i wish more people knew about them though

Do you ever just

Think about people that died years ago, that you never knew and only ever heard studies about or read about

And get overwhelmed thinking about the lives they lived and the changes they saw

And wish you could talk to them, just once, to tell them how much they mean to you and how much they’ve helped you even though they’re gone

Because I do and let me tell you I’m damned emotional right now

My Fe annoys me so much ugh honestly. I just want to “be myself” or whatever and Fe is like “lol nah, social standards and plus you gotta talk to people I mean come on” and I just hate it. Like if people knew what I REALLY though about a lot of things I would probably have 0 friends honestly. I mean that’s probably true for a lot of people. But like my vibe should be more 5w6 INTx but in reality it’s like “awww what a cute little naive Christan girl that is quiet and sweet” and I’m like smh you know nothing. I mean I don’t expect them to just somehow know everything but I just wish I didn’t have to come across as such a goody-two- shoes. *sigh*

Personal photos gets leaked of you two (BLOCK B)

Zico: -you let him know when you guys were settling down for the night he completely missed it happening today- “wait babe what kind of photos were leaked?”

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Jaehyo: -he didn’t care that they were leaked you two were open about the relationship with many people- “we can always take more and make them even sexier than last time”

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P.O: -they weren’t bad photos at all they were just ones you two held close and no one had access to- “I wish people knew what privacy was”

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B-Bomb: -he was mad that it was still brought up even though it was awhile ago- “what happened happened. I would like to think of it as a bad moment and move past it please”

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Taeil: -he didn’t know really what to say to you neither of you were necessarily mad just shocked that they managed to get leaked in general so you joked about it more than anything- “eh right. Babe you and I have some good nudes”

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U-Kwon: -he was teased about it because you two were oddly quiet with the whole relationship. But boom he posted the picture and people found out- “please no more of that guys”

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Kyung: -he looked at the others because they knew better than to bring up your personal photos even after it happened a while ago- “I don’t care if that was two years ago. The internet should be the only one to remind us about them”

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venom-apegacine  asked:

16,17 and 18 for the game ask thing.

16: Character you’ve hated most? From what game?

Robert Norton from Dead Space 3. I fucking hate Dead Space 3 as a whole, but this fucker was the most ridiculously cartoonish portrayal of a controlling love interest in the stupid forced love triangle of the game and he was just so incredibly badly written and annoying. Like holy shit he’s the WORST.

17: What game do you never tell people you play?

I mean you can see what games I’m playing most of the time because most of them are on Steam. I think the only one that isn’t like explicitly obvious or that I don’t talk about is like Town of Salem or Nekodancer, which are both browser based.

18: A game you wish your friends knew about?

I’m pretty sure my friends know about more games than I do. Though if it were a game I wish they knew more about, it’d probably be something I’m really into like Resident Evil or Persona.

Dancing Queen (Jungkook Scenario)

Requested: @hanxju


Genre: Fluff/Comedy

Word Count: 2036

(gif not mine)

Summary: You are the golden maknae in a newly debuted group, and you get to appear on a milestone episode for Weekly Idol. BTS is also scheduled for this episode. To say the least, things get competitive and cute.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing for a request!! I’ve never done this before, but I want to keep doing it. My exams are finishing up within this next week, so I should be able to post scenarios a lot more frequently. Request here!!

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One liner: "Um. What."

this ended up being the length of a full prompt fill. what the hell is wrong with me?


Steve called Tony as he was driving to Peter’s kindergarten. The principal had called, saying that he needed to speak to the parents of Peter Stark, and Steve was the only one home. “Hi sweetheart.”

“Hey pumpkin. What’s up? You having dirty thoughts about me while I’m away at work?” Tony hummed into the phone.

“Um, no.” Steve stated firmly. “It’s about Peter.”

Tony’s voice went from teasingly seductive to panicked. “What happened, is he alright?”

“He’s fine. The school assured me he’s not hurt.”

“The school?”

“They called me and said they needed to speak to the parents of Peter Stark. I don’t know what it’s about.”

Steve heard Tony push his chair away from the desk. “I’m coming now. Meet you there as soon as I can.”

“Tony, it’s not a big deal. They said one of us would suffice.”

“Nope. They said ‘parents’ so I’m coming down. See you soon.” Tony hung up the phone and drove down to Peter’s school. They met up outside and walked in together. When they entered the office, they saw Peter sitting on the tiny chair, his legs crossed at the ankle, feet dangling above the ground. He was staring at his hands in his lap, tears running down his face.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Steve soothed, kneeling down to be at eye level with his son. Peter just shook his head. Tony tried to put a finger under Peter’s chin to lift his face, but Peter pulled away.

“Ah, you’re both here. Wonderful,” the principle—Mr. Hedly—said in place of a greeting. He waved them in. Steve kissed Peter’s temple and Tony ruffled his hair before they walked in and sat down on too small chairs. They squirmed uncomfortably for a bit before decided that the chairs were death traps and they shouldn’t even bother.

“What’s this all about?” Tony asked. “Our son is a fucking angel—”

“Tony,” Steve reprimanded.

“—and I want to know what he did wrong.”

“You son hit another student.”

“Peter would never—” Tony shouted, starting to stand, but Steve put his hand in front of Tony to stop him.

“Was there any reason behind it?” Steve asked, calmer than his husband.

“Because of this drawing,” Hedly explained, producing a picture from behind his back. On it stood the three of them—Steve, Tony, and Peter. Steve and Tony were holding hands, while Steve held Peter in his other arm. It was obviously drawn by a five year old, but it wasn’t horrible.

“It’s just a fucking picture of his fami—”

“Tony, please calm down,” Steve once again reprimanded. Then, he turned towards the principal. “What about this drawing?”

“Another student asked why there were two men in the drawing—”

“Oh no,” Steve whispered, preparing for the outburst that was about to come from Tony.

“—and Peter punched him in the face.”

“I’m sure there was more to it,” Steve insisted.

“Not from the way his teacher explains it.”

“Well then maybe that teacher should—” Tony spat.

“We’ll sit down and talk to him and tell him that hitting is never okay,” Steve said quickly, cutting Tony off before he could say the teacher should shove some metaphorical thing up some metaphorical location that Tony probably didn’t mean metaphorically. 

The principal just rolled his eyes. “This lack of discipline for your child—”

“We’re going to take care of it, sir,” Steve assured before Tony had a chance to start yelling and/or swearing again. 

“I should have expected you to raise your child to be an animal.” Hedly shook his head, then began muttering under his breath. “Growing up in a family of homos—”

“Um. What?” Steve asked, a bite in his tone that hadn’t been there before. Tony grabbed at his hand. Normally it was Tony who flew off the handle but Steve had a certain… issue with this particular topic. “What did you just say.”

“I said nothing.”

Steve stood up and kicked the chair back. He wound up and got ready to punch the principal in the face, but Tony took his arm down. “Not worth it,” Tony insisted. Steve was breathing heavy, staring at the cowering man behind the desk.

“Let’s go,” Steve snarled, not removing his gaze from Hedly.

They left the office and tugged Peter behind them. The sooner they got out, the better chance they had at holding on to some respect. It was clear that Hedly was giving a warped, homophobic view of the situation. Tony trusted Peter not to lie, so once they were out in the parking lot, he kneeled down to Peter’s level.

“Peter,” he asked. Peter still wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Peter why did you hit that other boy?”

“He said it wasn’t natural to have two dads,” he mumbled. “Said the only reason I had you was because my real mom and dad didn’t love me.” Tony and Steve were silent for a minute. Tony rubbed a hand over his face while Steve ran his fingers though his hair. Peter squirmed in the silence. “Am I in a lot of trouble?” he asked, finally.

“Hitting is never okay, Peter, you know that,” Steve said in place of a real answer.

“I know.”

“But more importantly, you have to know that what that other kid said isn’t true, alright? We are your real family. Your pop and I love you more than anything in this whole world. We can’t speak for your birth parents because we never knew them. But they aren’t your real family, okay? We are.”

“I know,” Peter repeated. “I wish everyone knew that, though.”

Steve bent down and picked Peter up. “We do, too, but some people are very closed minded and they don’t understand that there are all sorts of different families and this one loves you very much.”

“How about we go ride the spiny ride at the amusement park?” Tony asked.

“The one that made you throw up?” Peter asked, excitedly.

Tony frowned. “Yeah, that one.”


“But when we get home you’re grounded.”

“Aw, c’mon!”

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I'm a Ravenclaw, and whenever I tell people this they're always really shocked because I'm not that smart, and it really annoys me, I wish that more people knew about the other traits of a Ravenclaw because I love to learn, I'm ridiculously curious, I'm artistic and a tad weird. It just annoys me that that isn't what people see, even though we mainly have Luna representing our house.

That is a sad reality of being in any form of grouping or typology or stereotype. People only see the groups by how they define them, however I am the kind of person who greatly enjoys breaking stereotypes so I love to surprise them and see the confusion on their faces. Be proud to be a Ravenclaw and don’t worry about what other people think. Be yourself because thats who you are, and if they don’t see you as a Ravenclaw then it clearly shows that they aren’t taking the time to get to know you. Be confident about yourself, you are the best version of you.

PS. Luna is the best, love her ~ 

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So I’m going to try and make this the last post about Taylor and Tom’s relationship, but I just have to say that this whole thing hasn’t felt right with me since the beginning. I still feel like she’s using him and it’s just some joke or publicity stunt. I’ve never been a fan of hers, I’ve always thought she was kind of fake, and sure….maybe she is really nice to her fans and to most people, but I still find her fake and I feel really bad for Tom.

Every time I see pictures of them together, and they’re EVERYWHERE, she’s hanging all over him, and I can’t really express it in a way that makes sense, but her face always looks like she’s up to something. Like it’s always this smug expression and it, again, feels fake. If this is just her way to get back at her ex, even though he’s moved on and she supposedly has to, I don’t know why she had to use one of the nicest guys who has never done any wrong to anyone for that.

I feel like Tom is the one who’s going to get his heart broken in the end of all this. She’s going to find some way to play her victim card and blame him for “breaking her heart” and then write some stupid song about it and that’s not fair to him. I’ve never disliked her on this intense of a level before and I genuinely don’t think she’s a good person. I feel like I’ve lost any kind of respect of what I might of had for her. Because if this is just one big game to her, you don’t treat people like that. He’s not some pawn. And I hope he sees all this drama that’s being included into their relationship and realizes that he wants no part in it. He’s a very private person, he’s ALWAYS kept his past relationships secret, so why all of a sudden is he ok with his relationship being in the spotlight?? It doesn’t make sense to me.

I feel like Taylor is just using him as a dancing monkey and I’m not ok with this. I get that as a fan of him I’m supposed to be supportive and be happy that he’s found happiness, but I can’t support this. Not when he’s with someone like Taylor, someone who pretends to be sweet and innocent but really is some conniving bitch who will do anything to keep a good reputation and fool people into believing that she’s something she’s really not. I REALLY hope he opens his eyes and realizes that he deserves SO MUCH BETTER and doesn’t want any part of what she’s doing.

I also feel like she knows he’s not a confrontational person. He avoids drama, so she figures he’s going to let her do whatever she wants, proof in the ‘I heart t.s.’ shirt, probably. He’s not a door mat. You can’t take advantage of good people and think you can get away with it. He deserves SO MUCH BETTER, my god, I can’t express that enough!!

I mean… I can’t even put into words how much all of this has made me feel about her now. She’s a horrible person and I really, really hope people start to see that. I feel like from the beginning of this relationship I knew her intentions weren’t pure. I feel like she treats men horribly, and even though I don’t know anything about her past relationships, I feel like her actions are a major reason why she moves through so many of them. I feel like she gives off a possessive vibe and I feel like she can be really mean when she doesn’t get her way.

There’s a lot more that I could say, but I think I should end it here. I wish Tom the very best and I really hope he comes out of this alright.

When I was in college, I began Kindred*, and that was the first (novel) that I began, knowing what I wanted to do. The others, I was really too young to think about them in terms of ‘What do you have to say in this novel?’ I just knew there were stories I wanted to tell.

But when I did Kindred, I really had had this experience in college that I talk about all the time, of this Black guy saying, ‘I wish I could kill all these old Black people that have been holding us back for so long, but I can’t because I have to start with my own parents.’

That was a friend of mine. And I realized that, even though he knew a lot more than I did about Black history, it was all cerebral. He wasn’t feeling any of it. He was the kind that would have killed and died, as opposed to surviving and hanging on and hoping and working for change. And I thought about my mother, because she used to take me to work with her when she couldn’t get a baby sitter and I was too young to be left alone, and I saw her going in the back door, and I saw people saying things to her that she didn’t like but couldn’t respond to.

I heard people say in her hearing, ‘Well, I don’t really like colored people.’ And she kept working, and she put me through school, she bought her house – all the stuff she did. I realized that he didn’t understand what heroism was.

That’s what I want to write about: when you are aware of what it means to be an adult and what choices you have to make, the fact that maybe you’re afraid, but you still have to act.

—  Octavia Butler on writing “Kindred”
I see the light

Nico was worried. And he had every right to be. Today was the summer solstice. Will’s birthday. And he had planned a great birthday party for him.

He had got up an hour before the sunrise (which took lots of rock music, Nico hated it, he preferred classics, to get up) and he shadow travelled to the Underworld. (And if Will got to know about this… he would be killed. Will might look like the world’s biggest pacifist, but if Nico over exerted himself, which he was currently doing, Will could murder him. He wasn’t even kidding on this one.)

He hated doing this, but he called out for Persephone. (She missed Hades, also Demeter kept going on and on about the importance of cereals… which could be extremely irritating at times, even for an eternal goddess)

“Ummm… Step – mom?? Could I have a conference with you?”

“Yes… step – son… how may I help you? And before you ask anything, let me tell you that I am in a very good mood today, so please… don’t destroy it. Now, go ahead… what do you want?”

Nico walks upto her shyly and tells her what he requires. (Whispers to be honest)

Persephone giggles (she would never admit it, so don’t ever mention it to her) but nods her head. She twirls her hand, and soon, Nico is teleported back to the camp, before the Apollo cabin’s door.

He knocked twice, before the love of his life opened the door. (If you had asked him this question 5 years ago, he would not have admitted this, but now things had changed.)

“Morning Sunshine!!” Will sang out before he noticed the flowers that Nico was clutching. He reached out to get them, but Nico just wrapped up his hands around Will and shadow travelled him on the top of the hill.

“Mr Di Angelo! How many times have I … mmhhmmppp…” Nico put his finger on Will’s lips and pushed him down. Will’s back hit the tree, and then Nico made some space for himself between Will’s legs and settled down. He laid his head on Will’s chest and Will chuckled as he pulled Nico closer.

“Shut up and watch the sunrise with me.”

“As you say master Nico. Can I get the flowers that you got for me?”

“I didn’t get them for you. I got them for Austin.” Nico says.

Will pouts, and Nico turns around to press a small kiss on his lips.

“I was kidding. Happy birthday you doofball.”

Will grins as he looks at the various varieties of flowers that Nico had got him. There were sunflowers, red roses and purple roses.

He had taken classes from Katie Gardener regarding the meaning of various flowers, and though he knew sunflowers meant adoration and admiration, and red roses means romance and how perfect your partner is for you, he also knew that purple roses means taking your relationship to the next level.

That meant… no maybe he was imagining things. Yeah… I mean he had been planning the proposal for a long time, he even had the ring, but he was waiting for the perfect moment. He shook his head as he whispered a small thank you and pulled Nico closer.

“Anytime darling.”

Nico reached behind him to pull out the picnic basket that he had arranged (more like shadow travelled, but Will didn’t need to know that… so… Shh.)

He set out an enormous breakfast as they waved to the rising sun. Content in the silence surrounding them, both the boys smiled and relaxed. No one bothered to disturb them, though many people were itching to wish Will, they couldn’t, cause they knew finding peace in their demigod lives was a rare thing, and it was a common rule not to disturb those that had found it, cause it could shatter anytime.

At around mid – day, none of them realized that so much time had passed, Nico turned around to hug Will properly, when he glanced at his watch and gasped.

“Schist! It’s almost noon, I completely forgot about your next surprise.”

“Next surprise?!? Nico this is more than…” the rest of his words were lost in the shadows.

“Don’t keep shadow travelling me to places without telling me!!” he said when he realized where he was.

“MOM!!” he ran upto his mom and tackle hugged her.

“Oh my gods!! Honey you gained some weight.” His mom said as she hugged him back.

“Mom!!” Will whined but stopped when he just patted his head and kissed him on his forehead.

“Whoops. Guess I shadow travelled too much.” Nico said as he wobbled where he was standing, and Will rushed to his aid, and helped him down on his chair. He started fussing about him, when Nico asked in a small voice, “Did you like the surprise?”

Will’s eyes softened as he pulled him into a hug, and whispered “Yes, thank you. You are the best!!”

“Your welcome sunshine.” Nico said as he ruffled his hair.

They cut the cake and had a great lunch (All of Will’s favourite food.) Will’s mom told Nico about all his childhood stories and showed him Will’s pictures, despite Will’s protest.

When it was time to leave, Elena (Will’s mom) thanked Nico to bring Will here, as she hugged both the boys and kissed them goodbye. Nico also took a couple of Will’s pictures back along with him.

They shadow travelled back to the dining pavilion where everyone in the camp was waiting for Will and Nico to return. As soon as they emerged from the shadows, they burst into the happy birthday song and everyone engulfed Will into hugs and wishes. They cut the cake (again), and gave him gifts. After Will had thanked everyone, he and Nico took all his gifts back to his cabin.

Nico looked up, as he was pushed back to the door, but closed his eyes, as he was pulled into a kiss. After a couple of minutes, both of them pulled back, smiling at each other, as Nico once again wrapped them into shadows and they were back on the hill top.

He sat down next to Will, as he pulled him into a hug. There were fireflies surrounding them. Nico snapped his fingers and soon they were surrounded by flying lanterns. He looked up at him as he said, “Happy birthday Will.”

Will grinned and nodded his head. “Thanks deathboy. Thanks a lot.”


“Yes, sweetie?”

“Could you sing ‘I see the light’?”

“From tangled?”

“Yes, I don’t know why but I think that that song fits our situation perfectly.” Nico says as he grins and pulls Will up to stand to play with the lanterns that were low enough.

“Alright dear.” Will said as he started singing holding Nico’s gaze.

Though he was ignorant of his last surprise. As he completed the last line of the song, Nico knelt down, and pulled out a ring. Will gasped loudly.

“William Solace. You have changed my world. Since the moment we met each other on this very hilltop, you had me wrapped around your little finger. You had this skeletal butterflies dancing around my stomach every time you as much as glanced my way. And it is still the same way. Even after 5 years of dating. You changed me for the good. You helped me during my worst days, through my nightmares, my existential crises, and you stayed by my side through the good. I did not realize how much I missed you, depended on you, until your last quest with Cecil and Lou Ellen. I knew you were special to me. More than anyone else, but I realized I could not even breathe properly without you. You are my sunshine. Literally. So… Will, will you please do me the honour of becoming my husband? Will you marry me?”

Nico waited with bated breath, as Will cried from what he had just heard. He knelt down next to him, as he nodded his head.

“Yes, Nico… I will marry you.” Will whispered as Nico enveloped him in a hug. “But…”

“But?” Nico asked kind of scared that maybe he had misread the signs, maybe Will wanted to wait longer maybe he was too fast…

“I wanted to be the one who proposed you.” Will muttered as he pouted.

Nico let out a breath he did not know he was holding.

“Sorry, but I always like to be first.” Nico said as he put his tongue out childishly.

Will sighed as Nico slipped the ring into his finger, and soon they were kissing like there was no tomorrow.

The purple roses did mean something, Will decided.

phantasticsheeran  asked:

Is it just me or did it seem to you that when Dan was discussing Haru and Mako during his live show he was kind of talking about himself and Phil, like he was Haru with his existential crisis and Phil was Mako, the friend who always cared?

YESS okay I thought the same. I’ve never watched anime before so I literally know nothing about it but yes wtf it sounded like him and Phil? I thought I was just hearing things or something, I was so confused for a moment. When Dan was describing why he shipped them and was like “when haru was having his big existential crisis about not knowing what to do- should he go to college etc etc, mako was the friend that cared about haru’s future.” He seemed very passionate about shipping them over the other couple lol. I was like damn right you ship them…that’s literally you and your life partner ok.

And if I’m not mistaken, they are also the ones that people say look like Dan and Phil? I might be wrong though, I wish I knew more about anime.

Idk but you’re definitely not alone. My ears shot up when he said that lol I couldn’t believe he described it in that way.


The Art Assignment: Stakeout

So, last week I did the second Art Assignment, Deb Sokolow’s Stakeout. We were encouraged to find an interesting object to put in a public place and observe and document in minute detail how people interact with it. Some friends from school and I decided to do a version inspired by Margriet and Josien. So, we got together after school and collected quotes we liked, wrote them onto pieces of paper which we put in a shoe box filled up with dried lentils. We made a sign that said: “Take a quote”, and then put them out on a fairly busy street with a perfect place to observe what was happening. Here is my detailed script of what happened:

14:08: We begin preparation, i.e. finding and writing down quotes, and putting them into the box.

15:10: The box is out on the street; the observing begins.

15:11: The first person, a woman, seems to notice it, but keeps walking.

15:12: Someone stops, looks at the box, but eventually walks away without taking anything.

15:16: Yay! The first two people dig in and take a quote! Success!

15:17: Another person looks, but doesn’t take something.

15:19: People keep looking at the box, some even walk by closely, but nobody takes a quote. It feels like it’s been more than fifteen minutes already since the last person took something!

15:22: Two women walk past it, but then they turn around and walk back! In the end, there’s three adults and two kids at the box. The kids really dig in and rummage around the box. The adults smile after reading!

15:30: A woman keeps looking at the box for like half a minute, but ends up taking nothing.

15:37: A man and a woman take one quote each and read it. They are also smiling. They seem to know each other, but not in a romantic way. Brother and sister, maybe? We are so happy:)

15:39: Two older women only look closely.

15:42: An old man: again: only looking, no taking quotes.

15:46: People keep looking at the box, sometimes even take a few steps toward it and look at it for a pretty long time, but nobody takes anything.

15:50: Two cab drivers that have been waiting for some time close to the box seem to be talking about it. They also keep looking at it every now and then. Will they eventually take a closer look?

15:52: A man with a dog approaches the box and digs in. Two women (who seem to know each other) join him and take a quote each, too. He seems to have trouble opening it. I forgot bringing little rubber bands, so we had to use Scotch Tape. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea… They show the quotes to each other and talk (maybe about who is doing this?) for a couple of minutes. Then the man leaves and the two women take a few steps away from the box and talk for some more minutes before they hug each other and leave, too.

16:02: (1) One woman from 15:22 (the one with the green shirt) returns! And she takes another quote. She must have liked the first one! (2) It looked like an old woman took a quote, but it turns out she didn’t.

16:06: A man walks to the box, but doesn’t take anything. He looks around, trying to find us. He doesn’t, but surprisingly he’s the first person to do that.

16:07: This just made my day! While an older couple is skeptically inspecting the box and actually kind of blocking the view, a young woman walks straight to the box and takes a quote and walks off, without stopping or hesitating, like it’s the most ordinary thing in the world! Why doesn’t my camera take photos faster?! (Spoiler: The couple doesn’t take anything.)

16:10: A little girl stops her mom at the box and takes a quote. Two women, one pushing a buggy with a kid, join them and both adults take out a quote. They seem to belong together. As they are leaving, the little girl runs back and takes another quote. You go, girl!

16:14: Another woman looks, but doesn’t take one.

16:17: A woman walks by the box, stops and goes back and takes one.

16:28: Mom (or Grandma?) with a kid takes out a quote. This time, interestingly, it’s not the child who provides the impulse to take a quote.

16:30: Man looks for quite some time; decides not to take anything.

16:32: Boy with a bag for an instrument (trombone, maybe?) takes one.

16:33: Another woman takes a quote. This is going quickly now!

16:36: I’m starting to get tired. I didn’t think I’d be that exhausted after school and 90 minutes of this.

16:37: A woman with a dog looks at the box, but the dog pulls her away. Would she have taken a quote otherwise?

16:38: My camera, after being turned on this whole time, is starting to get hot. Will it survive this?…

16:39: Another woman stops, looks, but walks off without taking something.

16:40: Just like 16:39

16:41: Again, this time a man, though.

16:42: And another woman…

16:45: And again… Maybe people just don’t like quotes. Maybe we shouldn’t have written it on the box.

16:46: Seems I was wrong:) An older woman takes one out. She keeps looking at it closely. I think she has trouble reading it. Did we write too small?

16:47: And old couple looks at the box. Close, but no cigar.

16:48: An older woman with a full shopping bag hesitates, then takes one out and seems thoughtful after reading it. She keeps standing there for a while, looking at the paper in her hand. When she walks away, she seems to be in deep thought. I’m glad we made her think! I wonder what she is thinking about, though…

16:54: Three girls walk to the box, hesitate for a while, daring each other to get in there, until one of them carefully reaches into the dried lentils, repulsed, like they’re some disgusting, gooey material we put there to mock people. After reading them, they throw the quotes away while walking off.

16:55: Did that woman just take a quote or not? We’re not entirely sure…

16:57: Two women look at the box. They seem to be offended by it, like somebody left their trash in the middle of the street. They keep on walking, though.

17:12: A man looks at the box, then takes a couple of steps away from it, and looks around, like he’s trying to find out who did this. But then another guy (a friend?) comes and they walk off. So, my assumption was wrong, I guess?

17:15: Even though more and more people are out on the street, fewer people actually take a quote. Maybe because of that?

17:18: We end the assignment.

Things I learned in the process:

1) Something trivial, though not to be left out: The battery of my camera actually lasted throughout the whole two hours!

2) Time goes SO MUCH slower when you’re just sitting, waiting, wishing.

3) People had incredibly different reactions to our project and to our quotes. We never knew which quote they picked, but it was still very weird to see some people really think about them or smile and then to see others just throw them away.

4) Even with heavy observation you can only go so far in getting to know people and you still make wrong assumptions.

Thanks to my friends for joining me on this assignment!

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eterninini  asked:

What does Jared's t-shirt stand for exactly?

“On New Years Eve, my dear friend lost his battle with depression. This, unfortunately, wasn’t the first time i lost a personal friend to suicide, and it hurt me deeply, in a way that only a personal experience with suicide can. Though he wasn’t the first friend I’ve lost to suicide, I sure hope he’s the last. I wish i had the chance to go back and tell them what they meant to me. I wish I had the chance to beg them to seek help, to keep fighting. I wish they knew that they were surrounded by countless others who struggle on a daily basis.

I hope that this campaign, while raising money for a wonderful charity, can also raise awareness about issues that affect more people than we know. I hope it inspires people battling depression, addiction, mental illness and suicidal thoughts to be vocal about their struggles. I hope it helps people realize that they shouldn’t be ashamed of what they are going through, and I hope it helps people meet and find new friends that they can relate to. I hope it helps people take pride in the fight that they have been fighting, and gives them a push to never give up or give in. I hope it helps inspire people to keep fighting. no matter how hard it is.

For people who deal with mental illness, depression, addiction or suicidal thoughts, every day can bring about new struggles. Every hour and every minute can seem to bring insurmountable odds of happiness. I hope that the simple message of “always keep fighting” can help to bolster somebody through a tough time. I also hope this campaign can help alleviate some of the stigma that the terms “mental illness” and “depression” sometimes evokes.

Everybody has either dealt with these issues themselves, or had a loved one who deal with them. It’s time for us to put these issues front and center and not be ashamed of the path we are walking. If you’re out there and need help, please seek it. Be proud of your valiant day-to-day struggle. There is no shame in needing support. I hope this campaign will help you be vocal about your own struggles, or vocal in your support of those who might need a helping hand. Most of all, when life seems to want to beat you down, I hope you Always Keep Fighting.”