i wish my crush could see me

I hate myself for loving you so much and i wish i could tattoo the feeling of your lips on my skin. I can’t see myself ever not loving you but you and i will always be unfinished business and maybe somethings are better left unfinished. You’re in my bones, my heart and your voice echoes in my veins. I’ll have to rip myself open to let go of you, but thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like
—  L.S.

blue Danse

( I stood on the platform, the emitter’s blue light flickered around us. Danse stopped to pace and came closer put one foot on the rim of the platform and looked at me. “ I can not take you with me.” I wishpered to him hoping the other two hear nothing of my words. That hardly noticable smile what crushed my heart. The thought hit me hard, I might not gonna see him and that smile again. Ever!) 

(pls do not laugh, I never been a writer it was a dream, it felt I loose him forever. I did not know how this mission end and I had to put it to words. At least I tried)

I wish I could go back to that night in Montana, we were hundreds of miles away from home. I will never forget how dark that night was, I’ve never seen anything like it, not being able to see one foot in front of the other, and that’s when I held your hand to help you walk back, and the inferno ignited inside of me, were we friends? Lovers? A bit of both I think, it’s always on my mind, it’s been years since we’ve talked, and I really wish I could talk to you again because I miss you quite terribly. You were the strangest, weirdest, greatest thing that’s happened to me, but like all fires they die, but my embers still burn for you.
—  An old spark

Has nobody noticed something whit this song i mean

(NORA and PYRRAH):baby it’s time to make up your mind

i think that tonight is when our stars align 
honey it’s time to leave the doubt behind  
take my hand cuz you and I are gonna shine 

NORA:i was cold in the dark
it was empty in my life
from the outside it looked so bright
but nothing felt right ….to me

like a sky with no sun 
like a night that has no day
my heart was eclipsed by the dark
then something changed

i saw a little ray of light come through
the tiniest of sparks came into view
and then 
you made me hope again

PYRRAH:i’ve been watching you helping you 
wishing that you’d see
that the girl you’ve been waiting so long for could be me

now-i’ve never been in love 
but i think this is it
it might be just a school girl crush
but i have to admit

i wanna take a chance and make you see
i think that you’re the one who’ll rescue me
this time
you’re finally gonna see you should be mine

(NORA and PYRRAH):but baby it’s time to make up your mind
i think that tonight is when our stars align 
honey  it’s time to leave the doubt behind  
take my hand cuz you and I are gonna shine 

(mostly both of them):i won’t need any dreams
it’s all there if you’re by my side
every moment’s enough
and you take me to paradise

when i needed a hero you knew it
and you were there
and I’m scared but I’ll open my heart up
i’m ready to dare

(mostly PYRRAH):i know i’ve never felt like this before
I never really knew what love was for
i dreamed
but never did believe

(NORA and PYRRAH):but baby it’s time to make up your mind
i think that tonight is when our stars align 
honey it’s time to leave the doubt behind  
take my hand cuz you and I are gonna 
light the sky until it’s dawn and 
baby you and I are gonna shine


volume 4 chapter 10 actually clarified nora’s part. damm volume 2 was already foreshawoding volume 4.

I’m looking at you, seeing a future.
You’re looking at me, as another person who’s going to leave;
I guess that’s what you’re used to,
but I’m staying,
and it feels like you’re trying to run away from that; us; me.

I’m seeing you getting revved up over small things; insignificant to me;
wishing that kind of passion could be invested in me.
Though I don’t think you’re ever going to love me.
Almost like you’re incapable of it at this point in life.

It crushes my heart,
knowing this is, and will always be one sided.
I wish I could say I’ll wait but that’s unfair to myself to wait around for something that may just never happen.

I hate that I had to ask; though I don’t think I’m asking for much.
Act like you fucking care.
If you even do.
If not, please stop wasting my time;
giving me hope for a fiery love that isn’t even a lasting flame;
a spark that was blown away in the wind.

—  ‘Love Me or Leave Me’

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That is honestly really sweet. Thank you for sharing that. This is going to ramble on for a bit, but I really like you. I found your blog years ago, and you remind me of my first semester of college, first time on the train listening to tricot. I had a weird crush on you back then too, but in like "man they're cute I really hope they have a good day". Late nights when I can't sleep and I'm on Tumblr and I see your blog I can't help but wish for your happiness, and if I could ever suck your toes.

you know what my heart was filled with so much warmth until i read the last part and im so angry right now but i cant stop laughing i hate and love you so much im gonna kill you 


I see your glasses you need, at last
and you hate that, you, my secret crush
glasses, on libidinous blue eyes
your hair, freckled white, skin etch-a-sketch
impish smile sends me in spirals, pricks
me unawares, you leaning back laugh
next to my dad, you won’t see woman
always child, crazy hair and smudged nose
I wrestle wishes at night, could not?
would not glasses mean you’d finally see
my hair is smooth, and I’ve been waiting
still, for you


Now Baby!? (Demetri Volturi x Pregnant Reader) request

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Demetri walked in to see you giggling. You were sitting on an arm chair tapping your stomach. That was when he saw a tiny hand imprint pass over the same spot from the inside. Demetri smiled wishing he could live in this moment forever. Just to see your smile and that tiny hand made everything worth it. That was his baby in there. He couldnt be more proud of you, the mother of his unborn child.

“The baby won’t come out~” you whined. “Two weeks overdue and I’m sure my bladder is three times smaller than it used to be.” Demetri chuckled. “You made a nice little home in there.”
“Maybe but again, all of my insides are being crushed and I don’t think this baby likes me sleeping since it seems to know when I sleep and gives me a swift kick…which is more painful than you think.”
Demetri chuckled again. “Maybe it wants to surprise you.”
“Or waiting for the worst time possible.”
“How about this, we take you to the Cullen’s and they can run a check up.”
“I’d like that.”

Seeing the Cullen’s again made you realise just how much you missed them. Renesmee was fascinated when you showed her what happened when you tapped your stomach. “It’s a hand! A hand!” She would cheer.

Everything was well with the baby, but there was no explanation as to why you hadn’t given birth yet. A few days went passed and you had a great time. You met the pack, much to Demetri’s dismay. The Cullen’s were talking of visiting the Egyptian coven and had invited you along. Demetri kindly refused the offer but had no objections to you joining them. You were so excited that you barely noticed when your water broke. Everyone froze and you looked down.

With Bella’s birthing experience it was never ending screaming yet yours seemed more tame despite being a hybrid. You looked down. “Now baby!? See Demetri I told you, waiting for the worst possible time. I’m not even home!” You whined. Then the pain started. “Oh that’s not nice. Ow. No this is bad. Guys what do I do?” Carlisle took over from there.

Turns out the birthing wasn’t tame, in fact it was agreed you had it easy until going into labour because that was when things went as a human would say ‘crazy’.

Varric: Shale, I’ve written a lot of scenes where I describe someone as having a twinkle in their eye. You’re the first I’ve met who’s whole body twinkles.

Shale: I’ve been told my crystals are attractive.

Iron Bull: I’ll say! Power? Glitter? Just look at the size of you! What more could I ask for? Mmmhmmm.

Shale: It wishes to couple with me? Fascinating.

Iron Bull: So whaddya say? Wanna see if we can make an earthquake?

Shale: I think it underestimates a number of factors involved in this coupling.

Varric: Don’t mind me, I’ll just be up here taking notes on the strangest romance novel my publishers will never put in print.

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Im a female, I have a boyfriend that I see a future with. But Now I have a crush on a girl who also likes me. I don't see a future with her at all but I wish I could pause me and my boyfriends relationship to have a fling with her but I know that's impossible.

I’m sorry, but in my opinion you have to decide what your priority is. Whether it is a healthy and honest relationship with your boyfriend or a night with this girl. I think this way, because he deserves to be treated with pride and honesty and cheating on him with this girl would destroy it (in my eyes).
I don’t judge, you’re free to do whatever you want, but that’s just what I’m thinking! xx

I wish that we could give it a go, see if we could be something
I wish you thought I was the reason you were in the world
I wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile
I wish the way I dressed was your favorite kind of style
I wish you’d hold my hand, when I was upset
I wish you’d never forget, the look on my face when we first met

Basically, I wish that you loved me.

—  Nicest thing
I'm literally living a TC imagine

I’m so happy I’m actually a bit lightheaded - Halt just drove me home. He dropped me outside of my house, promised I’d see him in the morning, and I got to watch him drive away. I live really far away, so we got some real alone time together. We listened to classic rock and metal, talked about how much we wished the week was over so we could be on spring vacation, and I got to see him break out in the happiest grin when I convinced him to come into school tomorrow ☺️I’m so thankful that even though my life is currently in another town, Halt is still part of it. He always will be.

Quick Notes: Chapter 526

My name is not Charlie but you already know. It’s Wednesday, time to talk about the chapter, let’s go!

  • Dear Kaby arc was the arc that got me hooked into Fairy Tail. Ah good times, good times.
  • The sad thing about this Cana panel is that I can’t make a “See characters in ways you’ve never seen them before.”
  • “ALL CRUSH!!!” I like Fanta better.
  • I’ll go with Gildarts’ story for Cana. I wish I cared about their relationship more.
  • I’m honestly not all that shocked that Zeref hates Larcade. That I could assume from the “Pleasure Magic” incident earlier. Though, I will say that it’s weird finding out that after all this time, there was no official Zervis child.
  • You know, I should just stop trying at this point.
  • Time for some praise. I like that this description for August’s magic makes sense. And the “Love” card was a good touch.
  • The official name for Gildarts’ ”finishing” blow translates to “Break the False to Reveal the True: True Heaven” His punch is the punch that will pierce the heavens. (Did I do it right?)
  • R.I.P in Plot Twist
    Larcade and August Dragneel
    “Guess we’ll never get a true Dragneel reunion.” - someone maybe, 2017
  • Next week’s chapter is called “Emotion”. People still fighting over which illegal site is better, which one was more accurate: “Passion” or “Compassion”? 

See you!

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🎂: I feel happy when I see you in my notifications.
🍰: You’re sweet and I like you!
🍜: I wish I could be a person who makes you happy.
🍌: Seeing you makes me feel optimistic.
🎀: You’re a gift to this world.
🎃: I want to play and tell jokes with you.
🎳: We share a lot of interests and opinions.
🐣: You’re an angel.
🐢: Your presence is relaxing.
💌: I have a romantic crush on you.

Oh you…… ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 

Sometimes I wish I could date someone. Preferably my crush. But you know, I’m just speaking hypothetically.

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my crush is a girl called madi, shes so beautiful i mean REALLY REALLY beautiful, shes a sun lesbian and whenever i see the sun i think of her, she makes me really happy, and i wish i could spend my life with her, shes so amazing, i cant explain how i feel about her well enough. but i really care about her and i want her to be happy, even if we cant be together

the sun baby from the teletubbies is actually your child jsyk

I have too many thoughts. 
They crowd my head, they push from every side, and sometimes this pressure is too much. 
Turn it off, people say. 
Stop thinking, they tell me. 
I would, I tell them, I would if I could.
But I see everything, my mind turns over anything. 
I can’t stop thinking, overthinking. 
But I would if I could. 
I wish I could.
—  My mind, my enemy. - (EC)

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While I was working yesterday, I thought I saw my crush come in and I was shook to the core since I haven't seen him in months, I had to ask my coworker if I could take my break bc I was so nervous. I thought I wouldn't like him or have any feelings for him anymore since it's been so long since I saw him, but nope. When I came back from my break, it turns out it wasn't my crush. It was just a guy with the same hair cut and similar body lol. I was relieved, but I low-key kinda wish it was him

omg b I wish I could give you a hug I feel you ! I got so excited for you n then my heart broke :-((((((((( but I hope you see him soon keep me updated! love you xx

Loving myself as a black girl is very hard for me. When I’m spending hours managing my natural hair I can’t help but to wish I had any other hair type than type 4. It gets frustrating. When I see my crush I can’t help but to wish I were a white girl so maybe he could finally like me. When I see yet another guy say that he doesn’t like black girls it just ruins my day. I wish I was a strong black girl who loves herself regardless but I’m just not. I guess I’m not as carefree as I thought I was.

I cast away the notion of relationships frequently, citing a need for focus on my future. What’s a boy to me when I need to pave a life for myself? But then I see him, and sometimes he looks back at me, and I see a glimpse of my future. My past. I wish I could toss away the idea of him like I do with romance itself, but he is so deeply embedded into my being that it’s hard to know where my plans end and he begins.
—  (I don’t want a boy. I want him.)