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Meet the Family

Requested by @thedracaryslady ! Modern AU :) I hope that you enjoy! 

“I feel like I should apologize now for anything my siblings might do. I’ve told them to be on their best behavior but…I don’t think some of them know what that means.”

She placed a hand on his forearm, squeezing gently until he looked at her. “I don’t care, Jon. I’m sure they’re all wonderful and I’ll love them. I have siblings too, you know.”

Jon wanted to say there was a difference between having siblings that were around your age versus siblings that were significantly older. “As long as you’re sure…”

“Believe me, I’m sure. I can’t wait to meet your family.” His parents (and his siblings) had been pestering him incessantly to bring Dany home ever since they started dating. He suspected at least part of it had to do with the fact that they didn’t really believe he actually had a girlfriend. And finally he’d caved. He just hoped it hadn’t been the wrong idea. 

“They might ask you if I’m just paying you to act like my girlfriend for tonight.”

She kissed him gently, putting an end to his fears. “Then I’ll just have to tell them how wrong they are.” 

They got out of the car and headed towards the front door; he could feel rather than see her taking in the house. It was quite a house, especially to someone seeing it for the first time; it had been in the family for generations, set far back on a long driveway with carved stone wolves looking down on them from the roof. But it had always felt like home, for as long as he could remember. “It looks worse than it is.”


“Well, it’s home.” He dug the keys out of his pocket and opened the front door-where two of the family dogs, Nymeria and Shaggydog, tried to jump on them. “Down!” It took a while, but the dogs finally ran back into the living room-while the other four watched from a distance, heads cocked curiously. “Don’t mind them. They’re just excited.”

“That’s a lot of dogs.”

“One for each of us. Although it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, I’ll give you that.” 

He heard footsteps in the hall just before Arya came skidding into the entryway, Bran close at her heels. “Wow. I honestly thought you were just kidding about her.”

He rolled his eyes. “Arya, meet Daenerys. Daenerys, this is my youngest sister Arya and my…second youngest brother, Bran.”

Dany smiled at both of them. “Hello. It’s nice to meet you both.”

Brain tilted his head and Jon braced himself. Technically speaking, Bran was eleven and should have known better but he still liked to make spot on observations and usually ended up embarrassing someone. “She’s really pretty, Jon.”

Dany laughed. “Well, thank you.”

Arya didn’t look convinced. “Are you sure you’re not in trouble? Blink twice if we need to call the police.”

“Arya-” It was the long suffering voice of an older sibling, but Arya seemed to get the hint and backed down. 

“Just kidding. It’s nice to meet you. Jon doesn’t bring girls home a lot.”

“So that means that if he brought you home he must really like you,” Bran said with a smile. Jon felt like he was going to spontaneously combust from embarrassment. 

“Yes, we really like each other. Would you mind letting us go inside now? Has she passed the human test?”

Arya shrugged. “Come on,” she said, leading them deeper into the house. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

Jon dropped back to talk to Dany as the two kids led the way. “Sorry about them.”

Dany grinned. “Don’t worry. They’re cute.” 

“Don’t let Arya hear you say that. She’s ‘tough’.”

Robb and Rickon were in the den playing video games-but Robb paused the game as soon as he saw them. Robb knew Dany, of course; they all went to the same school, so it would be hard to miss her-but it was strange seeing him in a place that wasn’t school-it felt like his worlds were colliding and he was powerless to stop them. 

Which, he supposed, was the point. 

“Dany, you know Robb, and this is Rickon.”

Rickon wasn’t smiling. “Jon, Robb’s cheating.”

“How’s he cheating?”

“He keeps using the better guys!” Rickon was only seven and never won at video games, so he always believed that the older and better players were conspiring against him. 

“It’s UFC-aren’t they all good characters?”

“He won’t teach me how to do this one move.”

“Because Mom would kill me if I did,” Robb said. He nodded to Dany. “How’s it going?”

“I’m fine, thanks-”

“I’m trying to get her through dinner without her being driven away by all of you,” Jon said pointedly. 

Robb grinned. “Well, you don’t have to worry about me.” He turned to Rickon. “So what do you think about Dany?”

“She’s nice. Arya was wrong, though. She’s real. Dany, do you play UFC?”

“Maybe some other time, okay?” Robb turned back to the game. “Let’s leave the two lovebirds in peace.” 

“Robb has the right idea,” Jon said as he turned right down another hallway. “He hasn’t brought his girlfriend home yet. I don’t think he’s ever going to.” 

The door to Sansa’s room opened as they walked past and she nearly collided with him. He caught a glimpse of her room-light pink walls (she hadn’t repainted since she was six), and more posters of boy bands than she cared to admit-before the door closed behind her. When she saw Dany, her eyes lit up. “Hey Dany.” The two had always gotten on well because they were both new to the high school-although Sansa was a freshman and Dany was an upper classman who was new to the city. “I hope Bran and Arya didn’t scare you off.”

“So far she’s still here-and I’m out of siblings.” Thank God. 

“Mom said dinner was ready, didn’t she? I’m starved.”

“We’re heading that way ourselves.”

She smirked. “I wouldn’t want to spoil your special time together. See you at dinner, Dany.” She brushed past them, opening her iPhone and texting so rapidly her fingers were flying over the keyboard. 

“Sorry about that,” Jon said. “They mean well, but-”

“They’re adorable. Really. I love them. I’ve always kind of wanted younger siblings myself-”

“No you don’t. You think you do, but then when you actually get them you wish you were an only child.” 

“Well, they didn’t scare me off. You know I love you, whatever your family is like…right? You didn’t judge me based on my brother.”

He couldn’t help grimacing at the memory. Dany’s older brother Viserys had been less than pleasant the one time he’d gone over to her house for dinner. “Right.”

By the time they reached the dining room all of his other siblings had already arrived, cramming around the old dining table that had been in the family for centuries. His mother loved cooking for guests and today was no exception; the table was loaded down with food (all of Dany’s favorites; she’d called ahead to check). 

Luckily, two seats were open at the end of the table. 

They exchanged pleasantries with Catelyn and Ned. Jon noticed that Dany seemed a little nervous around them, though she didn’t need to be; they’d listened to all of his stories about Dany and had grown to love her almost as much as he did. 

Maybe Catelyn would never like him, but she had no qualms about liking his girlfriend. And that was good enough for him. He was used to it by now anyway. 

The meal went surprisingly well. After the initial teasing, the kids actually acted mature around Dany. They talked about everything-school, travel, future plans (Jon and Dany had decided to attend colleges in the same city, a few hours away). Of course there were a couple of times when Jon had to look down so he didn’t blush, but they were few and far between. 

When the meal was over and he had to drive Dany home, Catelyn made her promise to come over again soon-and Dany agreed with no reluctance. 

“Well, that went better than I thought it would,” Jon said as they got on the highway. 

Dany sighed, leaning her head back against the car’s headrest. “I love your family.”

“Well, you’re welcome to share if you’d like.”

“Thank you, Jon. I had a wonderful time tonight.” 

“Yeah. Me too.” 

After he dropped Dany off and they kissed goodnight he drove home in silence. As soon as he got home Arya ran to meet him-and followed him upstairs as he sat on his bed and tried to work on his calculus homework. “See? We know how to behave ourselves.” 

“When you want to.”

“Exactly. But she’s nice and she makes you happy…I see why she’s with you. She’s good for you. You weren’t moody once tonight.”

“I’m not-”

“You are. You really are.” She turned to leave, but he called her back. 

“Arya? Thanks for tonight.”

She grinned. “You’re welcome, Jon. We’re not that awful, you know.”

“Oh believe me-I’m aware.” 

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2PM’s Nichkhun wants to be a good father

Boy band 2PM’s Nichkhun was born on 24 June 1988 in the United States, where he lived until he was two, before leaving for Thailand and living in the country until he was 12 years old. Then, the idol who is of Chinese-Thai descendant, was sent by his parent to study in New Zealand and the United States, because they wanted their beloved son to see the world.

He is used to having an independent and disciplined life since he was young. This has made him stronger and not too shocked culturally when he started living in South Korea. It helped him, for instance, in his time at Wanganui Collegiate School New Zealand, when he had to wake up at 5.30 a.m. to joy or swim.

“It was alright then, because I’m a man. When I was in New Zealand, I was still young and I could not speak English. It was very lonely and I cried but now is not the same situation. I’m not like that anymore, I talk to my family 3-4 times a week and tell them not to worry about me,” he revealed.

However, his upbringing has influenced his point of view. The idol who is actively promoting “early childhood development” with the UNICEF, revealed that his biggest wish was to become a good father.

“Dad who often cooks delicious food for their children, teaches them how to play piano and sports, someone who will talk to his kids if they did something wrong. I want to be there for them,” he said sincerely and earnestly.

The idol, who has one older brother and two younger sisters, even has a few wishes regarding his future children. “I want to have a girl and a boy. I would like the older child to be boy and the second one a girl. I think a brother can protect and take care of his sister very well,” he said.

So, who is the lucky girl that is going to marry the idol? Nichkhun described his ideal type of woman during an interview with Japanese magazine Fine.

“I like someone who is very understanding, especially because I’m so busy with my work,” he said.