i wish my doctors are


David Tennant, animatedly narrating some of his animated characters

  • Twigs in Tree Fu Tom
  • Stretchy McStretch in The Itch of the Golden Nit
  • The Doctor in Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
  • Charles Darwin in The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists

Are you saying… you want to stay at Doldam Hospital?

- Yes, I am.

12th Doctor Night Cap....got to love the Sonic Screwdriver

I just finished searching for worms in my back yard.  I’m teaching a preschool class tomorrow at the Detroit Public Library.  Let me tell you that those little buggers are fast.  Damn worms….I think I got enough though. 

But as I was walking outside, in the dark, with my low light flashlight;  I was wishing the Doctor was around.  So he could use his sonic screwdriver to light up the ground for me…maybe coax those slimy things to the surface for me.   

Well no Doctor showed up but at least I can admire some images of the Doctor with his Sonic.

Maybe next time the Doctor will show up.
Nighty Night and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers

Drunken Who

 A/N: I don’t write a lot, and this was also written impulsively so sorry if it sucks ass. 

Spencer groaned, and threw his messenger bag on the ground. He had just come home from an exhausting case. They’d stayed in Philadelphia much longer than expected. Oddly enough, Spencer found himself not tired like he usually was after a long case. He briefly considered calling up some of the team to hang out, but eyed the clock, which read 11:00 PM, and decided the time was likely unconventional for making plans.

Ugh, maybe he shouldn’t have drank 5 cups of coffee on the jet. He looked around his apartment for things he could do to kill time. He looked down at his coffee table, and his eyes caught a DVD that JJ had bought him for his birthday, “Doctor Who: The Complete Series”. It went along perfectly with the DVD player that Morgan had bought him, in a rather insulting manner: “Come on old man, even my grandma doesn’t own a VHS player.”

It was true, Spencer much preferred his VHS player, more traditional, but for the first time the DVD player had come to use, which intrigued him. He walked over to his television set and inserted the disc into the player, and strolled over to his kitchen. He looked for some food or drinks to go along with his Who marathon, but frowned as he opened the refrigerator. There was nothing but an apple and a case of vodka. With the long hours at work, he neglected to go grocery shopping. However, his limited options gave him an idea, he grabbed the case of vodka along with some little Dixie cups he had in his drawers. He sat himself down on the couch, penning some words  onto his notepad.

“Drink every time you see a Tardis.”

“Drink every time the Doctor says ‘what?”

“Drink every time the Doctor says a catchphrase.”

“Take a DOUBLE SHOT when something sad happens.”

“TAKE a DOUBLE SHOT whenever trouble strikes.”

“Take a TRIPLE SHOT whenever music from the soundtrack plays.”

Spencer stared at the list momentarily, making sure he actually wanted to do this. He was usually never one for drinking, but alas the boredom got to him. After pondering for a minute, he nodded to himself. He poured vodka into all the mini cups and then he pressed play on the remote. The show immediately opened up to the theme song. Shit. Did that count as part of the soundtrack? Eh, fuck it. He leaned over and downed three cups of the vodka, wincing at the taste. Spencer had always considered himself more of a scotch person. The theme song then displayed a  flying Tardis. Not even a minute in, and he was at four shots. It was going to be a long night.

             *                       *                       *                             *                           

Spencer had finished half of a season, and needless to say, he was sloshed. As the Tenth Doctor uttered the words, “I’m so sorry”, Spencer fumbled for another shot. He reached for a cup, but noticed it was empty. In fact, they all were. He looked over to his case of vodka, he’d managed to go through all three bottles. Well, two and a half. He shrugged and supposed it meant game over. He eyed the clock, which read 3:32 AM. Despite how late it was, he still found himself not tired. What else could he do to kill the boredom? His eyes then lit up as he digged his phone out of his pocket.

He called up the second number on his speed dial. After 4 rings, it went to message, which he gladly left. 

“Jeeeeeennnniffffffeeer. I neeeed you nowww pleaseee it’s urgent ugent urgent,” he slurred.

With that, he continued looking through his numbers. His next drunk dial victim was his boyfriend Luke, who he had secretly been dating for quite some time. Unlike JJ, Luke answered the phone. 

“Helllllllloooooooooo sexy,” Spencer exclaimed.

Luke chuckled slightly, “Babe, are you drunk?”

“Nooooooo youuuu’ree drunk!” 

“Fucking hell,” Luke grunted.

“Who is this hell?” Reid inquired. 

“Excuse me?” Luke asked with confusion.

“You said fucking hell. I thought you were fucking me.”

God he was out of it. Holding back his laughter, Luke replied, “don’t worry, I am fucking you. No one else. I promise. I love you.”

“I love you toooooooooo sooooo muchhh,” Reid sang. 

“Okay, I’m going back to bed now. Please don’t do anything stupid, and drink plenty of water,” Luke ordered.

“Byeeeeeeeeee,” Reid said before he hung up, seemingly ignoring his boyfriend’s advice. 

As soon as he hung up, his phone started to ring. It was JJ. He picked up immediately. 

“Spence, what the hell? You left me a message saying it was urgent. Is everything okay?” she sounded exasperated. 

“Lemme tell you, Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am morrreeee than fine. I am finner than a chilled wineeee,”

It didn’t take JJ too long to realize he had just been drinking. She rubbed her temples before speaking again, “Okay is there something you ne-

“Jenniferr, lemme tell you. statistical facts show 51% of marriages end in divorce. Or murder. So, I just wanna let you know I’ll always be theree for Will.”

“Oh - um I’ll let him know that,” JJ nodded. 

“Thank you, I know I can alwaysss count on YOU JJ,” he practically shouted.

“Bye, Spence,” JJ smiled.

The line cut off, and once again, Reid wasted no time picking someone else to call. He pressed a number on the screen and he listened to the ring. It went to message. Just as usual, that did not stop him from expressing his emotions. 


With that he ended the message. After all those calls, Spencer found himself dozing off. He laid his phone on the coffee table, laid his head on the edge of the sofa, and fell into a slumber. 

                   *                       *                       *                             *             

His eyes weren’t open, yet he see how bright it was in the room. Oh god, what was that feeling? His stomach and headache hurt so bad. Spencer opened his eyes slightly, turning over to the empty vodka bottles on his table. Oh shit, this was a hangover.

“Oh, look who’s up,” a familiar voice called from the kitchen, it was JJ.

“Aw, he had a nice rest,” Garcia beamed.

Spencer shifted himself up so he was in sitting position, “What are you guys doing here?” 

“Well, you drunk dialed us last night, and we figured we would be part of the ‘Hangover Cure Crew’,” Luke chuckled.

Garcia rolled her eyes, “Newbie, it’s Hangover Cure Squad.”

“Yeah, well I like mine better,” he retorted. 

JJ groaned, “I’ve been putting up with these two’s bickering for the past hour,”

Spencer chuckled, grabbing his head slightly. “What’s that by the way?” He pointed to a plate of something that smelled heavenly. 

“Well, see, these two were arguing over whether you would want strawberry waffles or chocolate chip pancakes, so they ended up making both,” JJ explained. “As for me, I made the Spencer Reid classic: sugar with some coffee. With some Advil too.”

Spencer smiled as JJ handed him the warm cup of coffee. Garcia and Luke also walked over, fighting for the plate of food. The two fidgeted so much, they almost dropped it. With much struggle, it eventually ended up on the table next to his cup of coffee. 

“Thank you so much guys,” Spencer smiled at all of them. 

“Oh, it’s the least we could do for all the entertainment you provided us last night,” Garcia laughed. 

“Well, look, we’ve all got plans for the rest of the day, so we’ll be heading out now. Hope you feel better,” JJ smiled, walking towards the door. 

As Garcia and JJ walked to the door, Luke knelt down next to him, “Okay, babe I gotta go,” he kissed Spencer on the cheek. 

Luke turned around. JJ and Garcia could not believe what they’d just witnessed, their jaws dropped to the floor. In panic, Luke turned to Reid, who met him with a look of, “Nice Going Asshole”. 

Cat was out of the bag. Shit. 

Omg this was soooo much fun to write. I got the inspo to write this from an ask @reidoneshots answered.              

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Requested Anonymously

This was just meant to be a sweet little piece of fluff and it turned into a GREAT BIG CHUNK OF FLUFF because I couldn’t help myself. Also, all quotes from The Princess Bride are written by William Goldman and do thusly belong to him.

The Doctor was angry. Very angry. Not at you, but just at… the situation. You were sick, you see. If you had developed cancer, he would have been able to cure you. If you had contracted some rare tropical disease, he would have had that covered, too. Broken bones, muscle damage, third-degree burns, paper cut? He would have had everything under control in no time at all. You wouldn’t even have had time to realize that you were in pain. But you didn’t have any of those things.

You had the flu. A silly strain of simple, stupid, human flu. And there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

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Doctor Who - The Lie of the Land

I just watched the newest episode of Doctor Who, and OH MY GOSH!

I wish I had been taking notes. There were SO MANY call backs to Sherlock.

A few lines I can remember are, “Good night Vienna,” a call back to TGG. There was also a slightly modified line, “It’s not a trick. It’s not a plan,” a call back to Sherlock in TLD, “It’s not a trick; it’s a plan.” I know there were more. Hopefully other people took note of them to add on to this.

There was one line I liked because of the truth of it. Paraphrasing: No matter how bad something is people won’t change it if it’s always been that way.

A few more Sherlock references:
1. Bill was wearing Sherlock’s coat.
2. Many locations were used in both shows, most notably Rathbone Place where TFP ended.
3. The Doctor talking on the TV screen with glitching.
4. It felt like the whole episode was a metaphor for Series 4 of Sherlock. The monks were believed to have always been there even though only had been for a few months. The true history is hidden behind a lie.
Eurus Holmes was supposedly Sherlock’s entire backstory from the beginning, but she has only been a character since Series 4. Once she is gone, Sherlock’s true story can be told. His real history can be revealed. (Redbeard being put down, Carl Powers, drug overdosing at 18, etc. These things do not logically fit with the Eurus backstory.)

The next episode is by Mark Gatiss so I’m looking forward to the hints he throws in.
(I see you, Mofftiss!)


please read the quote in the photo set then this message:

it doesn’t mean that you don’t matter. it means it’s not about you. you need to be able to put others before yourself. i know this seems like i’m contradicting all of the self help and self love i post about, but i’m not. the greatest form of self love is helping others, and to know that what truly will give your life meaning, is helping others. i can’t stress this enough. i get questions constantly “how can i be happier” “how can i be more positive”, learn that it’s not about you. for the longest time i’ve wanted to be a doctor, and i’ve worked hard towards that goal, and i’ve always told myself the reason i wanted to be a doctor was to save lives, but that isn’t true. the selfish truth is that the only live i wish to save is my own. i feel as though becoming a doctor will give my life meaning, therefore saving my own life. i have completely missed the point. it’s not about me. it was never about me.

it’s silly, but it hurts that you don’t believe me. that you think i forced a diagnosis. that you don’t want to admit your little girl may have psychosis. i’m not a monster, i’m not any different. i’m still your daughter. i just have a sickness. something that needs treatment and help. i love you so much and you’re always supportive, but i just wish you would trust me and my doctor on this.

Gain Overnight

Alfie Douglas’ Diary

Day 263 - I didn’t order rolls!
Dear Diary;
I blew up like a balloon this morning! Yesterday I was skinny and athletic. And today I weigh 250 pounds! My belly is super soft! I have even got girl tits like my older sister!

Before you say anything, I didn’t do anything that interesting yesterday. I came home from school, had dinner, watch a DVD then some videos  and then went to bed. A typical day for a 12 year old. Well, in the night I got up to go toilet. I was fine getting up and going. When I came back, I sat on my bed. And then, it happened. My body started to tingle. I thought it was because I was cold. And then, my body started to soften. I screamed as I saw my pyjama top push outwards. My belly was growing! I rubbed my belly in pain. I could also feel my pyjama bottoms filling out. My butt was growing aswell! I stood up and squeezed my growing butt. I groaned at the feeling. My chest was also in pain. I looked round to see two mounds growing outwards! I was getting Moobs! My pyjama top was shred to pieces as my belly grew to big for it. It flew of my body. My bottoms also flew off as my butt and thighs expanded. The weight of my Moobs pulled me towards the floor.

It all stopped. I smiled as I stood up. I was standing naked in my room with a belly the dive of a beach ball, a pair of tits and a huge butt. I felt really aroused. I squeezed my belly. Why has it grown? I started to panic. I need help. My parents were away! I’m alone! I ran into my older brothers room. Under his bed was a scale. My brothers trying to lose weight, but he hasn’t lost a single pound yet. Looks like I will be joining him. I stood atop the scales and measured my self. 250 Pounds! That’s EXACTLY the same weight as my brother! And guess what? I can wear his clothes! I pulled open a draw and grabbed a shirt. I put it on, only to realise it wouldn’t go over my belly. Maybe I AM BIGGER than my brother. Oops. I panicked again and grabbed some underwear. At least they fit…badly.

So that was my day. Bad isn’t it? I called a doctor over to ask for help. He said he had a case with a girl who had the same age as me, gained the same amount of weight as me and also gained it all at the same time as me. Looks like I’m not the only one…

Day264 - Fatter than Life
Dear Diary;
Yes, I got fatter again today. This is really weird. Why is this happening to me? Oh, and that other girl. I wish my parents were here. I’m really lonely. My doctor has been nice though. He sent me some clothes that actually fit! Yay!

I started to gain more weight at about noon today. I was watching TV and eating chips. I didn’t give a single fuck about my weight now. As soon as I finished the bag of chips, I felt that sinister tingle again. I knew what was going to follow. And then it started. My whole body softened as fat started to fill up my clothes. My top was pushed outwards by my expanding gut. My sweatpants ripped as my butt jiggled out of them. I started to cry in terror. My top flew off as my belly expanded. My Moobs grew slightly, but not that much. I squeezed my body, waiting for it to stop.

Guess what happened next? I gained 1000 pounds. Only joking, it stopped. I stood there naked in my living room with my huge body still jiggling from the impact. I panicked as I ran to the bathroom. My belly bounced as I ran upstairs. I grabbed the scales and bounced ontop. 300 POUNDS! That’s huge! I’m 12 and I weigh more than my fucking dad!? No way. I won’t be able to call my brother ‘Fat hippo’ anymore. My brother was 230 pounds, but I guess I have to go in that diet now. Oops. I also had no more clothes now. My life couldn’t get any worse…

Day 265 - Stretchmarks the spot
Dear Diary;
My belly is sooooo big! I gained a lot more weight today! I’m actually really fucking huge. Excuse my French. But I am. I never knew anyone the size of me after my gain today, and im only twelve. Anyway, Ill tell you about today.

Today all I have done Is sit naked in the living room watching tv. For some strange reason I was aroused at the thought of being fat and naked. I was also aroused at the thought of not even being able to fit my Moobs in my older sisters bra’s. that thought is really arousing. Was I enjoying this? I think I actually am.

Well at 3 I was gaining again. Because I was wearing no clothes, I could see all the gaining going on. My belly flooded my thigs, covering the surface of them. My thighs also grew. They pushed all the rubbish next to me away. I groaned. My butt pushed me upwards a bit. I stood up and my belly just swung from my body. I slapped it and it continued to grow. My butt was really huge. It was bigger than all my sisters’ butts combined. I grabbed a handful of the flesh on my arsed and squeezed. Ooh the feeling. The gaining stopped. I was really big. REALLY big.

The scales were in the hall. I hopped ontop and waited for the number. 350. THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FUCKING POUNDS! WTF! I’m huge!  I slapped my butt in anger. It continued to wobble for minutes after I even slapped it. So yeah. That is what happened. My doctor brang some more clothes round today. Yay. Now I have some clothes I can actually fit into. But I loved the feeling of trying to squeeze my butt into my brothers underwear.

rising–dawn May i ask what city this geneticist is in? I’m looking at geneticists, and one for EDS that’s been suggested to me is in MD also.

Was it Dr. Francomano? That’s who I see, and she’s at GMBC in Towson. I do recommend seeing her if you can. She’s amazing and the info she gave me at my first appointment about my diagnosis is, I honestly believe, more correct and thorough than any other geneticist in the country could have given me. She also is really good at picking out whether odd problems are EDS related or not, and asking her colleagues for advice when she knows it’s EDS but she also knows referring EDS patients to local specialists may not be productive. She’s also of course good at knowing the EDS protocols for major symptom management, but she’s not the only doctor I trust for that one. 

But her office staff is absolutely terrible.

PCOS: What my doctor never told me

When I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome not even two years ago, my doctor was nonchalant. My ultrasound revealed that I had benign cysts on my ovaries, a classic sign of the condition. Coupled with other symptoms I was having (weight gain, irregular periods, pelvic and back pain), she came to the conclusion that I had PCOS. She prescribed me birth control to regulate my period, assuring me that it would help with the pain I was feeling. And that was all. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that PCOS wasn’t a simple matter of absent periods and back pain, but a very serious condition with a plethora of complications. Taking my doctor’s lack of urgency as a sign that the condition I had was not serious, I continued to live my lifestyle as I always had, not realizing that I was putting my health at serious risk. It was only when I took it upon myself to research this condition, that I realized just how worried I should’ve been about it. 

This is what my doctor never told me about PCOS, that I wish she had.

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