i wish my bf was more nice

anyways the first sex with someone other than my bf for the first time in 2 years went pretty well. like i wish it lasted longer and we had more communication but like 7/10, and we plan to hang out when i come back so that’s nice

How did we end up here? || Luke OS (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Luke
Smut: yes | no
Request: yes
Plot: there’s just something about that guy, maybe it’s his stupid quiff, or his cocky smile, or maybe it’s just the fact he’s a complete douchebag. It’s simple, you hate Luke Hemmings. But what happens when your archenemy turns out to be exactly what you need ?

As I woke up from what felt like the longest slumber of my entire life, I could feel my head pounding and every single muscle of my body aching. When my vision finally adjusted to the bright light, I looked around only to realize I was laying on a bathroom floor, half naked next to an unidentified body. The cold tiles had turned my back into a numb mess. Right now seemed like the perfect moment to stab me in the spine as I was pretty sure I couldn’t feel a thing, that area was dead, just like my brain.

Trying to compose myself, I slowly sat up, pushing a few strands of hair from my face so I could take a proper look at the guy resting next to me. Was he even breathing? Was I in some psychological thriller when the girl wakes up with amnesia only to find out she’s committed some awful, barbaric murder? He looked pretty clean except for a few red scratches along his back… Hopefully I wasn’t the reason behind those. Still, I was pretty much naked and so was he. Anyone walking into this bathroom right now could easily connect the dots.

Suddenly, my John Doe groaned and turned his face towards me so he could rest his cheek on his hands, using them as a pillow. Then reality hit me pretty hard. Not only did I know this guy, but I also hated him with all my guts. Shivers ran down my spine as I tried to remember how the hell I had managed to wake up naked next to my archenemy, Luke Hemmings.

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