i wish my copy had this cover

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quick question: can u make that google doc public bc im interested


My google docs page is nothing but unorganized links, so I’ve taken the liberty to copy and paste everything here in a neat and orderly fashion:

Book Four 


  • Zephyrita is the now deleted tumblr of a former staffmember of the show. However, with the help of the handy wayback machine, all of the posts reblogged and made about Katara and Zuko originally being planned as well as info about book four can be found here

Zutara Endgame

Apparently, that piece of artwork was given out as a poster to everyone attended the official season 2 premiere in Korea. I’d sell every non-vital organ in my body for one of those posters. 

Besides the self insert promotions, those are all the links I have with actual quotes or ‘evidence’ backing the claims up. I may make another post in the future with opinion analysis posts, but for now 

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I checked out a copy of Stephen King’s book Pet Sematary from my local library, and found this note on the inside front cover: 


I love it when you’re reading a Stephen King novel — you sleep closer to me at night.

So — a present for both of us.

Merry Christmas


Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? I wish Bill had given a last name, because I would love to have some way to reach out to him / his family and see if they realized this note was inside the book when they donated it. If the note makes me smile this much — me, a stranger not even born yet in 1983 — I can’t imagine how much it would mean for its original writer or recipient to see it now after all those years.

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I had a dream where someone had physical copy of hunger pangs (it wasn't called hunger pangs) and at the top of the front cover it said something like "from joy demorra, the author of [something on internet] and [something on internet], queen of the viral internet"

Oh good, the viral dream marketing ritual is finally paying off.

Seriously though that’s super cool haha, I wish my own dreams about my books were that positive…at the moment I just keep dreaming I lose the manuscript so I’m just like, backing it up everywhere. I may even print out some copies of the manuscript as it is now and mail them to parts of the world not currently flooding or on fire because somehow, a story about poly queer paranormal vampires, werewolves and demons (oh my my!) has become my literal life’s work and I will cry forever if anything bad happens to it at this final stage.

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Are there any wlw books that I could purchase from a book store like barnes and noble? Especially one with a title and cover that isn't obviously since I'm still i the closet. Thanks, your blog is so great!

Yes! I was actually just in a B&N so I can tell you exactly what I spotted on shelves right now:

In wlw fantasy (on the adult SFF shelves), you can find The Tiger’s Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera; that was all I found outside YA, sadly. (But worth checking to see if maybe your branch has Cottonmouths by Kelly J. Ford.)

In the YA section, it’s not f/f, but Top Ten by Katie Cotugno does have a bi MC with lots of reference/flashback to her past girlfriend. Being Fishkill by Ruth Lehrer is heartbreaking and wonderful and has a really young MC for YA exploring her sexuality. That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston and Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust fit for sure and should both be easy to find in YA SFF. Run by Kody Keplinger has two main characters, one of whom is bisexual, and is on most shelves now because of its paperback release. I haven’t read it but I’ve heard Jane Unlimited by Kristin Cashore has a bisexual MC too. I think Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz and How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake might be too obviously bisexual from the cover copy for your needs, but if not, they’re both great. If only the cover matters, and not the blurb, then there’s also Kaleidoscope Song by Fox Benwell as well. And right next to it, you can find National Book Award winner Far From the Tree by Robin Benwell; one of its three POVs is that of a lesbian. 

My B&N had Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward, too, but it’s a little older so I suspect that’s less universal if your B&N doesn’t have a huge teen section. And then of course, We Are Okay by Nina LaCour, which might be subtle enough, and her You Know Me Well by her and David Levithan, which probably isn’t. And, one that’ll definitely be everywhere - This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp. (The book is obviously tragic but the lesbians do OK.)

Happy hunting!

It’s amazing how something just take you back to the careful happiness of childhood.

For me certain things this just trigger old memories from a simpler time I got lost in the bittersweet nostalgia of. Many of them tied to favorite second-hand shops in town that become a strong fixture in my mind it was the only way I really got new toys, movies, and games in a low-income household.

There’s the old Goodwill location that was downtown, that was the last one that hit me. I can picture the whole store in my minds eye and sometimes feel like I’m there if I close my eyes during one of those moments.

I remember a lot of the stuff I got there, to. There was this blue GBC case with Pikachu on it I carried my Gameboy in everywhere. I’ve since lost it despite still having my old Gameboy and most of my games.

I also got a copy of Pokemon: The First Movie there not long after it came out, likely overstock from a store because I recall it being sealed and more than one copy being there.

The two other items I recall include a stack of PC Gamer demo CDs I had a blast with, which also got lost to time but I wish I could identify and re-find. One was from the FF7 cover issue and another had a budget zombie title called Flesh Feast.

The third was a Voltron Castle play-set with little drawers hiding replicas of the lion keys all over it.

My favorite pawnshop is also up there, I bought so many Disney Movies on VHS there and assorted other things.

The Salvation Army where my dad bought the VHS tape that introduced me to the TMNT cartoon after seeing it and recalling it being a cartoon my sister was obsessed with. I used to play Turtles in Time on the SNES with him.

So many memories.

Jonerys book?

After Game of Thrones is over, I wish a book could be published just about Jonerys. Like a companion piece to the show detailing their histories, parallels and journeys from the beginning to the end of the story. Sort of like a collection of long ass Tumblr metas with screenshots all combined into book form that you can download or buy in the store. OMG. I can just imagine what the cover would look like and if the book had images of Jon and Dany from the show in each chapter between the pages of text.

Yeah, if this ever happens…just take all my money cause I’m buying several copies.

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“Not to pry or anything, but that book you’re holding… well it was the worst 400 pages I’ve ever been forced to read in my entire life. I mean, like, really really bad. The kinda bad I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy.”

Nursey looked down at his copy of Jane Urquhart’s The Stone Carvers, fighting as hard as humanly possible to keep the shit-eating-grin off his face. This ginger kid was kinda cute, but he knew next to nothing about classic Canadian literature if he thought The Stone Carvers was crap. Nursey smoothed his thumb over the book’s worn cover. The spine had been bent from years of wear, the pages dog-eared and highlighted in a different shade each new time he read it. By no means did it hold the title of Nursey’s favourite book, but Ginger definitely didn’t need to know that.

“It’s actually my favourite book,” Nursey said, leaning against the bookcase behind him, “I’ve loved it since childhood.” Ginger’s face dropped into a questioning glare just as the bookcase Nursey was leaning on began to tilt back. It took them both a second to realize it wasn’t bolted to the floor. Ginger grabbed Nursey’s hand, stopping him from falling down with it.

One by one the first bookcase knocked the rest of them down like dominoes. The two boys stood there, looking on in horror at what Nursey had done.


“Run!” Ginger was still holding Nursey’s hand as they bolted from the library.

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Hi, I was wondering where did you get your book, Ink printed? I've been looking for a place that does small square books for awhile now.

I received this question quite a few times in my inbox so I hope you don’t mind me choosing yours to make public :)

I got my artbook printed at RA Comics Direct!  I’m also going to include my feedback from my experience in hopes I can help others.

(If you want to see the books in question go here.)


-One of the only places I could find that would print a 5x5″ book

-Has a ton of paper and cover choices

-Very flexible/ customizable options

-Wonderful customer service/ they put up with my pickiness

-Gave me extra copies in my initial order

-Replaced my damaged copies without question

-Books are great quality other than the few issues under ‘Cons’

-Reasonable shipping


-A large portion of my books I would consider ‘defective’.  There were either small misprint issues, or there were glue smudges on the cover.

-Even some of my replacement copies had smudges

-Probably more of a place for comic/ zine printing over art book printing (only a con because of my needs, could very well be a pro for others!)

-Pricing was moderate

Again this is just from my personal experience.  I’ve never had anything like this printed before so I have nothing to compare to, but I tried to be completely honest. 

All in all, despite wishing the quality was a little better for what I paid for (maybe I’m just picky though lol), I think RA Comics is totally great for getting small projects like this printed.  Their customer service is great, I appreciate their patience, and will most likely order from them again in the future!  

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Hi there, I'm 17 and I'm trying to figure my life out, or well the next step. I'm interested in animation (tv & gaming) but I have never done it before. I don't really think that I should jump head first into college for animation without knowing if I really like it or not. Do you have any tips or things I could do before I go into college to get to know animation better? Did you go to college for animation? last Q. how old are you and how old were you when you started making animation?Thank you

I forget how specific about this in an earlier post, but I did not go to college to begin learning animation.  I was purely home taught with video editing and animation, which I’ve been at for like 16+ years now.  

While I *DID* eventually go to college to learn some finer points of animation (Flash, 3D, After Effects, and traditional animation), the bulk of my knowledge came from me goofing around with Flash at home by myself.

Recommending college classes is a bit of a tricky question.  There are certainly classes out there that will definitely improve your fundamental animation skills, but don’t think you *NEED* college classes to learn how to start down that kind of path. 

I suppose it ultimately comes down to what works best for you.  If you learn best through class structures, then you may want to consider a class or two at, like, a community college to see if it benefits you at all.  I like to think it’s what keeps you motivated most is the proper way to go, be that through personal experimentation or school.  Obviously money can be quite the factor here as well and may effect your choice here too.

Just as an aside for all this, but for all of you wishing some advice or lessons on animation in general, I must strongly recommend ya’ll check out The Animator’s Survival Kit.  



Buy the physical copy-


The book in .pdf form-


I had to buy this book for one of my classes and it is far and a way the most useful animation book you can get.  Even if you are animating in Flash or in 3D, a lot of what is covered in this book can be applied in more than just traditional animation.

If you can, get yourself a physical copy, but I included the .pdf here in case you lack the ability to do so.