanguard, love up close and personal fighting. As for my romance chose, I went with Reyes, perfect for my fuck the authority Ryder. 

I tried a new painting technic with this piece. Where I used mostly textured brushes to add more feeling or try to. At first, I didn’t know what to do with the background, so I went with some shooting stars. As for the helmet, My Ryder did not feel close to his father so her wares the N7 Armour as a way of being close to him.

Print are available here

You can also watch me paint this here on my youtube.

I’ve been working on this for a few hours and I am just DONE.

This is part of a 30 day monster boy challenge I started yesterday. I am doing them out of order, but this is Day 2: Cyclops I guess. Digital art makes me so angry and frustrated. Photoshop crashed on me when I was working on his hair so I had to start over, though it looks better on the second attempt. I wish I new how to do curly hair since I think he would look better with messy ringlets. Also my colors? Idk they feel so dull. But I am a thousand times better at digital art compared to my first pieces.

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Your ryuko looks sad right now, how are you doing?

She always looks that way because she sees the things I post.

I’m not an artist. I mean… I can’t draw. But I can photoshop at least. Which is how the image I have now came about.

(is this better)

Me personally, I deal with depression. Which is hell, and something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Right now, though, I feel not too bad. I’ve stepped up my workout schedule from 3 to 5 days a week cos I want to get fitter. And I think that’s been helping. Thanks for your concern, I am doing okay.

Cleaning Up Scans Tutorial

Hey guys! Yesterday artofcrystaldawn asked me how I digitally clean up my scans so I thought I’d make a little tutorial for all of you! Today I’ll show you the steps I take to clean up my sketches and this afternoon I’m going to paint this drawing and then I’ll show you how I digitally tweak the scans of my watercolors. Digital is about 50% of the process for me, both in the beginning (color roughs) and the end (tweaking bad scans to make them look either like the original or better than the original!).

I’m by no means a photoshop-ninja, these are just things I’ve picked up over time, but I wish someone had told me how to clean scans years ago so I thought I’d post my process. Sorry if this post takes up a lot of space on your dashboards (lots of photos!). If you don’t want to read it all, here’s a short breakdown of tips:

1. use a rough-edged brush to paint white

2. treat the rubber stamp tool like a brush and alter it’s settings, you’ll get more natural results

3. err on the side of not overdoing things. over-adjusting levels or over-doing the rubber stamp will look either garish or blurry (the more you rubber stamp, the blurrier it gets).  Dab at it instead.

This entire process takes about 10 minutes once you’re used to it, so it’s pretty fast!


Here’s the original scan of this drawing, pretty crappy:

I use a rough-edged brush to paint white around the part I want. I choose a rough brush because I think it helps to have a non-hard edge between where you’ve erased and where you haven’t to help it look more natural.


With less information to mess with, and most of the big stuff taken care of, I adjust the levels. Don’t go nuts doing this, though I totally find it tempting, too! I try to stay just right of the big peak of white because if I put the marker in the middle of the white it ends up looking too washed out (especially if I have “grey” tones like shaded-in skin tones). I mostly just adjust the white and then carefully tweak the middle values and barely touch the darkest values for sketches, or else the whole thing starts to look too garish. It’s okay if there are a few fuzzballs that adjusting the levels didn’t fix, we’ll get to those.


See these fuzzballs? 


This is when I go through and paint with the paintbrush in white the little imperfections away. I also sometimes edit the drawing a little here like removing those crazy sketch lines at the bottom of the drawing.

AFTER (I didn’t get them all this time, oh well)


Sometimes I bung things up in a way I can’t erase with painting, so I use the rubber stamp tool. This thing is a powerful tool, so I recommend treating it with respect and not going nuts with it. :) I used to overuse it and it makes pieces look blurry or fuzzy. I dab with it now (with a tablet pen) and I also recommend playing with the opacity/flow in the “other dynamics” settings on the brush. It took me years to realize you could edit the tip of the rubber stamp, durr, but I seriously recommend it! It makes the stamp look much more natural (a must for watercolor editing which will come tomorrow).

Here are the things we’re trying to remove:


Settings I use. The brush is under “wet media brushes” in the basic brushes that come with photoshop cs4 (I’m behind, what).  The other dynamics are set to off with this picture because what I was removing wasn’t complicated, but I think it’s worth playing with them to see what you like:


And there you have it! It’s not perfect, but then again, it IS a sketch! :) I hope that helps, guys, and thanks once again for all your support! Stay-tuned, tomorrow I’ll post a tutorial on how to edit watercolor scans!

To cope with the stress from college, Elsa adopts 2 year old puppy named Anna as her therapy dog. Calming down from one of her panic attacks, she wished her dog understood all the things she was babbling on about… The following morning, she wakes up to next to a naked girl with a dog collar around her neck. 

So….. I finally did a thing…. It would be awesome if someone else will make the thing better while I fix my photoshop program and stuff.

Anonymous asked you:I don’t think I’ve seen any cedfia stuff from you, I mean nothing CRAZY but you know ;D

I ship Cedfia in an annoyingly specific way. I see it more as a one-sided dumb schoolgirl crush sort of thing where Sofia really really admires Cedric and always follows him around and he really couldn’t care less about her other than amulet except when he does.

MAN I am like terrible at this whoops I apologize anon I hope this is okay??